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Shabbat Services & Candlelighting Friday, April 6, 20112 Candlelighting 7:33 pm Minha, Maariv, First Night Seder at CBI Saturday, April 7, 2012 See Passover Schedule p. 8 No Junior Congregation Candlelighting 8:34 pm Friday, April 13, 2012 See Passover Schedule p. 8 Saturday, April 14, 2012 See Passover Schedule p. 8 No Junior Congregation Friday, April 20, 2012 Candlelighting 7:41 pm Sephardic Shabbat Service 8:00 pm Anniversary Shabbat Saturday, April 21, 2012 Sedra – Shemini Shabbat Services 9:00 am Birthday Shabbat & Kiddush JOYFUL PRAYER 9:15 am Junior Congregation 10:00 am Minha, Maariv & Havdala 7:40 pm Friday, April 27, 2012 Candlelighting 7:45 pm DAVEN & DINE AT KOTEL Musical Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00 pm Followed by Got Shabbat? Israeli Style Dinner Saturday, April 28, 2012 Sedra – Tazria-Metzora Daven at the Kotel Shabbat Services 9:00 am Israeli Breakfast Kiddush Junior Congregation 10:00 am Minyan Katan 10:45 am Minha, Maariv & Havdala 7:45 pm

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Friday, May 4, 2012 Candlelighting 7:49 pm Shabbat Service 8:00 pm Saturday, May 5, 2012 Sedra – Aharei MotKedoshim Shabbat Services 9:00 am Cholent Kiddush & Torah Study Junior Congregation 10:00 am Minha, Maariv & Havdala 7:50 pm

DAILY SERVICES Be a Mensh! Make a Minyan! Attend our twice daily minyan: Mornings at 7:45 am, Sunday & national holiday mornings at 9:00 am and Sunday-Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm


Sunday, April 22, 2012 & Monday, April 23, 2012

To request Shabbat morning childcare for preschoolers, please call the Synagogue office by Wednesday prior to Shabbat.

PARTICIPATE IN ALIYOT The Ritual Committee of Congregation B’nai Israel encourages worshippers to participate in services by performing aliyot. If you would like to receive an aliyah, please call the synagogue office at 381-4900, or kindly speak to one of the ushers when you enter the sanctuary, and every effort will be made to accommodate your request. Those wishing to receive an aliyah on Shabbat morning are asked to arrive at services no later than 9:30 am. We look forward to your participation. Shalom, Morry Bornstein, Ritual Chair

Cantor Jonathan Schultz 727-381-4900 Ext. 305 Executive Director, Sara A. Latham 727-381-4900 Ext. 202 Pauline Rivkind Preschool Director Bonnie Halprin 727-381-4900 Ext. 211 Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah Education Director, Ilana Dayan 727-381-4900 Ext. 310


You want to place an ad? call Pam Askin 381-4900 ext 203

Rabbi Jacob Luski, D.D. 727-381-4900 Ext. 207

Youth & Family Program Director Sandy Brasch 727-381-4900 Ext. 209 Community Engagement, Liz Sembler 727-381-4900 Ext. 206 Torah Reader/Educator Deborah Marmon 727-381-4900 Ext. 205 Office Manager, Pam Askin 727-381-4900 Ext. 203

CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST The Mitzvah Men’s Club provides a Continental Breakfast for all worshippers on Minyan Mornings in the alcove of the Social Hall. Please join the Minyanaires for the morning Shaharit service and relax and schmooze over breakfast bagels, cream cheese, coffee cake and coffee/tea.

Receptionist, Anita Helfand 727-381-4900 Ext. 201 Accounting, Barbara Jarvis 727-381-4900 Ext.204 PRTT Secretary, Patzi Gil 727-381-4900 Ext. 210 President, Leslie Pearlstein M.D Sisterhood President, Alice Ettinger Men’s Club President, Jesse Rodman USY President, Alyssa Kobernick Kadima President, Max Kobernick

Bulletin Committee:

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES If you are interested in sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat on Friday evening, a Seudah Shlishit on Shabbat afternoon or a L’Hayim following a Morning Minyan in honor or memory of a loved one or a special occasion, please contact Synagogue office.

Layout Editor, Masha Ronay Coordinators, Pam Askin, Anita Helfand B’nai Israel Review Publishes 11 times a year by Congregation B’nai Israel 300 58th Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33710 727– 381-4900 FAX 727-344-1307 All rights reserved. No part of this document can be copied without the permission of Congregation B’nai Israel

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From the Rabbi “I love Passover because it is a cry against indifference.” Elie Wiesel, Forward, 1992. Passover affirms the great truth that liberty is an undeniable right of every human being. By celebrating the Passover, we are learning about our past, and thus ensuring our future. The ideas that underline the feast of Passover are noble and humane: the idea of freedom, the idea of justice, and the democratic struggle for human dignity. The Jewish sages have posited that liberty must be fought for and renewed in every generation. During centuries of unending adversity, we Jews, have found renewed strength and hope in the Passover celebration, which unites today’s generation with its heroic ancestral past in the common struggle for justice, liberty and humanity. The Passover festival has two basic messages whose poignancy and significance are true for all times. The first message is deliverance from bondage and suffering, and the drive to do away with ignorance. The second message of Passover is that deliverance is an ongoing process!

