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March 11 - March 17, 2010

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Volume 12, Number 10 | Crested Butte, Colorado | WWW.CBWEEKLY.COM

The EDITOR’S Stump Last week CNN ran on their website, as the front page story, the efforts of one of our own. Jen McGruther, who with her husband Kevin started the Crested Butte Farmer’s Market, was featured as having proposed and executed the 28day real food challenge. Stemming from her extensive blog site, nourishedkitchen. com, Jenny encouraged those who took up her challenge to eat only non-processed food for this short month. This meant such things like meat, eggs and of course fruits and vegetables. It also meant no pasta, refined sugar, or bread bought from

the store. The photos on the website are gorgeous and gourmet – delectables such as blackberry sorbet and maple glazed sweet potatoes and parsnips. Knowing Jenny, CNN’s article inspired me to click on her website for the first time. Visiting is glorious. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it is a veritable wealth of information. There, Jenny teaches you how to render lard, sprout grain, cultivate yogurt and make cheese. She’s got shopping resources for sprouted flour and kombucha mothers. She espouses traditional food preparation methods such as making your own sauerkraut and preparing your own bread from fermented sourdough starter. She has recipe cards, give aways of things like organic, grass-fed ghee and news

The Crested Butte Land Trust’s

Live Adventure Auction & Gourmet Dinner has


reservations are being accepted on a wait list

about issues and solutions regarding your health. Throughout it all Jenny eloquently writes about her philosophy of food – unprocessed, unrefined and whole that is raised locally and purchased directly from the farmers. Jenny has 3,000 fans and now, apparently, has grown to national recognition through the CNN article. On the day it was put online, her website received over 6,000 clicks in a mere twenty minutes. Wow. I mean really. What I want to say about this that I admire so much about Jenny, and Kevin, is that these two saw an omission – locally grown food in Crested Butte that was available to the masses. They didn’t just chitter about it on benches about town or go on and on about how horrible all this processed food was and what the hell was the matter with people. They did something. They started the Crested Butte Farmer’s Market. She started a blog that now has national recognition. Both uphold their values of encouraging, providing and educating the public about locally produced whole foods through real live action. The Crested Butte Farmer’s Market is phenomenal. It is a solution where everyone benefits. When my parents visited over the summer we went to the Farmer’s Market on a quintessential summer day. We purchased homemade bread, vegetables for our salad and organic wine. We got grass-fed steaks raised right here in Gunnison County to throw on the grill. It was an experience in itself. My mother bought a souvenir necklace from a local artist and I had to practically drag my family out of there so we could go on the hike I had planned for the day. The Farmer’s Market is not only a wonderful outing for our guests, it is an essential piece of our day to day living in the valley. It is a solution that traverses boundaries of who lives here and who doesn’t. It works for everybody. We have two columns this week that I’m particularly proud of. One is the third

due to popular demand, additional tickets have been made available to the Silent Auction only $50 includes cocktails and hors d’oeuvres Friday, March 19, 5:00 - 7:00 pm to preview silent and live auction items visit, RSVP to Liz 349.1206 generously sponsored by: Tim and Diane Mueller

installment of Alternatives, the community forum where we look for fact-based and creative solutions to strengthen and sustain our economy, our environment and our community. Kristen Van Hoesen has written “The Locavore’s Dilemma” giving us a handful of the resources available, even in the winter, where we can purchase local food within 100 miles. Duck eggs? Sun-dried tomatoes? Local grass-fed beef? It’s there, it’s available and it’s a solution to becoming more responsible citizens in this community and on this planet. The second is the Local Writers’ Page where long-time Weekly writer Bonnie Chlipala speaks to us about the value of having locally owned stores to fulfill our wants and needs. She espouses the benefits of browsing, visiting with neighbors and supporting independent ownership. It’s a beautifully written think local piece. What all of this calls to mind, besides responsibility, is that of intention. It is not perhaps the most efficient practice to render your own lard or choose your videos from the shelves instead of a computer categorized website. It takes a bit more planning to figure out how to prepare the vegetables available at the Farmer’s Market rather than expect to be able to cook with produce grown thousands of miles away from here simply because we have become accustomed to its availability. The benefits, however, are immense. In our too-fast, too-convenient world we forget to visit with neighbors, to spend time with each other. Sitting in the editor’s chair there are evenings when I don’t come home until the wee hours. The nights I am free are precious. Mark and I will often take Milt on a long saunter over to Flying Petito Sisters Video Store. We ask Bonnie or Brent what their favorite movies have been, we catch up with a friend who happens to be in the store at the same time. On the way home we marvel at the stars, notice the phase of the moon, try to guess the temperature of the air by the simple feel of the wind on our face. In the kitchen we take our time to prepare a meal together. Mark preps the vegetables while I mix various ingredients for sauces. He’s in charge of pulling it all together over fire. The languorous evening becomes one not just of entertainment and eating, but of coming back together, of visiting and having conversation, of doing something beautiful – yet simple – together. These things to me, from Farmer’s Markets to locally owned video stores to nutritional blogs, are solutions. They are prime examples of citizens taking matters into their own hands and making a difference and a positive impact on the community and our guests. And as Jenny has just taught us, doing the right thing can also bring us national recognition. These are solutions, with a host of fringe benefits... Molly

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Tracks St. Patrick’s Day commemorates Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland in the Fifth Century.

The Official paper of mountain living

The very first St. Patrick’s Day parade was not in Ireland. It was in Boston in 1737. Nine of the people who signed our Declaration Of Independence were of Irish origin, and nineteen Presidents of the United States proudly claim Irish heritage -- including our first President, George Washington.

14 6

34.5 million U.S residents claim Irish ancestry that is 9 times the current population of Ireland. Both Germans and Belgians consume more beer than the Irish. Green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day because it is the color of spring. The shamrock is the traditional symbol because St. Patrick used it to explain the connection between the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit in the Christian religion. While New York City has the largest number of Irish residents Boston tops the list of cities with the largest percentage of the population. The children and grandchildren of people born in Ireland can obtain dual citizenship with the US and Ireland. Corned beef is strictly an American invention, the Irish don’t actually eat it to celebrate the day. Over 41.5 billion pounds of beef are produced each year for St. Patrick’s Day, with the majority of it coming from Texas and over 2.5 billion pounds of cabbage are produced with the majority grown in California. St. Patrick’s isn’t a big drinking holiday in Ireland. In fact, many of the local pubs are closed for the day. Over 8 million St. Patrick’s Day cards are exchanged in America making it the ninthlargest card-selling occasion in the US. Cover Artwork by Craig Burbank





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Big Air on Elk is back! Wrap yourself up in warm clothes, grab some warm libations and bring your camera… what other town builds an enormous ski jump in the middle of their main drag and lets hucksters get towed in on a snowmobile?

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is inspiration at its finest. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with the array of daring adventure sports, touched by the films that aspire to preserve mountain cultures around the world.



A special showing of Snowball Express, a Ski-vanger Hunt all over the mountain (even in the Extreme Limits) and a beachball raffle? Did someone say spring has sprung? Check it out with the Crested Butte Museum’s Beach Ball Express Spring Fest. Plus, the Perfect Wedding will have you in stitches in the hilarious opening of this play at the Mallardi Cabaret Theatre.


The Arts

See pieces of local photographer Nathan Bilow’s “Naturally” exhibit in Aspen and find out just what inspired him. Eye on the Arts features such artistic delectables as a Mountain Theater yard sale and special workshops with visiting artists.



With all the warm feelings on our skin and in the air, the Guide’s Corner sets us straight on what to watch for in backcountry travel. On the calendar for our rowdy adventure selves is the Telemark Extremes and the AJ. Or, you can enjoy a peaceful day out in the Nordic Center’s Magic Meadows on your way to Sunday brunch…


Entertainment Calendar



Alternatives is a forum open to all writers and topics. It is an investigative, fact-driven column that each week will explore solutions to strengthening and sustaining our economy, environment, culture and community. This week, Kristen Van Hoesen lays it out on the table just exactly how even we at 9,000 feet can eat locally within 100 miles in “The Locavore’s Dilemma.”



Check out the newest highlight on the Energy Wise Business Program; find out what the Office for Resource Efficiency is up to with a new grant they’ve received; see the shining new faces on the Crested Butte Land Trust board and get a tip on how you can become more sustainable.



Craving fish tacos? How about elk tenderloin? Got a hankering for gourmet pizza or luscious Italian cheesecake? The Dining Guide will escort you to the finest establishments in town, catering to your taste buds. The Delicious Dish this week will take you to one of the most local hangouts in town with food that’s full of love…


Local Writers’ Page

How do you plan with so many amazing activities? From yoga to cocktails, kids activities to shakin’ it late night, the Entertainment Calendar puts it all in one spot so you don’t have to puzzle over what’s where at what time. Come here, go there.

The Local Writer’s Page is an open forum for all writers in the Gunnison Valley. We welcome submissions of poetry, fiction, essay, memoir, theatre, creative non-fiction and any other form of the written arts. This week, Bonnie Chlipala in the ever-popular Women of a Certain Age column explores the value of shopping at home.




Faces and Places

You’ll want to know exactly how to dive into the new moon in Pisces, reading the YogaMoon Rhythms will help you find the way. In Spirit, Mind and Body you can release back pain or attend a Master Prana Flow Class to get ready for spring. Learn the Laws of Attraction and Self Empowerment in an inspiring discussion group.

Welcome to the most colorful “reportive” section of the paper. From the rowdy Red Lady Ball to the furious fingers of Alpin Hong; from the raucous wailings of Great American Taxi to the coveted results of the unsanctioned and uncivilized 8-Ball Rally...


Your constant back page resource for the Mountain Express and RTA bus schedules so you can get to the hill, Gunnison, Denver, or your condo in Mt. Crested Butte and there’s information on where to park your car so it doesn’t get towed.


Job offerings, the Democratic Precinct Caucus, amphibian art for the kids and learning to work through grief are all part of the Community Bulletin Board this week.

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Local Resources

Writers: Peter Bridges, Bonnie Chlipala, Sandra Cortner, Corinne Cram, Crested Butte Mountain Guides, Josephine Kellet, Grant McFarren, Luke Mehall, Monica Mesa, Molly Murfee, Polly Oberosler, Laura Puckett, Maya Silver, Marcie Telander, Kristen VanHoesen, Kate Vogel. Photographers: Dawne Belloise, Nathan Bilow, Dusty Demerson, Paul Gallaher, Ralph Kristopher, Molly Murfee, Mark Phwah. Illustrator: Craig Burbank We publish in the high seasons: November-April and May-September. The Weekly’s internal contents are printed on 100% recycled paper and the cover on 75% recycled paper. The ink is partially soy based.

THEWEEKLY | March 11, 2010 | PAGE 3


Banff Mountain Film Festival

By Molly Murfee You’re here on vacation. The mountains that surround Crested Butte are unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your home state of Florida. You only have a week and all you want to do is to get into them. Ski into their folds, climb their ridges, speed through as much territory as possible on a snowmobile. You’ve never seen so much snow, so much open terrain, so much topography. Here, now, is what they call elbowroom, and you want a piece of it. Hopefully, you exit from your winter adventure into the backcountry safe and sound in time for happy hour cocktails in your hotel followed by a belly warming dinner and sugar plum dreams of the next day’s activities. For some adventurers, however, their mini-expedition doesn’t end up that way. Snowstorms blow in. Ankles get twisted. Snowmobiles run into trees. It is here that you call on our local heroes. And like Superman changing into his cape and oh-so-sexy tights outfit from

the phone booth, so does our local Crested Butte Search and Rescue team. They put down their day jobs of carpenters, property managers, and waitresses to come save your life. Crested Butte Search and Rescue, Inc. (CBSAR) operates under the authority of the Gunnison County Sheriff and is responsible for handling backcountry emergencies within the approximate 4,000 square miles of the National Forest and wilderness surrounding Crested Butte, Colorado. CBSAR maintains expertise in high angle rescue, avalanche, and wilderness search operations. They are fully accredited by the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA). As part of a fundraising and promotional event, Paul Hird, one of the local volunteers, brought the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Crested Butte 18 years ago. It’s an appropriate topic at an appropriate venue. The Banff Mountain Film Festival is organized by the Banff Center in (where else) Banff, Canada. The Banff Center’s mission “is a catalyst for

creativity, with a transformative impact on those who attend our programs, conferences and events. Our alumni create, produce and perform works of art all over the world, lead our institutions, organizations and businesses, and play significant roles in our cultural, social, intellectual and economic wellbeing, and in the preservation of our environment.” What many know of the Center, however, are its films. They are centered on the topics of climbing, adrenaline sports, mountain adventure, snow sports, mountaineering history, environment and mountain cultures. The actual film festival itself is an annual international competition featuring the world’s best films on mountain subjects. There are approximately 330 entries each year from 46 countries that get whittled down into 57 finalists. The tour, besides being in Crested Butte, also visits such auspicious

locations as Alaska, Chile and Japan. The films are often inspiring, moving, and thought provoking as well as visually stimulating. In short, attending is an easy way to support such an amazing group as the Crested Butte Search and Rescue team. Come join the Crested Butte Search & Rescue Team at The Center for the Arts on March 12 and 13. Tickets are $20 per night and are available at the Alpineer and the Center for the Arts. Show time is 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Molly Murfee is a full-time freelance and copy writer, in addition to being the Editor of the Crested Butte Weekly. Her over 500 articles are featured in the likes of Powder Magazine, Telemark Skier, Backcountry Magazine, the Mountain Gazette, Cross Country Skier Magazine, Solar Today and Patagonia-Japan as well as local publications. Her passion lies in penning creative non-fiction and poetry, which focuses on wild places with their inherent metaphor and the extraordinary commonality of the human experience. Molly can be reached at

Banff Film Schedule FRIDAY, MARCH 12 Medeoz (France 2008, 6 minutes) This short features six different sports: climbing, skiing, snowboarding, speed riding, paragliding and BASE-jumping. The Ultimate Skiing Showdown (Canada 2009, 4 minutes) Enjoy the final sprint showdown between the fastest skiers on Earth, in juxtaposition with a stunt person on Nordic skis. Finding Farley (Grand Prize Winner, People’s Choice Award) (Canada 2009, 63 minutes) When filmmakers Karsten Heuer and Leanne Allison, along with there two-yearold son Zev and indomitable dog Willow, set out to retrace the literary footsteps of Farley Mowat, they mean it literally. Deep-Shinsetsu (Japan 2009, 3 minutes) “Shinsetsu” means deep powder in Japanese. This short film expresses a typical day in the mountains of Japan.

PAGE 4 | March 11, 2010 | THEWEEKLY

Mustang (USA 2009, 28 minutes) Lost in time, the Himalayan kingdom of Mustang is one of the last sanctuaries of authentic Tibetan Buddhist culture. The 15th century monasteries and the art within are dangerously close to collapse. This film tells the compelling story of the efforts to rescue this ancient place from the brink of extinction. First Ascent – Alone on the Wall (USA 2009, 24 minutes) After gaining international climbing renown for his landmark free solo of Moonlight Buttress in Zion National Park, 24-yearold Alex Honnold moves on to his next challenge. He will attempt the first free solo of the “Regular Northwest Face” route on Yosemite’s Half Dome. Kranked - Revolve (Canada 2009, 11 minutes) The coolest human-powered adrenaline tool ever invented…the mountain bike. “Revolve” blasts in cinematic glory from the French Alps to the lush coast of B.C., incorporating dirt jumps, trails, freeride, slope style and downhill.

SATURDAY, MARCH 13 Hunlen (Canada 2009, 12 minutes) What happens when you show up to climb one of the biggest frozen waterfalls in Canada….and it isn’t completely frozen? Will Gadd and E.J. Plimley battle to do the first ascent of Hunlen Falls. Mount Blanc Speed Flying (Best Short Mountain Film) (France 2008, 10 minutes) Six speed riders fly from the upper slopes of Mont Blanc down to Chamonix in one continuous 10-minute shot. Take a Seat (Special Jury Mention) (U.K 2009, 46 minutes) Share Dominic Gill’s mission to cycle the 32 kilometers from the northern coast of Alaska to the southern tip of South America, on a tandem bike, picking up random strangers on the way. Signatures: Canvas of Snow (USA 2009, 16 minutes) In Japan there is a cultural connection to the different signatures of terrestrial home – a sense that the rhythm of fall, winter, spring and summer influences the rhythm

of the person, their energy, their riding style and the lines they choose. Africa Revolutions Tour (USA 2009, 20 minutes) From the crocodile-infested White Nile in Uganda, to big water first descents in Madagascar, the film follows this group of friends on their dangerous mission. Azazel (France 2007, 22 minutes) Four friends set out to establish a new route on the Trango Pulpit Tower, a mythical 6000-mtre-high rock wall in Pakistan. Days and days of pleasure, quantities of testosterone expended, frozen fingers and naps on the wall. Project Megawoosh (Special Jury Mention) (Germany 2009, 4 minutes) Bruno Kammerl, a German engineer, works to perfect the world’s tallest human water slide. Depending on several factors, we reserve the right to change the order, and or films presented at each performance.



Museum Presents Beach Ball Express Spring Fest

Big Air is Back Big Air on Elk is back! This year Big Air on Elk with be a showcase of local talent of both skiers and boarders to show off their hucking prowess. The week will be kicked off with a showing of Level 1’s latest movie “Refresh” playing in the Mountaineer Square Ballroom on Tuesday, March 16 at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. The Big Air show itself will ignite Saturday, March 13 from 4-10 p.m., downtown Crested Butte in the heart of Elk Avenue. Spectators will be able to watch the flying, spinning antics up and down Elk Avenue. From the West end of Elk to see them being towed in, or the East side to see the landing, there won’t be a bad seat in the house. There will be prizes to be won all night long for spectators through ticketed give-aways. Look for staff who will be selling tickets throughout the event for your chance to win a new ski jacket, skis from Armada, goggles from Smith Optics, a grip load of swag from Line/ Orage/Fulltilt, and the grand prize - a CBMR 20102011 Gold Pass. Ticket give-aways will also be available at the movie showing. Big Air began in 2004 as a fundraiser for the Crested Butte Avalanche Center and was the brain child of Jayson Simons-Jones and Alan Bernholtz. This was a successful event for three years before coming to an unfortunate end. The torch has been passed and the Avi Center has given the reigns

to Colorado FreeSkier and Gabe Martin. Now as a Colorado FreeSkier event, Big Air on Elk is back in 2010 with a new vision. “Being put on in March goes after a new market of Spring Breakers, warm weather and later light,” explains Gabe Martin, the event organizer. “We expect this event to grow year after year, having people plan their trips to Crested Butte around it. We see Big Air on Elk becoming the ‘Fourth of July’ of the winter.” All proceeds of this year’s Big Air on Elk goes to the Crested Butte Ski Club, helping raise money for kids to join the Mt. Sports team, as well as the Crested Butte Avalanche Center. For more information, or to join the host of skiing enthusiast volunteers, call Gabe Martin at 970-349-6664.

