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lives restored “I will show you what it’s like when someone listens to my teaching and obeys. He is like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the flood struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built.” – Luke 6:47-49 Dear Friends, As you look at the photo of Cheryll, a frightened young mum in the Philippines typhoon, I want to remind you of the words above, spoken by Jesus. We’ve seen all too clearly this year that storms do come. And sadly they often hit the poorest and most vulnerable people hardest. Your gifts to CBM – in response to

disaster and also throughout the year – are like the strong foundation that Jesus was describing. When you help us set someone free from the barriers of disability, you help build a strong foundation in their lives, so they can be prepared for whatever storms may come. Sometimes this means giving emergency aid in a typhoon. Sometyimes it’s setting children free to go to school so they can learn enough to stay safe and well. And sometimes it’s freeing someone from a life of isolation and loneliness, so they can play a part in their community – and speak up for their needs in times of crisis. Thank you for your wonderful part in CBM’s ministry of building strong foundations… and setting people free! In His service,

John Jeffries National Director, CBM Australia


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06 Cover image: When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, it destroyed thousands of homes and forced millions to flee – including Cheryll and her family, who lost everything in the storm.

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You’re making a world of difference a world away Justine can walk to school!

A meaningful Christmas

With donations from generous CBM supporters like you, young Justine has received her new prosthetic legs! She is now learning to walk, and is already excited about going to school, playing with friends and even helping around the house!

Thank you to everyone who shared the true meaning of Christmas by giving a gift from CBM’s Meaningful Gifts catalogue. Every gift was packed by volunteers. And the actual gifts are already restoring hope in the world’s poorest communities. What a wonderful Christmas message!

8,141 Miracles thanks to YOU!

Syria emergency

This Miracles Day, thousands of Australians like you gave generously to make miracles happen! With help from Light FM’s live radio broadcast from Kenya, we raised enough to provide 254 miracle cataract operations. It is an amazing result, and a life-changing gift for people like Ojom in the photo.

Your support enables CBM to help the most vulnerable people caught in conflict or crisis. So thanks to you, our teams are working in refugee camps in Jordan today, making sure people with a disability are not forgotten in times of crisis.


Thank you


emergency update

Philippines typhoon Five and a half thousand people died when one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded struck the Philippines on November 8. Thousands more were missing and millions were affected by the storm; they were forced to flee their homes and seek shelter. CBM reached out to our generous supporters for urgent help and your response was overwhelming. Thanks to people like you, CBM was on the ground straight away, providing critical food and other survival items to 18,000 of the most vulnerable people, including people with disabilities. In the long-term, CBM will be there to ensure people with disabilities aren’t forgotten in relief and rebuilding efforts, and that disability will be included in future disaster preparations. Amid the chaos, we heard some incredible stories of hope and survival. I encourage you to read these accounts from our own CBM Australia staff Christoph and Chelsea. – John Jeffries

Reaching the most vulnerable Christoph Ziegenhardt, CBM Australia Walking along the coast road in the Concepcion Municipality on Panay Island, roughly 90 km north of its capital city, Iloilo, we saw the destruction everywhere. Almost every house was

damaged and most were beyond repair, only shells standing. Debris, broken trees and collapsed powerlines dominated the landscape. With the coast bearing the brunt of the storm, local fishermen were hit hard and many small boats were destroyed, impacting their ability to make a living in the days after the emergency. But the hardest hit people, as is so often the case during natural disasters, were people with a disability.

Making our way to a village just outside Concepcion, we met Cheryll and her partner Aldrine. Cheryll is blind and the couple have three small children including a onemonth-old son. When the devastating storm hit, they evacuated their home at the last minute, just moments before it collapsed. “I felt like I will not survive this. And I was losing hope when I heard our house fall down behind us,” Cheryll remembers. Weeks after the typhoon, Cheryll is still visibly upset. “It is very hard for me as a woman who is blind. I cannot sleep at night because I worry about the problems…” However, despite the adversity, the family managed to build a small shelter that provides them with some protection from the weather and a place to sleep. And now, thanks to donations from so many CBM supporters, they’ve received relief goods from CBM, including food items that they say will last for around two weeks. Christoph works in CBM Australia’s Communications team.


Meeting those who’ve lost so much Chelsea Huggett, CBM Australia Three days after Typhoon Haiyan devastated several communities in the Philippines, I joined CBM’s emergency response team in the field. It is hard to find the words to describe the scenes of complete destruction I witnessed throughout the two weeks I was there. Yet amongst the rubble, people greeted me warmly. They walked with our team and openly shared their stories of surviving ƒhe typhoon.

