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cBrain F2 award winning case management software

- introduced as "little beauty" when the Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation presented the Award in April 2011

Why a Permanent Secretary implements cBrain F2 cBrain F2 is a new type of all-in-one case management software - with integrated social media, also referred to as “Government 2.0”. Designed for the knowledge worker and enabling organizations to transform into fully digitized work environments.

Measurable Administrative Effects Chat Notepad Mobile

cBrain F2

Job Satisfaction

Automated journalizing Savings

Informal work

Fast Implementation

Social Media

In April 2011 the Ministry of Climate & Energy and the Ministry of Transport received the Digitalization Award 2011 for their cBrain F2-implementation.

Permanent Secretary Jacob Heinsen Ministry of Transport: "cBrain F2 is a solution that has helped us improve our productivity significantly and it has moved our organization into the 21st century.” "You would think it was a lie… but employees say they are actually happier at work now after the introduction of the new IT-system. This may be the first time in world history that a large number of employees are happier at work 2 months after the introduction of a new case management system.”

Permanent Secretary Thomas Egebo Ministry of Climate and Energy: "If I put a mark on the F2 system and the implementation process we have been through there is no doubt that this is a straight A.” "I expect that I personally have saved more than half an hour every day as a result of implementing the F2 solution. And 2.5 hours extra Permanent-Secretary-time a week… is a lot!”

About the Digitalization Award The Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy and the Ministry of Transport received the Digitalization Award 2011 for their implementation of a new IT-system, called cBrain F2. cBrain F2 facilitates the elimination of paper-based work, collaboration and records management and incorporates social media tools (presented as chat, stick-on notes, etc.) in the execution of governmental case management. This is the first true government 2.0 solution that incorporates all work done within a governmental department entirely eliminating the use of paper to transfer information. Now all personnel groups work digitally, from the youngest employee to the Permanent Secretary. Paper is no longer used to move and process governmental data and work information as governmental knowledge workers carry out their duties. And all case management processing, knowledge sharing, collaboration as well as archiving and journalizing (records management) are managed within the F2 system. The Ministries were presented the award by the Danish Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation at a yearly digitalization conference in April 2011 arranged by the national IT and Telecom Agency under the Ministry.

Little Beauty The digital approach has led to significant efficiency gains, increased security as well as higher employee satisfaction. Reports from the Danish Ministries include an average reduction of case processing time by 1/3, time savings of 30-45 minutes per employees per day and a user survey reporting that 37% of employees are now happier at work. At the award ceremony it was stated: “The Ministries have shown how we can still achieve major efficiency within the area of public administration. Their new integrated case management solution is ground-breaking in the way it connects and integrates political case management and traditional journalizing practices. As an example, now registration and journalizing is “just” a fully automated side effect of sending an email and NOT a separate activity.” “It is also pioneering thinking that the solution offers built-in social media technologies where any document is tightly integrated with Chat functionality.” “Furthermore, it is outstanding how fast the Ministries have been able to implement and roll-out their new system. The complete project took only six months at the Ministry of Transport followed by only 8 weeks at the Ministry of Climate and Energy.”

cBrain F2. A new way to work, and a highly effective tool for digital transformation cBrain F2 is an innovative all-in-one software package that covers all internal workflows and knowledge sharing. While fast to implement, cBrain F2 does work from the very first day, and it delivers true measurable results.

Measurable effects and savings The CFO from the Ministry of Social Affairs estimates that implementing cBrain F2 saves 30-45 minutes daily per employee. This means 7-10% increased productivity. Reports from the Ministry of Transport show an average reduction of case processing time by 1/3, and the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Climate & Energy estimates personal savings of 2.5 hours per week.

Built-in social media, such as “Chat�, supports informal work cBrain F2 fully incorporates and integrates social media tools (such as Chat, Stick-on notes, etc.) with formal work processing, collaboration and record management, while supporting all aspects of governmental case management. For the knowledge worker, this is new and pioneering. Just one system supports knowledge sharing as well as both formal and informal case management.

Example: any document is tightly integrated with Chat functionality.

Automated journalizing (records management) eliminates tedious work and increases quality A unique context based help function allows you to automate tedious, but legally required compliance tasks such as journalizing (records management). And it delivers effective support for deadlines, responsibility, work flow and access management. Now journalizing is just a click. And e-discovery is a fast and simple standard process, executed by use of built-in reports, since all documents are archived in a safe and complete manner.

