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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 1, Week 5


Friday 28 February, 2014

Junior Campus students visit the Clipsal 500!

May the fragrance Of a breathing meadow Refresh your heart And remind you are A Child of the earth…

From The Principal Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers,

Prayer for the Senses Last week I attended a meeting of SA Catholic Secondary principals and I was deeply moved by the final prayer adapted and reproduced in shortened version from the words of John O’Donohue: May the touch of your skin Register the beauty Of the otherness That surrounds you. May your listening be attuned

Staff Overseas Deputy Principal Shaun Clarke has been selected to attend the world chapter of Christian Brothers in Nairobi, Africa as one of eight lay observers chosen worldwide. Shaun will be joined by EREA Executive Director Dr Wayne Tinsey. Both delegates have been chosen for their deep and active commitment to the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice. We wish Shaun and Wayne every blessing for a safe journey and a period of deep discernment as the Brothers chart their vision into the future. Three members of staff Mr Lee Del Col, Mr Emmanuel Gaitaneris and Ms Scarlett Lucero will participate in an overseas immersion program during the Easter holiday break. They will be assigned to a school in Jinan, China and will be involved in a homestay.

New Appointment Ms Mary White has been appointed to the replacement contract position of Office Assistant/Receptionist at the Junior Campus. Mary brings to the College extensive experience in the office environment as well as a

To the deeper silence Where sound is honed To bring distance home.

Liberating Education

We open hearts and minds, through quality teaching and learning experiences, so that through critical reflection and engagement each person is hope-filled and free to build a better world for all.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

multitude of other skills including being a professional proofreader and writer. I take this opportunity to thank Mary-Anne for her professionalism and dedication to the CBC community over the past 6 months and wish her well as she re-enters her retirement.

Visiting Students Last week we welcomed two exchange students from Uganda -- Richard (Bugingo) Kiwanuka and Fred ZZiwa. Both boys were able to visit classrooms and experience life in Australia.

Student Leadership Congratulations to the students in the Junior Campus who were commissioned as leaders in an assembly last week. I am pleased to announce the new O’Brien Student House Captain is Joseph De Donatis. Joseph will carry the dual leadership role in rowing as well as House Captain in 2014. I wish to thank Charlie Meyer the previous incumbent whose leadership blessed us all. Charlie has left CBC to follow a dream with an apprenticeship. I wish both students every blessing for the exciting times ahead. On Monday night members of the College Leadership Team and Heads of House shared dinner under the vines in the Senior Campus with the Year 12 leadership team and their parents. This was a lovely opportunity to

gather informally and share a meal. I wish to thank Mr Hamilton and Mr Lucas who provided catering for the evening.

Clipsal 500

Br Michael’s Corner Fights in Marriage. It would be an unreal expectation to think there will be no fights in a marriage. Steve and Sharon Biddulph, in “The Making of Love” say, “We don’t know anyone anywhere, in any relationship, who doesn’t sometimes need to fight. We suspect that if you don’t fight with your partner at least occasionally, you are either too frightened, or you enjoy misery, or you just don’t care.” All fights have rules and rituals. Think of children fighting in the school playground. The rules are inviolate. The trick is to find those rules which help you to arrive at a ritual in your own home, which enhances problem solving, closeness and personal growth. Some suggested rules are. 1. Stay on the goal and don’t bring in other people or things. Focus on what you really want resolved. 2. Never be abusive. Abuse is verbal violence - it destroys personality. You can be angry, expressive and not be destructive. Keep to “I feel… when you…” Elaborate, list and give detail but don’t name-call.

Clipsal 500 is here and brings with it great excitement for our community. It was exciting to join students and parents of the Junior Campus on the WEA site on Angus Street for the first day of the Clipsal relocation. Our intention of ensuring classes begin as normal is working well. I thank all members of our community for your support during this time. Please be aware of the following: • The Junior Campus has relocated to the WEA Centre on Angus Street. The contact phone number at WEA is 83331272 (choose option 5 then extension 217). If you have difficulty contacting the Junior Campus please call the Senior Campus on 8400 4200. • Parking, traffic and access to and from CBC will be hectic -- please allow extra time for your children to be dropped off and picked up from school. • Most classes Reception to Year 9 will have the opportunity to visit the Clipsal race from the comfort of the Junior Campus. • Thank you to Mr Frank Scali, Mr Graham Brink and all of our staff and volunteers (including our Parent Associations and Board members) who support our Clipsal fundraiser on behalf of the College. Their hard work and professionalism allow us to keep our fees at levels well below that of comparative private schools and ensure our facilities are world class.