Cheryll and one-month old Alprince have received relief goods distributed by CBM.

One young boy named Cerilo, who lives with a vision impairment, made a lasting impression on me. Cerilo’s family had completely lost their home. As we chatted, Cerilo asked me whether we get typhoons in Australia. I responded, “Yes, we call them cyclones. But we also get bushfires and flooding.” He replied, “So people in Australia lose their houses too, just like we have.” Cerilo’s comment reminded me of how we as Australians have been victims of natural disasters. We also know what it is like to lose everything and start again. Throughout the two weeks I was often inspired not only by the stories that survivors shared, but also by the CBM team. My teammates worked tirelessly alongside our local partners to find people with disability, to raise funds and to provide survival goods to thousands of victims. Back in Australia I think back to Cerilo and his family, and how wise he was to relate the experience to my own country. Chelsea works in the CBM Australia Inclusive Development team.

CBM Emergency Survival Packs Food: rice, canned foods, coffee, sugar and salt. Essentials: Laundry soap, bath soap, blankets, mosquito nets, toothbrushes and toothpaste, mats, flashlights and batteries, sanitary towels and bags. Emanuelito carried his daughter Manith to safety when Super Typhoon Haiyan destroyed his house.


CBM news

Be inspired CBM at at a CBM Parliament House supporter meeting

Last year CBM celebrated International Day of Persons with Disability (3 December 2013) at an ADDC event at Parliament House.

Many of our supporters recently joined us to hear CBM co-workers Noriko Dethlefs, Tobias Pflanz and Guna Fernandez share stories of their work at CBM Supporter Meetings around the country. We also heard from passionate CBM patrons Steve Grace, Ernie and Glenys Sigley, and co-workers, Michael and Jannike Seward. See our website at for details of a supporter meeting near you!

Over 30 politicians attended the event, which showcased Australian NGOs’ commitment to including persons with disability. The Honourable Brett Mason, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Aid, announced a new strategy for disability in Australia’s foreign aid program. The day was a huge success and highlighted Australia’s growing commitment and global leadership in disability inclusion development.

CBM staff member Chelsea, along with Senator the Hon. Brett Mason, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Mis Su Pon Chit, Australia Awards Scholarship recipient.

Global Leadership Cupcakes summit for healing Two wonderful supporters, Steph and Loryn, were so moved by the plight of women with fistula, they baked cupcakes to fundraise for life-restoring surgeries. “It was so fun to raise money, knowing that we were going to change someone’s life!” they said. Thank you, Steph and Loryn!

You might have seen CBM at one of the six Global Leadership Summit conferences around Australia in October last year. We were there helping more people get to know our great work in the world’s poorest places, as well as promoting our Luke14 campaign to help churches here in Australia include people with disabilities. Check out the photos on our Facebook page!


Thank you for helping to…

END Trachoma

A major step towards ending trachoma took place in December when supporters like you joined the fight to save children from a lifetime of blindness. Along with free medication, we are now on the way to reaching out to 800,000 children at risk of trachoma – thank you. And as a token of encouragement, a special poster is also on its way to Nigeria – bringing heartfelt encouragement and support to the men and women travelling to remote villages. Thank you to those who put their name to our online Sign of Support.

How Your Support Changes Lives with CBM

Through community education and vaccination programs, we’re helping prevent diseases that can lead to disability – and sometimes even death.

There is a cycle of poverty and disability – when you’re poor, you’re more likely to get a disability; and when you have a disability, you can easily be trapped in poverty.

We work with local agencies and government bodies to make sure people with disabilities have access to the help they need in times of emergency.

Your prayers make a difference... Please continue to pray for those impacted by the typhoon in the Philippines. Your support and prayers make a real difference for those recovering. Thank you on behalf of our staff, volunteers and those we’re working with each day.

CBM’s 2014 Prayer Diary is out now. Call 1800 678 069 to order your FREE copy to pray with us each day.

Can you volunteer? If you have the time, skills and enthusiasm to help other people, and live in Melbourne, we’d like you to consider becoming a CBM volunteer. You’ll join a wonderful team of people doing everything from data entry to being part of a prayer team.

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CBM Lives Restored - Summer 2014  

CBM Magazine, Lives Restored - Summer 2014

CBM Lives Restored - Summer 2014  

CBM Magazine, Lives Restored - Summer 2014