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Table of Contents 5 Dangerous Pitfalls of New Twitter Marketers .............................................................2 Do Twitter Marketing Tools Work? ................................................................................9 How to Get Tons of Followers and Make Money with Twitter Marketing ................13 For more great articles please visit

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5 Dangerous Pitfalls of New Twitter Marketers As Twitter continues to evolve into a major driving force for online marketers, many mobilize their Tweets for the purpose of driving prospective new clients and customers to their offers. Because Twitter is a social networking medium and not just a distribution channel for promotional copy here are a few pitfalls that you may want to avoid if you're new to Twitter marketing. Many new Twitter marketers fall prey to these simple mistakes that invariably sabotage their marketing efforts and dilute their Twitter followers. 1 - Using The Wrong Type Of Image On Your Twitter Profile -Why Are You Hiding? If you're trying to create buzz on Twitter and attract people to your offerings the last thing you need is anonymity. Remember, Twitter is a "social" network; therefore people are attracted to following other "people". If you have chosen an image for your Twitter profile that is

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not an image of a "real" person (preferably YOU), you have immediately rendered yourself "anonymous. People like to follow other people not logos, animals or innate objects. Use an image of a person to personalize your Twitter profile and attract others. Once people get to know you, gently move them toward your product brand and product logo for branding purposes but not a moment before. 2 - Using A Generic Twitter Page Design For Your Twitter Profile Page - A Sure Sign Of A Twitter Newbie First let me make something clear here... There's absolutely nothing wrong with the default Twitter page designs if you're going to be Tweeting about what you had for dinner last night or who you happen to think the most popular celebrity happens to be... however, if you're trying to develop a following for commercial purposes I'm afraid that just won't cut it. Take a look at the most popular profiles... they're all personalized. Make the effort to personalize your Twitter profile. Make sure it is consistent with the message and the theme that you're trying to convey. You can purchase a customized

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Twitter profile or have someone actually customize your Twitter profile to reflect the look and feel of your commercial offering. A generic Twitter profile when used for commercial exposure simply says one thing. "I don't care enough to create a personalized profile to brand myself or my business". In the mind of many "seasoned" Tweeters it also suggests that you may not care enough to handle the details required by clients or prospects that may be considering you for business projects. 3 - You Constantly Tweet Promotions And Advertisements - The Most Fatal Mistake Of All! Entering into the Twitter realm is like walking into a convention hall that's filled with thousands of people, with a multitude of interest. Some of these people may very well be interested in your offers or services but some simply won't be. Imagine walking into this type of environment, totally new, with no relationship ties established. You then proceed to stand on a table and shout promotional lines and persuasive statements about your offers in hopes to

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gain recognition and exposure. This strategy probably won't go over very well. Think about it, do you enjoy being bombarded with commercial based conversations by friends and associates? Probably not... right? If you were to walk into that convention hall, stand on a table and begin shouting about your great product, service or offering that's exactly what you are doing. Unfortunately, this is the default behavior of most Twitter newcomers. This will quickly get you tagged as a Twitter spammer. Avoid this behavior like the plague. Mix up your tweets. Throw in a little humor, a famous quote, a funny video and gently mix in your promotions. Get personal to develop new relationships that allow you to cultivate new prospects. Remember, Twitter is simply an introductory medium. The final objective is to encourage a visit to your web site and ultimately to your opt-in form. Here's a better approach... Do your homework... search for Twitter conversations that reflect "mutual interest", then simply approach a person or two, by contributing to the conversation. This approach lays the foundation for reciprocal conversation which could

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lead to new relationships and ultimately more business prospects. Don't make the mistake of bombarding the Twitter community with a constant string of promotional Tweets about your products, services or programs. Twitter is first and foremost a "social networking" medium. A place to exchange ideas, exchange conversation and interact with others on subject matter that is of mutual interest. Do yourself a favor and mix up those Tweets instead of deploying a constant string of promotional copy. 4 - You Don't Shortening You URL's (hyperlinks) "When You Use A Long Link Your Tweet Stinks..." This may come as a surprise to you but seasoned tweeters simply don't use long URL's in their tweets. One of the most fundamental reasons is based on the simple 140 character format limit. If someone wants to "ReTweet" your tweet, an extra long URL may be a hindrance to doing so... there's simply not enough characters left to do so...

