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Great At Perk, our idea of a summer program goes beyond the expected. It’s a group of student actors staging a full-scale musical in one week. It’s international students learning English as they also learn to build rockets and discover American culture. It’s kids going through the college search process with world-class counselors— all as a warm-up, before the real action of senior year begins. It’s trips to baseball games and historic sites, college campuses, and the Jersey shore. At Perk you will find a wide range of choices for your summer, an opportunity for everyone. All of them give you the chance to have fun and make friends—and also to do something more: to grow as a person, hone a skill, explore an interest you’ve never explored before. Next fall, when friends ask you what you did for the summer, have a great answer ready: “I put on an amazing play.” “I built my strength and speed for a new season of sports.” “I sharpened my learning skills for a new year of school.” “And—I had a blast.”


PERK SUMMER 2014 Perkiomen Summer offers exciting courses designed to challenge and engage young people throughout the summer months. Participants engage in a variety of exciting academic, creative, and athletic activities allowing students to balance a variety of interests. Campers may study theater while simultaneously practicing critical thinking skills; all the while preparing them for the rigors of the upcoming academic year. The experience of Perkiomen Summer not only promotes academic improvement, but also provides the lasting impression of a memorable summer.

College Counseling Seminar August 26 – September 1 Grades 10-12 Residential: $3,000 Day: $1,500 The College Counseling Seminar at Perk is a day and overnight program of study focused on providing intensive preparation for the rigors of the university application process. Navigating the college search and application processes remains one of the most exciting yet daunting experiences of a young student’s life. Using seminar-style instruction, students are introduced to the

process of research and selection of colleges, as well as the application process in and of itself. Students will also receive personalized guidance in composing their college application essays and personal statements. Additionally, students will be provided with the opportunity to tour top universities, including but not limited to, University of Pennsylvania, Lafayette, and Lehigh.

Skills For Success: Taking Responsibility for Learning One Step at a Time Session 1: July 21 – July 25 Session 2: July 28 – August 1 Grades 6-12 $150 Session 1 (July 21-25): Skills for Success: Organization & Time Management During the first session the focus is “taking responsibility for learning.” In this vital first step, students learn to assess their own learning preferences, organizational abilities, and time management habits. Students will be introduced to strategies and techniques designed to improve their organizational and time management skills, which ultimately will be applied through a culminating research project and presentation. Students take a pre-assessment, as well as an end of course survey, asking them to reflect on their goals and accomplishments from the week. Session 2 (July 28 – August 1): Skills for Success: Reading, Writing, & Note Taking The second session of Skills for Success focuses upon utilizing steps and strategies that will help make each student a more efficient reader and proficient writer. While discussion and application of the organizational and time management skills covered in session one will occur, this unit focuses specifically on techniques that allow a student to better identify key information in literary selections, as well as learning how to take notes with more accuracy. Discussion and application of the steps of the writing process, revision techniques, for different types of writing assignments will also be practiced.


students work on strength training, speed and agility, as well as how to apply their training toward achieving their goals on the field and/or court. All levels of fitness are applicable.

Team NRGY Powered by UCANDOIT Coaching Triathlon Camp

Robotics Session 1: July 21 – July 25 Session 2: July 28 – August 1 Grades 5-8 $175 Do you enjoy building models with LEGO™ kits? Do you enjoy computer programming or would you like to learn more about this fascinating field? At Robotics camp, students will learn about the basics of robotics while working within groups to build individual creations. Participants will learn how to use software to program robots to complete specific, assigned tasks. Each robotic kit is complete with programmable sensors, motors, and gears that will let your imagination run wild!

June 12-15 Grades:Varies Cost: Team NRGY Members before 4/1/14 - $325; Non-Members before 4/1/14 - $375; Team NRGY Members after 4/1/14 - $375; Non-Members after 4/1/14 - $425 Team NRGY powered by UCANDOIT presents its 3rd Annual Triathlon Training Camp at the Perkiomen School from June 12 until June 15. At the camp, athletes will have the opportunity for hands on learning with at least five USA Triathlon Certified Coaches and Training no matter the distance. Clinics scheduled include Race Nutrition, Race Pacing, Run Form, Swim Stroke Development and Mobility. For more information please see

Strength and Speed July 7 – August 8 Grades 9-12 $475 Strength and Speed, provides students with the opportunity to gain an edge over their competition by improving their level of physical conditioning and enhancing mental toughness in preparation for the upcoming athletic seasons. During training sessions,

Cross Country August 11-15 Grades 9-12 $450 Cross Country camp will spend the week building base miles, strength, technique, and learning about great racing tactics of cross country. The mornings will consist of a


good warm up, dynamic stretching, drill set, and then a run of appropriate time/distance around Perk’s beautiful campus or on the trails of Green Lane Park. Following the morning run will be core work, another stretch, and a protein-based snack to help aid recovery.

Pride Lacrosse Camp July 6-10 Grades 5-12 Overnight Campers: $665 Extended Day Campers: $545 Chad Watson, a Perk Athletic Hall of Fame member, played varsity lacrosse at Perkiomen for four years before playing at the University of North Carolina where he won two ACC and a NCAA National Championship. The Pride Lacrosse Camp will welcome several Perk alums back to campus and serve as instructors joining several current NCAA and Professional players on staff. The Pride Lacrosse Camp will offer individual skill work by position and daily game play in the evenings.

Theater July 7-12 Grades 1-12 $100 During this week-long theater camp, actors of all experience levels in grades 1-12 will stage a full-scale musical. At the beginning of the week, there will be an open group audition, after which a week full of rehearsals and workshops will prepare the student-actors for their two culminating public performances. Students will not only learn lines, songs, and choreography, but also develop key life skills such as creativity, social skills, goal achievement, communication skills, and self-esteem.

Dutch Total Soccer (DTS) July 13-18 Grades: please see DTS website Cost: please see DTS website The DTS Overnight Camp is a camp designed to provide an intense training program combined with the overnight experience of a soccer camp within a private school setting. By challenging players to think and act in specific game situations, they will improve a great deal over a short period of time.










Why Perk in the Summer? Consider the Advantages: • Superb

staff, passionate about the programs they lead • A

range of opportunities, from athletics to enrichment

“ Summer Programs

• Day

give students a

and residential options

• Daily

bus transport from select points in the region

• A

beautiful campus with outstanding facilities

at Perk

variety of opportunities to learn new things

but also make friends, while learning and having fun.” teacher

“ The summer programs at Perk

let you explore your talents, in and out of the classroom,

in an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.

they give students opportunities director to take a risk and try something new.”

“ The Speed and Strength Camp and Skills for Success Camp

were both fun programs. I enjoyed the workouts

and getting in shape.

I also learned different ways to help me succeed.” student


June 12-15 Team NRGY Powered by UCanDoIt Coaching Triathlon Camp Grades: Varies

July 21 – July 25 Robotics Session 1 Grades 5-8

July 6-10 Pride Lacrosse Camp Grades 5-12

July 21 – July 25 Skills for Success: Organization & Time Management Grades 6-12

July 7 – August 8 Strength and Speed Grades 9-12

July 28 – August 1 Robotics Session 2 Grades 5-8

July 13-18 Dutch Total Soccer (DTS) Grades: please see DTS website

July 28 – August 1 Skills for Success: Reading, Writing, & Note Taking Grades 6-12

July 7-12 Theater Grades 1-12

August 11-15 Cross Country Grades 9-12 August 26 – September 1 College Counseling Seminar Grades 10-12

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Summer programs brochure  
Summer programs brochure