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fun wlth SClence The following is an extract of a speech given by Year 10 student Paul Ryan at a Rotary Function, to thank them for financially supporting him and Robert Hobson to attend the Siemens Science Experience at University of Western Australia and Curtin University respectively Ladies and gentleman of Rotary. I would like to start by thanking you for a good experience, a chance to meet new friends and a taste of university science.

school when in fact it is just the beginning of a tertiary education. At the university, I realised there were more subjects and careers out there. I also realised a wide range of subjects should be chosen in year 10 to not limit my options later on. Thank you once again for a great time and a wonderful Science Experience. The three days at the University of Western Australia has enabled me to think about my future with greater clarity and encouraged me to put more effort into my school work over the next three years.

Most people believe that science is only physics , chemistry and biology. But science is much more. If you go back to the word 's Latin roots, science is "scientia" or knowledge. So science is knowledge, the knowledge to question , to ask why things are the way they are. By enabling me to attend the Siemens Science Experience you allowed me to increase my knowledge, and to realise that there is more to science than lab work. Over the three days I came to realise not all scientists wear white coats. A scientist's wardrobe may in fact include a diving suit and a sailing jacket. Each day we visited various science departments. During th is time we performed tasks such as extracting DNA and learnt how to test for CO 2 • The visit to the Science Experience was not just about science. There was the social aspect as well. It was a chance to meet new people , and to find out that there were other students who liked science. Before I went to the university, I thought I knew what I wanted to do after year 12. I thought I wanted to join the Royal Australian Navy. After going to the university I realised there were more opportunities that interested me. I also thought that year 12 was the end of secondary 77 --------I

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000