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ECET 340 Week 2 HomeWork 2 (Devry) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

1. Where does program control transfer to when an interrupt occurs? +2 points 2. Which one of the following Interrupts has highest priority? +2 points 3. RAM Vector table addresses $3E52 belongs to which interrupt? +2 points 4. Before exiting an ISR, the programmer should use which command? +2 points 5. In which one of the following sequences is the stack pulled by rti? +3 points 6. Given the starting address for the TC0 Interrupt is to become $5000. Write the assembly instruction necessary to place this ISR address into the interrupt vector table and then unmask the interrupt (assembly only). +3 points

Ecet 340 week 2 homework 2 (devry)  
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