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Building relationships is what we do at the Y!

Recently I golfed with a few close Y friends. What started as an opportunity to get to know each other better, turned into a day of laughter, camaraderie, and some very friendly competition. The fact that Chris beat me on one hole by chipping in a shot from 30 feet off the green only made it sweeter when I sunk the final putt of the day for the victory. Thinking back, I realize the day got away from us: our conversations ran the gamut from stories about family to work, but (l to r) Krista Harper, Zane Moore, Chris Serpico, Jon Myers we always came back to talking about the Y. I am sure that story of the putt that won the day will undoubtedly grow longer with each telling. What makes it memorable and special to me is that it is one of many great stories that connect me to the Y. I started thinking about the friendships and relationships I have developed, most of which start with a simple hello in the halls of our Y. We use jargon here like ‘Living our Cause’ and ‘Deepening Relationships’, but I had not stopped to connect why we use those words about the work we do with the people I’ve met and become friends with across two Ys in two states. Those relationships are strong and meaningful: I still get emails, calls, and invitations from close friends who I met at my Y in New Jersey. As we seek to build and strengthen community inside and outside of our doors, it is worth a few minutes of our time to consider what we know and believe about relationships. Nothing we do is more important than intentional relationship building in the pursuit of our cause. I am thankful for all of the bonds I have experienced as a result of the Y. Please take some time to consider how many relationships you have started here. And if you are a decent golfer and like to laugh, I’d love to meet you.

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Zane Moore 2500 Lower State Road | Doylestown, PA President/CEO 215.348.8131 | 2


social responsibility GUILLERMO ISAAC Guillermo is a 7th grade member who enjoys teen dodgeball, swimming and hanging out in the teen center. He also likes working out in the fitness center on weekends. In January, after watching Guillermo’s active lifestyle, his parents joined the Y with a family membership for themselves and his 10-year-old brother and 7-year old sister. Now, almost daily, a member of the Isaac family can be found at the Y.

GLEN DICK “I’m grateful that the Y has been so accommodating, it allows us to stay together as a family. I don’t need to go to a separate facility to exercise since the Y welcomes people of all abilities. There’s something for everyone at the Y.”

BERNADETTE PUTZ “I didn’t expect to find this unbelievable support and friendship here. I would not have been able to do it without the Y.”

ALAN FREEDMAN Alan learned to swim at the Y and taught Intro to Electronic Devices to older adults at the Y. 3

hot topics Q&A How do I know if the Y is closed during inclement weather?

It’s on the website first! You can also check the phone message 215.348.8131 or your email box (be sure we have your current email address).

Do you have a phone app to view class schedules?

Yes! You can view group exercise, youth & teen free programs, events, pool & gym schedules. Download our app by searching ‘Central Bucks Family YMCA’ at either the app store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful to be surrounded by so many great people in my life. MARK OZOLS 4

I’m thankful for the Y employees who help me feel respected, liked and accepted as part of the community. BETH DINTENFASS

Construction toys & Toy Story NICK & CARTER

I’m thankful for my family and our health. DONNA TOSTI


10 3 6 9


healthy holiday tips from the Y

limit yourself don’t eliminate but limit your intake of fat, caffeine and alcohol


save time order gifts online or by mail set a good example bring a healthy option to the party


join Frosty Fitness Extreme or Frosty Fitness it’s a known fact that the more times you exercise per week, the quicker you’ll see results


get some sleep adequate sleep helps you maintain your weight

drink water


drink water as a substitute for sugary drinks



make time for you put time for yourself on your to do list

make a priority list organize your time by listing events/activities as high, medium or low priority

read the label salt and fat is hidden in many processed foods

know your triggers know what causes you to overindulge

every day heroes A NEW PERSPECTIVE by Krista Harper Central Bucks Family YMCA Board of Directors So, I was at the Y one recent Tuesday evening and got a whole new perspective. Yes, the lot was pretty full but what really struck me was all the hard working, good people that make it to the Y after a long day’s work. They may be at the Y for their health, for their kids, or to meet friends. Whatever the reason, these people are not slouches.