Big Hair on Elk The Crested Butte Avalanche Center (CBAC) presents Big Hair on Elk on the Brick Oven deck on Saturday, March 13 from 5-11p.m. The Big Hair coincides with the Big Air on Elk and is a fundraiser for the CBAC. There will be celebrity bartenders, Avery Brewing beer specials and awards for biggest hair both men’s and women’s categories. The big hair must be natural.  Products such as gels, glues, etc., are allowed to enhance height. Extensions and wigs will not be measured but are encouraged to keep the big hair spirit alive.

Be a part of a new FUNdraiser from the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. The first annual Beach Ball Express Spring Fest will take place on Saturday, March 13 at Crested Butte Mt. Resort. To kick off the weekend, on Friday night, March 12, the Museum will show the Disney classic Snowball Express, a film shot in Crested Butte in the early 1970s. This show is at 7 p.m. and free but a $5 donation is suggested. Register to be a part of a four-person team for Saturday’s “Skivanger Hunt” (a scavenger hunt on skis or snowboard.)  Twenty clues will be hidden throughout the ski area for each team to find the answers.  Each clue will give you a hint to go to on the slopes and the second part of the clue will be a historical question.  The laminated answers will be scattered around the entire ski slopes.  Registration will be from 10 to 11 a.m. at the area.  Look for signs to guide you to registration. This is a great event for the family.  At least two skiers or riders must be able to ski the extreme slopes since clues will be hidden there.  Teams will be told the rules and sent off to find the clues at 11 a.m. The teams will be asked to return by 2:30 p.m. and the one with the most answers wins.  Following this FUN-packed hunt at 3 p.m. beach balls will be in a corral and set loose to roll down Warming House Hill.  Each beach ball will correspond to a raffle ticket and these raffle tickets are being sold by the Board of Directors and at the Museum.  Three great prizes will be awarded; 1st prize $1,000 cash sponsored by the Avalanche Bar and  Grill; 2nd prize is a tropical getaway on the Big Island of Hawaii for a week for up to 4 people (air fare is not included and the week is subject to space availability); and 3rd prize is a pair of Dynastar skis.  Tickets are $5 for one and six for $25.     Costumes are strongly encouraged and tropical attire is the theme to help bring in the spring. Prizes will be given to the best team and an individual.  An awards ceremony on the mountain will directly follow the beach balls on the snow.  Volunteers are needed on Friday the 12 and Saturday the 13.  For questions or to volunteer please call the Museum at 970-349-1880.

Preview of Perfect Wedding The Crested Butte Mountain Theatre proudly presents Robert Hawdon’s hotel bedroom farce, Perfect Wedding with opening night Thursday, March 11 at 7:30 p.m. Awakening in a hotel room after a booze-fest of a bachelor party, bridegroom Bill (Paul Merck) finds himself lying next to a young woman (Kat Hassebroek) he doesn’t recognize — and things go downhill from there. It is his wedding day and he is hung over with the wrong woman in the wrong place. Soon he has to contend with his self-assured and determined bride-to-be, Rachel, (Erin Kelly) and her monster of a mother-in-law to be, (Rai Beavers). Bill’s solid, dependable practical joker of a best friend, (Rich Driscoll) soon finds himself playing more roles than just

best man in this practically out of control plot. Added to the wacky confusion is the kooky, volatile hotel maid, (Tracy Close) who cannot hide her disdain for the guests she believes have loose morals. Director Mary Tuck has put together an eclectic cast of Crested Butte locals, several of them veterans of numerous productions, and some of them making their debuts on the Mallardi Cabaret Theatre’s newly rebuilt stage. Hawdon’s comedy is one of those bedroom-door-slamming shows that requires hairbreadth timing, and really needs a live audience at its final rehearsals in order to perfect the places for pauses for the inevitable laughter. Opening night for this laugh out loud comedy will therefore be a “soft” opening, a half-price

public dress rehearsal on Thursday, March 11. Doors open at 7 p.m. for a 7:30 start. The performance on Friday, March 12 also begins at 7:30 p.m. Anybody wearing black or white will pay only $10 admission. The performance on Saturday, March 13 will be preceded by a REAL wedding reception! Roland Mason and Melissa Neuner will be the happy couple celebrating with CBMT Members at the preperformance reception. Become a Member of CBMT and attend the catered reception before the 7:45 performance. There will be plenty of food and drink for all Members who make reservations. Non-members can arrive at 7:30 to attend just the play. It is essential to reserve for Saturday’s reception and show because seating

is limited, but seats are still available. Members pay only $13. Students pay $10 and the regular price is $15. There will be two Pay What You Can opportunities to see Perfect Wedding; the 4 p.m. Sunday matinee on March 14, and the Thursday evening performance at 7:30 p.m. on March 18. Anybody wearing green on Wednesday, March 17 pays only $10. This St. Patrick’s Day show also begins at 7:30 p.m. with green beer available from 7 p.m. The final two performances are on Friday, March 19 and Saturday, March 20, both beginning at 7:30 p.m. with doors opening at 7 p.m. Students $10; Adults $15; Members $13. For reservations: 970349- 0366.

Crested Butte’s Oldest Bar and Great Steakhouse

USDA Prime Steaks • Prime Rib Colorado Rack of Lamb Pork Chops • Elk Tenderloin Fresh Fish • Buffalo Burgers • BBQ Pork Ribs • Chicken Fried Steak Burgers • Fresh Salads • Lobster • Alaskan King Crab Dinner Nightly from 5pm - Happy Hour from 4-6pm - 222 Elk Avenue - Downtown Crested Butte VISA • MASTERCARD • DISCOVER • AMERICAN EXPRESS • CASH


THEWEEKLY | March 11, 2010 | PAGE 5


Spring looks haute at Milky Way Lots of new cute things!

Come & brighten your day with our Spring arrivals Call 349-2107 • Open Daily • 310 Elk Ave.

ucing... Nathan Bilow presents ‘Naturally’ in Aspen

mber Plan

ed Butte Chamber Health us for Plan Join

mber a h c miums for employer-sponsored s r u o h r e t f a hrough the Chamber

red and enjoy...

counts TONIGHT, on medicalcenter services for the arts at the Treasury Center Thursday, September 10th • 5-7 p.m. ch plans to meet your needs with co-hosted by the Trailhead Discovery come to network fellow chamber reason to attract keep the bestmembers Museumand & thewith Adaptive Sports Center over food and refreshments. Catered by Le Bosquet.

Thursday, March 11th, 5-7 p.m.

Contact Kristen at the Chamber with any questions

Come to network with fellow Chamber Members over food and refreshments!

et covered: . . . . .970-704-9421 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 349-6438 . . . ................................ Contact Kristen at the Chamber with any questions. 349-6438

y Health Plan does not condition membership on any health-related factor uding employees, employers or their dependents). The RFCHP offers health mber members in good standing and their employees only, regardless of any elating to these individuals. RFCHP plans, join the Chamber today.

What does it mean to discover your nature? Is your nature the human nature inside you? Is it Mother Nature surrounding you? How do the two collide and come together, create friction and find peace? Internationally accomplished photographer Nathan Bilow explores these questions through “Naturally.” The images strive to show the subjects’ connections with their own environments. The people are not so much static subjects of a pose as they are spirits actively following their own paths. It is a wrangler who sits on a horse and a floral designer enveloped in wildflowers. These natural settings make the images as much a creation of the person being photographed as of the photographer. Some images are set outside Bilow’s door in Crested Butte, Colorado - a Rocky Mountain town perched at 9,000 feet. Others are in the waters of Arizona, the redwoods of California, and the volcanoes of Hawaii. All use the outdoors as their canvas. “Naturally” grew out of the 2008 Los Angeles exhibit “L.A. Nude 10,” in which emerging and

established photographers like Greg Gorman, Dennis Hopper, Douglas Kirkland and Leonard Nimoy communicated their own visions of the human form. Bilow is grateful to be able to take the work he did for “L.A. Nude 10” and expand upon it, challenging viewers to think about their own natures. While there is no right answer to defining our individual natures, Bilow sees little difference between human nature and Mother Nature. A woman suspended on bamboo is the dragonfly. A woman on a horse is the graceful animal. A woman floating in the ocean is the water. In discovering our true nature, the lines separating our natures continue to fade. Bilow’s show “Naturally” recently opened at the Red Brick Gallery in Aspen, Colorado. The show will be available for viewing through March 29. More of his photos may be seen at www. For information on the exhibit visit The gallery is located at 110 Hallam Street in Aspen.

Kids Camp a Highlight of New Bluegrass Festival Crested Butte Music Festival Offering Special Rate for Local Kids Not only are there great bands lined up for the Crested Butte Music Festival’s new “Bluegrass in Paradise,” there’s an educational component that will have kids picking, strumming and learning from some of the best in the business. On July 6 – 8, a Kids Camp will be held at the Lodge at Mountaineer Square Conference Center in Mt. Crested Butte, leading up to a weekend of six bluegrass concerts on the ski base lawn, July 9 – 10.  The three-day bluegrass and folk music program for children, ages 6 to 16, is organized and taught by members of Alaska-based Bearfoot, which has instructed thousands of kids worldwide and will perform at the festival. Campers can pick from a wide range of classes, including all levels of guitar, bass, banjo, fiddle and vocals. They also will be involved in a band class with their peers, daily jams, square dances, art projects, optional private lessons, and games, as well as an end-of-camp concert for friends and family. All levels are welcome.   The cost of registration is $175, but the Crested Butte Music Festival (CBMF) is reserving 15 spots for kids who live in the Gunnison-Crested

Butte Valley at the cost of $100 on a first-come, first-served basis. Campers can purchase a weekend pass for the concerts for an additional $20.  A registration form can be downloaded from and more information is available by calling CBMF’s office at 970-349-0619. Please also see the registration form on page 13.    Adult Workshops & Festival Performers Grown-ups also can expand their abilities through adult seminars and drop-in workshops on July 9 and 10 with Blue Highway and local “newgrass” icon Drew Emmitt, who is hosting the festival.   “Bluegrass in Paradise” performers include the Emmitt-Nershi Band, Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys, Bearfoot, Shannon Whitworth, Blue Highway and Spring Creek.  Tickets are $50 for a single day and $90 for a weekend pass.  If you purchase a weekend pass from March 11 – 17, pay only $80.  To purchase tickets for Bluegrass in Paradise and any performances and events taking place during the 13th annual Crested Butte Music Festival, July 3 – Aug. 5, go to www.

Shawn R. Harvey, D.D.S. SOLD

349 - 5731

MOUNTAIN Unit 463 Grand Lodge

TOWN 409 Maroon

DOWN VALLEY 217 Kubler - CB South

Just a few steps from the lifts, this great south facing unit soaks up the sun. Fourth floor location gives you those high-up views that you love. One of the rare units with a fireplace! Outdoor pool in the complex. Low, Low price of $132,000

Two BR and 1 and ½ bath historic home located on over THREE town lots!! Central location just a block off of Elk and adjacent to UCC Church. Lots of possibilities and lots of room to expand. $695,000.

Quality owner–built home overlooking the East River, historic ranchlands and Whetstone Mountain. Very sunny with a great floor plan. The views WILL take your breath away. $625,000.

PAGE 6 | March 11, 2010 | THEWEEKLY

Jackie Ingham, Broker Associate (970)349-5007 215 Elk Avenue email:

• Open Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. • Emergency treatment and extended hours available. Come see our new location

Located in the Majestic Plaza (next to the Movie Theatre)






Eye on the Arts features highlights on local artists, writers, gallery openings, calls for auditions, theatre announcements and art classes.

Special tuition for local kids at Bluegrass in Paradise kids’ camp Crested Butte Music Festival is now accepting applications for the 3-day bluegrass kids camp by award winning band Bearfoot. CBMF will subsidize the bands requested tuition for campers of $175/camper for local kids, which will bring it down to $100/camper. This applies for 15 kids on a first-come firstserved basis. Stop by at the office today and make sure your kid is on! Call the office for more information 970-349-0619 or go to www. Bluegrass in Paradise special presale ticket prices open now Hosted by Drew Emmitt, Bluegrass in Paradise promises to be the summer event of the year in the valley. With Shannon Whitworth, Blue Highway, Spring Creek, Bearfoot, Drew Emmitt/Billy Nershi and Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys, Bluegrass in Paradise will be the largest bluegrass event the valley has ever seen. Tickets are on sale this week for only $80 for all the shows (July 9-10), and will go up to the regular price of $90 starting March 18th. Call the office for more information 970-349-0619 or go to www.   Crested Butte Mountain Theatre Yard Sale CBMT will hold its annual “Yard Sale” upstairs in the Mallardi Cabaret Theatre on Saturday, March 27. Doors will open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. There will be lots of costumes and regular clothing, props, household goods, books, and much more. Come with cash. All reasonable offers will be accepted. For further information please call 970-349-0366. GO WEST Art Gallop GO WEST: A Mercantile Shop of Western Home-Made Artwork Goods is having it’s own “Art Gallop” where Mountain Mel will open up her gallery for the evening every Thursday in the month of March. This is the time she will be offering

a special Art Gallop Discount of 10% on pen n’ ink with pencil illustrations; decorated recyclable useable goods of glass; and tin and wood crafts - many of the items come from old Gunnison County mines. This Mercantile features 10 artists, with local photographer and The Weekly’s photo guy, Paul Gallaher, recently joined. GO WEST is also welcoming additional artists to join for the summer season. Afternoon hours vary. You may call for an appointment. Located at 327 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte; 970-275-5181,

the apparently insignificant little moments that collectively give our lives meaning. Anticipating the nostalgia, with which the memory of these little moments will be celebrated in the future, is a way to bring further awareness to the significance of the moment.” For more information on MacInnes, visit his website at www.roddymacinnes. com. The AWE Visiting Artists Series is supported by a grant from the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley (CFGV).

Artists needed to paint buses Mountain Express is looking for local artists to paint the two (2) new buses we received in December. The selected artists must be able to paint the buses during the spring off-season. Mountain Express will supply all materials and a stipend of $1,000 per bus will be paid upon completion of the project. The board of directors will choose a concept from those submitted at their meeting on March 15, 2010. In order to assist the board in their decision, applicants are encouraged to submit samples (or photos of samples) of their artwork along with a sketch and/or narrative of their ideas to Chris Larsen at 803 Butte Ave. on or before March 11, 2010. Call 970-349-5616 for details. AWE Visiting Artists Series at the GAC The next Artist of the West Elk’s Visiting Artist is Roddy MacInnes, a photographer and associate professor at University of Denver. He will speak at the Gunnison Arts Center on Friday, March 26, from 7 until 8 p.m. This is a free event. His work has exhibited internationally and is held in collections in the United States and abroad. MacInnes writes of his work, “Nostalgia is a major theme in my photographic thinking. I generally photograph my family, immediate and extended. Through photography I have come to realize the importance of creating and sharing, a visual record of

The Galleries of Crested Butte and Artists of the West Elks invites you to

Workshop “Portraiture, Beyond the Surface” at the Gunnison Arts Center This workshop led by Roddy MacInnes will be in two parts. First it will address contemporary and historical issues relating to photographic portraiture. There will be a brief slide presentation introducing the genre throughout the history of photography. Particular attention will be on: how technology influences the end result; lighting techniques; recurring themes, and personal styles. The second part of the workshop will consist of handson demonstrations. Simple studio lighting will be covered. Students will assemble a basic, portable lighting studio, with backdrops and strobes. MacInnes will also cover shooting with available light in a variety of locations (weather dependent). Workshop participants are encouraged to bring their cameras (film or digital SLR preferably) so that they can practice shooting in different lighting environments. Due to time limitations, only basic technical information will be covered, so please be familiar with your camera. This class is open to photographers at all skill levels, who have a basic working knowledge of their camera. Please come to class with an open mind and prepared to have fun. The workshop will be held Saturday, March 27 from 11- 1:30 pm. The workshop is free but is limited to 12 people. Please reserve your space in the workshop at or 970-2751875.

Crested Butte’s Most Luxurious Spa Brand New 11,000 sq. ft. Spa & Fitness Center

Call about our weekly specials! Massage ~ Facials ~ Bodywraps all services include: Complimentary Parking ~ Fitness Center ~ Steam Room Dry Sauna ~ Pool ~ Hot Tub ~ Herbal Tea ~ Robe and Sandal Use ~ (970) 251-3500 ~ Open 7 Days The Crested Butte Search & Rescue Team is once again proud to bring you the:

Banff Mountain Film Festival

World Tour Now Nowin inits its19th 18thyear yearat atthe the CrestedButte ButteCenter Centerfor forthe theArts. Arts. Crested The best films and videos from the The best films and videos from the Banff Banff Mountain Film Festival will thrill Mountain Film Festival will thrill and and inspire you with big – screen inspire you with big – screen stories and stories and adventures on adventures on March 7th & 8th, March 12th &13th, at 7 p.m. at 7 p.m. Help support your Search & Rescue Help support yourtax Search & Rescue Team Team with your deductible $ with your tax donation 20 donation of deductible $20/per night, andofget per night, and getsome readyof to the enjoy some of ready to enjoy best films the best films from from around the around world. the world. This suretotoplease please everyone This year year isis sure everyone with with two evenings of films about two evenings of films about various various environmental films, cultures, cultures, environmental films, along with along with B.A.S.E jumping, climbing, B.A.S.E jumping, climbing, skiing, skiing, kayaking, and some humorous kayaking, and some humorous shorts as shorts as well. Please come byyour and well. Please come by and support support your local Search and local Search and Rescue Team, and enjoy Rescue Team, films. and enjoy some some incredible incredible films.

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets now at the Alpineer, and at the Center for the Arts.

✵ Ice House Art 202 1/2 Elk & 2nd.

artwalk evening

Henrietta Raines: handbuilt dolls representing their evolution from animals into people all created from recycled fibers and jewels'

thursday, march


✵ Oh Be Joyful Gallery Third and Elk

from 5-8 pm

at these participating crested butte* galleries: ✵ Go West 327 Elk Avenue Mel Harper's art; plus rugs, photos, jewelry, knitted items and more...

✵ Ingham Gallery Third and Elk

John Ingham: Oil Painting Susan Marrion: Oil Painting Raynor Czerwinski: Photography

✵ Susan Anderton Fine Art Gallery 302 Elk Ave & 3rd St. Susan's paintings and drawings in oil, acrylic, pastel, prisma color


Robin Hawdon Directed by Mary Tuck

T he pleasure of your C ompany is requested.... Thursday, March 11 7:30 pm • Opening Night-1/2 price night Friday, March 12 7:30 pm • Those wearing BLACK or WHITE-$10 Saturday, March 13 6:30 pm Members' Wedding Reception 7:45 pm Performance. Doors open to general public at 7:30.

✵ Paragon Gallery 132 Elk Avenue Pat Bittle- photography Annette Akselson and Kyle Fleener- jewelry

✵ Piper Gallery at the Center for the Arts David Wilcove- "It's All About the Light" Oil Paintings

✵ Rijks Family Gallery 310 Second Avenue

RSVP is essential for the reception.