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URL's that look something like this http://www.xxxxxxxxx/5555.aaabbbccc.html are simply a dead giveaway that you are new to Twitter and probably don't understand basic Twitter etiquette. Use one of the many free services available to shorten those URL's (like, it's easy, simply and will rid you of the neon light that flashes on your forehead and distinguishes you as a Twitter newbie! 5 - You Never Send Thank You Messages To Your Followers Once you began to gain followers, it's always a good idea to send an instant "Thank You" message to those who have CHOSEN to follow you. Understandably, you may think that this is to laborious but there are ways to circumvent the time required to execute this gesture. Try automating the process with service like which can cut down on the tedious task of following up with new followers and save you lots of time. This approach can also start the conversation.

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Try following these simple suggestions and your initial Twitter experience will be much more productive. If you find this article helpful, I'll make a deal with you.... Tweet this article, follow me on Twitter and I promise to follow you back..... see how easy it is, you've already picked up a new follower. (smile...) William Lockhart is an Internet Marketing, Sales & Communications Specialist. William counsels clients on their online marketing needs as well as their strategic marketing practices. He helps clients develop innovative solutions for non-productive day to day internet marketing, sales processes and communications bottlenecks. Visit William at or


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Do Twitter Marketing Tools Work? Do Twitter marketing tools work? Before we ask this question, first we have to ask, "Does Twitter marketing work?" If the answer to the first question is "Yes" then the tool that best utilizes Twitter's marketing capabilities could yield real results. The Social Media Marketing Industry Report recently released by Michael A. Stelzner surveyed 900 marketers to determine if social media are resulting in actual increased business for online marketers. According to survey results, the answer is, "Yes!" When using social media marketing tools such as Twitter (Twitter was ranked #1 most popular among these tools), marketers recorded increased exposure, traffic, search engine rank, and one in two generated targeted leads. So do Twitter marketing tools work? If marketing with Twitter works to begin with, it stands to reason that a marketing tool that capitalizes on the marketing properties of Twitter could indeed be very effective. But exactly how do these tools make Twitter a profitable marketing platform?

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Twitter marketing tools work by using native Twitter techniques, related services and applications to generate a mass of followers, develop niches of those followers to target with content, and use automated feeds to drive targeted traffic to links contained within Twitter updates. Some Twitter marketers have tens of thousands of followers and can motivate segments of those followers to act based on information contained in their updates. One of the key actions desired by marketers is to get followers to click on links that lead to their sites. If interested people visit their sites, those people are more likely to take further action, which in turn increases conversion rates. According to some successful Twitter marketers, such as Bill Crosby, creator of Twitter Traffic Machine, feeds can generate 1-2% of clicks to site or affiliate links. With a mass of followers and targeted feeds, this can produce a definite increase in traffic and qualified leads. Based on these kinds of reports, Twitter should not be overlooked as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. But which Twitter marketing tool does the best job? What

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is the best way to compare Twitter marketing tools and select which is the best fit for your online marketing objectives? A good place to evaluate these tools is a site that has conducted multiple Twitter product reviews and lists important features of reviewed products in a side-by-side comparison format. Review sites can be found by searching Google or Squidoo for "Twitter product reviews" and selecting the sites that review the top marketing products.

The best tool should have an easy setup, utilize free Twitter services and applications, work quickly to generate income, and ultimately develop into an automated system. Most good marketing tools can be purchased at a reasonable price, for around $27.00. There are an increasing number of marketing tools for Twitter available, and many of them use similar techniques, so regardless of which tool you choose, the most important

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thing is to get the basic information you need to make Twitter a part of your marketing plan. Twitter marketing tools are a powerful new solution that can generate real results. They can be used to take advantage of the social media marketing edge that is being led by Twitter.

