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Guide 2014-2015

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About CBOQ

Our goal at CBOQ is to come alongside our churches to help you do what God has called your church family to do. We offer seminars, coaching sessions, and regional gatherings across Ontario and Quebec that are designed to give you the tools you need to have a greater Kingdom impact, sharing the message and love of Jesus in your communities and beyond.


If you’ve never participated in our events or used our resources, we encourage you to look through and find how we can work with your church. While we will do our best to accommodate you, please remember that spots fill up early, so make sure to be in touch well in advance. CBOQ is passionate about inviting the church beyond her four walls to join the work God is already doing in the community. We pray that these resources will help you discover God in your midst in new ways and follow him with bold, faith-filled risks.


CONNECTING WITH US We are part of an exciting family! You can find out what is happening across the Canadian Baptist community by signing up for our e-News, The Canadian Baptist! There you will hear about what God is doing in and through our churches and hear about upcoming events and opportunities. Sign up today at! You can also connect with us online! @CBOQ

Leadership Development

CBOQ offers many opportunities for your church leadership to learn and grow both in their spiritual journey and in their leadership skills. If you are a leader in your church, contact us about the opportunities below.

C.A.L.L. This workshop will examine the components of CALL: Conformed to Christ, Authenticity, Located and Loving & Liking. 1 hour - 3 hours

CRITICAL ISSUES FOR LEADERS This workshop presents some of the central ideas that are surfacing from discussions around key traits, attitudes or postures that will enable our churches to thrive in the emerging realities of our day. 1 hour - 3 hours

THE JOURNEY WITHOUT MAPS This workshop looks at the life of the patriarch Abraham for clues to help us navigate through unfamiliar territory. 1 hour to Weekend Retreat

BORDERLAND LEADERS: “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS” Drawing primarily from the literature of the exile in the Old Testament, this workshop helps define new vision and hope for our churches today. 5 hours to Weekend Retreat

WORSHIP 101: SUBSTANCE, NOT STYLE! Looking at the purposes and elements of worship, we will find clues to crafting and leading corporate worship. 1 hour - 3 hours

ENGAGING THE WHOLE PERSON IN WORSHIP This workshop will explore ways in which we can bring creativity to bear on our worship times, so that all of us will be more captured by the presence of God. 1 hour - 3 hours

Sign up for Connexion, our eNews for church leaders at

GETTING THE WHEEL UNSTUCK: LEADING AND MANAGING CHANGE This workshop will present various approaches to determining what changes are most critical in a situation, and then think through strategies for achieving the desired changes. 2 hours - 3 hours

TURNING COMMITTEES INTO TEAMS This workshop will explore ways to encourage the best from the groups that accomplish ministry, as well as minister to those serving on them. 1 hour - 2 hours

FINDING THE RIGHT FIT This workshop views the pastoral search process through a missional lens. It introduces important tools for community and congregational assessment and offers tips on how to conduct an interview to gain the most for discerning God’s lead in choosing a leader. Also available on DVD | 1.5 hours - 2 hours

STRENGTHSFINDER™ StrengthsFinderTM is a tool developed by the Gallup organization to identify and support the strengths we have for being fulfilled and successful in our life and work. Based on a short online assessment, we provide coaching to individuals and groups, such as staff teams or church boards, on how to maximize their effectiveness in ministry. Brian Craig is a certified Faith Strengths Performance Coach through Gallup University. Contact: Brian Craig,, 416-620-2939. CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 5

ACCREDITATION AND STANDARDS We want to develop and maintain strong relationships with our pastoral leaders throughout CBOQ. To that end, we provide a system by which pastors are connected for support and accountability to others within our family of churches. Accreditation, supervision and ordination all encourage our leaders to excellence and effectiveness in ministry. These processes are administered through our Department of Leadership Development.

