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Vol. 3, No. 5

Christmas Issue- 2006

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Dear Friends, It is that time of the year when you want to do something special for your family and loved ones. Plans are made for Christmas, gifts are bought… there is something special about the Christmas season. At CBN, it is a time to take the love of the Lord to someone and change their lives in a way they couldn’t have imagined. It is a time to relish the joy on their faces, the sounds of laughter of children suffering from HIV, the grateful expression of someone who regained his eyesight through surgery, whose family was restored, livelihood returned or a child’s future changed through a simple cleft lip surgery. For many of these people, this will be their first special Christmas, and you made it possible for them through your generous contributions. The stories on this issue of the newsletter are just a few from amongst the thousands being touched through CBN’s programmes and Operation Blessing India’s humanitarian work. Let’s decorate the lives of more people, let’s imprint the love of the Lord on thousands more… Let’s spread joy and cheer this Christmas and may our joy increase in multiples as we spread the love of Christ to the most needy. In a matter of weeks, this year will come to an end. We look back to a year of making records in humanitarian service and touching millions of lives through television. We are very happy to have you as our partner in our efforts to keep us moving forward, reach new frontiers in service of those in need and to change lives through the Gospel of Christ. When there is oneness in purpose and effort, the results are also better. It is our hope that 2007 will bring us closer and help us to do much more for the Lord. May the Lord bless you and your family with a special Christmas and a blessed 2007! Kumar Periasamy Deputy Director for Asia – Operations

A gift of new life for Chiranjeevi grains and belongings were swept away by the flood. As the water continued to rise, Chiranjeevi, his neighbors and relatives made haste to move to a secure place in order to save their lives.


hiranjeevi could not believe his eyes as he watched his only source of livelihood, a small kirana shop, being submerged under water. Everyone in his village were stranded, the heavy downpour flooded the village and destroyed all the houses, including Chiranjeevi’s. The stored food

“Operation Blessing provided what I needed the most at the right time. They gave me medical treatment, food materials and money to start my life all over again. My family and I are very grateful to you for your love and concern. May God bless you all.”

Their years of saving and building a decent place to stay were all destroyed in just 3 days of heavy downpour. They not only lost their crops but even the money that was invested on their land. Chiranjeevi had nothing left; no insurance, no money, and the thought of starting all over again was fearful. Who will help him? All these worries affected Chiranjeevi’s health. He developed chest infection and had high fever. He could not get to a doctor as accessibility to and from the village was

totally cut off. Almost everyone in the village was having some form of medical problem. When all hope seems to have evaporated, the arrival of the Operation Blessing team to the village brought comfort to the people. A team of doctors treated everyone who visited the medical camp. The doctors gave Chiranjeevi medicines for his chest infection. When he shared with the team about his loss due to the flood, they helped him start his kirana shop again by giving him some money. Chiranjeevi was choked with emotion at this kind gesture. He said filled with gratitude. “Operation Blessing provided what I needed the most at the right time. They gave me medical treatment, food supplies and money to start my life all over again. My family and I are very grateful to you for your love and concern. May God bless you all.” Two months later, Chiranjeevi is running his shop and doing well for himself and his family. “Chiranjeevi is a very happy man today. He has set up his shop again thanks to the help given by Operation Blessing India. He is also doing good healthwise. I thank you for helping Chiranjeevi and my village,” said Pedapati Shashi Kumar,the Sarpanch of the village. The OBI team had to travel in boats to reach the people of this village. 2,662 families were provided temporary housing, food materials like rice, pulses, cooking oil and edible salt. Medical treatment was given to people suffering from diarrhoea, fungal infections, scabies and viral fever, while water purification tablets were also distributed. On the whole, a total of 13,980 people affected by the floods benefited from the services of Operation Blessing India.

