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Congregation B’nai Israel 727-381-4900

Shabbat Services & Candlelighting

Contacts Friday, March 4, 2011 Candlelighting 6:16 pm Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 pm Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Esther Piper Saturday, March 5, 2011 Sedra - Pekudei Shabbat Shekalim Shabbat Service 9:00 am Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Esther Piper Minyan Katan 10:45 am Minha, Seudah Shlishit, Maariv & Havdala 6:00 pm Seudah Shlishit sponsored Phil & Joan Redisch In honor of their 55th Wedding Anniversary Friday, March 11, 2011 Candlelighting 6:19 pm Shabbat Service 8:00 pm JTS Scholar-in-Residence: Rabbi Andy Shugerman Saturday, March 12, 2011 Sedra – Vayikra Shabbat Services 9:00 am JTS Scholar-in-Residence: Rabbi Andy Shugerman, See flyer on P-23 Junior Congregation 10:00 am Minha, Seudah Shlishit, Maariv & Havdala 6:05 pm Seudah Shlishit sponsored by Dr. Barnett Stein In honor of his birthday Friday, March 18, 2011 Candlelighting 7:23 pm Shabbat Service 8:00 pm Anniversary Shabbat Saturday, March 19, 2011 Sedra - Tzav Shabbat Zahor Shabbat Services 9:00 am “Ask the Rabbi” Junior Congregation 10:00 am Minha, Maariv & Havdala 7:30 pm Megillah Reading, Costume Parade 8:00 pm See Purim Schedule CHILD CARE To request Shabbat morning childcare for preschoolers, please call the Synagogue office by Wednesday prior to Shabbat.

Friday, March 25, 2011 Candlelighting 7:27 pm Musical Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 pm Mitzvah Men’s Club Shabbat Followed by Got Shabbat? Man of the Year Dinner hosted by Mitzvah Men’s Club Saturday, March 26, 2011 Sedra – Shemini Shabbat Parah Shabbat Services 9:00 am Mitzvah Men’s Club Shabbat March Birthday Shabbat Minha, Seudah Shlishit, Maariv & Havdala 7:10 pm Last Seudah of the Season sponsored by the Mitzvah Men’s Club Friday, April 1, 2011 Candlelighting 7:31 pm Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 pm USY Mercaz Subregional Spring Convention, Shabbat Dinner 7:30 pm Saturday, April 2, 2011 Sedra – Tazria Shabbat HaHodesh Shabbat Services 9:00 a.m. Minyan Katan 10:45 am Minha, Maariv & Havdala 7:30 pm

PARTICIPATE IN ALIYOT The Ritual Committee of Congregation B’nai Israel encourages worshippers to participate in services by performing aliyot. If you would like to receive an aliyah, please call the synagogue office at 381-4900, or kindly speak to one of the ushers when you enter the sanctuary, and every effort will be made to accommodate your request. Those wishing to receive an aliyah on Shabbat morning are asked to arrive at services no later than 9:30 am. We look forward to your participation. Shalom, Morry Bornstein, Ritual Chair

DAILY SERVICES Please join our twice daily Minyan which meets weekday mornings at 7:45 am Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and weekday evenings at the following times: Feb. 27 - Mar. 3 Mar. 6 – Mar. 10 Mar. 13 – Mar. 17 Mar. 20 – Mar. 24 Mar. 27 – Mar. 31 Apr. 3 – Apr. 7

6:15 pm 6:20 pm 7:25 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:35 pm

ROSH HODESH ADAR II March 6 & 7, 2011

Rabbi Jacob Luski, D.D. 727-381-4900 Ext. 207 Hazzan Paul D. Goldstein 727-381-4900 Ext. 205 Executive Director, Sara A. Latham 727-381-4900 Ext. 202 Pauline Rivkind Preschool Director Bonnie Halprin 727-381-4900 Ext. 211 Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah Education Director, Ilana Dayan 727-381-4900 Ext. 310 Youth & Family Program Director Sandy Brasch 727-381-4900 Ext. 209 Torah Reader, Deborah Marmon

CLOCKS CHANGE! Sunday, March 13, 2011 2:00 am Daylight Savings Time Returns! SPRING FORWARD ONE HOUR!

CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST The Mitzvah Men’s Club provides a Continental Breakfast for all worshippers on Minyan Mornings in the alcove of the Social Hall. Please join the Minyanaires for the morning Shaharit service and relax and schmooze over breakfast bagels, cream cheese, coffee cake and coffee/tea.

Office Manager, Pam Askin 727-381-4900 Ext. 203 Receptionist, Anita Helfand 727-381-4900 Ext. 201 Accounting, Barbara Jarvis 727-381-4900 Ext.204 PRTT Secretary, Patzi Gil 727-381-4900 Ext. 210 President, Karen Sher Sisterhood President, Alice Ettinger Men’s Club President, Keyvan Kohan USY President, Julia Halprin Bulletin Committee: Layout Editor, Masha Ronay


Coordinators, Pam Askin, Anita Helfand and Carol Marcin

If you are interested in sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat on Friday evening, a Seudah Shlishit on Shabbat afternoon or a L’Hayim following a Morning Minyan in honor or memory of a loved one or a special occasion, please contact Synagogue office.

B’nai Israel Review Publishes 11 times a year by Congregation B’nai Israel 300 58th Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33710 727– 381-4900 FAX 727-344-1307 All rights reserved. No part of this document can be copied without the permission of Congregation B’nai Israel

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From the Rabbi The Book of Esther tells a thrilling, spellbinding story about "a certain people" scattered abroad and dispersed among peoples. It has acquired new relevance in our times, due not only to the genocidal intentions of Hitler and Ahmadinejad, but to their methods of pursuing Haman's diatribe. The new Hamans echo antisemites throughout the ages. Jews are elitists, racists, terrorists, suppressors, occupiers, warmongers and the like. In 1905, the Russian secret police fabricated a masterpiece conspiracy, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, purporting to show a diabolical Jewish plot to control the world. The forgery, widely circulated by Henry Ford and still published the world over, portrayed Jews as loyal only to themselves, not to the nation in which they lived, and intent on subverting all nations to their own purposes. "A certain people" is Haman's way of talking about the Jewish people (Esther 3:8), a formulation which has been one of the rallying cries of antisemites throughout history. In 1896, French army Captain Alfred Dreyfus was wrongly convicted of treason and spying for Germany. Jews were seen as disloyal foreign elements who could not be trusted members of society. Not until 1995 did the French army admit that Dreyfus was innocent.

