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EC H EC S t h e j o u r n ey o f p u r i t y (a notebook)


the journey of purity (a notebook)


Clément Paradis


the journey of purity

in-two worlds

C’est comme un jeu d’échec. (M.C.)

Applaudi, maudit. (E.Y.)

the ballad of shades

I dream of colours when all around is gray. (T.H.)

Nelson mon co-détenu m’a aidé à tenir bon... (E.Y.)

Come sun, come rain, come hailstone pelth... (R.S.)


First of all, I say “black”. I say black because m ost black people prefer “black”. I don’t say “people of col or ” because it ’s dishonest. It means precisely t he same thing as “col ored people”, which is an insult. So if you’re not willing to say “colored people” you shouldn’t be willing to say “people of color ”. And be sides, to m e, the whole idea of col or seems to be a bit specious really, I mean, what should we call white people, “people of no color ”? Isn’t pink a color? And in fact white peo ple are not really white at all, they are different shades of pink and ol ive and beige! In other words – they are colored. And black people are rarely black. I see mostly various shades of b rown and tan, and in fact some light-skinned black people are lighter than the darkest white people. Look how dark the people in India are. They are dark brown,


but they are considered white. May I see the color chart please? “Peo ple of colo r ” is an awkward phrase that obscures meaning rather than enhancing it. What should we call fat people, “people of size”? I also don’t say “African American” be cause I find it cumbersome and con fusing. Which part of Africa are we talking about? Egypt? Egypt is in Africa but Egyptians aren’t black, they are like the people in India, they are dark-brown-white people. But they are Africans. So why wouldn’t an Egyptian who becomes a US citizen be called an African American? The same would apply to South Africa. Suppose a white racist from South Africa beco mes an American citizen. Couldn’t he call himself an African American? If for no other reason just to bother black people!


Black star shining (D.T.S.)

I guess it’s hard to forget about that political stuff. It’s the same as a Tokyo University graduate who just doesn’t have the heart to throw away his dictionnaries. (N.A.)


We just copy these scattered worlds by using photography and ask again about what photos are. (D.M.)

Ne vois-tu pas se succĂŠder les signes ? (Y.S.)

Les catÊgories pures n’existent pas. (A.S.)

ECHECS the journey of purity Assembled by Clément Paradis with: Rockin’squat, Booba, Tim Hutton, Roots Manuva, George Carlin, Mos Def, Nobuyoshi Araki, Daido Moriyama, Ali, Alain Soral. 2012.



Echecs - the journey of purity