Chinda Thanda - A deserted village comes back to life


an you imagine yourself walking for 2 kms every time you need a pot of water? Could you make seven trips like that just to get enough water for your family? Just the thought feels terrible, isn’t it? If imagining it is so painful, you can understand the pain that the people of Chinda Thanda had to go through everyday as it was their daily routine. Several families gave up in the face of this daily struggle and migrated to other cities. Crops failed and farmers had a tough time as they did not have any other source of livelihood. Many farmers who had borrowed money to purchase seeds committed suicide because they were unable to re-pay the debt. The leaders of the village approached the politicians to find solutions to their problems. 10 wells were drilled in the village but none of them bore any water. Pastor Solomon who lived in a nearby village was familiar with Chinda Thanda’s water problems. He heard about the OBI Living Waters project and requested for a bore well. The OBI Living Waters team responded positively. Having learnt that 10 unsuccessful wells had been drilled in this village

prior to theit visit, the OBI team prayed for God’s wisdom and guidance and started the drilling process. Many skeptics said it was pointless as all previous attempts had failed. Pastor Solomon did not let any of the negative reports to discourage him. He made use of this opportunity to share about his faith and trust in the Lord. He openly declared that Jesus would give water to this land. He requested the villagers not to lose faith and encouraged them to pray. The villagers waited with bated breath for the unexpected to happen. It seemed as if time passed by slowly, but finally, the miracle happened! Water gushed from the ground and there was great rejoicing. The working of God’s Hand was revealed as efforts to drill the well proved successful. The villagers were thrilled to taste the water… it was sweet! With relief Suvalamma said, “Now I don’t have to migrate and leave my village as there is water here!” With folded hands and a broad smile, she thanked the Operation Blessing team for

providing safe drinking water for her family and Chinda Thanda village. She made a bold statement when the well was dedicated. “It’s a miracle! Now I know the truth and I have decided I will follow Jesus only.” Operation Blessing India made a difference in Chinda Thanda village. OBI gave the village hope and a future by providing a bore well. More than 3,500 bore wells have been drilled all across India. Each well has transformed the lives of hundreds of people who were thirsting for water and struggling to meet their basic needs and each well is a living testimony of the love of God.

Ramchander smiles at his future now…


amchander was walking by carrying his heavy bag filled with paper and plastic rags when he heard the sound of children singing and learning the alphabet at the Operation Blessings Literacy Center. He wished he could also participate but felt it was not meant for him. Everyday, he had to help his parents rummage through garbage bins looking for recyclable items to sell. The thought of going to school was an impossible dream but he knew that his income played an important role for his family’s survival. Ramchander remembered the days when he used to go to school. His parents had a decent income working as farmers. Life was good but that did not last long. The constant failure of the monsoon rain left them with no income and they were on the brink of starvation. His parents had no other choice but move to Hyderabad and look for work. They settled in a slum and the only work his parents could find was collecting items for recycling. Since his family’s income was not much, Ramchander had to work alongside his parents to bring in more to the table. Ramchander’s heart’s desire was to go to school but he had to brush that thought aside. One day to his surprise, Operation Blessing India approached Ramachander’s parents and requested them to send their son to their literacy program. It was not an easy decision but seeing Ramchander’s eagerness to attend the classes, they decided to send him to school with one condition. He had to

make up for the hours of work by collecting recyclable items after school hours. Although his day is packed to the brim, Ramchander is now happy as he can attend school and he is looking towards a better future. Ramchander has proved to be a good student too. The OBI team approached and requested his parents to send him to a regular school Operation Blessing India promised to take care of his school fees, books and uniform. His parents finally gave in to the request. His mother Veeramma smiled as she said, “Since Ramchander is attending the literacy program, he is regularly going to school. We have seen a lot of improvement in his behavior. We hope to see him successful and not be in a state of poverty and want as we are in now. Seeing the good things happening to my son, I have also enrolled both my daughters in school. Operation Blessing India has been a source of encouragement to our children by providing them with books, bags, uniform, shoes and socks. They helped my son get into regular school and also treated him for scabies. We are very grateful to them.” Vidya Jyothi blessed Ramchander and his family with the gift of hope for a brand new future they can now look forward to. Ramchander, his two sisters and 79 other kids attend the Vidya Jyothi program at Motinagar everyday.

