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SenLor Basketbatt ,


I were to use one word to describe this year's senior basketball team it would be "entertaining." After a preseason build up of about three 20 minute training sessions which were attended by about 40% of our squad our team was thrown into our first competition game against Warn bro. The long bus ride to our first game proved very entertaining as egos flared and stories of outstanding personal accomplishments were told as we all spoke of how badly we were going to "beat the living #%$?" out of our opposition. I watched in awe as an excited Paul Serafini tried to explain game plans to a bunch of know it all "young Michael Jordans" (with Rodney constantly interrupting with his "expertise"). But alas, all the ego expansion and perhaps misguided confidence were all squashed when we found ourselves in a tough battle with the team we were supposed to murder. But, in true cinematic style , after some inspirational words from Mr Foote (come on boys, 'ave a go son , was probably the extent of it) we managed to pull away and get a good win. (Of course on the way back to school we spoke of how well we all played and who scored the most points.) The following games were conducted in a similar manner with results ranging from severe defeats to some really ' good wins. Our fragile egos were able to survive some severe beatings at the hands of Rockingham and South Fremantle and were also able to flourish after a big win over Kolbe. In the end our season was cut short at the hands of some school that I have never heard of before and can 't remember the name of. There is hope for the future with all-star selections to current year elevens Bruno Aboim and myself and impressive performances by Fabio Ribeirio and Rodney Encarnacao. I'm looking forward to another entertaining season next year with hopefully a better result to back up all the talk

Back Row: Zerubabel Yesus, Paul Serafini, Mr Gerry Simpson (Coach), Luca Lucioli , Rodney Encarnacao. Front Row: Daniel Goncalves, Fabio Ribeiro, Bruno Abohim , Duncan Rock. we do. I hope that, with the completion of the new gymnasium , people will show much more support for basketball than they have in previous

years (everybody, get those banners drawn up and start making up some chants.) Duncan Rock 97

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000