Amalek is Durban I and Durban II. Today's Amalek is a constant reminder of how insecure and perilous life and freedom are in this world. The Purim story instructs us to remember Amalek and to consider how precarious life and freedom are in today's world. The slander that Haman proliferated 2500 years ago, Jewish peril, disloyalty, and the threat of a foreign element that could not be trusted, continues unabated to this day! Totally irrational, murderous accusations are made against the Jewish People and our beloved State of Israel. The aim of today's hatemongers is clear: to delegitimize the existence of the State of Israel, portraying it as a depraved, immoral apartheid state. Purim gives us the strength, courage, and power, the tikva - hope, that we, world Jewry and the State of Israel, will overcome the hatemongers' plan of annihilation. The Book of Esther is a book in which not just one period of Jewish history is depicted, but all periods. It is a book that remains forever new, because Jewish enemies will not allow it to be forgotten. Purim is unique among Jewish festivals. Purim will be celebrated forever. It is the holiday of joy and love. It is the holiday against hate and prejudice! Hag Purim Sameah! Shalom,

Rabbi Jacob Luski

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From the President It’s Purim, be happy! And it’s always Purim that reminds me of how my daughters, Mindy and Lauren, who now barely get out of their jeans and wear lip gloss, couldn’t wait to dress-up, jewel-up, and make-up as the coy and beautiful Queen Esther. Oh, the anti-feminism pangs that caused this egalitarianminded mom. But as I too have grown, I’ve become more closely aligned with Queen Esther for her sense of timing and social psychology skills. Because she was an effective storyteller and navigator, Mordecai was spared and elevated to a position of influence that ultimately saved the Jewish people. So, as I enjoy the parade of a new generation’s Queen Esthers and Mordecais, I am hopeful that therein lay those who will continue as our collective memory and sustain redemption for our Jewish sisters and brothers everywhere. Karen Wolchuck Sher, President

From the Executive Director Sunday, February 27, we held our Annual Mitzvah Day with many of our congregants participating in this very worthwhile event. We had early services, a light breakfast and then we involved in many projects: ALPHA HOUSE, Animal Rescue, Beautify CBI by cleaning the grounds, CASA, Clothes and shoes for needy families, helping residents at Menorah Manor and Benjamin Tower, helping the homeless and many other projects. At this time of the year we think of marching in the Annual Crop Walk where our youth and congregants participate in the Crop Hunger Walk that takes place on Sunday, March 6, 2011, registration at 1:30 pm, walk 2:00 pm at the Sunshine Center. For Purim we take part in Sisterhood’s Annual Shalach Manot Project. We are encouraged to purchase gift boxes to share with our family and friends. At Purim we do Matanot L’evyonim, where it is customary to give presents to the poor on Purim. This can also be done by giving money to Jewish charities. Operation Afikoman is another to share with the needy. You can bring canned goods, boxed cereal and other new food items into the office to share with people in need. What does this all have in common – we are doing a mitzvah by helping our friends in need. How about joining in for the CBI Game Night? Join your CBI friends for a casual evening, Sunday, March 27, 2011, 7:00 – 9:30 pm, by playing several rounds of challenging games. Fabulous appetizers and desserts will be served. Check the flyer in the bulletin for more information.

St. Anthony’s Hospital will hold Pastoral Care Volunteer training in the Franciscan Room. Successful completion of the training as a Pastoral Care Volunteer requires full attendance at all five sessions, 9:00 am - 3:00 p m on March 3, March 10, March 24, April 7 and April 14. Shadowing is the week of March 14 and Case Study is the week of March 28. The Franciscan Room is located on the ground floor near the West Entrance (Garage) to the hospital. Please feel free to park in the garage. The classroom is a short walk from the garage entrance. Al Hall, St. Anthony’s Chaplain and Volunteer Educator

CBI Passover Second Seder on April 19 is in the planning stages. Please join us for services, a beautiful seder conducted by Rabbi Jacob Luski and Hazzan Paul Goldstein. Mitzvah Men’s Club will have a weekend of services and festivities – commencing Friday evening March 25, 2011, 6:30 pm with Musical Shabbat, then followed by a delicious “Got Shabbat Dinner”. Saturday, March 26, Mitzvah Men’s Club and Birthday Celebrants will host a Shabbat Kiddush. As you can see we are involved in many projects and help our community in so many ways. We need you to join in. Sara Latham Executive Director

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600 6th Street South St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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Purim Observances The Fast of Esther – Ta’anit Esther – We fast the day before Purim in commemoration of the fast by the Jews in Persia, when Esther went before the king unsummoned. Megilla Reading – The Megilla is chanted in Synagogue on the evening and morning of Purim. Whenever the name of Haman is mentioned, we use “graggers” or noisemakers to drown out the name. Purim Masquerading – masquerading is very popular and adds to the fund of the day. Masquerade parades for children and even some adults are often part of Synagogue celebrations. Sending Shalach Manot – We are instructed in the Book of Esther to send gifts to “one to another”. These traditionally consist of at least two different foods or drink, fruit, candy and/or wine. Matanot L’evyonim – It is customary to give “presents to the poor” on Purim. This can also be done by giving money to Jewish charities. Purim Seudah – A special meal with plenty of food and drink ends this festive holiday.

THE STORY OF PURIM Purim, one of the merriest of Jewish holidays, is celebrated on the 14th day of Adar and commemorates the deliverance of the Jews of Persia from the wicked anti-semite Haman. The Book of Esther or “Megilla” is read each Purim and tells the dramatic story of Esther, Mordechai and King Ahasuerus. Ahasuerus was the King of Persia about 2300 years ago that chose Esther as his Queen. At about the same time, he appoints Haman as his Vizier. The King is unaware that his Queen is Jewish and of Haman’s hatred of the Jews. Through a twisting series of events, Haman gets the King to agree to the annihilation of all the Jews in the Kingdom. The date for the massacre is chosen through the casting of lots and falls on the 14th of Adar. The word “Purim” comes from the Persian word for “lots”. When learning of this plot, Esther makes a bold move and goes before the King unsummoned to plead for her life and the life of her people. Ahasuerus rescinds his order of annihilation and hangs Haman instead. And so, the 14 th of Adar became the day of deliverance for the Jewish people and in thankfulness, the day was proclaimed as a day of rejoicing. It is to be celebrated with “feting and gladness and the sending of gifts one to another, and presents to the poor.”