3. Stay in the present. “Right now I feel…”

Parking and traffic

4. Have time-out signals. Sometimes the fight becomes too scary, too overwhelming or ill timed. Stop the fight with a prearranged signal such as saying, ‘That’s enough for now!’ Stopping the fight has interesting results, such as cooling off or rethinking things.

I have had a number of complaints from Adelaide City Council, cyclists and motorists who complain of illegal and dangerous parking outside of all three College campuses. Please ensure you follow all parking directives as signed outside of each campus for the safety and wellbeing of all road users.

5. Do something enjoyable mid-fight eg go for a walk, have a cuppa or go for a swim.

The Federation’s 2nd Annual Parent Engagement Conference

6. Don’t compromise yourself but do be flexible. Feelings change and it is possible to give and take. Compromise leads to resentment and bad feelings later on. Find true acceptance and reconciliation but don’t fake it for an uneasy peace. 7. Accept the present and forget the past. The past is over and cannot be changed. Always return to the present. It’s the only time that matters. 8. Remember the aim of all the fighting is clearing the decks, removing the rubbish, improving closeness and leaving only love when it is over. Such fighting takes skill, maturity and effort.

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities is delighted to announce the theme and date for the 2nd Annual Parent Engagement Conference for school and parent leaders: ‘Parent Engagement In Action’ Saturday, 24 May 2014 at The Monastery, Glen Osmond. The conference will be an opportunity for school and parent leaders in SA Catholic schools to explore the benefits and challenges of parent engagement in children’s schooling and learning, and to share strategies for effective parent engagement in our schools. It will also be an opportunity to meet and network with other Catholic school parent leaders.

All sizes of navy blue school socks are now available at the Uniform Shop. New students who have paid for their PE zip jackets are required to collect them from the Uniform Shop ASAP.



Christian Brothers College has enjoyed a long history of rowing dating back to 1909. Last week we christened CBC’s 32nd boat: ‘The Spirit of our Brothers’ named in honour of CBC veterans who died in world conflicts. Distinguished guests at the assembly included: • Fr James Valladares, • Br Patrick Cronin and Br Barry Donaghue • Mr Bill Carey CBC Rowing Captain, 1962 • CBC rowers past and present including CBC rowers from 1962-1964 • 2014 Rowing Coordinator Jarrad Schar, CBC Coach Beau Gora and Deputy Principal Shaun Clarke • Mr Justin Wickens President of the Water Sports Auxiliary and members of our Rowing and Water Sports Auxiliaries past and present • Members of the CBC Old Collegians Rowing Club I especially thank the Water Sports Auxiliary for personally driving interstate to pick up our latest addition to our impressive fleet and to Fr James for officiating at the blessing.

Drawn by the Mystery of God CBC hosted a major Edmund Rice Oceania Network conference last Saturday. Members of the Edmund Rice community, Christian Brothers and staff from our three Edmund Rice schools attended a day of prayerful reflection. In attendance were representatives from the numerous groups in South Australia who are inspired by the charism of our College founder Blessed Edmund. These include: Oceania Wisdom Group, FAME, Edmund Rice Camps, Associates, Build the Bridge Refugee Program, CBC, Rostrevor and St Paul’s Colleges.

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

For Sale

CBC Corner TVs Samsung 50in Full HD LED TV Model UA50F5000AM 19 Samsung 50inch Full HD LED TVs are available for sale at $749 each. These units are only used during the 2014 Clipsal 500 race and are presented near-new.

Br. Michael Flaherty

Uniform Shop

Blessing of the Boat

Term 1 School Fee Reminder Monthly Fees are due and payable immediately. If you have any queries please contact The Finance Office on 8400 4207.

They will be sold on a first in basis. Please contact Frank Scali on 8400 4207 for further information.

can’t space their learning sessions that far apart, but the longest intervals possible (e.g. intervals of one month or more) may be ideal for studying content that needs to be retained for a long time.

