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Connecting the higher education community, Globally Join fellow academics, schools, faculties, and students from around the world as they meet at the Riverside Convention Center to work through how globalization, technology, and new perspectives in public finance management are challenging the old models of higher education.

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LETTER FROM THE DEAN Two years ago when we started this magazine, we wanted a name that really captured the essence of the college. We had just inaugurated our Student Success Center, expanded our study abroad opportunities and upgraded our graduate offerings. It did not take long before the word, IMPACT, kept coming up in our discussions. Nowhere is this more obvious than in our commitment to providing scholarships. As you will see in this issue, we make a huge impact with our scholarships. JHBC gives more than $800,000 each year in student support through scholarships and other awards. We are very proud of the gifts our friends, partners and alumni make in support of our students. Many former students have told me that without the scholarship help provided by this college, they would not have been able to graduate in a timely manner, or at all. Every dollar really does make a difference. That’s why we are inviting you to be part of a new goal we have for the college — to distribute $1 million annually for our students. If you can join us in “paying it forward,” there is an envelope in this magazine, or you can go online to and click on the link that says, “Give to JHBC.” Feel free to create your own legacy or support any of the existing scholarships. From all of us in the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, thank you so much for supporting our students. Happy reading!

Lawrence C. Rose, Ph.D., FFin, FCPA (Aus) Dean


SUCCESS 3 STUDENT JHBC on track in graduation

COVER STORY More than $800,000 is distributed annually in scholarship support. Read about the impact and opportunity to make a difference.


CENTER FOR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT 12 Research sets path for

1 Letter from the Dean from the Director 2 Letter of Development

initiative goals

EDUCATION HUB 4 Quarter to semester transition

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LEADERSHIP 5 STUDENT Students take global

mindset to new heights

CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE 10 Transportation solutions,

entrepreneurial spirit, cyber security recognition and more

career development

DESERT CAMPUS 13 PALM 30-year campus celebration,

hopes for increased programs

COLLEGE BRIEFS 14 Academic scholars, new

advisory board

COLLEGE RESEARCH 15 Electronics breed a new

kind of leader

16 New faculty and staff

LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT People often ask me why I became an academic. For me, the answer is simple: graduation. I love, love, love graduation. It is without question the happiest day of the year. For our students, the majority of whom are the first in their families to complete a bachelor or master’s degree, graduation is both the successful culmination of years of extraordinary effort, sacrifice, and hard work, and the primary launch pad to the promise of a better life. The promise of a better life is not just for the student, but also for the student’s immediate and extended family. Graduation is a defining moment for an entire clan as it disrupts outdated beliefs of who gets to go to college. When one member of a family graduates from college, the door to higher education is kicked open for all those who follow. People have begun to ask me, “If you like being an academic so much, why are you leaving full-time teaching to do development?” For me, the answer is simple: graduation. The vast majority of our students work. Some students work one part-time job. Some students work two or more part-time jobs. Still, other students work full time and carry a full load of classes. This is why scholarships are so important. Often these scholarships can be the difference between graduating and never finishing. When you make a gift to the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, you are helping truly deserving students get on with their studies so they can graduate and become contributing members of their communities. What could be more rewarding or important than that? Check out the list of scholarship options in this issue, and then pick one and make a gift pledge. You will feel like a million bucks knowing you made a real impact in a student’s life. Thank you!

Astrid Sheil, Ph.D. Director of Development and Professor

Create your own legacy or support existing JHBC scholarships.

2 | IMPACT magazine spring 2017

Contact the JHBC Development office at (909) 537-5771.


Graduation Initiative Spurs Additional College Support Sixty-four out of every 100 students who join Jack H. Brown College as freshmen graduate from CSUSB and almost half among them complete their major in business and public administration. The percentage of our students graduating in six years or less is just on the verge of college targets for 2025.

We’ve done it before and plan to go even further. We must. For the sake of a third of our students who still leave CSUSB not graduating, and for the other two-thirds who do graduate and do so while gaining more than a degree!”

Our path to success was initiated with the design of the one-stop Student Success Center in 2012. In addition to professional academic and internship advising, the center has added many high-impact programs such as student peer advisors, a business mentoring program and a passport program for students’ professional development. Our academic departments joined the movement by addressing bottleneck courses, adopting digital learning, mentoring discipline-based student clubs, promoting study abroad programs, and holding faculty conversations and professional development around the metric that matters most – student success.

