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The annual CBC Fremantle Senior Ball was held on the 12 May at the wonderful venue of the Fremantle Sailing Club. Many Year 11 and Year 12 students participated in this spectacular and "posh" event together with their stunning and immaculately dressed partners. For the Year 11 's this senior ball was a first and a night to remember for all. For the Year 12's the ball was a second chance to experience life in a more sophisticated and mature setting. Limousines dominated the carpark in front of the venue and the excitement began . For many the hardship of picking up their partner and making a good impression on her and her parents was over. The night kicked off with a OJ playing some old and relaxing music to fit the romantic mood whilst having a beautiful dinner. The constant practising and effort of learning to dance paid off as each couple danced on the floor as if they were getting married. All couples danced wonderfully to the music and such dancing prevailed throughout the night. For some, the heat and pressure of acting like "Mr Cool" all night was a bit too much and a break and a breath of fresh air was needed . Yet, who can complain about the beautiful scenery of the ocean and jetty itself as cOl{ples stood outside for a break. Three quarters of the way through the night, the music picked up a few beats and some real bass started kicking as more people flocked to the dance floor to see some Year 12's (Dustin de Souza and Michal Napora) strut their B-Boy break dancing talents. The guests watched with joy and excitement as the CBC Fremantle boys showed their partners their own type of dancing. Yet, the mature and immaculate atmosphere of the night remained. Thank you to Mr Rose'Meyer and the Ball Committee for organising the evening, the night will not be forgotten by anyone. Davide Raffa (12R) 20

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000