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CBS Students Board of Directors Spring 2012

Mission and Vision & Goals and Strategies 2012-2015

Introduction The CBS Students Board of Directors and CBS Students’ Presidency have in 2012 been working on defining CBS Students’ Mission, Vision, Goals and Strategy 2012-2015. In the following pages we wish to present the result of our work. It is the product of several strategy seminars, informal talks, group projects and naturally, board meetings. Though not lengthy, this paper provides comprehensive information about CBS Students and how we wish to develop the organisation. We hope that you will take the time to read it carefully and tell us what you think. As a student of CBS, this is just as much your project as it is ours. We greatly value any feedback, questions and/ or comments.

Emil Fuglsang

Nicolai Michelsen

Anders M. Kjemtrup

Chairman of the Board

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Naja Lydeking-Olsen Thomas Edvardsen

Jenskumar Sivargurunathan

Signe G. Kristensen

Asger Bryderup

Mads Svaneklink

Andreas Gjede Mads Andersen

Frederik Kragh


Mission – Why are we here?

CBS Students works to make CBS a better university for the students. For CBS Students a ‘better’ university entails a university that among other things: -

Involves its students in decisions that affect their education or study-life


Creates/offers quality education that meets the expectations of the students


Ensures a framework for a good study environment for all students


Vision – Where are we going?

CBS Students must always be the primary and thereby the most significant independent student union at CBS, and a significant player in student politics.


Goals – How do we achieve our vision?

CBS Students has chosen the following 6 concrete goals to achieve our vision: Businesses and facilities:

Create and develop healthy businesses to benefit the students and their interests.


Quality in work, cooperation and relations.

Students broadly:

CBS Students must be visible, be available, and function as a student political voice for all students at CBS.

Student Politics:

Achieve optimal influence and be the advocate of every student.

Student Society & Organizations:

The Student Society & Organizations creates value for the students at CBS and therefore CBS Students must be a value-adding hub for the Student Society & Organizations at CBS.


The volunteers create results for the students at CBS, in return CBS Students must create value for the volunteers.


Strategies – How do we reach our goals?

Businesses and facilities:

CBS Students exhibits active and professional leadership in its businesses with a focus on value-adding activities and results for the students through closed economic circuits (not for profit)


- CBS Students must be a preferred partner via the organisation’s and individuals’ proficient, qualified and constructive behaviour. - CBS Students works to secure the organisation long-term, facilitate continuity and knowledge sharing through a professional secretariat. - CBS Students creates the best value through constructive cooperation - without losing sight of our values and student political key issues – both towards our internal commitments at CBS, and towards our external.

Students broadly:

Through a chosen communication strategy and a firmly identified profile, all students at CBS should be well informed and always feel encouraged and welcome to learn more and be involved in the work and politics of CBS Students.

Student Politics:

CBS Students engages in relevant, inclusive, enlightening non partisan active student politics in and outside CBS, in open forums where possible. We continually seek to support our elected students, as well as students in general.

Student Society & Organizations:

CBS Students must proactively facilitate the Student Society & Organizations, supporting momentum, development, initiatives and projects. CBS Students must do so in a continuous, confidence inspiring and participatory manner.


CBS Students must, in an accommodating, confidence inspiring and inclusive way, create a framework that allows every volunteer to develop via the organisation.

Strategy paper  
Strategy paper  

Mission and Vision & Goals and Strategies