Cantor’s Notes We have a lot going on in April. Of course, the highlight of the month is Pesach, and I’ll come back to that. But, we also have three other observances: Yom Hashoah, when we remember those who perished in the Holocaust; Yom Hazikaron, Israeli Memorial Day; and Yom Ha-Atzma’ut, Israeli Independence Day. We also have another special event this month, and I’d like to take a moment to tell you about it. When I was in my first year of Cantorial School in Jerusalem, my classmates and I had the pleasure of studying with Dr. Edwin Seroussi, who is an expert on Sephardic musical traditions. Through his teaching, we learned about liturgical music from outside of the Ashkenazi realm, including traditions from Morocco, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Spain and Portugal. At the end of the year, we conducted a Sephardic Friday night service, using music from the SpanishPortuguese and Moroccan traditions.

The Passover holiday teaches us that we triumphed over degradation and affliction. Our history gives us the confidence to carry on our struggle, against our old and new enemies. Through that struggle, we achieved a glorious victory, our beloved state of Israel. The Jewish democratic struggle is also one for all people for all nations. Passover represents the global desire for love to triumph over the darkness of hate. The basic human resolve to be free is clearly evidenced by the ongoing uprisings in the world against tyrannical regimes. Hopefully, this coming Passover will be a holiday of freedom and liberation for all. With best wishes for a Hag Kasher v’Sameah! Shalom,

Rabbi Jacob Luski

On Friday night, April 20, please join me and Rabbi Luski for a Sephardic Shabbat Service. I look forward to sharing with you some of the Spanish-Portuguese and Moroccan melodies that I learned with Dr. Seroussi, along with other well-loved melodies of Sephardic origin. Back to Pesach. As a cantor, I look forward to chanting Tal every year. Tal marks the transition from Israel’s rainy season to its dry season. We honor this seasonal change by praying for dew. In a land where it only rains for half the year, water is precious. So, we pray that God will still send some water to fall upon the land, even a small amount of water in the form of dew. Tal is a supplication, which is associated in Jewish tradition with a time of judgment, and its recitation therefore interjects a few moments of solemnity into a festive day. From a musical standpoint, since Tal is a special prayer, many cantors have composed special settings of the prayer. Yossele Rosenblatt composed one of the most famous settings of this prayer, beginning with a very recognizable, catchy tune. Hag Sameah! Cantor Jonathan Schultz

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From the President If you ask my wife, Reva, about my mechanical skills, she will tell you, “If it doesn't bleed, Leslie can't fix it.” I take no responsibility for my lack of education or skills in home improvement. I am envious of many of my colleagues who can fix anything around the house. What talents does one have to become a master plumber, electrician, or mason? I do not know the answer to that question and yes, it is probably because I did not take time to learn those skills. What does that have to do with being a synagogue president? You have to think about the duties and responsibilities of your President. What skill-set makes a good President? Should that person be able to repair or micromanage every problem that arises in our Synagogue? Should the President be a learned scholar familiar with all Tefillah and Hallacha? I believe the answer is “No” to those questions. The President of the Synagogue is not born with the skills involved to manage daily Synagogue life. Rather than being the structure or beams, your President needs to be the “glue” that holds it all together. I'm sure that there are many opinions concerning Synagogue leadership. Should the president be forceful and push aside any obstacle to achieve success for the synagogue? We are not born with inherent traits to become leaders of the complex organization of a

Synagogue. Just as our parents, before us, and our children behind us, no one is born with all the skills to be a good parent. The same can be said for any leader or Synagogue President. Leadership talents are not inherent. Those skills are not embedded in our DNA. They are learned behaviors that we develop throughout our lives. The saying, “You know the quality of the parents by how their children behave,” is very true. In our synagogue, as well as others throughout the world, the obligation and tradition of Tzedakah is passed from generation to generation, L’dor, V’dor. The same is true for Synagogue Layleaders. We cannot expect good leaders to move into a community or “spring” out of the ground. Good Synagogue leaders learn from good Synagogue leaders. L’dor, V’dor, generation to generation Each day, as your President, I am learning more and more about the many challenges that Synagogues and their congregants have to manage. All the time, however, I am reminded of my primary role as the “glue” to hold the structure together.

Shalom, Leslie Pearlstein, MD, President

From the Executive Director Hag Sameach! With Passover just around the corner, we will once again have the opportunity to recall the difficult journey our ancestors faced when fleeing Egypt, and admire the strength and tenacity it took not only to survive their escape from Pharaoh, but then to make their way to the promised land. Wow! If you need inspiration, forget the modern day motivational speakers, just look at our history. We are blessed to be able to be protected by law to practice our faith. Not that it is always smooth sailing but compared to other countries and earlier times, we can go about our daily lives without too much worry. Make plans to attend the Passover BBQ on Wednesday, April 11 and the last Got Shabbat? dinner of the year on Friday, April 27. These are both fun events you won’t want to miss. Next month will be my last article in the CBI Review, as many of you already know I will be retiring the end of June. I will miss so many people, but I’m looking forward to spending more time with my beautiful granddaughters. I am truly blessed. From my family to yours, have a Happy Passover. Sara Latham Executive Director

CBI MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED The Youth Department is grateful for all who supported USY programming through your financial support as well as your moral support and encouragement. Scholarships are derived from interest on and contributions to the Camp Ramah Endowment Fund and the Israel Pilgrimage Endowment Fund, as well as annual donations from the Sisterhood and the Mitzvah Men’s Club. This year through generous contributions of $6,750.00, thirteen Merit Scholarships were awarded by the Scholarship Committee for summer programs. With the continued rise in the cost of programs and the increase in needs, your generosity is very much appreciated!