Conferences and Retreats NEW PASTORS’ ORIENTATION

April 20-23, 2015 Fairhavens Retreat Centre, Beaverton, ON


November 3-5 2014 Nottawasaga Inn Resort, Alliston, ON Speaker: Dr. Phil Zylla, Academic Dean, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, J. Gordon and Margaret Warnock Jones Chair in Church Ministry at McMaster Divinity College Reignite is a CBOQ Pastors’ and Ministry Workers’ Conference sponsored by the Leadership Development office. Our goal is to encourage, inspire, connect and refresh all our ministry workers. Growing year by year, this conference provides a welcoming and relaxing environment for our pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses to nourish their body, mind and spirit. This annual autumn event is designed for pastors to take a few days away from the intensity of ministries and reignite their passion for Christ alongside old and new friends. We invite you to consider encouraging your pastor to come to Reignite, and give them a chance to recharge and be strengthened to serve your church better. CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 6

New Pastors’ Orientation is one of the most meaningful events CBOQ holds during the year. The retreat takes place over four days, offering small groups, guest speakers, unplugged worship and information sessions. Spouses are welcome to attend. New ministry leaders and their spouses will learn about the opportunities and services offered by CBOQ and our partners, meet CBOQ and partner staff, interact with one another over a longer time frame than most retreats and be encouraged to increase effectiveness in their ministries.

AVALANCHE AND BLIZZARD See the CBOQ Youth section of this guide on page 10.


June 11-13, 2015 International Plaza Hotel, Etobicoke, ON Each year we look forward to the gathering of our family of churches together under one roof to celebrate all that God is doing in and through CBOQ. Assembly provides a leadership development opportunity for your entire church leadership team – including volunteers. Plenary sessions are designed for everyone, not just pastors or lay leaders, and they are free! Assembly also offers a wide variety of workshops that address topics of interest to many church leadership positions, such as youth leaders, Sunday School teachers, church treasurers, deacons and board members.


Investing in your church’s mission, vision and leadership can help you discover the exciting ways that God is calling your church family to respond to the needs in your neighbourhood. These workshops are designed to help your whole church and your church’s leadership to grow stronger, together.

DISCERNING AND PARTICIPATING IN THE MISSION OF GOD This series of workshops typically takes place aincludes a sermon series and small group guides to be used in conjunction with the workshops.


RELEASING GOD’S (SPIRITUAL) GIFTS THROUGH YOUR CHURCH This workshop gives a brief overview of the spiritual gifts and answers some common questions. 1.5 hours - 2 hours


Listening prayer, listening in community and dwelling in Scripture ground us in God and what he is doing so that we can collectively discern his call and join his mission. 4 -5 hours

This workshop explores the concept of


and are seeking to improve the overall health of

This workshop is designed to help you think and act missionally, and provides tools and strategies to help you understand your ministry context and what you might do in light of this understanding. Also available on DVD | 4 - 5 hours

their church. 1 hour - 1.5 hours

LOOKING BACK This workshop looks back over the history of the church from its birth to present drawing out the events, DNA and values that shape the church today. This helps to direct you as you consider who you are and where God might be leading you. 4 - 5 hours


empowering leadership and is an excellent opportunity for pastors and leaders who want to see those around them grow in their fruitfulness

EFFECTIVE STRUCTURES This workshop looks at the purpose of our church structures and the philosophy behind them. We will look at biblical examples of structures and some practical applications for the church today. 1 hour - 1.5 hours

ORGANIC PLANNING PRINCIPLES This workshop explores biblical and organic ways that churches can grow in their health and

This workshop explores the paradigm and principles of church health as given to us in the Natural Church Development (NCD) material and prepares you to conduct a NCD survey. 4 5 hours

mission and offers a way to implement plans and


they anticipate entering into. 1 hour - 1.5 hours

This workshop brings together information gleaned from the previous four sessions (Looking In, Looking Around, Looking Up, Looking Back) to develop a strategic plan for health, growth and multiplication. 4 - 5 hours

ministries effectively. This is an ideal workshop for ministry leaders, church leaders and those involved in discerning the mission of God that


PERCEIVING AND ARTICULATING YOUR CHURCH’S VALUES Most conflicts in churches are around unspoken values. This workshop enables churches to take time to process, articulate and integrate their values so they can realize greater harmony and ease in their decision-making going forward. 2 hours - 2.5 hours

NATURAL CHURCH DEVELOPMENT PROFILE PLUS ANALYSIS Once churches have completed an NCD profile, it is essential to analyze the survey to understand growth barriers for the church. This highly interactive time will refresh your church’s health. 4 hours - 5 hours

THE LITTLE CHURCH THAT COULD Our family of churches is primarily comprised of small congregations. This workshop will explore ways that small churches can leverage who they are for kingdom health, growth and influence. 1.5 hours - 2 hours

