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High-quality, low-cost Pole Buildings At Dutchway Pole Buildings, we construct pole buildings for all types of use. Here’s a list of building types to help you understand and think about what type of building will fit your needs.

Garages When we say garages, we mean spaces ranging from a one car garage to a large workshop with multiple bays. As you start to plan your garage, think about how you want to utilize the space. • Will you need room for storage shelves, toolboxes and cleaning supplies? • Are you adding a car lift? • Do you want overhead storage? • Would you like an add-on such as a lean-to for storage of other recreational items?



Similar to storage buildings, the term barns usually relates to agricultural use. A pole barn commonly does not have a concrete floor and includes an entry door and another type of door – such as standard slider doors or dutch doors.

When you are in need of a building for storage of yard equipment, recreational vehicles, materials or just extra space for your hobby collection, a storage pole building is a great choice. Concrete is often used along with an entry door and garage doors.

• Will you house animals? • Do you want natural lighting using skylights or sidelights? • How much space do you need to move your vehicles and equipment around inside the building? • What type of doors is ideal for you?

• What do you plan to store? • Do you need garage doors? • How tall and wide is the equipment you might be storing? • Do you want extra space?

Serving PA, NJ, MD and DE

Pre-engineered Structures


Variety of Options to Choose From:

Roof & Side Insulation & Vapor Barrier When it comes to heat and your building, our roof and side insulation (R-Max) offers more insulation value and is necessary due to heat rising. This keeps heat in your building.



If you opt for a vapor barrier to prevent the roof from sweating, this barrier will be installed under the steel and can be used with or without roof insulation.

Sidelights are the preferred choice for letting in natural light. They are installed at the top of the sidewalls. Wainscot



Cupola w/ Weathervane


Since we partner with you to get your pole building constructed, you take the responsibility of site preparation (hiring an excavator) and we bring the materials and our team to get your pole building up fast. When meeting with your excavator, be sure to mark out the area and remove any greenery. A professional excavator will know the correct equipment to use to achieve a perfect flat surface that we can build on.

Concrete If you’ve decide on a concrete floor for your pole building, here’s some things you should know:




Snow Guards

• We pour the concrete after the shell is erect. • Commonly, we pour enough concrete to form a 4” slab. This is the recommended thickness for stability and longevity. • We do not supply the stone that must be laid for the concrete floor. Your excavator should leave the stone within 20ft of the entrance to your new building and we’ll do the rest.


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