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the cbs network book 2013/14 student society & organisations


“Even this book was made by volunteers” More than six months ago, our team of volunteers started working on this book. Making it happen was full of challenges: tough decisions, tight deadlines and many interesting discussions. It has been an exciting and educational process, and with the result in hand, it is clear that all the hard work was worth it! In showcasing the many organisations to be found at and around CBS, our hope is to inspire you to see that you shouldn’t hesitate to join one of them, or even start your own, because they are all run by students just like you! I wish to thank all the volunteers who have contributed to this book; your enthusiasm and commitment make you inspiring to work with. All of your organisations make CBS richer as a university and you give so much to your fellow students. With this book, I hope that we manage to get even more CBS students engaged in extracurricular activities in the future! Sincerely, Kirsten Weibrecht Kristensen Project Manager

CONTRIBUTIONS The CBS Network Book 2013/14 Student Society & Organizations is published by:

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network CBS Students Network and CBS in collaboration

ISBN: 978-87-994660-3-0 Copyright 2013: CBS Students at Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen

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With the support from: Copenhagen Business School, Carlsberg and SL Fonden

Project Group: Kirsten Weibrecht Kristensen Amber Ramage Josefine Bugtrup Sofie Zeuthen Madsen


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Introduction 3 reasons to become a volunteer 180 degrees Consulting Copenhagen AIESEC CBS BSc. Soc. Union Building Tomorrow Cand Merc. Psyk Alumni CBS Case Competition CBS Debating Society CBS Film CBS Gourmet CBS hunting club Cbs international choir CBS Jazz CBS Life cbs move CBS MUN, CBS Model United Nations CBS Photography CBS Radio CBS Shipping CBS Sport CBS Wine China Nao Conservative students at cbs cbs students in 10 steps Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship CPH Management Consulting Club Danish Chinese Student Forum DANSIC – Danish Social Innovation Club DØK foreningen FEJ FinanceLab FLØK Student Association German Student Society HA Invest IB union IBP Union International Office (Buddy programme, cbs exchange crew, isa) Italian Students Organization IW Copenhagen MarketingLab msa, Multiethnic Student Association oikos Copenhagen P. 20 Protocol. Samvinnan Stardust Suitable for Business SweDen Students vcic, venture capital investment competition


Dear Student, It is a great honour for Carlsberg to welcome you to this book. On the next pages, you will find all student organisations and societies at CBS. We highly encourage you to engage in CBS’ many extra-curricular activities as a supplement to your studies. Being a volunteer in a student organisation proofs engagement, experience and commitment. The student organisations at CBS are an excellent way to improve your personal, academic and professional development. This is something we value at Carlsberg. This is why Carlsberg is an integrated and active part of Copenhagen Business School. This is why we sponsor the student organisations and societies at CBS: We want to give you the best learning and study environment! We hope that this book will inspire you – to both engage yourself and enjoy the experience with Carlsberg.

Anne-Marie Skov Senior Vice President Group Communications


Bjarne Steen Jensen On Trade Director Carlsberg Danmark

INTRODUCTION You are now one step closer to getting involved in extracurricular activities at CBS What you are holding in your hands is a catalogue of all the student-run organisations and societies on campus. It is these organisations that arrange all activities on campus. By engaging in extra-curricular activities, you actively enrich your time at CBS: You will get new friends from other programmes, increase your practical experience, and have a lot of fun. CBS Students Network consists of all student organisations on campus. We work together to engage even more students in extracurricular activities. We hope you will join in. If you have any hobby or professional interest, which does not appear in this book – don’t despair. Swing by our student union CBS Students Office, and we will help you create your own student organisation - and then CBS WILL ALSO HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!

On behalf of CBS Students Network,

Philip Hardø President CBS Students


3 REASONS TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER Hundreds of students daily commit themselves to volunteer activities to make life at CBS more fun. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but some of the biggest and coolest events at CBS are entirely planned, developed and executed by active student volunteers. The CBS Case Competition, the yearly University Election, wine tastings, movie showings, guest-speaker seminars and sustainability workshops. These are all volunteer activities. Though all of this might seem a bit extraordinary and beyond your personal capabilities – after all we do have to study – we strongly recommend all students to engage in volunteer activities. Most of the volunteer jobs at CBS are very flexible and can easily be combined with an already busy student calendar. Though you will not get paid, you needn’t worry – voluntary work is one of the best investments you will ever make.



Priceless Experience


Fantastic Network


CV Value


First of all, the activities and projects that you will engage in are guaranteed to give you a lot of practical experience. This is priceless for your theoretical and academic background as a student. Having experience in tasks such as marketing, project leadership, fundraising, event planning and others, will give you extremely valuable experience in the future. In short, being a volunteer teaches you something the world’s best education can’t teach you.

By being a volunteer, you will meet awesome people, people that are very likely to help you, not just with the student life, but also with future career plans and other problems you might encounter. You will develop new friendships and your network will increase as you become part of the vibrant, active and international student volunteer environment at CBS.

Committing yourself to voluntary work will give you an advantage over your peers when applying for jobs. Employers value the volunteer spirit as it tells them something about your personal character, your “can do” mentality and your ambition to learn and develop. Choosing to work without being paid says a lot about a person’s values and interests, and employers are eager to work with this kind of person.

Friends and Fun



180 Degrees Consulting is a worldwide pro-bono student consultancy that aims to achieve a social impact by working with NGOs and socially-conscious businesses. Teams of university students work with organizations to identify and overcome their challenges. Who are we? We are a student consultancy founded in Australia in 2007. Over the past six years, we have grown to an international organization with chapters in Australia, Europe, the US and Pakistan. The Danish branch was established in August 2011. What’s in it for you? We give you the opportunity to work with NGOs, social businesses and SME’s on enhancing their social impact. You can apply your theoretical knowledge and boost your CV. You receive exclusive training by leading consulting firms and team mentorship by experienced professionals. You have the chance to get to know like-minded students and can socialize with them at our events during the semester. How does this work? We have two recruiting rounds per year, one in the spring, and one in the fall. We are looking for good interpersonal skills, a relevant academic background and leadership potential. Throughout the consulting period, teams have access to supporting tools and resources and are assigned a mentor. At the end, results are presented to the client and the other teams.


We are part of the world’s largest student-run organisation, AIESEC, present in over 110 countries and at more than 2.400 universities worldwide. With over 60 years of experience, we focus on developing leadership capabilities and to facilitate international internships. Our members develop and grow personally and professionally through voluntary teamwork. What we do The work in AIESEC is a diverse experience, which lets you improve your hard and soft skills, which are relevant in tomorrow’s business world. AIESEC CBS offers you the chance to improve your leadership style through different stages of teamwork, learning by doing and our feedback system. The AIESEC network also offers high quality conferences both on a national and international level, and of course, a lot of interesting people. You can even earn ECTS points by working as a volunteer in AIESEC CBS.


