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2012-2013 IDS Basketball Season by: Lauren H. This winter, the Coyotes had an extremely successful basketball season. Both the girls and boys teams began to gel and became familiar with playing with each other. Since last season, the IDS athletes had grown and developed as teammates and athletes. The boys had incredibly hard competition to face. They worked hard to prove the depth and talent of their team. With their perseverance and desire to win and be successful, their season was very competitive. On the days of their home games, each player would wear a shirt and tie. The excitement for game day was evident in their faces. The one thing most remarkable about the boys’ basketball team this season was their enthusiasm, competitive nature and desire to win. The boys' varsity team started the season off well. Early in the season, the boys played in the Mooreland Hill Tournament. In close games, the boys scrapped but came up short. Overall, they came in fourth out of five teams. As their season progressed, the team got better and beat Covenant Prep by about twenty points. One of their last games against Mooreland Hill, a team they had rivaled with all season, was a close one down to the final minute. Unfortunately, the team lost by a few points after a hard fought battle. The boys Junior Varsity team also gave this season all they could. In two games about mid-way through the season, they beat Hamden Hall and Covenant Prep at home. Mr. Doyle, their dedicated and

experienced coach led them through all of their games. The girls' basketball season was one that was cut short by weather. The annual Mooreland Hill Tournament was canceled this year due to the snowstorm that hit in February. Despite games and practices lost to snow days, the girls worked hard to win games this season. The girls’ varsity team won every game but two this season, their only losses to Chase and St. Joe's. The best game they played this season was against St. John's. At the end of regulation, the other team hit a shot to tie. The game went into over time where the Coyotes pulled away by about six points. The girls’ junior varsity team also did a sensational job this season. Their heart and desire were shown in the game against St. Joe's where they lost by two in a game going down to the final seconds. Thanks to a great and supportive coach, Miss Boyce, for leading the girls through a great season.


Rise of Golf: A History of the Great Game

For as long as can be remembered, golf in one form or another has been played by every civilization in the world; however, the game that we today consider golf has its roots in Scottish tradition. By the early 1400s, the game of golf was popular throughout Europe. The game truly kicked off between 1750 – 1850, when “professional” golfers began to meet with each other and form clubs. They would organize matches and practice together, improving both their own skills and the game itself. The Robertson family of St. Andrews was one of the main leaders in advancing the game of golf. This family left behind a legacy of players and ball- and clubmakers. One such person was Allan Robertson, the first (well-known) professional golfer. In a famous contest in 1843 against Willie Dunn, Robertson won, two rounds up with one to play. Thomas Buddo, the founder of the Robertson family line, was a ball-maker of St. Andrew’s in 1610. From 1850 through 1890, three incredible discoveries further advanced the game of golf. The first was the “gutta percha” based ball, also known as the “gutty.” This in turn led to the development of iron clubs, due to the increased strength of the “gutta percha” based ball. Secondly, a railroad was built through St. Andrews, spreading golf throughout the world. Lastly, Tom Morris, the man who would revolutionize


both how and where the game was played, was born. Morris became a record-holding champion and one of the revolutionary leaders of golf. He helped set the rules that still apply today. During the first Great War, the sport of golf was diminished drastically in Scotland. Many rising stars had died in battle or lost the will to play. Others migrated to America. However, after the War golf made a rapid comeback. Then, the second Great War came along. Many golf courses were converted to U.S. landing sites and airplane runways. From 1946 through 1960, golf grew in America and throughout the world, becoming an international sport. Finally, we reach the present. Golf has now become a world-famous recreational and professional sport. Professionally, a tournament system spanning the world was put in place, allowing for more competitive players to play against one another. Golf has grown from a hobby to a worldwide passion. Everyone can now enjoy this simple yet elegant game.


Toucans by: Nora G-F

There are approximately 10,000 species of birds in the world and about 3,200 species live

in South America. Though there are many birds in South America, the toco toucan is usually the first to come to mind.

