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ABOUT CBOQ Founded in 1889, the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ) endeavours to enable our member churches to be healthy, mission-minded congregations as we serve God together. CBOQ supports local churches and their communities by training leaders, addressing social needs, providing church mortgages and responding to crises. CBOQ also plays a collaborative role in seeding new expressions of church for the 21st Century.

INVITATION Every year, CBOQ staff members host countless seminars, coaching sessions, and regional gatherings across Ontario and Quebec. If you’ve never participated in one of these events, this is a great year to start. Find a topic of interest in the following pages and contact us to let us know how we can help. Spots fill up early, so make sure to be in touch well in advance. CBOQ is passionate about inviting the church beyond her four walls to join the work God is already doing in the community. We pray that these resources will help you discover God in your midst in new ways and follow him with bold, faith-based risks.


ReIgnite is a CBOQ Pastors’ and Ministry Workers’ Conference sponsored by the Leadership Development office. Our goal is to encourage, inspire, connect and refresh all our ministry workers. Growing year by year, this conference provides a welcoming and relaxing environment for our pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses to nourish their body, mind and spirit. This annual autumn event is designed for pastors to take a few days away from the intensity of ministries and reignite their passion for Christ alongside old and new friends.


New Pastors’ Orientation has been described as the most meaningful event CBOQ holds during the year. The retreat takes place over four days, offering small groups, guest speakers, unplugged worship and information sessions. Spouses are welcome to attend. New ministry leaders and their spouses will learn about the opportunities and services offered by CBOQ and our partners, meet CBOQ and partner staff, interact with one another over a longer time frame than most retreats and be encouraged to increase effectiveness in their ministries.


Avalanche and Blizzard are more than just a weekend retreats – they are often a life-changing experience for many students. These events are a chance for junior and senior high students to join with others and see that they are not alone in their journey towards Jesus. Through high quality small group experiences, musical worship and engaging teaching, the aim is to inspire students, whether Christians or not, to begin taking steps in their faith journeys.


Each year we look forward to the gathering of our family of churches under one roof to celebrate all that God is doing in and through CBOQ. Assembly is designed to provide a leadership development opportunity for your entire church leadership team – including volunteers. Plenary sessions are designed for everyone, not just pastors or lay leaders, and they are free! Assembly also offers a wide variety of workshops that address topics of interest to many church leadership positions, such as youth leaders, Sunday School teachers, church treasurers, deacons and board members.

WORKSHOPS | LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Leading From Your C.A.L.L. This workshop will examine the components of CALL: Conformed to Christ, Authenticity, Located and Loving & Liking. 1 hour - 3 hours

Critical Issues for Leaders This workshop presents some of the central ideas that are surfacing from discussions around key traits, attitudes or postures that will enable our churches to thrive in the emerging realities of our day.

1 hour - 3 hours

The Journey Without Maps This workshop looks at the life of the patriarch Abraham for clues to help us navigate through unfamiliar territory. 1 hour to Weekend Retreat

Borderland Leaders: “For Such a Time as This� Drawing primarily from the literature of the exile in the Old Testament, this workshop helps define new vision and hope for our churches today.

5 hours to Weekend Retreat

Worship 101: Substance, not style! Looking at the purposes and elements of worship, we will find clues to crafting and leading corporate worship. 1 hour - 3 hours

Engaging the Whole Person in Worship This workshop will explore ways in which we can bring creativity to bear on our worship times, so that all of us will be more captured by the presence of God.

1 hour - 3 hours

Getting the Wheel Unstuck: Leading and Managing Change This workshop will present various approaches to determining what changes are most critical in a situation, and then think through strategies for achieving the desired changes. 2 hours - 3 hours

Turning Committees into Teams This workshop will explore ways to encourage the best from the groups that accomplish ministry, as well as minister to those serving on them.

1 hour - 2 hours TM

StrengthsFinder TM

StrengthsFinder is a tool developed by the Gallup organization to identify and support the strengths we have for being fulfilled and successful in our life and work. Based on a short online assessment, we provide coaching to individuals and groups, such as staff teams or church boards, on how to maximize their effectiveness in ministry. Brian Craig is a certified Faith Strengths Performance Coach through Gallup University.

CONTACT: Brian Craig at 416-620-2939 or

WORKSHOPS | COMMUNITIES Introduction to Mission-Shaped Ministry This workshop includes a biblical overview of both the Old and New Testaments to rediscover the mission-heart of God and his purposes through his people in the world.

Getting Your Church on Target

Learning From Missionaries What can we learn from mission practitioners in history, and particularly, those who are active in mission overseas today? To enhance churches’ sensitive and fruitful involvement in local and regional outreach, this workshop introduces the cross-cultural skills used by mission practitioners.

This workshop focuses upon reminders of God’s purposes in mission and the introduction of practical methods of observation. Churches can discern aspects of what God is doing, and be encouraged to engage in the same in their neighbourhood, with biblical, practical priorities and responses.

