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18100 SW 72nd Street Martell, NE 68404 402-875-2529

Date: May 14, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: I am very excited to apply for the position that you are offering. It is an honor to be able to submit my resume to this company. I have a lot of experience in this field, because I started working on this subject in seventh grade. I am still enrolled in a high school, but I can work just as hard as everyone else. In my entire school career, I have passed every class. I have gotten at least an 80% in every class since kindergarten. I was also in the highly gifted program from first grade to eighth grade for exceptional skills in writing. I dropped after complications in high school. In the 2013 to 2014 school year, I was publicly congratulated for achieving honor roll in the first semester, as well as having perfect attendance every day in the first semester. I consider myself to work well with others. I am willing to accept the opinions of others, even if they differ from mine. I try to cooperate with people, and work together to find the solution of a problem. I’ve worked with computers and other technological devices for most of my life. The only devices I am not familiar with are smart phones and Windows 8, but I am always willing to learn new things. I am seeking to work heavily with technology, while also maintaining good relationships with my coworkers. I am a very social person, which could be considered as one of my weaknesses. Sometimes I am more focused on talking than I am about staying on task, but I am working hard to improve on that. I am trying more and more to focus on my work, rather than my own things. My experiences have prepared my for the ones that I should expect in this job. I can solve almost any problem, if given enough time and the proper tools. Included with this cover letter is a resume that further details the experiences I’ve had so far. I would enjoy working in this position, and I sincerely thank you for reading through this letter. - Caile R. Birdwell


18100 SW 72nd Street Martell, NE 68404 402-875-2529

Objectives: Looking for a position in which I am involved with a print, newspaper, or journalistic field. Alternatively, seeking a job that involves computers or graphic design. Education: LPS District - Kindergarten through Ninth Grade, expected graduation date is May 2017. Currently a Freshman, will begin sophomore year in August 2014. On a side note, has not failed a single class from Kindergarten to Present Day. Work Experience: Middle School Paper - Mickle Countdown - Worked on opinion columns, also did a few news columns. Ran a review column called ‘Caile’s game corner’. Worked for two consecutive years. High School Paper - Hawk Talk - Worked for half a year. Worked on several different stories, including an opinion column, once. Stories ranged from a story about Lincoln Southwest High School’s custodians, to a story about the least inspirational pop culture icons of 2014. Also designed multiple feature pages in the paper, and designed an A&E page once. Designing pages required problem solving, and build communication skills with others on the Hawk Talk staff. I am still on the Hawk Talk staff. Farmhand - Neighbor’s farm - From the summer of 2013 on, I’ve worked part time at my neighbor’s farm as a farmhand. I was moving hay bales, driving tractors and trucks, and tending to cattle. Worked for minimum wage. Through this, I developed strength and a better understanding of animals. Proficient Skills in: ADVANCED TO EXPERT : Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Reader, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint BEGINNING TO INTERMEDIATE : Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Basic Graphic Designs Activities and Accomplishments: Never failed a class. Congratulated in the 2013-2014 school year for perfect attendance and for being on the Lincoln Southwest High School Honor roll, having earned an A or B in every class of the first semester. Has been in school newspapers since seventh grade. Was involved with extra curricular clubs in seventh grade and eighth grade. Featured in middle school play, one of the lead roles. Was in the highly gifted program from grades 1-8. Socializes with people well.

I got started in journalism back in the seventh grade. I was never really involved with any clubs or extra curricular activities, because I live so far outside of town. I had to get home immediately to let the dog outside, so there was no time for an hour long meeting. I realized that newspaper met before school, and that was a time that I could manage. So, I attended the first meeting they held in my seventh grade year, and it turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I wrote quite a few articles over the course of the year, and was joined by my friend in the paper at the start of the eighth grade year. I worked on the paper for two years straight, writing a review article called ‘Caile’s game corner’. It was a highly successful article, and the students loved it almost as much as I did. The ability to share my opinions and compare them with that of other students was a fantastic feeling. This year, I learned that the newspaper is a lot more serious than a middle school can paint it to be. The middle school paper had deadlines that were spaced very far apart. We released about four papers every year. In this class, we release one roughly every month. We also used teamwork a lot more in this class. This class is much more professional than that in my middle school, so we also have higher standards for our articles. Our production quality is much higher because of this. We also had to take a journalism ethics course before we took this class. In my middle school paper, it was pretty much anything goes, within reason. This made the quality of the paper pretty horrid, now that I look back on it. With that in mind, I have to say that this is a VERY valuable course to take for any aspiring journalist. Middle school papers and things like that won’t properly prepare you for a career in journalism. This class does. I thought originally that running a paper was just all fun and games. There’s more to it than that, you have a responsibility to uphold as a journalist. If you fail, the team fails, and that’s an important thing to remember.

I believe that the piece I did about Lincoln Southwest High School’s Custodians was the best work that I produced this year. The article was honoring the custodians for their hard work at Southwest. The first drafts had no quotes, but still stood for what it was meant for. Over the course of a couple days, I had interviewed the custodians and had gotten many solid quotes for the article. Once those were written in, the article became a shining example of what a journalistic writer can do when given the right materials. I worked hard, but I didn’t work hard enough, because I still needed the help of my supervisor to set up some interviews with the custodians. In the end, I ended up really liking the final product. The quotes are segwayed into nicely, the custodians are represented well, and there is plenty of description, so you can get a good idea of what the custodians have to do, and how they do it. There are a lot of descriptive words, especially in the introduction, and that just adds to the charm of the article. I received many congratulations for the finished product, but, once again, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of the newspaper’s supervisor, which is really my only regret about the article.

I believe that the story about the first year teachers could have used a lot of work. Not only did I struggle when putting it together, I put it together about the wrong thing entirely. It was the only article this year that I didn’t finish, and the only article that didn’t go in the paper. I had to get help from Miss Benson again to set up interviews. I had to rewrite it from the beginning as well, and never ended up finishing it. It was a really bad performance on my part. I didn’t end up getting many usable quotes at all. It was a really big mess in the end, even after having rewritten part of it, and I think it might be because this article would be more easily written at the beginning of a year, rather than the end of the year. I didn’t do a very good job at all when it came to anything in this story, partly because of my bad email edicate. I had sent out a few emails to the teachers that I wanted answers from, and I addressed them the wrong way entirely. I was rude and curt, and just expected answers from the people that I disrespected. It was a really bad move, and I’m really sorry for it. I misrepresented myself and the newspaper as a whole. The article, as I mentioned before, was not published, and for a good reason. There was nothing really to publish. The story was a mess, the method behind the story was a mess, and the overall execution was a complete and total mess. It was one of the biggest blunders of my 9th grade year.