PERSONAL MINISTRY CLARITY Designed for ministry leaders, the goal of this workshop is to help you clarify God’s vision and mission for your life. 1 hour - 1.5 hours

UNDERSTANDING CONFLICT: THE KEYS TO PEACE IN COMMUNITY When we understand the anatomy of a conflict, we can begin to identify the most helpful keys toward peace and harmony. This workshop will help you identify the stages of conflict escalation and provide a framework for viewing and navigating this inevitable aspect of life in community - so that it is constructive rather than destructive. 1.5 hours, Half Day or Full Day

UNDERSTANDING THE CONGREGATIONAL LIFE CYCLE Taking a look at where you are is an important step to knowing the journey forward. This workshop will show the typical life cycle of a congregation and the starting point for determing vital steps toward renewal, revitalization and redevelopment. 3 hours CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 8

DIVERSITY WITHOUT DIVISION This workshop explores Spirit-led leadership skills and strategies for conflict management, consensus building and keeping peace through difficult conversations. 3 hours Contact: Clint Mix at or 416-620-2956.

LEGACY FOR MINISTRY Legacy for Ministry is a stewardship education program jointly sponsored by CBOQ, Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec, and Canadian Baptist Ministries.

Our Will and Estate Planning Workshops are offered through the local churches and ministries of the CBOQ at no cost to the participants or sponsoring organization. These workshops address stewardship issues including legal documents such as wills, the appointment of guardians, Power of Attorney for Property and for Personal Care. They also discuss how to order your affairs for a smooth transition to the next generation, including tax considerations and charitable gifts. Workshops are available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

CHURCH TREASURERS This workshop will provide resources and training in: • Church financial operations • Pastor payroll calculations • Canadian Baptist Benefits Plan and Pension Plan • Investment practice and policy • Accounting practices • Financial reporting and receipting • Government regulations on administrative and financial issues • Certificate Loan Program • Mortgage Loan Program Contact: Miranda Queh at mqueh@ or (416) 620-2940.

CBOQ Youth, Children and Family Whether you are a senior pastor, youth worker, children’s worker, volunteer leader or parent, this is valuable resource for you! It is full of opportunities to make ministry to youth, kids and family more effective. At CBOQ Youth & Kids, we are committed to developing and mobilizing leaders and churches to engage in effective ministry with this next generation. Within these next few pages you will find resources, opportunities, organizations, and tools that will make doing youth ministry a little easier. Be sure to follow us on Twitter & Facebook as well as to use our Access Card and website to stay in the loop of all that CBOQ Youth and Kids have to offer.

Access Card While many of our resources are available here, we have much more to offer through our website! CBOQ Youth and Kids are offering free Access Cards that contain exclusive resources you can download.

CBOQ Youth CBOQ Youth is serving God by developing and mobilizing youth workers and churches to effectively journey with youth in becoming fully committed Christ-followers. Please remember that our primary way of connecting with you is through our website, Please ensure that you visit for up-to-date information and resources throughout the year. This is also where you can request your Access Cards.

For CBOQ Youth go to accesscard For CBOQ Children and Family, contact Tanya Yuen at

@CBOQyouth CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 9


for junior high students to join with 500 other young Canadian Baptists and see HAMILTON TICATS that they are not alone in their FAITH AND FAMILY journey towards Jesus. Through OUTREACH high quality small group Aug. 16, 2014 Tim Horton’s Field, Hamilton, ON experiences, musical worship and engaging teaching, we aim to inspire your students, This Ti-cat game is an whether Christians or not, opportunity for families to to begin taking steps in their invite families in creating young faith journeys. Beyond memories with their kids. that there are so many great Along with CBOQ Children and games, activities, and a lifetime Family, enjoy a Ticats-Calgary Stampeders game followed by a of memories made on this post-game program with games weekend. on the field and stories of Jesus’ influence in other students’ and Download the regpack at CFL players’ lives. Download the regpack at


of the local church meets the uniqueness of being part of a larger faith family. Download the regpack at Check out last year’s videos on YouTube (/cboqyouth).

TODAY’S TEENS CONFERENCE Feb. 21, 2015 The Meeting House, Oakville, ON Today’s Teens is the longest running, high quality (and most affordable!) one-day youth ministry training conference for youth workers, volunteer leaders, parents and student leaders.

Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2015 Speaker: Tim McCoy C B O Q Y O U T H P A S T O R S Band: Mike Janzen & Friends

Register at

Oct. 7-9, 2014 Camp Kwasind

Mar. 2015 Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON


This biennial conference is a “family reunion” for youth pastors and spouses, encouraging, inspiring and challenging each other. Register at

AVALANCHE Jan. 16-18, 2015 Speaker: Chris Tompkins Band: Sound of Love Muskoka Woods, Rosseau, ON Avalanche is more than just a weekend retreat - it is often a life changing experience for many students. It is a chance

Feb. 6-8, 2015 Speaker: Danielle Strickland Band: Life Support Muskoka Woods, Rosseau, ON For over a decade these retreats have become landmark experiences for thousand of teenagers in their spiritual journey. This is one of the most anticipated and impactful weekends that students experience as it brings together fun, great teaching, spiritual growth, awesome food, and crazy activities. Our hope is that our churches make this a “must do” experience for their teens, as it is a place where the value

CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 10


Centre Court is an unforgettable experience that gives your youth a chance to do something with their friends that they don’t normally get to do. Your students can invite their unchurched friends to a neutral environment where they will enjoy a Raptors game and then a post-game rally at courtside featuring games, spiritual insights from a player, lots of prizes and a chance to step foot on the court. Download the regpack at

Workshops and Resources POST-SECONDARY


Taking the next step in a student’s life towards postsecondary education is a monumental task. Resource guides (one for students, one for parents) are available to clarify what next steps may await them.

LEAD222 Canada is an international coaching and mentoring ministry dedicated to building a national community of youth pastors who sharpen one another in personal character (inside game) and professional skills (outside game).

Download yours from Connecting students to the communities they are moving to also assists in continuing their faith journey. Locate local campus groups on our “Find a Campus Group” map. Download the guide or find a local campus group at

HORIZONS Horizons is a 24-module online youth ministry training course where you’re accompanied by a mentor in discerning how best to lead youth ministry in your context.

Visit or contact Matt (mwilkinson@

CURRICULUM We are pleased to offer both a junior high and a senior high curriculum on “Connected”. Each curriculum has 20+ lessons in five modules helping students to encounter God’s story. You can purchase it on CD or a hard copy, or download it through our free Access Card. You can also download all the previous years’ curricula at

Download the brochure at

CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 11

321LAUNCH LEADERSHIP AND TEAM ASSESSMENT TOOLS 321Launch (a ministry of Youth Unlimited) has online tools for use with your leadership team (especially student leadership teams). These tools will allow you to assess where your team members are and where they are aiming to be. These are also the same tools our Slingshot program will be using.

YOUTH MINISTRY: NOW AND NOT YET This workshop unpacks how a church can move towards practically engaging the next generation in a transforming faith journey and developing a healthy and effective youth ministry. (Audience: youth workers, parents, board members, church leaders) 4 hours

YOUTH MINISTRY 101 Discover the basics of youth ministry and delve into relevant youth culture issues. (Audience: youth workers) 5 hours

ENGAGING THE WIRELESS GENERATION Understand what it means to connect with the “digital” generation. (Audience: parents, youth workers) 1-2 hours

SHARING LIFE TOGETHER Dr. Chap Clark suggests effective youth ministry happens when five adults significantly invest in one student at a variety of levels. Explore what are some key strategies in how adults (of any age) and youth share life together. (Audience: Associations, point youth workers, senior pastors) 2-3 hours

PIECES OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE PUZZLE This session covers all the essential areas of managing a youth ministry program. (Audience: point youth workers) 1-2 hours

CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 12

LIFE COACHING IN YOUTH MINISTRY Understand and apply coaching tools in a youth ministry context. (Audience: youth workers) 1-2 hours

CHOOSE YOUR OWN TOPIC Recommend a topic and we’ll either create a workshop or connect you with someone who’s already a specialist. Contact Alvin at for availability and to see which seminars work best for you.

