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enior Science Year 12 2000 has been an enjoyable year. We have done many things such as the physics of sailing and a practical at South Perth Funcats. We went to Underwater World to study the marine life and Cicerellos to look at and feed the fish (from fish caught in the harbour). We got a chance to touch a Port Jackson Shark from the tank (as well as eating fish and chips),We visited the submarine at Fremantle and grew algae in water samples collected from the river to study the algal bloom problem in the swan river. It wasn 't all fun and easy learning. Part of the course is to study boating and we had to get our TL3 Powerboat licence. We learnt how to drive a dinghy and all about the equipment used for boating. We had to sink a boat and right it again . We also had to learn the theory about weather for safe boating and all about the safety markers and safe driving on the river.

On the way we had to make notes on what we observed in the environment such as safe markers, pollution and the effect these have on the environment. The weather on Saturday was pretty poor and that group got very wet and cold in the rough weather but on Sunday it was much better and we had a really good trip . Two good days were had by all. We worked well in groups and experienced the theory and used the skills we had spent so much time learning. The best bit was just cruising along as well as racing each other (until we got busted). Many thanks to Mr Masterton and the Marine Education Boatshed staff for taking us on this excursion.

Authors - Joe Princi, Glenn Sheldon , Zane Reghenzani, Jason Notaro

To demonstrate our new skills we went on a day excursion up the Swan river. Two groups went over Saturday and Sunday. We had to be at the Marine education Boatshed at 8.30 am on a weekend day! Using our navigation skills we located and reached different destinations up the river. This meant we had to use a compass and chart to fix our position on the river. We stopped twice during the day. Once at Chid ley point to get our bearings and the second to go to the Cafe and have lunch at Crawley Bay. We also had to use our knowledge of the rules of the river to safely make our way to each destination. 79

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000