Looking back on what I did this year, I kind of wish that I had pulled my weight more. I do believe I made an effort to do so, but at the same time it feels like I could have done more than I did. With most, if not all of the stories I did, I needed the help of my supervisor to set up my interviews. Once, when I did set up my own interviews, they didn’t go so well, because the way I had addressed the matter and the teachers was very wrong, and in the end it had really misrepresented me as well as the publication I work for. However, that does not mean that I never finished a story. Some of the stories I had finished were fantastic, and they really showed that I put time into them and enjoyed what I was doing. Others, however, were not as good. But, I almost never spaced on the layouts. The layouts were where I kind of pulled ahead, because even if they took a lot of time and difficult problem solving, they were always finished at the due date, normally with one or two minor errors. I try hard to keep myself and the publication looking good, but sometimes I end up messing something up. That’s alright, though, because we learn from our mistakes. I’ll try harder to pull my weight and keep up with the class next year.

a.) The biggest problem I faced this year was setting up and doing interviews, which is one of the key components to writing a good news story. Part of this is because I’m just too shy around new people, whether I like to admit it or not. I don’t like considering myself to be a shy person, but it’s true. It’s who I am. b.) I learned that if I am to become a successful journalist, I must overcome that little fear of talking to new people. It’s not a good habit to be in, especially for one like me, who is working in a journalistic environment. Often times, my supervisor had to set up the interviews, and even when I got there, It was awkward and slow. c.) I feel like I handled the situation pretty poorly, actually. I should have taken matters into my own hands, rather than waiting for someone else to work out my problems for me. It was my biggest weakness this year, without a doubt, and if I do end up taking this course for the rest of my high school career, I will definitely need to find a way to work around this problem.

Taking into consideration all that I have done this year, the good, the bad, and the inbetween, I would give myself a B, maybe an 82 or 83 percent. I try for at least a B+ in every class, but this year, I don’t think that I put in enough effort achieve that goal in this class. I published some good stories, worked hard on my layouts, and did help some of my classmates at times. However, that doesn’t cover up for the fact that I did not do a good job of setting up or doing interviews. There were many times that I would not have been able to publish my stories if it wasn’t for my supervisor. Most of my success in writing my most popular stories can be credited to her for getting me the opportunity to interview the teachers and staff that I needed to. The greatest example of this was the story of the custodians. The story didn’t stand very well without quotes, and Ms. Benson helped me with that. She was the one who set up the interviews, and once I had gotten the quotes, the story became a fantastic informational piece that tells the students about the custodians, what the do, how they do it, and why. It wouldn’t have been the piece it was if I didn’t get those quotes. I don’t feel like I gave everything I could have, and I plan to do more if I do take this class again next year. This is a great class to take, and it can be fun, but you still need to get the work done. If one person fails, the publication fails, and I learned that this statement rings very true in the LSW’s Hawk Talk.

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Feburary 4th, 2014

Groovy Pizzas in the New Haymarket By Kenzie Wolfe From their mouthwatering pizzas to a lively and “mushroom-themed” environment, the Mellow Mushroom has found a way to bring a new trend to Lincoln’s restaurant scene. Close to the Pinnacle Bank Arena and directly across the street from the Railyard, this restaurant would be a perfect goto for any date night, night out with friends or even for spending quality family time. Known mainly for their bizarre pizzas like the Kosmic Karma, Mellowterranean and Maui Wowie pizza, the Mellow Mushroom also offers a variety of soups, hoagies, calzones and salads. The pizzas are served hot out of the oven, and the fresh ingredients make them deliciously

distinctive with Diamonds.” from fast food The vibrant colors pizzas. There splash off the is even a buildwalls, and the y o u r - o w n modern music is option on the cranked up for menu for your everyone to hear. order. Not to mention Though the the staff at the wait for food Mellow Mushroom can sometimes are extremely be long, the admirable. The time can be well waiters and spent puzzling The Mellow Mushroom offers creative new waitresses are over the ideas for pizza. It also has a ‘trippy’ atmo- e x c e p t i o n a l l y r e s t a u r a n t ’ s sphere. Courtesy Photo friendly and unique interior, always seem to be which seems smiling. like it was made to fit the setting of The Mellow Mushroom costs a bit the Beatles’ song, “Lucy in the Sky more than pizza chains like Pizza Hut

or Godfather’s, but the freshness and all-natural ingredients surely pay off. The cost for a small pizza (10”) ranges from $8-15, while mediums (14”) range from $12-22 and large pizzas (16”), which can be split between 5 or 6 people, ranges from $15-27. Most of the other main-course dishes (calzones, hoagies and salads) range from $7-14. If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful place to dine, The Mellow Mushroom is probably not the place to go. However, the sounds of the sizzling pizza, fun music, and overheard conversations in a bright and fun environment make for an extremely entertaining and refreshing time.

Bubbles for Bros By Griffin Day “I thought that it would be cool if The soap and scent market, tradi- there were scents that pertained more tionally aimed at creating more femi- to guys,” said Anderson. “That follownine fragrances for women, is being ing weekend we had a trip out to Colochanged with ManHands soap - a soap rado planned and along the way stop for men, by men. These “men” behind in Fort Collins for the night at a hotel the masculine smelling soaps are Lin- we will never forget. This place had colnites, Adam Anderson and Kather- Bate’s Motel written all over it. It was ine Steinberger. that run-down, nightmare of a place ManHands soap features scents where we sat, got on the computer such as Bacon, Cash and Fresh Cut and placed our first order of materials Grass. Each scent is featured on their we would need to make our first batch website with its own description. New of soap.” Car Smell, for example, reads, “Sure With an initial investment of $100, your car may currently smell like the materials were already there when day-old fast food and last weeks gym they arrived home. After making a test socks, but at least you can now remember what it once smelled like!” The origin of ManHands comes from Anderson w a l k i n g around his house in early October of 2012, where he started to notice all of the girly ManHands was started by Adam Anderson back in 2012. Since scented soap then, the company has sold over 20,000 bars of their assorted around the selection of soaps. Courtesy Photo house.


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batch of “Fresh Cut Grass,” everything soap bars are poured by hand evturned out as they hoped and the next ery day and are labeled, “Handmade few days were spent designing labels in Lincoln, NE,” to stay to true to its and printing them roots. off of a small inkThe inspiration jet printer. for the different It wasn’t until scents comes from early 2013 when places other than a Anderson realized man’s perspective, that ManHands however. was starting to “Some of the take off. best ideas come “I was workfrom just sitting ing at my job as around with friends an EMT when all and family and of the sudden my throwing out differphone starting ent ideas,” said Anblowing up with derson. orders coming in ManHands also one after the othoffers less potent er. Come to find Manhands offers a wide varitety of scents for their out, ManHands scents that range from ‘Baseball Glove’ soaps such as, Soap was fea- and ‘Root Beer Float,’ to ‘Zombie Re- “Buttered Popcorn” tured on a popular pellant’ and ‘Pizza.’ Courtesy Photo or “Cotton Candy.” men’s online magHowever, the less azine called From there testosterone-fueled scents are conon I knew the word was out and that trasted with more outrageous smells there would be no looking back,” said like, “Urinal Mint,” “Sweet Cigar” and Anderson. “Top Soil.” With Steinberger currently attendAnderson and Steinberger are aning UNL to get her teaching degree, ticipating their company to grow in the Anderson took on ManHands as a full- years to come. They are planning on time job. After a year-and-a-half, Man- presenting their soaps to larger chains Hands soaps have been featured on stores like Cabella’s and Urban Outfitthe Bob and Tom Show, Anderson Live ters as well as more local stores. Manand NBC. It is now being sold in over Hands soaps can also be bought on 70 stores across the country. their website, The three ounce, man-inspired