Out of the 33 species of toucans, the toco toucan is the largest and has the largest bill. Its

total body length is about two feet; its wing length is about nine to ten inches; and its bill length is around seven to eight inches long. Its bill is used to scrape flesh from fruit, intimidate smaller birds, and reach for berries and seeds that would otherwise be out of reach. It is made of of strong and hard material, and though it is large, it is also lightweight. Its wings are short and rounded and their legs are strong. Each foot has two toes pointing forward and two toes pointing back, making it easy to have a good grip on branches.

The toco toucan is typically found in Southern America. It lives in eastern and southern

Brazil, the Guiana region, Paraguay, Bolivia, and northern Argentina. Toco toucans are not as social as other toucans, but they still perch, live, and fly in small groups. The bird flies poorly, so it usually dwells in trees. The birds prefer to hop from tree to tree rather than fly. Though most birds bathe at ground level, the toco toucan uses pools of rainwater found in the hollows of branches and tree trunks to bathe high up in the trees. Its diet contains fruit, seeds, eggs, nestlings, small lizards, and snakes. It also eats insects and spiders taken from bark and foliage. It uses its 6 inch long tongue to manipulate the food.

The toco toucan makes its nest by removing soft, decaying wood from a tree to make a

hole. They regurgitate seeds to make a bed for the eggs. They usually lay two to four white eggs. The parents take turns incubating the eggs. When the eggs hatch, the babies are blind, so both the parents feed them. After about a month the babies grow their first layer of feathers.

I chose to write about this animal because of how its unique features have evolved over time to help it survive. While most people are familiar with the toco toucan, many are not quite sure exactly why it’s beak is so large or why its feet are different from most other birds. When people now see an image of a toucan, hopefully they’ll

understand more about why it looks that way or be able to remember something about where and how it lives.


MOVIE REVIEWS The people involved in the film as cast or crew members have been nominated for a number of awards. The awards include the Golden Globes, Academy Awards and many others.

General Facts: Rated: PG13

Duration: 150 minutes Released: 11.9.2012

Lincoln by: Avery S.

In the inspirational film “Lincoln,” director Steven Spielberg captures President Lincoln’s time in office as well as a glance at his private life. This film commemorates the 200th anniversary of President Lincoln’s birth and is a great way to better understand our 16th president. The movie is set at the time when President Lincoln is trying to pass the 13th amendment through the House of Representatives. The amendment, abolishing slavery in the United States was issued on the 6th of December, 1865. The motion picture helps you to understand the many challenges he needed to handle in his personal and political life, including the death of his youngest son, Willie, and his attempts to improve life for those in bondage.

Music by: John Williams

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis took on the main role in the film as President Lincoln. Having acted in at least ten films before, Day-Lewis mastered the role. He earned an Academy award, a Golden Globe award and many other accolades for best actor. Working closely with Day-Lewis was director Stephen Spielberg. They created a masterpiece. Together, they made a film critics are calling “the best films about our 16th President yet.” “Lincoln” truly revives an important part of American history. The set and reenactments are really amazing. I would highly recommend this picture if you enjoy learning about the Civil War, President Lincoln, or American history in general.


The Arrival of a New Pope By Sam H.

After eight years of service to the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict resigned, handing over the reigns to Pope Francis on March 13th, 2013. Pope Benedict was the first pope to resign in almost six hundred years. The conclave, an assembly of cardinals, elected a new pope and people from all over the world swarmed to hear his first mass. People all over the world are excited to hear about the new pope and the changes he might make after seeing the white smoke from the copper chimney in St. Peter’s Square and reading the first tweet from the Pontiff, signifying the conclave’s decision. Pope Benedict stepped down due to being “too old and tired to continue on” as Pope. The church faces many challenges, such as a shortage of priests and difficulties governing the Vatican. Pope Francis praised Pope Benedict’s service to the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. Pope Francis is 76 years old and the first non- European pope in over 1,000 years. It is the first time the Latina culture, which consists of 70% Catholics, has been represented by a pope. He comes from a simple life in Argentina. He focuses on helping the poor. He was born as Jorge Mario Bergoglio but chose his name to be Pope Francis in honor of the saint. This is the first time this saint was chosen as the name for a pope and is known as the saint that represented the poor. Pope Francis is one of few Archbishops to ever take the bus to work every day and cook his own meals. President Obama congratulated the new pope, saying “he is a champion of the poor” and that he “carries forth a message of love and compassion.” The pope urges older Catholics to pass their wisdom to younger members of the church. Many hope the new pope’s humble ways will connect with many people who will be motivated to be of service to the poor and the environment.



Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a fun, single player open world racing game where you can drive wherever you want. It’s fun for everybody! Need for Speed: Most Wanted is an intense racing game located in the city of Fairhaven, a city with some of the most intense street racing on the planet. In the game, there are Most Wanted drivers; 10 of the best street racers in the game. Your goal is to find and race in fast cars to beat all of the Most Wanted racers and become number one by earning 1 million speed points, which is the point system basis. All of the Most Wanted drivers have the best cars like the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the Lamborghini Aventador and the Lexus LFA. To beat a Most Wanted driver, you need to beat it in a race and shut it down, or wreck it, to unlock the car to drive it freely. At the start if the game, you are driving on the interstate and in an Aston Martin V12 Vantage. The narrator directs you to your first jackspot, which is where you find a car, the Porsche Carrera 911 S. When you jump at the jackspot, you go to a race. If you win you get 12,000 speed points. After you win the race, there is a cutscene that shows a police officer. Eventually, if you are racing above the speed limit, you will get into a pursuit where the cops will chase you until you get busted, or you escape the cops by outracing them. This is one way you earn speed points. Other ways include smashing through billboards, driving through security gates, speeding by speed cameras, and winning races. From there on, you control the way. If you get 1 million speed points, you have beaten the game. We recommend this game if you are on only child, have a sibling who doesn’t play video games as much, or have a sibling who has a lot of patience. Once we picked up the controller, we couldn’t take our eyes off of it, and we still argue over who drives in the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse. We have fun time playing with our friends in Xbox Live Parties. You can do crazy stuff offline too, like drive off of an airport on the ocean, and drive off a cliff at Hodges Airfield. The game is available on: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Wii U, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Downloadable Content Offers: Ultimate SpeedPack (free on Wii U), Terminal Velocity Pack, Movie Legends Pack, NFS Heroes Pack, Pro Modifications Pack (Each are priced from $2-$7) The Terminal Velocity Pack (includes airport expansion), Movie Legends Pack, and NFS Heroes Pack makes up the Deluxe Bundle (You can save 25% if you buy the Deluxe Bundle rather than buying the three packs separately). Online functionality requires an Origin or EA account.


Book Recommendation The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton Reviewed by: Jenny W. The Outsiders, told by fourteen-year-old Ponyboy, is set in the 1960s in the middle of a gang war. Ponyboy and his friends and brothers, known as the Greasers, must always be ready to face off with the Socs, snobby, rich kids who detest the Greasers' leather jackets and slicked back hair. One night, Ponyboy and his friend Johnny are attacked by a group of Socs, who take things too far. One of the Socs tries to kill Ponyboy, and Johnny stabs his attacker. Faced with murder, Johnny must run away from what he has done and urges Ponyboy to come with him. Unwilling to explain the night's events to his older brothers Sodapop and Darry, Ponyboy slips out of town with Johnny. This book is a quick and easy read and it lures the reader in with its honesty and simple reasoning. The Outsiders portrays the struggle of teenage gangsterism and the importance of trusting others. It also reinforces the need for family support. Through Ponyboy’s eyes, Darry seems to only care about Sodapop, creating a tense household that threatens to tear itself apart. Ponyboy struggles to appreciate the care Darry gives him, and Darry fails to see his lack of warmth towards Ponyboy.  I would highly recommend this book for anyone, and even if you prefer science-fiction, this book will keep you interested with its suspenseful twist of events and down-to-earth messages.