From The Deputy Principal How do we improve the ability of our students to learn? As educators we are always examining the different ways we can improve a student’s learning. Recently a team of cognitive and educational psychologists reviewed all the evidence on ten popular study techniques to answer this question. They found that both students and teachers often use study techniques that are not very effective and should make far greater use of study techniques that have a greater impact on learning. The ten techniques reviewed in this study were: Summarisation, highlighting, keyword mnemonic, practice testing, imagery use for text learning, rereading, distributed practice, elaborative interrogation, selfexplanation and interleaved practice. The most effective study techniques across a range of learning conditions were practice testing and distributed practice. The study found that students often cram before a test, but the research showed distributed practice, studying over many sessions, resulted in better long-term retention and, while most students see testing as an undesirable necessity of education, the fact is that testing also improves learning. Practice testing may work through a number of mechanisms. When students retrieve target information their related knowledge is activated. Practice testing may also help students organise information. One concern outlined in the research is that students who do well in earlier grades, in which learning is largely supervised, may struggle later, when they are expected to regulate much of their own learning, such as in high school years. It is important that in every class time is taken to develop learning techniques that can be consistently taught across multiple content areas, so that students can broadly experience their effects on learning and class grades. The research found practice testing with feedback consistently outperformed practice testing alone, providing feedback allowing students to respond incorrectly and preventing perseverance of errors. Fortunately, students do not need to get immediate feedback for this corrective effect. In one study, final test performance was actually better when feedback was delayed. Many textbooks do not encourage distributed learning. Related material is often grouped together and subsequent units do not review previously covered material. The question often asked by parents is how often do students need to revise work? Most studies have used relatively short intervals, less than a day. However, according to the study, the answer is not just longer intervals. One study of people’s learning of trivia facts on the Internet found that the ideal lag between study sessions was approximately 10-20% of the desired retention interval. For example, to remember something for one week, learning episodes should be spaced 12-24 hours apart and to remember something for five years, they should be spaced 6-12 months apart. Of course, when students are preparing for exams, they

The five techniques in the study which were rated as low utility were: summarisation, highlighting, keyword mnemonic, imagery use for text learning and rereading. Three techniques rated as moderate utility were: elaborative interrogation, self-explanation and interleaved practice. In elaborative interrogation, teachers ask students to provide explanations for explicitly stated facts (e.g. The hungry man got into the car. Why did the hungry man get into the car? The hungry man got into the car to go to the restaurant). Elaborative interrogation takes little training but it is limited to discrete factual statements. With longer texts, effect on learning is diluted if the teacher poses questions infrequently, such as every 1-2 pages. Researchers rated this technique as having moderate utility, not only because it may not be that useful with lengthy or more complex texts, but also because it seems to largely benefit students with low levels of domain knowledge. In self-explanation, students explain some aspect of their processing during learning. Like elaborative interrogation, self-explanation may enhance learning by supporting the integration of new information with existing prior knowledge. Self-explanation facilitates problem-solving and helps students overcome misconceptions. While this technique’s strength is that it can be used across different content materials and age groups, one issue with self-explanation is that some students may require more instruction to be successful with it. Another issue is that self-explanation can be time-consuming and that the increased time on task may account for some of the benefits. The final study examined the technique of interleaved practice. In virtually every class at every grade level, students need to learn about many different sub-topics in a content area. The researchers found that most students studied or practise in blocks, studying one type of material or problem before moving on to the next . However, recent research indicates interleaved practice, in which students alternate their practice or study of different problems, sub-topics or material, produces superior results for learning, especially in mathematics. Interleaved practice may enhance organisational processing and item-specific processing by allowing students to more readily compare different kinds of problems. The researchers found when students work on similar problems in one block, they rely on working memory, while interleaved practice requires distributed retrieval from long-term memory. The major implication of this study is that students need to make greater use of study techniques that effectively increases their learning. Students often favour fairly ineffective strategies such as rereading, and highlighting but do not use high-impact techniques such as practice testing and distributed practice which provides maximum knowledge retention. It is important that students begin to learn about the use of these techniques beginning in the upper primary and that these are integrated into their study habits.

