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ENRICHMENT DAY 2013: Enrichment Day took place on Friday 7th June. The day allowed Cranbourne students who had earned 700 stamps or more to try out a range of activ ities. Our student press team documented the entire day, interv iewing students and staff at each activ ity. The student reporters were Maxim Hudson, Georgia Tomkins and Charlie Hill. Read on to enjoy their reports!

ZOMBIES INVADE OUR SCHOOL! Report by MAXIM HUDSON One of the activities on Enrichment Day was filmmaking, which was zombie-themed. I have to admit that some of the zombie outfits were amazing. Student Antony Holmes said: “It was really fun and I would do it again.” The outfits made were accurate and realistic and they were made out of old clothes. The make up and hairspray also made the zombies quite colourful as well as scary and realistic. It took a lot of preparation and hard work and I’m sure that the film will be amazing. The final film will be completed by the end of term and every student involved will get a copy of the finished production.

ART SESSIONS Report by CHARLIE HILL In the first three periods of Enrichment Day, students had the chance to try obscure kinds of art that they don’t usually do in art lessons. When interviewing Lydia Rayden, who took part, she told us that she opted for art as it was something different to try and she was interested in but had not done anything like it before. The main activity was making batik art using hot wax and paints to make fine work. She also added: “It’s a new material that was fun to use.”


Why did you choose to do filmmaking today? Interview by GEORGIA TOMKINS “My reason for taking part in zombie film making was because it seemed interesting, fun and completely different to anything that I had taken part in before. I enjoyed helping out with the makeup production team and creating the zombie look on some of the actors that took part in the film. Also, I am most looking forward to being behind the camera at some point today as I get to play around with the effects.” - Aaron Williams “I took part in film making as I thought that it would be an enjoyable activity and I wanted to try something new! My favourite part of today was getting my hair and makeup done by Georgia Tomkins as it made me get into my zombie role. I am most looking forward to progressing with the film throughout the day and I am excited to see the final product.” - Anthony Holmes

MOUNTAIN BIKING Report by CHARLIE HILL The mountain bikers had an enjoyable experience riding for eight miles. They went up to Hatch Warren then round to Queen Mary’s College where they did some time trials in the woods, before playing football at Crabtree. Jordan Russell, a student who went on the trip, said that it was something he would love to do again with the school and that the only thing he would have improved is that the day should have lasted longer. He said: ”The best part of the day was the time trials and other challenges throughout the day.” These were views that many of the others shared and all round it seemed to be one of the most enjoyable activities of Enrichment Day. Another fun part of the day enjoyed by others was the downfall of Mr Tibble, who fell off his bike midway through the session!

News @ Cranbourne - Summer/Autumn 2013  
News @ Cranbourne - Summer/Autumn 2013