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600 6th Street South St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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You are cordially invited to attend Hebrew High School Graduation 5772 During Yom Tov Morning Services on 2nd day of Pesah Sunday, April 8, 2012, 9:00 a.m.

5772 Graduates

Jeremy Daniel Reiskind Ariel Esther Reich Melissa Eve Franklin Reva Beth Halprin Alyssa Bari Kobernick Jesse Ethan Sokolov The graduates and their families are honored to celebrate this milestone with their Congregational family. A Kiddush for all worshippers will follow.

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SISTERHOOD How do we differ from the women who came before us--our grandmothers, our mothers? We have a different life. But do we? One of my grandmothers didn’t drive; she never worked outside of the home; she was a typical orthodox Jewish woman who raised her 3 children, cooked, cleaned, made Shabbos every week, had the whole family for holidays. Her greatest joy was for everyone to enjoy her food, sing, be happy, and be together. She lived alone from the time my grandfather passed away when I was 8 years old. She lived until she was 87 years old. Her life was very predictable, even as the family grew up, moved away, and had their own families. She modernized somewhat—flying to her daughter’s home in Maine and then Tulsa. She saw us all grow and have our own children. In fact, she even grew so much that she began to knit with acrylic fibers instead of wool! But she kept our traditions alive. She worked hard in the home and was always dedicated to her synagogue and Sisterhood, going to meetings, helping in the kitchen, and going to retreats and programs.

My other grandmother worked in my grandfather’s newsstand. She raised 3 children, and when my grandfather passed away when her youngest child was only 12, she continued working and kept up the store to provide for her family. My mother was working from the time she was 12 years old, but had to help take care of her baby brother. With all of their hard work and raising a family, they both were dedicated to their Sisterhood by helping at bake sales, attending meetings, and being involved in special events. So the legacy of my grandmothers and mother was that of a strong work ethic as well as a strong belief in Sisterhood. And so they passed this down to me. Now it is time to pass it down to the next generation. Our young people learn by our example. We, too have a strong work ethic; we work, we carpool; we shlep; we shop; we cook and keep house, etc. So as the generations grow, come out to a meeting; come help on Shabbat and/or for special events; come offer your presence and pass the legacy of Sisterhood to the next generation of women! We are not really so different from those who came before us. Alice G. Ettinger President, Sisterhood of CBI of St Petersburg


“Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle” The act of kindling this flame and reading the enclosed meditation can be a moving ritual to remind us of what happened to the Jewish people not long ago. Place the Yellow Candle in your window on the Evening of Wednesday, April 18th, Yom HaShoah, to remind your community. This is the appropriate time to discuss the Holocaust with your family. The Community Holocaust remembrance program this year is at THE FLORIDA HOLOCAUST MUSEUM on April 19.

Thank you for your tax-deductible donation to the 2012 Yellow Candle program Amount enclosed: $18_____ $36_____ $54_____$72_____ Other_____ Your Name________________________________________ Please make checks payable to Mitzvah Men’s Club Please use the return envelope for your convince

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THE PAULINE RIVKIND PRESCHOOL The month of April is all about Passover at Pauline Rivkind Preschool. We start the month practicing with our own Seder and make plenty of decorations for the tables at home. Think about ways to make it a family fun Seder when you have children at your Seder table. Customs are passed down, generation to generation, just like we read the story of the Exodus. The Haggadah is the guidebook that takes us through the Seder. There are many different Haggadot available, with a variety of styles to choose from. Quite a few are specifically written specifically with family involvement in mind. Take the time to look at a few and pick out the one that feels most comfortable for your family. Familiarize yourself with the Haggadah before the Seder and decide which parts you want to do and which parts you may want to skip. You may want to add some discussions or activities to personalize the Seder just for your family. We are now actively registering students for the 2012-2013 school year. Pauline Rivkind Preschool has classes for children as young as one year old, all the way through VPK classes. To register for VPK a child must be four years old by September 1, 2012. We are open year round from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm every day except Friday when we close at 4:30 for Shabbat. Please contact Bonnie Halprin at 302-9668 for more information.