6–Year Freshman Graduation Rates

In fall 2016, our Success Center reported more than 500 unique student contacts and the college opened an innovation and collaboration space for student use. Study and lounge spaces were created for use on each floor of Jack Brown Hall, and the college supported the first-floor location of a Coyote Market, where students can buy snacks any time. “We are proud that Jack H. Brown College is becoming a destination where our students have the support and space to bring their dreams to reality,” said Vipin Gupta, Jack H. Brown College associate dean of innovation and collaborations. “Together, we know we can move the needle beyond our president’s and chancellor’s goals.

CSUSB 2016 Rate

JHBC 2016 Rate

JHBC 2025 Goal More than a degree! | 3


Quarter to Semester 2020 CSUSB is in the process of transitioning from the quarter system to semester, a switch from a 10-week instruction period to a 15-week span. The college is using this opportunity to transform curriculum and teaching. The university is preparing to launch a campaign to advise students and establish a seamless transition. Stay updated at

Business Madness Event Success

Marketing Staff Member Boosts Support

More than 150 students took the opportunity to meet with some 20 employers at this year’s 3rd annual Student Success Center event. Associate Dean Craig Seal says the center invites a diverse mix of businesses annually to connect and interact with students over potential jobs, internships and more.

Lisa Gordon, a marketing department staff member, secured a $5,000 Small Business Development Corporation of Orange County award to help students attend the 2017 American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. Only three institutions received such an award, which makes this a very special recognition of the quality of programming.

Entrepreneurship Gift The Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship received a gift from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation to support students as they prepared for and participated in the April E-Fest in Minneapolis, sponsored by the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship and by

4 | IMPACT magazine spring 2017


Students Inspiring Global Perspectives, Business Development A new team of students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds is leading efforts to increase cultural experiences, career development skills and opportunities for businesses to connect with student talent. The Center for Global Management’s student leadership team includes seven members as of spring 2017, but will continue to recruit and grow as members graduate and new student involvement programs launch. “Diversity is the source of innovation and I believe our group of students will help take us to the next level,” said Frank Lin, Ph.D., associate dean for international programs. He and Vipin Gupta, Ph.D., associate dean of innovation and collaborations, are the center’s co-directors. Students have worked cohesively in developing high quality opportunities for students to partake in study abroad and international programs. Each member receives a job title and description, where they can apply

their academic backgrounds such as philosophy, communications, graphic design and marketing.

Team work Study abroad promotions

Public Outreach Assistant Muhammad Khan said being a team member helped broaden his global outlook.

International Market Night

“Being a part of this team has opened my eyes to the business community and its interdependence on domestic and international relations,” said Muhammad, who has helped create new outreach activities.

Global Access Program

Tori Church, the center’s art director, has contributed her skills in graphic design to the overall transformation of the center, including pitching designs for a new logo. “Undertaking extraordinary projects such as International Market Night and having artistic freedom has given me the self-confidence to put myself out there in the community as an artist and designer.”

Taste of India World Trade Conference Center Alliance Career Development Pilot Public Speaking Lab

Meet the Team Tori Church Double Major: Graphic Design & Marketing and Art Education/ Spring 2018 Nga Vo (Susan) Marketing/ Winter 2018 Graciela Troche Communication Studies Spring 2018 Babita Rawat MS in Health Science Administration/ Spring 2018 Muhammad Khan Philosophy/ Spring 2017 Daniel Perez MBA with a focus in Management/ Fall 2017 Sarthak Arora MBA with a focus in Marketing/ Winter 2018

More than a degree! | 5


  his is the magic that scholarships can create, especially in students who want to make it count and who want to graduate. It is an integral part to student success and can have a lasting impact, doing a lot more than easing financial burden.

“Scholarships take us a long way. They make us know that there are people out there that actually care. All I do is strive to make sure they know their money did not go to waste.”

–Mariatu Tu Browne (’16 entrepreneur management and marketing), a two-time Spirit scholarship recipient who credits her success to the financial and educational support she received

6 | IMPACT magazine spring 2017

  The Jack H. Brown College awards more than $800,000 annually in student support. Over the past 10 years, more than 550 scholarships of varying amounts have been distributed, along with other funding support.