2014 School calendar Week 6 Mon 3 Mar

Liturgy – 8:35am (JC) P&F Meeting Year 12 Outdoor Ed - Kayaking Year 10 Career online

Tues 4 Mar

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day Year 8 Immunisation

Wed 5 Mar

Community Mass (8am SC) Bourke Ash Wednesday WSA Meeting at 6:30 pm

Thurs 6 Mar Fri 7 Mar

ER Foundation Cocktail Evening (Old Collegians – Three Schools)

Mon 10 Mar

Adelaide Cup Day CBCOC Meeting

Week 7

Tues 11 Mar Year 9 Immunisation Head of River Assembly hosted by Marks Year 10 Career interviews commence Wed 12 Mar

Community Mass (8am SC) Hurley

Thurs 13 Mar Elevate - Year 10 Study Skills Year 11 Outdoor Ed - Kayaking Elevate Staff Fri 14 Mar

World’s Greatest Shave Red Cross Calling JC Assembly

Sat 15 Mar

Rowing West Lakes – Schools’ Head of the River

Week 8 Mon 17 Mar

Liturgy – 8:35am (JC) St Patrick’s Day Board Meeting Year 12 Outdoor Ed - Kayaking Catholic Schools Swimming - Primary

Tues 18 Mar Year 10 Retreat (House Based) Wed 19 Mar

Community Mass (8am SC) Marks Year 10 DOE (Group 2) Year 10 CSL (Group 2) Year 9 Retreat (House Based)

Thurs 20 Mar Year 10 DOE (Group 2) Year 10 CSL (Group 2) Fri 21 Mar

Year 10 DOE (Group 2) Year 10 CSL (Group 2) Harmony Day

Sat 22 Mar

Movies Under the Stars – Sportsfield

Mon 24 Mar

Liturgy – 8:35am (JC) Year 12 Outdoor Ed - Kayaking

Week 9

Tues 25 Mar Year 5 Camp - Aldinga Wed 26 Mar

Community Mass (8am SC) O’Brien Year 5 Camp – Aldinga

Thurs 27 Mar Year 11 Outdoor Ed - Kayaking Year 10-12 RAA Streetsmart Fri 28 Mar

JC Assembly Lunch with the Old Collegian Priests/Brothers

Mon 31 Mar

Liturgy – 8:35am (JC)

Tues 1 Apr

Year 11 Alert not Alarmed

Wed 2 Apr

Community Mass (8am SC) Smith

Week 10

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

Full Term Planner is available at



Noel Mifsud – Principal Noel has been Principal of CBC since 2007 and therefore a Board Member. Noel prepares a monthly Principals’ report which highlights Strategic Vision and Innovation and reports on all aspects of College life across all three campuses and our property holdings in the Adelaide and West Lakes precincts.

Cate McGuire – Board Chair Cate has served the Board since 2008. Cate become Chairman in 2014 following her role as Deputy Chairman. Cate is Chief Executive Officer of Oomiak Pty Ltd a leading national industrial refrigeration company. Cate is responsible for the strategic and operational performance of the business including financial management, marketing and strategic planning. Cate has a son at CBC who commenced in Reception in 2006. Often Cate has represented the Board on interview panels for Executive staff appointments as well as the Community Children’s Centre Management Committee.

Frank Scali – Business and Finance Manager (Ex-officio) In a unanimous decision Board members nominated Frank Scali as an ex-officio of the CBC Board. This allows Frank to fully brief the Board on aspects of Business, Finance, Risk Management and Property issues as well as matters related to Capital developments / improvements and master planning. Frank presents comprehensive reports which are presented on a monthly basis at Finance & Risk Sub Committee Meetings and Board meetings.

Shaun Clarke – Deputy Principal (Ex-Officio) Shaun was appointed to the College Board in 2013. He has been a member of the Christian Brothers College community since 1998. Currently Shaun is the Deputy Principal of CBC.

Introducing the College Board Grant Ridgwell – Deputy Chairman

Joseph Bagnara

Grant commenced his service to the College Board in 2011. For many years, Grant was an Insolvency Manager for the Federal Government Agency, Australian Financial Security Authority. In 2013, Grant transferred to the Australian Taxation Office and continues to support the Board and Finance & Risk Committee with his background in both the financial area and legal complex nature of bankruptcy. Grant’s son commenced at CBC in Reception in 2005.

