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1prod·i·gal adjective : carelessly and foolishly spending money, time, etc. As Christians, we may assume that prodigal means to be “one who returns sheepishly,” but the word actually means to be a wasteful, frivolous spender. It isn’t the repentance that earns the prodigal son his unfortunate moniker but his irresponsibility. So why would our Assembly keynote speaker, David Fitch, be encouraging us to be prodigal Christians? In his book, Prodigal Christianity, (co-written by Geoff Holsclaw), the authors explain that the son isn’t the only prodigal character in the story; the father is, too.

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“God is a prodigal God, not just in graciously receiving us back when we sin but by recklessly leaving behind everything and, in the person of Jesus, journeying into the far country. God recklessly pursues the world by entering into the very depths of the far country. This is the way God works. This is the way God is.” Called to be like the God we love, as Christians we must become more like him, lavishly and wastefully welcoming lost children home, even seeking them out to bring them home. Here you will find stories of people in your Canadian Baptist family who are sharing God’s prodigal grace.

The Canadian Baptist Summer 2014  

There are many amazing things happening across our CBOQ family. Here are just a few!

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