A little goes a long way   Between a full course load of classes, working

a couple of jobs, building a business and raising his infant, Robert Khalid Watkins (‘11 marketing) hadn’t had a chance to pause and reflect on his upcoming graduation. That was until he received the call informing him he was a marketing department scholarship awardee.   “It was only $250, but honestly it was huge for me. It was the icing on the cake and incredible recognition for all the hard work I was putting in.”   Robert says the support he received in college helped him to be confident and develop a successful career as a real estate agent.

Springboard to Success   When at a low point in life, financial and educational support offers the strength to continue, says Mariatu. Last year, the single mother of two opened an organic hair salon and now wants to pursue her MBA.

  She says her experience, including working with peers from a variety of backgrounds and new perspectives, helped her put the theories and academics of cyber security into practice.

  “Everything just came together. I have endless possibilities and I know I can only succeed from here. Now I want to make as much of an impact in my community as was made on me.”

  “The scenarios we were given to assess and find solutions for is basically how my job is now,” said Karoline, an advanced IBM compliance manager.

  Karoline Bednarski had a different kind of struggle as she started taking upper division courses for accounting and finance. She said she was missing challenge until she took an information technology course. Shortly after, she was selected for a federal service scholarship program called CyberCorps©. Students receive full tuition support, books, and an annual stipend along with a federal internship for a commitment of up to three years of work.   “It was really a no brainer,” Karoline said of her scholarship acceptance. “The program was a great starting point for where I am today.”

  Each winter, participants are able to meet with government recruiters about jobs and internships. Karoline says having the scholarship on her resume helped her get past some of the hurdles that come with applying for entry-level positions and highpopularity internships within the federal government.

Stress be gone   Research shows that 70-80

percent of college students in the U.S. work, out of which more than a third work an average of 30 hours per week and about 25 percent study and work full time. These staggering figures result in a large number of student dropouts. Our students face similar challenges.

Paige Garcia

  Paige Garcia (’17 international business) says she began to struggle shortly after transferring to CSUSB. Stress was weighing her down, physically and mentally, as she juggled a full-time managerial role along with a full-time school schedule.   “Something had to budge. I wasn’t enjoying life and wasn’t getting any sleep,” said Paige as she recollected the tumultuous time.   Things changed positively for her in spring 2016 when she received a Business Alliance scholarship, which paid for one year of school.   “It honestly changed my life,” said Paige, who was able to step down from her position to spend more time on her studies, join the campus CSUSB Model United Nations program and study abroad.

Karoline Bednarski

Inspiring student success stories such as these while providing complete support stands out as the nascent culture of Jack H. Brown College.

More than a degree! | 7

ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS (visit for details) Candace Hunter-Wiest 2005 Arrowhead Distinguished Executive Officer Scholarship Endowment Charles and Shelby Obershaw Scholarship The Daniel B. Bagdon Scholarship Endowment David Montano Memorial Scholarship Dean Karen Dill Bowerman Scholarship Endowment The Donald A. Driftmier 2003 Arrowhead Distingushed Executive Officer Endowed Scholarship Jack H. Brown College Leadership Scholarship The Jack H. Brown/ Food Industries Sales Association (FISA) Endowment Honoring Jack H. Brown George H. Schnarre Scholarship 2006 Arrowhead Distinguished Executive Officer Scholarship Endowment Janice Tillema Memorial Scholarship Noel and Amanda Massie Endowed Scholarship Poma Family Business Scholarship Endowment Beverly Smith Scholarship Glenda & Gerry Bayless Endowed Scholarship

“I consider this personal gift as an investment in the Inland Empire’s future success, which will provide many educational opportunities for current and future students at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration and give them an opportunity to live their dreams. Education matters.”