Strategic Partnerships

Turn-Around Strategies

Mission-Minded Associations

None of us has all the pieces of the puzzle; together we do. As local churches move to share more encouragement, ideas and resources, they will be stronger. And working together, they will become more effective in both local and wider-area ministry.

Local churches can have a hope and a future through missional thinking and a commitment to outreach. This workshop provides insights and suggestion for a practial response towards the transformation of both church and local community.

There is a need to (re)consider purpose and move forward in new ways as CBOQ Associations. We are available to interact with Association leaders and groups as they seek to clarify how they can work together within God’s kingdom purposes.

Beyond Doing Church: Being the Church in Your Setting

Community Engagement

In order to be the Church in various settings, we must increase our awareness of God’s mission, of the purpose of the Church in his plans, and what the kingdom goals are to which history is moving. Laurie can help local churches and Associations be aware of each so they may join further with what God is doing within their own spheres of influence.

This workshop offers practical help as to ways local churches can enter into their community by starting a ministry centre (like Matthew House), Key Bible Club (sharing the Gospel into local schools); outreach to local leaders (police, government), a Community Choir and much more.

Length of workshops or coaching sessions depends on needs of churches or Associations.

CONTACT: Laurie Barber at 416-620-2958 or



Empowering Leadership

This workshop explores the paradigm and principles of church health as given to us in the Natural Church Development (NCD) material and prepares you to conduct a NCD survey.

This workshop explores the concept of empowering leadership and is an excellent opportunity for pastors and leaders who want to see those around them grow in their fruitfulness and the overall health of their church grow. 1 hour - 1.5 hours

4 hours - 5 hours

Looking Around This workshop is designed to help you think and act missionally, and provides tools and strategies to help you understand your ministry context and what you might do in light of this understanding. Also available on DVD | 4 hours - 5 hours

Effective Structures This workshop looks at the purpose of our church structures and the philosophy behind them. We will look at biblical examples of structures and some practical applications for the church today.

1 hour - 1.5 hours

Looking Up Listening prayer, listening in community and dwelling in Scripture ground us in God and what he is doing so that we can collectively discern his call and join his mission.

4 hours - 5 hours

Looking Forward This workshop brings together information gleaned from the previous three sessions (Looking In, Looking Around, Looking Up) to develop a strategic plan for health, growth and multiplication. 4 hours - 5 hours

Releasing God’s (Spiritual) Gifts Through Your Church This workshop gives a brief overview of the spiritual gifts and answers some common questions.

1.5 hours - 2 hours

Organic Planning Principles This workshop explores biblical and organic ways that churches can grow in their health and mission and offers a way to implement plans and ministries effectively. This is an ideal workshop for ministry leaders, church leaders and those involved in discerning the mission of God that they anticipate entering into. 1 hour - 1.5 hours

Perceiving and Articulating Your Church’s Values Most conflicts in churches are around unspoken values. This workshop enables churches to take time to process, articulate and integrate their values so they can realize greater harmony and ease in their decision making going forward. 2 hours - 2.5 hours

CONTACT: Clint Mix at 416-620-2956 or

WORKSHOPS | CHURCHES Natural Church Development Profile Plus Analysis

Understanding the Congregational Life Cycle

Once churches have completed an NCD profile, it is essential to analyze the survey to understand growth barriers for the church. This highly interactive time will refresh your church’s health.

Taking a look at where you are is an important step to knowing the journey forward. This workshop will show the typical life cycle of a congregation and the starting point for determing vital steps toward renewal, revitalization and redevelopment. 3 hours

The Little Church That Could

Creative, Effective Associations

4 hours - 5 hours

Our family of churches is primarily comprised of small congregations. This workshop will explore ways that small churches can leverage who they are for kingdom health, growth and influence. 1.5 hours - 2 hours

Personal Ministry Clarity Designed for ministry leaders, the goal of this workshop is to help you clarify God’s vision and mission for your life. 1 hour - 1.5 hours

Understanding Conflict: The Keys to Peace in Community When we understand the anatomy of a conflict, we can begin to identify the most helpful keys toward peace and harmony. This workshop will help you identify the stages of conflict escalation and provide a framework for viewing and navigating this inevitable aspect of life in community - so that it is constructive rather than destructive.