THE PAULINE RIVKIND TALMUD TORAH “We were once the slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt….” This is the answer given after the youngest child recites the “Mah Nishtanah” at every Passover seder. The passage states that if God had not gotten us out of Egypt, our children and grandchildren would still be enslaved. The response is answered in phrases containing four words. The number four is prominent at the Seder as we drink four cups of wine, ask the four questions, Rabbi Akiva invited four guests to his Seder in Bne Brak and of course we read about the four sons. The Pesach Seder is a wonderful family event with Jews from all over the world bringing in their own traditions. Our children at PRTT are especially excited to participate both at school and at your table. I wish all of you a Hag Sameah! Enjoy your families, children and guests! The answer prayer (Avadeem Hayeenu) to Mah Nishtana ends…..”The more anyone discusses the exodus from Egypt, the more praise is deserved!” Continue this dialogue in your homes at your Seder! Ilana Dayan, Education Director

Bonnie Halprin, Preschool Director

BAR/BAT MITZVAH 5774 BAR/BAT MITZVAH 5774 ORIENTATION MEETING Students who will become Bar or Bat Mitzvah, from August 2013 - August 2014, are scheduled to meet with Rabbi Jacob Luski, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Instructor, Sara Latham, Executive Director and our Synagogue leadership on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm, in the Atrium. This meeting mandatory for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah student and parents in order to minimize possible misunderstanding of expectations. The Synagogue, the clergy, and the religious school all take pride in our check and double check system for preparing our Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidates for their wonderful Simhas. If your child will celebrate Bar or Bat Mitzvah by August 31, 2014 and you have not received an invitation to the meeting, please contact Rabbi Luski in the synagogue office.

CBI STUDENTS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN SHABBAT SERVICES Each Shabbat morning, children are invited to participate in Congregation Services by leading Ein Keloheinu and Aleinu at the conclusion of Musaf. Please make plans to have your child present at the assigned time. We look forward to hearing our children’s voices raised in song and prayer as they take their places along side all those who continue who make services meaningful, spiritual and successful here at CBI. This month the schedule for participation is as follows: April 21 Grade 3-4 April 28 Grade 7

JUNIOR CONGREGATION All B’nai Israel children, ages 9 to 13, grades 3 through 7, are invited to participate in our special age-appropriate Shabbat Service in the Chapel. Junior Congregation will meet on the following Saturdays in April at 10:00 a.m.: April 21 and 28. This is a great time for children to pray with their fellow students.

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YOUTH DEPARTMENT This year the Purim Carnival was better than ever and Todah Rabah to everyone who helped. It was a joy to see all the smiles, not just on the kids enjoying the games and activities, but also on the faces of our USYers as they worked side by side with TBE BEEFY kids. Thanks to the Mitzvah Men’s Club for preparing the food and Sisterhood for providing the amazing hamentachen. On March 14th we held our last Dine and Dash of the year. We appreciate all those who provided sponsorships for them this year and to the Sokolov family who were our March sponsors in honor of Jesses (belated) birthday. For our seniors it will be bitter sweet as they attend Regional Convention, April 20-22 in Orlando. This will be their last USY convention, however for those attending a Regional for the first time it will be a unique experience. Kadimaniks and Halutzim will enjoy an afternoon at Xtreme Fun Center, April 15. The event will begin at CBI with lunch and a special Earth Day program then off to play laser tag and arcade games! Mark your calendars so you don’t miss a moment of programming! B’Shalom, Sandy Youth and Family Program Director April Calendar: Wed 4/4 Sun 4/8 Wed Sun

4/11 4/15



Last session of Hebrew High 7:00 pm Hebrew High Graduation at Pesah Services, 9:00 am CBI hosts Israel: Inside/ Out Program Halutzim and Kadima Event begin at CBI 12:00 pick up at Xtreme Fun Center 2:30pm “Got Shabbat?” dinner USY and 8th Graders serve

COLLEGE CORNER Just a reminder! Parents, we urge you to keep us posted on the changes of addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of your college or graduate students by sending that information to Sandy Brasch at Purim Shalach manot packages were mailed to all college and graduates students who were reported to us. Graduation is coming soon. If your child is graduating this spring, please let us know their school and degree program for recognition in the bulletin and on Graduation Shabbat, Saturday, June 2nd. Pam LeCompte College Committee Chairperson

EDUCATION Aleinu is one of the most familiar prayers in our liturgy. The prayer is known by its initial word meaning. “It is incumbent upon us.” We recite it daily at the conclusion of the evening, morning and afternoon services before leaving the synagogue to reaffirm the proclamation of God as Supreme King of the universe. The prayer is either ascribed to Joshua upon the conquest of Jericho or the Amora Rav a third century Babylon sage. Another view is that it was written by the Men of The Great Assembly during the period of the Second Temple. The history of Aleinu is fascinating! It was censored in the Middle Ages, deleted in France and Germany and in 1703 the Prussian Government in Berlin appointed special commissioners to see that the Hazzan did not chant this prayer. The prayer is also associated with Jewish martyrs. During the persecution of Jews in Blois, France in 1711 the martyrs used Alaynu as their dying song. Aleinu is a declaration of faith and act of witnessing God. It is said in a standing position with great fear and awe. All are required to join in when it is sung.

QUOTE Everything is foreseen, yet freedom of choice is granted. the world is judged favorably, yet all depends on the preponderance of good deeds. Rabbi Akiba

With its history and its text we must approach this prayer with respect and deep thought…in the hope that someday God will be worshipped by all humanity. Debbie Marmon, Torah Reader/Educator

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ADULT STUDIES Talmud Made Easy, led by Stephen Wein Tuesdays, April 17th and May 8th and Wednesday, May 30th at 7:00 pm in the Buns Family Library Torah For Seniors, led by Rabbi Jacob Luski Tuesday, April 17th at 11:00 am at Philip Benjamin Tower Activities Room. Lunch With Rabbi Mishna Study & Deli lunch with Rabbi Jacob Luski. Order for deli lunch order with the CBI Office by noon the day prior to class. Wednesday, April 18th at 12:00 noon in Silverberg Atrium CBI - Hadassah Book Discussion Club Wednesday, April 18th at 10:00 am in the Buns Family Library To discuss: All Other Nights by Dara Horn

Joyful Prayer: Come and Learn Join us on Shabbat mornings for an introduction to the Shabbat morning prayer service. Each session is independent and designed to be a comfortable, informal way for you to learn more about and personally connect with the prayers in our service. Sessions from 9:15-9:50 am in the Chapel. April 21, May 19 and June 9.