–Jack H. Brown

Hal Hoverland Scholarship Jack C. Scott Memorial Scholarship The Franklin Tomkins Memorial Endowed Scholarship Judy Davis Memorial Scholarship Richard C. Moseley Marketing Scholarship Endowment Sports and Entertainment Marketing Scholarship Nancy Smith Scholarship Endowment Bruce and Nancy Varner Scholarship 2004 Arrowhead Distinguished Executive Officer Endowed Scholarship Carroll J. Bellis Scholarship Endowment APICS Scholarship Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship Clifford Young, Ph.D Scholarship Business A & O Program Scholarship D.I. Baker Fithian, Theisen & Young Internal Auditors Inland Empire Chapter Scholarship MBA for Executive Scholarship School of Business Scholarship Stratham Homes/CBPA Scholarship Dianne Wilkman Scholarship Thomas C. Cabrera Family Business Tal Wilson Memorial Expendable Scholarship Arrowhead Credit Union Scholarship The CL Expendable Scholarship Distribution Management and Association Scholarship James Robinson Scholarship John H. Merryman Scholarship Spirit of the Entrepreneur Scholarship John F. Merrell Charitable Foundation Scholarship Robert and Yolanda Wengen Scholarship Michael T. Slaton Memorial Scholarship (Stater Bros)

8 | IMPACT magazine spring 2017

“I was an entrepreneur developing my own company, Chuck Obershaw Toyota. I wish to support students whose creativity and desire to create business and jobs in San Bernardino will lead to the next generation of business leaders.”

–Chuck Obershaw

Contributions make IMPACT   Scholarships are a major factor in the success of our students, many of whom come from limited resource families and communities.   Advancement data shows that over a 10-year period (2007-16) Jack H. Brown College scholarship gifts totaled just over $830,000. An additional $5.35 million was from the National Science Foundation for the college’s Service CyberCorps©.   So, where do the majority of scholarship gifts come from? In terms of dollars, most are received through our relationships with corporations, foundations and other organizations in our community, who in turn are the biggest beneficiaries of the college’s contributions to talent transformation, applied research, innovation and student engagement.

Each year, we receive about one major gift of $23,000 or greater. Additionally, about 10 organizations give an average of $3,500 in small gifts per year. Our students also benefit from the support of our friends – the leaders and families in our community who give in their individual capacity; about 13 friends give an average of $750 in smaller gifts per year. The July 2016 endowing gift of $10 million from the late Jack H. Brown reaffirms this confidence displayed by all our organizational and individual friends, alumni, staff and faculty. We know this major gift will help us dramatically escalate efforts to support our students to become successful alumni and engage new friends to support student success.

Note: The average gift excludes major gifts of $23K or more.

More than a degree! | 9


Cyber Security Designated National Center, Among Top in U.S. The CSUSB Cyber Security program is among the top college programs nationally, making significant strides to address the country’s shortage of cybersecurity talent through training that is measurable, standard and simulating real-world challenges. It was recently chosen as a Cybersecurity National Resource Center, a designation given to only three institutions in the country by the National Security Association. Collaborations with the center, led by Professor Tony Coulson, have included curriculum design, project labs, workshops, virtual servers, intelligence community programs, national recruitment, virtual challenges and special projects with more than a dozen colleges. The media also calls on the Cyber Security program team as expert sources. “To be in the same company as Carnegie Mellon University, George Washington University, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and Purdue is truly extraordinary,” CSUSB President Tomás D. Morales wrote in a congratulatory note.

Center Driving SoCal Transportation Solutions How will we move? How will we move things? How will we align decisions and dollars? The William and Barbara Leonard Transportation Center was selected to take part in a U.S. Department of Transportation program to help address these questions, studying transportation issues facing the nation. The project stems from a study called Beyond Traffic 2045, which analyzes expected traffic trends in the next three decades. We are one (serving the Southern California megaregion) of 18 Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers designated for the project. Centers are recognized as forward-thinking and influential institutions capable of driving solutions to the challenges identified in Beyond Traffic by convening decision-makers in their megaregion and coordinating related research, curriculum, outreach, and other activities. The only other center in California is at UC Berkeley. #BeyondTraffic

10 | IMPACT magazine spring 2017

Ever advancing its offerings and opportunities for students, the center expects to launch a new online national security master’s program this fall.