Sunday, March 14 Wednesday, March 17 Thursday, March 18 Friday, March 19 Saturday, March 20

4:00 pm • Pay-What-You-Can Matinee 7:30 pm • St. Patrick’s Day-Those wearing GREEN-$10 7:30 pm • Pay-What-You-Can 7:30 pm • Limited Availability-Reserve NOW! 7:30 pm • Limited Availability-Reserve NOW!


J.C. Leacock - photographer Karen Immerso - pottery Adam Freed - oil paintings Donna Rozman - ceramics

Light appetizers and refreshments wiLL be served

A most amusing farce by

FOR INFORMATION & RESERVATIONS CALL 970.349.0366 Mallardi Cabaret Theatre • 403 2nd Street • Crested Butte, CO 81224 POSTER BY




THEWEEKLY | March 11, 2010 | PAGE 7


a community chiropractic cafe mmunity chiropractic cafe bliss bliss


mimi bliss:kasten, d.c. “Live as though your mimi kasten, d.c.


a state of extreme happiness; euphoria; joy. The state of one’s being after an adjustment!

depends “ able at any moment life to sacrifice what we areon for it.” -Alan 226 ElkCohen Avenue what we could become” 226 -CElkDubos Avenue Crested Butte CO principled care +Crested Butte CO principled family care family + 226 Elk 226 Elk Avenue 970Avenue 349 7474 970 349 7474 certified animal chiropractor certified animal chiropractor Crested Butte Crested Butte THURSDAY, MARCH 11 gift principled care + family carefamily + Karaoke 970 349 7474970 349 7474 certificates certified animal chiropractor nimal chiropractor Every Thursday night, karaoke a chiropractic a community chiropracticcafe cafe available

mimi mimi kastenkasten imimi kastenkasten

bliss bliss

features a 10,000+ song playlist, ...helping you live to your fullest potential! 6 flat screen monitors, and Hi-Fi bliss appointment necessary serving life,Nolove, and infinite potential through the giftthrough of chiropractic serving life, love, and infinite potential the gift of chiropractic sound system. Free SAKE while [ no pun intended ] you’re singing! The Lobar 10 p.m.; Walk ins welcome Dogs and kids encouraged! Downstairs at 3rd and Elk in Crested ove, andlife, infinite through the gift of chiropractic serving love,potential and infinite potential through the gift of chiropractic Butte; 970-349-0480, www.thelobar. 226 Elk Avenue Mercantile shop of mimi kasten Crested Butte CO principled family care + com 970 349 7474 Local Western Home-Made Artwork Goods

Go West certified animal chiropractor

P” like Art Walks, Is having its own “ARt GALLo of March. every thursday in the month

serving life, love, and infinite potential through the gift of chiropractic

open thursday evenings, with refreshments and yummies, after sundown from 5- 7 pm. Also offering a special Art Gallop discount of 10% off of Mountain Mel’s Art - illustrations, decorated recycled usable goods from old miners; of glass, tin and wood crafts, with a local history. this Mercantile features 10 other artists with additional art, welcoming more artists to join for the summer season. Afternoon hours vary or call for an appointment. Located at 327 elk Ave., Crested Butte. Mel Harper 970-275-5181.

Available this Summer for Vaction Rentals VIRTUAL TOURS, GALLERIES & MORE:

11 Ruth Road - $950,000 Owner Will Broker Coop at 3%

The last undeveloped lot on the east side of Ruth Rd. Incredible views of Mt. CB, Peanut Lake and Paradise Divide. Lot Size: 62 x 135. Fully approved plans included!

127 Butte Avenue - $1,850,000 - Owner Will Broker Coop at 3% * 5 Bedrooms * 2944 Sq. Ft. * Attached Garage * Detached Studio Just 4 blocks from downtown Crested Butte, at the end of 2nd Avenue, the views from every room of this custom home will take your breath away. The 5 bedroom, 3 full and 1 half bath home has a detached studio with 1/2 bath that is not deed-restricted. A cozy vaulted living room, with hand hewn scissor trusses, stone fireplace, and french doors that lead you out to a partially covered, large, second story deck. This house has a master bedroom to dream about. Tall ceilings, incredible views, walk out onto flagstone patio, to small and easily maintained garden, and out the back gate to a trail that wraps itself around Crested Buttes coveted Kapushion Annexation.

Call Andrea Faust at (970) 209-0266

Beau et la Bête Lila is part tumbleweed, part starfish. She saw the cracks that let the light in and started singing through them. They widened. Chris is the snowman who came to life, heard Ray Brown, and started emanating the low sounds that are the spine of everything. When you hear them, you will shake softly in a deep place. The Princess Wine Bar 8:30 p.m.; 218 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-0210 Randall Williams & Turk Jones The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin, as part of its weekly Lounge Sessions, presents Randall Williams and Turk Jones spinning live from 7 to Midnight. Expect the evening to start with space-age house with trip-hop rounding out the night. The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin 7 p.m. – No Cover; 309 3rd Street in Crested Butte, 970349-6338 Gypsy Jazz Social Club django’s in Mt. Crested Butte presents the return of the Gypsy Jazz Social Club. The continuing bi-weekly series features Les Choy “El Chino” on acoustic guitar along with a rotating cast of musicians, this week with Drew Murdza and Roger Sherman. Expect to hear the GJSC repertoire of traditional and modern Gypsy and Latin melodies, popular tunes of the 30s and 40s, and of course, compositions by the great gypsy musician Django Reinhardt. django’s restaurant & wine bar 4 p.m.; Mountaineer Square, Mt. Crested Butte, 970-349-7574, www. Evelyn Roper and Friends Evelyn may growl out Johnny Cash then lilt Emmy Lou or throw in a surf, blues or rock song just for spite and spontaneity. She writes of old-fashioned love and in your face truths, but also points to the positivity of looking to the sky AND keeping a foot on the ground. Evelyn has a fierce local following and can

Free Music - No Cover Friday, March 12th

Saturday, March 13th

“Don’t Panic”

“Steady Eddie and the All Nighters”

@ Happy Hour or when they’re damn good & ready

Stretch Johnson and Children of the Horn

upstairs at 10:30pm

upstairs at 10:30pm

Life is too short for weak drinks!

be heard in venues up and down the Western Slope. The Flying Burritos Bar 9 p.m. – Free; 107 S. Main St. in Gunnison, 970-641-5777, www. Paul Gallaher with Bruce Hayes These two fellows have shared musical adventures for more than a quarter of a century. Paul Gallaher, on violin, piano, vocals and harmonica, teams up with Bruce Hayes, on guitar, bass, vocals and mandolin for an exciting night of jazz, swing, blues and rock /grass. The Brick Cellar Wine Bar 8 p.m.; 122 West Tomichi Avenue in Gunnison, 970-641-9463 FRIDAY, MARCH 12 Kyle Hollingsworth w/ Garrett Sayers & Yamn For more than a decade, as keyboardist for Colorado’s beloved String Cheese Incident, Kyle Hollingsworth has consistently proven one of the most innovative and virtuosic musicians on the American jamband scene. Hollingsworth will be joined by acclaimed bassist Garrett Sayers of Boulder’s The Motet. Opening is Breckenridge-based progressiveelectro-trance-fusion band Yamn. The Eldo 10:30 p.m. – $20; 215 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte; 970-3496125, DjEM Featuring a modern hip-hop playlist punctuated with classics and rarities from the 80’s + 90’s, DjEM will be spinning live, and combining MUSIC + VIDEO to entertain and keep everyone dancing until 2 a.m. The Lobar 10 p.m.; Downstairs at 3rd and Elk in Crested Butte; 970-349-0480, Bill Dowell One of Crested Butte’s local favorites. Bill plays classic acoustic rock and roll with a little country and some original tunes thrown in for good measure. He is often joined by his wife Patti Gast on vocals and Steve Farley on guitar. The Princess is a great after dinner venue for a place to relax and enjoy a drink or dessert after a night on the town. The Princess Wine Bar 8:30 p.m.; 218 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-0210

Butte musicians who have joined forces to bring the people a night packed with deep pocket, horndriven, booty shaking! The music is inspired by the old and new schools of Funk and Groove, and the band aims to please the “jonez in your bonez” for a spirited night on the dance floor. This may be the band’s last show of the ski season in the valley, so be sure to drop by and “catch the Stretch”! Talk of the Town “When he’s damn good and ready” (or around 6:30 p.m.) – No Cover; 230 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-3496809 Matt Clark Matt Clark blends elements of rock, blues, reggae, folk, and R&B in his own way resulting in a cutting edge World Beat sound that has wowed crowds during the last few years. Matt’s solo acoustic shows come complete with tremendous energy, great vocals, and rhythmic instrumentation. Presented by Coors, complete with snowboard giveaways and $1.75 Coors. Butte 66 4 p.m.; Slopeside in Mt. Crested Butte, 970349-2999 Kevin Walter Walter’s Dylan-esque voice and relentless willingness to venture into tough topics result in a few songs sad enough to make you tear in your beer. They’re countered, however, with just the sort of feel-good tunes you’d expect from a bar-bangin’, blue-collar boy. Don’t miss this local legend’s inspiring Blues, Country, Americana show this Friday night. The Flying Burritos Bar 7 p.m. – Free; 107 S. Main St. in Gunnison, 970641-5777, Slim Pickins’ The Forest Queen, 10 p.m., 129 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte; 970-3495299. SATURDAY, MARCH 13 Buntron Smith Buntron Smith is a local Crested Butte band with influences ranging from The Beatles to the Grateful Dead to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their original and upbeat sound will be sure to get you dancing all night. The Eldo 10:30 p.m. – No Cover; 215 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte; 970349-6125,

The official of Big Air Enjoy the Rivers... Enjoy theafter-party Mushrooms!

Stretch Johnson Stretch Johnson features Crested

Uncle Daddy

Check Out our website for menu & coupons

Wednesday, March 17th St. Patricks Day

“Jim Sandy” Happy Hour 7-10pm

“The Derels” upstairs at 10:30pm

DAILY SPECIALS: Busch & Highlife $2 Jim Beam $2.75 Brown Bag Shot: $2 Wed. is Pint Night: $3.00 Micro Pints

Talk of the BIGASS $2 Town PBR


Sponsored by KBUT

ews utte N

Across from the skateboard park and sled hill THIRD AND WHITEROCK Open Tuesday-Friday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday - Monday 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. $


ted B Cres

9 200007 2

Walk ins welcome

elcome d kids encouraged! uraged!

3 delivery charge outside town limits

• Ahead. A great future. •

2010 Crested Butte Real Estate is full of opportunities.

Let me help you f ind yours. ,RSPS



FEATURE | EVENTS | ARTS | MUSIC | SPORTS | CALENDAR | PROFILE | HEALTH | COMMUNITY | ALTERNATIVES | ENVIRO | DINING | WRITERS | MARKETPLACE | RESOURCES Singer-Songwriter Night Bring your instrument and a song! Rumor’s Coffee and Tea House 7 p.m.; 414 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-0504

on Elk! Featuring local band Uncle Daddy, with DJs spinning before and after the live music. The Lobar 10 p.m.; Downstairs at 3rd and Elk in Crested Butte; 970-349-0480, www.

Steady Eddie & The All-Nighters See Saturday for description. Butte 66 4 p.m.; Slopeside in Mt. Crested Butte, 970-349-2999

Tyler Hansen Tyler Hansen’s skillful guitar playing and soaring voice make him a unique talent that has been a fixture of the Crested Butte music scene for the past seven years. Whether he is experimenting with multi-layered looping, reinterpreting a well-known cover or performing one of his originals, his style wins over new fans at every show. His playing is a mix of Bob Dylan meeting Michael Jackson in a back alley fight with Eric Clapton trying to break it up. The Princess Wine Bar 8:30 p.m.; 218 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-3490210

MONDAY, MARCH 15 Dobro Dave See Saturday for description. The Princess Wine Bar 8:30 p.m.; 218 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-3490210 Joe Buck The once anti-Nashville Joe Buck gained notoriety as the guitarist of The Legendary Shack Shakers. As Hank III’s villainous sideman, the snarling upright bass player became instantly recognizable. Joe’s band Joe Buck Yourself is now a bona fide, evil, one-man band. This unique blend of hellbilly punk-rock ain’t your grandma’s hillbilly music. Gunnison Brewery 8 p.m.; 138 N. Main Street in Gunnison, 970-641-2739

Steady Eddie & The All-Nighters Steady Eddie & the All-Nighters is a local Crested Butte band featuring Steve Farley, Jay Harris, Tom Rudder and Bill Dowell. Expect rock and roll with all the fixing’s. Talk of the Town “Show starts after the big air contest”– No Cover; 230 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-6809

TUESDAY, MARCH 16 Lee McClain The Princess Wine Bar 8:30 p.m.; 218 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-0210

Dobro Dave Come experience Dobro Dave’s acoustic blues and jam sound. Playing mostly on the square neck dobro and acoustic guitar, Dave’s mostly original set includes stylized covers from artists like Neil Young and Ben Harper. Utilizing a free form approach, his ability to noodle in between songs and expand the music allows each show to become a distinct emotional ride. Rumor’s Coffee and Tea House 5 p.m.; 414 Elk Avenue, 970-349-0504

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 Heavyweight Dub Champion w/ Fort Knox 5 Founded in a log cabin at 9,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado, Heavyweight Dub Champion is a movement of interdimensional warriors who are firmly rooted in hip hop, dancehall, dub and electronic music. Now based in San Francisco, HDC has gained much notoriety and a growing following from its highintensity and visually captivating live performances. HDC is joined by Fort Knox 5, a leading force in the international funk and breaks scene. The Eldo 10:30 p.m. – $10; 215 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte; 970-3496125,

Matt Clark See Friday for description. Butte 66 4 p.m.; Slopeside in Mt. Crested Butte, 970-349-2999 SUNDAY, MARCH 14 Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band When the Booty Band hits the stage, everybody dances! Having fun and feeling good is the philosophy of this Asheville, NC based 6-piece band that has been hitting the road since 2002. The Booty Band brings the funk with their signature mix of triumphant horns, laid-back grooves, and heavy backbeats, not to mention the colorful costumes and interactive stage personalities. The Eldo 8 p.m. – No Cover; 215 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte; 970-349-6125, www.

Christopher Hawley Christopher Hawley is a Venice, CA singer/songwriter with soulful roots, blending slide guitar with thoughtful lyrics. The Princess Wine Bar 8:30 p.m.; 218 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-0210

Enjoy the Rivers... Enjoy the Mushrooms!

The Derels A liver punch of preposterous proportions, Crested Butte-based The Derels are a collective of poor small town punks out for a quick buck and a cheap night at the saloon. Sharing common interest in national sedition, and all sporting a penchant for crapulence and inebriation, the Derels four deliver

Naked Pete The Princess Wine Bar 8:30 p.m.; 218 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-0210

high energy pub rock that spans loads of incredulously loud genres of music with both swagger and soul, the way music used to be. Talk of the Town; 10:30 p.m.; 230 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-6809 U-47 Hailing from Gunnison, U-47 is a band born from a love of music, a mix of people from different backgrounds that have come together to form their version of what an original rock band should be. Kochevar’s 10 p.m. – No Cover; 127 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte; 970-349-6745

Simply Tasty. Not fried or smothered. 206 N. Main, Gunnison, CO Simply Tasty.

Never been in? Come been try usin? March 19th Never Never been in?

Pimp Valley Drifters Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in style as the Forest Queen hosts The Pimp Valley Drifters, a Gunnison Valley bluegrass band. When we examine the bluegrass family tree, the Irish influence is intertwined tightly within its roots. Listening to bluegrass music then will be the perfect accompaniment to as you don your favorite green shirt, raise your frothy mug and toast the patron Saint of Ireland. The Forest Queen 8 p.m.; 129 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, 970-349-5299

django’s restaurant & wine bar

après ski




• 970.641.4990

Come try try us March Come March12th 19th All us first-timers receive

Complementary Drink All first-timers receive

All first-timers receive or Dessert Complementary drink or dessert Complementary Drink Live Musi206 c onN Elk Avenue Main or Dessert Gunnison, CO

Buntron Smith See Saturday for description. Butte 66 2 p.m.; Slopeside in Mt. Crested Butte, 970-349-2999 Chris Coady’s 18 Mile Radius Happy Hour show every Wednesday at 6 p.m. with singer-songwriter Chris Coady and fiddle player Mark Fonken. Chris has been performing his original blend of “Blues, Country, Folk Rock, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter” at local and regional venues since the mid 1990s. Coady’s musical style has been shaped by various genres and influences including John Hiatt, Robert Earle Keen, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, John Prine and Bob Dylan. The Flying Burritos Bar 6 p.m. 107 S. Main St. in Gunnison, 970-641-5777, www. The Set List is sponsored by KBUT, a community radio station serving Gunnison County, Colorado since 1986. Over 80 volunteer DJ’s program a diverse mix of music including jazz, blues, rock and bluegrass. KBUT broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be heard at 90.3 FM in Crested Butte, 89.9 FM in Gunnison and 94.9 FM in Almont. Visit them at or call 970349-5225 for more information.

Kyle Hollingsworth Band w/ Yamn 3.12.10 Free Beer970.641.4990 tasting with Kyle for ticket holders 9pm-10pm 206 N Main SAT Gunnison, CO Buntron Smith 3.13.10 Free Show FRI


Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band


3.14.10 Free Show - early at 8 pm



Heavyweight Dub Champion

w/ Fort Knox 5 - Come Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day! Check at the Eldo for additional Bands

– Happy Hour 4-8 pm – a Non-Smoking Establishment

Upstairs at 215 Elk Ave. next to the Post office 349-6125 •

SUPER SKIER MEALS TO GO Serves 4 adults or family of 6 970-349-0956

Double Crust Veggie Pot Pie $20 Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff $30 King Ranch Chicken Casserole $24

New Item For Spring

Lemongrass Seafood Curry $35 Pick up in town at the catering kitchen or delivery can be ARRANGED!

Keely G. Murphy Arrangements Catering and Events (970) 349-0956 Phone and Fax (512) 431-2541 Cell

FREE Live Music & Specials Bar & Grille


Never been in? Sugah’sCafe CafeCome Sugah’s try us March 12th All first-timers receive complementary drink or Not fried or smothered. dessert

This spacious & beautiful home has been designed with every feature in mind. With 5 bedrooms, two living areas, large dining area, fully outfitted kitchen and outside patio there is lots of room for entertaining friends & family. A two car garage & one bedroom apartment complete this property. 810 Sopris $1,795,000

Patio Bar is now OPEN

Not Fried or Smothered. Simply Tasty.

Matt Clark

Friday & Saturday March 12th & 13th – 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Giveaways & coors specials

Steady eddie

Sunday March 14th, Tuesday March 16th, & Friday March 26th – 4:00-6:00 p.m. local classic rock band.

Buntron SMith 3:00-6:00 p.m.