The study revealed major differences in perceptions of Israel/ Israelis among the core vs at-risk groups. Particularly given the advancing age of core supporters, if we don’t alter our approach to broaden more effectively our reach, we are at risk of losing the next generation. The study showed that at-risk groups are coming from a different place than our core supporters (religion, military strength/ ties as an ally, and remembrance of the historical narrative of Israeli people). They have different values and different styles of engagement on issues. Many of the things that our core group likes to hear and say actually alienate the at-risk groups. We need to understand their mindset and what moves them and alter our approach accordingly. Unlike core supporters, at-risk groups are largely disconnected from the historical narrative of the Israeli people, don’t appreciate military strength/use of force, are not as motivated by religion, and are mistrustful of governments. They believe most people are similar and don’t want to choose sides. They don’t like black and white answers; they believe in nuance and shades of gray. They are concerned with humanitarian issues, human rights, and the plight of other people. They generally connect on a somewhat emotional basis – they have feelings for, not just thoughts about, issues. The study showed that the American population is now segmented with regard to perceptions of Israel as follows: – 22% are core supporters, – 8% are unreachable, and – 70% are in the middle.

American Views of Israel

(Part 1 of 2 - abridged)

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Brand Israel Group, commissioned a U.S. Segmentation Study on American Views of Israel. Applied Market Innovations performed the study (The Great Divide & How to Overcome It) and first presented it in July 2011. The objectives were to: • Explore underlying perceptions of Israel among all key demographic groups in the United States. • Identify the barriers that prevent groups from more closely relating to Israel. • Determine the segments of the population that are most moveable with regard to their affinity for Israel in order to allocate resources more efficiently. • Ascertain which strategic communications approaches can help overcome the identified barriers and strengthen perceptions of Israel among key audiences. This research showed that while there is a solid base of core support for Israel in the U.S. (comprised of Jews, Evangelicals, older Americans, and the political right), there are key segments “at-risk”: younger Americans, college students, the political left and, to a lesser degree, women and minorities.

Within the large middle group, three segments, based on their affinity for Israel and the relative ease of targeting them, were identified. Starting from the most favorable group: – the “Well-intentioned” (26% of the population – soft supporters/low interest in the conflict), – the “Disengaged” (34% of the population – support neither side/low interest in the conflict), and – the “Conflicted” (10% of the population – support neither side/interested in the conflict and critical of Israel). The barriers that prevent this large middle group from caring about Israel will appear in Part 2, in the May issue of the Review. Byron Kolitz, The Advocacy for Israel Committee

CBI Website

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Hagaddot on Display Passover is upon us and as we prepare our Haggadah for the Seder, we have the opportunity to learn more about the holiday itself. In our collectjon, we have illuminated and illuminating Haggadot. The "Freedom Haddadah" is a "mirror of Jewish History, its agony and triumph" according to its author Herbert E. Wollowick. This Haggadah's format is in two categories, pre-2Oth century and the 20th century reflecting history and art. For example, surviving Haggadot originate from (1) Northern Franco-Southern German (Ashkenaz) (2) Spain (before Inquisition 1492 and (3) Italy (Renaissance). Early 20th Century Haggadot were published in Jerusalem and for the 3000th anniversary was printed in Verona, Italy in 1997. The first American Haggadah was printed in Hebrew and English in New York in 1837 and in Philadelphia by an American rabbi. Come to the library and take note of the many Haggadot on display.

CBI - HADASSAH BOOK DISCUSSION CLUB MEETINGS The CBI-Hadassah Book Clubs will continue to meet monthly on Wednesdays at 10:00 am in the Buns Family Library for lively discussions of current books. 4/18/12 All Other Nights 5/16/12 The Lazarus Project

Dara Horn Aleksander Hemon

If you would like to lead a discussion group, please call Sheila Wasserman at 347- 5816!

BOOK REVIEW The New York Times Passover Cookbook : More Than 200 Holiday Recipes from Top Chefs and Writers

From the paper of culinary record comes a delicious trove of more than 200 recipes that celebrate the festivity of the Passover table. Compiled from decades of Times articles, The New York Times Passover Cookbook represents Jewish cuisine from tables and restaurants around the world—six kinds of haroseth, for example, and seven versions of matzoh balls. There are cherished traditional family recipes passed along for generations, as well as innovative kosher dishes to enhance your table not just at Passover, but throughout the year, from such celebrated chefs as Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Charlie Trotter, Wolfgang Puck, and Alice Waters. A special feature, the personal reflections of acclaimed Times writers Molly O'Neill, Ruth Reichl, and Mimi Sheraton about how Passover has enriched their lives, may become meaningful additions to your own Seder service.

