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I would like to congratulate team Communicando and their Editorial Board for coming out with the second edition of the Transcendent. Starting something so ingenious as a

nication, there are many limits and challanges people face without command over such an important tool. Here at CBIT, we encourage writing as well as communicating and sharing ideas. And that is what the Transcendent is all about. I encourage everyone to read through and appreciate the hard work and passion of our well-rounded students. And I wish these students nothing but good will as they continue to make this a legacy.

-Dr. B. Chennakesava Rao, Principal, CBIT

Welcome Freshers!

NITya MuralIdharaN The start of yet, another cycle


college newspaper in an engineering college, is a big enough challenge as it is. However, continuing something you’ve started with the same, unwavering zeal is another story altogether, albeit a great one. In the world of professionals today, we often overlook the esssentiality of writing. People wrongly assess that writing is not necessary or shouldn’t need any special attention in technical colleges like ours. What they fail to realize is that writing is just as important as talking and listening out there in the world today. A standard form of commu-

I was overwhelmed by the response received for the first edition and I am very glad to announce that the second edition of the student newsletter, Transcendent is ready for release. The newsletter is an initiative of ‘Communicando’, the literary club of CBIT. I am very happy to see that the editorial team headed by Editor-in-Chief Kirtana Bavanaka is putting in tremendous effort and energy to ensure that the reader i.e. YOU enjoy reading it. CBITians never cease to amaze me and this newsletter is proof of that. Transcendent is by the students, of the students and for the students. The articles are written by them, the photographs are taken by them and the whole newsletter is conceptualized and designed by them. I am mighty proud of you all. Such potential, talent and creativity is always encouraged in CBIT. I extend a very warm welcome to all the freshers for having become a part of one

of the best and most prestigious Engineering colleges in the state of AP – CBIT. Hearty Congratulations!!! “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. The first steps of the journey which will begin in CBIT for you will lay the foundation for an exciting and fulfilling future ahead, so take these steps with care. Over the next four years what you will have with you is, strong academic support from experienced faculty, plenty of avenues for growth and enrichment, a plethora of extracurricular activities and friends you will cherish for life. In short you will have all the resources to turn your dreams into reality. I wish the budding engineers all the very best in the days to come. I hope that as promised Transcendent is educative, informative, entertaining and a pleasure to read. While the editorial team is putting in their best we would like to know how you feel about the newsletter, what you like about it, how it can be improved and anything else which you would like to suggest. Please write to us at feedback.transcendent@gmail .com. Do share your writings with us so that we can publish them as and when possible. Enjoy reading!!!!!!!

On September 27th, the newest batch of Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology is havng their Orientation Day. As students, all of us have experienced this and remember it as the starting of a 4 year journey. On Monday, classes will commence for all of 2013’s freshers and then they will slowly start adjusting to the routine college life of every CBITian. Thus the cycle has yet again been set into motion. Scary how time flies! Most of us remember the first few days of college down to the finest details. It is indeed a truly nervous and exciting experience. Four years in CBIT are enough to bring out the best (and sometimes worst) of every student. They go through a huge transformation from their

schooling days and enter a bigger, more grown-up world. These four years are all we have to explore ourselves and our interests, make friends that stick with us for life, learn from the experienced faculty members about our respective course of study, and experience everything CBIT and college life has to offer, before stepping out into the real world of jobs, higher studies, marriages, bigger responsibilities, and the next chapter of our lives. As seniors, we may feel a sense of time running out and the thought of “so much to do, not enough time.” However, to the new juniors, it’s the start of one memorable journey. Directed to the freshers batch of 2013, here are a few words from a fellow senior:

Dr. A Sandhya Reddy Convenor, Communicando

Dear Freshers, A very warm welcome to CBIT. Simply put, you are undergoing a major transformation at this point. From hectic schedules, endless tests, never ending discussions with almost every random person about what to do and what to choose, you are finally here. Take a deep breath and congratulate yourself—you are in one of the best places, literally and physically, that you could probably be at. It doesn’t matter whether you are a convener, a B-Cat or an NRI. As you will see in the coming future all these differences will disappear. Those first days, it’s a whole new world of new people and new things. If you have been in a corporate college for the past two years then for you CBIT will be like a breath of fresh air. If you are thinking the bus journey is very long and time consuming, think again its one of the best places to make new friends, and my sources say (trust me they are very reliable) all the major gossips and also all the GYAN you get which varies from assignments to placement talk happens in those buses. Sometimes you may find yourselves lost in endless assignments, record submissions, internals (this one’s going to be crazy, you get the true feel of college life when internals come banging on your doors). But with friends on your side and ever ready teachers there to guide you, all of this will become easy. CBIT has a place for every individual and at the same time it brings within you a spirit of team work. All of you might have some expectations, some dreams to be fulfilled, and some goals to be achieved. Keep all those aspirations alive; never give up no matter what, because this is where you will have the opportunities to realize your dreams. Don’t regret anything that happens. Cherish the good memories, and learn/grow from the bad experiences to come out a stronger person in the end. And as the name of one of our very famous fests goes, Carpe Diem-Seize the day. With Regards, A Senior

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