Wednesday March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day!

Jameson specials

slopeside – treasury center – mt. crested butte


THEWEEKLY | March 11, 2010 | PAGE 9


Cheap & Easy! CALL TO ADVERTISE 349-1710 

  

    

 

   


Trails Report Be avalanche aware. Always ski with a friend.

Trail Name

Length (in Kilometers)


Big Mine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.5. . . . . . . . . . Yes Electric Loop. . . . . . . . . . . . 2.5 . . . . . . . . . Yes Upper/Lower Red Lady . . . . 4 . . . . . . . . . . . Yes Bench . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.5 . . . . . . . . . Yes Peanut Lake Trail. . . . . . . . . 2.5 . . . . . . . . . Yes Riverbend Connector . . . . . .2.5. . . . . . . . . Yes Beaver Trail . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.5 . . . . . . . . . Yes Magic Meadows . . . . . . . . . 3 . . . . . . . . . . . Yes Inner Magic Meadows . . . . 1.75. . . . . . . . . Yes Pooches Paradise . . . . . . . . 4.5 . . . . . . . . . Yes Town Ranch - Big Wag . . . . 3 . . . . . . . . . . . Yes Skyland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . . Yes The Maze . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.75. . . . . . . . . Yes Mt. CB Rec Path . . . . . . . . . 3.25 . . . . . . . . Yes Paradise Park. . . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . Yes

The Guide’s Corner: “What’s Going on Down There?” By John MacKinnon Forecasters for the Crested Butte Avalanche Center have been using the phrase “Our snowpack is in transition…” in their reports this last week. What exactly does that mean? The snowpack in the Elk Mountains is just as confused as the residents of Crested Butte. Is it Spring or not? Sunny slopes have been receiving lots of warm temperatures and intense solar radiation; they are beginning to make the switch over to a “spring snowpack.” However, the meltfreeze cycle has not been consistent or pronounced enough to give us the stability usually associated with the Springtime Corn Harvest. On colder shadier slopes, warm temperatures have been aiding the bonding and settlement processes, but weak layers from the winter are still lurking down at the bottom of the snowpack. The warm temperatures have not completely eradicated the weak snow down there. Stability is generally improving with warmer temperatures, but strong over weak layering and the potential for slab avalanches still exists out in the backcountry. In fact, large destructive avalanches are possible due to rapid warming in the snowpack and increased skier penetration. In soft snow, skis can penetrate deeper into the snowpack and affect deep weak layers. (Remember the huge slide on White Mountain that occurred during rapid warming in February, 2008.) Wet slides may even catch skiers off guard in the upcoming week if we receive continued warming.

So where does this leave us? Skiers and riders still need to use caution in the backcountry in the upcoming weeks and factor time of day and temperature into the decision making process. And remember: while it may feel like spring out there, our snowpack remains, as they say, in transition. The Guide’s Corner is sponsored by CBMG, offering hut trips, multi-day tours, ice climbing ventures, avalanche courses, ski mountaineering adventures, half and full day cross-country ski tours, snowshoe tours and backcountry ski and snowboard trips. All backcountry gear can be provided. For more information contact CBMG at 970-349-5430 or visit www.crestedbutteguides. com.

Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s 14th Annual U.S. Extreme Freeskiing Telemark Championships Free-heeling weekend of events culminates with Al Johnson Race Crested Butte Mountain Resort is pleased to play host to a weekend of Telemark activity starting with the 14th Annual U.S. Extreme Freeskiing Telemark Championships on March 18th - March 20th and culminating with the classic Al Johnson Uphill/Downhill Telemark Race on Sunday, March 21st. The schedule of events for the TeleX begins on Thursday, March 18 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with registration open in the Elevation Hotel. Athlete categories include Junior, Adult, and Masters competing for over $10,000 in total cash and prizes. Friday, March 19 marks Day One of Telemark Big Mountain Competition with the first competitors starting tentatively at 9:20 a.m. On Saturday, March 20th the free heeling continues with the finals again beginning tentatively at 9:20 a.m.   Spectators are welcome at every competitive event. Venues are accessible to blue-level (intermediate) skiers and snowboarders although

a short hike may be required. For the safety of other skiers, courtesy rides to the venues cannot be offered. On Sunday, March 21st, the weekend culminates with the legendary Al Johnson Uphill/ Downhill Telemark Race - one of Crested Butte’s most colorful traditions. Watch as tele-skiers dressed in full costume race up the daunting North Face and then link turns all the way to the finish line at the bottom of The Last Steep.   The Tag Team Fun Race starts at Noon with Men’s & Women’s Individual Uphill/Downhill Race starting at 1 p.m. at the bottom of the North Face Lift. A raffle and awards party will begin around 4 p.m. at Butte 66 at the base area. Pre register for the Al Johnson through March 19th at the Alpineer in Crested Butte. You can also register the day of the race at the Brick Oven between 8 a.m. and 9:30am.   For additional information or to register, visit or call 970-349-2217.

With the exception of the Town Ranch Trail and Mt./CB Rec. Path, the above trails require a “Trails Pass” Available at the Crested Butte Nordic Center located at 2nd & Whiterock.

Call 349-1707 for the most current information. Sponsored By

Draw your discount sale up to 50% off! including all new arrivals THURSDAY, MARCH 11TH - SUNDAY, MARCH 21ST

The home of Crested Butte’s original Nordic Ski School.

Enjoy your vacation. Come back and stay with us. 349-5542 Mt. Crested Butte PAGE 10 | March 11, 2010 | THEWEEKLY



le ay! all le a -S od s forn sa e Pr rts Tasse$80 oly! a nd Pces ek on t S e n e k a ee m w W rfor this pe

Nordic Trail of the Week Trail: Inner and Outer Magic Meadows Difficulty: Moderate Distance: Over 5 k Cruising out the Slate River valley, past Pooches Paradise and the Beaver Trail, tall ridges rise on either side of you and the trail winds and climbs into the woods. Welcome to the Magic Meadows. What is the busy Lower Loop in the summer is transformed into a quiet refuge in winter. Keep an eye out for fox, snowshoe hare, and other woodland critters, who are likely to be your only company early in the day. Options for skiing abound: loop around the Inner trail for a shorter ski, take the Outer trail for larger loop, or zig-zag your way up and back to maximize mileage. Bring a lunch and picnic at our cozy warming yurt, conveniently situated at the center of the Magic Meadows. Or, sign up ahead of time for brunch March 14 and make a delicious stop at the yurt part of your Sunday ski or snowshoe.

Nordic News By Laura Puckett, CBNC Assistant Manager

The Crested Butte Nordic Center is a full-service cross-country ski center providing professional lessons and complete rental packages for skate and classical skiing, as well as ice skating, snowshoeing, and sledding. The Nordic Center maintains approximately 50 kilometers of groomed trails via four trailheads, around the scenic outskirts of Crested Butte.

Super Tour Perfect weather, perfect snow, a perfect race! Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 4th annual Super Tour last Saturday, and special props to Ethan Passant and Janelle Smiley for carrying $100 in coins down from the top (60 pounds for Ethan, 30 pounds for Janelle). Thank you to our volunteers and sponsors, especially Western Pilates, for making the event such a success. Last Chance To Enjoy Brunch At The Yurt We’ve had a fantastic season of brunches and dinners out at the yurt. If you haven’t sampled the delectable cuisine or relished in the cozy setting, now is the time! We still have places left at our last Sunday brunch on March 14. There are two seating times, 11 a.m. and noon, and the meal is $20 for adults, $10 for kids 12 and under (trail passes required). Reservations are required at least 48 hours in advance and be sure to mention which seating time you prefer. Sign Up Now For Bonfire Dinner It’s time again for the annual Progressive Bonfire Dinner, hosted by the Nordic Center and the Crested Butte Junior Nordic team. This unique dinner will be taking place March 20. Participants meet at the Town Ranch trailhead at one of four seating times (5, 5:30, 6, or 6:30) and then enjoy a four-course meal, skiing from course to course along our groomed Nordic trails. Dinner is $40 for adults, $15 for kids and all proceeds benefit the Junior Nordic team. In an effort to reduce waste, we’ll give you a dollar at the trailhead if you bring your own plate, bowl, cup, and silverware. Call the Nordic Center to reserve your place now. For more information contact: 349-1707 or visit

I’m proud to present

Give 2 for 2

A NEW OPPORTUNITY for all of us to contribute to Gunnison Valley Non-Profits

Buyers and Sellers can put in their 2 Cents on where 2% of my net commission will be donated on their behalf COMMUNITY BROKERS

413 Elk Ave, Crested Butte, CO 81224


n ParaId Ise

July 9 – 10, 2010

kids Camp with Bearfoot

July 6 – 8, 2010

DRew eMMitt ( hOst ) AnD BiLLy neRshi BLue highwAy / RALph stAnLey & the CLinCh MOuntAin BOys BeARfOOt / spRingCReek BLuegRAss shAnnOn whitwORth Base Area at Red Lady Lift, Mt. Crested Butte, CO 81225 // 970.349.0619

Contact Candace Coen at 303-956-5566 THEWEEKLY | March 11, 2010 | PAGE 11


Alley Hats Next to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Scott McPfister says... The luck of the Irish will shine upon you at Alley Hats!

March 11 Sunrise 6:18 a.m. - Sunset 6:01 p.m. • March 17 Sunrise 7:09 a.m. - Sunset 7:07 p.m.

8 a.m. Drop in Meditation at Union Congregational Church. Come for the full half hour or for as long as you like. Instructions are provided. For more information call 970-3496464. 8:30 a.m. Women’s Book Discussion group at UCC.

11 March

Call 970-349-6405. 9 a.m. Yoga at the Elevation Hotel, CB Mtn Club. 970-349-0302 for details. 12 Noon All Saints in the Mountains Episcopal Church Community Healing Service every Thursday at Queen of All Saints Catholic Church, 4th & Sopris. 970-349-9371 or the website at 4 p.m. Gypsy Jazz Social Club at django’s restaurant & wine bar, Mountaineer Square, Mt. Crested Butte. 970349-7574.



Pinot noir • California

Medium bodied wine with flavors of ripe cherry and wild raspberry. Hints of vanilla and spice complement a smooth lingering finish.

7 p.m. CB Mt. Heritage Museum is screening the Disney movie Snowball Express filmed here in Crested Butte in the early ‘70s. $5 suggested donation. 970-349-1880. 7 p.m. Banff Mtn. Film Festival. Outdoor films to benefit Search & Rescue. Center for the Arts. 970-349-7241. 7 p.m. Heroes of the Slopes, a documentary about Adapative Skiers at the Majestic. $8. 7 p.m. Sonofagunn, a comedy presented at the Gunnison Arts Center. $17 members, $12 for 12 and under. $20 for non-members. 970-641-4029. 7 p.m. Kevin Walter at The Flying Burritos Bar; 107 S. Main St. in Gunnison. No cover. 970-641-5777, 7:30 p.m. Lila and Chris at Rumors Coffee and Tea House. 970-349-7545. 8:30 p.m. Bill Dowell at the Princess Wine Bar. 970349-0210. 10 p.m. Slim Pickins’ at the Forest Queen. 970-3495299. 10 p.m. – Live DJ and dancing with DjEM at the Lobar. Call 970-349-0480. 10:30 p.m. Kyle Hollingsworth w/Garret Sayers & Yamm at The Eldo. $20. 970-349-6125. 10:30 p.m. Stretch Johnson and Children of the Horn upstairs at the Talk of the Town. 970-349-6809.

9 a.m. Red Lady Saturdays! Slip on your Sassiest Flashiest Red every Saturday on the Ski Slopes to express your support for the preservation of the Red Lady/Mt. Emmons. For more info call Dickie 970596-3675. 10 a.m. Trailhead Discovery Museum. Amphibian Art and Slimy Experiments. Fun science for children of all ages. Downstairs in the Treasury Center at Ski Area. Call 970-349-7160. 4 p.m. Matt Clark at Butte 66, slopeside in Mt. Crested Butte. 970-349-2999. 4:30 p.m. Yoga at the Elevation Hotel, CB Mtn Club.

970-349-0302 for details. 5 p.m. Dobro Dave plays live at Rumors Coffee and Tea House. 970-349-7545. 7 p.m. Banff Mtn. Film Festival. Outdoor films to benefit Search & Rescue. Center for the Arts. 970-349-7241. 7 p.m. Sonofagunn, a comedy presented at the Gunnison Arts Center. $17 members, $12 for 12 and under. $20 for non-members. 970-641-4029. 8:30 p.m. Tyler Hansen at the Princess Wine Bar. 970349-0210. 10 p.m. Official After Party of Big Air on Elk - Big Daddy spins at the Lobar. Call 970-349-0480. 10:30 p.m. Buntron Smith at The Eldo. No cover. 970349-6125. 10:30 p.m. Steady Eddie and the All-Nighters. Talk of the Town. After the Big Air on Elk. 970-349-6809.


Open Monday-Saturday 9 am - 10 pm Sunday 9 am - 7 pm

Located in the Majestic Plaza 349–5709

Located in the Heart of downtown Crested Butte at 405 4th Street

Soups, Muffins & Sandwiches available

All Winter! Offering a wide selection of organic groceries including fresh produce coffee • dairy • frozen • bulk food supplements • health & beauty earth friendly cleaning products Open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Daily (970) 349-5132

5 - 7 p.m. Art Gallop At GO WEST. 327 Elk Ave. 970275-5181. 5:30 p.m. Communion Service. Queen of All Saints Catholic Church. 4th & Sopris. 970-641-0808. 7 p.m. Sonofagunn, a comedy presented at the Gunnison Arts Center. $17 members, $12 for 12 and under. $20 for non-members. 970-641-4029. 7 p.m. - Midnight. Randall Williams & Turk Jones at the Dogwood Cocktail Cabin, on 3rd Street between Elk and Maroon on the alley. Call 970-349-6338. 7:30 p.m. Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls, theatre production in Studio Theatre at WSC. 8 p.m. Paul Gallaher and Bruce Hayes at The Brick Wine Cellar, 122 W Tomichi, Gunnison. 970-641-9463. 8:30 p.m. Beau et la Bête at The Princess Wine Bar. 970-349-0210. 9 p.m. Evelyn Roper and Friends at The Flying Burritos Bar; 107 S. Main St. in Gunnison. Free. 970-641-5777. 10 p.m. Karaoke at The Lobar. 970-349-0480.

7 – 8 a.m. Yoga and the Grand Traverse Class thru March 19. Yoga for the Peaceful. 114 Elk Ave. $12 per class. Call Casey at 970-349-0302. 9 a.m. Yoga at the Elevation Hotel, CB Mtn Club. 970-349-0302 for details. 10 a.m. Trailhead Discovery Museum. Art clouds grow your own picture, wind tell-tales and rain gauges. All ages welcome. Downstairs in the Treasury Center at Ski Area. Call 970-349-7160. 10:30 a.m. Story Time @ Your Library, ages 3 and up, at the CB Old Rock Library, 507 Maroon, 970-349-6535. 4 p.m. Matt Clark at Butte 66, slopeside in Mt. Crested Butte. 970-349-2999. 4:30 p.m. Yoga at the Elevation Hotel, CB Mtn Club. 970-349-0302 for details. 5 - 7:30 p.m. Prana Flow Master Class with Monica Mesa. $20. Yoga for the Peaceful. 114 Elk Ave. 970-349-0302. 6 p.m. – Stations of the Cross at Queen of All Saints Catholic Church at 4th and Sopris Avenue. 970-641-0808. 6:30 p.m. Don’t Panic at the Talk of the Town. 970-3496809.

Fri day



Satur day

f th o ne i W

ek e eW


Thurs day

Crested Butte’s Newest Coolest Hat Shop


Sun day

14 March

Come visit us for a personal shopping experience. The Spring Collection is in full bloom. Don’t miss the chance to pick your favorite styles! Located at the 4-Way Stop PAGE 12 | March 11, 2010 | THEWEEKLY

7:30 a.m. Oh-Be-Joyful Church Intercessory Prayer. 970-349-6237. 8 a.m. Oh-Be-Joyful Bible Study. 970-349-6237. 8:30 a.m. Catholic Mass at Queen of All Saints Catholic Church, 4th & Sopris Avenue. 9 a.m. Union Congregational Church service and Sunday School. 970-349-6405. 9 a.m. Oh-Be-Joyful Church Service. 970-349-6237. 11 a.m. Last Brunch of Season. Ski or snowshoe to Magic Meadows. Reservations required 48 hours in advance. Call 970-349-1707 for more info.

4:30 p.m. Heroes of the Slopes, a documentary about Adapative Skiers at the Majestic. $8. 4 p.m. Steady Eddie & the AllNighters at Butte 66, slopeside in Mt. Crested Butte. 970-349-2999. 5 p.m. All Saints in the Mountains Episcopal Church Eucharist Services at Queen of All Saints Catholic Church, 402 Sopris. Contact 970-349-9371 or the website at 6:30 p.m. Duplicate Bridge at the UCC.  Call Rich Crawford at 970349-9296. 7 p.m. Heroes of the Slopes, a documentary about Adapative Skiers at the Majestic. $8. 7 p.m. Singer-songwriter night at Rumors Coffee & Tea House. 970349-7545 8:30 p.m. Naked Pete at the Princess Wine Bar. 970-349-0210. 8 p.m. Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band at The Eldo. No. Cover. 970349-6125.




Mon day

8 a.m. Active Isolated Stretching for Lower Back Pain at UCC, use 4th St. entrance. By donation. Call Bill Smith for more info @ 970-349-2766. 9 a.m. Yoga at the Elevation Hotel, CB Mtn Club. 970-349-0302 for details. 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. Chair massage by donation with Escape Bodywork Boutique at Rumors Coffee and Tea House. 970-349-7545. 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Timberline Wine Tastings, every


Wedn Tues esday day

16 17 March


9 a.m. Yoga at the Elevation Hotel, CB Mtn Club. 970-349-0302 for details. 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Free Snowshoe Tours. Meet at the Alpineer. 970-349-5210. 10:30 Story Time @ Your 8 a.m. Active Isolated Stretching for Lower Back Pain at UCC, use 4th St. entrance. By donation. Call Bill Smith for more info @ 970-3492766. 9 a.m. Yoga at the Elevation Hotel, CB Mtn Club. 970-349-0302 for

details. 2 p.m. Buntron Smith at Butte 66, slopeside in Mt. Crested Butte. 970-349-2999. 5 p.m. till midnight – Ladies Night (drink specials) at the Dogwood Cocktail Cabin, on 3rd Street between Elk and Maroon on the alley. Call 970-349-6338 or online at the

Monday. $10 for wine knowledge and 4 glasses of wine. Timberline Restaurant 970-349-9831. 5:30 p.m. Communion Service at Queen Of All Saints Catholic Church, 4th & Sopris. 6:30 p.m. Self-Empowerment Law of Attraction Workshop and Potluck. CB Chamber of Commerce, 601 Elk Ave. Bring a dish to share. 970-349-6464. 7:30 – 10 p.m. Pick-Up Ultimate Frisbee in Jerry’s Gym at Town Hall. 970-349-7197 8 p.m. Joe Buck at The Gunnison Brewery, 138 N. Main in Gunnison. 970-641-2739. 8:30 p.m. Dobro Dave at The Princess Wine Bar. 970349-0210.

