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About the MLTI MacBook The MLTI MacBook differs from a retail MacBook in several key areas. The custom software bundle (or ‘Image’) has been specifically designed to meet the needs of students and teachers participating in the MLTI program. This machine is pre-configured for each type of user: Student, Teacher and Parent. Please check with your school’s technical staff for the account password you need. Once you have logged into your account, you will notice a custom desktop picture, tinted a specific color for each user. This desktop picture can not be modified.

Connecting to the Internet In order to connect to the internet via wireless (at school, home or any location with WiFi), select the network from a list of available networks using the AirPort menu icon (upper right hand corner). If you have difficulty connecting to the internet via WiFi away from school, you may need to select the ‘Home’ location (when at home), or ‘Automatic’ (other public WiFi) from the Location submenu under the Apple menu. If you connect to the internet via dial-up from home, please see your school’s technical staff to obtain a modem and (if you qualify) information about free dialup internet access. In order to configure your modem, you must first select the ‘Home’ location from the Apple menu. You will then be able to configure the modem on the Network section of System Preferences.

User Account Specifics Teachers: NoteShare document sharing is off by default. In order to share NoteShare documents with your students, your technical staff will need to enable NoteShare sharing on your laptop. No changes are required for your student’s machines. Parents: while the ‘Parent’ user account is separate from the ‘Student’ account, this account is not an administrative account. If you have needs that require administrative access, please contact your school’s technical staff.

Peripherals & Sharing While it may appear to be functional on the 2012 image, Bluetooth functionality has been disabled by default on

MLTI devices. Your school’s technical staff can enable Bluetooth if you have a need for Bluetooth peripherals. Printing: If you have a USB printer, simply connect the printer to a USB port on the side of the MacBook. The printer will be configured automatically. If your printer connects to your network directly (via ethernet or WiFi), create a new document and select ‘Print’ from the file menu, then select ‘Add Printer...’ from the bottom of the ‘Printer:’ pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Print & Fax’ pane in System Preferences to manage printers.

Care and Handling Your computer display is adjustable for optimal viewing.

Adjust the angle of the display to minimize glare and reflections from overhead lights and windows. Don’t force the display if you meet resistance. The display isn’t meant to open past 130 degrees. Use the brightness controls at the top of your keyboard (F1, F2) to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen. When inserting your MLTI MacBook into it’s Brenthaven sleeve, please be sure to align the MacBook so that the ports are facing up, and that the bottom of the MacBook is facing the side of the sleeve with pockets for the power adapter. The MLTI MacBook supports “Safe Sleep.” With safe sleep, each time the computer goes to sleep, the current state of the computer is saved on the hard disk, including open applications and open documents. Safe sleep prevents your information from being lost if the computer is completely shut down during sleep, which could occur if the battery runs down or is replaced. With Safe Sleep however, it is important to make sure that the MacBook is completely asleep before moving it. Sudden movement while the drive is reading data could cause damage to the drive, or data loss. When the sleep light pulses, the safe sleep process is complete and it is safe to move your MacBook.

Additional Support If you need technical assistance with your MLTI MacBook, or the software installed, please feel free to contact AppleCare at (800) 919-2775 x4MLTI. You can also chat with an AppleCare agent at AppleCare agents are available Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 9:00pm EST, and 9:00am to 9:00pm EST on weekends. Chat agents are available Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:30pm EST. TM and © 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

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