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St. Petersburg Chapter

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SISTERHOOD I was honored to have been awarded the first Florida Region’s Linda Blum Leadership Institute Scholarship to attend the Women’s League Leadership Institute in Atlanta. Genie Blaher, President of the Florida Region, made the announcement at our Sisterhood Shabbat when she was our guest and honored us with her outstanding Torah reading, her words, and of course her very presence. Leadership Institute is a small gathering of women from around the country who have applied to attend. We are leaders or future leaders in our individual Sisterhoods. The 2-1/2 days and evenings consists of “hard core” learning and workshops given by the special trainers who worked with us tirelessly. We attended services and had several religious learning sessions. I cannot even begin to tell you about all of the things I took away from this weekend. I can tell you that I gained personal insight, ideas, and friends. I have developed new strength as a Sisterhood President, Board of Trustees member, educator, and as a person.

Sisterhood Shabbat was an amazing event for all. As noted above, Genie Blaher was our special guest. She spent Shabbat with us and stayed with Gail Frye. Under the fine leadership of Joan Redisch and Gail Frye, who practically lived at CBI for the entire week, an amazing “Got Shabbat?” Dinner was produced for about 180 people. Special thanks go to our wonderful dessert caterer, Ruth Ann Mizrahi and her bakers; Sheryl Sutton and her team who provided the invitations, flyers, and decorations; Ricky Lewis who arranged for all of the religious readings; and Joan Epstein who worked tirelessly to arrange music, teach, and direct the CBI Sisterhood Choir. Let me end with thanking all of you who helped, including the special CBI staff. In order to continue to have such wonderful events from Sisterhood as well as all of CBI, we need your help and support. Remember, hamentaschen baking is upon us on March 16th and then Pesach! I have retired now so expect a call from me to say hello and encourage you to be an active part of our wonderful Sisterhood.

Alice G Ettinger, Sisterhood President

MITZVAH MEN’S CLUB Dear Fellow Congregants, This year’s World Wide Wrap was another very successful event with approximately 100 participants. Special thanks to Rabbi Luski, Hazzan Goldstein, Alan Gross, Wilma Reasoner, Stephanie Kohan, William Gross, Larry Ettinger, Jack Goldberg and Lenny Gelfond for their assistance and contributions. We were part of more than 400 Conservative congregations around the world who took part in this meaningful experience. Ernest Drucker’s presentation highlighting parts of his newly published book was enlightening. Excitement is building for Men’s Club Shabbat which will be March 25th and 26th. A special “Got Shabbat?” dinner will be held on Friday evening, March 25th, at which time a most deserving Jesse Rodman will be honored as the Man of the Year. Phil Redisch and Michael Barth are co-chairing the event. Service parts are still available for anyone interested. Dinner Reservation Form is located on page 25.

Recently, the Mitzvah Men’s Club funded the installation of routers and boosters to ensure strong internet connectivity in the Social Hall and other parts of the building. The system was inaugurated by the NFC playoffs being shown on the giant screen during Steak & Scotch night. All arms of our synagogue will now be able to show web-based material to large groups. A SPECIAL TODAH RABAH to Sara, Anita, Pam and Barb. Their value to all of us is huge and very much appreciated. B’shalom, Keyvan Kohan Mitzvah Men’s Club, President

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THE PAULINE RIVKIND PRESCHOOL Purim – The Holiday of Masks and Miracles Pauline Rivkind Preschool will be preparing for our celebration of Purim by creating masks and costumes and baking hamentashen on Monday, March 21, 2011. We will have our own version of a Purim Parade on Tuesday, March 22 at 9:30 am. All families with young children are welcome to join in the fun! The children will wear their Purim costumes on Tuesday and we will march through the building shaking our greggars. REGISTRATION FOR 2011-2012 is going on NOW! We accept children from age one through five. Our school is also participating in the Voluntary Pre Kindergarten program from the state. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL BY REGISTERING YOUR CHILD NOW! WE ALSO HAVE A SPECIAL SUMMER PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN AGES ONE THROUGH THOSE ENTERING KINDERGARTEN. B’shalom! Bonnie Halprin, Preschool Director

THE PAULINE RIVKIND TALMUD TORAH The Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah has been very successful this year with our Sunday Seminar programs. They have given us the opportunity to build on our Jewish knowledge and to share new ideas. We are proud of the great enthusiasm that the students of Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah have shown by their participation in these seminars. Special thanks to all the volunteers who have helped us with our various panels, art projects, and Israeli dancing. In March we will be joining our Sunday Seminar with CBI’s program to teach and inspire all of our congregants with about our Passover traditions. Shalom, Ilana Dayan, Education Director


5771 Hebrew High School Graduation Our Congregation will honor its seven Hebrew High School graduates at Shabbat morning services on April 9, 20011 at 9:00 a.m. The 5771 graduates are Liesa Ariel Abel, Julia Lyn Halprin, Naomi Bracha LeVine, Bernard Louis Marger, Margaret Gray Marger, Erica Ashley Sheppard and Michael Harris Warren The graduates will participate in the morning services. The honorees are all graduates of the Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah or the Pinellas County Jewish Day School and have completed three full years of advanced Jewish Studies at Hebrew High School.

CBI STUDENTS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN SHABBAT SERVICES Each Shabbat morning, children are invited to participate in Congregation Services by leading Ein Keloheinu and Aleinu at the conclusion of Musaf. Please make plans to have your child present at the assigned time. We look forward to hearing our children’s voices raised in song and prayer as they take their places along side all those who continue to make services meaningful, spiritual and successful here at CBI. This month the schedule for participation is as follows: March 12 Grade 5 March 19 Grade 4 March 26 Grade 3

Hebrew High School serves a vital function as a focus for discussions and study at the crucial period in a young adult life prior to college. Classes meet weekly for two hours and are open to all students in grades 9 through 11 who have completed elementary religious school. Students in grade 12 participate in Hebrew High School classes in addition to special seminars geared the college bound. The students of Hebrew High Class of 5771 and their families invited the entire congregation to be their guests at the Kiddush following Shabbat services on April 9, 2011.

