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There are a lot of affiliate internet marketing programs available for you to consider. ClickBank has not yet appeared on the list of criteria called, "scam." ClickBank is an online market place offering over 10,000 digital products in the form of instant downloads, which can be in the form of a software program or an ebook. A lot of products are about how to earn money online by using this particular software, or here is an already made website for you to use and promote by and so on. Or how to do it yourself pdf ebooks and did you know that weight loss was a huge multi-million dollar producer for digital product owners. ClickBank is a legitimate business where people can either create their own product into the ClickBank database to be considered by other affiliates to promote or for you to simply register for free, log in do your due diligence and research then start to promote someone else's digital product. Please keep in mind that recently, Google does not like for Affiliates to place Affiliate links as ads. Google will often times review and disapprove your Affiliate link ads, even when the product is of good quality. For example, I placed a Google ad on, Learning how to play the Piano; it was denied by Google AdWords therefore, I was not allowed to advertise the link. Now in order for your product to be accepted and approved and be visible in the ClickBank market place, you must pay a $50 non refundable fee. Then you must also make one sale of your product on your own before other affiliates can decide whether or not to promote your product. You might think that selling just one copy of your product is easy, well it all depends, it may and or it may not. You might also get affiliates promoting your product with no sales results. Affiliates will do market research or key word research to see if there is a supply and demand need for your product. They will decide if it is competitive and worth their time to promote. They will look at the activity ratings inside of ClickBank to determine if the product is worth promoting. Here is some information based on in-depth reviews completed to enlighten you before you begin your ClickBank career: What you need to consider is, does this ClickBank program work? Now it is possible that you can spend some time researching, set up an ad campaign, promote your affiliate links to be very disappointed in zero sales results.

There are also articles and rumors that some people know how to steal your affiliate commissions. So in order to protect yourself from losing out on all of your hard working efforts, you should use cloaked links. But then again is that a sales ploy to get you to buy someone's cloak your links software program? How do you cloak your affiliate links? You have to buy someone's program or use the free online services provided like,, which will turn your long affiliate link into a shortened transformed link that you have the option to give it the name of your choosing. So after visiting the site, you now have a shortened, cloaked link that did not cost you anything. But now the other dilemma is that when people go to check out and buy the product, they can take out your affiliate ID and insert their own, thus taking your affiliate commission. It is not very likely though that this happens, because think of the time and effort it might require for someone to figure out a method of cheating to scam you out of an amount less than $50. And yet another dilemma is when people buy digital, instant download products, people are usually given 60 days to request a refund, which is all processed by ClickBank. People can get their money back and still have the downloaded ebook. Now if it was a software program, that may no longer work, but you still gained the information. So yes, it is risky, but many affiliates are promoting and earning money. Those who succeed, have a list of customers who have bought something from them before and always needing to buy additional products to help increase their cash flow and productivity. Of course, we don't live in a perfect world, mistakes will be made, but this article was intended to save you a lot of time, grief, energy and MONEY.

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