Joseph commenced on the Board in 2008. He has served the Board for 4 years with his knowledge of the trade industry being most welcomed. Joseph is an Old Scholar with a passion for giving back to the community which contributed to the person he is today. Joseph currently holds a commercial builders licence and is studying to complete a Degree in Education. Joseph is a TAFESA lecturer.

Marisa Riccio – Finance and Risk Committee Chair July 2012 Marisa, who is a qualified Accountant joined the College Board. Marisa is an Associate Director at Hood Sweeney Pty Ltd. Marisa is a practicing Catholic who spends her time coaching and mentoring staff to assist them to achieve their professional goals.

John Godwin John commenced his service to the College Board in July 2012 and his son is currently in year two at the college. John is an engineer and former naval officer who manages the naval and maritime business for Adelaide-based professional services firm Nova Systems. John also has several years of experience serving on several not-for-profit and government boards, including the South Australian Veterans Advisory Council (Veterans SA), Australian Families of the Military Research Foundation, local Naval Association of Australia sub-section, and the Veterans Health Advisory Council (SA Health). John completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors course in 2009.

Janette Miller Janette joined the Board in 2008 and is currently a Special Education Consultant for Catholic Education SA and prior to this appointment was Special Education Coordinator at St Pauls College. Janette was seconded to the Future SACE Office during 2009 which enabled the Board to have a clear insight into future directions of education in South Australia and prepare for the changes ahead.

Nykola Wolianskyj Dr Wolianskyj commenced his service to the College Board in 2011 and is a medical practitioner and Director of his own private Emergency Department. Dr Wolianskyj had two sons at CBC. He is an avid user of IT and technology was installed by Nykola which enabled the College to have a direct video link to a 24 hour 7 day a week Emergency Department.

Jenny Dunncliff – Minutes Secretary Ronaldo Cruz Commencing on the Board in 2008, Ronaldo is an Old Scholar from CBC Burwood in NSW. Ronaldo is currently employed as a Senior Database Administrator for Santos Limited and as a subject matter expert in Information Technology (IT) provides the Board with advice and concise, researched information relating to IT matters as well as Marketing. Ronaldo has recently completed his Master in Business Administration and his interests lie in inclusive education and social justice for the indigenous and refugees.

Jenny has been at CBC since 2007 and has served the Board since then. Jenny prepares all Agendas in consultation with the Board Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Principal and takes all meeting minutes.

College Board - Expressions of Interest Ms Cate McGuire CBC Board Chair, invites expressions of interest from members of the CBC Community wishing to join the College Board. • Board meetings are held on the third Monday of each month commencing at 5.30pm. • The College Board is in particular seeking professionals with expertise in legal, accounting and general business management. • Expression of Interest forms can be obtained by contacting Mrs Jennifer Dunncliff, Principal’s EA on 8400 4210. • A commitment to the College Board includes availability to engage in all aspects of College life and activities as required. • Expressions of interest close Friday 14 March 2014.



Faith Excellence Community Compassion

Assistant Principal Learning Tertiary Pathways for CBC 2013 Year 12 Students With the final offerings from SATAC occurring for CBC’s Year 12 students from 2013, a final analysis has been conducted on the pathways that students have selected for their post-secondary schooling. It is pleasing to see that 71 students from the cohort have now received a university offer from SATAC (equivalent to 89% of students who applied to SATAC) with 72% of offers for the student’s first preference and 93% of offers being for the student’s first, second or third preference. Five students have received a TAFE offer from SATAC with all five receiving their first preference for TAFE study. The University of South Australia has returned to its position as the most popular choice for our most recent graduates, capturing almost 47% of the cohort. In a continuing trend, tertiary pathways involving Mathematics and Science have proved popular choices for 2013 graduates with more than half of the cohort proceeding towards a tertiary course involving these subject areas.

For students pursuing a TAFE pathway in 2014, a variety of options have been chosen. Students have received offers from SATAC for courses including Tourism, Computer Systems Engineering, Electrotechnology and Residential Drafting.

• Science including Psychology, Applied and Social Sciences (24%) • Engineering and Construction (18%) • Medical, Pharmacy and Health (11%)

Ms Rebecca Donnon Assistant Principal - Learning

Courses within the category of ‘Business, Commerce and Management’ continue to attract a number of CBC students, with approximately 15% of the cohort selecting further study in this particular area.