Our Exchange Programmes  Apart from our leadership development programme, our core service is to facilitate internships, both for students wanting to go abroad and for companies in Denmark that want to receive interns. The purpose behind AIESEC’s service is both to break down cultural barriers and to provide professional and personal development that creates managers with an entrepreneurial and sustainable mindset for tomorrow’s business world. If you are interested in joining or want more information, take a look at our contact information. or ask an AIESECer



The purpose of BSc. Soc. Union is to improve the academic and social life for students of Business Administration and Sociology as well as the overall study environment of Copenhagen Business School. Who are we? BSc. Soc. is a new and unique international combination programme at CBS. The Union therefore works to enhance academic and social life for BSc. Soc. students by arranging or co-arranging events such as the annual ‘SocAmok’ party, Christmas Lunch, ‘Fastelavnsfest’, Gala and End of Year Celebration, as well as various guest lectures. By creating a center for information, we hope students across cohorts can all profit from our shared experiences and ideas. Our aim is to facilitate a link between students from different cohorts, programmes, CBS staff, other CBS organizations, and the external environment. Bring your ideas! We strongly encourage students to come up with ideas that they feel could benefit the overall experience of the BSc. Soc. programme or the general study environment at CBS. Suggestions for new projects or aspirations to get involved with the Union are greatly appreciated! Students in the BSc. Soc. programme at CBS can apply for membership by sending their name and student e-mail address to our mailbox – membership is free of charge. Follow us! For more info on upcoming events, statutes and general activities, please visit our Facebook profile!


Do you envision a world where every child with desire to learn has a safe and local place to do so? Great! Then apply to become an ambassador of CBS Building Tomorrow! What is Building Tomorrow? Building Tomorrow is an international non-profit organization that empowers young people to invest their resources, time, and talents in providing access to education for their peers in sub-Saharan Africa. Over the past five years, thousands of US students have raised over $600,000 for the construction of ten academies in Uganda with four are currently under construction. Overall, they provide learning space for 3250 students.

Building Tomorrow

CBS Building Tomorrow We are the first international chapter of the organization. We are 25 motivated students from various CBS programs that organize events, engage with companies and media. We engage students in fundraising events to generate support for the construction of primary-level academies in Uganda. Bike to Uganda 10 stationary bikes, a week, and a CBS student; this is what it takes to bike the distance to Uganda. Bike to Uganda is our biggest fundraising event where students, faculties, and companies have the chance to contribute to our initiative and help us finance the construction of a primary academy in Uganda. If you want to join CBS Building Tomorrow, or if you simply have any questions, please write to us atthe contact information provided.


Sign up for your future career receive customised career emails about subjects that interest you Do you need a student job? Does your cv show your employability? are you on track with your career? together with our partners, career center provides job opportunities at cBS careergate, company events, case competitions, projects and cases, seminars, career counselling and much more. Sign up now

proviDeD By cBS career center 12

Now is your chance to become a lifetime member of the attractive networking association CAND.MERC.PSYK.ALUMNI. What The purpose of the association is to facilitate continuous sharing of knowledge and academic insights, maintenance and development of your personal network. Each year, we host three alumni gatherings where present practical issues and cutting edge theory is presented and discussed in interactive working groups.

cand. merc. psyk alumni

Who CAND.MERC.PSYK.ALUMNI is a nonprofit networking association for graduates and students from the business administration and psychology line. The association can be joined if you are a student or graduate from the master degree and if you are a student on your third year or hold a bachelor’s degree. How To join the association, please visit our website for more information.



Every year in Week 9, CBS Case Competition (CCC) hosts one of the most prestigious international case competitions in the world – right here at CBS! How to enjoy it To share the excitement of CCC with all CBS students, we arrange events, workshops and freebies throughout Week 9 in collaboration with our sponsors. Keep an eye out for the event postings and our week program and mark your calendars already – this week is not something you want to miss! How to participate If you want to challenge yourself and think this case competition concept sounds like fun – you also have the opportunity to participate in our Beat the Elite competition. Running parallel to CCC, it provides all students the opportunity to solve the CCC case. You form your own team of four people, sign up, solve the case in 24 hours and compete for the 1st prize against teams from all over Scandinavia. How to get involved The organization behind CCC is driven and managed entirely by 30 highly motivated top students on a voluntary basis. These 30 students form the Organizing Committee and are recruited each year in April, after which they spend 10 months planning, promoting and fundraising for this spectacular week. If you have what it takes – remember to claim your spot next year!


Have you ever wanted to match wits with your fellow students in a setting that won’t result in a bar brawl? How about discussing major political, philosophical or moral ideals in a setting that allows for proper exploration of the ideas? What we do Copenhagen Business School Debating Society is an organization for those interested in discussion and debate. While the ultimate goal for some of our members is to be world class debaters, we also foster a strong local community of those who like our weekly informal practice debates. We practice once a week with workshops, speeches, and tactics usually resulting in a debate to close off the practice. We have discussed whether: terrorism can be justified, gender quotas should be implemented in public offices, if “We” are more important than “I”, and whether single-sex schools are good for education.


Benefits of joining Suffice to say, debate offers many benefits. Simply by watching debates, you can raise your critical thinking abilities and even more so once you actually start formulating arguments yourself. By delivering short speeches in English once a week, you will also gain a mastery of the English language as well as strong public speaking skills (just think of how easy your next oral exam will be, or as prep for your thesis defence). To join, please visit our Facebook page, and attend our next practice!


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CBS Film is an organization for those who share a passion for movies. Each month, we screen a cinematic gem that brings either tears or smiles, but always a pleasant and enriching time. We present films ranging from well-known classics to overlooked masterpieces. “Go ahead, make my day.” Our main focus is bringing the cultural aspect into the busy life of a student through quality films. With screenings that cover a wide array of genres, interests and issues we will act as a catalyst for further reflections and some entertaining evenings.


“We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.” CBS Film offers exclusive, free screenings at campus and special offers around Copenhagen. Events vary: everyone gets a say with Student Select and at times our screenings constitute interesting collaborations with other CBS organizations. “Join us, and together we can rule the galaxy…” CBS Film is for everyone at CBS who may have an interest in movies or an appreciation of the social context. So take a seat at one of our meetings to share your passion with like-minded students or just enjoy good times, popcorn and red seats. It’s your chance to be part of a new and exciting organization where all proposals are welcome.



The purpose of CBS Gourmet is to increase the knowledge of good food and gorgeous drinks among students and employees at CBS. Currently, we are a small executive committee working for the sacred cause but we need your ideas and dreams to make future events happen. Our Events Since our organisation’s creation, we have had different kind of events. Some of the events have been ‘out of the house’ at suitable locations in Copenhagen but most events are held at CBS. Most of our events have been different tastings on mainly malt brews. The participants are widely spread out across the student body of CBS. Employees can and do also participate as well as a few non-CBS guests. Come with your ideas The events could be anything, only the imagination is the limit. Furthermore, we take informal networking serious. Take a look at our Facebook page and join today! Slainté


On a hunt for a hunting club? CBS Hunting Club is for everybody interested in hunting and the lifestyle that comes with it. Networking and learning The primary purpose is to create a network for CBS students interested in hunting. CBS Hunting Club is the place to meet students from other programs who share your interest. We provide a forum where you can share your experiences, ask for advice, and debate hunting-related topics – anything from the growth of the population of grouse in Denmark or what wellies to wear when hunting – don’t hold back! Anyone can join! You don’t need a hunting license to become a member of CBS Hunting Club. We have activities that allow people without a hunting license to participate such as talks about safaris and how to cook the game. If you want a hunting license, you can obtain one through the hunting license courses we offer. Go Like our Facebook page and register as a member on our website!


