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his year CBC Fremantle had a small but dedicated group of chess players. The shortened lunch break made practice difficult and times and the distance to schools such as Guildford Grammar School and Mazenod College meant that often players were spending more time travelling to a venue than actually playing the game. However, Andrew Micenko (Team Captain), Paul Ryan , Robert Burbzinski and Aaron Fleury all had opportunities to represent the College and did so very well at all times. They were dependable players who would often put their chess playing ahead of other activities. Unfortunately, CBC did not make the finals this year. However, the players all enjoyed the games they did play and on occasions played some very strong chess against older and more experienced opponents. They were very loyal and keen in their endeavours. Their only regret was probably that there were not enough games in the season. Nevertheless, I am sure that they look forward to next year's chess competition to pick up and go on from where they ended this year. Mr Brendan Mulvey


Back Row: Paul Ryan, Mr Brendan Mulvey, Andrew Micenko. Front Row: Aaron Fleury, Jason Phillips. Absent: Robert Burbryski.

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000