Music Department News Do we praise children for being naturally smart or for working hard? Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck predicts developmental problems for students praised for innate talent rather than effort. Dweck’s research, as documented in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success presents a strong case that a focus on genetic gift leads to a poor work ethic. Children with this fixed-intelligence mindset get the impression that they do not need to work as hard as ‘average’ children do. This leads to a tendency to give up easily when obstacles arise, because with this mindset, difficulties signify a lack of true ability and come as a shock to the ego. After all, if you are gifted at something, things should come naturally and you should not have to work too hard for them. People labelled as ‘naturally talented’ or ‘gifted’ become protective of

On behalf of the College community, I wish all of our 2013 graduates every success as they move forward into this exciting new chapter of their lives beyond CBC.

their labels and therefore avoid challenges or risks that might lead to their making mistakes. On the other hand, people who believe their intelligence is a potential to be developed through effort are less worried about short-term mistakes, difficulties, and failures. They view these events as an essential part of the learning process. People with this growthintelligence mindset tend to reach higher levels of achievement and enjoy the learning challenges inherent in the process. Mr Michael Griffin Head of Music

only way to escape the personal corruption of praise “ The is to go on working.” –­Einstein

Instrumental Tutor Profile

Kenan Henderson - Piano Kenan Henderson is a recent graduate of the Elder Conservatorium of Music where he studied classical piano with First Class Honours. Kenan has been the recipient of many awards and prizes, and was nominated for the prestigious Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Award. Kenan also received the City of Adelaide Award at the inaugural Helpmann Academy Classical Music Awards and was First Prize winner at the 2011 Autumn Lunch Hour Final for Recitals Australia’s Lunch Hour Series. Kenan has recently performed with the Elder Conservatorium Chamber Orchestra and was also recently invited as a guest artist for the Friends of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Kenan has also performed with the Adelaide Youth Orchestra, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Benaud Trio, and the Ensemble Adelaide String. As a teacher, Kenan likes to approach the student at their level; providing musical tuition in a fun, relaxed environment with an emphasis on self-motivated development to help achieve the student’s personal goals. INSIGHT


How do we help our teens avoid this happening to them? First – have a conversation We need to make sure teens are aware of the dangers of sexting. They need to clearly know that

R – 12 Counsellor Sexting: Guide for Parents and Teachers

a) they are breaking the law and the consequences of being charged with those offences, and b) that photos sent and received can be forwarded to others without their consent and end up being seen by hundreds of people. The best way to have a conversation is to start by asking questions. Ask the teen the following questions:

The data suggests that 20-30% of teens have sent or received a sexually explicit photo in the last 12 months. This means the average secondary school will contain 150 -200 students who have recently sent or received a naked or semi naked picture of themselves. Given the prevalence of this issue, we can’t bury our heads in the sand. Teenagers everywhere are doing this.

“Do you know anyone who has sent a naked picture of themselves to someone else via electronic media?”

There are a couple of big problems with sexting. First, Australian laws as they exist today allow teens to be charged with distributing child pornography if they send or receive a sexually explicit text – even if this photo is of themselves. Being charged with distributing child pornography can lead to being labelled as a sex offender and the consequences of this can be very serious. The law is addressing this and it does appear that they are ‘softening;’ their approach so that our young people are not being placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life. It is a very real risk for young people, and the police visit hundreds of teens each week.

“What would you do if you received a text/image like this?”

Another big problem is pictures being sent far and wide without consent. While many of the photos sent and received by teens are originally done so with full consent of the person in the picture, follow up photos are often sent WITHOUT consent. Photos are often copied, shared and distributed to hundreds or people, shared on social networking sites and eventually accessed by adult viewers and senders of child pornography.

“What about someone who has received one?” “Why do you think teens are tempted to do this?” “What do you think can go wrong when teens do this?” “Would you be tempted to do this? If not, why not?”

