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ECET 340 Week 5 HomeWork 5 (Devry) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

1. Explain, briefly, why an analog restoring filter is sometimes used at the output of a DAC. 2. Given Iref = 2 mA for a DAC1408 IC, find Iout for the input 1110 1110 3. Find the number of discrete voltages output by a 12-bit DAC. Show work. 4. Use the internet to locate the data sheet for an MC1408 DAC. From it find, for the MC1408-7 version, the following: a. The settling time b. Accuracy at full scale output current (1.99 mA), 25ยบC c. Output current range when -7V <vee="">< -15v="" is="" used.=""> 5. Assume that an MC1408 DAC is attached to Port T of an HC12 Microprocessor as shown below. Verify that the program below outputs 8 different values to the DAC and determine the output voltage (Vout) after each output .

Ecet 340 week 5 homework 5 (devry)  
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