Rates as Low as $10/week


Library (Baby & Toddler Age 0-3). CB Old Rock Library, 507 Maroon, 970-349-6535. 5:30 – 7 p.m. Lenten Discussion at Union Congregational Church. 403 Maroon Ave. Soup supper as well as childcare provided. 970-349-6405. 5:30 p.m. – Catholic Mass at Queen Of All Saints Catholic Church in Crested Butte, 4th and Sopris. 8:30 p.m. Lee McClain at the Princess Wine Bar. 970349-0210. 5:30 p.m. – Communion Service at Queen of All Saints Catholic Church, 4th & Sopris Avenue. 6 p.m. Chris Coady’s 18 Mile Radius at The Flying Burritos Bar; Happy hour show. 107 S. Main St. in Gunnison, 970-641-5777. 7 - 10 p.m. Jim Sandy at Happy Hour at the Talk of the Town. 970-349-6809. 8 p.m. St. Paddy’s Day entertainment, the Pimp Valley Drifters at the Forest Queen. 970-349-5299. 8:30 p.m. Christopher Hawley at The Princess Wine Bar. 970-349-0210. 10 p.m. U-47 at Kochevar’s. 970-349-6745. 10:30 p.m. Heavyweight Dub Champion w/ Fort Knox 5 at The Eldo. $10. 970-349-6125. 10:30 The Derels perform upstairs at the Talk of the Town. 970-349-6809.

Keep in mind Thursday, March 18, 7 p.m. Women’s History Month Celebration Join the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum and the Crested Butte Friends of the Library at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 18 for an evening devoted to the history of women in Crested Butte. The Home Life Exhibit will feature some of the Museum’s most treasured textiles as well as other “hidden gems” from our archived collection. A new slideshow will highlight archived photographs, letters, and objects that convey the everyday life of women in Crested Butte since 1880. Book Swap The First Annual Women’s History Book Swap is happening on the same night. Attendees are invited to bring one or two books about women in history- (fiction and non-fiction are both welcome). You will be asked to share a brief review of the book and then you can swap yours for a new one! A selection of women’s history books will also be available for purchase through the Museum Store. Everyone is welcome. Admission is free but a suggested donation for this event is $5. Refreshments

will be provided. For questions or information, please contact the Museum at 970-349-1880. Hope to see you there!! Thursday, March 25 Ensemble Vivente at Quigley Hall The Western State College Department of Music will present Ensemble Vivente in a concert Thursday, March 25, 7:30 p.m. in Quigley Recital Hall. There is no admission charge and everyone is cordially invited to attend a wonderful evening of chamber music. The evening’s program will include works for various combinations of the four instruments viola, cello, flute and violin in Hoffmeister’s Terzetto, Korn’s Aloysia Serenade, Caliendo’s Sincerita, Villa-Lobos’ Jet Whistle, and Roussel’s Trio. Local Musician’s Night Celebrates Last Winter Show Local Musician’s night at the Center for the Arts will have its last winter season show on Thursday, March 25 at 8 p.m. Music, laughs and drinks will be flowing at the Center for a small pay-what-you-can door charge to help cover the cost of our sound

At home in the west.


technician’s expertise. For more info or to get on the performing list call Jamie at 970-349-7487, ext 4. Remember, this will be the last Local Musicians’ night until the summer!

Bluegrass in Paradise Kids Camp with award­winning  Alaskan Bluegrass Band “Bearfoot”   

Kids camp ‐ July 6‐8, 2010 at the Elevation Hotel at Mt. CB.   Ages 6‐17, limited classes, attendance honored of registration arrival.  Camp Tuition:  $100* (Due with registration)  *Local Gunnison and CB kids tuition will be subsidized by CBMF for up to 15  kids (first come first served basis;   Regular camp tuition: $175  Complete forms can be downloaded at  Forms are due June 15, 2010.  Classes are offered for banjo, guitar, mandolin, singing, fiddle, bass and band. 

Student Name:_____________________________________________________ ________Age: _________     Telephone: ________________________________________________________________________________    Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________    City: _________________________________________ State: __________ Zip: ________________________    Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name and signature:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________    Please mail or drop off this Registration Form and payment to:   

Crested Butte Music Festival  P.O. Box 2117  308 Third Street  Crested Butte, CO 81224 

Call the experts at Crested Butte’s Oldest Real Estate Company. 215 Elk Avenue • (970) 349-5007 View all Gunnison County listings on our website



For questions, please call 970. 349. 0619 or email:     Upon receipt of this introductory Registration Form, CBMF will mail you the    complete application papers including a medical form.    CUT OUT + MAIL FORM

THEWEEKLY | March 11, 2010 | PAGE 13



Story by Molly Murfee • Photos by Dusty Demerson

A Good Irish Lad

Sean Patrick Hartigan Somewhere on St. Patrick’s Day, in a veeeery secret place in Crested Butte, friends, and even some strangers, will gather to celebrate this day of green-ness. The gathering spot is tucked just slightly into the edge of a wood. It lies on the borders of an open glade and soft rolling hills. An open invitation spreads by word of mouth alone, the most grassroots of affairs. The day ficklely wavers, as spring days often do, between large, soft flakes and the warmth of a sun with burgeoning hints of summer. There is lightness, and the mischievous sentiment of being slightly naughty when you’re playing hookey from work, or school. At first, when approaching, the woods seem silent, sounds muffled by a winter’s blanket of snow. Step by step, voices build – laughter filters through the aspens like sparkling notes. A forest of skis rammed into the snow. And then – the people. A growing group of revelers sitting amphitheater style on the hill that whoop and holler at your welcome as if you’re their best friend and they’ve been waiting for you all along. There is beer. Lots of beer. And brats with all the fixin’s. For the unsuspecting who pass by without stopping, there are snowballs and an avalanche of heckling. Some strangers do stop, and while their ski day may end at that point, the best part of it begins. Then, in the very center of it all – you see him. Tight polyester green pants that exude the aura of having been conspirator to many a St. Patrick’s Day party. A shiny green vest resembling something like lamé or mylar. The green and white hat stands feet above his already towering stature. You haven’t had too many beers – yet – but from the slight distance of the outskirts of the party, you could swear this man is doing a jig, in his ski boots. He’s not wee. He doesn’t seem to be of leprechaun descent, being as stout as the Guiness he drinks. And then, oh glorious St. Patrick’s Day (what would it be without it), you hear the song, THE song...

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“I’m Sean Patrick Hartigan, first son of me dad, I’m Sean Patrick Hartigan, a fine Irish lad. I’d like to tell you what it’s all about, I’ll run and scream and laugh and shout. I’m Sean Patrick Hartigan, first son of me dad.” Everybody cheers, as if it’s the first time they’ve heard it, they cheer as if Mick Jagger just landed in their midst, they cheer because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and it’s a jolly St. Patrick’s Day Party. Sean Patrick Hartigan began throwing his annual shindig by accident – sort of. What is now a throbbing throng of revelers, began in the beginning as a group of three. Beer in backpacks became more beer, and more. Irish legends report barrels of it. Food was needed, a grill perhaps. T.C. the chopper pilot from Magnum P.I. drops off the supplies, explains Sean with a roguish grin. The shenanigans have swirled for 10 years running now. Sean grew up in Kansas City, Missouri a good Irish Catholic. His fondness for the holiday (an abstinence from Lent itself in Ireland, plunking right in the middle of the staunchness) sprouted like a field of shamrocks from the enormous parade, one of the biggest in the country, that occurs there. He joined his friends for one float tour as a young teen, and was hooked. There were huge after parties. And if you know Sean, you know he loves to have a good time. Did Sean Patrick grow up with a lot of Irish traditions in his youth? “I don’t know,” he responds, then in resolution with that ear to ear grin, “We ate a lot of potatoes though.” His song, however, always gave him a little clout. His mother, Georgine, created it when he was but a sprite of a lad. Sean’s parents had three children before him, all girls, and were in the process of adopting a boy. They had signed the papers for a son when Georgine got pregnant with Sean. Thus, the song. He didn’t think much of it at first, until

his friends caught on. “Cool,” they noted, “You’ve got a song.” So he sang it in high school, a couple of times on the mic with Steve Snyder and Jim Sandy. Now, it is the anthem for his St. Patrick’s Day Party. Sean’s journey to Colorado began with his younger brother, Kevin, who had signed up to be a freshman at University of Colorado in Boulder. He went rafting for the first time and decided right then and there he wanted to come back and do it some more. Sean moved from Kansas City to Colorado in 1994 to be a raft guide in the Arkansas River Valley. River running kept him employed in the summers from 1994 until 1999. For the winters, he migrated to Crested Butte, setting up his temporary shelter of a teepee, and bartending at Rafters. The old Rafters holds many memories for many people, but for Sean it holds the memory of meeting his future wife. Sarah and Sean were bartenders together in that both famous and infamous bar at the base area. Having studied hotel and restaurant management in college, Sean’s ears perked up when he heard of a building on the main drag of Elk becoming available. The couple, along with Sean’s brother Kevin and Jeff Sapp, opened up what has now become a Crested Butte institution, The Last Steep. “I had always wanted to do it,” Sean says, then proudly demurs, “But Sarah was really the inspiration.” Jeff, now no longer with the restaurant, was instrumental in the creation of the menu that transports you out of snowy Crested Butte, and into the warm tropical fare of ocean side locales. Jeff was from Florida and so the Steep menu now bursts, as it always has, with cuisine such as luscious fish tacos and the spicy kick of jerk chicken. The bloody bar is known the valley over, and has been chosen by the Best of the Butte as the Best Bloody for eight years. They serve the Best of the Butte award winning Best Burger

and have now solidified the burger deal for life - $6 burgers for locals with the order of a drink. The Steep is the late night eatery, for those who have just been having too much fun with their day to stop any sooner - till 11 p.m. on week nights, and even later on weekends. And the tagline? “I came up with it in about 30 seconds,” says Sean. The Last Steep had always been one of his favorite runs on the hill. “We’ll meet ya at the Steep” just rolled naturally off the tongue. The life Sean began as a river runner, ski bum, teepee dweller and bartender have now morphed into a family of two sons, Brendan Patrick and Lucas McMahon, “also two fine Irish boys,” Sean notes. A reputed good-natured brute on the ice, Sean has helped bring his Last Steep hockey team to the Town League Championships. His off time oscillates, like most Buttians, between skiing, rafting and showing his children the wonders of mountain living. His mother, the author of his song, joined the family migration six years ago and now spends her summers basking in the glory that is summer in the West Elk Mountains. Yet still, St. Patrick’s Day remains Sean’s favorite day of the year. “It’s the holiday that never let’s you down,” he beams, “I mean think about it – have you ever had a bad one? It’s the best damn day of the year.” Molly Murfee, also of Irish descent (could you tell by her name?), loves sharing car bombs with Sean on St. Paddy’s Day. She is a full-time freelance, copy writer, and Editor of the Crested Butte Weekly. Her over 500 articles are featured in the likes of Powder Magazine, Telemark Skier, Backcountry Magazine, the Mountain Gazette, Cross Country Skier Magazine, Solar Today and Patagonia-Japan as well as local publications. Molly can be reached at Dusty Demerson has been photographing Crested Butte since 1987. His award-winning landscapes can frequently be found at the Banff Mountain Photography Competition but can always be seen at the Rijks Family Gallery or online at He is available for family portraits and weddings.



YogaMoon Rhythms

New Moon in Pisces - Go Deep

By Monica Mesa Each new moon gives us a chance to rethink, change direction, or re-affirm what we are focusing on. It’s a good time to set aside old ways of doing things and have a little courage to try new ways of thinking, doing, and relating. With new moon in Pisces, we are encouraged to quiet the outer and even inner voices, and go deep into the intuitive voice that is sometimes hidden. With so much activity and beauty that surrounds us here in Crested Butte, it can be easy for that still, quiet voice to remain unheard. This is a good time to redirect our energy from earthly pursuits and turn our attention to our inner selves. Something is knocking on our psyche’s back door telling us to look for other ways to think, be and do. With mercury in retrograde until the 17th, it calls for us to be more introspective, slow down a little, and allow time for solitude. This is not a time to force things, get into heated discussions, or huck the crazy terrain. Honoring these inward opportunities can bring clarity, focus, and creative ideas that can bring you closer to your dreams. The asana Monica is shown doing is called eka pada raja kapotanasana. This is a deep hip opening

posture that also requires an immense shoulder opening and backbend. Experienced yogis can have a blissful experience in this asana as the hips are grounded into the earth, the heart expands, and the hand reaches up towards the sky. The drishti (gaze) is towards the heavens, and you can’t help but whisper a prayer or request to your spiritual guide. Modifications are available for less experienced students and the full posture can be practiced over time with proper instruction and discipline. The way that the human body can bend, move, and open is extraordinary. For those of you willing to be spiritual adventurers now is the time to go deep! Expect the unexpected and peel away the layers to unveil the truth, clarity, and insight that are hidden inside you. For those of you wishing to go deep, Monica Mesa is teaching a Master Yoga class on Friday from 5-7:30 at Yoga for the Peaceful. Please see website for more info. Monica Mesa is the owner of Yoga for the Peaceful, is a master teacher and assistant for Shiva Rea, is featured daily on CBtv’s Yoga Mountain High, has three amazing sons, and is devoted to bringing the blessings of yoga to all who she comes across. She may be contacted through

1% for Open Space thanks Flying petito SiSterS video Store for their continued participation in preserving open space in

Gunnison County.

"The two or three cents we collect on each video rental have added up to thousands of dollars over the years. We’re proud to be a part of this program.” –Bonnie Petito Chlipala, Owner South side of Clark's parking lot • 970-349-5775

Spirit, Mind & Body

To enroll your business in the 1% for Open Space program, call 349-1775.

This week the Spirit, Mind & Body 2010 Winter Series features Active Isolated Stretching classes for Lower Back Pain, a Prana Flow Master Class and A Self Empowerment Law of Attraction Workshop on Attraction Based Consciousness. Prana Flow Master Class with Monica Mesa On Friday, March 12, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at the Yoga for the Peaceful Studio, 114 Elk Avenue, the Prana Flow Master Class is an opportunity for teachers and level 2/3 students to deepen their practice. Cultivate fire, flow and intention for spring. Bring a journal, an object for the altar, and a dish to share for the potluck and tea after class. Please call Monica at 970-349-0302 to pre-register. The cost is $20. Attraction Based Consciousness – A Self Empowerment Law of Attraction Workshop There was a time when many were skeptical that the earth is round. Now, many baulk at the idea that we create our own reality. Millions saw the DVD, “The Secret”, and many thought the concepts superficial. However, quantum physics

and ancient wisdom teachings suggest that, in fact, what we think is what we manifest. Come Monday night, March 15, at the Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce, 601 Elk Avenue to discuss the premise, learn process that use the Law of Attraction to deliberately create and watch a clip from an international workshop. Bring a dish to share for the beginning potluck at 6:30 pm. Call 970-3496464 for more information about this free workshop. Yoga At The Elevation While ski season continues, Yoga for the Peaceful will offer yoga class at the Crested Butte Mountain Club at The Elevation Hotel. Pass holders at Y4P can take classes there for a $10 drop in fee at 9 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 4:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Call 970349-0302 for details.

W Gu ine Lar nn Li ge is st st on in Va the lle y

at Grearoo k s Buc Kidn’ u Me

Located in the Idle Spur Building ews

eN Butt

T BoEf Sthe TE Thanks Crested Butte for voting us in BUT as “Best Large Business, 2009!” ed


9 200

Active Isolated Stretching for Lower Back Pain This week the classes in Active Isolated Stretching will focus on relieving low back pain. By addressing the pelvis and lower body one side at a time, a balance can be created that will cause great relief of pain to the low back. Stretches specific to relieving sciatic pain will be included. Come find out the beauty and effectiveness of the two-second stretch and how it can help you create a greater awareness of your body. Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday at 8 A.M. at the UC Church (4th St. entrance). Bring a mat and blanket. Donations appreciated. The Friday class is held at The Gym in Riverland at 8:45 a.m. and costs $10. Call Bill at 970-349-2766 for more info. We’d love to see you there.

Participation costs nothing. It is worth everything.



Take away dinner special!

VinyasaFlow Prana



Iyengar Iyengar

Core Power Apres Ski

Kundalini Kundalini

Dance Qi Gong

Core Power




Elk•Avenue • 970-349-0302 114 114 Elk Avenue 970-349-0302


Casual Italian Dining Steaks • Seafood •Full Bar

Complete lasagna dinner for 6 includes Lasagna, salad and bread $49.95

209 Elk Avenue • 349-5257 • TO GO MENU Happy Hours 5-6 p.m. & 8-9 p.m. • We are smoke free.

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B ce


Display ads starting at $36/week

Community Bulletin Board The Community Bulletin Board provides a space for family, church, library, school and general living in Crested Butte announcements.


Plaza #333

One of the nicest residences in the building. Recently renovated 3Bd/3Bath with granite countertops, new appliances and decorative furniture package. Great views of Crested Butte Mountain and down valley. Amenities include hot tub, sauna, elevator, covered parking, tennis courts, front desk and restaurant. Walk to the slopes! $499,000

Skyland ~ Lot S20

Large initial filing homesite with incredible views! 3.64 acres bordering National Forest and situated in the trees overlooking the golf course. The price reflects all engineering and Dan Murphy plans for a gorgeous approved custom home, topography and soils report completed. A true one-ofa-kind sanctuary - Motivated Seller! $1,150,000


Crested Butte’s newest subdivision located less than two miles from downtown. Views of  Whetstone,  Mt. Crested Butte and  Paradise Divide. Fishing rights to Larkspur Lake.

Lot  S-12   $275,000  .21 acre,  Lot S-23   $235,000  .34 acre,   Lot S-41   $41,940  .17acre Prospect E-33

Located in the exclusive ski community of Prospect. Nestled in mature evergreens, this homesite is positioned high above the East River Valley. Enjoy spectacular views of the Elk Mountain Range and the convenience of easy access to the ski trails. Skier’s Dream!