A miraculous healing… Rohit gets his life back


ohit thought he was just having a normal cough or maybe viral fever so he bought some medicines from a chemist. He didn’t even think of paying a visit to the doctor. But when the problem persisted for 1015 days and as he started vomiting blood, he decided to tell his mother about the sickness. Rohit’s family was shocked… They rushed him to the hospital and the results of the medical tests were even more startling. The doctors declared that Rohit was suffering from blood cancer. Their whole world came crashing down on them as they heard the news. Rohit started bleeding heavily and pieces of clotted blood were coming out from his mouth. The diagnosis said that Rohit was in the final stage of Leukemia or Blood Cancer. Rohit’s family ran from pillar to post but the doctors gave no hope for his survival. Completely shattered by the condition of their young son, his family clung to Jesus seeking healing for him. His mother then remembered a phone number she had taken from a television programme. “I used to watch CBN’s Television programme Ek Nayee Zindagi regularly. That day I took CBN’s Toll Free number from my diary and called up the counsellor. He prayed for Rohit and

Television Schedule Ek Nayee Zindagi Sahara One Nireekshana

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Mon - Sun 8:00 - 8:30 am

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Sun 8:30 - 9:00 am

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assured me that my child will be cured. He even thanked Jesus for touching him and healing him. He said that God has touched and healed Rohit”, said Rohit’s mother. When the family heard of the assurance of healing that was given in the name of Jesus, Rohit’s uncle insisted that that they have fresh medical tests done on Rohit. It was sheer joy when they discovered that their firm faith in Jesus had paid off when the tests came back negative. There were no traces of cancer! “Even the doctors gave up hope for my survival when the tests showed that I had blood cancer. But my family members had the faith that if they pray to Jesus, He will definitely heal me. So everyone prayed to Jesus. I also prayed and asked Him to forgive all my sins. Jesus Christ heard our prayers. He healed me. Today I have more faith in Him and believe that JESUS can do anything!”, said Rohit with a spark in his eyes. Today Rohit Paul’s family does not waste a single opportunity to testify the wonder Jesus worked in Rohit’s life. They share this miracle to friends, neighbours, and colleagues. They also encourage everyone to watch Ek Nayee Zindagi.

Khushi Ki Duniya - Completing 100 Episodes !!


BN’s show for children, Khushi Ki Duniya was first aired on February 4, 2005. According to the Television Audience Measurement (TAM) ratings until October 2006, Khushi Ki Duniya has been seen by nearly 11,44,32,000 (Eleven Crores, Forty Four Lakhs and Thirty Two Thousand) viewers. Children have been sending in their drawings, poems and letters to the Jesus and Me Club. The JAM Club now has 7536 members. The show is now poised for a change with a brand new look and promises to bring even more interesting segments for our young viewers to enjoy. Look out for the all new Khushi Ki Duniya! Have a look at what viewers have to say about Khushi Ki Duniya: “I love your show because it’s different from other TV serials. It entertains us and also teaches and guide us to do right things. A ‘Thank You’ is not enough for the work you have been doing for us.” -Shefali Singhal, 12, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I like Khushi Ki Duniya very much. It teaches us about God and many other good things. I watch this show regularly without missing any episode. All my friends learn about good manners, how to pray to God regularly, to respect elders and to work hard so that we achieve success in life. And the most interesting thing thatI find in this programme is the spirit to motivate and encourage children and help them build up their confidence. - Aishwarya Naik, Virar, Dist: Thane, Maharashtra

Watch Khushi Ki Duniya on Sony TV on Saturday at 7.30 pm and on Sunday on SAB TV at 8.30 am

A Special Christmas Gift!!!


re you thinking of a Christmas gift for your family or friends? We have a great idea for you…. For a simple gift of Rs. 200/- or more, we have an excellent CD Offer. This award winning, computeranimated series is different from any other Gospel presentation for kids. Each story is tailored to tell more than the obvious Bible story. Included are interesting details about what places really looked like and how people lived, as seen through the eyes of some fascinating characters. ‘Beyond the Manger’ is an exciting show. Join ‘Pete’, the WWII Pilot, his special trusty plane ‘Gus’ and his friends as they discover the story of Jesus’ birth, life and victory on the cross. It brings out the real message and meaning of Christmas in a very special way. When you send for your copy of ‘Beyond the Manger’, you also receive a bonus! A Complimentary CD of our programme Ek Nayee Zindagi!!! Send a DD/Cheque or Money Order in the enclosed business reply envelope in favor of ‘Operation Blessing India’ to the following address: Operation Blessing India, Plot No. 1186, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, day! A s k fo r it to INDIA. 500033

Donations to Operation Blessing India are exempt from Income Tax under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Registration number DIT(E) / HYD / 71(09) / 80G / 05-06 dated 24.01.2006. Valid till 31.3.2008. Issued by Director of Income Tax (Exemptions) Hyderabad.

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