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Mathematics De artmetlt The night consists of a series of puzzles on which students work with each other to solve. In March CSC was placed 20th out of 40 in the Lower Secondary and 32nd out of 38 in Upper Secondary.

dUring 2000 gifted Mathematics students took advantage of many opportunities to display their abilities.

The following is a list of representatives.

Austratiatl Mathematics Awards During August the Australian Mathematics Awards were held at the school. From Years 8 to 12 there were 175 students who sat for the test. There were some excellent results attained from the following students. This year CSC achieved its best ever results.

Mathematics Have Sum


Competitiorl Throughout the State the Mathematics Association runs a North and South of the River Mathematics Competition for Upper Secondary and Lower Secondary students.

Courses During the first and second terms, two Year 9 boys were invited to attend 12 weeks of Mathematics Enrichment at Curtin University. Anton Dopheide and Peter Catalano took part in the course and both showed enthusiasm for their work. Mr Tognolini Head of Department 69


CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000