HEARING FROM YOU CBOQ Youth is committed to being an outside voice to support youth ministry work and initiatives happening within the local church context. If you are looking for research, insights, or a voice to support the ministry and initiatives you are seeking to do with youth, we would love to serve you through these means. Follow our Twitter feed @cboqyouth or find us on Facebook at

SLINGSHOT TRAINING Slingshot is a hands-on, servant leadership development program for young people. We aim in to pour into a youth or young adult over a short period of time while giving practical experience that would see them then be released back into their sphere of influence with greater impact and clearer direction. This takes place within some of our events (e.g. Avalanche and Blizzard on pg. 10) or our cross-regional exchanges with our Canadian Baptist Youth partners. Find the appropriate application from and complete it online along with the recommendation form before the deadline.

EDUCATION INTERNSHIP The education internship involves working with CBOQ Youth staff for four months to a year, in order to gain insights on “behind-thescenes” organization, hone administrative skills and fulfill personal learning objectives.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN HOSTING AN INTERNSHIP? Do you want ways to empower those in your congregation interested in pursuing vocational ministry? We can help you put together an internship program for your church. Find out more at You can also connect with Walter McIntyre about possible funding options (including summer grants from the government) at

YOUR NEXT STEPS What are the next steps in your youth ministry? Take a moment to list where you believe God is taking this youth ministry next year.

WALKING ALONGSIDE YOU We will provide coaching or consultations for your church, association, or your point ministry leader with issues of staffing, family ministry development, strategic implementation or leadership development (or other topics) through multiple venues such as Skype calls, informal meetings or church/association meetings.

CBOQ YOUTH BLOG Each week, CBOQ Youth posts a new blog geared towards providing you with helpful resources. You can connect with the blog at

You can win a special CBOQ Youth gift bag. Enter bonus code “nextstep” at cboqyouth. ca/bonus.

CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 13

CBOQ Camps CAMP MINISTRY: AN ARM OF THE LOCAL CHURCH As a ministry to youth, kids and families, do you see that camp ministry is playing a strategic role in your planning? Given the amazing power that camp has to help young people grow in their faith, we encourage you to send the kids in your church to camp, and consider helping those who can’t afford it. There is something truly transformative and life-changing about getting the chance to go to a Christian camp and critical that campers get connected back into the local church. This is one reason why CBOQ gives leadership to the camp they own, Camp Kwasind, and highlights our association camps as well as other Christian camps – because we want to elevate the importance and significance of every young person having the opportunity to be part of a Christian summer camp. For more information about Camp Kwasind, go to • You may also consider these camps whith are also part of our Baptist family: • Camp Hermosa: • Camp Oneida: • Camp Burbalac: CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 14

Weekly eUpdates CBOQ Youth emails a weekly e-update featuring a few key upcoming details. Whether it’s upcoming events, highlighting resources or specific “dates to know”, every issue has something your youth ministry can use. To subscribe, go to or contact Alvin.

CBOQ Children & Family CBOQ Children and Family Ministries exists to serve God by developing and mobilizing frontline children and family ministry leaders across Ontario and Quebec in partnership with Christian family agencies in engaging children and empowering families to reach their Godgiven potential. We are pleased to offer a number of sample policies, recommended practices and resources to assist your church in developing your own ‘best practices’ when it comes to children and family ministry. We also offer a ‘Starter Package’ for churches and ministry leaders in developing and leading an effective children and family ministry. Equip parents and other leaders in your church to introduce children to Christ, invite them to follow Jesus and encourage them to mature in faith as they share their own faith journeys. There are many resources to assist you in equipping parents in this role.

SUPPORTING US The Children’s Ministry Missional Team is comprised of both volunteer and paid ministry leaders in children and family ministry. They provide support and leadership for CBOQ Children and Family in the following ways: • Praying regularly for our churches and the needs in this area of ministry • Offering a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives • Serving as ‘point people’ in different regional areas • Developing resources and material for use in CBOQ churches • Staying on top of current research and trends in children and family ministry and developing information as needed for our churches

Go to for more information! CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 15

Events RAPTORS FAMILY NIGHT Create a great family memory with a night out at a Raptors Game! Stay following the game for some post-game fun including hearing the faith story of a Raptor player and an opportunity to come onto the court for some games and prizes! November 2014. (Specific date TBA.)

FAMILY-BASED COMPASSION EXPERIENCE Family-based Compassion Experiences are one way that we engage children and empower families to reach their God-given potential. This is an invaluable opportunity for learning to become counter-cultural as children develop an awareness of and concern for a hurting world beyond their comfortable lives alongside their family. This experience won’t result in an instant

CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 16

change but is an interactive learning element that will influence how children learn what it means to be part of making a kingdom impact. The Family-based Compassion Experience Team will be focusing on the importance on intergenerational influence and the chance for families to serve together in a different cultural setting alongside local families. We are offering two opportunities for a few families with children ages 6-15. Details for the 2015 Compassion Experience will soon be available on our website. Check back regularly for more information!