MAJOR PROGRAM AWARDS SINCE FALL 2016 National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity - Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) – $565,000 for one year, awarded March 2017 National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Challenge (NICE) Curriculum CNAP – $1.71 million for one year, awarded March 2017 NICE Challenge Research and Heat Map – $878,000 over three years, awarded January 2017 Cybercorps Scholarship for Service – $4.3 million over five years, awarded October 2017


Faculty Fellows

Entrepreneurial Spirit Blossoming Campus-Wide and Beyond

2017 Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows

The Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) continues to increase the entrepreneurial mindset around campus through its Faculty Fellows Program, now in its second year. This year, five CSUSB faculty members were selected to incorporate related approaches into their specific disciplines.

Johanna Smith – Theater Arts

Fellows are appointed (typically for a year) to work on entrepreneurial professional initiatives through curriculum development, teaching, research, commercialization of research or outreach activities. They receive an initial grounding in entrepreneurship through a series of workshops, learning about the nature of entrepreneurs, behavior, fundamental components and academic entrepreneurship. Learning is furthered through various internal forums and showcased within the university community. IECE offers about a dozen campus and community outreach programs, providing business counseling and training services to more than 23,000 business owners and individuals. Its latest program, Innovation Challenge, got CSUSB students, faculty, staff, and alumni to compete during open pitch nights in spring 2017 with mind-blowing ideas to help change our campus, our community and quite possibly the world. Learn more at Mike Stull, IECE Director

Kelly Campbell – Psychology Guillermo Escalante – Kinesiology Andrew Oakes – Art Amy Van Schagen – Psychology Michael Edwards – Social Work

Institute Ramps Up Partnerships and Research Earlier this year, the Research Institute for Public Management and Governance developed and conducted professional development sessions offered at the 2017 San Bernardino County Vendor Show held at the Ontario Convention Center. This represented a unique event held by the county for developing synergies between vendors and county purchasing professionals, and was attended by over 300 vendors and numerous professionals from private and public sectors. The institute continues work on research related to sustainable practices and strategic management in the public sector. The results have generated significant interest within the practitioner community and have been published in leading academic journals. The institute is currently in the process of conceptualizing several consulting services, which will be made available to public sector agencies operating in the area. Finally, the institute has sought funding from the National Science Foundation to construct a procurement transparency index and database. If funded, the project will start June 2017. The Research Institute for Public Management and Governance supports student success through research, hands-on experience, engagement and partnerships.

More than a degree! | 11


Global Research Interns Outreach to IE Innovators In January, the Center for Global Management engaged five short-term undergraduate research interns from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) to initiate and launch a global innovation survey with Inland Empire firms. Students helped identify Inland Empire companies that are innovative and collaborative, creating initial linkages for college partnerships and future projects. In their research, they connected to company leaders and determined their degree of innovativeness and engagement in innovation, along with interest to enhance their global network. One finding highlighted that small businesses in the Inland Empire region find globalization daunting and are thereby very reluctant to engage with any global opportunity. “We learned so much about the culture and business,” said Hilda Sanchez. Connections and research are being used to enlist the support for enriching global career awareness and preparation partnerships for students irrespective of their majors. The center has developed a global innovation initiative focused on connecting with, supporting, and recognizing innovative businesses in the Inland Empire region, who are interested in globalization or active/leading globally. The initiative will also expand mentoring and internship opportunities and enable students to become a critical part of the firms’ building global success stories.

12 | IMPACT magazine spring 2017

So far, students have helped engage innovative businesses through globalization panels, fast pitch competitions and product exhibits at the May Inland Empire World Trade Conference held at the San Bernardino International Airport in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Commerce. The center also engaged students in a capstone strategy course, assisting several businesses with globalization opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean as part of its 4th annual Global Access Program in collaboration with the U.S. Small Business Administration and California Center for International Trade Development. Interested in joining the global innovation initiative? Contact Jamie Ayala, project coordinator, at (909) 537-5736 or


30-Year Campus Celebration, Hopes for Increased Programs As the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus (PDC) celebrates 30 years, the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration looks forward to expanding its partners and programs in the desert area. “Business is a big demand in the desert. Finance, management, hospitality – these are the types of programs the community wants to see,” said Dr. Sharon Brown-Welty, Palm Desert Campus dean. “In the future, we see cyber security and computer science as other options.” With the 2015 donation of land by the city of Palm Desert, a vision for the future campus was established. Offering a footprint of nearly 200 acres, the completed master planning process designs a campus to serve up to 8,000 students.