I bet half the country goes home after work and turns on their TV or computer and sits on the couch. And sure, everyone does sometimes. But these Y members, they may have had a quick dinner and got their kids changed and in the car for a swim lesson or karate. They may have packed their gym bag the night before to make sure they stopped at the Y on their way home. Whatever their approach, these people take initiative and have determination. They may do it

out of love for their children, or the pleasure of living fully. I walked out of the Y that warm dark night thinking that these people are the special ones. I am thankful that there are so many good people in our community who come together with a spirit of goodwill. For the everyday heroes; the people that do their best most every day. Together we make each of us, and our families, and communities better. 5


thankful for time together

“If you are lucky, you’ll be able to walk your oldest daughter to kindergarten.” In my work for the marketing department of the Y, I’ve met and interviewed so many people who have been truly thankful for what the Y provides them or who make me feel truly thankful for what I have. Only recently, I interviewed Kim, who is a participant in our newest THRIVE cancer wellness group. I spoke with her while holding a video camera in my hand, trying to capture the interview as a baseline for how our THRIVE participants feel and what their expectations are at the beginning of the program. She told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36 when the doctor told her she would be lucky to walk her oldest to her first day of school. Her daughters were one and three. Now her oldest is in middle school. She knows she’s at high risk for relapse because of the type of cancer she had so she’s fighting it all the way. She’s dealing 6

with heart issues and severe arthritis because of her medications, things that other women her age aren’t dealing with. That’s where the Y’s THRIVE program comes in. “Eight years later, I’ve gotten used to my new normal,” said Kim. “I’ve gotten used to the way my body looks, the way my hair looks. There’s a lot about cancer in eight years that I’ve gotten used to but the limitations to what I can do physically still catches me by surprise, like it did last week (during my first THRIVE workout.)” Kim’s working hard with her THRIVE group and trainers to fight her prognosis. And, as I listened to her story and talk about THRIVE’s part in it, I realized above l. to r. that I myself am thankful to THRIVE Emma, Kim, Todd & Katie for helping this woman. After meeting with her and talking with her, it doesn’t matter that the group hasn’t helped me or my family directly. It’s needed in our community and thankfully it’s here.

Kim Hagerich at a THRIVE meeting

A WORD ABOUT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE by Marie Axler At this time of year in our Financial Assistance department, we receive numerous letters from thankful families and individuals. Financial aid recipients are also asked if they need a hand at Thanksgiving and Christmastime through our holiday drive program. Thanksgiving meals and holiday gifts are purchased by members and the community and supplied to those who need assistance. Last year, I was moved by a participant in the holiday gift program who needed to arrange a time separate from the scheduled pickup times to get the gifts that had been supplied to her. She didn’t want to see anyone she might know when she picked up her gifts. A job loss in her family had changed her world quickly and she was overwhelmed by her circumstances. As our holiday drives begin for 2013, I remember her and think about how her family might be doing today. Are they still on financial assistance? No. Will they need donated holiday gifts this year? Hopefully not. But last year, when her family needed help, the Y was there. The Y will always be here. And as I remember the faces and stories of the people the Y has impacted, I am thankful.

giving back! Central Bucks Family YMCA is proud to offer the community meaningful ways to give back, to pay it forward and give to your neighbors during this holiday season. The annual coat drive, offered in conjunction with AutoDealers CARing for Kids will provide almost 400 brand-new winter coats to children who need them. Our Thanksgiving meals program asks members to select a family from the wreath in our lobby and purchase a Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings. Our Holiday gift drive works in the same way, with members purchasing holiday gifts for families who need a little help this holiday season. Families enrolled in the program are already beneficiaries of our financial assistance program and met approved criteria before being enrolled. 7



2. Lisa Walsh leads a warm up.


4. Friendships formed during swim lessons.

3.Wants to be a mommy when she grows up.

