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Northmont PTA Meeting Minutes August 19, 2010 Principal Belcher and the general PTA Board were in attendance. The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm followed by the pledge. MEETING MINUTES: There were no minutes to be approved and signed. PRINCIPALS REPORT: Mrs. Belcher welcomed everyone and informed us that Northmont is at full capacity with 456 students. We are only accepting neighborhood kids. The phone reminder system is available for PTA use, which also has email capabilities. Northmont programs escrip, first in math, box tops, and Jamba Juice fundraisers (except Jamba cards) will be handled by the school. All monies will go directly into the school account. Mrs. Belcher stressed the need for more money in the school donation account for teacher school supplies etc. TEACHERS REPORT: None TREASURER’S REPORT: No bills were submitted. Checks 3680-3700 were presented to be paid, all checks were within budget therefore no need for a motion to pay. AUDIT: Carrie Wood presented our audit report. Everything balanced. We need to remember to give receipts for reimbursement. 2 signatures are also required on the cash verification forms. Kimberly Rinder motioned to approve the audit, Liz Leblanc 2nd the motion, motion passed. HISTORIAN REPORT: None MEMBERSHIP: Kimberly Rinder is putting together a horse race theme competition between the classes. She will decorate the PTA board. WEBSITE: Rhonda Hyde has set up and is the webmaster of the new PTA website. CAR RAFFLE: La Mesa chamber of commerce is hosting a car raffle. Only 4,000 tickets are to be sold, and the PTA will get a kick back for each ticket purchased with the “Northmont specific” sign up form. All details are handled by the chamber. They will bring the car to back to school night with a representative selling the tickets. The PTA needs to purchase a $25 ticket for an additional drawing associated with the car. Matt Wood motions the raffle ticket purchase, Tony Lawrence 2nd the motion, all approved motion passed. Matt Wood motions to support the chambers fundraiser, Kim Torres 2nd the motion, all approved motion passed. Matt Wood motions to use the money raised for study trips, Rhonda Hyde 2nd the motion, all approved motion passed. BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: Tacos Y Gorditas will be selling dinner and drinks during back to school night. Matt Wood will bring bagels and coffee for the teachers on back to school night. ACCELERATED READER: Carrie Wood will look into a better/new AR program.

JAMBA JUICE: PTA to do 500 Jamba Cards. They will be here asap. AFTER SCHOOL CLUB: There is $1500.00 in the budget for after school clubs. We will leave it there until we find something else to do with it. PARENT EDUCATION: We can get ideas on the National website. Jennifer Buckner will look into cell phone/internet safety. FALL CARNIVAL: Will be October 30th. Natalie is the Chair. FIT KIDS: Will begin March 1st. SPELLMAN MAGIC SHOW: Matt is going to contact Spellman to negotiate a better deal with him. FALL FUNDRAISER: The jog-a-thon will move to November. GOLF TOURNAMENT: Will take place in spring, at the end of March. Jennifer Gonzales will organize the event. We still need sponsorship-possible casinos? SHADE STRUCTURE: We still need $4000. Tammy Moye to organize. Possible coin drop? A special meeting was held on August 26th with the general PTA and parents in attendance. The budget was presented and a motion to approve it was made by Tony Lawrence. 2nd by Jason LeBlanc. All were in favor and approved.

Meeting Adjourned 8:06pm. Submitted by Sara Carroll, Recording Secretary

Northmont PTA Meeting Minutes August 2010