Let’s go hunting! Our LaserKino gives you the opportunity to try out your hunting skills without shooting any real animals. If you do have a hunting license, we arrange hunts as well – the last hunt was held at Ledrebrog Slot. Soon we will organise clay target shooting sessions and we can’t wait to see you there!



Do you love to sing? Would you like to meet some wonderful new people during your stay at CBS? Then the CBS International Choir is the place for you and we would love to welcome you to our choirfamily. Our family: We are a 60-person choir that sings a variety of songs, though mainly in the modern musical styles of Michael Jackson, Coldplay and Queen. When and where? We meet once a week at CBS - every Wednesday evening for 2 hours. Our amazing choir-leader, Astrid Nora Lössl, skillfully leads us through the 3-5 voices we include in our songs. Our selection of songs gives us a unique sound; a sound that is made by the people who enjoy singing – namely you! You It is not a requirement that you can sing like a professional, and nor will there be an audition. We are simply a student organization and we exist to join together students on a common ground – with a mutual passion for singing. Us We are from all over the world and we have an average of 17 nationalities – creating a wonderful kaleidoscope of individuals. This can serve as opportunity to make connections that could potentially last a lifetime. We look forward to meeting you and hope you would like to join us and be a part of our family!


The sole purpose of CBS Jazz is to deliver live jazz and create a good atmosphere at CBS. On Tuesdays at Nexus, mellow jazz tunes will set the mood perfect after a day of studies. “Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.” - Art Blakey On Tuesdays you can relax at Nexus with jazzy tunes on the speakers. On the third Tuesday of every month, Nexus will host live concerts with promising young jazz musicians and take you through the world of jazz.


“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” - Louis Armstrong CBS Jazz educates on the world of jazz on Tuesdays at Nexus and with special offers from Jazzhus Montmartre, the legendary jazz club in Copenhagen. Members with a CBS student card will find low prices on amazing cocktails and concerts. Join us if you want to help bring jazz to the student masses and create a venue for amazing upcoming musicians. Join us if you want to learn about the culture of jazz and the organisation. “So what?” – Miles Davis So, if you are looking for a good night out with friends, beer and some of the best Danish jazz musicians around, or simply looking for an alternative to Nexus Thursdays, CBS Jazz in cooperation with Nexus and CBS Students have come to the rescue. Like us on Facebook and see you in the jazz zone at Nexus! CBS Jazz on Facebook



We are a CBS student-run news and culture blog. Our goal is to develop all on-and off-campus news to make the most of your university experience and give you a true student perspective. Who we are and what we do All of our articles are in English and focus on four main categories; On Campus, Off Campus, Guide and Discuss. These will help explain the ins and outs of the city and how to best navigate your way to a fantastic time in Copenhagen, particularly if you are new to the city or Denmark and feel pretty clueless about where to begin. We write with a conversational, friendly, yet straightforward tone that gets the message across and will hopefully make you laugh as well. Want to join or do you have a tip? We are always looking for new writers and tips, so if you’re interested please reach out. Being a CBSLifer, you will not only join an international, diverse and broad network, but also improve your written and spoken English through unique opportunities and writing assignments. You can contact us on our official blog page, or on our Facebook page.





Kurser og workshops, der styrker dine jobchancer og dine kompetencer Karriererådgivning, hvor du bl.a. får styr på dine stærke og svage sider Faglig inspiration og professionelle netværk Virksomhedspræsentationer, der giver indblik i karrieremuligheder

Alt sammen tilbud, du gratis kan benytte som medlem. Og nok en væsentlig årsag til, at CA topper listerne, når der måles på medlemstilfredshed i a-kasserne.

GRATIS STUDIEMEDLEMSKAB Har du under 5 år tilbage af dit studie, kan du med fordel melde dig ind i CA som gratis studiemedlem. Og har du været studiemedlem i mindst ét år, inden du afslutter din uddannelse, har du ret til dagpenge allerede dagen efter, du dimitterer. Det giver dig 14.235 kr. ekstra. Læs mere på:

dk w w w.c a. 90 45 14 33 . lf T




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23 CBS_rus_maj13

De fleste CBS’ere vælger CA som a-kasse. Bl.a. fordi vi har et indgående kendskab til de jobområder, som CBS’ere søger eller allerede sidder i, og derfor kan hjælpe dig bedre end nogen anden a-kasse – både mens du er studerende og efterfølgende. Vi tilbyder dig bl.a.:


A creative lab with dedicated performers and international choreographers. Shall we dance? CBS Move is an organization focused on creativity and movement; an organization that seeks to create an artistic space in an academic environment. We wish to challenge the academic setting of CBS through a physical theater and various genres of dance. To name a few, we teach contemporary, modern, jazz, latin and ballroom, salsa, chair tease and funk. In short, there is something for everyone, and the best part - it is absolutely free! Wuuushh…! Ninja storm at the library. Since our start in January 2013, we have held multiple classes and done several performances around CBS campus. To name the latest, we performed a contemporary flash mob in the hallway at Solbjerg Plads and a ninja flash mob at the CBS Library. And we promise many more to come! Beginners? Experienced? – We have room for everyone It doesn’t matter if you’re a skilled dancer or not - all that matters is that you want to move and have fun. We teach classes at different levels so you will never feel out of place when either our great instructor team or specially headhunted choreographers are the creative directors. If we have piqued your curiosity, you can find us on Facebook where we post information about upcoming classes. Otherwise you are welcome to show up at our studio at Dalgas have, next to ECO. We hope to see you soon and get them hips shaking!


“We are not developing nations, we are not developed nations, We are the United Nations.� Join CBSMUN if you want to explore, inspire and lead. Who we are and & what we do CBSMUN is a newly founded student organization at CBS. Its key purpose is to gain a deeper understanding of global issues and their implications for the ongoing development of the global political economy, which is done through participation in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences all over the world. In the upcoming year, CBSMUN will be representing CBS at the National Model United Nations conference in New York City during Easter 2014.


Prior to this conference lies a remarkable amount of preparation in educating the students on various topics such as; the Millennium Development Goals, Economic Aid, Illicit Trade of Arms and Environmental issues. The reason behind & how to join Behind CBSMUN lays a deeper vision of representing CBS globally furthermore enhancing and creating new collaborations between students from CBS and students from other leading business schools. If you are interested in joining CBSMUN, Like our Facebook page and stay updated on upcoming events. Further details on the application on participating in the conference will be posted during the beginning of the fall semester 2013. For more information about the student organization CBSMUN, please contact us.



