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Creating value by iPad-enabling processes in top management Research note on mobility with cBrain F2

Mobility is a major force in changing the way organizations are using technology. This research note is based on interviews with key employees in three Danish ministries: • • •

The Danish Ministry of Climate Energy and Building The Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and Integration The Danish Ministry of Environment.

The research note describes how cBrain F2 Manager and cBrain F2 Minister iPad-enables cBrain F2 Case Management Software and change the way top management work in Danish government.

Content Optimizing through mobility .................................................................................................. 2 More efficient case management ........................................................................................... 2 Paperless management ........................................................................................................ 3 Experiences from a top manager ........................................................................................... 4 Getting started with F2 Manager ............................................................................................ 5 F2 Manager on iPad is as secure as possible............................................................................ 5 Benefits of mobilizing cBrain F2 with F2 Manager ..................................................................... 6

Optimizing through mobility Mobility is by far the strongest technology driver right

Management Software to make cases and documents

now. Comparing findings from various research

available in the F2 Manager app on the iPad. Managers

organizations leaves the lasting impression, that

are then able to work with cases both formal and

access to data and ability to do real work with data

informal whenever wherever. F2 Minister is designed

whenever and wherever needed are becoming top

for the workflow of a government minister.

priorities in many organizations. Mobility optimizes processes and ultimately frees up time for the mobilized workforce to core activities or new ones. Since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010 mobility has been driven by user demand as well as strategic wishes for process optimization. According to media coverage of Gartner analysis 80 percent of iPad owners at heavy users, meaning that there are using their tablets at least ten times a day. And the iPad is increasingly becoming the choice of organizations when mobilizing the business processes is seriously on the agenda because of its intuitive use, simple interface for apps and high security. These are all elements in cBrain’s F2 mobility strategy. F2 Manager enables users of cBrain F2 Case

More efficient case management The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building

The traditional batches of cases with all the important

has implemented cBrain F2 Minister and cBrain F2

documents printed for reading, annotations and

Manager to iPad-enable work processes for the

approval or rejection need to be printed, collected,

Minister and the senior management. On the surface it

delivered to the minister and brought back to the

is an add-on to this organization’s cBrain F2 Case

organization for further processing. By using F2

Management Software, but in reality a vital change of

Manager and F2 Minister, employees at the Ministry of

working processes in The Office for Case Management

Climate, Energy and Building are able to create access

and for the Minister of Climate, Energy and Building

to cases and all its related documents on iPad.

and the minister’s top managers.

From their iPad senior managers and the Minister are

The implantation of F2 Minister has led to more

able to work with all documents related to a case,

efficient case management, and at The Office for Case

create personal notes and approve or reject a

Management it is estimated that the iPad-enabling has

presented case. When travelling or working out of the

meant a 70% reduction in time spent on the tasks

office on an iPad top management are working with

needed after the approval processes in top

access to the archive of historic documents and the

management. The process of a case ending with an

ability to start an online discussion with other

approval from the Minister happens much more

managers in their management team as they work on

continuous now compared to the traditional batch like

cases presented for their approval.

flow with printed documents delivered to the Minister.




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Paperless management At the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and

of that strategy even though the demand for mobility

Integration the management meetings on director

in the organization is driven just as much by users in

level are now totally without printed documents. All

the organization as it is initiated from a strategic wish

documents from the cBrain F2 Case Management

of optimizing return on investment in cBrain F2 Case

Software needed for the management meetings are

Management Software. Next step using cBrain F2

accessed from the directors’ iPad by cBrain F2

Manager at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and


Integration will test the rating function in F2 Manager with the work processes in top management.

F2 Manager builds the daily agenda with meeting material for top managers in the Ministry of Social

The rating function enables top managers to indicate

Affairs, Children and Integration. The complex

their position on an item and include their personal

organization contains numerous departments

notes. The rating function could replace discussions

responsible for core activities in the welfare state

taking place by e-mails between the top managers and

depending on large numbers of decisions, approvals

determine whether an item will end up on the agenda

and rejections every day. And even a small new detail

of a management meeting.

might be able to change the direction of a case. With access to all documents in cBrain F2 Case Management Software from the iPad organized by the cases on

The rating function of F2 Manager, enabling managers to indicate their position on items, has the ability to dramatically changes the way a chairman of a meeting

today’s agenda a director is always up to date with the latest details in a case without waiting for printing or transport of documents.

is able to manage the time and discussion in meetings. Ultimately an item with all managers’ agreement before the meeting doesn’t need to be discussed and

At the Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and

might be removed altogether or just mentioned at the

Integration the mobilization of top management is part

meeting. The chairman will know why some managers

of the strategy for smart case management. Using

disagree on proposed solutions and be able to prepare

cBrain F2 Manager and F2 Minister is an important part

the discussion for the meeting even better.

Documents are made available in the F2 Manager App on iPad. Work processes can be done online as well as offline. The F2 Manager App synchronizes the latest changes and updates whenever online and makes it possible for top managers to continue working when offline.




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Experiences from a top manager Mr. Jesper Brask Fischer is Deputy Permanent

documents. Of course I can forget the iPad – and then

Secretary at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and

I am in trouble.”