Tracy Norman is editor of Online Business Chronicle ( ), the source for online income information.

People who successfully build online businesses don't have time to waste. Online Business Chronicle is a pipeline to the most useful tools and techniques, and an express route to earning online income.

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How to Get Tons of Followers and Make Money with Twitter Marketing Many people like the idea of making money with Twitter marketing. So they get online and open up a Twitter account. Next thing you know their account gets banned by Twitter. Worse yet, let's say their account didn't get banned by Twitter and they spent months and months Twittering away their lives and never get any results in terms of leads and sales. What did they do wrong? There are millions of people who use Twitter every day. There must be a way to cash in on all that traffic. It's all over the news that such and such a business became successful because of Twitter...And what about the politician who came up from behind and won the election because he used social marketing to promote his ideas. I mean, there are only 140 characters you can use in Twitter. How can Twitter marketing be that hard?

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Basic, direct marketing principles indicate that all you have to do is create a strong benefits oriented message, get it in front of a crowd and you will sell tons of product. Can it be that all the marketing gurus are wrong? These are the people who have successfully sold billions of dollars of products and services through their ability to write successful advertising. When these guys say that you should tune into the benefits your target market is looking for and let them know you have what they want, they must be right...right? Wrong. In this case. When the master marketers talk about sending out powerful advertising messages, they are not talking about social media marketing. Using social media marketing, especially Twitter marketing for your business is a completely different process than traditional marketing. If you want to make money with Twitter, you have to do it the "Twitter way". In traditional marketing you are trying to get the interest of a passive audience by using a good headline. Then you proceed to make the sale with solid, well planned, benefits oriented copy. When you are trying to make money with Twitter you can't do that. The people who would see your message do not have a tolerance for commercial messages. That's not what they are there for.

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When people post messages on Twitter or they go to look for messages on Twitter they are there to casually socialize. Casually socializing can look like a number of different things like reading about a topic that interests them, tuning in to how their friends are spending their time, learning about something, etc. What they don't want is to have to deal with someone who is banging away at them with a sales message. Blatant selling is not socializing. On the other hand, if you want to make lots of money with Twitter marketing, how do you sell something if you are not allowed to promote your products? This is the problem that traditional marketers have not been able to solve. In order to sell with the help of social media marketing you need to add a few steps before you get to the selling part of business. What you need to do before you try to sell something is to spend time getting to know people and developing friendships. That's what social media is all about. If you want to use it to market your products and services you first need to be in step with your audience, according to Joe Vitale of Hypnotic Marketing fame. If you are not in tune with what your audience is expecting, they will not go along with what you say. There

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is no way you'll make a sale unless your audience accepts you into their lives, their private space on their home computer, laptop and these days on their smart phone or IPod. Once you have made a friend, you can bring them over to your informative blog. From your blog you can tempt them to a mailing list or other sales oriented messages...but there is no way you will sell anything directly from Twitter or any other social media. It's just a waste of time. So the steps are to first make a friend or in Twitter talk, you need followers. The next step is to provide a link that your followers would be excited to click on. Make sure you reward them for clicking your link by providing good value for their time. Now that they are starting to trust you, you can take them to a business oriented page or CPA offer. If you break the trust at this point, you may make a little bit of money, but if you really reward your followers for following you by making sure they are getting a great value for their time, money and TRUST in you, your messages will be re-tweeted. Re-Tweets is where the real gold is in social media marketing. Really take care of your followers. I mean REALLY. Twitter marketing is such a powerful medium that if your

17 Twitter Marketing Magic

followers are really happy with you, you can get rich overnight. Your wealth will come not from being sneaky or tricking people into buying things. Your amazing success will come from being a great guy (or gal) who gave a good tip that was really worthwhile following. People will love you and give you more and more money because you add so much value to their lives. Isn't that a great way to make a living?

For more information on how to get followers and make money with Twitter marketing go here. You can learn more about direct response marketing strategies here.

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