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Dual Pro...

Push-Down Nozzle-Activated Switch for Momentary Use

On/Off Rocker Switch

New MINI COOL AIRE® “DUAL PRO™” The First Inflator designed not to blow out the self-sealing valves in foil balloons!

The Mini Cool Aire® DUAL PRO™ features & benefits:

The Larger Foil Adapter has Built-in Switch for Low Pressure Inflation

Small Latex Adapter Small Foil Adapter

• Unique Patent Pending Design automatically switches the motor to Low Pressure Foil inflation. • Speed One lowers the pressure to prevent damage to foil balloon valves. • Speed Two increases the pressure for fast inflation of latex balloons. • Power consumption is reduced by 50% when Dual Pro™ is in “Foil Inflation Mode”! • Patented Nozzle-Activated switch for Momentary use and ON/Off rocker switch. • Produces the “Coolest Air” from an electric inflator to assure inflated balloons stay full and fresh.



Small Latex Adapter

Built-In Cord Wrap For 7’ Long Cord

Small Foil Adapter

The Mini Cool Aire® Pro... features & benefits: • Powerful, compact unit. • Quiet operation. • Patented push-down “Nozzle-Activated” Switch for Momentary use. • Comes with Premium’s Patented Bypass Nozzle for better performance. • Extra power! • 7-foot long cord with Built-In Cord Wrap for convenient storage. • Integral Handle for easy transport of your MCAI Pro.

Large Foil Adapter

On/Off Rocker Switch

On/Off Rocker Switch

Push-Down Nozzle-Activated Switch for Momentary Use

MINI COOL AIRE® INFLATOR The Mini Cool Aire® features & benefits:

“Hands-Free” Foot Pedal

• Powerful, compact unit. • Quiet operation. • 3-way Rocker Switch-On/Off/Momentary • Longer Cord with built in Cord Wrap. • Built in Nozzle Adaptor Holders. Optional “Hands-Free” Foot Pedal:

Large Foil Adapter

Small Foil Small Latex Adapter Adapter

• Faster Inflation of Balloons. • “Air-Activated” Switch on Foot Pedal requires no Electricity. • Foot Pedal is Safe to Use in Wet Conditions.

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Premium Balloon Accessories® Innovative Balloon Accessories. Available THROUGH


Premium’s Earth Weights® Earth Friendly, Biodegradable Balloon Weights!

Premium Balloon Accessories® introduces the world’s first Biodegradable Balloon Weights! Specially designed to keep our planet safe and clean for the generations of children to come.

Translucent Color Bouquet Weight® Holds down practically any bouquet!

Bouquet Weight® features and benefits:

Earth Weighs® features and benefits:

• Magical, NEW colors include: Translucent Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Diamond Clear and Emerald Green. • They give Centerpieces a Magical Look! • Use as a storage container after life of balloons.

• Available in 8-gram and 16-gram weights. • 8-gram weight is ideal for holding down 18˝ helium-filled foil balloons and the 16-gram will hold up to 11˝ Latex or 26˝ foil shapes!

The Walker Weight® makes ALL Helium-Filled balloons unique and Special with the Cool “Corkscrew” look. It Jumps, Hops, Wobbles and Floats across the floor and is offered in NEW, Exciting Translucent Colors.

Premium’s Walker Weight® It Jumps… It Hops… and Wobbles!

• Each Weight Holds Down: Twelve (12) 18˝ Foil Balloons; Six (6) 18˝ Small Foil Shapes or Six (6) 11˝ Latex Balloons. • Unique GiftTag™ may be personalized using marker for that s p e c i a l “ To a n d Fro m a n d Pe r s o n a l Me s s a g e” • Large “Easy-Tie” Loop for easy attachment of the ribbon.

• A 30-Gram weight designed to hold down helium-filled shaped balloons, Bubbles™, and two, 11˝ helium-filled latex balloons. • Kids Love them and use them long after the life of balloon.

Premium’s Magic Balloon Wand™ Magically Increase Foil Balloon Sales!

Introducing Premium Balloon Accessories® NEW Heavy Weights™. Textured, realistic Flower, GiftTag™ designed to be written on to personalize and our new Balloon Design. Heavy Weights™ features and benefits:

Walker Weight® features and benefits:

The NEW Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ for air-filled foil and latex balloons. Magic Balloon Wand™ features and benefits: • Sell More Foil Balloons with this Great new product. • Air-Filled and Eliminates the need for Helium. • Makes All Balloons MAGICAL with the “Cool Corkscrew” Look! • Designed for use with latex and foil balloons.

SAVE ON SHIPPING COSTS - The Translucent Colored Bouquet Weights allow you to increase the total weight as needed to hold down helium-filled foil and latex balloons.

Premium’s 85-Gram Decorators Star With Detachable Strap for Ease of Use!

Premium Heavy Weights™ featuring… Flowers, GiftTag™ and Balloon Design Holds down Jumbo Foils and Bouquets of helium-filled balloons!

The NEW Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ for air-filled foil and latex balloons. Decorators Star features and benefits: • Perfect for table arrangements and large balloon desplays. • Each Weight Holds Down: Twelve (12) 18˝ Foil Balloons; Six (6) 18˝ Small Foil Shapes or Six (6) 11˝ Latex Balloons. • Detachable Strap makes for easily attaching ribbon/balloon to weight for a speedier set up.

Premium Balloon Accessories®  
Premium Balloon Accessories®  

Innovative Balloon Accessories. Available THROUGH