JUNIOR CONGREGATION All B’nai Israel children, ages nine to thirteen (grades 3 through 7) are invited to participate in our special age-appropriate Shabbat Service in the Chapel. Junior Congregation will meet on Saturday, March 12th and 19th at 10:00 a.m.

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Have I mentioned lately how much I love working with the youth at CBI?!It is especially a joy to watch the process as the children prepare to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. During the month of February, I joined my Congregational Family, as three of our young ladies presented themselves at their Bat Mitzvah. Next year they will step out of Kadima and into USY. My wish for them and all the other Bar and Bat Mitzvahs is for them to take advantage of all USY has to offer.

Just a reminder! Parents, we urge you to keep us posted on the addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of your college or graduate students by sending that information to Sandy Brasch at

USYers and Kadimaniks joined kids from all over the Hanegev region for a fun-filled day at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. The USYers worked in downtown St. Pete cleaning the shoreline of Tampa Bay and North Shore Park as part of Mitzvah Day.


Each month we have a Dine and Dash dinner for USYers and 8th graders. Thanks to the Sokolov Family for being our February sponsor in honor of Jesse and Corey. The last Dine and Dash of the year is in March 16th and if you would like to be the sponsor please contact me.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What DO USYers do at conventions”?

Our Kadimanik 8th graders will have a wonderful opportunity to attend Gesher Convention in Orlando April 810. This is a weekend designed just for them and gives them a chance to meet other Kadimaniks their age and learn about their upcoming year in USY.

renowned, Danny Siegel as a guest educator for the weekend.

Next month you will have the opportunity to glimpse into a Mercaz Sub Regional convention. April 1-3 CBI will be host to 100 USYers from Jacksonville to Sarasota. We are honored to have the world Danny Siegel is often referred to as "The Worlds Greatest Expert on Microphilanthropy", "The Feeling Person's Thinker", and "The Pied Piper of Tzedakah". He is a well-known author, lecturer, and poet who has spoken in

Once again CBI and Temple Beth El will hold their annual Purim Carnival together on Sunday, March 20th . See the flyer in this bulletin for all the details.

more than 500 North American communities, to communal organizations, synagogues, JCC's, Federations, on Tzedakah and Jewish values. Danny is the author of 29 books on such topics as

Sandy Brasch Youth and Family Program Director March Calendar Wed Sun Wed Thu Fri-Sun Wed Sat Sun Wed Fri

3/2 3/6 3/9

Hebrew High #6, 7:00 pm CROP Walk, 1:30 registration, 2:00 pm walk USY Board meeting 6:00 pm, Hebrew High #7, 7:00 pm 3/10 Hebrew High Graduation rehearsal and picture, 4:00 pm 3/11-14 Gesher Convention for 8th Graders 3/16 Dine and Dash 6:00 pm, Hebrew High #8, 7:00 pm 3/19 Purim, Megillah Reading and Costume Parade, 8:00 pm 3/20 Kadima and Halutzim Purim Carnival 12:002:30 pm at TBE 3/23 USY Board meeting 6:00 pm, Hebrew High #9, 7:00 pm 3/25 “Got Shabbat?” Family Dinner hosted by Men’s Club, 6:30 pm

practical and personalized giving, and has produced an anthology of 500 selections of Biblical and Talmudic quotes about living life called Where Heaven and Earth Touch. Danny is also a poet and several of his published books are poetry. He is one of three recipients of the prestigious 1993 Covenant Award for Exceptional Jewish Educators. The educational theme for the convention is “Understanding Disabilities” and during Kabbalat Shabbat services on April 1st, Danny will speak to the congregation about his own disabilities. The USYers will lead services beginning at 6:30 p.m. Shabbat morning beginning at 9:00 a. m. the USYers will daven all services and read Torah. Danny will speak about “Persons with Disabilities in the Torah”. I encourage you to join us for Shabbat and become inspired by these amazing young people, as I have. Thanks to all who will be opening up your homes to our quests, helped in planning and executing of this memorable weekend. B’Shalom, Sandy Brasch, Youth Director

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Armchair Tour of Israel with Gerry Mensh Tuesdays, March 1 and 15, 7:00 pm Come fly with us to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Experience the sights, sounds, tastes & history of Israel in a fun and interactive way.

With Rabbi Jacob Luski Wednesday, March 2nd at 7:00 pm in the Chapel Ever take a look around on Shabbat or at minyan and notice people bending, bowing, etc. at different times? For insight as to why, join Rabbi Luski as he takes a look at the content, meaning and choreography of prayer. Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn an important part of our prayer service.

Jewish Theological Seminary Shabbat Rabbi Andy Shugerman, Scholar-in-Residence “Talking With God: Finding our Voice in the Siddur” Exploring the Prayerbook as literature, theology and timeless spirituality. Friday, March 11th, 8:00 pm & Saturday, March 12th, 9:00 am See flyer page 23 for details!

The Rise of Rabbinical Judaism Instructor: Dr. Larry Green Wednesdays, March 23 and 30, April 6 and 13, 7:00 pm See flyer page 22 for details!

Beginners Hebrew Reading Ruth Mauer continues the Beginners Hebrew Reading Class covering basic reading skills, i.e., alphabet, pronunciation and vocabulary to prepare students to fully participate in the Shabbat evening service. The class will meet at 6:45 pm in Classroom #3 on the following Wednesdays: March 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.

Torah For Seniors with Rabbi Jacob Luski Meets monthly at 11:00 am at Philip Benjamin Tower on March 8, April 12 & May 10.

Lunch with Rabbi Monthly Deli lunch and Mishnah study with Rabbi Luski. Please place your lunch orders by noon on each Tuesday prior to class. Meets at 12:00 noon in the Atrium on March 9, April 13 & May 11.

Salvador Dali & The Tribes of Israel Led by Byron Kolitz, Wednesday, March 9, 7:00 pm Translation of the Bible’s Hebrew text is, by definition, commentary. Artistry based on such translation is further interpretation, especially in the hands of Salvador Dali. For example, why does Dali use a unicorn in his representation of Joseph? In 1972, Dali celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the State of Israel by producing a series of artistic meditations on the subject of the Twelve Tribes. In our class, we will view the images and examine the Bible verses from which Dali developed his etchings. Dali’s impressions are based primarily on Jacob’s blessings of his sons, Moses’ blessings of the Tribes, and Deborah’s Song.