March 4, 2014

2/26/14 8:50 AM

Painting for the “Prairie” By Jordyn Champoux The Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center and the City of Lincoln Watershed Management team up every year for the Rain Barrel program which began in 2009. For the sixth year in a row, the city of Lincoln challenged artists to paint rain barrels based on a specific theme. This year, the theme was “prairie.” Participants had five weeks to paint and return their barrels. There were a total of 24 artists chosen to participate with a total of 25 barrels returned to be on display at the Southpointe Mall throughout the month of April. Two of the barrels, however, were not painted by one single artist, but rather 57 artists from Southwest that are enrolled in one of Julie Walstrom’s beginning painting or drawing classes. “There are many good design ideas that are submitted from southeast Nebraska. We were thus very excited to be asked to do not just one, but two rain barrels,” said Dr. Walstrom. A rain barrel is an above ground container that is connected to a downspout to collect rainwater that will be

used for non-drinking and many others. purposes. The typical Students from Dr. rain barrel holds 55 Walstrom’s Beginning gallons of water. The Painting and Beginrain barrels have a filning Drawing class ter that prevents mosthird term, were all quitoes from entering given the opportuthe water supply. At nity to participate in the bottom of the barthe painting of the rel there is a spout for rain barrels. Each regulated uses. The student created a barrels have an overdesign and the deflow pipe to get rid of signs were posted, excess water that may discussed, and evalube collected when the ated by each of the barrel is full. students. The draw“People in my class ing and painting of went around the room the designs was then and voted on different completed by student designs and decided One of the various rain barrels volunteers involved on the final design. Ev- on display around Southpointe in Mrs. Walstroms eryone had the oppor- Mall painted by Southwest’s be- class. The students tunity to participate in ginning drawing and painting entitled their pieces creating some part of classes. Courtesy Photo “Our Prairie Through the rain barrel,” said Time I & II”. Freshman Seth Lamb. The application process required Some local artists who were cho- that ideas from artists be submitted sen to participate included Michelle for review. These ideas were considAsher, Tyler Collins, Vonda Hartshell ered by the Watershed Management

Artistic Rain Barrel Program committee and some of the ideas were chosen for completion on a actual rain barrel. “It was a learning process, students needed to incorporate elements and principles of design in their work as well as think of what kind of subjects could ‘tell a story’ about a prairie theme,” said Walstrom. The barrels were displayed in numerous stores at the Southpointe Mall. “My favorite part is the journey the students took to successfully initiate and then produce the designs. They not only learned about art, they learned history and environmental science as well. It was fun to see how much the community valued their work as well,” said Walstrom. The Barrels are available for purchase and all proceeds the barrels bring support the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center’s educational information for exhibits and other environmental education programs. Each barrel is priced at $250 and can be purchased from the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center Website.

By Griffin Day On the first Friday of every participating month, several of the 50 art galleries in Lincoln participate in the Art Walk, or as it is more often referred to, First Friday. First Friday showcases paintings, sculptures, photography, clothing, music and other pieces of artwork from local artists all held in different exhibits throughout downtown Lincoln. First Friday Art Walks start at 5 p.m. and go until around 10 p.m. The largest network of art galleries open to the walk are located from 7th to 17th Streets East to West, as well as the UNL campus to the State Capitol North

to South. Some of the more popular curators that hold exhibits displaying local talent are Indigo Bridge Books, Crescent Moon Coffee, The Public and the Sheldon Museum of Art. The First Friday held on May 2 was the first of the year that was able to embrace spring weather with outdoor galleries at locations such as the Burkholder Project on P Street which held a gallery titled “Abandoned” and featured photographs by Randy Mittan, Gayle Mittan and Sarah Moldovan. Gallery 9 on 9th Street used First Friday to showcase “Far From Home,” a gallery that featured paintings

students, seeking to show how the world is viewed within the community. Another student-based gallery was held at the Historic City Hall through the Community Learning Center. Student artists from elementary, middle and high schools shared their art to visitors. Among the art was two paintings made by the joint after school program students of Brownell and Norwood Park Elementary. Just as the name implies, the next First Friday Art Walk will be held on the first Friday of every month. The walks are free to the public and a great way to get out and enjoy the spring and summer weather.

First Friday Art Walk by Vonni Sparks and a few other pieces that were completed through collaboration with another local artist, Robert Esquivel. For Sparks, First Friday was a reception night for her latest works, which will stay on display for the rest of the month. Though the Art Walk offers professional artists the opportunity to present their art, a few unexpected artists made their way to the scene. At the Grand Manse Gallery, East High Beginning and Advanced Photography students showcased their exhibit, “The World We Live In.” The exhibit featured photographs of both film and digital nature taken by the

Plans for the Last Day of School Junior Eric Ullman: “I will go out with my friends to Red Robin and hang out for the rest of the day.”


Feature Hawk Talk

Junior Emily Berzonsky: “I will be running the 2 mile at State track.”

Sophomore Sarah Osgood: “I’ll be getting ready for my trip to Disney World.”

Compiled by Quinn Hullett Senior Makaria Kirianov: “I will be going out with friends and getting ready for graduation.”

May 15, 2014

Get Up, Get Active, Get Healthy By Lydia Robertus Each year, millions of people create resolutions to kick off the new year. Throughout social media, you may start to notice all of the “new year, new me” captions and posts allowing people to foretell the changes they will be making during the upcoming year. One of the most common of these resolutions tends to focus on the idea of eating healthy and staying fit. Throughout the year, these commitments are often forgotten about or avoided due to various reasons. However, understanding how to eat properly and staying motivated to be active are very important aspects when looking to obtain a goal of staying healthy. Across the nation, gym memberships can range anywhere from nearly free to top dollar. Many gym memberships in Lincoln cost less

than people may expect. “When I first began looking into gyms, I expected to be paying anywhere between $50-$80 per month. However, when I finally found a gym that suited me, I stood corrected,” said junior Addie Mortensen. As a part of maintaining your resolution, joining a gym that is right for you is an excellent way to ensure that you stay motivated. ASPEN Fitness includes a tanning bed, a variety of classes and a clean facility membership at $30 per month. Blue Moon’s fitness center offers a tanning and gym equipment membership for $10 a month. Even if you’re not looking to pay to join a gym, the Southwest weight room is open every day before and after school at absolutely no cost to students. Gyms offer many different

packages, but if you know what you’re looking for, you will be able to find one that suits you. If you find yourself in need of more motivation, there are trainers at gyms with fitness programs available. Fitness trainers help you every step of the way when it comes to staying fit. They plan out specific workout regimens along with a diet specific to your health interests. “As a personal trainer it is my job to design and implement safe and effective exercises relative to the person’s goals. I also provide instruction, guidance, and accountability,” said Brent Bahl, a trainer at ASPEN Fitness. Not only is staying active important, a healthy diet must also be maintained in order to produce positive results. Staying healthy is more about what you’re putting into your body rather than how many calories are in each

serving. “Counting calories is one way to look at it, but your body needs fuel to function every day, and you need to know how to burn off those calories,” said Health teacher Mr. Kaltenberger. At school, you can make healthier choices by trying new things from the salad bar or grabbing fruit instead of a cookie for something sweet. The more colors you have on your tray, the better. “Give yourself a goal, and have people help you reach it. Stay on track. If you mess up, move on and start fresh the next day,” said Mortensen. There are many ways to keep yourself motivated to stay healthy throughout the year. Find the way that will make you feel the best about you.

