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Silver Hill – Spartanburg

Exhibit A – Standard Features Homes in [this neighborhood] are built to the Certified High Performance (CHiP) Home program. This program is based on the ANSI-approved National Green Building Standard™ (ICC 700-2012) and provides builders and homeowners with a robust, yet versatile, path to certification. The CHiP Home Program awards points for the use of certain building techniques and materials to ensure that the home works in a high-performance manner. The builder plans how each home will achieve enough points for certification and then builds to that plan. A third-party verifier visits the home during and after construction to see that the plan is being followed, and if so, signs off on the home. This information is then provided to the BIA for certification. Areas addressed by the program are energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality, resource management and homeowner education. Certified homes must reach a minimum number of points in each of these areas or certification will not be granted. With this method of certification, the home performs well in all areas, not just one or two.

To learn more about the CHiP Home Program and to see a map of all certified homes, please visit .

**Please note that features and specifications are subject to change with written notice

REV. 3/26/19

Lindsey Plan


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Silver Hill Digital Packet  

Silver Hill Digital Packet  

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