Talmud Made Easy, led by Stephen Wein Meets at 7:00 pm in the Buns Family Library on Tuesdays: March 8 and 22

QUOTE Help and respect can come to a people only through self-help and self-respect. Stephen S. Wise

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CBI - HADASSAH BOOK DISCUSSION CLUB MEETINGS The CBI-Hadassah Book Clubs will continue to meet monthly in the Buns Family Library for lively discussions of current books. We will meet on Wednesdays at 10:00 am on the following dates. Please note change in books for the rest of the year: March 16, 2011 REPENTANCES by Annette Meyers April 13, 2011


May 18, 2011


by Edward Schwarzchild

If you would like to lead a discussion group, please call Sheila Wasserman at 347- 5816!

BOOK REVIEW: I predict that Jews and the Civil War: A Reader will very quickly become one of the definitive scholarly texts on the Jewish role int he Civil War. Any one of the seventeen articles could stand alone as a fascinating sociocultural history of the period. The articles are organized around seven themes; “Jews and Slavery,” “Jews and Abolition,” “Rabbis and the March to War,” “Jewish Soldiers during the Civil War,” “The Home Front,” “Jews as a Class,” and “Aftermath.” The important role Jewish women played in the Civil War period is the focus of several of the articles. On one level, the book is a source of fascinating and little known facts about the role of Jews in the period. For example, Eli N. Evans, in his “Overview: The War between Jewish Brothers in America,” describes how President Lincoln selects one of his “closest confidants” as his emissary to “explore peace talks after Gettysburg and the fall of Vicksburg.” That emissary was Isachar Zaharie, his Jewish “chiropodist.” This may sound strange, but Zaharie, a Jewish English immigrant, was used to crossing social and regional lines because he treated the feet of both Union officials and Confederate higherups and had already been involved in sending important information about the South back to Lincoln. In turn, Confederacy President, Jefferson Davis, sent his “right-hand man” to represent the South. The Confederate emissary was Judah P. Benjamin. Benjamin was also Jewish and after Secession, served as the Attorney General of the Confederacy and moved on to become the Confederacy’s Secretary of War. He later went on to be a United State Senator representing the state of Louisiana. According to Evans, there were approximately twelve hundred Jews who served in the Confederacy including twenty-four army officers and eleven navy officers. In the North, 6,000 Jews served in the Union Army, among them were sixteen officers including two Union Army Jewish brigadier generals—Edward Solomon and Frederick Knefler. There were also Jewish spies for both sides and families were often split by different regional allegiances. Evans described the conflicting allegiances in the Ochs family of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The father, Julius Ochs, joined the Union Army. His wife, Bertha, on the other hand, was a staunch supporter of the Confederacy and was “once arrested for trying to smuggle quinine in a baby carriage to wounded Confederate soldiers.” Before her death, Bertha requested a Confederate flag be put in her coffin. Julius was buried next to her in a coffin draped with the Stars and Stripes. The Ochs couple’s son was Adolph, who ultimately bought and built the newspaper The New York Times. Jews and the Civil War is much more than a compilation of little known facts. It is a scholarly analysis of American and Jewish history. Each article is assiduously researched and followed by detailed endnotes identifying the source of the information. Seymour Drescher’s article, “Jews and New Christians in the Atlantic Slave Trade,” debunks the notion that Jews were major players in the slave trade. In his discussion of the socio-historical context for Jewish involvement in the slave trade, Drescher details the impact of the Inquisition on Jewish life. Spanish Jews, including those who converted to Christianity, were never safe. For example, in 1492, when the New Christians fled to Portugal to escape the Inquisition, the Spanish king ordered the abduction of two thousand of their children. The children were baptized and deported to the African island São Tomé, where most of them perished. Africa, as described by Drescher was soon to be coined “the white man’s grave” when actually it was first “a white child’s grave” or more accurately a Jewish child’s graveyard. Some of the Sephardic Jews sought refuge in North and South America. Carol Poll, Ph.D, is a professor of sociology at the Fashion Institute of Technology of the State University of New York.

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FUNDRAISING REPORT How many of you sit at home with your TV on and watch game shows and say to yourself, “I know all the answers” or “I can do this”? Well CBI can’t promise million dollar payouts but in the words of the MasterCard commercials, we can offer you a priceless evening of fun and laughter with your friends. Come join us at CBI’s game night. Todah Rabah to Lorne and Sharron Abrams who are heading this committee to provide us with an evening of fun and fund raising. Please plan to come!!! SCRIP now offers Target Cards as well as several vendors that offer SCRIP NOW- which is basically like instant SCRIP. After setting up an online account, you can order, pay for and download a scrip certificate from your computer at home with in minutes. CBI has the opportunity to make unlimited funds form this program. If you are creative and willing to help to make it grow, please contact me or Jay Kauffman, Order forms are in the office. To set up an online account: go to The CBI id # is 124FE6EC2LL69. it will take a few days to establish your online account then you can order at your convenience from home and the order will go tour coordinator, Jay Kauffman.

It is almost time to begin preparing for the next membership directory. If you are interested in helping with project by joining the committee or co-chairing, please let me know. Remember that leaves on our Tree of Life make a wonderful gift for anyone. Gather a group of friends and split the cost. The honoree will thank you!! Leaves are a minimum donation of $218. Laurie Reiskind, 3rd Vice President, Fund Raising

CBI Website

FAMILY PROGRAMS March is here and that’s means Purim is near. In just a few weeks we will gather for Purim in our zany costumes and listen to the reading of the Megilla. When my children were small they waited all year for Purim and honestly it was one of my favorite holidays. I did not have to continually remind the kids to sit quietly! Purim is all about making noise and drowning out the sound of Haman’s name. I encourage you to bring your children and grandchildren. Help them make a gragger so they can take part in the annual Most Creative Gragger Contest. Each year the USYers sell boxes of macaroni and cheese to use as graggers. The boxes are then donated to the food pantry at Gulf Coast Jewish Federation. If you have never attended a CBI “Got Shabbat?” Dinner this month you have the chance. Friday evening, March 25th the Mitzvah Men’s Club will host this popular event. See the flyer in this bulletin for all the details. It brings me great pleasure to invite you to spend Shabbat with USYers from around Florida. April 1-3, CBI will host the USY Mercaz Sub Regional Convention. The educational theme is Disability