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Todah Rabah to Mr. Sandy Heller for the donation of a beautiful brass Hanukka Menorah to the Fine Arts Collection at CBI. We are pleased to accept this lovely Hanukkia from Sandy and his dear wife, Helen Heller, of blessed memory.

Community Yom Hashoa Observance Thursday, April 19th at 6:30 pm Florida Holocaust Museum, 55 Fifth Street South, St. Petersburg Featured speaker: Dr. E. Edward Herman “My Lost Childhood, Survival & Revisiting Poland 68 Years Later” Sponsored by the Pinellas County Board of Rabbis & the Florida Holocaust Museum.

CBI Website

FAMILY PROGRAMS Although it has felt like spring for many weeks the arrival of Pesah seems to make it official. Passover is a time for family but also a time for community. Because the first night of Pesah falls on a Friday night CBI will have a Congregational First Seder and offers everyone an opportunity to experience a CBI Seder! Join us Yom Tov morning, Sunday, April 8 th as the 5772 class of Hebrew High celebrate their Graduation and enjoy a Passover Kiddush following services. Wherever you gather for Seder may your experience be meaningful and the words of the Haggada echo in us all year long. Several weeks ago you had the opportunity to take part in a morning of learning, exploration and fun at the second annual family Matzah Mania. Once again Patzi Gil did an outstanding job creating this program and to her we say Todah Rabah. Her creativity and ability to make the Passover story come alive is amazing. The smell of sweet strawberries and memories of a fun filled adventure linger with those who participated in the family program last month. We visited a hydroponic farm in Ruskin and learned about this

unique method of farming after which time we picked and purchased beautiful organic fruits and vegetables. After boarding the bus the adventure continued to TECO power plant where manatees gather in the cooler weather. Here we learned about these amazing creatures and enjoyed strawberry shortcake! The last “Got Shabbat?” dinner of the year, April 27, 2012 will feature Israeli recipes. We will dine at the Kotel and enjoy some favorite recipes of Ilana Dayan. I hope you have all enjoyed this years “Got Shabbat?” dinners culinary adventure. Mark you calendars now for the next Family Program, Sunday May 6th. You won’t want to miss the Lag B’Omer Picnic. See the flyer in this bulletin for all the details. Hag Sameah, B’Shalom, Sandy Brasch, Youth and Family Program Director

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LIFE LIFE CYCLE EVENTS Mazal Tov To: BIRTHS:  Dr. Frank and Arlene Moss on the recent birth of three granddaughters:  Emori Hannay Moss, daughter of Randy & Alison Moss  Nina Rose Mendel, daughter of Dori & Ryan Mendel  Rachel Frances Moffitt, daughter of Jana & Alan Moffitt. WEDDINGS:  Mrs. Lee Shenofsky on the marriage of her son Jared to Allison Howe.  Jared Shenofsky and Allison Howe on their marriage. ACHIEVEMENTS:  Phil Redisch on his election to a second term as Councilman to Kenneth City. BAR AND BAT MITZVAH:  Dr. Craig & Tertia Kunins on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Leah Beth Kunins.

We share in the sorrow of the passing of: PAULINE DANTOWITZ Stepmother of Eliot Dantowitz URSULA BENNETT Wife of Marcus Bennett Mother of Frank Bennett, Karen Cann and Paul Bennett Grandmother of Olivia Bennett Brooks

ENGAGEMENTS:  Dr. Sheldon & Susan Scheinert on the engagement of their son, Laurence, to Rachel Spiesman.  Dr. Harold & Joyce Seder on the engagement of their son, Dr. Stephen Seder to Rachel Addelman.

Looking for a special way to honor your family and friends who are celebrating a simha?

NEW HOMES:  David & Lisa Hertz

THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS Thank you to the following volunteers who assisted with the office work and special mailings over the past months: Sally Swale, Marian Lustigman Rooth, Murray Rubin, Helen Wertel, Jeremiah Weiner, Thelma Gilbert and Helen Kahan. Our apologies to anyone we have in advertently omitted.

The TREE OF LIFE is just the answer. What a joy it is for someone to walk into our shul and see a Tribute of their special birthday, anniversary or wedding. Does your child or grandchild have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or special occasion coming up? What a great way to honor them! Also makes a great “group gift” for a special occasion. Order forms are in the synagogue office and lobby. Minimum donation $254. A Leaf has been inscribed ; For selfless giving, Laurie & Marc Reiskind, With love from friends: Sandy & Herb Brasch, Bonnie & David Halprin, Pam & Moe LeCompte, Susan & Steven LeVine, Karen & Cary Reich, Liz & Greg Sembler, Ina & Bob Sheppard, Stephanie & Bernardo Stein, Sheryl & Robert Sutton and Susie & Hugh vanGelder March 18, 2012

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Please patronize our advertisers Come join us! For membership information please contact:

Do you want to place an ad? Call Pam Askin Call 381-4900 ext 203

Susan Kagan – Membership VP 727-347-3243

St. Petersburg Chapter

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April Join us in wishing Mazal Tov! to members celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries and B’nai Mitzvah. Your good wishes can be part of their memories, while at the same time, supporting B’nai Israel’s commitment to help our schools, youth groups and Synagogue through your donations to our Mitzvah Fund .