Clearing Up the Air on E-Cigs By Dana Okazaki Electronic-Cigarettes, also known as E-cigs, are a tobacco-free, batteryoperated device that is typically used to help people quit smoking. All E-Cigs have three main parts: a rechargeable lithium battery, vaporization chamber, and a cartridge. In the cartridge, E-cigs contain a solution of nicotine dissolved in water and propylene glycol. They work by heating up the solution and converting it into a vapor. Some however, are nicotine-free and can be purchased with a variety of flavors. They are effective by allowing someone to get the sensation of smoking while permitting them the nicotine craving at the same time. “One of my friends has completely quit smoking altogether by using an E-Cig,” said junior Vanessa Larsen. Because they are smokeless, unlike traditional cigarettes, they seem to be the healthier option. Or are they? Highly toxic chemicals, like Diethylene Glycol (DEG), and Formaldehyde are used in E-cigs as well. DEG is a clear, colorless, nearly odorless, toxic, hygroscopic liquid known for a sweetish taste. High levels of this can cause Diethylene Glycol

February 7, 2014

5Feature.indd 3

Poisoning. If untreated, it can lead to issues, no high-quality studies have kidney failure and possibly death. been performed to prove otherwise. Formaldehyde, found in both Due to this lack of research, second E-Cigs and traditional cigarettes hand health effects are unknown as has been classified as a carcinogen well. Currently, E-Cig usage is 100 by the International Agency for percent legal in public areas in most Research on Cancer (IARC). Long- states. The FDA has not yet placed term formaldehyde exposure has been them under the same restrictions of directly linked to several cancers, tobacco products. i n c l u d i n g “They Nasopharyngeal are the Cancer and less of Leukemia. two evils” The dose said senior of nicotine in Morgan a single puff B a t h , of an E-cig is comparing comparable to E-cigs to that of a normal a normal cigarette. The cigarette. Food and Drug “Everyone Administration’s knows that (FDA) lab cigarettes analysis showed E-cigs contain Formaldehyde and Diethylene Gly- c a u s e that nicotine col, both of which are dangerous chemicals that cancer, but in E-cigs is at are harmful to the human body. Courtesy Photo. there isn’t a much higher any real level than the average cigarette. proof that e-cigs do.” Nicotine is a stimulant, which at New E-cig shops opening up here high levels can cause irregular, and in Lincoln, such as “Big Red Vapor dangerous heart rhythms. Pleasure,” “Lincoln Vapor” and “Go Although E-Cigs have not been Vapor,” sell “E-liquids” which can be directly linked to causing these health purchased at an adjustable nicotine

level, with a large variety of flavors ranging from fresh picked strawberry and hazelnut macchiato, to even cotton candy. “The more that businesses and companies can make kids think that they are candy-like or enjoyable substances the more they could convince them that they are not harmful,” said LSW Principal Mr. Hugh McDermott. “If you are inhaling something that is not fresh, clean air; you don’t know what the effects will be on you; especially with long term use over several years.” The use of electronic cigarettes while at school is in violation of the Lincoln Public School’s policy. Although the use of E-cigs in not specified in the LPS rules and regulations, it falls under the same category as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. With no FDA approval, and the overall lack of research on Electronic Cigarettes, it is unknown if they are safe to use. But we do know that they are being discussed more when the topic presents itself.


HawkTalk Feature

2/3/14 12:08 PM

Education and Electronics have calculators that can help us with By Caile Birdwell Technology has been used to math and computers that can help us benefit the learning of students with research. I use technology every since 1965, with the passing of the day. It also makes it easier to take Elementary and Secondary Education tests, like the DCA or the NeSA,” said Act giving some schools money to Freshman Aaren Jurgena. The technology at Southwest isn’t buy computers to use for educational purposes. The schools bought entirely for the benefit of the students, ‘Minicomputers,’ which were mostly however. Each teacher at Southwest used for organizing information by is supplied with a MacBook Air, which administrators. From there, more and is a small yet capable laptop that can more computers were introduced into allow them to present powerpoints, write out assignments and even print schools. Since then, technology has spread to some of the various printers around everywhere in schools, and Southwest the building. Rather than write down grades in is no exception. There are computers a gradebook, in classrooms, teachers now televisions in hallways use PIV, short for and. Attendance and Pinnacle Internet Grades are also kept Viewer to keep on computers. Over grades. With PIV, time, the required students and curriculum in many parents alike can schools has changed, see their grades, often to suit the needs any upcoming of today’s students. assignments, One notable change and any work is the introduction that is overdue of computers into many of the classes Students can use technology to do re- or late. A student that students take. search, check their grades, communi- using PIV can In fact, most of the cate with teachers, and work on as- stay ahead of classes at Southwest signments. Photo by Caile Birdwell/ the game. They Hawk Talk can find out what use computers at they need to least once per term. There are also some classes, like Digital Art and study, and make sure that they have Newspaper, that revolve around the their projects done on time. “Technology allows us to be more use of computers to complete tasks. There are countless computers in creative, it gives us lots of information Southwest, from the Media Center, to at our fingertips, and gives us an the lunchrooms, to the office and even entirely new way to think,” said Kneifl. Technology isn’t perfect, however, in some of the classrooms. “I think all teachers do a really as some problems result from good job incorporating technology technology that would not occur if into the classroom,” said Mrs. Marge Southwest wasn’t using computers. Kneifl, a teacher that uses technology Technology requires a lot of money frequently in her class. “I wish that to maintain and upgrade. In order to we had the money to have all of the access the internet, every computer in technology available, because we the building also has to be connected have lots of good things going on with to a network that can slow down as more and more students log on to the tech.” Students use technology to type web. “There are a few minor issues out book reports, gather information and cite their sources for upcoming that technology poses, but the majorly outweigh the projects. As technology and curriculum benefits have changed, so have the students. problems. Connections can be slow Many students have adapted to the and frustrating, we don’t have any fact that we’re using computers to control over when certain websites do tasks that we could have done by go down and some kids can only use hand years ago, and still could do by the technological resources at school, hand today, like looking up a definition not at home.” Kneifl said. “It’s also in a dictionary, rather than googling it. frustrating that we can’t keep up “Technology can be helpful. We with the latest versions of technology

April 15, 2014

as much as we’d like to. Technology updates constantly, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest versions of our programs.” Many students use technology daily, whether it be in class or at their house. Students use computers, phones, MP3 players, and many more devices throughout their day, and they’ve gotten used to using computers tp complete tasks easier. “I don’t think that students need technology as much as they think, or say, that they do,” said Jurgena. While the internet can help students collect information, or put out an essay faster than we would be able to by hand, it can also pose problems. With so many websites on the internet, students can easily become overwhelmed or distracted. LPS has blocked off some websites like YouTube and Facebook, but it’s seemingly impossible to block every distraction. Another technological distraction is cell phone usage during class. Students often bring their phones and music players into class, even though they’re not allowed to use them. LPS has put restrictions on electronic devices in class, so that students can’t use phones or listen to music during lessons. Even so, students can sometimes be seen on their phones during teacher instruction, or listening to music. Though some students don’t use technology appropriately, it can still be a good thing, when used responsibly. Some teachers let students use phones in class, only to look things up on the internet, which can help with learning. Other teachers allow students to listen to music in their free time, or when working on a worksheet or project. “Students and adults alike need to use technology appropriately, and we need to think about being respectful with our use of technology,” Kneifl said. Schools are changing and so is technology. With things like PIV, online textbooks and classes revolving around computers and cellphones being brought into classes, technology is spreading throughout the school, the district and even the country.