Awareness. The USYers will lead services Friday night and daven Shabbat morning. We are privileged to have a guest educator, Danny Siegel joining us. Danny is a well-known poet, author, and lecturer. He is the founder of Zvi Tzedakah Fund and is often referred to as “The Worlds Greatest Expert on Microphilanthropy”. Shabbat morning Danny will address the congregation and I urge you to attend. Ending hunger one step at a time! Hungry people in developing countries typically walk as much as six miles a day to get their food, water and fuel. We will walk in solidarity with their struggle for existence because we want to end hunger- one step at a time. Please join us March 6, 2011 for the annual CROP Walk. See the flyer in this bulletin for times and location. We are collecting rice, beans and peanut butter. Help where you can. Sandy Brasch, Youth and Family Program Director

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LIFE CYCLE EVENTS MAZAL TOV TO: ACHIEVEMENTS Rabbi Jacob Luski on his recent appointment as Co-Chair of the National Rabbinic Cabinet Board of Directors of the State of Israel Bonds. Alice Ettinger on being awarded Florida Region’s first Linda Blum Leadership Institute Scholarship Award to attend the Women’s League Leadership Institute in Atlanta. BAR AND BAT MITZVAH Alan & Sharon Koenig and Dr. Michael & Robin Shapiro on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter and daughter, Rachel Ariel Shapiro. Dr. Mark & Louisa Benjamin, Marilyn Benjamin and Sam & Ann Galanti on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter and granddaughter, Peninah Flo Benjamin. Dr. Mitchell & Dr. Leslie Weiss, Sydney & Bibby Weiss and Edward & Sandra Levin on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter and granddaughter, Hannah Mae Weiss. ENGAGEMENTS: Dr. Steven & Susan LeVine, Mr. Steven & Karyn Feld, Dr. Morris & Marilyn LeVine, Mrs. Mona Feld, Mr. Eddie & Eileen Silverstein on the engagement of their daughter, son, granddaughter and grandson, Jennifer LeVine to Eric Feld.

THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS Todah Rabah to Carol Marcin for volunteering and coordinating our core of volunteers. Thank you to the following volunteers who assisted with the office work and special mailings over the past months: Sally Swale, Sally Cohen, Kitty and Marvin Jacobs, Marian Lustigman Rooth, Murray and Myrna Rubin. Our apologies to anyone we have in advertently omitted.

We share in the sorrow of the passing of: DR. J. LEONARD AZNEER Husband of Dr. Patricia Cottrille Father of Reva Pearlstein, Dr. Jay Azneer & Dr. Ira Azneer

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Please join us for Mitzvah Men’s Club Shabbat Friday, March 25, 2011 Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service, 6:30 pm Followed by Got Shabbat? Dinner Honoring Jesse Rodman, MMC Man of the Year Saturday, March 26, 2011 Mitzvah Men’s Club & March Birthday Shabbat Services, 9:00 am Followed by Kiddush lunch hosted by March birthday celebrants and the Mitzvah Men’s Club. and Minha, Last Seudah of the Season, Maariv & Havdala, 7:10 pm

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March Join us in wishing Mazal Tov! to members celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries and B’nai Mitzvah. Your good wishes can be part of their memories, while at the same time, supporting B’nai Israel’s commitment to help our schools, youth groups and Synagogue through your donations to our Mitzvah Fund .

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Judy Benjamin Jayne Weissman Malina Kanner Zina Rosenblum Beatrice Levine Arthur Zinkerman Mark Lewis Dr. Dale Monast Wendy Levine Gross Araceli Gross Anita Sher Anita Braun-Luria Valerie Hyman Hazzan Paul Goldstein Martha Vorob Dr. Robert Sternberg Alan Schwartz Mark S. Schantz Dr. Robin Schaffer Dr. Marc Reiskind Ursula Bennett Warren Simmons Dr. Hazel Shwer Eddie Silverstein

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Sandra Janofsky Sharron Abrams Vera Green Shirley Bulkin Helen Applefield Marilyn Isaacs Jay Kauffman Keyvan Kohan-Shohet Bebby Marlin Dr. Steven LeVine Ruth Mauer LaneyKay Laurie Reiskind Stefan Haberer Rebecca Simmons Samuel Steel Steven Dangler Patzi Gil Joan Benstock Stuart Kanowitz Michael Barth Dr. Marvin Bayles Dr. Barnett Stein Leonard Gelfond

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Phyllis & Philip Hirschfield Jackie & Barry Kanner Helen & Henry Rosen Bonnie & Michael Lurie Midge & Michael Seltzer Pati & David Gross Carol & Frank Katz Sheila & Maitland Knapp Linda & Steve Grau Marianne & Dr. Ira Azneer Ursula & Marcus Bennett

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Vera & Dr. Larry Green Joan & Phil Redisch Iris & Ben Bush Ethel & Arik Bergerman Louisa & Dr. Mark Benjamin Blanka & Nick Benjacob Lee & Marvin Leibson Carol & Bill Marger Jayne & Ron Weissman Jacqueline & Robert Glover Drs. Naomi & Warren Abel

Friday, March 18, 2011! MARCH BIRTHDAY SHABBAT SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2011 9:00 AM

In Honor of: ________________________________ Check the names of everyone to you would like to send a Mitzvah Gram. Send this form together with your check, minimum $10 donation each, to: Congregation B’nai Israel, 300 58th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710 *The minimum donation per acknowledgement is $10.

Please print: Your Name: ______________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ City, _____________________________Zip: __________________ Telephone: ______________

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Congregation B’nai Israel of St. Petersburg

Instructor: Dr. Larry Green By all historic precedents, Judaism would have been expected to disappear, if not following the destruction of the First Temple then certainly after the destruction of the Second. The roots of Judaism reach back to the Hebrew Bible. For thousands of years, Jews have looked to these scriptures for their origins, and have located in them the tenets of their faith. However, much of what is recognized today as Judaism does not appear in the Bible. How did Judaism develop from its biblical roots to the highly developed system we know today? What has changed—and what has remained constant? These four lectures, making use of the Teaching Company series "Beginnings of Judaism" describe the two developments that dramatically altered the practice and religious expression of Judaism and led to its survival - the synagogue, and emergence of Rabbinic Judaism.

