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SPORT @ CBEC The weather may not have been ideal in the lead up to summer but that hasn’t stopped Cranbourne’s students from excelling in their summer sports! Thankfully the weather did manage to improve in time for the beginning of our National School Sports Week and has remained pleasant leading up to Day of Sport. This term has been particularly busy for the PE department, with an array of trips and key events being held for students in all years and we are pleased to share some of those successes below.

Henry Whitby and Liam Cook were the winning students at the Hampshire v Surrey 20-20 cricket game in Southampton after they guessed the nearest batting totals. They won Hampshire Royals baseball hats which they wore with pride!

DAY OF SPORT Reflecting on Day of Sport this year has truly reinforced the ethos at Cranbourne. On Friday 19th the entire college arrived in their PE kit to participate in the day’s events and build upon the points awarded for the Swimming Gala, National Schools Sports Week and the athletic field events earlier in the term. On a very hot day four tutor groups became victorious in winning the competition for their year group. Congratulations goes to 7Ca, 8St, 9Co and 10At! The tone of the day was set when students emerged from their tutor bases carrying banners of support and some wore unified costumes and face paints to create an exciting environment that continued for the duration of the day.

Students worked

together to ensure that every event had a representative in it to score maximum points and those competitors who took on the 1500m did exceptionally well in the heat of the day.

Every student put in their personal best and some of these were rewarded not only

by finishing first but by smashing college records in athletics. These included 7Jg knocking two seconds off the 4x100m time, Cory Burton exceeding the long jump record and Tom Well done to Tom Greenland-Jones, who was

Went beating the shot putt record set 34 years ago!

recently a compere at the Hampshire Student Games!

The opportunity follows his work as a

Sports Leader at Cranbourne.

Students competed in rounders, football, basketball, athletics and tug of war before coming out on to the front field to support the staff events. Congratulations to the SLT team for winning the silly relay and the staff football team beat the Year 10 boys by three goals to two in a hard fought contest. To finish the day the presentation assemblies were made to each year group, revealing the winners of the trophies.

Congratulations to Michael Holmes who won a signed photo of Reading FC player Mikele Leigertwood, for his consistent and o u t s t a n d i n g performances this year for the school team.

The respect that students showed each other was

outstanding. A resounding appreciation for the winners of each event as well as the day as a whole made this year’s Day of Sport unforgettably positive.

QMC SUPERSTARS Twelve PE Gifted & Talented students from years 7, 8 and 9 competed against all of the other Basingstoke schools at Queen Mary’s College on Thursday 2nd May. Their skills and fitness were seriously examined as they were put through their paces in swimming, sprinting, target throwing, curling and a series of gruelling fitness tests.

Year 8 student Cory Burton came first in long jump

They all performed very well and notable performances

with a fantastic 5.48m jump at the Hampshire

came from Cory Burton, year 8, for coming 7th out of 22,

Schools Athletics Association in June. Well done,

and Charlie Ward, year 8 and Verity Jackson, year 9, both


coming 8th out of 22. Well done to all for their efforts on a long and exhausting day!


News @ Cranbourne - Summer/Autumn 2013  
News @ Cranbourne - Summer/Autumn 2013