Easter Traditions By Kenzie Wolfe

Senior Alyssa Meyer: “I drive to Randolph, Neb. with my family on Good Friday, then on Saturday we dye Easter eggs and we always have a competition to see who can make the ugliest egg.”

Senior Marta Jonson: “I usually go to church with my family on Good Friday and on Saturday I usually end up dying Easter eggs with my little sisters.”

Sophomore Bailey Morris: “Since I don’t celebrate Easter, it’s nice to have an extra day of the weekend to relax.”

Junior Andrey Naidenoff: “My Aunt is a professional chef, so we always eat an early dinner at her house on Easter Sunday, and then we go outside to play football.”


HawkTalk Feature

Mocha Joe or Mocha No? Mawk Talk

(Sound it out)

By Matty Merritt

March 4, 2014

7Opinion.indd 3



By Madicyn Deiro By Caile Birdwell Americans are known for their busy, fast and Coffee is a caffeinated drink that many high demanding lifestyles. Many of us wake up in the schoolers enjoy. But, behind the aroma of ground morning dreading the long day ahead and feeling coffee beans and the warm, bitter taste, there exhausted by the noon hour. What’s the best “pick are quite a few cons to drinking what is arguably me up?” Coffee. With Starbucks making $14 billion America’s favorite morning drink. in revenue in 2012, there must be a reason why At Southwest High, coffee is sold in the cafeteria Americans love their coffee so much. and is a popular drink among students. What I will admit that I can’t go a day without at least they don’t know is that coffee can cause a lot of a cup of coffee in the morning. It gives me that damage. Coffee is often served hot and can burn extra splash of energy needed to start the day off the tongue and mouth if people are not careful. right. Junior Taylor Rothgeb couldn’t agree more. Burns are repairable, but that’s only the start of “Without coffee, everyone and everything puts what coffee can do. me in a bad mood,” Rothgeb said. Studies show that coffee can stain and damage Imagine walking into Barnes and Noble. Can you the teeth beyond repair. People who drink too smell the rich scent of brewed coffee? According much coffee start having their gum lines recede to researchers at Seoul National University, just and their teeth turn yellow. The more an individual smelling coffee can make you feel less stressed. drinks coffee, the yellower their teeth will get and Another interesting fact about coffee is that the further their gums will recede. antioxidants found in the coffee beans remove More specifically, the caffeine in coffee can potentially dangerous substances in our bodies. also cause Gastritis. Gastritis is inflammation of Although fruits and vegetables have also been stomach lining, and can lead to stomach ulcers. known to give our bodies the necessary abundance Caffeine causes an increase in stomach acid, which of antioxidants, the Huffington Post noted that increases the chances of this happening. Americans get more antioxidants from coffee than A separate study from the American Journal anything else. of Clinical Nutrition showed that Over the years, Type 2 Diabetes has caffeine also increases calcium loss, been increasingly diagnosed throughout which can lead to Osteoporosis. the United States. It’s said that coffee Osteoporosis causes bones to consumption has also been linked to the weaken and become brittle, and is lessened likeability of Type 2 Diabetes. more often than not found in the A study done by the American Chemical spine or the hip. Society showed that with every cup of For heavier coffee drinkers, coffee consumed, the risk goes down hallucinations can occur. A study by 7 percent. Although, that idea might that was performed at Durham contradict itself if an overload of sugar University shows that people who or creamer is added, so be cautious. drink three cups of coffee per day Of course, from my coffee indulging have experienced hallucinations experience, coffee makes me happier. such as moving shadows, “sensing According to a study by the National the presence of spirits,” hearing Institute of Health, those who drink two voices and feeling like you are in a cups of coffee daily are 10 percent less place that you aren’t. Anna Hershberger (11) likely to develop depression. It all comes relies on a cup of coffee The caffeine in coffee also back to the antioxidants included in java to start off her mornings. stimulates the adrenal gland, that make you feel good. Harvard School Photo by Madicyn Deiro/ which can dramatically increase Hawk Talk of Public Health proposed that coffee stress for up to 18 hours. A study acts like a mild anti-depressant. from showed that According to The New York Times, “Many someone who has recently consumed coffee is athletes have known for years that a cup of more easily annoyed than someone who hasn’t. coffee before a workout, helps to start athletic Coffee actually increases the chance of headaches, performance, especially in running and cycling.” and can intensify a headache that someone already Our reaction time and alertness are all heightened has. A common misconception about coffee is that with the addition of caffeine. it relieves stress. Science says otherwise. If you happen to see me in the hustle and There are a lot of pros to drinking coffee, and bustle of the hallways and I have a gloomy look it can be good for you in small doses. However, about me, know that I am suffering from coffee too much of a good thing is bad. Drinking coffee withdrawals and proceed to walk on. I would feel can cause yellow teeth, burns, stomach ulcers, better knowing that I’m indulging myself with osteoporosis, addiction, stress and rapid aging. a multitude of antioxidants and decreasing my Remember these words of advice the next time you chances of Type 2 Diabetes and depression with a go to drink that cup of joe. cup of Joe. Are the feelings mutual?

There’s a very frustrating issue that seems to be sweeping our generation, even more frustrating than the fact that the front of our school is almost entirely doors and only one of them ever seems to be unlocked. It’s something that could destroy each and every one of our individualities all together. It’s our disgusting and inappropriate obsession with the ones we hold above us, pop stars. As much as I would like to criticize the rest of my generation’s infatuation with these influential immortals, I cannot, because I too, am obsessed with the idea of these stereotypical stars Much of my celebrity crazes began as jokes. As One Direction began to gain more popularity, and my friends began to fall for these adorable accents, I was the first one to make fun of them. To be a, as many would say, “dingus,” I purchased a matching pair of One Direction folders for my classes. When I placed those folders on my desk every night to begin the excessive amounts of homework junior year, I would glance down at my flawless foreign friends and Niall’s adorable smile would restore all of my faith in life. After that, I began by downloading just one of their songs, “Little Things,” and as soon as that beautiful ballad headed to the top of my “most played” playlist, my addiction spread to every aspect of my life. I began signing all of my important documents with my array of One Direction multi-colored gel pens and my body became covered in tattoos of the band’s faces. My life seemed to be heading in a downward spiral of autotune and these lame lads. After about three months of my constant need for the D, the One-D, I began to realize that I needed to calm down. With much difficulty, I began to distance myself from the group, resisting the urge to purchase an extremely over-priced ticket for their concert. I can finally say that I am feeling a lot better now, living with a normal, healthy dose of my British babes every once in awhile. There are a lot things that went into helping me recover including: ● Eating my feelings away ● Experimenting with electro shock therapy every time I felt the need to enjoy their sultry sounds ● Abusing my Twitter account by tweeting each and every feeling I had ● Knowing that I was beautiful ● My friends and family… Psych! Celebrity obsession should not be dealt with lightly, and if not taken seriously, many of our generations interestingness could be eradicated. But with the help of many programs and understanding people, there is still hope for us.


