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Endangered in Colombia

CONTEXT In our country the animal life is in dangerous every day because polution, logging of forests , illegal mining, the contamination of rivers, the sales and ilegal business of exotic animals, for example the Anaconda snakes are very importants in the ecosystem our country but the human hasn´t thought in the damage what made of the narute. This Animals occupied most territory , for example the Condor of the Andes is located in the Andes Mountains from Argentina to Colomba and is the representative animal of those countrys. Man and his expansion have occupied the habitat of these animals.

OCARROS This animal is in dangerous because is confused with Armadillo, and this animal it is hunted for its meat. Is Located in Arauca,Casanare, Meta and Vichada

LORO OREJIAMARILLO The natural habitat of the yelloweared parrot is the forest of trees palm wax, which are destroyed to take the leaves to the branches or Easter.

OSO DE ANTEOJOS The Bear population has been killed by indiscriminate hunting and forest destruction fog due to global warming

DELFIN ROSADO DEL AMAZONAS The pink dolphin is in danger of extinction by the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Endangered in colombia  

This is a description about the animals in dangerous at Colombia