Do you want to be a part of a photography community, where we - the students of CBS - together broaden our creative scope, inspire each other and share knowledge? What will you be a part of? CBS Photography is a non-profit student organization with the purpose of sharing knowledge within the field of photography. Furthermore, CBS Photography members make up the campus photographers that cover CBS events. We are not professionals or experts - we merely want to be mediators of knowledge and thereby cultivate students’ interest and skill in photography. What we offer CBS Photography hosts various events, both for inexperienced, intermediate and accomplished users through a differentiated approach to events which includes courses with professional photographers and workshops. We will seek to accommodate all our members! As a member, you will also be able to test your skills through event photographing and workshops. Become a member! A CBS Photography membership is free. Everyone is welcome, and owning a DSLR-camera is not a requirement. We aim to provide our members with inspiration, knowledge, hands-on experience through events, competitions and courses from various professional photographers. If you want to know more, please contact us.


Some years ago, a couple of guys discovered that CBS was missing something – its own radio program! They then joined Universitetsradioen and this was the beginning of CBS Radio. Our show Every other Tuesday from 10 – 11 am, we send live on 95.5 FM and on The studio is always packed with interesting guests - politicians, entrepreneurs and cool people from other CBS organizations. To name a few from last semester: Carl Mar Møller, the guys from AiAiAi and our very own “regular” Asger Aamund. Join us! We are an organization that is in constant development and always looking for creative people who are passionate about making radio! So if you have a great idea, feel free to contact us on Facebook, find us on Society day or write us an email.




Do you want to know more about what role shipping plays in the global economy? Do you want to meet fellow students with an interest for shipping as well as professionals with experience from the maritime industry? Who are we? CBS Shipping is an interest organization that aims at bringing news and knowledge about the shipping industry to students at CBS. Our goal is to enable people with a common interest for shipping to meet and share knowledge through our network, as well as hosting exciting events to expand our knowledge on the global maritime industry. Who are you? Whether you want to read our monthly newsletters, participate in our events, or join in the planning and organizing, we have something that will fit your needs. There are no restrictions on who can join or not, but some events may have an upper limit for participants. We will welcome you with open arms if you want to become more involved and take part in the organizing, but this also requires a higher level of commitment. How to get involved? By signing up for our newsletter and following us on FB or Twitter, you can get information on upcoming events, as well as relevant updates from the industry itself. We look forward to hearing from you!


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by Spisestuerne

by Spisestuerne





CBS Sport was founded to add more life to CBS Campus through different sporting activities, to create a social network across study programs and sports, and to create a better sporting alternative for students and youth all over Copenhagen. You can read more about the different sport activities on our website, where you can also find the contact information for each sport. New Friendships As a member of CBS Sport, you will meet students from different study backgrounds, which will give you the opportunity to create new friendships and widen your network. We put much emphasis on our members thriving in our club and making them feel part of the teams. Sports Events CBS Sport is the sole- and co-organizer of different sporting events throughout Frederiksberg, such as CBS Sport Campus Relay, CBS Sport Challenge and many other tournaments during the year. CBS Sport is also the organizer of the annual CBS ski trip. Find out more information about these events on our website. If you want to become a volunteer at one of our events or teams, we are happy to receive an email from you. Try one of our many sports: Badminton - Basketball - Floorball - Football - Handball Rugby - Skaterhockey - Ski - Volleyball - Tennis - X-Fit


Lots of people are curious about wine, but the first steps are always difficult. CBS Wine offers you a fun, social and inexpensive way to explore wine. 1,200 Students Can’t Be Wrong CBS Wine is where you take a break from your studies, enjoy wine with your friends and meet new people. Our mission is to help you learn about the wonderful world of wine through fun and interesting wine tastings. Whether you have zero experience with wine or can tell us the quality of all Champagne vintages dating back to 1950, CBS Wine is right for you. Ask What Your Wine Society Can Do for You! CBS Wine will benefit you in three ways – tastings, discounts, and advice. You and your friends are invited to join five fun wine tastings each semester at student-friendly prices. You get 10-15% discount in the best wine shops in Copenhagen with your student ID. You can contact us for free advice and help with anything related to wine.


Sounds Good – What’s the Catch? There isn’t one. We are free and open to all CBS students. You can join CBS Wine simply by liking us on That’s the first place where we announce upcoming wine tastings, news and more. Don’t hesitate to sign up – our next wine tasting could be the start of your new hobby.



China Nao is a volunteer-run, non-political student organization established in 2012. China Nao is a platform for students and young professionals with a common interest in China. The organization is run by the China Nao team, but it is expected that members will take part in and share their ideas on hosting events, organizing the annual conference and sharing knowledge and resources through the China Nao webpage. The China Nao platform At the root of the platform lies a number of activities: “Workshop Windows”: Inspirational talks provided by experts and young professionals - sharing their knowledge with the China Nao network and bringing inspiration for future challenges and discussions. “Socialising Sundays”: Self-generated exchange among members. An opportunity for members to share experiences and projects in a relaxed forum with free exchange – all while getting to know each other better and expand and strengthen their network. The Mission of China Nao China Nao aims at creating a network between students and young professionals who have a professional interest in China. We aim at establishing a platform for knowledge-sharing and mutual support between our members. The China Nao platform furthermore strives to speak to universities, institutions and companies with an interest in China. We wish to create links between our members and external actors.


Conservative Students at CBS (abbreviated “KS�) is a student union gathering politically interested students at CBS. The union primarily subscribes to a centre-right political belief with a strong emphasis on freedom and flexibility, and thus recognizes that student politics and general politics are interlinked. What we do KS is the primary organization seeking to promote moderate and centre-right ideas at CBS. The organization strives to create a network of like-minded students interested in politics, and arrange events within the topics of politics, communication and social events such as barbecues, debate nights and networking events. Being a political union at CBS, KS has several members elected to the study boards and thus actively engages in the elections at CBS.


Join us While politics is discussed in KS, you do not have to actively engage in any of the political activities. Whether you choose to participate in politics or not, we welcome you at KS. Please find out more about us us on our Facebook page, where we post updates on topics of interest for students at CBS.


An overview of CBS Students

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

In 10

ENGAGEMENT! What unites and motivates us all in CBS Students? It’s our engagement and burning desire to improve CBS.

WE ARE YOUR VOICE! We are more than 20.000 students at CBS. CBS Students is your voice in debates that relate to our interests both within and outside CBS.

FOR ALL STUDENTS! CBS Students is for and open towards all students at CBS. We are not affiliated with any party-political ideology – we work for the students at CBS, and only the students!

OUR VISION! We want to make CBS the best Business University in the

world. Full stop.

STUDENT ORGANISATIONS! CBS has more than 60 student organisations. As the Student Union, we help them in any way we can. One way is to produce this booklet.


your Student Union at CBS


6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

PROJECTS FROM A-Z! We send students to Roskilde Festival, make sure that

you can Print cheaper, coordinate all your great Intro activities and much, much more.