Hawk Talk Opinion

2/26/14 8:42 AM

A Dana in the Life Silver Hawk Spring Fever With Dana Okazaki I can honestly say that I have had a pretty easy-going life. I haven’t had too many hardships, and despite how I felt at the time, my problems were only temporary. One problem, however, seems to be following me. It is not a problem I created, but something I was born into, a problem that everyone is born into. Pre-concieved notions are being set upon shoulders just by the way a person looks. The first time that I had really noticed stereotypes is when I was about seven years old. Someone had asked my mother which country she had adopted me from. My mom, who has blonde hair and green eyes, does not resemble me directly. My father, however, is Japanese. It didn’t even occur to this woman that there was a possibility of a Caucasian woman and a Japanese man having children. This really showed me how much people believe in stereotypes but neglect to look deeper into them. My biggest issue is with the way people are perceived. We effectively take people of one race and overlap them with every other member of that race. We are forcefully grouping together large sums of people and believing them all to act the same way and share the same beliefs solely by ethnic backgrounds or religions. Stereotypes with religion and race are greatly impacting the way people are viewing others. On October 26, 2001, the “Patriot Act” was signed into law permitting the President to monitor anyone believed to be involved in an attack on the United States. Critics have argued that people are being monitored based on how they look. Something I have noticed is that stereotypes are not only enforced by people of a different race or gender but they are being perpetuated within the same race as well. For instance, some will call people of their same race derogatory names as a term of endearment. I have realized this opens the door for others to use these words more freely. We are diminishing the actual impact and cruelty of the words and statements making people not realize they are degrading one another. I can sit here and make a list of all the people i can blame, heck we all can but one thing that we must remember is that it takes the first followers and believers to spread the injustice. My stereotype is something that will follow me forever, lurking above me, and always in the back of my mind. The only thing I can do is challenge people who believe in stereotypes by letting them know that they are wrong. By believing in these and by spreading them, it will only lead to more believers and more followers in a never-ending cycle of prejudice, ignorance and even hate.

April 15, 2014

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By Madicyn Deiro It’s term 4. This means summer vacation is basically a month away and yes, the warm weather of spring is here. Students begin to lose interest in learning. Girls choose to grab their Starbucks fix, a good book and chill on the patio at home (or is that just me?) while boys head on over to the “Y” to shoot some hoops instead of throwing themselves into the loads of homework they (should) have. This can’t be happening! Get’cha head in the game; this term is important! Freshmen…I hope you have enjoyed your first three terms of high school with discretion. Welcome to Southwest High, where fun and games is forbidden. Just kidding. My freshman year was very enjoyable and full of firsts: first football game, first homecoming, first driving experience, first…news flash--oops. Little did I know that grades mattered greatly from the get go of 9th grade. I was so caught up in the fact that I was in high school, where we have so much more freedom than in those middle school days. Don’t slack, freshmen. You’ll regret it. Get ahead while you can. Sophomores…How’s driving going for you? When spring came around, I remember rolling my windows down and soaking in the sun as much as I could. Try not to overuse this luxury; gas is getting quite pricey. If you can’t resist the temptation to enjoy the nice weather, sit in your car and work on your Biology or Spanish 3 homework. But please, enjoy sophomore year while you can. Next year is

about to be all seriousness. My fellow juniors…What’s a three letter acronym that we should be quite familiar with? Girls, you’re probably thinking PLL (Pretty Little Liars) and boys, COD (Call of Duty), but no, I’m thinking of the ACT. Yes, we have been able to take the ACT since August, but most juniors wait until the spring season to partake in this college entrance exam. As we all know, in April, LSW will be giving the juniors a free ACT. Just because you didn’t spend your own money or your parent’s money on this test, doesn’t mean that you should try any less harder than those you purchased. Let’s picture one of the many days this spring season that will be sunny and 75 and the last thing you want to think about is studying for the ACT. Hold up, who said you can’t have the best of both worlds? Go on outside with that ACT prep book and enjoy the beautiful weather. Okay, I know that doesn’t sound very pleasant, but you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do. This is your future we are talking about. College. Which brings me to you seniors… Class of 2014...Don’t slack so you can get out of here in a month! Silver Hawks, summer is indeed around the corner. Stop messing around and get focused on what’s really important, your future. Don’t let mother nature get the best of you. You have all summer to enjoy beautiful weather. Now get back to your schoolwork!

By Caile Birdwell and Leah Fagen Let’s face it, life is hard. On top of the big challenges life presents us with, such as tests and applying for colleges, there’s loads of smaller problems. At first, these may not seem like much, but they can add up fast. To counter them, people around the world have been coming up with “Life Hacks,” which are little things you can do to make your life easier. Here are just a few that we found and tested, then decided were worth sharing. Loud Music Did you know listening to music on higher volumes has been proven to increase happiness and feelings of relaxation? As a person who used to blast their music at extreme levels, I can confirm that this is indeed true. I found, and still find, that listening on high volumes made it easier to fall asleep. It got me some odd looks from family members, though. Customer Support People tend to have no patience; I can relate. So, rather than sitting on your couch and listening to a monotone robot voice on the customer support hotline, just mash the crap out of your pound (#)

button until you get a person. This action forces the robot voice to connect you to a person. Time has been saved and you may continue with your life. Caile and I tried this and it works. Marshmallows I’ve found that eating marshmallows can relieve mouth pain. Marshmallows relieve sore throats, toothaches, and can even relieve arthritis pain. There’s some gelatin in certain brands of marshmallows, which is good for soothing irritation. I liked marshmallows already, so after seeing this life hack, I was anxious to try it. Sometimes when I sleep with my mouth open, I wake up with a sore throat. So, I ate a jumbo marshmallow, and my sore throat was cured. At the end of the day, we think that our hacks will help someone out there. These problems aren’t major and you probably won’t freak out if you don’t have the best seat in the theatre, but if we can make your life easier, we will give it all we’ve got. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. If you have any ideas for life hacks, let us know.