Meg Brethauer Broker Associate



The Silva family got all dressed up for the Jewish Purim Carnival last week at the Sunset Hall in Crested Butte South – Photo by Nathan Bilow

Get a job with the Census Bureau The U.S. Census Bureau is now hiring nationwide for the 2010 Census. These temporary, parttime jobs offer good pay, flexible evening and weekend hours up to 40 hours a week, and the chance to work near home. Workers are needed in almost every community. Call 1-866-861-2010 or visit to learn more. Create with Kelly at The Trailhead Discovery Museum! Friday, March 12, beginning at 10 a.m.  Art clouds, grow your own picture, wind tell-tales and rain


Serving Family Style Fried Chicken & Steak Dinners Nightly * Vegetarian option now available! * 5-9 p.m.

gauges. Join Kelly for arts and crafts as we finish off Meteorology Week.  All ages welcome.  Located downstairs in the Treasury Center at the base of the ski area in Mt. CB.  Call 970-349-7160 for more info. Amphibian Art and Slimy Experiments!  Saturday, March 13.  The CB Library will be our special guest for storytime as we begin a week-long discovery of amphibians and slime!  Amphibian art and craft: 10 a.m. Storytime: 11 a.m.  Slimy Experiments: 1 p.m.  Fun science for children of all ages.  Located downstairs in the Treasury Center at the base of the ski area in Mt. CB.  Call 970349-7160 for more info. Gunnison County Democrats to Hold Precinct Caucuses  Tuesday, March 16 at 7 p.m. is an opportunity for all registered Democrats (as of January 19, 2010) to be involved with the first stage in the selection of Colorado Democratic candidates for United States Senator and Governor.  We will be selecting delegates

to attend our County Assembly on Sunday, March 28th.   If you are a registered Democrat and live in one of the following areas, please join us at the location indicated below. Precinct 3 (The Town of Crested Butte) and Precinct 4 (The Town of Mt. Crested Butte) will hold their Caucuses at the Crested Butte Town Hall 507 Maroon Ave. Crested Butte. Precinct 5 (All unincorporated areas north of Almont...includes CB South, Skyland, Riverbend, Silver Sage, Meridian Lake, etc.) will meet in the Crested Butte South Community Room Sunset Hall 349 Teocalli Road (Beside the Fire Station in the park). If you have a question about the Caucuses or are unsure which precinct you are in, please call either: Maureen Hall 970-349-2778 or Leslie Walton 970-433-2782.  OUCH!!!!  My heart still hurts and Life is Marching ahead! As Spring peeks through and New Life is evident, does your heart say “STOP!”  I’m not ready!!!!!  Come join us Sunday to share the conflicting arrival of a new season when our pain from loss of a loved one begs us to stay in Winter.  All in the Valley are welcome whether your loss is recent or a while back. We meet the second Sunday of each month at the Hospice and Palliative Care office located at 509 W Virginia at 6 p.m. Questions? Call the office at 970-641-4254 or Patty Bishop at 970-641-2676. Living with Grief Teleconference Hospice Foundation of America 17th Annual Living with Grief Teleconference “Cancer and End-of-Life Care.” Please join us Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Fred Field Multipurpose Building 275 S. Spruce, Gunnison.  Hospice & Palliative Care will provide drinks & dessert.

Slopeside Arctic Adventure Come out and support The Trailhead by helping us build an igloo!

Call for Reservations 349-5765

A day of fun and learning on the slopes at the base of the tubing hill. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

2nd & Whiterock Downtown Crested Butte

The Trailhead, Where Playful Adventure Begins!

For more info call 970-349-7160

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Com local arteischeck out t dis artwork played

BREAKFAST, SUBS, SOUPS, SALADS & PREPARED TAKEOUT Pre-ordered catered meals, party trays, desserts and more... Dine-In or Take-Out available • 8am - 8pm everyday 970-306-5264 • Located in the 3 Seasons Building

Photo courtesy of the Crested Butte Farmer’s Market

Alternatives: The Locavore’s Dilemma Alternatives is a forum open to all writers and topics. It is an investigative, fact-driven column that each week will explore solutions to strengthening and sustaining our economy, environment, culture and community. Ideas can be sent to By Kristen Van Hoesen Admittedly, I attempted to grow tomatoes outside at 9,300 feet when I first moved here. A transplant from Connecticut, it seemed obvious: ‘grow your own tomatoes, they taste better,’ I thought. While some might call my optimism idealistic or even naïve, I gave it my best shot. I bought big wooden quarter-barrel planters, pounds of dark, rich soil and organic ‘fish guts’ fertilizer that attracted bears and my gag reflex, yet still left my tomatoes dismally small and green. In retrospect, I should have done my homework as all it took was a change in mindset. Our geography, while abundant, presents challenges when it comes to food production—the elevation and short growing season require us to utilize our resources differently and make sustainable choices. Regardless of political woes and various bi-partisan policy wars, the benefits of eating locally are ample and undeniable. Locally produced food is healthier to consume, healthier for the planet, most often produced sustainably and cruelty-free, and directly helps our local economy and landscape thrive. On average, a meal travels 1500 miles from farm to supermarket. And by farm, I mean a factory farm—an industrial food system comprised of multinational corporations and devoid of farmers or green pastures or ‘happy cows’; a highly mechanized method of mass production with the sole intent of maximizing profit…not a farm. For all intents and purposes, ‘local’ means close to home, but technically means within 100 miles of home. Farms within 100 miles of Crested Butte embody those that factory farms impersonate. They are small and family run with blood, sweat and tears. These farmers have an identity, a sense of social responsibility, and a vested interest and pride in their products and their customers. While the rewards to eating locally are vast (take a moment to imagine the taste of your first buttery, juicy, tender bite of Olathe corn every season), procuring local food isn’t always as easy or as affordable as stopping at the grocery store for a one-stop shop. Thus becomes The Locavore’s Dilemma: how can we access a diverse variety of local, healthy food? Making the choice to eat local food isn’t actually as hard or expensive as it sounds, though we must be resourceful and make discerning, intentional decisions. Local food is fresher and that therefore dictates that the food on your table is in season and can be grown where we live. While that unfortunately limits banana consumption, as bananas don’t exactly thrive in the Rockies, a plethora of food is available from local sources. Gunnison County just so happens to border the largest concentration of organic farms in the state of Colorado. The Paonia region is home to hundreds of small farms and vineyards that can





Welcome to Spring Break $1.00 Pizza Slices after 3pm

All your favorite’s back onfavorite’s theallMountain DailyAll Drink Specials week long your Area - Slopeside (970) 349-4757 •Base Breakfast • Lunch • Aprés back on the Mountain • Full Service Bar • Daily Spec Voted • Breakfast • Lunch • Aprés Ski We are located Slopeside • East side of Gothic B Crested Butte’s • Full Service Bar#1•Snowmobile Daily Specials

provide a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to tomatoes produced, packaged and shipped from Mexico or some other far-away land. Right now, in the middle of winter, items such as duck eggs, wine, curly endive, Gunnison grass-fed ground beef, apple juice, lamb, onion, hot peppers, potatoes, sundried tomatoes, and honey are available from local farmers. Despite all of this low-hanging fruit, so to speak, the dilemma remains how we can access this food. Mountain Earth sources local, organic options on a year-round basis. Moving even closer to the source, Mattice’s farm stand at the 4-way stop is practically a landmark in the summer months and the Crested Butte and Gunnison Farmers Markets bring together sources of sustainable, locally produced agriculture weekly. Kevin McGruther, proprietor of the Crested Butte Farmers Market is a passionate and soulful individual, who I would trust with my food and, effectively, my life. One Crested Butte local, Alison Gannett, has started a new local foodie phenomenon. She is the co-founder of, an internetbased farmers market enabling the purchasing of local food from one central location, delivered to our hometown. By working to market and distribute local food, enables growers, ranchers, and food producers to spend more time devoted to the farm and food production, while allowing local shoppers to easily access their bounty. The concept is simple— order what you want online, pick it up on Belleview on Thursday. “It is a reliable way of getting food from there to here,” says Alison. Local Farms first works with about 30 farms within a 100-mile (or less), each of which she visits and consults with regularly. So, the question of availability is satisfied—we can acquire local food. Ultimately, you can ask yourself are you what you eat? The most important question, however is do you place value on where your food comes from and how it’s grown? There is a lost connection between the dinner table and the farmer. We, as a community, can bridge that gap.

Kid Friendly ~ Non-Smoking Tour

We are located Slopeside • East side of Gothic Buildi Open at 7 a.m., 7 days a week

Exclusive lunch &Non-Smoking dinner tours Kid Friendly to Irwin Lodge. Pass Hol ~Season 10% Off for Trade in your lift ticket for a Snowmobile Tour!

Open at 7 a.m., 7 days a week

Stephen, Stacy, Nicholas and Mallory Mikesk Small personalized tours to fit your style...

10% Off for Season Pass Holder (970) From mild 349-4757 to wild! Stephen, Stacy, Nicholas and Mallory Mikeska Serving up fun in Crested Butte Since 1982

(970) 349-4757

Kristen Van Hoesen calls Crested Butte home after gradually venturing westward from the East Coast. Her first job in Crested Butte was as a reporter for the Crested Butte News, and she now works as the Operations and Membership Relations manager at the Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce. Kristen is a writer at heart and is a new freelance writer for the Crested Butte Weekly.

For More Information about Local Food Sources:

(970) 349-2441

Located slopeside in the Avalanche Restaurant Burt Rentals Snowmobile Tours is an authorized permitte of the U.S. Forest Service, and an equal opportunity provider, operating under special use permit in the Gunnison National Forest.

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Thinking Spring? Get your bike in for that spring tune early!

Energy Wise Business Profile:

Buckorn Geotech, Inc. Business Background: Buckhorn Geotech, is a civil, structural and geotechnical engineering firm, founded by Tom Griepentrog and Norm Aufderheide. Buckhorn Geotech has four offices located in Crested Butte, Gunnison, Montrose, and Telluride. ORE certified the CB office, working with Kari Roberts, who has managed the CB office since 2001. Founded: 1978 Certified: Silver Accomplishments: Going paperless: working electronically on reports, plans and drawings. Not mailing things – no packaging and postage and the time frame is great. Send something to someone via email and they have it that day! Sustainabuilding: The programmable thermostat is great. Carrots to Customers: Work with clients on engineering projects that conserve resources. Ultimate Goal: To conserve resources not just in our personal lives, but with our clients. To bring more resource usage awareness to company employees and to our clients as well. Advice for Other Businesses: Go through the Energy Wise Business Program, and use all the public information ORE puts out: where to recycle and how to be more sustainable. Who’s more sustainable – you or your business? Probably me. I can’t control the whole business.

09 New & Used Bikes on SALE! Great Deals Storewide 3 2 9 B e l l e v i e w Av e • S u i t e A • 9 7 0 . 3 4 9 . 0 5 1 5

Think Local Think Legal WESTERN HOLISTICS, LLC

WESTERN LLC Locally GrownHOLISTICS, & Locally Owned. Locally Grown and Locally Owned.

Call today for an appointment to get your medical marijuana card. Call today for an appointment to • DELIVERY • card. get your medical SERVICE marijuana • EDIBLES AVAILABLE • (970)209-6064 (970)209-6064

High in the West Elks

Discover Crested Butte….

Stop by Coldwell Banker Bighorn Realty!

About the Energy Wise Business Program (EWBP): The Office for Resource Efficiency (ORE) partners with the Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce to offer local businesses assistance in cutting costs and energy usage. Businesses can strive for a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level of certification, depending on the number of commitments they make to become “energy wise.”

970-349-5313 401 Elk Avenue

If you’d like to learn more about EWBP, visit ORE’s website: Or contact ORE:, 970-349-9673, 301 Belleview Ave., Unit E. Get certified today!

ORE Receives Energy Office Grant to Coordinate Valley Energy Efforts bighorn rEAlty Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. 401 Elk Avenue - 970-349-5313

would like to thank the following participating businesses and their customers for preserving open space in Gunnison County! Karyn Adelman Acupuncture Alpengardener Alpineer Audrey Anderson, Butte Books Bacchanale Big Al’s Bike Heaven Black Tie Ski Rentals CB Card Company Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum

Crested Butte Mountain Resort: The General Store 9380 Prime Rustica The Ice Bar Paradise Warming Hut Base Area Basics On Mountain Basics Butte 66 Woodstone Grill Woodstone Deli Slopemates Elevation Station Crested Butte News CB Nordic Center Cement Creek Ranch Clear Rivers Skin Care Dragonfly Anglers Dragon Sheet Metal Donita’s Cantina

Elk Mountain Lodge Evans Contracting Flying Petito Sisters Video Store Gourmet Noodle Gunnison Brewery Heather Elliot/Graphic Designer Interior Visions Le Bosquet Lynn Moore, Moore for Your Money Mountain Colors Mountain Spirits The Mountain Store Munchkin's Music and Dance Nathan Bilow Photography Paragon Gallery Pema Dawa Pioneer Guest Cabins Pitas in Paradise Pooh’s Corner Red Lady Realty RMBL-The Gothic Store Rocky Mountain Trees and Landscaping Ruben's New Mexican Restaurant The Secret Stash Spellbound Furniture Works Timberline Mechanical Town of Mt. Crested Butte Why Cook?!

If your business would like to participate please contact 1% for Open Space, Inc.,


PO Box 1974 • Crested Butte, CO 81224 PAGE 18 | March 11, 2010 | THEWEEKLY

The valley’s Office for Resource Efficiency (ORE) has received a $65,000 two-year grant from the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) to serve as valley-wide coordinator for energy-related funding opportunities, programs, outreach and planning. This funding also allows ORE to continue facilitation of the valley’s energy-planning process, assisting in the implementation of the four Energy Action Plans adopted in 2009 by Gunnison County, the City of Gunnison, the Town of Crested Butte and the Town of Mt. Crested Butte, and working toward the creation of a regional Energy Action Plan. The grant also covers Hinsdale County, currently working on an Energy Action Plan. In addition to Energy Action Planning, an important aspect of the scope of work for this grant is to fill the need for a coordinated unified effort to seek state and federal funding for energy use reduction activities; seeking out and organizing

applications for such opportunities will be a major responsibility of the coordinators. Most of the grant opportunities for rural regions require coordination among multiple communities. ORE has already organized a multijurisdictional energy advisory board with representation from the two counties, four incorporated communities, the college and others. Working committees will be formed to address issues like inter-community transportation and education. ORE’s newly appointed Executive Director Andris Zobs and Chief Operating Officer Maya Silver will execute the grant. Zobs is a technical consultant on energy issues with a background in architectural design. Silver has experience and skills in grant writing and community organizing. They can be reached at and, or at 970-349-9673.

Sustainability Tip: Lighting of the Future today! Do LEDs make you think of sassy laser pointers, sci-fi movies or big price tags? If so, think again! Affordable (and getting cheaper), super-efficient, cost-saving LED bulbs are on the market and ready for use. They use 90% less energy than incandescents/halogens and last up to 30,000 hours (compared to incandescents’/halogens’ 1000 hour lifespan.) Check out the selection at Mountain Colors and local hardware stores. If you are a local business, call Kim Raines at Mountain Colors (349-9200) and schedule your free lighting consultation to see how you can make LEDs (and CFLs and other efficient lighting) work for you. The weekly Sustainability Tip is sponsored by the Office for Resource Efficiency. Source: Satco Lighting Products; Bulbrite Industries; Mountain Colors Paint & Design


Karaoke Pisces

Birthday Party

Thursday, March 11th Yodelling, Singing & Cart Wheeling encouraged! Music starts at 9:00pm MONDAY

Wing Night



$1.50 Beef Tacos

4:30 pm: Cocktails 5-10 pm: Dinner


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Free House Margarita

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207 Elcho, CB South Open 7 days a week • 349-5003 CBWEEKLY.COM


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Winter Activities 1-800-383-1974

New High Performance Snowmobiles Every Year Heated Hand Grips - Suit & Boot Rentals - Free Shuttles

Action Adventures Snowmobiling

Crested Butte’s Original Snowmobile Adventure Tour Action Adventures Snowmobiling since 1986. Often Imitated....Never Duplicated. AuthoSki Area - Mt. Crested Butte rized Permittee of the U.S Forest Service. Hourly and 349-5909 half-day tours, sunset tours. Skidoo Touring & High Performance snowmobiles with electric start and heated handgrips. SnowmobileBurt suits and boots available. Office located in the Rentals Snowmobiling Avalanche restaurant Crested at the base of the area. Butte Visa/MC/Disc. For Butte & Crested information and reservations call349-2441 970 349-5909 or 800 383-1974.


Voted Crested Butte’s Burt Rentals Snowmobiling


#1 Lost Snowmobile Tour Lake Crested Butte’sSnowmobiling Premiere Snowmobile Tour CompaCrested Butte & Mt. Crested Butte ny. Authorized Trade in your liftPermittee ticket for of the U.S. Forest Service, 349-9709 a Snowmobile Tour! and the only snowmobile company with permits to access the Irwin Lake and Irwin Lodge. Voted Irwin Lake Snowmobile Crested Butte’s #1 Snowmobile Tour every yearRentals since 1982. Ski Doo Crested For Information and Reservations Call: Touring Snowmobiles with electric start Butte and handwarmers. Info and (970) 349-2441 349-6598 Serving up fun in Crestedat ButteSnowmobile Since 1982 reservations Central Reservations located slopeside in the Avalanche Restaurant. Visa/MC/Disc. 970 349-2441. SM

33rd Annual RED LADY SALVATION BALL HIGH COUNTRY CITIZENS’ ALLIANCE Thanks to this great community for an outrageous night! And congratulations to the 33rd Red Lady

Make Your Reservations Today! Colorado Adventure Rentals Small personalized tours to fit your style... From mild to wild!

Located SlopesideDon’t in thesit in line on a guided tour! Create your own spectacular day on a snowmobile. Experience the Avalanche Restaurant best snowmobile trails in Colorado from high alpine Gunnison Valley citizens turned out in force Saturday night, March 6th to enjoy a rocking good time tundra to aspen and fir forests. Colorado Adventure from the amazing GRAYSON CAPPS AND THE STUMPKNOCKERS, opening guests Steve Snyder and Jim Rentals offers two and four stroke 2009 Polaris Snowmobiles for Sandy, raffle prizes, and to crown the new Red Lady and to support HCCA’s work to protect the natural Authorized of the U.S. Forest Service operate specialPark use areas. Single, self permittee’s guided tours in the Crested Butteunder and aTaylor ecosystems of the Upper Gunnison River Basin. permit in the Gunnison National Forest, and are equal opportunity providers half day and multi-day rentals available, including insurance. Trailers THANK YOU ALL – Especially and snowmobiles can be delivered. Call 877-641-3525 or visit www. The Eldo


Burt Rentals Snowmobile Tours is an authorized permitte of the U.S. Forest Service, and an equal opportunity provider, operating under special use permit in the Gunnison National Forest.

