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Founded in 1889, the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ) endeavours to

support and

enable our

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member churches to be

healthy and


congregations as we

serve God together



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conferences & retreats (Assembly, ReIgnite, Blizzard, and more) workshops, training events grant funding for new ministry endeavours accreditation of pastors church mortgages benefits program

350+ churches across Ontario and Quebec worship services in 22 distinct languages across our churches churches span 2375 km from Kenora to Quebec City regular prayer for our churches consultations and conflict mediation assisting pastoral search committees helping churches discover the mission of God in their midst mission learning groups for pastors (AIM Groups) support for church planters

because in the end, it’s all about Him

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I want us to be a congregation that can have a presence of hope in our community for Christ.



I hope that our church can engage our neighbours in intellectual and theological conversations about the issues that matter. My goal as a Christian leader is to provide hope. I’m committing to pray for everyone in my school, for their safety, their marks, their happiness and their future hopes; then I’ll know how to love them where they are.

“Hope is that which latches on to the certainty of the

These are just a few of the many answers I received this year when I asked CBOQ church members how they feel they should serve their communities with the Gospel of Jesus. The recurring themes of providing hope, providing direction and providing prayer kept surfacing. I value J.B. Phillips’ translation of Romans 5: “We can be full of joy here and now even in our trials and troubles. Taken in the right spirit these very things will give us patient endurance; this in turn will develop a mature character, and a character of this sort produces a steady hope, a hope that will never disappoint us.” 2012 was a year bursting with stories of churches providing hope. In the following pages, you’ll read how CBOQ has been engaged in the life of our congregations as they have offered the hope of Christ, the direction of the Spirit and the prayers of the people for their communities. You’ll also discover some thought-provoking insights about our work with churches. We pray that you’ll be filled with that same, abiding hope as you read. Tim McCoy, Executive Minister

e promises of the future that God has made.” R.C. SPROUL





» In 2012, CBOQ helped develop over 63 new regional leaders to assist churches in conflict resolution, youth and family ministry or pastoral search processes »

It might sound strange, but some of our struggling churches actually give me the most hope, because they’re in a position where they have to go about seismic changes. They are primed to think and act differently. Jesus told his followers, “Anyone who wants to save their life will lose it, but anyone who wants to lose their life for the sake of the gospel will find their life.” In our case, I would nuance this as “any church that’s willing to lose itself for Jesus’ sake and the sake of the gospel will find their true selves as a congregation.” If a whole church comes together and prayerfully decides what they value, where they see God working, and what they are going to participate in, many deep-seated disagreements melt away. Then it’s not about the pastor’s vision, or the deacons’ vision, or what a few key players in the church want, it’s the whole congregation listening to the Spirit and to each other and entering into the mission of God together.

In 2012, through our T3-3D events, I’ve been focused on equipping leaders to facilitate this discernment process in our churches. We are continually amazed by the way God honours this process, invigorates churches that seek his mission, and delivers on his promises.

Clint Mix, Director of Congregational Health



Many, if not all, of our uniquely Baptist distinctives are precisely what give me hope for our present times. The Baptist movement has always been part of a minority within the overall Church. We began with the desire to escape the tyranny of Pope and to be free in our soul’s liberty to worship within a local congregation’s autonomy. We learned to read the Scriptures for ourselves and to listen to the Spirit speaking within the global Church, without having to slavishly follow any written creed. Freedom and dynamism have been there since the beginning.

‘What is a Baptist and why should we care?’ is not a question many of our pastors and congregants are asking. They should.

We who have been raised as part of this Baptist family may fail to realize the wonder of our heritage and the effective potential for Kingdom work still to be realized among us. It gives me great hope that the missionmindedness of our past poises us to engage in new and creative ways with God and with the world he loves today. Laurie Barber, Director of Missional Initiatives

» In 2012, we journeyed alongside 9 church planting teams in Ontario and Quebec »

In 2012, we awarded 38 grants totalling more than $320,000 for ministry initiatives that enabled churches to reach into their communities. MINISTRY GRANTS In 2012, CBOQ helped fund a new lecture series at First Baptist Church, Ottawa. The Stuart Ivison Memorial Lectures are mostly aimed at engaging a public audience who may or may not have a church background. Each month, thoughtful speakers, including a local M.P., have addressed a wide range of topics from poverty, human rights, and the treatment of the elderly to religious persecution. Attendance has varied for the lectures from 25 to 90 people. More important than attendance, however, are the relationships that the series is helping the congregation to build. On opening night, one attendee stood up during the question period and declared, “I am an atheist, but the topics explored in this series interest me.� After the lecture, we were able to enter into healthy dialogue with this participant. Many new bridges into the community have been formed through these lectures.