CAUGHT in the act! 1

1. Looking in as Karate class gets started.


6 6. Never miss a lunchtime basketball game.



5. Tricia offers a guiding hand.



9. Practice makes perfect.

8. Len Embiscuso hams it up at a THRIVE-ing Survivors Beef ‘n Beer fundraising event.

10. Knitting anyone? Maybe we should start a club.

7. Teens learn about Bullying during National Bully Prevention month in October.



THANK YOU RO. OLÉ OLÉ! Ro Molyneux retires December 31, 2013. We are thankful for the many years that she dedicated herself to the Y. Her career began in September, 1980 at Roxborough YMCA where she was a part-time fitness instructor teaching as many classes as 30 per week. She grew to love exercise and the Y. She worked hard and was promoted several times. She held the position of Associate Executive Director when she left Roxborough and began working at Central Bucks Family YMCA on October 2, 1995 as Associate General Director under Gene Smith (former CEO. “I really learned a lot about the business end of the Y from Gene and Virginia Doyle (current CFO at Central Bucks Family YMCA).” One of the things Ro enjoys the most about the Y is her contact with members and staff. You’ll often find her engaged in conversation in the halls, the locker room and by the café. She delights in honest talks and always wants to hear how we can make the experience for our members better. She is thankful for the supportive staff she works beside every day. What’s a highlight in her career? ”Katrina”, she says. “I was so blessed to have the opportunity to work with other community professionals for a cause.” After Hurricane Katrina, a local group of supporters came together, adopted a town in Mississippi and went down there to build a new child care center. Another highlight is the Y’s expansion projects. She loved getting involved in all the details and seeing the plans come to fruition. “It’s not often a Y exec gets to be involved in an expansion project, and I’ve been involved in two,” said Ro. What now? Ro plans to surprise her two grandchildren, Colin and Evie with a trip to Disney World. There will be a lot of travel in Ro’s future. Spain is one of her favorite destinations and she has many friends there. Ro will continue her important work in Stewards of Children trainings with Darkness to Light (D2L), a program to raise awareness and help prevent child sexual abuse. What’s the message she leaves behind? “It’s important to be flexible when working with people,” she shares. We can always learn from each other. 10



Thanksgiving Day | Closed Thursday, November 28. Enjoy time with your families

Family Turkey Trot | Saturday, November 23 | 10:00 AM | Raindate Sunday, November 24 | $5 Work up a Thanksgiving Day appetite. Junior joggers, 10 AM; 1 Mile Family Fun Run, 10:30 AM

Gyms A & B | Closed for Improvements Monday, December 16 - Friday, December 20; Thursday, January 2 - Sunday, January 5

Swim for THRIVE | Saturday, November 9 | 1-3 PM Swim to support our THRIVE cancer wellness program and cancer research

Partial Openings Tuesday, December 24 | 5 AM-2 PM Tuesday, December 31 | 5 AM-2 PM Wednesday, January 1 | 10 AM-2 PM

Meet Santa | Friday, December 6 | 6:30-8:00 PM Enjoy some holiday festivities and a photo opp with Santa Claus

Christmas Day | Closed Wednesday, December 25. Enjoy time with your families

Olympic Swim Clinic | Sunday, December 8 | 1-5 PM Brendan Hansen and Kristy Kowal hosts our second annual swim clinic

THANKFUL FOR OUR MEMBER COMMUNITY PARTNERS The County of Bucks is our newest community partner. In addition to overseeing government services for the community, the administrative arm of Bucks County government coordinates a wide range of services including emergency, community and human services overseeing everything from the court system to parks and recreation. We look forward to partnering with them in providing their employees with our services.

Other member community partners include: • ProPhase Labs • Fred Beans Family of Dealerships • Delaware Valley College Staff & Students


A huge thank you to all who have served, past and present, to protect our country.


by those who serve!

Y people october 2013  
Y people october 2013