Wednesdays, March 23 and 30, April 6 and 13, 7:00 pm

Page 23 Congregation B’nai Israel of St. Petersburg Join us as we welcome the Florida Regional Rabbinic Fellow from

THE Jewish Theological Seminary

Rabbi Andy Shugerman

New Community Group Nears Purchase of Chapel Hill Cemetery


“Talking With God: Finding our Voice in the Siddur” Exploring the Prayerbook as literature, theology and timeless spirituality. Friday, March 11th, 8:00 pm at Shabbat Evening Service Saturday, March 12th, 9:00 am Q & A session at Kiddush ABOUT Rabbi Shugerman Rabbi Andy Shugerman, a talented and passionate Jewish educator, has been named rabbinic fellow of The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). Rabbi Shugerman is responsible for educational outreach, including study groups, special programs, and synagogue educational events and lectures. He was ordained by The Rabbinical School of JTS and earned a master’s degree from JTS’s William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education. Rabbi Shugerman received his BA from Brandeis University, where he majored in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. As a student at JTS, Rabbi Shugerman developed his skills and talents as an educator while teaching Jewish studies at the Rodeph Sholom School and Muslim-Jewish relations at the Abraham Joshua Heschel High School, both in New York City. He was also selected to participate in the prestigious Legacy Heritage Rabbinic Fellows program, through which he helped to revitalize Congregation Shir Chadash of Metairie, Louisiana, a community still recovering from hurricanes Katrina and Gustave. Combining his love of education and music, Rabbi Shugerman was a founding member of JamDaven, a band he formed with Davidson School classmates that developed new approaches to prayer through music and meditation. He also served as a scholar-in-residence at the Charles E. Smith Day School of Rockville, Maryland, and led college students in rebuilding homes in New Orleans with Jewish Funds for Justice. Prior to coming to JTS, Rabbi Shugerman studied at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem while working for the Masorti (Israeli Conservative) Movement and attended the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles. While in California, he assisted Rabbi Sharon Brous, a JTS alumna, in founding IKAR, a spiritual community that has been nationally recognized for its innovative approach to Judaism.

A newly formed community organization, Jewish Burial Society of Pinellas County, Inc. (JBSPC), is nearing completion of a deal to purchase the predominately Jewish CHAPEL HILL MEMORIAL PARK cemetery located off Ulmerton Rd. in Largo. The Board of Directors of JBSPC is comprised of members of Congregation B’Nai Israel (CBI) and Temple Beth El (TBE). Both synagogues helped capitalize the transaction by contributing burial plots owned by each of them to the new JBSPC entity. However, JBSPC is a new entity entirely separate from both synagogues and will serve the entire Jewish community. The Board’s first Chairman is Dr. Michael Slomka. The Cemetery was started more than 30 years ago by members of CBI. In 1998 it was sold to a national cemetery operating company, Stewart Enterprises, headquartered in New Orleans. Due to the large inventory of plots retained by CBI and TBE, the time arrived several years later when Stewart had only a small inventory left and found it to be unprofitable and negotiations were begun for a sale of the cemetery and operations. While this process was underway, the cemetery property was not being maintained to the standards expected by members of both CBI and TBE. It is the intent of the new entity, JBSPC, to restore the cemetery to a condition of which our community can be proud. JBSPC has applied to the IRS for 501 (c) (3) non-profit status. Upon receipt of that certification and fundraising registration with Pinellas County and the State of Florida some funds that have already been informally pledged will become available and, under Dr. Slomka’s leadership, additional contribution and memorial opportunities will become available. A legal and development team, under the tireless leadership of David Robbins, has, step by agonizing step, brought the project to the threshold of completion. Expectations are for the transaction to close in the second quarter of 2011 with work on the restoration and upgrading to begin immediately after closing.

February 15, 2010

Page 24 DONATIONS THROUGH JANUARY 31, 2011 Mitzvah Fund Jane & Don Silverberg Dr. Arthur & Bebby Marlin Dr. Ed & Vivian Lurie Lee Shenofsky

In honor of Ed Goldman Toby Shkarofsky Sarah Kirzner Patti Saham

Jack & Mussie Eidelman

Bertha Siegel

In memory of Janet Lonschein Sophia Abrams

Mitzvah Fund Art, Kim & Sam Zinkerman Mr. & Mrs. Sam Steel Arlene R. Ludin Stanley & Francine Bakshy Murray Fink Allen & Betty Tut Polon Howard Rothstein Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Rosin Edna Sonkin Sharron & Lorne Abrams Sally & Joe Cohen Dr. Bernardo & Stephanie Stein Vivian Neumann Richard & Ruth Erman Charlene, Mary, Avi Wygodski

In memory of Ira Zinkerman Phyllis Rowan Maurice Rubenstein Loved ones George Fink Moe LeCompte's parents Morris Rothstein M. Patricia Freedman Evelyn Sackett Moe LeCompte's parents Mollie Cohen Leon Stein Jack Neumann Mark Seetner Ilan Russek

Library Music Fund Morton & Beverly Sherman

In memory of Albert Sherman

Rabbi's Fund Mr. & Mrs. Don Silverberg

Mitzvah Fund Vera & Dr. Larry Green

In honor of Happy Birthday - Sharon & Alan Koenig; & Beverly & Morton Sherman Happy Birthday - Dr. David LeVine Happy Birthday: Dr. Michael Slomka, Marvin Jacobs, Dr. Larry Feinman Happy Anniversary - Livia & Steve Wein Dr. Mark Benjamin on receiving the Alfred Schick Memorial Award Birth of Madison Lee Kane, granddaughter of Dr. Mitchell & Ellie LeVine & great granddaughter Dr. Morris & Marilyn LeVine Birth of Arieh Sidney Colen, grandson of Jerry & Barbara Colen Happy Birthday - Jack Eidelman Refuah Shlema - Dr. J. Leonard Azneer Happy Birthday - Leo Weinshel Happy Birthday - Shirley Blau Grossman Engagement of Daniela Atri to Isaac Modiano Paul Fogel