A S S E M B LY 2 0 1 2 A N N U A L G AT H E R I N G “There’s been a real spirit of unity, a cohesiveness in Assembly that we haven’t experienced for the 30 years I’ve been coming. “ Wilbert Zavitz, First Baptist Church, North Bay “We clearly can do more together than apart. So it’s really important for me to come here and be together with like-minded leaders and friends, find out what’s happening, find out what God’s doing in their midst and take that as inspiration back to my local church.” Deane Proctor, Queensway Baptist Church, Brantford “Our church keeps bringing new people to Assembly, and they come back totally enthused and say, ‘I’ve been missing something, I’m so glad I went.’ ” Donna Chapman, First Baptist Church, Tillsonburg

» 187 churches represented at Assembly » » 125 participants attended ReIgnite » » 35 pastoral leaders completed New Pastors’ Orientation » » 13 pastors were newly ordained in 2012 »

NEW PASTORS’ ORIENTATION “Attending NPO was a bit daunting at first: I was a country mouse meeting with a pack of educated city mice. But getting to know the other participants through the small group exercises helped me to feel like I am part of a larger, supportive community. I was also pleasantly surprised that it was not just a work event but a time when we could draw close to God. The communion service was likely one of the most touching I’d ever attended. NPO will definitely go down as one of the highlights of my year.” Kathy Brown, First Baptist Church, Wallaceburg “I think NPO is helpful, especially to build up spiritual relationships with the other new pastors.” Gordon Zhang, Milton Chinese Baptist Church (church plant)

REIGNITE M I N I S T RY W O R K E R S ’ C O N F E R E N C E “It’s been really enriching for me as someone who is younger and a little bit newer to ministry.” Christina Fisher, Bromley Road Baptist Church, Ottawa “ReIgnite is an awesome opportunity to reconnect with friends and make some new friends. And one of the best things about ReIgnite has been the guest speaker. He’s shared stories and topics that we’ve been needing to listen to as a couple for a long time.” Steve Amorin, First Baptist Church, Tillsonburg

Through seed money from the Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec, the CBOQ Children and Family ministry team was launched in 2012. This new ministry team exists to serve God by developing and mobilizing frontline children and family ministry leaders across Ontario and Quebec.


Diane McBeth was appointed the Central Canada Coordinator of Legacy for Ministry, a program that encourages our members to have a current will and to consider designating a portion of their estate to support the work of Canadian Baptists.

Our website was completely revamped with streamlined content, a new interactive blog, updated event information and online registration capabilities. was also relaunched with new training videos, an event calendar, curriculum archive, resource links, online contests, and a live feed of @cboqyouth.

NEW IN 2012 Youth Ministry: Now & Not Yet was written by Matt Wilkinson, CBOQ’s Director of Youth Ministries. This book uncovers the shifts the church can make to engage the next generation in a transforming faith journey and to empower those who will walk with them.

CBOQ’s Advent Reader was published in December 2012 and contains 12 lively and unique meditations on the Christmas story written by various members of our Canadian Baptist family.

Mission Shaped Living was published by Laurie Barber, CBOQ’s Director of Missional Initiatives, as a simple resource to stimulate discussion around what it means to be missional in our neighbourhoods.

Breathe is a curriculum developed by CBOQ Youth, exploring what it means to build intimacy with Christ (inhale), and what it means to be transformed in how we live life with a Christ-like character (exhale).


20 people were involved in youth ministry


(Junior High retreat)

leadership development

30 people participated in Compassion Experiences 82 churches used CBOQ junior and senior high curriculum

470 students and leaders attended Avalanche 888 students and leaders attended Blizzard (Senior High retreats)

Tanya Krahn was hired as CBOQ’s first Children and Family Ministries Coodinator

2012 EXPENDITURES Transforming Churches



$3.0 million


Transforming Leaders


Transforming Communities 40% Facilitating our Vision and Mission Transforming Churches // free training to help church leaders develop functioning structures, as well as church renewal, pastoral search and placement services

Transforming Leaders // free training for church leaders, pastoral

care and credentialing services and a benefits program for ministry professionals

Transforming Communities // grants for new ministry initiatives,

free consultations for church planters, and support of global, holistic mission through Canadian Baptist Ministries

*unaudited 2012 total net expenditures

Your contribution helps support your pastor and your church and makes an impact for Christ across Canada and around the world.


In our moments of impatience let us remember that hope means waiting for something that we haven’t yet received. ROMANS 8:25 paraphrase

Stained Glass photography by Henry Regehr, Yorkminister Park Baptist Church, Toronto

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Year in Review 2012  

A snapshot of our life together as the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.

Year in Review 2012  

A snapshot of our life together as the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.