VOLUNTEERS! Overwhelmed? Then wait till you hear that students manage everything with voluntary work. We believe in helping each other out. We see how each of us develops and gets better, we get to learn each other across study programs and we get the best jobs afterwards.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE! But most importantly: We make an active difference for not just ourselves but all our common students at CBS.

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! And CBS Students is FUN. You get more responsibility than you think. Quite often there is a lot of things to do – but we still value an informal, friendly and social atmosphere.

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Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) is your gateway to entrepreneurship and innovation! For students who are interested in entrepreneurship, we arrange and host a wide range of networking events. Check out our website and get updated. For students who want to realize a business idea, we have a student incubator, CSE Lab, at which you can get free office space, sparring, professional counseling and much more that will help you accelerate your idea. CSE Lab offers 3 programs: Proof of Idea: Develop your idea and test its potential. CSE Lab’s business developers will help you test your idea by means of experienced sparring and tools. Proof of Concept: Apply for a 3 month-program and turn your idea into a business. Here, you will be offered sparring, pitch training, various workshops, and office facilities in the amazing spaces of CSE. Proof of Business: Selected teams, who have proved their concepts, are offered the possibility to extend their stay in CSE Lab for 6 months. Want to know more? – Join CSE Lab’s Open Wednesdays If you are interested in meeting other inspiring entrepreneurs, get idea developing tools and sparring, please stop by CSE Lab on Wednesday from 1 – 5 pm, where you will get qualified feedback on your idea. Learn more about CSE at our website and stop by at our Open Wednesdays and events.


Be a part of an ambitious and talented network. CPHMCC is a link between the management consulting industry and ambitious and talented students from the four biggest universities in Copenhagen. Our partners, your network CPH Management Consulting Club offers our members the opportunity to learn about and interact with the consultancy industry through collaboration with our partners such as Deloitte Consulting, Quartz & Co, Accenture, Valcon and Implement. We want to contribute to an exclusive network that can enhance your career prospects and widen your network. Our events, your gain CPH Management Consulting Club develops together with our partners events, where members can participate. These events cover topics such as case solving, interview techniques and other relevant issues. We facilitate learning and development of students’ analytical and presentation skills, and we create possibilities for our members to become familiar with the industry’s frameworks.

CPH Management consulting club

Become an exclusive member The members of the club represent a unique blend of driven students from 21 master programs and 8 bachelor programs. We encourage all students with a desire to develop and meet like-minded peers to apply for the club. Are you interested in exploring the world of consultancy and want to gain relevant experience within the industry please read more about our membership, how to become a member and our organization at the pages listed.



Are you also interested in understanding the dynamics that shape our future, with China becoming the largest economy in the world? Are you looking for a place where you can become a part of a friendly community, contributing to Sino-Danish relations and mutual exchange? Then Danish Chinese Student Forum is the place for you! For students, by students We are group of highly motivated and ambitious students, who are working to create the largest network for students interested in China and Denmark. We consist of Danish, Chinese and international students, with a common interest in both countries. We share our experiences and knowledge across culture and language, establishing a platform for mutual exchange. We bridge the gap between Danes and Chinese It is the members of our organization who create the organization, and democratically decide which direction and opportunities to pursue. At Danish Chinese Student Forum, there are ample chances to grow your international network, gain professional insight and be updated on the latest info and events. Take control of your future, get involved! We are the largest community for Danish and Chinese students in Denmark, striving to provide a platform that is open to everyone. Are you interested in being exposed to a culturally diverse environment, helping each other prepare for the future challenges of the west, together with the opportunities from the rising great power, China? Then please contact us and get involved!


Financial crisis. Climate crisis. Unemployment. Health problems. Poverty. The list of societal challenges is long and there is an undeniable need for new ideas, cross-sector partnership, and innovative solutions – solutions that engage the civil sector, are economically sustainable, and aim at inspiring the government sector to take new leaps.


The Danish Social Innovation Club

Mission: Social innovation DANSIC’s aim is to inspire social innovation and develop new solutions to society’s social and environmental challenges. We aim at inspiring leaders from the public, private, and voluntary sector to improve society through social innovation. Also, we want to inspire potential social entrepreneurs to start up social enterprises. Events and activities DANSIC’s biggest activity is our annual conference held in March, which consists of panel debates and workshops – bringing together more than 300 students and more than 30 speakers. Other DANSIC activities include the case competition, pitch@DANSIC, as well as events on social innovation throughout the year. Join us! DANSIC is a volunteer organisation which is politically neutral, nonprofit and run by students. Each year, we need new engaged students to join our team. Sounds interesting? Take a look at our website, Like us on Facebook, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments of any kind. /


DØK foreningen

DØK-Foreningen is the student association for HA(it.) and CM(it.) and we focus on student welfare, and networking, academic, and social activities. The primary goals of the association are to: - Promote the wellbeing of individuals and the student community, - Promote the work of student politics within the study, - Promote the work of activity groups within the study, - Retain the connections to alumni and - Promote the creation and development of networking across and within the study cohorts. The events With its long standing sense of tradition, DØK-Foreningen has become renowned for its open mindset. With broad spectrum of social events, with everything from LAN parties to gala evenings, as well as academic activities, such as tutoring options for first year students and advanced Excel courses, DØK-Foreningen has something to offer for everyone. The people Every student studying HA(it.) or CM(it.) is automatically a member of DØK-Foreningen, and is eligible to join the activities hosted by DØKForeningen. The community DØK-Foreningen is run by dedicated and active students, but is little without its members - thus we encourage all students of HA(it.) and CM(it.) to contribute with ideas and suggestions that they find exciting and would like to share their fellow students.


FEJ (Foreningen af ErhvervsJurister - Association of Business Law) is the student union for HA(jur.) and CM(jur.)at CBS. FEJ aims to enhance student opportunities by reaching out to the business community, enhancing inter-year interaction, holding events, presentations, trips, and parties. FEJ has a Board of Directors which consists of various subcommittees for different purposes and fields of interest:

FEJ - The enlightening student magazine found online with its associated journalists, photographers and freelancers. Unit One - Arranges the annual study tour. Over the years, it was to New York, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Malaysia, and more. Party Committee – Arranges the funnest and wildest parties around Copenhagen Lawyer Group – The committee examines issues facing CBSeducated lawyers who are practicing law. FEJ-IF – Consisting of our football heroes A-Team – FEJ’s social committee which organizes fun and cozy events both on CBS and around Copenhagen Business Committee - Organizes company visits to some of the largest companies within economics and law, including Kammeradvokaten, Danisco, Deloitte, Rambøll, KPMG, PWC, Maritime and Commercial Court, the Consumer Ombudsman, which all want to make contact with students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. The association is voluntary and needs interested students to take part in the Board and committees. Being part of FEJ will make you part of a good and useful network, in your academic years and after. If you find FEJ interesting, please go to our website or email us.