The Wygodski Family

In honor of Dr. Mark Benjamin receiving the Alfred Schick Memorial Award In appreciation

Rabbi's Fund Mr. & Mrs. Jack Goldfarb Mr. & Mrs. Meni Kanner Dr. & Mrs. Dale Monast Edna Sonkin Mr. & Mrs. Barry Kanner Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Frank Katz Hannah Krassner Mr. and Mrs. Joel Shane Mrs. Sylvia Aqyes Marian Lustigman Rooth Mrs. Shirley Bulkin Joan Benstock Barbara Feinman Herb Sirota

In memory of Sarah Kirzner Frida Litvak Laura Monast Shirley Sackett Zlata Kanner Leonard Greenberg Grace D. Katz Judge Edwin Krassner Edythe Shane Oscar Winaker Judy Curtis, Lena Lustigman Eiselman Ida Bader Ada Kline Block Emanuel Faber David Sirota

USY Fund Marian Lustigman Rooth

In honor of Sandy Brasch, in appreciation

Adult Studies Barbara Jarvis

In honor of Happy Birthday - Carol Marcin; Susie Berman - Sisterhood Woman of Achievement

Adult Studies Karen Kauffman

In memory of Betty Elias

Camp Ramah Murray & Myrna Rubin

In honor of Bar Mitzvah Anniversary of Dr. Larry Ettinger Birth of Madison Lee Kane, great granddaughter of Dr. Morris and Marilyn LeVine

Cantor's Fund The Wygodski Family Marian Lustigman Rooth

In honor of in appreciation in appreciation

Jacobs Beautification Fund Bob, Debbie, Abby & Bill Jacobs

In memory of

Library Fund Allan Lonschein Phyllis Rosenthal

Jane & Don Silverberg Dr. J. L. Azneer & Dr. Patricia Cottrille Thelma & Jerry Gilbert Dr. Ed & Vivian Lurie

Vera & Dr. Larry Green Anita & Ben Ami Braun-Luria Sarah Swale Beverly Dikman Marilyn Benjamin Randy & Ben Rabin Jamie & Abbie Grant

Murray M. Jacobs

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USY Fund Lucille Ginsburg Charla Fogel Abbye Perlman

In memory of Martin Ginsburg Paul Fogel Judge Edwin P. Krassner

USY Pilgrimage Dr. Larry & Sheryl Feinman

In honor of Birth of Madison Lee Kane, granddaughter of Dr. Mitchell & Ellie LeVine Happy Birthday - Marvin Jacobs, Ellie LeVine

USY Pilgrimage Ellen Bernstein Joanne Luski

In memory of Joseph Kauffman, Carola Herschmann Jack Neumann

Gail S. Warren, Legacy for Leadership Laurie & Dr. Marc Reiskind

In memory of Sarah Kirzner


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Congregation B’nai Israel of St. Petersburg 2011 PESAH SERVICES & EVENTS SCHEDULE 5771 Sunday April 17 Evening Bedikat Hametz - Seach for Hametz Monday April 18 7:45 am *Siyum B'horim Service followed by Breakfast *Siyum B’horim is the morning minyan and brief study session followed by a light breakfast and is the last hametz meal eaten before Pesah. Attendance at this minyan is a special mitzvah for all first born males; first born daughters and others who wish to attend are also welcome!

Yom Tov: April 18 6:00 pm Minha, First Seder at home April 19 9:00 am Yom Tov Services, 1st day Pesah Includes Tal, the prayer for rain in Musaf Service. Tuesday April 19 6:00 pm Minha, Maariv - Congregation Second Seder nd Wednesday April 20 9:00 am Yom Tov Morning Services, 2 day Pesah 8:00 pm Minha, Maariv & Conclusion of Yom Tov Monday Tuesday

Hol Hamoed Pesah: Thursday April 21 7:45 am Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan 6:00 pm Congregation Kosher for Passover BBQ Dinner 7:40 pm Hol Hamoed Evening Minyan Friday April 22 7:45 am Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan 6:30 pm Minha & Shabbat Hol Hamoed Pesah Service Saturday April 23 9:00 am Shabbat Hol Hamoed Pesah Services April Birthday Shabbat 7:45 pm Shabbat Minha, Maariv & Havdala Sunday April 24 9:00 am Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan

Yom Tov: Sunday April 24 6:30 pm Erev Yom Tov Pesah Service Monday April 25 9:00 am Yom Tov Services, 7th day Pesah 6:30 pm Yom Tov Service, 8th day Pesah Tuesday April 26 9:00 am Yom Tov Services, 8th day Pesah, Yizkor & Memorial Plaques Dedication 8:00 pm Minha, Maariv & Conclusion of Yom Tov

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Change Service Requested

Congregation B’nai Israel B’nai Israel Review 300 -58th Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33710-7889 Tel: (727) 381-4900 Fax: (727) 344-1307 Website: 24 Hour Telephone Voice Mail

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID St. Petersburg, Fl. Permit # 618

CBI Family Passover Second Seder Conducted by Rabbi Jacob Luski & Hazzan Paul Goldstein

Tuesday, April 19, 6:00 pm Minha, Maariv ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prepaid Reservations Only - Deadline: Friday, April 8, 2011 Info: 727-381-4900

Fax: 727-344-1307

Name(s): _________________________________________________________ Telephone No. ____________________________________________________ Please sit with____________________________________________________

Please note: No increase in price from last year!! Members & their guests: Non-Member rates: # ______ Member Adults @....…$45 = $_________*

# ______Non-Member Adults @ … $50 = $ _________*

# ______ Member Child 7-12 @ $18 = $ ______ __

# ______Non-Member Child 7-12 @ $21 = $_________

# ______ Member Child 3-6 @. $ 9 = $ ________

#______ Non-Member Child 3-6 @ . $11 = $_________

TOTAL DUE $________ *Indicate #_________requesting vegetarian option please.

Enclose check payable to Congregation B’nai Israel or Charge my Mastercard/Visa/Amex: Credit Card No. ___________________________________Expiration Date__________________ Signature__________________________________________

Deadline for April Bulletin, March 4th

CBI March Bulletin 2011  
CBI March Bulletin 2011  

CBI March Bulletin 2011