Fast implementation. Only 8 weeks at the Ministry of Climate & Energy Designed as flexible standard software, it is possible to set up and adapt cBrain F2 without any programming. And software installation as well as set up and training are based on tested and well-documented templates, ensuring a straight-forward implementation process. The complete implementation project took only six months at the Ministry of Transport followed by outstanding 8 weeks at the Ministry of Climate and Energy. Within both Ministries, all users, from youngest employee to the Permanent Secretary switched to cBrain F2 instantly, thereby working digitally and “paperless� from day one.

Since the transition to F2 - how is your job satisfaction?

Increased job satisfaction Now all personnel groups work digitally. And all work including case management, knowledge sharing, communication as well as archiving and journalizing is managed within one single IT-system: cBrain F2. The result is higher productivity and increased job satisfaction. User surveys at the Ministry of Transport reports that 81% of users are now satisfied or very satisfied with respect to knowledge sharing, 37% reports higher job satisfaction in general and 96% reports that work transparency is better or much better.

One single solution supporting both PC, smart mobile and notepad cBrain F2 supports multiple front-ends, from PC and Web to smart mobile and notepad. Now management as well as employees have online access to all cases and documents during out-of-the-office meetings, being part of a true virtual organization. The built-in encrypting and security layers ensure, that all data and data communication are handled according to leading industry security standards.

cBrain F2 is different because the software was designed differently From the very beginning, cBrain F2 was designed as one single, fully integrated system. Built in close collaboration with senior employees and management, taking digitalization of all case management and knowledge processing as the starting point for the design. The Danish Ministries asked for a software tool that would support any user, from youngest employee to top management, and that would support all work flows thereby enabling a transformation into paperless, fully digitized work environments. The result was a new type of all-in-one software solution based on: • One single integrated desktop called the “knowledge worker desktop” • A new generalized work flow model for case management • A shared digital archive containing all information, formal data as well as informal data including social media exchanges

cBrain F2 offers a total workbench for the knowledge worker. A highperformance case management platform, all integrated as one single solution Server & Application Integration

Client Multi Platform

eGovernment Components

Case and Document Processing

Social Media (”eGov2.0”)

WS/XML Active Directory Office

Management Reporting & Business Intelligence

Records Management & Regulatory Compliance


Rôle & Access Management

Digital Archive and Document Management

List Manager

Unified SEARCH

eGov Workflow and Business Processing

Communication & Routing

Smart Client Mobile

The “Knowledge Worker Desktop” brings all functionality together. Based on an easy-to-use Email-like interface cBrain F2 is based on an “Email-like” interface. Most employees can therefore use F2 immediately and welcome the system just as an “Email-upgrade”. And with all functionality and data in one system, users save time as they no longer have to jump between systems, copying data and searching for information.

”Search and lists”

”Work windows”

Clearly this not only reduces training time and implementation costs. It also increases job satisfaction and productivity.

A new generalized model for case management allows support for any work flow – without programming

Process Hearing with attachments






1) Receive mail 1) Receive mail 2) Distribute mail 2) Distribute mail 3) Read mail 3) Read mail 4) Write memorandum 4) Write memorandum 5) Write hearing letter 5) Write hearing letter 6) Attach memorandum and submit hearing letter 6) Attach memorandum and submit hearing letter 7) Receive hearing response (x 2) 7) Receive hearing response (x 2) 8) Write conclusion 8) Write conclusion 9) Write and send mail reply, attached conclusion 9) Write and send mail reply, attached conclusion

Actions Matters




cBrain F2 is based on a generalized model for case management, that has been developed in close collaboration with a number of Danish authorities. Key elements of the F2 case management model are the user “Actions” and the logical document called a “Matter”. Due to the model, cBrain F2 can support individual work flows and different types of cases without programming.

One shared digital archive offers instant access to all information Non-controllable Non-controllable security security

High High security security

Knowledge Worker: Today

Knowledge Worker: Tomorrow Mail server Informal



Document Management System (Journal)

PC Servers


Digital Archive


Today, users often have to re-enter data and waste valuable time searching for information because data are stored across many systems. In contrast, cBrain F2 offers a single shared digital archive that contains all information, both personal and shared data as well as formal and informal data (chats, stick-on-notes, etc.). Versions of data elements (files, logical files, etc.) can now easily be controlled, and user access for both data and functionality can be managed centrally.

About cBrain cBrain challenges the traditional IT approach by applying an innovative design and development methodology, where the solution is designed based on business processes and built from cBrain’s software component library of SOA modules. cBrain is listed on NASDAQ-OMX in Copenhagen. For more information, contact:



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Cbrain f2 award winning case management  

cBrain Research, 2011 cBrain F2 facilitates the elimination of paper-based work, collaboration and records management and incorporates soci...