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SPONSORSHIP: What next? This section will give you information on the next steps to take you on your sponsorship journey. It will also provide information to help you make the most out of this experience for yourself and for your sponsored child. OTHER MINISTRIES: People to People has a Child Sponsorship program, however there are also many other facets to this ministry. Explore what else is being done around the world and see how you can get involved!

“As a donor, I am honored to be a part of a ministry that is building the Kingdom of God one child at a time.”

-Shelly Boyette, Raleigh, NC

ABOUT US: Find out more about People to People Ministries. What is our mission? What is our history? What is our financial integrity policy? Who do I contact with questions? Again, we are so thankful for your commitment to this ministry! We look forward to seeing how God is going to bless your sponsored child and you through your sacrificial giving. Welcome to People to People! Let the journey begin. Sincerely,

Matt Bennett

People to People Ministries • • Tel: (888)474.2966


You will find the following information included in this welcome packet:


We are so grateful that you decided to sponsor a child through People to People Ministries. There are many other ministries you could have chosen, but you chose us! So, thank you. Through your $25 monthly sponsorship, you will be opening doors to your child’s future which otherwise would not be opened. You will be providing food, clothing, education and medical assistance for children who need it most.




SPONSORa Child So you have made a commitment to sponsor a child for $25 a month and you probably have many questions about where to go from here. Allow us to try to answer some of your questions:

How do I make contributions? There are a few options for submitting a contribution: Recurring Credit Card/EFT Payments: Simply complete the enclosed form and return it using the enclosed business reply envelope if you want to enroll in automatic, recurring monthly payments. Choosing this option may be easiest for you because you don’t have to worry about remembering to write a check each month. It also helps us to have a more regulated flow of income so that we can better budget and make decisions based on our monthly income. Give Online: Visit and click the “Donate” button at the top of the page to give online. US Mail: Send your check or money order (earmarked with your child’s ID number) to: People to People Mininstries P.O. Box 270420 Oklahoma City, OK 73137 Annual/Quarterly Payments: Don’t want to fuss with monthly contributions? You may send us a $300 annual contribution for your child sponsorship commitment and we will remind you one month in advance the following year. You may also send us a $150 biannual contribution. Please contact our office for more information.

Can I send my child additional monetary gifts? Definitely! Monetary gifts are always acceptable for a child’s birthday or other special occasions. Please be sure to designate the gift separately from your monthly contributions (i.e. A $35 contribution should be earmarked: $25 - #12345 Support, $10 - #12345 Gift). We also ask that the monetary gift not exceed the amount of the monthly sponsorship ($25). Also, because we want all of our People to People children to experience Christmas, any monetary Christmas gifts sent for your child will be combined with gifts from other sponsors and will be shared equally with all of our People to People children.

People to People Ministries • • Tel: (888)474.2966

Band-aids Sports cards Bookmarks Calendars, smaller than 8½” x 11” Construction paper Greeting cards Laminated flowers and leaves Origami Paper dolls Postcards Scrapbook paper Scripture cards Stickers Photos of you and your family* Pages from coloring books (no crayons, pencils or pens, please)

* Please be mindful of the economic differences shared between you and your sponsored child. Please do not include pictures of cars, homes, etc. that may make the economic differences more obvious and difficult.

We cannot send any metal (jewelry, ornaments, or magnets), perishable items (gum, candy, flower seeds), or larger items (soccer balls, clothes, backpacks).

People to People Ministries • • Tel: (888)474.2966


Suggested Items to Send Your Child


Unfortunately, due to customs regulations, we are not able to send packages to your sponsored child. You are, however, encouraged to send greeting cards or other items made of paper and no larger than 8½” x 11” and ¼” thick.


Can I send my child a package?

FEEDthe Hungry

Account# 09061F

Did You Know? Hunger is the world’s #1 health risk. More people die from hunger every year

than people who die from malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis COMBINED! People to People feeds over 12,000 children on a weekly basis in over 54 countries around the world. By feeding the hungry, we show Christ’s love to the most vulnerable and neglected. As a result of these feeding programs, churches are often established which create a long-term impact on a society both physically and spiritually. Here is a story about an extraordinary young lady in Cambodia whose life was changed by the People to People feeding program in her community:

“My name is Bou Puthida. I am from Cambodia. I was born into a poor family. My parents did not take care of us. My mother would get very angry and beat me and my siblings. To add to our pain, we didn’t even have enough food to eat. We would go to People to People’s Feeding Program at the church every week to get food to survive. Through this church, I became a Christian and my life has changed.” Bou Puthida is now an Assistant Teacher of the HOPE International School.

RESPONDto Overseas Disasters

Account# 09055D

Did You Know? Since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, People to People has helped rebuild or

repair numerous homes, six churches and two schools. This was all made possible by generous donors like you! When natural disasters strike, People to People acts quickly to raise awareness of the need at hand and coordinates fund raising efforts. Through Disaster Relief, People to People is able to respond to the immediate need by providing food, shelter and medical care to communities crippled by natural disasters. In coordination with local missionaries, People to People assists in rebuilding devastated homes, churches, and schools, thus improving the overall infrastructure of the community. Giving to this project on a monthly basis enables People to People to act quickly when disaster strikes; and as we are often reminded, disaster can strike at a moment’s notice.