Jack H. Brown College currently has three degree programs that students can complete entirely in the desert. They include business administration with concentrations in accounting, marketing and management. During a celebration luncheon, community members discussed the desert’s needs. Among them, management in golf, nonprofits and hospitality. The college plans to launch a hospitality management concentration at PDC In the near future. A certificate program will be available fall 2017. “We’re looking for increased funding and support from our desert friends to expand degree and career development opportunities,” said Vipin Gupta, associate dean of innovation and collaboration.

Scholarship Note: According to the College Board, an average college education costs about $10,000 per year. That’s a hefty price, especially for larger families. Ninety percent of PDC students are eligible for financial aid. This year, PDC is offering University Legacy Scholarships, four-year, full-ride scholarships, for up to 15 Coachella Valley students starting fall 2017. PDC Master Plan FIGURE 5-2: PALM DESERT CAMPUS ILLUSTRATIVE MASTER PLAN 46

More than a degree! | 13


Impactful Scholars One of the pillars of our Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accreditation is IMPACT – how we impact the world of learning, scholarship and practice around us. The college strives to offer a variety of support to faculty including graduate assistants, reassigned time, professional development funds and recognition to ensure they remain intellectually current and able to apply original knowledge for addressing

complex disciplinary and real-world challenges. There are several metrics for measuring impact of scholarship, one of them being public profile as a Google scholar. About half of our faculty have published their Google Scholar profiles, according to a new analysis by Associate Dean Craig Seal. Here are the top eight most impactful in terms of citations.




Vipin Gupta



Montgomery Van Wart

Public Administration


Lawrence C. Rose

Accounting and Finance


Anna Ni

Public Administration


Helena Addae



Margaret Takeda



Victoria Seitz



Craig Seal



Inaugural Marketing Department Board Created The new marketing department board will help develop curriculum, internships, job opportunities and scholarships for the benefit of students. The board is made up of marketing professionals in for-profit and nonprofit sectors and include many CSUSB alum. The department is extremely grateful for the support of the business community in serving students.

Members include Ryan English, general manager of the Inland Empire 66ers; Jacob Poore, director of Coyote Advertising; Andrew Oakes, principle with Green Acres Design and graphic design faculty at CSUSB; Silvia and Axel Spangenberg, director, product marketing, Spectrum Brands; Victoria Seitz, chair of the marketing department; Stephanie Harvey, marketing manager, city of Riverside; Rasmey Sam, CEO and president, Asian American Resource Center; Michael Kovak, executive director, Ronald McDonald House Inland Empire; Trisha Wright, account representative, QBE Insurance; Rami Tameez, president, Legacy Financial Services. Front row from left to right: Jua-Nita Houston, director of marketing, External Relations and Diversity, Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio; Mandi Batalo, chair of the art department, San Bernardino Valley College; Manal Iskander, owner, Green Shack Marketplace; Lisa Gordon, administrative support coordinator for the marketing department; Lowell Trask, owners, Vacuums Etc., and Amanda Flood, executive team leader, Target.

14 | IMPACT magazine spring 2017


Leadership in the Digital Age Profound and widespread changes in information and communications technologies (ICTs) have influenced our lives and reshaped leadership. There has been a paradigm shift in communication patterns in every sphere with the overdose of ICTs – social media, email, integrated communication platforms (e.g. Blackboard), video conferencing and document sharing. Changes are being studied by Dr. Monty Van Wart, who is leading a team of scholars around the world, along with Dr. Alexandru Roman from the college department of public administration. They are conducting a series of studies with various local governments and soon with the Korean government. They attribute their success and speed in expanding their research agenda to using the appropriate amount and number of ICTs, as well as good old-fashioned face-to-face research gatherings once or twice a year. Using CSUSB as its backdrop, one study reveals that: (1) most managers use computer-mediated communications about 50 percent of the time (2) “transactional” aspects of leadership are perceived to have been aided by ICTs (3) the “transformational” aspects are more difficult to implement by ICTs alone (but they aren’t easy in face-to-face settings either) (4) followers expect leaders to be increasingly proficient in the use of ICTs. Research also shows that effective e-leaders need the ability to communicate competently, exercise virtual social skills, create teams in disembodied contexts, and to foster and encourage innovation and change without extensive personal contact. They need to be capable of handling routine technological issues and challenges with calmness, and maintain a sense of trustworthiness.