FinanceLab is a non-profit, student volunteer organization covering all major universities and colleges in Denmark with more than 1,300 registered members. We are the primary point of contact between the financial industry and the academic world. The organization rests on three pillars: Education, Network, and Performance. Education The first pillar gives students interested in finance the opportunity to sharpen their skill set and increase their knowledge beyond academics. To do this, we offer a range of extracurricular activities, such as courses and lectures with speakers from both the academic and professional world. Our proprietary courses are mostly offered in collaboration with external partners, such as independent professors, partner banks and asset management firms. Network Since people and relationships are at the core of finance, the second pillar is Network. Each month, we host an Open Member Night where existing and prospective members can discuss current issues and share knowledge. Finally, our Study Trip enables the top-performing students to create a network in London and get the extra edge needed to land an internship within the financial sector. Performance The third pillar, Performance, enables students to get practical experience with real-life corporate finance and capital markets. This is facilitated through a proprietary investment fund with approximately 250,000 DKK in assets under management, managed by 15 carefully selected students. Finally, we host the two largest finance and investment banking conferences in Denmark for students, Investment Camp and Investment Camp Aarhus.


FLØK Student Association gives you the opportunity to contribute to the study environment in FLØK by helping arrange events like an annual study tour, training courses and other social events such as concerts and parties. What is FLØK Student Association? FLØK Student Association works to create the best possible learning environment in FLØK - and it is up to the members of the association and their fellow students to determine how best to do this. We organize an annual study abroad, which gives students the opportunity to try out some of what they have learned in their studies in an international context. We also arrange professional courses every semester, which aim at supporting and enhanceing student skills. In addition, we hold a number of social events such as FLØK Music Festival and theater trips. If you have an idea for an event for FLØK students, YOU should also join.


Who can join? Everyone who studies FLØK at either the bachelor or master level can join the association. We always welcome new members and like to support all those who want to contribute to the study environment in FLØK. You can also join if you have the best idea for a new event that you would like a hand putting into practice, or if you would like to get involved in any of our existing projects.



There are more than 300 German students and they don’t have their own organization? Let’s change that! Our aim with the German Student Society is to create and improve both social and professional relationships for German-speaking students in our beloved Denmark. The Griffin was chosen as logo and symbol of the consolidation of the Lion in the Danish coat of arms and the eagle in the German coat of arms. Bachelor? Master? The newly-founded German Student Society invites you to discover new opportunities and meet friendly and openminded people. The new home for German interaction and collaboration The goals for the future are to provide enhanced networking opportunities, to make new friends and especially help Germanspeaking students to foster their career possibilities. Furthermore, we hope that the future will give us the opportunity of providing an uniquely designed website, find suitable partner companies and arrange interesting events. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to become an active member of the organization. You can also like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on future events. We look forward to meeting you!


HA-Invest is an investment association directed towards Norwegian students with an interest in the equity market. With a long history, the portfolio has grown to a current market value of just above 800.000 NOK. The club’s intention is to increase students’ knowledge about the stock market, while giving them an opportunity to acquire experience with investments and portfolio management. Furthermore, its purpose is to invest wisely in the Norwegian equity market, and increase value for its shareholders. Every week throughout the school year, HA-Invest meetings are held where the contemporary macro events are covered, and potential buy and sell candidates will be discussed. All portfolio changes are conducted by voting and decided upon by all present shareholders. Workshops are held four times a year, during which we take a closer look at sectors and companies that either already exist in the portfolio, or are considered to be potential buy candidates.


The club arranges a yearly study-trip to Oslo for its members. In addition to being a social event, it also includes visits to some of Norway’s largest investments banks and companies. HA-Invest provides a great opportunity for students to acquire hands-on experience, and an arena for improving and challenging your investment skills. All Norwegian students at CBS are welcome to attend meetings and workshops.



host a party for your programme at eco. bar dalgas have.


The concept is simple. Every study programme at CBS can borrow ECO. on Friday evenings –for free! At ECO. you are responsible for everything and it is up to you to decide if it should be a masquerade or a karaoke night! Contact CBS Students for further info on how you can arrange bartending, purchasing, financing and cleaning etc. We will help you with all your questions.

IB Union is a student organization with the purpose of improving student life on the International Business programme. It thrives to bring together students from all bachelor levels through academic and social activities. The Unions Academic Union The Academic Union strives to further educate the IB students through knowledge sharing events with company partners, alumni events and courses that will enhance your skills within business. Integration Union The Integration Union works to bridge the gap between foreign and Danish students. The Union provides needed advice to aid in the adjustment of moving to and becoming an established resident in a new country.


Social Union The Social Union aims to facilitate an engaging social environment between the different generations currently studying IB at CBS. Former arranged events for IB students include; IB Dinners, tournaments and the once a year Gala. Besides many exciting internal IB events we also collaborate with IBP in creation different sports tournaments during the year. Join as a volunteer and/or as an organizer and get to know fellow students from different generations of IB while having a real impact on what happens at IB socially and academically.


Like ’LA Faceboo K-CBS-Københ av k, og ho ld dig op n’ pü kurser o d ateret p g events ü i Køben havn.

Landsforeningen for kommunikation, LAK, er din faglige sparringspartner – büde igennem din studietid og nür du skal ud pü arbejdetsmarkedet.

Et netvÌrk af muligheder Som gratis studiemedlem für du bl.a. • en fagforening og a-kasse, som er med til at udvikle dig og dit fag • personlig karriererüdgivning • mulighed for billige forsikringer hos ALKA Vi afholder desuden hvert semester en rÌkke faglige arrangementer pü dit studiested, som er sÌrligt relevante for sprog- og kommunikationsstuderende. Der har fx tidligere vÌret lÌrerige kurser i Excel og Prezi og inspirerende foredrag om bÌredygtig markedsføring og professionel kommunikation pü sociale medier. Og sü tager vi hvert ür pü studieture, bl.a. til Bruxelles. )LQGÀHUHIRUGHOHRJPHOGGLJLQGSn

For dig der vil mere Bliv frivillig i studenterudvalget, og fü erfaringer, oplevelser og et større netvÌrk nür teori udføres i praksis. Vil du høre mere, sü skriv til LAK • Landsforeningen for kommunikation

If you’re a studying International Business and Politics at CBS and are interested in the social and academic life of your study program, keep reading! IBP Union is the student union for students in the program International Business and Politics program; either bachelor or master level. It consists of the board and three committees: IBP Academic, IBP Social, and IBP Sports. The Union was created four years ago with the aim of improving the student life of IBP Students in various ways, in order to make IBP one of the best study programs in the world. As IBP already is one of the most prestigious study programs in Denmark, the Union also works to create awareness about what IBP students (both previous and current) have to offer companies, organizations and other relevant workplaces.


The activities of the Union include parties and social events, sports tournaments, guest lectures, company visits, case competitions and a general debate on what could be improved inside and outside the lecture halls at IBP. IBP has a reputation of being one of the most social programs at CBS, which has been strongly influenced by IBP Union, and will hopefully continue to be in the future. If you would like to know more about our work, please visit our Facebook page or our homepage.