2 Carl Rubinsky 3 Robert Warsaw 4 Lorelei Monast 5 Lillian Grau 5 Sandy Brasch 7 Sandi Rodman 7 Dr. Martin Rosenblum 7 Dr. Naomi Abel 7 Robin Eldred 8 Dr. Warren Abel 9 Joan Redisch 10 Joyce Seder 10 Marion Joseph 11 Diana Jay 12 George Sakovich 12 Barbara Karpay 13 Dr. Glen Goldfarb 14 Fejga Braun 14 Harry Kraff 14 Susan Turner 14 Rachel Wein 15 Jerome Rosenberg 15 Karen Leon 15 Michael Hurwitz

16 Naomi Berg 16 Dr. David H. Gross 18 Michael Frye 19 Sanders Heller 20 Bette Schroeder 20 Dr. Steven Shwer 20 Gerald Wiseberg 21 Janet Shapiro 22 Claire Yogman 22 Billie Bornstein 24 Meni Kanner 25 Joel Berman 25 Pearl Brook 25 Leslie Kirsner 26 Sharon Schloss 27 Joseph Masri 27 Roberta Tepper 27 Dennis Vorob 27 Liz Sembler 29 Matthew Domber 29 Teddi Robbins 29 Joanne Luski 29 Dr. Steven Warren

5 Diane & Jeremiah Weiner 7 Jennifer & Dr. Robert Sternberg 9 Anita & Dr. Harold Pollack 12 Mali & Dr. Fred Feld 13 Liz & Greg Sembler 15 Susan & Dr. Sheldon Scheinert 26 Bonnie & Michael Walker



In Honor of: ________________________________ Check the names of everyone to you would like to send a Mitzvah Gram. Send this form together with your check, minimum $10 donation each, to: Congregation B’nai Israel, 300 58th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710 *The minimum donation per acknowledgement is $10.

Please print: Your Name: ______________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ City, _____________________________Zip: __________________ Telephone: ______________

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TORAH FUND The Torah Fund Dinner, honoring the Jewish Theological Seminary and Ruth Ann Mizrahi as the 2012 Jackie Jacobs Woman of Achievement, was a tremendous success! Mazel tov to Ruth Ann and her family on receiving this wonderful honor. Congregation B’nai Israel Sisterhood has always been very supportive of Torah Fund. This year CBI Sisterhood has one patron, eleven guardians and forty five benefactors. Thank you to Marilyn LeVine, Torah Fund Special Gifts Chair, for all her efforts and for another creative presentation at the dinner. Marilyn is happy to assist anyone who wants to support Torah Fund by increasing their commitment. The following helped make the Torah Fund Dinner an outstanding success: CBI Sisterhood President: Alice Ettinger Torah Fund Vice President: Joanne Luski Torah Fund Special Gifts Chair: Marilyn LeVine Torah Fund Cards and Decorations: Jennifer Sternberg Programs & Place Cards: Myrna Rubin Invitations, Reservations & Seating: Anita Helfand Dinner Chairs: Gail Frye, Joan Redisch & Alice Ettinger Dinner Assistants: Irma Mayer, Ruth Ann Mizrahi, Wilma Reasoner, Ricky Lewis, Chandaye Pastman, Sheryl Sutton, Jennifer Sternberg, Heather Craig, Susie Berman, Janet Augenbraun, Marilyn Goldberg, Millie Gelfond, Starr Silver, Byron Kollitz, Phil Redisch, Livia Wein, Phyllis Werner, Linda Grau, Claire Yogman, Laurie Reiskind, Pam LeCompte and Yvette Lew Joanne Luski Torah Fund Chairman

REMEMBRANCE AND HOPE Expressed in music, poetry, dance, acting and visual art The Consortium of St. Petersburg is honored to be a part of the Florida Holocaust Museum’s Genocide and Human Rights Awareness month with a performance, Thursday, April 12th, 2012 at 7:30 pm as a tribute to the survivors of the Holocaust. It will take place at the Palladium Theatre, 253 5th Avenue North in St. Petersburg. The cost is $15, $12 for groups of 10 or more and $10 for children and students. For more information contact: The Consortium of St. Petersburg at 727-258-8315 or the Palladium Box Office for tickets at 727-822-3590

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Join us as we

Daven at CBI’s Kotel To celebrate Israel’s 64th Birthday at our annual Daven at the Kotel Shabbat. th

Friday, April 27 , 6:00 pm Join us for Musical Kabbalat Shabbat services as we daven and dance at CBI’s own version of the Western Wall – The Kotel. Followed by our authentic Israeli Got Shabbat? Dinner Prepaid dinner reservations required. On Saturday, April 28th, 2012, 9:00 a.m. at our Joyous Shabbat Morning Services, we will Daven at the Kotel. An Israeli Breakfast Kiddush will follow.