People to People Ministries • • Tel: (888)474.2966

QUENCHThirst with Wells

Account# 09063P

Did You Know? 884 million people lack access to clean drinking water—that’s three times the

population of the United States! Due to improper waste disposal, many water sources in developing countries are contaminated with parasites, chemicals, and diseases that cause over 3.5 million deaths each year. Communities are forced to continue to ingest the contaminated water because they have no access to clean drinking water. Funds donated to the Water Well Ministry are used to dig deep-water wells, which are protected from the harmful contaminants. Giving communities access to clean drinking water improves the overall quality of life for the entire community: •Water-related diseases are diminished; •Food sources dependent on water—crops and livestock—are safer to eat; •Women are able to spend more time providing for their families; •Children are healthier; •Lives are saved; The expense of digging a water well varies from as little as $1,000 to over $10,000 depending on the type, location and degree of accessibility. Help us give communities around the world a better life by donating to the Water Well Ministry.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink… as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” ~ Matthew 25:35,40

People to People Ministries • • Tel: (888)474.2966


OTHER MINISTRIES Photo: Leslie Tignor

ASSISTwith Medical Needs

Account# 09149N

Did You Know? 1.6 million people still die from pneumococcal diseases (i.e. meningitis, pneumonia, and sepsis) every year, making it the #1 vaccine-preventable cause of death worldwide. 1.6 million lives

could be saved with access to vaccines provided through basic medical care. Medical emergencies often arise because so many lack access to health care. Ministry of Medicine (MOM) helps with urgent medical needs, supplies for medical trips, life-saving vaccinations, and basic sanitation. Supporting this ministry helps People to People provide immediate funds during a medical emergency—saving countless lives each year.

LAUNCHMicrobusinesses Account# 09147P

Did You Know? 48% of the world lives

on less than $2 a day, including 72% of the population of Haiti. Microbusinesses enable individuals and communities to become more self-sufficient by helping to provide entrepreneurs with resources to start small businesses. Supplying people with the tools necessary to develop small businesses not only stimulates the local economy, but also helps to develop entrepreneurial skills that will open doors of opportunity for generations to come. By giving to Microbuinesses, you can help start businesses, which provide sustainable incomes for impoverished families around the world.

People to People Ministries • • Tel: (888)474.2966

People to People exists to demonstrate Christ’s compassion to the least of these. (Matthew 25:35-40) We believe that by ministering to the physical needs of the poor and outcast of our world, we share the love, hope and Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our History People to People began as a ministry of the Benevolence Department under the direction of C.E. Means during the 1973-1977 Quadrennium and was originally called “Overseas Benevolence.” It began as a ministry with a mission to serve the Pentecostal Holiness Church overseas by meeting humanitarian needs on a project by project basis. As donors’ hearts began to be stirred with compassion for underprivileged children, the need for a child sponsorship program grew more evident. Therefore, in 1975, after a series of events, People to People emerged as we know it today with a child sponsorship program and the heart to assist with other humanitarian needs around the world. At the IPHC General Conference of 1981, People to People was placed under the supervision of World Missions Ministries. In January 1982, the Executive Director of World Missions Ministries, Rev. B.E. Underwood, appointed Rev. D. Sherrill Orvin as the first full-time director. Since August 1, 2006, People to People Ministries has been under the direction of Rev. Matt Bennett. From 1980 until now, People to People has grown from 100 children in the sponsorship program and an annual income of $12,000 to over 7,000 children and an annual income of over $1 million. Today, People to People continues to grow and expand due largely in part to the child sponsorship program, feeding programs, and water well ministry.

Our Finances People to People was established with the directive that it would be a self-supporting ministry, independent from IPHC general tithes. Therefore, People to People operates entirely on the generous donations and support of our People to People donor base. We are grateful for the individuals, churches, and conferences who faithfully support People to People. We, literally, could not do what we do without you. We are very proud of the fact that over 80% of all funds received by People to People go directly to the field to support the programs that change thousands of lives around the world. People to People policy states that no more than 20% of project funds can be used to manage, promote and administrate various projects including, but not limited to, Child Sponsorship, Feed the Hungry, Water Well Ministry, Disaster Relief, Ministry of Medicine, and Microbusinesses. We believe that accountability is essential to operate a ministry of integrity and bring glory to the Lord. If there are ever any questions or concerns regarding your contributions, please do not hesitate to contact People to People Ministries • • Tel: (888)474.2966


Our Mission

Our Team Questions like these can be answered by our Sponsorship Coordinator: When was the last time I gave to my child? Can I get an updated biography on my child? How much should I send for my child’s birthday? Can I get a piece of correspondence from my child? Our Promotional Developer would be happy to answer the following questions: How can I get promotional material to help promote People to People? Is there an advocate program where I can represent People to People in my conference? When you are wondering about things like this, ask our Coordinator of Operations: How can I get a People to People representative to speak at my church? I’d like to get a team together and visit People to People’s projects on the field. Where do I start? I have an idea for how People to People can improve their donor relations. Our Director is who you should call with questions like these: I have some funds with which I would like to establish an endowment fund for People to People. How do I do that? I just returned from a mission trip and learned that a water well is needed. How much would it cost to dig a well in that community?

Contact Us By Phone: Sponsorship Coordinator: (405) 792-7121 Promotional Developer: (405) 792-7128 Coordinator of Operations: (405) 792-7120 Director: (405) 792-7189 By Mail: Correspondence: PO Box 12609 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73157 Contributions: PO Box 270420 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73137 On the Web: E-mail: Website:

PO Box 12609 • Oklahoma City, OK 73157 •

People to People Welcome Packet  

9x12" presentation folder for P

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