The CBS Buddies are the link between exchange and local students at CBS. We make sure that every incoming exchange student is well taken care of upon arrival in Copenhagen. We need Buddies for both semesters. Buddy responsibilities: - Welcome upon arrival - Introduce CBS campus - Organize a small Buddy dinner - Take part in social events during the arrival period

CBS Exchange Crew

The Exchange Social Program is designed to make sure that the incoming exchange students have an amazing time in Copenhagen during their stay. To make all this happen we depend on the best crew of volunteers; the Exchange Crew! Each semester we recruit new members. What you can expect from us: - Introduction meeting - Cottage trip - Social activities for the crew members only - Finally, you will receive a certificate for your efforts.

International Student Ambassadors (ISA)

The ISA is a group of voluntary students whose aim is to ease the transition of all full degree international students into living in Denmark and studying at CBS. This is achieved by creating social events, aiding with advice and guides. We recruit new members each semester. What you can gain as an ISA member: - Trainings and team buildings - Carrying out events - Work in a multicultural group - Get a certificate


Italian Students Organization aims at introducing all CBS students to Italian culture, business, lifestyle and outstanding professionals. What we do We create events that are open to everyone by using our rich network of contacts with Italian specialists and firms. The final objective is to promote Italian culture by providing opportunities for CBS students to work in Italy, get to know business opportunities or just to gain a rich knowledge through managers’ experience. With us, you will go beyond stereotypes and clichÊs. Who makes up our team Members are both Italians and non-Italians, as we believe that passion overcomes nationality. That is why everybody, from any country, can and should participate in our activities and apply for membership.


Creativity, passion and proactivity are the main drivers of the association. We believe that the key to success is to keep an informal working environment where everybody is free to propose ideas, but also where everyone has a specific role and duties. Get in touch If you want to find out more about us, visit our Facebook page. You are more than welcome to apply for a position by sending us an e-mail. A presto!


international WEEK COPENHAGEN

International Week Copenhagen is a student organization at CBS that is part of a network of 24 other universities around the globe. Our vision is to expand the network for students through international experience, cultural and academic activities and fun! International Week Copenhagen We are part of the International Week Coordinating Organization that is a worldwide network of student unions and student organizations that promotes cultural, economic, social and business exchange between students from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Over the past two decades, these student unions and organizations of young, aspiring students have been joining the International Week initiative in order to advance this exchange of culture and business through a one-week long project – The International Week (IW). Exchange Visits Every November, CBS hosts IW Copenhagen and receives around 25 international students who are hosted by full degree students from CBS. During the week, the participants and hosts get the chance to attend company visits, go sightseeing and increase their social network. All the activities are made possible by corporate partners and foundations that sponsor IW Copenhagen. In addition to hosting IW in Copenhagen, we have the possibility to send CBS students to the other 24 International Weeks in other countries. The different IWs happen in different periods of the year and we announce the deadline for applying to them on Facebook and E-Campus ad.


MarketingLab’s overall mission is to take Danish marketing to a whole new level. We want to create a bridge between the academic marketing world and the professional industry, and bring academia and practice closer together. Furthermore, we want to be an innovative platform where diverse competencies meet and enable us to foster creativity in completely new ways. Awesome events with the best in the industry MarketingLab strives to give tomorrow’s marketers a unique insight into the hottest and most interesting marketing solutions. We invite personalities, agencies and companies to share their knowledge, we arrange case competitions and workshops for students to gain hands-on experience with marketing, and we facilitate networking between students and professionals.

Marketing Lab

Solvers develops future talents The Solvers Group provides unprecedented opportunities for students to develop and challenge themselves. Solvers is the place where future stars within marketing will emerge. We work with market leaders to develop our team, and enable us to provide innovative, creative and quality solutions for our clients. Join us now! As a student, you have free access to all our events! All you have to do is to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and subscribe on our website to keep updated. If you are interested in working for us, please go to our website under About – Jobs, where you can see and apply for open positions. Look forward to seeing you!



✔ Præregistrering af fag ✔ Afrejsemøde ✔ Møbleret bolig gennem hele semesteret ✔ Introduktionsdage på skolen

IBS tilbyder universitetsstudier i USA, Australien og New Zealand til dig, der drømmer om at tage studierne med til udlandet et semester, eller en hel uddannelse. Vi vejleder dig igennem hele dit ophold, og samarbejder kun med velrenommerede skoler, som kan bidrage til dit CV på længere sigt. Vores samarbejspartnere: Hawaii Pacific University (USA), San Diego State University (USA), University of the Sunshine Coast (Australien) og AUT University (New Zealand). Dette får du med IBS: ✔ Studierådgivning- og vejledning ✔ Hjælp til ansøgning samt visumansøgning ✔ Legatvejledning samt vejledning til Statens Uddannelsesstøtte ✔ Optagelse uden TOEFL, IELTS mv

Vil du studere et semester i udlandet 2014? Besøg for ansøgningsfrister!

Tlf. 88 51 01 15 • • Følg os på


CHEAP & EASY PRINTING AT CBS CBS Students Print is easy to use with printers all over campus. You just need your laptop and your student ID. Get started right away at You can also visit us at our CBS Students Office at Solbjerg Plads.



Multiethnic Student Association is a student-driven association, with the aim of representing and pursuing the interests of the multiethnic students at CBS. Non-Political and Non-Religious The association is non-political and non-religious and strives to create a network among members, to create a framework for a productive and competent study environment. Our organisation consists of a Board of Directors, a social committee and an academic committee. Events and Activities We organize attractive activities, with the aim of empowering our members academic competencies. Furthermore we work to create vital connections between our members and Danish industry. One of our most successful and noteworthy activities has been our mentoring. Contact us via Facebook or e-mail and join us today!


oikos Copenhagen is a non-profit organization bringing together students interested in environmental, social and financial sustainability and CSR. We organize events such as the oikos Academy and the social entrepreneurship competition Develop Prize. As a member, you get unique opportunities to put your studies into practice and to develop your project management and leadership skills. But most importantly, you will be part of an inspiring international network and have lots of fun! /oy’-kos/ - say what? oikos Copenhagen is part of the international student organisation oikos, representing over 50.000 students from 31 different countries around the world. As a member, you can attend international conferences, work on international projects, and get an international perspective on sustainability topics.