GRAYSON CAPPS AND THE STUMPKNOCKERS Steve Snyder and Jim Sandy Especially every business who donated prizes to the Red Lady Ball Raffle Dragonfly Anglers, The Alpineer, Paragon Gallery, CB Nordic Council, Peak Sports/One Track Mind, The Wildflower Spa, Crested Butte Mountain Guides, Rocky Mountain Eagle Ltd, Spiritmind Family Constellations, Bliss Chiropractic, Flatiron Sports, Trailhead Discovery Museum,Teocalli Tamale, Le Bosquet/Why Cook?!, Mountain Gem Wellness, Patti Gast Massage&Reiki,The Cut Above, Casa Bella, Retail Therapy, Rendezvous Gallery, Faith Goods, Milky Way, Corner Cupboard, Round Mountain Institute,Artisan Rug Gallery, Ginger Cafe, Four Eighteen, Rock ‘N‘ Roll Sports, McNeil Ranch/Diamond F Brand Beef, Colorado Boarder, Butte & Company, Avalanche Bar & Grill, Steuben Creek Gardens, Acme Liquor, Crested Butte Sports, Donitas Cantina, The Gym, Smokin J’s BBQ, Christy’s Sports, CB Wildflower Festival, Mikey’s Pizza, McGill’s, Flying Petito Sisters Video Store, Function Before Fashion/ Back Alley Bikes, Oh Be Dogful Pet Ranch, Mountain Earth Whole Foods, Bakery at Mt. Crested Butte, The Sunflower, Pooh’s Corner, CB Lodge& Hostel, Bacchanale, Mulay’s Sausage, Eastside Bistro, At Home in Crested Butte, Izzy’s, The Last Steep, Go West, Gunnisack, Paradise Cafe, Timberline Restaurant/Bakery, Misty Mountain Too, Mountain Spirit Liquors, Pfister’s Handworks, Rumors Coffee & Tea House, Blue Moon Books, The Mountain Store, Zacchariah Zypp & Co., Alley Hat’s, Leslie Locklear, Marchitellis Gourmet Noodle, Perennial Enterprises, and Your Cup. Especially every awesome hardworking volunteer Tyler Magee, Janet Martin, Dickie Brown ,Margot Levy, Kiki Dotzler, Leanne Canty, Brian Turpyn, Steph White, Amanda Way, Diana Graves, Molly Murfee Additional thanks to Jennifer Rose for the Red Lady necklace Staff and Board Members of HCCA Fred Orndorff of devolve for this year’s poster artwork Red Lady Nominees, Old Town Inn, KBUT, Ruby Inn, and the staff at the ELDO All of the Members of HCCA

Crested Butte Mountain Guides

Get away from the crowds and into the backcountry with Crested Butte Mountain Guides. CBMG offers guided instruction and tours in ice climbing, backcountry skiing and snowboarding, cross country ski tours, snowshoe tours, mountaineering courses, hut trips and multi day tours. The backcountry experts, CBMG also hosts a full roster of beacon clinics, avalanche courses and guide training courses. Create the experience of a lifetime with a truly different excursion. CBMG – we’re out there… Call 970-349-5430 or for more information.

Center Best Crested RatesButte in Nordic Colorado

The Crested Butte Nordic Center offers daily cross country and skate skiing lessons so you can access the over 50 km of trails spread throughout valley. New High Performance Snowmobiles Every the Year Experience the serenity and beauty of cross country Heated Hand Grips - Suit & Boot Rentals - Free Shuttles skiing. Rent snowshoes, ice skates, cross country skis and skate skis. Daily passes, punch cards and season passes available. The Nordic Center also offers waxing services and backcountry hut rentals. You Action Adventures Snowmobiling can make reservations for full moon dinners or Sunday brunches at Ski Area - Mt.or Crested Butte the Magic Meadows yurt. Call 970-349-1707 visit 349-5909 for more information.


Dragonfly Anglers

Flyfishing during winter months? You bet!! BurttheRentals Snowmobiling Excellent sections of the Gunnison, Taylor and East Crested Butte & Mt. Crested Butte rivers are opening daily as productive fly-fishing 349-2441 soon follows. 2010 will be our 28th year of guiding fly fishermen in the valley and the late-winter, early spring months have proven to be an I sincerely would like to thank our wonderful community for supporting the Red Lady effort. It has exciting time to nymph fish for larger trout. Our professional guide staff been an honor and a privilege to serve as your 32nd Red Lady.  It is a legacy I am proud to be a part has been successful guiding at this time of year for many years. Join of reminding all of us that the Red Ladies of HCCA, past and future represent our valley and the fight Lost the Lake Snowmobiling us for a very peaceful day challenging beautiful rainbow, brown and against a mine here in the community we hold dear. Save Red Lady!!   New High Performance Snowmobiles Every&Year Crested Butte Mt.970-349-1228 Crested Butte cutthroat trout found in the Gunnison drainage. Call for Dana Bradley Heated Hand Grips - Suit & Boot Rentals - Free Shuttles 349-9709 more information or visit

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Best Rates in Colorado 1-800-383-1974

Land Trust adds New Board Members

Action Adventures Snowmobiling IrwinLake Lake Irwin Snowmobile Rentals Ski Area - Mt. Crested Butte Snowmobile Rentals Crested Butte 349-5909

Being the biggest has its advantages. 349-6598 Crested Butte’s largest unguided snowmobile rental fleet for over 15 years. Skidoo Touring and High Performance Powder Snowmobiles Burt Rentals Snowmobiling with electric start. Info and reservations at Snowmobile Central Crested Butte & Mt. Crested Butte Reservations located slopeside in349-2441 the Avalanche Restaurant. Visa/ MC/Disc. 970 349-6598.

The Crested Butte Land Trust recently added two new members to their Board of Directors, Chuck McGinnis and Beth Appleton, following recommendations by the Independent Board Member Review Committee. Originally from California, McGinnis retired to Crested Butte in 2000 after a 35-year career in engineering. McGinnis was previously President of Pristine Point Homeowners’ Association, and he has served as a Located Slopeside in the Snowmobiling Lost board member of the Meridian Lake Park Board of Managers, the Reel Fest, and the Mt. Crested Butte Water LostLake Lake Snowmobiling Avalanche Restaurant Weekend Warriors? Personalities? AdrenaCrested Butte & Mt.Type-A Crested Butte and Sanitation District. He is currently the co-chair of the Elk Mountain Hikers Club. line Junkies? We’ve got your fix! Specializing 349-9709 Beth Appleton was raised in New England and moved west to attend the University of Colorado, Boul- in Backcountry Powder Action in the Gunnison der. She relocated to Crested Butte in 2002. Her Crested Butte law office, Appleton and Kempin, provides National Forest. Our small group tours and private guided tours cater to a full range of legal services. Appleton has a history of community service and nonprofit involvement and Irwin Lake Snowmobile Rentals the advanced snowmobiler. know where those powder are. support. Authorized permittee’s of the U.S.We Forest Service operate under astashes special use Crested Butte Call in usthe or stop by Snowmobile Central located slopeside CBLT’s Executive Director, Ann Johnston, stated, “We welcome Beth and Chuck and thank them for permit Gunnison National Forest, andReservations are equal opportunity providers 349-6598 in the Avalanche Restaurant.Visa/MC/Disc. 970 349-9709. volunteering their service. We look forward to applying their expertise towards advancing CBLT’s efforts to preserve the natural lands that define Crested Butte’s character and quality of life.”

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ETHNIC BACCHANALE Delicious Homemade Northern Italian cuisine, in our new and casual setting. From veal to vegetarian, to pastas and seafood. Fine wines and cocktails available. DONITA’S CANTINA See our menu, COUPON SPECIALS and NEW “CantinaCam” online at For thirty years, Donita’s Cantina has been Crested Butte’s favorite eatery. The Cantina’s Mexican Food is madefrom-scratch with natural ingredients. Donitas has a down-to-earth atmosphere being located in the historic Elk Mountain House (check out the original pressed tin ceilings). We strive for top-notch service and we are KID friendly! Our tasty entrees include fajitas, enchiladas, chimichangas and our gourmet nightly dinner specials topped with delicious Mexican chiles. Our chunky salsa is the best in the West. We serve many varieties of fresh lime juice, agave nectar, top-shelf MARGARITAS. Rated one of the top twelve Colorado “Hot Spots” according to the Denver Post. Dinner served nightly. Large groups are always welcome and reservations are accepted for groups of 10 or more. Take out available! For current hours/info call 349-6674. 330 Elk Avenue, Downtown Crested Butte.


AVALANCHE BAR & GRILL Located at the ski area in Mt. Crested Butte, the Avalanche features breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with huge sandwiches, colossal salads, homemade soups, pizza, a great kids’ menu, delectable desserts and all your favorite comfort foods. Don’t miss the nightly dinner specials…Monday’s lasagna for $8.95, Tuesday’s pound of king crab for $20.95, Wednesday’s chicken fried steak for $8.95, Thursday’s allyou-can-eat BBQ ribs for $14.95, Friday’s all-you-can-eat fish & chips for $8.95. Saturday’s prime rib for $15.95 or Sunday’s 4- ingredient large pizza for $15.95. We celebrate happy hour from 3-6 daily with cheap drinks & marvelous munchies. Dine in or take out. Open every day at 7:30am. 349-7195. MCGILL’S AT CRESTED BUTTE Located downtown in Historic Crested Butte. Serving fantastic breakfasts and excellent lunches with a creative twist. Come in and try the best malts, shakes and floats in town from our soda fountain. Open early and serving breakfast all day! Offering daily breakfast, lunch and dessert specials. Dine-in or take-out. All major credit cards accepted. 228 Elk Avenue (970) 349-5240.

MARCHITELLI’S GOURMET NOODLE We proudly feature generations of special family recipes. Enjoy unique Italian sauce and pasta combinations as well as our specialty entrees with veal, elk, chicken and seafood. Newly remodeled. Come check us out. Reservations helpful. Serving dinner from 5 p.m. nightly. Located at 411 3rd Street in Crested Butte. 349-7401.

PARADISE CAFÉ A Crested Butte tradition for more than 23 years with a casual atmosphere and excellent food. Specializing in your favorite breakfast burritos, skillets, pancakes, french toast, huevos rancheros, fresh fruit and traditional breakfast. Plus cheese steaks, salads, soups, deli sandwiches, burgers and full vegetarian fare for lunch. Full children’s menu. Located in the Company Store, 3rd and Elk in beautiful Midtown Crested Butte. 349-6233.

RUBEN’S NEW MEXICAN CUISINE Located in the old Cement Creek Tavern in Crested Butte South. Ruben’s offers authentic New Mexican cuisine featuring all natural beef and chicken, using fresh ingredients and homemade salsa, locally roasted chiles, a full bar with fresh juice margaritas, a full kid’s menu and happy hour specials from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Kitchen for dinner opens at 5 p.m. daily/Serving Sunday Brunch. Come try the newest restaurant in CB South. Located at 207 Elcho Avenue, Crested Butte South (970) 349-5003.

SLOGAR Serves delicious grilled steaks and simply spectacular skillet-fried chicken dinners, using a recipe famous for great flavor since 1915. Hospitality at the historic Slogar includes family-style service in comfortable and unique Victorian surroundings. Enjoy the generous portions and the modest price of the Slogar’s sensational skillet-fried chicken with all the trimmings. Serving dinner daily 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Full drink menu and wine list plus a selection of specialty beers on tap such as Spaten and Fat Tire Ale. Reservations recommended. Located on the corner of Second & Whiterock, Crested Butte. 349-5765. SMOKIN’ J’S BBQ Smokin’ J’s BBQ, at the Eldo Brewery & Tap Room. Located at 215 Elk Avenue in downtown Crested Butte, upstairs, next to the Post Office. Featuring Pulled Pork, Sliced Beef Brisket, Pulled Chicken, Beef Burnt Ends, Bacon Explosions, BBQ Chicken, St. Louis Ribs, Fried Okra, Sweet Potato Fries, Smoked Baked Beans, Xmas Slaw, Potato Wedges, Caesar Salads, & Funnel Cake Fries. Try one of our Family Combo Meals, or a Mo’ BBQ Sundae for a Low-Carb Treat. Join us at The Eldo because “Once A Day Is Never Enough” for Smokin’ J’s BBQ. Open Daily at 3PM. Also offering Take Out and Delivery call 970-349-6125.

TALK OF THE TOWN A good time anytime. The Talk offers foosball, pinball, video games, good music and pool tables. Open daily at 3 p.m. Attitude Adjustment Hour from 3 to 8 p.m. Bar snacks, cheap drinks and beer our specialty. Located at 230 Elk Avenue, in the liver of downtown Crested Butte. 349-6809. WHY COOK? Located next to Le Bosquet at Sixth and Belleview in the Majestic Plaza. At last… a great new reason not to cook (as if you needed one)! Delicious, healthy items ready to take-out — for an evening of entertaining or a quiet night at home. Mouth watering main dish items, fresh baked bread, salads, pates and cheeses, hummus and tapenade spreads, sandwiches, fresh and frozen soups, desserts and much, much more. Now featuring all natural and organic deli meats. Check out our meat and fish market. Catering services available. Call us for special orders. 349-5858. WOODEN NICKEL Known for the best steaks in town since 1981, the Wooden Nickel specializes in tender Filet Mignon, USDA Prime Graded NY Strip and Rib Eye steaks, succulent, world famous Prime Rib, Elk Tenderloin, Rack of Elk, Alaskan King Crab, BBQ Pork Ribs, PorkChops, Colorado Rack of Lamb, New Zealand Rack of Lamb, Venison, fresh grilled Seafood and fresh Garden Salads. Also serving Burgers, Chicken Fried Steak and Buffalo Burgers. Giant Lobster Tails and a variety of Surf and Turf combinations available nightly. We feature a selection of martinis and great wines at attractive prices to complement your meal. Join us for your special evening at Crested Butte’s oldest bar and best steak house. Bar opens at 4 p.m. with Happy Hour until 6 p.m., daily. Dinner nightly until 10 p.m. 222 Elk Avenue.--Downtown Crested Butte--Open year-round. Nightly Specials. MAXWELLS Join us at the new steak house in town for hand cut prime quality steaks, pastas, fish, lamp chops, elk, pork chops, fresh garden salads, buffalo burgers, sandwiches and much more. A great buckaroos menu for the kids including a make your own icecream sundae. Wines from around the world and vast array of import and domestic beers. A great front patio for people watching in the heart of Crested Butte. Fabulous martinis or just a cold beer. Whatever you desire just cuddle up and enjoy. The perfect place to watch all sporting events in HD. One of the largest venues in Crested Butte, ideal for large parties. Serving dinner nightly. Offering take-out. 226 Elk Avenue. 349-1221

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TEOCALLI TAMALE Tasty fresh lime margaritas, handmade tamales, a huge selection of burritos and tacos, affordable prices and lightning-fast service… what more could you ask for? Our fresh salsas include mild tomato, salsa verde, roasted chile corn and a hot smoky chipolte. Burritos and tacos feature slow-cooked shredded beef, marinated and grilled steak or chicken, gourmet veggies and blackened mahi-mahi. Try one of our unique creations - a chile pesto or spicy Thai burrito with peanut sauce. Dine in and enjoy one of our large selection of Mexican beers, or take it to go. Located at 311 1/2 Elk Avenue. A fresh and healthy alternative, the Tamale is open every day for lunch and dinner. 3492005. Late night Bar and Food Thurs-Sat 9-12ish.

GOURMET DJANGO’S RESTAURANT & WINE BAR Our globally-inspired small plates are perfect for sharing and pairing with wines by the flight, quartino or bottle. django’s unique dining environment offers a new experience every visit: whether you’re enjoying a quick bite at the dining bar, a long romantic dinner with a date, or just hanging out with friends. Come enjoy a pitcher of sangria on our patio! django’s is located in the courtyard of Mountaineer Square, where the bus stops at the base of the ski village. Reservations are encouraged, but certainly not required. Send an email to or call (970) 349-7574.

THE DOGWOOD COCKTAIL CABIN Nestled into one of Crested Buttes funkiest historic remodles, this miners shack turned “cocktail cabin” offers house-infused artisan cocktails and tasty plates both sweet and savory. From its nibbles and sips to atmosphere, The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin is anything but ordinary.  Step outside the box and into the cabin for a habenero and pineapple infused vodka martini, lamb sliders and chocolate fondue with homemade bacon brittle! Now Open Tuesday-Sunday 5-12 (cabin fever 5-7 everyday: $4 off all Dogwood martinis).  Tuesday: “game night”  Wednesday: “ladies night”.  970+349.6338  309 Third Street downtown Crested Butte, Co  21+ EASTSIDE BISTRO EastSide Bistro is an upscale-casual neighborhood bistro. Our menu evolves seasonally and represents the eclectic, creative and sophisticated visions of our passion for food, created with locally fresh ingredients and prepared in an innovative and contemporary style. Our atmosphere is warm, intimate and welcoming with spectacular views of majestic Mt. Crested Butte. We present seasonally changing gourmet cuisine with entrée selections featuring the finest cuts of Beef, Duck, Lamb, Game, the freshest Seafood, and outstanding Chicken, Pork, and Vegetarian Entrees along with exciting nightly specials. We showcase an extensive well rounded wine list and wonderful specialty martinis. Dinner served Tuesday through Sunday from 5-10 p.m. Closed Mondays until Dec. 14. Also serving a wonderful Saturday and Sunday Brunch from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Reservations appreciated. We are located at 435 Sixth St., next to the Alpineer. 349-9699. Visit us at for our most current menu. LE BOSQUET RESTAURANT Since 1976…and just getting better. Breathtaking views and mouth watering food. Enjoy standards such as rack of lamb in a red wine garlic sauce, hazelnut chicken, beef shortribs in a madeira sauce, and elk tenderloin with jumbo scallops as well as vegetarian entrees, crisp salads, great soups, a variety of appetizers and break-your-diet desserts. Now offering fondue and a full small plate menu! Quality, consistency and friendliness — our trademarks. A full bar and Wine Spectator award winning wine list will round out an evening to remember. Twilight menu and children’s options available. Catering and private chef services available. Open nightly at 5:30 p.m. Reserva tions helpful. 349-5808.


FEATURE | EVENTS | ARTS | MUSIC | SPORTS | CALENDAR | PROFILE | HEALTH | COMMUNITY | ALTERNATIVES | ENVIRO | DINING | WRITERS | MARKETPLACE | RESOURCES THE SECRET STASH LUNCH + DINNER - The Secret Stash - not so much of a secret anymore!  Voted best pizza every year since we opened in 2002. We are now serving continuously starting at 11:30 AM, until late! Come in for lunch or for an early dinner to avoid the crowds. It’s winter time again, and now that we are open for lunch, that means no more waiting in the cold!! Come in for an award winning margaritas, grilled asian style wings, or legendary pizza.  The Stash is not to be missed – the owners have decorated this 100 year old miner’s cabin with treasures from their travels around the world. The Stash has been recognized by Ski, Powder, Outdoor, and Travel + Leisure magazines, The New York Times, Foders travel guide, and many others as the place not to miss on your visit to Crested Butte!  Just take a stroll to the top of Elk Avenue. NO MORE WAITING for Stash pizza, we are now serving the ONLY TAKE & BAKE PIZZA in downtown CB. Take out and delivery are available, and The Stash is open late.  (970) 349-6245 or www. Don’t miss the one stash the locals WILL tell you about!   (Visit our sister restaurant The Lobar)

SOUPÇON Soupçon is a romantic petite bistro located just off Elk Avenue on Second Street behind Kochevar’s bar.We feature traditional French technique using local ingredients married with the finest cuisine from around the world. Place a reservation Monday through Saturday for an unforgettable experience in one of the most picturesque settings in the country. Seating times are 6pm and 8:15pm. Online at: • 349-5448. TIMBERLINE RESTAURANT Come in to the Timberline and let us make you feel special! We’re located on the corner of 2nd and Elk in Downtown Crested Butte. Our upscale western style bar offers specials in a fun lively atmosphere. Dine in the casual elegance of the downtown dining room, in the intimacy of our upstairs formal dining room, or the celebrated wine cellar room for a memorable occasion. We always use the finest and freshest products available. We consistently produce creative and simple favorites as well as daily specials. Our wine list features mostly California offerings plus an interesting selection of Old World and New World wines. Reservations recommended. Call for current hours 349-9831.

