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A Range of GPS Tracking and Intruder Tagging Products

GPS Trackers c

Advanced Molecular Taggent Technology (AMTT)



A unique detection tool for police in the identification of suspects. A UV fluorescing agent which glows red under UV blacklight, plus a unique forensic tag.


b d

a RX- 3 Lone Worker GPS/GPRS Tracking & Communications Device Fast & efficient alerting service for employees in vulnerable working situations. Comes with full accreditation from Secured by Design under licence from ACPO-CPI (Association of Chief Police Officers – Crime Prevention Initiative).

d RX-6 Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker Offers a fast and efficient alerting service for vehicles. The compact casing offers waterproofing to IP66 specification.


b RX- 4 Covert GPS Tracker Half the size of the old fashioned ‘peli trackers’ and a standby up to 36 times longer, this is now the benchmark for movable trackers. The RX4 is unique with its battery longevity and external plug charge facility, which, along with external on/off is 100% waterproof.

e RX-8 GPS Tracker The ideal solution where a hardwired power supply is not an option. Many of the police forces use this device in covert applications.

g RX -10 Vehicle Thatcham CAT 5 GPS Tracker The Securi-Track monitoring system is one of five national security inspectorate gold systems operating centres (SOC) and the only one utilising this service in the UK. Harsh outdoor weather requires a special device that can operate reliably in rainy or snowy conditions. It is IP67 rated which means it is completely waterproof.


c RX-5 Personal GPS/ GPRS Tracking & Communications Device Designed for vehicle, personal and asset tracking. It is a portable and compact sized device that can be carried in the pocket, hidden in the luxury goods or attached to equipment.

Provides solid evidence to gain a conviction 500 times more sensitive then current DNA More resilient to battery acid, UV light & heat then existing technologies.

f RX -9 Standalone GPS Tracker This tracker has the same features as the RX-8 but has a longer battery life.

h RX Global High Value Asset GPS Tracking If you require secure cost effective real time tracking of your assets over air, land or sea, RedWeb Technologies has the answer. RX Global is a compact Satellite/GSM GPS tracking device that can track any item anywhere in the world.

Asset Marking Transferable (Grease) & Permanent Marking (Asset Marking Lacquer) Recommended deployment to prevent metal theft. A strategic complimentary technology to transference product.

Intruder Marking System (Sentry 500)

Offender Marking (Offender ID)

Recommended for the use to prevent commercial robbery and burglary. Actuates and deploys the RedWeb AMTT either overtly or covertly onto an intruder during a break-in.

Handheld spray designed for use by licensed security professionals to protect people and property against violent attack. Marks an offender with a unique, indelible, taggent identifier.



to crime scenes

Combat Theft Tag and Trace Burglars Retrieve Stolen Goods For additional product information or to purchase:

visit: email: Call before the Crime 0800 157 7246 RedWeb Technologies Limited. Venture Point Tower Business Park | Rugeley | Staffordshire | WS15 1UZ.

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Redweb Technologies is the leading provider of advanced Forensic Tagging (intruder and assets) and GPS Tracking security solutions. Our sol...

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