Celebrate Israel’s 64th Independence Day With your family and friends. From 5:30 pm to 8 pm there will be music, Dancing, food, crafts, friends and so much more. April 26th Community Yom Ha’Atzmaut Celebration At Congregation Beth Shalom 1325 South Belcher Road Clearwater

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Page 25 DONATIONS - THROUGH FEBRUARY 29, 2012 Adult Studies Roberta Tepper

In Memory of Harry Tepper

Adult Studies Linda Grau Lou Bader Linda Goldfarb

In Honor of Thank you to Liz Sembler Dolores Diamond's Special Birthday Shelley Lynn for Cooking Class

Building Maintenance Valerie Hyman Camp Ramah Myrna & Murray Rubin

In Memory of Kenneth Hyman In Memory of Loved ones

Library Fund Jane & Don Silverberg Nancy & Allan Lonschein Phyllis Rosenthal

In Memory of Ed Goldman Janet Lonschein Sophia Abrams

Library Music Fund Bev & Mort Sherman Lorraine Denenberg

In Memory of

Lorraine Maller Fund Larry & Myrna Irwin

In Memory of Fay Sonn

Gertrude Shur Herb Sirota

Arthur Zinkerman

Ira Zinkerman

Joanne Luski

Jack Neumann

Vivian Neumann

Jack Neumann

Murray Fink

George Fink

Mr. & Mrs. David Robbins

Robert Robbins

Harold Wolfson

Julia Wolfson

Mr. & Mrs. Meni Kanner

Frida Litwak

Alan & Sharon Koenig

Frances Ringler

Warren Abel

Paul Abel

Eva Fuchs

Loved ones

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Drucker

Loved ones

Joann Bush

Iris Bush, Stan Widowsky

Marilyn Benjamin

Irwin Miller

Sam Koppelman

Bert Koppelman

Jean Wittner

Ted Wittner

Rabbi's Fund

In Honor of

Shirley Sommella

In appreciation - Dr. Marc & Laurie Reiskind, Ruth Ann Mizrahi receiving the Jackie Jacobs' Woman of Achievement Award

Minyan Fund Anita Pollack

In Memory of Louis Stromwasser

Mitzvah Fund Bruce & Janet McManus & Arlene Dion Dr. Patricia Cottrille

In Honor of Dr. Leslie Pearlstein saying Kaddish for Leo Freeman

Millie & Lenny Gelfond Audrey Kopelman Alan & Araceli Gross Ellen Bernstein Beverly Dikman Lillian Rosen

Mitzvah Fund Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Rosin Edna Sonkin Adele Giotta Audrey Kopelman Ralph & Ruth Ann Mizrahi Sheila Knapp Ed & Vivian Lurie Marian L. Rooth

Gil Barron


Dr. & Mrs. Martin L. Melnick


Art & Sharon Schloss

Birth of their granddaughter, Rory Emma Schloss

Steve & Heather Craig

Conversion of Allison Howe

Dr. & Mrs. Irwin D. Feinman

In appreciation - Dr. Marc & Laurie Reiskind

Eric & Chandaye Pastman

In appreciation - Dr. Marc & Laurie Reiskind

Rabbi's Fund

In Memory of

Hannah Krassner Happy Birthday to Dr. Starr Silver, Livia Wein, Sara Latham, Vivian Neumann, Dr. Mark Sokolov Mr. & Mrs. Irving Aaron Happy Anniversary to Alan & Elaine Kay & Dr. Ben Ami Jay Gross Anita Braun-Luria Marian L. Rooth Ruth Ann Mizrahi on receiving Jackie Jacobs Woman of Achievement & Women of Distinction honorees Speedy recovery to Leonard Mauer Happy Birthday to Livia Wein Happy special birthday to Dolores Diamond Edna Sonkin - Thinking of You Happy Birthday to Anita Sher Speedy recovery to Kitty Jacobs, Marietta & Ernest Drucker on their Armdi Honor In Memory of John Worobey, Patricia M. Freedman Evelyn Sackett Pauline E. Caine Iris Bush Eva Mizrahi, Nathan Schuster David Grusmark Stan Widowsky, Martin Lurie Judy Curtis

Judge Edwin Krassner Pearl Moskovie George Gross Elaine Greenberg

Bea Wallace

Iris Bush

Helen Kahan

Savis Sobel

Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Grau

Iris Bush

Alma & Jeannette Hirsch

Jacob Hirsch

Susan Turner

Myron Kaplan

Dr. Harold Seder

Eugenia Seder

Frank Moss

Norman & Raela Moss

Barbara Berenson

Loved ones

USY Fund

In Memory of

Abbye Perlman

Edwin P. Krassner

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Sternberg

Barnett Sakren

Marilyn & Jack Goldberg

Memory of Parents

Miriam Tambor

Eric Schroeder

Mary Ann & Bruce Marger

Herman Baum

Arlene & Frank Moss

Hortense Lasher

Myrna & Larry Irwin

Iris Bush, Herb Sirota, William Wolfson

Mavis Wallace

Charles Boux

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USY Pilgrimage

In Memory of

David Krassner

Judge Edwin P. Krassner

Charla Fogel

Paul Fogel

Gail S. Warren Legacy

In Honor of

for Leadership Fund Laurie & Marc Reiskind

Speedy Recovery to Leonard Mauer

The Goldfarb Family

Lawrence Scheinert's engagement to Rachel Spiesman Livia Wein's Birthday Laurie & Marc Reiskind's State of Israel Bonds honor

Sandy & Herb Brasch

Laurie & Marc Reiskind's State of Israel Bonds honor

Gail S. Warren Legacy

In Memory of

for Leadership Fund Robin Lechner

Herb Sirota

Dr. Stan Rosenberg

Dr. Hyman Rosenberg

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