Our strong brand gives you opportunities During our 10 years of existence, we have become the most influential student organization working with sustainability. In fact, oikos Copenhagen was nominated for the Danish CSR Awards in 2011 and 2012. This makes us an attractive partner for many companies and organisations. oikos members get access to this great network and what it has to offer in terms of e.g. internship and thesis possibilities. Why join oikos Copenhagen? Learn more about sustainability and CSR Get an international network – both private and professional Gain relevant experience for your CV



P.20 is a select network for young ambitious women that operates in partnership with Protocol. Mission P.20 wants to develop our members’ full potential, help provide the right career tools and seek to break the existing patterns of too few women in boardrooms and top leadership positions. Vision To raise awareness and empower women in order to change the existing pattern. About us We offer a dynamic forum where talented young women can meet with inspiring experts and mentors, who can teach and advise about various leadership topics. P.20 members are students and newly graduated ambitious women within diverse professional backgrounds. We aim at accelerating and developing members’ talents and help them in their future careers. Our goals are achieved through seminars, workshops, and mentoring from inspirational leaders and knowledge sharing in a professional network setting. The P.20 woman The P.20 woman is focused and ambitious. She is highly motivated and driven to develop her career. She is open-minded and proactive because she wants to learn from the best. Most importantly, she seeks to reach top positions and is an inspiration to other women. We want to help women develop their full potential in order to become an inspiring leader and make a difference in society. Learn more about P.20 on Facebook or at Apply to become a member by sending a cover letter to the email address listed.



nexus caffé latte, espresso, chai, beer, games, table football and much more. Open (08:00 - 18:00) – Thursday open till 02:00 – Friday open till 20:00

Students have a say at CBS. You can be that voice*

*More than 100 students are elected into the governing boards of CBS. You can improve your education. You can improve the rest of CBS. Design the improvements that the university needs. Engage yourself via 60

Samvinnan is an association for current and former Faroese students at Copenhagen Business School. Samvinnan’s objective is to gather Faroese students through activities, such as seminars and lectures, and to create a closer conjunction with firms on the Faroe Islands.


What The purpose of Samvinnan, in addition to uniting Faroese students, is to be a common platform which is easily recognized amongst Faroese companies who can offer Samvinnan’s members assignmentsubjects, summer work, internships, as well as permanent work after graduation. Who Samvinnan is a non-profit networking association for Faroese students at Copenhagen Business School. All Faroese students planning to become, have been, or are students at Copenhagen Business School can join the association, free of charge. Why Samvinnan wants to see all Faroese students at Copenhagen Business School join the association and become a part of this great society. Through this association, you will get to know new people, and by using our platform you gain access to Faroese companies on a different level for when you need a summer job, an internship, or information for assignment writing about Faroese relations. You are welcome to contact us and visit our website for more information. We look forward to meeting you. Facebook and LinkedIN: Samvinnan.



For years, Stardust CBS has been the first stop for students on their entrepreneurial journey. The student-driven organization was founded in 2005 by a group of students with the aim of strengthening the entrepreneurial environment at CBS. WHAT WE DO Stardusts works to pave the way for new innovative approaches to improving the entrepreneurial environment at CBS. Our main initiative is a membership-based talent network launched in the Spring of 2013, in collaboration with Stardust’s partner student organizations at DTU, KU, ITU, AAU and RUC, connected through Gate to Create - an umbrella organization for entrepreneurship studentorganizations at Danish universities. Our collaborative initiative, “Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark” (FED), allows us to strengthen the entrepreneurial environment beyond the limits of the individual universities. JOIN THE NETWORK Learn to skillfully realize economic potential of business ideas through a talent-network membership. On a semesterly basis, 50 students from the 6 universities are admitted into the talent network. The resulting mix of student backgrounds provides access to a enormously diverse pool of skills and academic expertise for network members to tap into when solving cases on exclusive professional partner workshops, such as with McKinsey and Graduateland. This provides members with more skills within entrepreneurship. Look us up on Facebook or on our website to learn more.


Students within the humanities and social sciences have asked themselves exactly how they can use their education to solve real life problems once they graduate from university. Furthermore, the business world does not know how to employ the vast number of students emerging from these fields either, and universities are caught in the middle, trying to bridge high educational standards and applicability. Case Competition - Connecting the Humanities and Social Sciences with the Business World Suitable for Business hosts a humanistic case competition in March, which serves as a meeting point for students, universities and the business world. Participating teams come from all over Scandinavia, with around 300 people in attendance in the past. The business world provides a case, universities provide relevant research-based key-note speeches that give students perspectives on their own competencies, and students create solutions to the case using their educational backgrounds.


Benefits of participating From this, students will experience that their knowledge is applicable, universities get students capable of solving real world issues using their education, and the business world sees the unique competencies of humanities and social sciences students. Suitable for Business gives back business a human face. Background Suitable for Business started as a student initiative at CBS in 2010 and now operates across all Copenhagen-based universities. There are also continual events throughout the year.



SweDen Students is a non-profit student organisation with a vision to strengthen relationships and provide networking opportunities for students, professionally as well as socially. We arrange both corporate and social events, to provide students with the possibility of getting an insight into different career opportunities, network with potential Swedish employers and other CBS students and thereby start building a platform for their future career. Activities Our corporate events include company presentations, caseexercises, and CV-writing, with prominent Swedish companies and organizations. This gives students the opportunity to become better acquainted with job opportunities, application processes as well as an opportunity to network with potential employers from a variety of industries. SweDen Students also serves as a venue for Swedish cultural traditions at CBS. We host fun social events in which all CBS students can participate to socialize and learn more about “Lussekatter”, Lucia” and “Midsommar”. Membership As a member of SweDen Students, you will be invited to all of our events as well as receive information about job openings and internships. We encourage you to join our organisation, so please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information, visit our website or find us on Facebook! See you on campus! Instagram: @SweDenStudents


The Venture Capital Investment Competition速 (VCIC速) began in the middle of the technology bubble in 1998 as an educational event for MBAs to learn about venture funding. Now in its 15th year VCIC速 has evolved into a marketplace for entrepreneurs seeking investors and a training ground for future venture capitalists. In 2012, VCIC included 50 events in four continents, and served 1,000 students, 150 venture capitalists and 100 entrepreneurs. VCIC hosted the first national event in 2010, where the Danish team came in third in the European finals at Oxford.


Join our Events VCIC Denmark will host six events leading up to the actual competition. The events will feature high profile guest speakers from venture capital funds as well as highly successful entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. Join us! Join our Organizing Team Would you like to be part of organizing the largest venture capital investment competition in the world? VCIC Denmark is looking for dedicated students with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are ready to make VCIC a lifetime experience for everyone involved. The positions are usually held for a period of one year, after which they are passed on to the next organizing team. You will thus be able to draw on the knowledge and experiences of the previous team members who have held the positions before you. /


Use your talent Use in Denmark Denmark in

As an international student, you have something Danish companies want: strong qualifications and insight into language and culture in a foreign market. Get help finding a student job On you can: • • • •

Post your CV and present your qualifications to Danish companies Search for relevant student jobs posted in English by Danish companies Get advice on how to apply for jobs in Denmark Read the rules on residence and working whilst studying in Denmark

Personal support You’re always welcome to contact Workindenmark East if you need support or advice on how to find a job in Denmark. Contact us:

Workindenmark East: Phone +45 72 22 33 00 or




Apply for funding in CBS Students Activity Pool: 2.000.000 DKK for student organisations, events and activities! Swing by CBS Students office at Solbjerg Plads or read more at

The CBS Networkbook 2013/14  

The CBS Students Network presents Student Society and Organisations at Copenhagen Business School

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