Learn from Associations that are engaging in creative, effective ministries. 2 hours

Diversity Without Division This workshop explores Spirit-led leadership skills and strategies for conflict management, consensus building and keeping peace through difficult conversations. 3 hours

Finding the Right Fit This workshop views the pastoral search process through a missional lense. It introduces important tools for community and congregatinoal assessment and offers tips on how to conduct an interview to gain the most for discerning God’s lead in choosing a leader. Also available on DVD | 1.5 hours - 2 hours

1.5 hours, Half Day or Full Day

CONTACT: Clint Mix at 416-620-2956 or

WORKSHOPS | CBOQ YOUTH Youth Ministry: Now & Not Yet This workshop unpacks the findings of where CBOQ churches are at in terms of healthy youth ministries and then explores how a church can move towards practically engaging the next generation in a transforming faith journey. Audience: Youth Workers, Parents, Board Members, Church Leaders 4 hours

Sharing Life Dr. Chap Clark suggests effective youth ministry happens when five adults invest significantly in one student at a variety of levels. Explore some of the key strategies in how adults (of any age) and youth can “share life together.” Audience: Associations, Youth Workers, Senior Pastors 2 hours - 3 hours

Youth Ministry 101

Pieces of the Administrative Puzzle This workshop is critical for those who are managing a youth ministry but may not be the best on the admin front - walk away with tools, resources and insights to make your role much easier and more effective.

1 hour - 2 hours

This workshop is great for youth workers looking for training in youth ministry. We will unpack the foundations of youth ministry and wrestle with relevant youth culture issues. 5 hours

Life Coaching in Youth Ministry

Engaging the Wireless Generation

Choose Your Own Topic

This workshop is focused on how youth and digital media are changing what it means to be relational. Through this workshop we will explore how your church/youth ministry can best understand and engage this generation that is saturated with the influence of social media. 2 hours

Understand and apply coaching in a youth ministry context. 1 hour - 2 hours

Recommend a topic and we’ll either create a workshop or connect you with someone who is already doing it.

CONTACT: Matt Wilkinson at 416-620-2941 or

WORKSHOPS | CBOQ CHILDREN AND FAMILY All-Age Worship This practical, interactive seminar explores what it means to develop and plan intentionally inclusive worship experiences where people from young to old can experience God in meaningful ways together.

2 hours

Becoming a Family-Equipping Focused Ministry Discover what it means to refocus your children’s ministry to include equipping families as the primary spiritual nurturers of children. Practical ways to easily implement changes will be explored. 2 hours

Developing a Strategy for Children and Family Ministry This seminar addresses the key areas and components to developing a “big picture” framework for children and family ministry.

2 hours

Faith Family Ministry Understand what it means to develop a ministry strategy that intentionally equips the entire community to care for children and “spiritual orphans.” 2 hours

CONTACT: Tanya Krahn at 416-620-2945 or

WORKSHOP | CHURCH TREASURERS This workshop will provide resources and training in: • Church financial operations • Pastor payroll calculations • Canadian Baptist Benefits Plan and Pension Plan • Investment practice and policy • Accounting practices • Financial reporting and receipting

• Goverment regulations on administrative and financial issues • Certificate Loan Program • Mortgage Loan Program

CONTACT: Miranda Queh at 416-620-2940 or

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BY THE NUMBERS CBOQ journeys alongside 9 church planting teams

13 pastors were newly ordained in CBOQ last year Worship services are held in 22 different languages across CBOQ churches Last year, CBOQ gave 38 grants to enable new ministry endeavours More than 350 churches are affiliated with CBOQ CBOQ churches span 2,375 kilometres from Kenora, ON to Quebec City Approximately 3,000 youth attend CBOQ youth groups

2013-2014 DATES ReIgnite 2013

November 11-13, 2013 Nottawasaga Inn Resort • Alliston, ON


January 17-19, 2014 Junior High Weekend

Legacy for Ministry is a program that encourages all members of Canadian Baptist churches, as a part of their Christian stewardship, to have a current will and to consider designating a portion of their estate to the support of Christian ministry through their local church, denomination, and/or Canadian Baptist ministry organizations. In Ontario and Quebec, Legacy for Ministry is coordinated by Diane McBeth. She works closely with George and Nancy Bell and John Szeto, volunteer presenters of Legacy for Ministry workshops. Legacy for Ministry’s Will and Estate Planning Workshops are offered through the local churches and ministries of the CBOQ at no cost to the participants or sponsoring organization. Workshops are available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. For more information on the Legacy for Ministry program, or to schedule a workshop in your church, please contact Diane at or toll free at 1-866-512-8911.

Blizzard I

January 31 - February 2, 2014 Senior High Weekend

Blizzard II

February 7-9, 2014 Senior High Weekend

New Pastors’ Orientation April 28 - May 1, 2014

Assembly 2014

June 12-14, 2014 Doubletree Hotel • Etobicoke, ON


LE A R N MO R E AT B A P T IS T.C A Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec 304 The East Mall Suite 100 Etobicoke, ON M9B 6E2 (416) 622-8600

Resource Catalogue 2013-2014  

A directory of seminars, workshops, retreats and conferences designed to help CBOQ churches discover God at work in their midst and follow h...

Resource Catalogue 2013-2014  

A directory of seminars, workshops, retreats and conferences designed to help CBOQ churches discover God at work in their midst and follow h...