SOUP & SANDWICH THE LAST STEEP An affordable, cozy eatery in Crested Butte, The Last Steep features Cajun Chicken Pasta, Artichoke Cheddar Soup in a Bread bowl, BBQ Philly Sandwich, Cilantro Chicken Salad and more. We also offer a great kids’ menu. Sunday-Thursday 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday open ‘til midnight. 208 Elk Avenue. 349-7007.

PIZZA BRICK OVEN PIZZERIA & PUB Best patio in town. Featuring pizza-by-the-slice, deep dish & thin crust specialty pizzas. Freshly made subs, fried appetizers, delicious big juicy burgers, a kids menu and the best salad bar in town with over 30 fresh items to choose from. Enjoy our 24 craft beers on tap, along with high end tequila, spirits and wine. Bring the family and watch your favorite sports on one of our large HDTVs. Lunch and dinner served everyday from 11 a.m. ‘til 10 p.m. Dine in, take out and, as always, FREE DELIVERY on all menu items, 349-5044. Come visit us at 223 elk ave., The locals hang-out for over 17 years. MIKEY’S TAKEOUT AND DELIVERY VOTED BEST PIZZA OF 2009, everybody loves Mikey’s Pizza! We offer pizza by the slice, specialty pies, pasta, oven baked sandwiches, fresh salads and a variety of appetizers. We also serve a late riser breakfast all day with fatty breakfast burritos and egg sandwiches. Located across from the sled hill and nordic center you can come pick it up or let us deliver to you. We are open 7 days a week, Tuesday - Friday 11am - 9 pm and Saturday, Sunday and Monday 3 - 9pm. Delivery every night at 5pm. Mikey’s pizza slices are also sold at True Value. A full menu can be viewed on our website at Call it in for quicker pick up. 970-349-1110. Need help with a dinner party? We also cater.

SUSHI LOBAR One of the most FUN places to go in CB. Ask any local. Locals + tourists alike have been raving about LOBAR since opening in 2004.  Follow the locals... and enjoy the freshest Sushi in CB, flown in daily from around the world. For NON sushi eaters + children we have alternative selections such as our Killer baja fish tacos, our new (BEEF) turf roll,  grilled BEEF, CHICKEN, FISH options, our famous crack fries + a CHILDRENS MENU.  Lobar is “the place” for large parties, come in and see why!  small parties and couples enjoy our intimate seating options. LOBAR has been recommended by the New York Times, SKI, Skiing, and many more as a place NOT to miss. On weekends, LOBAR transforms into CB’s only nightclub with live music, (THURSDAY night - karaoke) DJ’s + more.  303 Elk Ave.  Reservations accepted.  970/349.0480.  Open EVERY evening at 5:00 PM.  (Don’t miss the best happy hour in town!  EVERYDAY  5-6) (Visit our sister restaurant the Secret Stash) LIL’S SUSHI BAR AND GRILL Step up to our Sushi Bar or Bar for our nightly Happy Hour from 5:30-6:30!! We are proud to serve our customers the freshest fish in town, flown in 6 days a week from Hawaii and on our doorstep within 24 hours from the docks…does it get any fresher than that in the Rockies- don’t think so! Although we are known for our sushi, our exceptional kitchen menu will satisfy all taste buds. With an array of seafood dishes and meat options, we promise you will leave remembering it all! Lil’s is a friendly and casual environment that offers exceptional service with high standards for what a dining experience should entail. Open 7 nights a week. Reservations Recommended 349-5457. Located in the Historic District of CB- 321 Elk Ave. (across the street from Donita’s)


Bon Appetit! Want to show off your delicious dish? Call the Weekly at 349-1710.



DISH DESCRIPTION: Voted Best of the Butte for Pizza in 2009, Mikey’s Pizza is the new up and coming rock star of Crested Butte. The Cali Dreamin’ Pie was this week’s Delicious Dish. While the crust consists of simple ingredients, Mikey has the magic touch to pull together this perfect crust sensation. The dough is thin and chewy, but still crispy at the same time. While the flavor of the dough is one of the best you will ever taste, the secret is in the sauce. Tons of herbs, garlic and top-notch tomato products create a bold zesty sauce. Fresh ingredients include Italian sausage, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted red bell peppers and garlic. The Cali Dreamin


pie is highlighted with three cheeses - freshly grated mozzarella, parmesan and gorgonzola crumbles. Fresh basil is added just after the pie comes out of the oven. Wow, what a party in your mouth! GENERAL FARE: In addition to winning Best Pizza, Mikey’s was also voted winner of Best Sandwich in 2008. Oven-baked sandwiches range from homemade meatball subs, chicken sandwiches, and Mikey’s popular cheese steak. All sandwiches are served on a homemade hoagie, with your choice of fresh pasta salad or chips. Crisp salads, garlic bread, pasta dishes and fresh baked cookies are great compliments as well. ATMOSPHERE: Located across from the

sledding hill at 3rd and Belleview in the “the Pulse” of Crested Butte, Mikey’ Pizza is a take out and delivery establishment for to go orders. As you enter the warm and colorful interior, you are greeted by owners Mary and Mikey Larson with fun conversation and good jamming music. Big, easy to read menus hang overhead and refrigerated display counters offer a bounty of fresh desserts and drinks. A nice sunny bench out front offers a place to sit and catch up on happenings and your tan. Want to experience Mikey’s tasty cuisine but in a hurry? Grab and Go Slices are available at True Value on weekdays. Not interested in slogging through the snow to get dinner? Mikey’s delivers to your home seven nights a week. PRICE RANGE: The menu is reasonably priced and all menu items include sales tax. A large slice of pizza and a soda cost just under $4. Generous fresh salads come in small and large sizes. Start with the Garden Salad made with romaine hearts, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, banana peppers and croutons for $4.50 (small) or $7 (large). The Classic Caesar Salad features some of the best dressing in town for $4.50 (small) and $8 (large). Feed the entire family with a large specialty pie for only $24-$27. Hot pasta dishes start at $8.50 and include an array of ingredients for you to choose from. Check out their website and face book page for weekly specials.

VEGETARIAN / VEGAN OPTIONS: Mikey’s has an extensive offering of vegetarian dishes. The oven baked veggie Muffaletta on a homemade hoagie roll is fabulous with pesto, olive salad, spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers, melted mozzarella and cheddar and spicy marinara sauce . Two great choices for specialty pies are the Veggie Dee and the Greek. Hot pasta dishes are tossed with marinara and include all your favorite vegetables, parmesan cheese and garlic bread. Calzones and pizza rolls are also good options for the nonmeat eaters. ORGANIC / LOCAL / REGIONAL FOOD OPTIONS: Organic spinach and free-range vegetarian fed eggs are used when possible. Take your sandwich home in a biodegradable container that is less taxing on our landfills. Mikey’s delivery bicycle is human powered. STATS: 611 Third Street, across from the skate park and sledding hill; 970-3491110; Want to show off your delicious dish? Call the Weekly at 970-349-1710. Reviewer Josephine Kellett owns and operates Creative Catering in Crested Butte. A graduate of the California Culinary Academy, Josephine has been a professional in the food industry most of her life. She has lived in Crested Butte for almost 20 years. You can find out more of the epicurean travels and offerings of Josephine at

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Women of a Certain Age: Keeping it Local in a Changing World by Bonnie Chlipala “Think globally. SHOP locally.” I grew up in Niagara Falls, NY, a small city located very near the much larger city of Buffalo. In fact Niagara Falls is even closer to Buffalo than Crested Butte is to Gunnison. But, in spite of this proximity, my father, who was also the only driver in the family, refused to take us shopping in the tempting retail Mecca of Buffalo. He insisted we do all our shopping within the city limits of Niagara Falls. You see, my father was a Niagara Falls businessman, sort of. He was actually a pharmacist and he and his older brother Gerry owned Gerard Pharmacy on the corner of 6th and Niagara streets in downtown Niagara Falls. After the national supermarket chain A&P moved in right across the street, my father became an advocate for things like shopping locally and supporting the other independent businesses that lined Niagara Street. Here in Crested Butte we now find ourselves in the midst of a similar crusade. If you Google “shop local” you

will find a myriad of these campaigns all over the country. What seemed to originate with an environmentally inspired call to purchase food grown within a fifty-mile radius has now erupted into a movement imploring every person to spend every cent in their own hometown. And as our economy continues to slip into the abyss, one could argue that the need to shop locally is nothing less than our civic duty. But as we know, it’s not always possible to shop for everything we need in Crested Butte. You often hear the story about not being able to buy underwear any place in town. And I believe in a practical sense – this is actually true. Being a tourist town many of our retail stores are geared more toward tourist shoppers and not the day-to-day needs of your average family or individual. In spite of our best intentions we are often left with no other option than to travel outside our community or even our county to obtain the items we need. And I have to confess that the convenience and value of on-line shopping is hard to resist. Though at this point in the conversation it’s worth repeating the now familiar statistic that 68% of

New to DVD

the money spent locally stays in the community while 100% of the money you spend on line goes away forever. As a local business owner and proprietor of Crested Butte’s only video store, one specific online corporate giant, Netflix, has hit me hard. Though I do understand that change is inevitable, I also believe that not all change is progress. Many things have disappeared over the decades and some of them I still miss. Do you remember paperboys or milkmen? How about Sunday blue laws and drive-in theaters? Will independent book and video stores, even newspapers become part of this vanishing Americana? And I have to ask - will we be better for it? I’m turning sixty next month and I believe this has left me in the midst of an existential crisis. In fact I’m beginning to feel a little like Harry Stoner in the 1973 movie Save the Tiger. Harry, played by Jack Lemmon who won an Oscar for this role, is a middle-aged man plagued by business problems and longing for simpler times. I was 23 when I saw this movie but it has always stayed with me. Back then I thought Harry was pathetic. Now I feel his

Academy Award Nominated and Winning Movies Available Now on DVD

Up in the Air • Rated R, Comedy/Drama

The Hurt Locker • Rated R, Drama/Action

Starring George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kindrick Up in the Air tells the story of Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), who makes his living personally handing out pink slips -- he’s the top hatchet man at a company that other companies hire when they are downsizing. And since business is booming, his job keeps him on the go constantly.

Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty Based on the personal wartime experiences of journalist Mark Boal (who adapted his experiences with a bomb squad into a fact-based, yet fictional story), director Kathryn Bigelow’s Iraq War-set action thriller The Hurt Locker presents the conflict in the Middle East from the perspective of those who witnessed the fighting firsthand -- the soldiers.

Precious • Rated R, Drama Starring Monique, Gabourey Sidibe, Lenny Kravitz, Paula Patton. Monster’s Ball producer Lee Daniels follows up his 2005 directorial debut, Shadowboxer, with this adaptation of author Sapphire’s best-selling novel about an overweight, illiterate African-American teen from Harlem who discovers an alternate path in life after she begins attending a new school.

Inglorious Basterds • Rated R, Drama/War Starring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Melanie Laurent A group of hardened Nazi killers stalk their prey in Nazi-occupied France as a Jewish cinema owner plots to take down top-ranking SS officers during the official premiere of a high-profile German propaganda film.

The Marketplace

pain. That’s not to say I’m a complete dinosaur rejecting all new technology. I am managing to keep up with some of these changes. I couldn’t live without my computer and the Internet. I have a cell phone and although I don’t Twitter - I can text. Hell, I can even download music. But there are many things I love that seem to be disappearing. For instance I don’t want to read my newspaper on line and I miss daily home delivery of the Denver paper. I have no desire to buy a Kindle. How could you compare my hardcover vintage copy of Franny & Zooey to a transitory computer download? And I much prefer to browse any store, especially a bookstore, than to shop on-line. Though it might sound selfserving I would argue that browsing a video store is a similar experience. People come into my store and see old friends, ask the staff and other customers for recommendations and take a moment to read the DVD cases and think about what movie they actually want to watch that evening. Yes, it might be less convenient, maybe it’s more expensive (bricks & mortar usually are) but somehow it just seems more civilized, more in line with the independent spirit of a place like Crested Butte. And I’ve had several new customers this winter comment on how pleased they are that Crested Butte still has a video store when so many other places are now without them. But lately I’ve been thinking maybe none of this matters anyway. With the recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chili and Turkey and rogue waves in the Mediterranean… perhaps the ancient Mayan calendar is correct. We are approaching 2012 after all and have you seen the new movie starring John Cusack? Come visit my store if your Netflix copy hasn’t arrived yet. We do have several copies in stock. Bonnie Chlipala has been living and writing in Crested Butte since 1978. She is the owner of Flying Petito Sisters Video Store and can be heard on KBUT, Tuesdays at Noon on her “Everyday Housewife” radio show. She can be reached at

Brought to you by Flying Petito Sisters Video. FPS is located on the south side of Clarks Market parking lot. For more information visit:

The Marketplace Serving Gunnison & Crested Butte Over 25 Years

Advertise Here! With

Timberline Mechanical Contracting, Inc.

Rates start at $10

Call 349-1710


2 Andreas Cr. Riverland Industrial Park

— Established 1978 —

Fine Furniture

Custom Kitchens Appliances Carpet • Rugs • Granite Slates • Natural Stones Accessories Iron Works Simmons Mattress Window Coverings Design Services VISIT OUR TWO LOCATIONS: Crested Butte 349-0303 • 326 Elk Avenue Gunnison 641-6537 • 229 N. Main St. PAGE 22 | March 11, 2010 | THEWEEKLY


Complete Electrical Contracting & Service CELLULAR DISPATCHED

349-5265 P.O. Box 818 • State Lic. #2899

Laura Millman

- DJ Triple L -

OWNER 970.209.3926 ‘D.J. services for all occasions’

With Located upstairs in the Ore Bucket Building. 6th & Maroon Regularly Scheduled Mat Classes Reformer Sessions A Fully Equipped Pilates Studio


Bridal Registry Come in for Unique Wedding Gifts Crested Butte 349-0303 326 Elk Avenue



8-Ball Rally Results 1. Zack (30 minutes, 22 seconds)

Week in Review

faces&places Photos by Paul Gallaher

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Pat Scooter Mick Than Alan Robin Karina Jeff

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

Phillip Sean Knox Dan Sebastian Adrienne William Braden Aaron Shane


WHERE CAN I PARK TONIGHT? You may park on NORTH & EAST sides on: Monday, Wednesday & Friday Evenings

You may park on SOUTH & WEST sides on: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Evenings

Paul Gallaher has worked for National Geographic, Outside, Newsweek, every snowsport magazine known to man, and corporate clients from Crested Butte Mountain to Chrysler. Paul also prints custom giclee on watercolor on photo paper or canvas. His photos can be seen at Contact him at 970-209-1519 or



winter schedule 2009-2010 Town Shuttle Runs between the towns of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte.

From Crested Butte Stop

Old Town Hall 6th & Belleview 4 Way Stop


:10, :25, :40, :55 :00, :15, :30, :45 :01, :16, :31, :46

From Mt. Crested Butte

First Bus

7:10 a.m. 7:15 a.m. 7:16 a.m.

Mountaineer Square :00, :15, :30, :45 7:30 a.m. After 10 p.m. the bus runs every half hour

Last Bus

• “NORTH” is toward Gothic Mountain • “EAST” is toward Crested Butte Mountain Which way does the sun • “SOUTH” is toward Gunnison rise and set? • “WEST” is toward Kebler Pass Regulations vary in the core business area. Please read signs.

RTA FREE BUS Schedule Winter, 2009-10 November 25, 2009 – April 4, 2010

The bus runs a loop through the City of Gunnison before heading north on Hwy 135 to Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte. The bus leaves the following stops no earlier than the times listed. There may be delays due to weather.

11:40 p.m. 11:45 p.m. 11:46 p.m. 12 midnight

Three Seasons - Chateaux

Serves Three Seasons, Outrun, Ski Jump, Mt. Sunrise, Chateaux, and Marcellina Apartments Stop Times First Bus Last Bus

Mountaineer Square :00, :15, :30, :45 8:00 a.m. 9:45 p.m. At 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30 and Midnight the bus will serve any route in Mt. Crested Butte. Tell your driver where you are going.

Columbine - Paradise Road - Eagles Nest

Serves Whetstone Road, Columbine Condominiums, Gothic Road near Mt. Crested Butte Town Offices, Paradise Road and Eagles Nest. Stop Times First Bus Last Bus

Mountaineer Square :25, :55 7:55 a.m. 9:25 p.m. At 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30 and Midnight the bus will serve any route in Mt. Crested Butte. Tell your driver where you are going.

Crystal - Castle - Paradise Condos

Serves Pitchfork, Crystal Road, Castle Road, Hunter Hill Road, Snowmass Road. Stop Times First Bus

Last Bus

Mountaineer Square :10, :40 8:10 a.m. 9:40 p.m. At 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30 and Midnight the bus will serve any route in Mt. Crested Butte. Tell your driver where you are going. For more information, go to or call (970) 349-7318. For ADA transportation, please call (970) 349-5616.


All buses are wheelchair accessible. For more information, please call Mountain Express at 349-5616.

STATEMENT OF RIGHTS In accordance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Civil Rights Act of 1964, The RTA does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender. For more information about these statutes, or to file a complaint, contact the RTA designated Disability Rights and Title VI coordinator, Scott Truex, Executive Director, PO Box 39, Crested Butte, CO. 81224. (970) 275-0111. For Telecommunication Relay Service, call 1-800659-2656 (hearing impaired). Individuals will be permitted to uses service animals, as defined within ADA guidelines, if necessary.

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Macintosh Computer Service

Friday, marCh 26th dinner served at 5:30 p.m. showtime 6:30 p.m. tiCkets $35

Come to the Center For an evening oF dinner, musiC, silent & live auCtion oF loCal talent hot buFFet dinner w Cash bar w live entertainment

Auction Talents include

Imagine local musician Steve Snyder playing at your next special event…. Grab your friends and go mountain biking with Leadville 100 six time champion Dave Wiens…. Get some pointers skiing the extremes with Wendy Fisher….. Go mountain climbing anywhere in Colorado with Pro Rick Climber Chris Lindner…. Experience the first bluegrass festival in Crested Butte…….

For a full list of talents, go to



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Gary Hillman Senior Mortgage Loan Officer 970.275.8884 1

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