Hawk Talk Opinion

4/9/14 1:21 PM

Bidding a Few Adieu and Adding the New Looking Back and Moving Forward


By Quinn Hullett be moving to Lincoln High as she was “We’ll see what adventure awaits!” his time at Southwest. Southwest is a community that is a student teacher there and likes the she said. “I’ve made good friends “Working with a great group is constantly changing. New students familiarity. She plans to teach classes here and have had a lot of great stuwhat motivates me to come to work. and teachers come to Southwest only similar to Physical Science, Geoscidents that I will My favorite part to leave years later, ence and Earth never forget.” is being able to in order to move on Systems. Though Terry Rush work with the to the next chapter Pickering has has decided that National Honor in their lives. At the spent only a short after 11 years Society and my conclusion of this time at Southof conducting AP students,” he school year, nine west, she loved Southwest’s band said. teachers will be takeveryone involved and orchestra, it John Strain ing that next step in her experience. is time to retire. has decided and saying farewell “The admin, However, he will to retire after to Southwest. The teachers, my still be keeping teaching in the school will be sayfantastic students busy by playScience departing goodbye to Rita - everyone is ing in the Linment at SouthBlanco, Mark Gudgel, Chris Salem will be teaching at great,” she said. coln Symphony, west for seven Lacey Pickering, Mark LSE next year and will be the Jolene Schlemconducting a Mark Reeder, LSW teacher of 11 years, years. He hopes head tennis coach there. Photo by mer has taught in Reeder, Shirley Roecollege jazz band to have more will be pursuing a different career. Photo by Quinn Hullet/Hawk Talk. ber, Terry Rush, Chris Quinn Hullet/Hawk Talk. the Family Conin the Nebraska time for his hobSalem, Jolene Schlemsumer Science area and acting as bies like fishing mer and John Strain. department at Southwest for 11 years a representative for the Conn Selmer and hunting, and has a part-time job Rita Blanco has been a teacher at and was a sponsor of the school’s FC- Instrument Company. While teaching lined up. Southwest for four years. She has CLA chapter. Her classes ranged from Rush has had a difficult time working “Retiring was not an easy decision taught Spanish, specializing in levels Human Behavior to Culinary Skills. around the block scheduling with so because I have particularly enjoyed 1 and 2, and sponsored the school’s Her husband was recently transferred many music groups, but he has never my students this year and really like Latino Caucus. Blanco is moving to to Monheim, Germany for a job, so regretted coming to Southwest. the hard-working teachers that help Lexington, Nebraska over the summer she is moving there to be with her “I appreciate being given the opmake learning possible here,” said to teach Spanish for Lexington Public family and to experience the culture. portunity to work here,” said Rush. Strain. Schools. She has enjoyed working Her fondest memories of Southwest Chris Salem is moving to Lincoln There are other teachers moving with the other language teachers and involve attending golf tournaments Southeast High School after spendon from Southwest, only they will experiencing the great opportunities and switch rallies at the school. ing his first be taking a less perennial absence. Southwest has to offer. She will miss teaching her stueight years Newly married Social Studies teacher “Southwest will hold a special dents the most. of teaching Jalaina Handa is taking a year sabplace in my heart and I will miss the “I had 99.9 percent good at Southbatical to settle down, but is planning staff and students,” Blanco said. students during my experience west. At to return to Southwest for the 2015Mark Gudgel will be teaching at at Southwest,” Schlemmer said. Southwest 2016 school year. Part-time teachers Omaha North High School next year Mark Reeder is leaving after Salem Mike Hix and Sam Towne each taught after spending his first eight years of teaching in the photography taught AP one class at Southwest. Towne will teaching at Southwest. Gudgel redepartment for 11 years at Macroecoteach full-time at Scott Middle School, cently moved to Omaha after getting Southwest to pursue a different nomics, AP but will continue to coach football at married, so he has decided to work career. His favorite thing about U.S. HisSouthwest. Being a part-time teacher within the city to make the comSouthwest is his students and tory, World Hix was at Southwest for only a mute to work easier and to be closer the overall enviornment. History and limited time during the day and was to his wife. The classes he taught at “It’s been great,” Reeder Economics. unavailable for comment. Lacey Pickering will be movSouthwest ranged from Advanced said. “Southwest is such a fun He coached All of these teachers have played ing to Lincoln High next year Composition to the Literature of the building - lots of good people.” the JV Girls’ a significant role in the Southwest to teach similar classes that Holocaust. Shirley Roeber will be ofTennis team community, but each has decided it she taught here for this last “I have very fond memories of tak- ficially retiring after teaching is time to move on. If you happen to year. Photo by Quinn Hullet/ and was ing students on human rights trips. in the English department at the sponsor see one of the teachers mentioned in Hawk Talk It’s been an exceedingly positive Southwest for 12 years. Typically of National this article during the last few weeks experience. We’ve had guest speakers the classes she taught consisted of Honor Society. He plans to teach of the year, be sure to wish them well come in and engage students,” said English 9 Diff, English 10 and English similar classes at Southeast and will on their next step in life. Good luck to Gudgel. 10 Diff. Upon leaving Southwest, Roe- be the head tennis coach there, which all, you will be missed. Lacey Pickering has chosen to ber plans to spend much time with is his primary reason for leaving. change schools after teaching at her family and eagerly anticipates her Though Mr. Salem is once again beSouthwest for one year. Pickering will next adventure. coming a knight, he has still enjoyed

By Sofii Fox The Hawk Talk staff has seen many talented writers over the years and this year was no different. With a new teacher taking over the newspaper, upperclassman stepped up to help Ms. Benson with the transition from being a reporter to teaching and publishing a school newspaper. “The biggest difference and hardest transition was that as a reporter I got to pick my designs and decide what I wrote about, but as an advisor I have to trust my students’ decisions,” Benson said. “It has been easy to do though because I have such good staff members,” she added. Many students have worked hard to make every issue of the Hawk Talk a success, but three students have spent all year writing articles for the newspaper. Natasha Naseem, Matty Merritt and Griffin Day who are all seniors and share the title of “co-editors” have been outstanding writers with their famous opinion pieces. “A Day in the Life,” “Mawk Talk” and Natasha’s various opinion topics have been favorites among the students at Southwest and their witty articles will be missed. “I never thought I would get attached to this class,” Natasha said, “I’m really going to miss it. I enjoyed the freedoms I had when it came to my opinion pieces and the topics I covered.” Natasha is attending Creighton University where she will be studying International Business this fall. Griffin is attending UNL next year and will be studying biology. As a co-editor Griffin worked closely with Ms. Benson all year. “I enjoyed being a co-editor because at the beginning of the year Ms. Benson and I laid the foundation for the future Hawk

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May 15, 2014


May 15, 2014

- MR. RUMP -

Jeffrey Rump is now becoming the girls basketball coach. Rump served as an Assistant Girls Basketball Coach for nine years at Southwest, and currently serves as Southwest’s Junior Varsity Softball Coach. Rump has also served four years as a Girl’s Assistant Coach at Northeast.

From Nicole Kubik, Athletic/Activities Administrative Assistant at Southwest:


Mrs. Wilhelm has worked at Southwest for quite some time as Southwest’s jazz teacher. Starting “Coach Rump is great with building next year, she will be replacing Mr. relationships with kids, and he has Rush as Southwest’s music teacher. a great knowledge of the game of “I’ve been here for nine years, so basketball. He is truly a teacher of the there won’t be any big change. I’m game.” still excited, though,” said Wilhelm.

