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The Diet Solution Program – Discover The Real Secrets To Losing Weight Written By Steve Jones :

Isabel De Los Rios, author of The Diet Solution Program, is a New Jersey based Holistic Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist who has written many books, articles and newsletters on the principles of healthy nutrition for weight loss and disease prevention. When Isabel isn't busy seeing clients in her NJ private practice, she dedicates her time to getting her message across to the world about what true health really is. It was Isabels own struggles with her own health that inspired her to create The Diet Solution Program. The Diet Solution Program is a culmination 15 years of research and study and the search for answers to her own weight loss and health problems. It wasn't until she found the true answers to weight loss and how to keep it off that she was able to finally reach her own ideal weight and level of health that she enjoys today. As Isabel continued to work on her own health and weight struggles, she became fascinated by the human body. Isabel made some amazing discoveries in regards to weight loss and blood sugar control. One disturbing discovery was the fact that what Isabel had uncovered wasn't main stream. Even more shocking was the fact that doctors and food companies were actually recommending the exact opposite of what Isabel had discovered to be the only way to lose weight. Writing the Diet Solution Program, Isabel sought further inspired from seeing hundreds of her clients in her private nutrition practice in New Jersey. All of the nutrition principles that she teaches her clients are a combination of

several books,classes and seminars that she had read or attended and grabbed the best principles taught in each and put it all together to write The Diet Solution Program.

If you have been following the same nutrition and diet principles with no results, isn't it time to take a new approach? For more information about the diet solution program and how you can start to change you're lifestyle, please visit The Diet Solution Program blog.

The Diet Solution Program  
The Diet Solution Program  

The Diet Solution Program is a culmination 15 years of research and study into the real secrets to losing weight