Workshops and Resources We provide high quality professional development in the areas of conferences and training seminars facilitated by CBOQ Children and Family.

ALL AGES WORSHIP This practical, interactive seminar explores what it means to develop and plan intentional, inclusive worship experiences where people of all ages can worship God in meaningful ways together.

BECOMING A FAMILY-EQUIPPING FOCUSED MINISTRY Discover what it means to refocus your children’s ministry to include equipping families as the primary spiritual nurturers of children. Practical ways to easily implement changes will be explored.

DETERMINING A FAMILY MINISTRY MODEL This seminar is intended for leadership teams interested in developing a children’s ministry that

includes intentional ministry to families but are unsure of the model to implement or how to do it.

DEVELOPING A STRATEGY FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILY MINISTRY This seminar addresses the key areas and components to developing a ‘big picture’ framework for children and family ministry. Faith Family Ministry Understand what it means to develop a ministry strategy that intentionally equips the entire community to care for children and ‘spiritual orphans.’

VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT AND DEVELOPMENT This seminar explores practical ways to effectively recruit, develop and support excellent volunteers in your children’s ministry.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN TOPIC Recommend a topic and we’ll either create a workshop or connect you with someone who’s already a specialist. CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 17

Hearing From You Part of the role of CBOQ Children and Family is to be an outside voice to support the ministry work you are doing in your church and local community. There may be ways that we can support you or advocate for new initiatives you are embarking on. Or you may be looking for the latest research or insights on children and family ministry. We also want to connect you with others in your region who are in this ministry. We are in the process of building a list of contacts, networks and online communities on our website. If you know of a network or contact person that should be added please submit that information to Tanya ( cacy/network

E-News We have two monthly eNews publications to assist you in your ministry. Sign up now at! Created for Ministry Leaders: each month features a recommended website, a book review, a parent equipping idea and a story from one of our churches. Created for Parents: Each month features the top 10 online articles for parents. It consists of one featured article, and the top three family, children and youth articles. Encourage the parents in your congregation to sign up for this valuable resource!

CBOQ RESOURCE GUIDE 2014-2015 | 18


100-304 The East Mall, Etobicoke,ON, M9B 6E2 Ph: (416) 622-8600 | Fax: (416) 622-2308 |

Alvin Lau • Youth Ministries Associate (416) 620-2946 •

Jacqueline Solomon • Communications Associate (416) 620-2955 •

Brian Craig • Director of Leadership Development (416) 620-2939 •

Matt Wilkinson • Director of Youth Ministries (416) 620-2941 •

Carol Gouveia • Administrative Assistant (416) 620-2949 •

Melody Currier • Executive Associate (416)620‑2959 •

Christine Choy • Accounting Clerk (416) 620-2938 •

Miranda Queh • Director of Administration & Treasurer • (416) 620-2940 •

Clint Mix • Director of Congregational Health (416) 620-2956 •

Sarah Westman-Liu • Accounting Manager (416) 620-2935 •

Dana Barber • Receptionist (416) 620-2930 •

Tanya Yuen • Children and Family Ministry Coordinator • (416) 620-2945 •

Elaine Lui • Ministry Coordinator (416) 620-2933 •

Tim McCoy • Executive Minister (416) 620-2947 •

Kristi Pollard • Administrative Assistant (416) 620-2954 • cboqoffice@baptist.c

Walter McIntyre • Initiatives Associate (416) 620-2932 •

Whether for individual leaders, whole congregations,

Donate to CBOQ

youth, families or whole communities, CBOQ is dedicated to strengthening our Baptist family to respond to the missional call of Jesus for greater kingdom impact. If you would like to join us in transforming leaders, churches and communities, consider donating today. Go to or contact Melody Currier at

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100-304 The East Mall | Etobicoke, ON | M9B 6E2 | Ph: 416-622-8600 | Fax: 416-622-2308 |

CBOQ Resource Guide 2014-2015  

A listing of events, workshops and more designed to help your church family learn, grow and reach out to your neighbours.