Integration making him responsible for the day to day management, strategy and international relations. At a breakfast meeting arranged by cBrain in October he told about his experiences by iPad-enabling processes in top management.

However Mr. Brask Fischer isn’t in deeper trouble than finding the time needed to get a new iPad and synchronize with the cBrain F2 Case Management Software. Data on the iPad is hardware encrypted and cannot be accessed without a valid password. Together

There are 1400 employees in the department of the

with an encrypted connection and synchronizing with

Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and Integration and

the F2 Case Management Software behind a firewall

its three agencies. As the Deputy Permanent

the mobile case management is as secure as possible.

Secretary the goal for Mr. Brask Fischer isn’t just an optimized and efficient organization but also a clearly targeted administrative culture. The top management meets every other Wednesday for a two hours management meeting between 09.00 and 11.00 with no papers – only their iPad.

“There is also good economy in mobile case management, since it becomes easier for the employees to work with the material before meetings and decisions after the meeting.” The CEO at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Children and Integration finds the challenges mostly in the iPad form factor.

“You asked me what happens when top management is mobilized with an iPad.” Mr. Brask Fischer

“I would like Apple to make an iPad in the A4-format. Right now the screen becomes to small when working

continued with the answer to the question about his

continuously on the iPad.” Mr. Brask Fischer works

experiences with paperless management meetings.

from a desk top in the office, an iPad and a Mircosoft

“Time. Economy. Flexibility.”

Surface. However it is the iPad with cBrain F2 Manager

“Time is saved. The academic staff prepares the items

he brings everywhere.

for the agenda and delivers all material to my iPad

“The total dependence on technology is another

through F2 Manager. No administrative staff is needed,

challenge to mobile case management,” Mr. Brask

and I can start preparing the meeting right away,” Mr.

Fischer told and stressed the importance of both

Brask Fischer told, and he continued talking about the

connectivity and intuitive use in mobile case

flexibility in iPad-enabled case management.


The CEO experiences a lot of flexibility in always

“Top management isn’t trained on the iPad. And the

knowing where to find the documents and not missing

daily agenda with all the meeting material is a

material from an inbox – digital or analogue. The iPads

management tool they excel in. The digitized daily

of the top management are synchronized with the F2

agenda therefore needs to work for them right away to

Case Management Software when online ensuring

be accepted as a new management tool.”

updated documents and cases.

Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry Jesper

“I can work everywhere and immediately be able to

Brask Fischer delivered a speech at a cBrain Breakfast

find historic documents, whenever a checkup is

on mobile case management October 11, 2013.

needed. I am not at risk forgetting a batch of




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Getting started with F2 Manager The Danish Ministry of the Environment has recently

First reactions from managers tend to be, that they

started using F2 Manager to iPad-enable work

always have documents available in the latest updated

processes in cBrain F2 Case Management Software.

versions now. At meetings finding historic details

The introduction happens gradually to managers

related to the case is easy, and delegating new tasks

allowing adjustments in personal work processes as

happens almost as a part of the meeting.

screen reading replaces papers.

F2 Manager on iPad is as secure as possible F2 Manager has been approved by authorities in

nosy people away from you data offers another layer

Denmark for mobile case management at highest

of protection.

government level. When using the full set of security

The advanced security model of F2 Manager also

features the iPad is the most secure mobile client.

depends on secure data traffic. The approval of F2

On the iPad there are two important security features.

Manager for mobile case management at very top of

Data on the iPad is hardware encrypted and cannot be

government also requires encrypted connections and

accessed without a valid password. Secondly the

synchronizing with the F2 Management Software

hardware lock designed for keeping children and other

behind a firewall

It often takes a full binder to contain all the files and documents on the agenda for just one day in top management. In the F2 Manager App all meeting agendas and documents are just at the fingertip on the iPad. Managers are able to work with all documents connected to a submittal and engage in dialogue with peers and employees on the build-in chat in cBrain F2.




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Benefits of mobilizing cBrain F2 with F2 Manager Optimizing workflow: Management is handling submittals and case management continuously wherever they are, minimizing stop and go production in the organization. Minimizing resources: Using F2 Manger minizes the resources used for compiling, printing, transporting and processing approved documents. Social/collaboration: F2 Manager enables users to engage in online discussions with peers and employees through the build-in chat function. The vote function enables better decision making by registering users positions on a subject. Updated documents: Changes in documents or new documents in a case is delivered directly in F2 Manager – no waiting for print or transport. F2 Manager synchronizes the latest changes and updates whenever online and makes it possible for top managers to continue working when offline. In app annotation: F2 Manager comes with build in annotation enabling managers to annotate directly in documents and syncrhonize the notes with submittals and all other documents in cBrain F2 Manager. Security: F2 Manager has an advanced security model, which supports the very high governmental security requirements. When using the full set of security features the iPad is the most secure mobile client.

cBrain F2 – Digital transformation cBrain F2 is an innovative all-in-one software package that covers all internal workflows and knowledge sharing. While fast to implement, cBrain F2 does work from the very first day delivering true measurable results. A total of eight Danish ministries, including the Prime Ministers Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now use F2 as their digital platform. Want to know more: or at cBrain Research:




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Creating value by ipad enabling processes in top management  

cBrain Research; December 2013 Mobility is a major force in changing the way organizations are using technology. This research note is base...