The Beech Tree by: Avery S The beech tree sways Gently In the summer breeze. Leaves die off as August leaves, Dropping down past the bark and past the eaves. The tree rocks to and fro, Sheltering creatures from the treacherous snow. Buds sprout upon a branch Growing strong but small. Even throughout the wildest drought, They hang on just the same.



In Who Wore it Best: Oscars Edi3on, students and teachers were asked to pick their favorite dress  from this year’s Academy Awards. Several op3ons were provided, but there is only one winner. Here  are the top three. 

First Place Jennifer Aniston 10 votes

Second Place Reese Witherspoon 5 votes

Third Place

Jennifer Lawrence 4 votes



Oscar-winning for original score, cinematography, stunning visual effects and best director, Life of Pi was one of the most famous movies of the year. The movie is a touching story about Piscing Moitel(Pi) who is in the process of moving with his two parents and older brother to Canada. But on the way, their ship sinks, and he is the only one who survives. Stuck on the a small rescue boat, Pi struggles with limited supplies. Along the way, he finds a tiger named Richard Parker, who is also trapped on the boat with him. In order to survive, they must learn to live with each other, work together and share. Otherwise, a tiger could be the only one left on the boat after an apetizing meal consisting of Pi. This movie was touching and I encourage you all to see it because it teaches about faith. It is an exciting and tragic story about a boy stranded at sea with only a tiger to give him company and how he survives in this perilous situation.

Polio Awareness Day by: Meredith D. On February 23rd, the Interact Club sponsored a Polio Awareness Day. Polio is a virus that is so severe-it can paralyze and kill people. Purple is the color for polio eradication. Th Interact Club sold purple pins, flower pens, and awareness bracelets. We raised $650 to buy polio vaccines for children in countries where there is still polio. Three countries still have cases of polio: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Polio has been eradicated in India. Sudan has had four relapses, but had finally been eradicated. We are buying vaccines in drop form. Each child gets two drops of the vaccine. To indicate that the child has been vaccinated, the child’s pinky is dyed purple. The dye is not permanent, but stays for a while. We are working with Rotary International to eradicate polio worldwide. We are so close!


CROSSWORD DOWN 1. Often called mums, or chrysanths 4. Cup shaped and are grown from bulbs 7. Sprout very early in the spring 9. Grown on a tree; also known as a Syringa ACROSS

2. Has white petals; popular girl’s name 3. Also known as a “Narcissus” 5. Flower bush; found in white, blue, purple, red, and pink 6. Golden color 8. Popular girl’s name; often have thorns 10. Girl’s name; grow from bulbs and are commonly known to be orange


Acrostic Puzzles













Man Board



Riddles by: Meredith D. 1. I cannot be seen; only heard, and I will not speak unless spoken to. What am I? 2. What won’t break if you throw it off the highest building in the world, but will break if you put it in the ocean? 3. A fireman is running to place a net under a lady who looks like she might jump off the balcony of her 20-story apartment building. The only thing below her is a 20-story fall! The fireman is still 100 yards away when she falls. He can’t get there in time. The woman is hurt not more than a bruise. How is that possible? 4. I float on the water back to front the same, come to think of it so is my name. What am I?


ANSWERS Acrostic


1. Banana Split

1. An echo

2. Lazy Afternoon

2. A tissue 3. She fell back into her apartment

3. Matinee 4. Paradise

4. Kayak (An answer like Bob would work, but kayak is the official answer.)

5. Sand Box

6. Man Overboard 7. Tricycle 8. High Chair 9. Moth bawls 10. Touchdown

Cross Word Puzzle DOWN 1. Chrysanthymum 4. Tulip 7. Crocus 9. Lilac ACROSS 2. Daisy 3. Also known as a “Narcissus” 5. Flower bush; found in white, blue, purple, red, and pink 6. Golden color 8. Rose 10. Lily

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