On what she is looking forward to next year:

“I’m looking forward to the fresh outlook from the incoming freshmen and it’s always great to see new leaders emerge. I also really enjoy seeing students progress and get better.” Compiled by Caile Birdwell and Matty Merritt

Thank You Hawk Talk Class of 2014 Talk and in a way built it from the bottom up,” Griffin said.

a bit rocky because nobody was used to having deadlines and keeping up with the work, but we eventually got the hang of it. Breanna, who will be studying psychology and art next year at UNL said, “I liked how we all interacted with each other. When we were deciding what stories to write we would combine all of our ideas.” Breanna also said, “Ms. Benson is awesome. She was the only person who called me ‘Bre’ and I Pictured above is term four senior Hawk Talk staff. thought it was cute.” The classes changed every term and there were a few J.P, who will also seniors that had taken Hawk Talk the previous terms. be attending UNL next Photo by Jordyn Champoux/Hawk Talk. year said, “Being on the newspaper staff Matty’s articles were always full of improved my writing skill and will help humor and sarcasm. me be successful next year in whatever I “I loved getting to improve my writing choose to study.” skills. It’s refreshing to be able to write Seniors Kenzie Wolfe, Dana Okazaki in a more creative way rather than just and Quinn Hullett joined the newspaper essays all of the time,” she said. “I’ve also staff after Christmas break. They wrote really enjoyed getting to work closely with articles about the world of rodeo, gave tips Natasha and Griffin because even though on how to dress for less and shined a light we disagree occasionally, we all end up on the FCCLA club. working together really well,” she added. Kenzie will be attending the UniverMatty will be attending Southern Meth- sity of Nebraska at Lincoln in the fall and odist University in Dallas, Texas where she intends to study nursing. will be studying theatre studies with an “I think the responsibility I had in the emphasis in acting and playwright. newspaper helped prepare me for college,” First semester senior staff members she said. “It took a lot of commitment and also included Breanna Hellerich, J.P. Deeds organization to get well-written stories and myself, Sofii Fox. The first issue was completed on time.”

In the fall, Dana will be attending Winona State University in Minnesota where she will study Human Resource Management and eventually go on to pursue a law degree. “I will miss the small class environment we had in newspaper. We are all friends and you can’t really say that about other classes,” she said. Dana also said the opinion article she wrote in the fake news newspaper was her favorite article. “I had the chance to speak my mind about something I feel strongly about, which I enjoyed,” she said. Quinn enjoyed being a part of the newspaper staff for a number of reasons. “The fake newspaper we published was fun and Leah’s story on the teacher’s band was hilarious,” she said. She also mentioned that her favorite article she wrote was about the Japanese exchange students. “Different stories like that don’t always get published, so I liked having the chance to write it,” Quinn said. Quinn will be attending Nebraska Wesleyan next year and majoring in English with a double minor in communications and marketing. As a fellow senior member of the Hawk Talk staff, I would like to thank Ms. Benson on behalf of us all for the outstanding work she does to make every issue incredible. I will miss writing for the high school newspaper, and because I enjoyed being on the staff so much, I hope to continue studying journalism next year at Peru State College. Good luck to the class of 2014 as we take our next steps.


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Least Inspirational of 2013

Mawk Talk

(Sound it out)

By Matty Merritt

I’d like us all to think back to a much easier time, when females alike were forced to wear starched slacks that made their lower halves look like one solid block, when men had no idea that their pants could fall below their belly button and a time where administrators could breathe easier. Justin Bieber was a Unfortunately, this time did not social media icon, up last. New inventions came about, until recently, when inventions that would negatively alter the world of school he was discovered dress codes forever. Leggings were one of these invento be on a streak tions, or commonly known by their street names: yoga of “bad behavior.” pants, naughty knickers or hellish hip-to-heel covers. The public didn’t go They are believed to be the work of satanic cult leader without noticing, and Sarah Malin to test the willpower of men from looking at social media hit a the female behind. goldmine. Bieber apSmall town schools have created a ban on anything peared in magazines, too tight to have pockets. The size or carrying capacity of newspapers and varithe pockets have yet to be decided, but is currently being ous news websites, debated. spitting down on his Although this epidemic is mainly affecting today’s fans, hiring prostiteenagers, it is also taking a toll on our younger society tutes and even showing up two hours late to one of members. Down the street, Scott Middle School has his concerts. After visiting the Anne Frank House in banned these bad britches. Amsterdam, he wrote in the guest book, “Truly inAlong with leggings, the common trend for male stuspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great dents of “sagging” their pants has presented itself a probgirl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.” lem in many middle schools, high schools and prisons. The public really showed their disapproval at the This trend was actually created by one of my co-editors, Billboard Music Awards, where Bieber was loudly Griffin Day, as one of his many ways to attract women. booed upon being selected for an award. Because of the wide spread epidemic of both these pants-producing-problems, many schools have decided to take a stand in order to protect their students from the distractions of “sagging” and leggings devilish designs. While banning leggings, sagging and other inappropriate clothing choices may solve many problems, like distractions from learning, it creates a more appropriate Jaden Smith, son of Will environment and yet another thing to help shield students and Jada Smith, requested from the outside world. I believe that we can still do more, to be ‘emancipated’ from like: his parents for his 15th ● Denying anyone the right to bend over. Of course, birthday. More recently, he we would have to have school issued leprechauns has been releasing some to pick up students’ dropped items. philosophical tweets. His ● Changing the health curriculum in order to teach tweets include things like students that they don’t actually have bodies. “I Encourage You All To ● Having school in the dark and forcing students to Unfollow Me So That I Can become mole-like creatures of the night. Be Left With The People ● Creating an app that tells you if you are are dressed Who Appreciate Poetry inappropriately. And Philosophy.” The ● Requiring uniforms that are giant paper bags that poetry and philosophy in cover every part of the body except eyes to ensure question include thoughts that you won’t be able to tell if a student is male or like, “School Is The Tool to female. Brainwash Children,” “Trees Are Never Sad Look At There are many ways to prevent distractions for our Them Every Once In Awhile They’re Quite Beautistudents and enforcing these dress codes is only the ful,” “Jonah Hill Is A Genius” and “If A Book Store Never Runs Out Of A Certain Book, Does That Mean beginning. Until “Free People” trademarks a trendy giant paper bag that is bought in bulk by Southwest to be disThat Nobody Reads It, Or Everybody Reads It.” tributed at Future Hawk Night, I have full faith in the administration and school board to make the right decisions when it comes to important issues about dress codes.

By Caile Birdwell As 2013 has come and gone, there were many inspiring and intriguing events that took place. On the other hand, many discouraging issues came to light as well. These are just a few of the individuals that changed 2013 for the worste, rather than the better.

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus brought upon a shock in 2013. She made her way into many social media websites, as well as newspapers and magazines. Many people were in disbelief after her MTV Video Music Awards Show performance. Cyrus has stated before that her personality change was just “Maturity taking its course.” Despite all of this, the fact that her songs still become big hits has not changed.

2. Rob Ford Rob Ford was the mayor of Toronto, Canada, before the public discovered the fact that he had used cocaine. After a long string of controversy, he refused to resign, despite the protests of the citizens of Toronto. He was the base of jokes on late night talk shows, and the source of entertainment even on major news outlets. He finally had his mayoral powers stripped, and disappeared from the social media spotlight shortly after a new mayor was elected.

3. Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman is a former NBA player who has slam-dunked his way into the spotlight. He and a few other former NBA players went on a trip to North Korea, a nation that is currently on pins and needles with the U.S. After a few days of his behavior, the majority of the team left, leaving Dennis there on his own. In an interview with CNN during his stay, he went off on a drunken rant, bashing America and sticking up for North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong Un, and using inappropriate language on live TV. A few days later, he apologized, and returned to America.

February 7, 2014

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4. Justin Bieber

5. Jaden Smith


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