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s in previous years the opportunity for reconciliation was made available to all students and staff at CBC. The confirmation preparation program, retreat and ceremony were again well patronised; this year 15 CBC students received the third sacrament of initiation.



o Ms's Basilio, Cooper & Lenzo and Messrs Cole, Holtham, Purcell, Rose 'Meyer & Thompson and Brothers' Hackett & Murray thank you all for your efforts and contributions this year to the RE program.

tradition calls Jubilee "the repair of the world". The central spiritual theme of Jubilee 2000 is reconciliation. It is a time when we are supposed to acknowledge God as the source of our life and of everything in our lives . By combining these ideas in essence we are to repair the world by returning to our roots and reconciling ourselves to God. We have the choice whether or not to do this thanks to the gift of free will. It is important to realise that the path towards reconciliation with others includes reconciliation within our own families and reconciliation within the Church as well as reconciliation in the wider sense of mutual respect and love.

Mr Gerry Simpson Head of Department



t CBC it was decided that the path we would use to approach the year of Jubilee was the one that allowed ¡ us to journey with others. Using reconciliation and celebration as the main themes we set about continuing and improving upon strategies that were already prominent in the daily life of CBC. The activities centred on reconciliation , encouraging people to look at their relationships and to think more closely about social justice issues. Two ideas on Jubilee & Reconciliation by year 11 students (taken from essays written during the course of the year): Jubilee began as an Old Testament idea, and one Jewish 75 - -------- ~

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000