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An online dashboard in a snap

Create a WEB dashboard in minutes for your Key Performance Indicators using a simple & free tool and no programming expertise

Š Component Based Solutions Ltd.

When... 

You need a KPI Daskboard

Internal or External to your organization

Available through any Web Browser

Up & running in a few hours

Complete, flexible and expandable

Requering absolutely no programming skills

Spreadsheet is all what you need to know

With absolutely NO investment

KPInstant gives you... 

An online interactive dashboard

two distinct styles (modern &. gauge-vintage)

Alert indicators

Multiple perspectives

Selectable analytic dimensions

Evolution charts

Interactive help & interrelationships … absolutely for free!

3 simple steps

Step 1: Define measures Fill a simple spreadsheet whose template you can download from:

Use one line for each measure, as shown in next slides.

Identify measures

Not Notrequired required Enter Enter%%ifif percentage percentageand and ##decimals decimals

This Thisisisthe the name of your name of your KPI KPIorormeasure measure

IfIfmeasure measurehas has multiple multiple dimension dimensionenter enter them here them here separated separatedby by comma, comma, example: example:client, client, store, store, product product......

Enter Enter'KPI' 'KPI'show showmeasure measureininDashboard. Dashboard.To Touse use perspectives enter name followed by ”perspective”. perspectives enter name followed by ”perspective”. Separate Separateentries entriesby bycommas. commas.

Cross-reference measures

Not Notrequired required

Those Thosefields fieldsare arenot notrequired requiredand andfor fordocumentation documentationonly, only, but can help user understand the measure. Also, if you but can help user understand the measure. Also, if you reference referenceother othermeasures measures(inside (insidesquare squarebraces) braces)their their values will be shown upon request, to assess, for example values will be shown upon request, to assess, for example how howmeasure measurewas wascomputed. computed.

Define control ranges

Values Valuesunder under Ideal minimum Ideal minimum will willbe beshown showninin yellow. yellow.

Same Same considerations considerations (red (red––yellow) yellow) apply applytoto maximum. maximum.

Values Valuesunder under allowed allowed minimum minimumwill willbe be shown in red. shown in red.

Not Notrequired required

Step 2: Collect data

You also use spreadsheet to collect data ●There is no predefined template ●Organize them as you wish ●Provide how many you need ●Fill & deploy them with any frequency ●

Just use named ranges to bind values to measures. ●

3 Kinds of data Computed Computedmeasures measures

Dimension Dimensionkeys: keys: relate values relate valuestoto dimensions dimensions(what (what they refer to) they refer to)

Data Dataused usedtoto compute computemeasures measures

Defining named ranges Special TIME range

Define Definerange rangenames namestotobind bind Dimensions and measures to Dimensions and measures tocells cells

How KPInstant reads data

KPInstant KPInstantuses usesyour yournamed named ranges to understand ranges to understand spreadsheets. spreadsheets.2607 2607refers referstoto “Pizzas “PizzasSold” Sold”measure measurefor for “All Stores” (store dimension) “All Stores” (store dimension) on onFeb/3/2010 Feb/3/2010

Named ranges rules - 1 To create a named range using Excel, select the cells and then choose Insert > Names. Define a named range for each: - measure (Col. A of measures spreadsheet, but you will see an alternative) - dimension (Col. E of measures spreadsheet) Define the special named range TIME for the implicit and always present time dimension. It shall contain dates as number, formatted in whatever way you wish (but shall be numeric!)

Named ranges rules - 2 Range names shall be all uppercase with any character that is not letter or digit converted to underscore, ex: “Net Sales� becomes NET_SALES. You can combine how many dimensions, time and measure you wish either vertically or horizontally. Wrapping and MEASURES range can simplify this task. See next examples.

Ranges Wrapping

AAshort shortrange, range,like liketime timerange rangewill will automatically wrap. Thus you can automatically wrap. Thus you can enter enteraasingle singlevalue valueinstead insteadofof repeating Thesame sameway wayififyou you have 3 products to be crosshave 3 products to be crosscombined combinedwith withmultiple multipleclients clientsyou you need provide just 3 cells. need provide just 3 cells.



Instead Insteadofofusing usingaanamed namedrange rangefor for each measure you can use a single each measure you can use a single range rangenamed namedMEASURES MEASUREScontaining containing measures name, bound to measures name, bound toaarange range named VALUES bound to actual named VALUES bound to actual measure measurevalues. values.

Your dashboard is ready! To use KPInstant, simply copy the definition (kpinstant.xls) and any data spreadsheets to a folder or web location. Data spreadsheets can have any name (but shall also be .xls: Excel 97-2007 format). Then point your browser at KPInstant (*): (*) you need Java plugin in your browser (usually already present), you can check and install it at: Inside KPInstant choose: My Dashboards > Open And enter the name of folder or URL where you placed the spreadsheets. To have a taste of KPInstant you can open the dashboard located at this URL (from which next examples of a pizza store chain are taken):

The Modern style

Switch Switchtoto different different perspective, perspective, You Youwill willget get aadifferent different set setofof measures measures

Measures Measures

Alert AlertIndicators Indicators ONLY ONLYshown shownifif yellow yellow(alert) (alert)oror red red(action (action required) required)

Current Current Value Value

Sparkline Sparkline shows shows trend trend

Bullet Bullet chart chart shows shows status status

The Vintage Style

Click Clickon onPreferences Preferences>>Vintage Vintagetoto change changestyle, style, Now Nowlet's let'sgo goback backtotomodern modern style, spartan but more effective. style, spartan but more effective.

Understanding measures Click Clickon on measure measure totodisplay display their their meaning meaning

Visualizing evolution Click Clickon on spark line spark line totoplot plot evolution evolution

Getting detail Click Clickon onbullet bullet chart for detail chart for detail and andrelated related measures measures

Drill down

Selecting Selecting“Context” “Context”let letyou you choose and combine choose and combine available availabledimensions. dimensions.

Suggestions 


Start practicing with only 2-3 measures, grow incrementally. KPInstant uses same format of KPIStudio (also free) that produces great project documentation. Simply open kpinstant.xls with KPIStudio and generate PDF.

Q&A 

Can I access directly my legacy data instead of reading from spreadsheets?

Yes, you can use a REST interface to access any data you wish. Ask your tech staff to contact for detailed information


I am missing a certain feature...

We greatly appreciate any kind of suggestion. Please, let us know your needs and whet you think of KPInstant to

KPInstant Guide  

KPInstant is a free online application that let you build an interactive online dashboard with no programming expertise.

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