Faculty Research Highlights MANAGEMENT & MARKETING Got milk? Workplace factors related to breastfeeding among working mothers. (Jing Zhang) job.2061/abstract MBA graduates are more likely to pursue overseas careers if their MBA programs offer greater levels of international experiential learning, but are likely to stay back if there are developmental opportunities in the home country itself.(Professors Jason Ryan and Vipin Gupta, with a colleague) pdfplus/10.1108/JIEB-09-2016-0027 Firms in a region within China known to have a deeper traditional cultural entrenchment tend to interpret ideal leadership in terms of Confucian ideology, while the firms in a region more disconnected from the cultural center have transformed their ideology based on more globally accepted leadership ideals. (Professor Vipin Gupta and colleagues) pdfplus/10.1108/LODJ-06-2015-0114

ACCOUNTING & FINANCE New professional standards for revenue recognition accounting practices offer increased opportunities to corporations for earnings management and manipulation and opportunistic disclosures to defend higher executive compensation. (Professor Taewoo Kim and colleagues) v27.6/issuetoc. Professor Liang Guo and his colleague find clinical trial transparency in the medical journal publications has helped reduce errors in the long-term analyst forecasts of the future earnings of pharmaceutical firms doing trials by 45 percent and the variability across analysts in the forecast by 50 percent. Transparency about executive compensation through disclosure in annual reports of supplemental information such as peer comparisons positively impacts the shareholder approval of higher compensation. (Professor Brandy Hadley) Financial crisis-induced volatility in stock markets encourages “flight to safety” hedging in treasury note, gold and silver markets as well, and compensating of these hedges through investor asset holdings. (Professor Ghulam Sarwar)

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Meet JHBC’s New Faculty and Staff Welcome these new ‘faces’ to the college as it continues its ongoing goal of bringing highly talented faculty and staff to advance the college and provide a world class education to students.

Steve Abbott

Lecturer / Entrepreneur in Residence - Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship

Adriana Kazanjian

Stacey Allis

Communications & Innovation Projects Coordinator, Jack H. Brown College

Tejshree Trivedi

Crystal Xiaoyu Huang

Executive Assistant to the Dean, Jack H. Brown College

Business Intelligence Data Analyst, Jack H. Brown College

Hang Pei

Taewoo Kim

Assistant Professor of Accounting, Department of Accounting & Finance

16 | IMPACT magazine spring 2017

Jamie Ayala

Assistant Director – Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship

Assistant Professor of Accounting, Department of Accounting & Finance

Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management, Department of Management


7.31 7.31


Nomination season is here! Nomination season is here! We invite you to nominate Weaninvite you to nominate entrepreneur who an entrepreneur who deserves to be recognized deserves to be recognized for their successful venture. for Self-nominations their successful venture. are Self-nominations encouraged! are encouraged!

This year marks 15 years of celebrating The Spirit of the This year marks 15us years celebrating Spirit of the Entrepreneur! Join this of November forThe a memorable evening Entrepreneur! Join usand thisinnovation Novemberat forthis a memorable evening filled with inspiration black-tie gala as we filled with the inspiration and innovation atof this black-tie gala as we celebrate top business innovators Inland Southern California. celebrate the top business innovators of Inland Southern California.

9.1 9.1

Founded & Presented By: Founded & Presented By:


Mark this date to secure Markevent this date to secure your seats to the your event seats the premier event of theto season. premier event of the season. The main registration, The mainVIP registration, including Experience including VIPopens Experience tables, tables, opens September 1, 2017. September 1, 2017.

S P I R I T A W A R D S I E . c o m S P I R I T A W A R D S I E . c o m For more information contact Mike Stull at (909) 537-3708 or For more information contact Mike Stull at (909) 537-3708 or /SpiritEntreAwards /SpiritEntreAwards

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/SpiritEntre /SpiritEntre

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s n o i t a l u t a Congr to the Class of 2017

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CSUSB Impact Magazine  

Spring 2017 Issue 2

CSUSB Impact Magazine  

Spring 2017 Issue 2