Asking questions first, means we engage teens in the conversation. We are also then positioned to tell young people of our concerns and worries about this issue. Use news reports, or Google situations that have occurred so you have real data and situations to share. Second – set down clear rules We need to tell our young men that we know they may well be tempted to send a picture of themselves at some point, but that they absolutely must resist this urge. Remind them again of the reasons. Don’t be vague about this, be very specific and clear. Third – monitor I don’t believe our very young men should be allowed 100% privacy for what they do, say and hear online and with their phones, for their own sake. While we are paying for their phone bills, or even if we don’t – while

they are under age – as parents, we tell them that we must have some level of knowledge of what they are transmitting. This doesn’t mean we will check every text. But it does mean that occasional check-ups will happen. It means that phones aren’t allowed in bedrooms with closed doors all night. It means that teens can’t put locks on their phones that parents don’t know about. As teens get older (15, 16 and 17 for example) it may be that more privacy can be negotiated. Fourth – keep the relationship healthy Finally, parents need to make sure they keep on pursuing good relationships with their teens. In general this means: • Showing interested in their lives • Prioritising one on one time with them • Speaking restoratively, respectfully and calmly (as do we to adults) even when they make mistakes • Showing admiration and thanking them often (even when we need to look hard for things to do this for) • Forgiving and allowing mistakes When parents do these things for teens, they are more likely to have a good relationship with us, and we can help them through these kinds of tricky issues that our society now faces. Reprinted with permission. Kirrilie Smout Sergeant David Kyriacou, Eastern Adelaide Local Service Area, a CBC Old Scholar (1993) will be making a presentation to all Year 8 and Year 9 students on Monday scheduled for Monday, 3rd March in the Walsh Theatre. The Year 8 session will be at 9.00am – 9.40am, and Year 9 from 9.40am – 10.15am to further their understandings of Sexting and the Law. (Sgt David Kyriacou contact information: T 08 817 25815 F 08 817 25801 should you have any further enquiries or questions). Ms Jane Gaynor School Counsellor on behalf of Wellbeing Team

Men for Others On the 21st of February, the 2014 Senior Student leadership attended an Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) leader’s workshop. The event was hosted by St. Pauls College with student leaders from Christian Brothers College, Rostrevor College and St Paul’s in attendance. This day was significant as it brought together all three EREA schools in South Australia. The key facilitators for the day were Anthony Ryan CEO of the ER Foundation and Adam Whitefield, Build the Bridge Coordinator. Both Anthony and Adam inspired the gathered student leaders to become men of action and look beyond charity and challenge us to consider how we might make a difference. As leaders we were called to be “Men of Action,” in both our local and international communities. The day enabled the gathered students to reconnect with their brother schools in a common goal of social justice and conscious raising. This day has unified the three school student leaders by providing a challenging and motivating common experience resulting in honest sharing of similar feelings and ideas. Anthony Ryan’s, presentation through story and Gone Fishing project expressed the importance of the Foundation’s goals. His talk really connected with our experiences in Vietnam and The Philippines and furthered possible career aspirations. Small group discussions on the day allowed us to consider our current House charities, 6 connection INSIGHT their to our common goals and the individual House members. It challenged

us to consider the Oceania Province strategic directions and how we might align these with our house, our whole school and the possibility of a three school focus. Furthermore, the College Captains of the three schools advocated for interschool competition to strengthen the Edmund Rice network here in South Australia. Presenters from the Build the Bridge program and Eddie Rice Camps challenged us to consider how we might give of our time to develop relationships with others less fortunate whether they be young male refugees or children in need. As result of this experience our leadership team concluded that raising consciousness as opposed to money was the key to facilitate our future aid efforts. At the Student leaders meeting on Monday February 24th we made a commitment to discuss with Heads of House and The Leadership team our ideas to conduct an audit of our current charity and aid activities and after this audit is concluded to be able to consolidate our charity and aid advocacy work. We wish to acknowledge the behind the scenes work of Natasha Seibert who with the support of the St Paul’s tuckshop made our experience all the more memorable. Thomas James (VC Faith) and Declan Reidy (VC Excellence)

Director Junior Campus, Vision and Innovation Dear Parents and Caregivers, What an amazing fortnight of celebration and learning it has been for the Junior Campus community. Learning that is clearly reflective of the partnership we share in the promotion of high quality inclusive education in a 21st Century context. A context that demands that we remain open and adaptable to change and develop the skills to be able to seize the moment and capture the learning, to walk outside our comfort zone, to be open to continuous improvement and to extend and challenge ourselves, in life and learning. As it is this ability to extend and challenge ourselves that moves us as individuals and as a community from the ordinary to the extraordinary and for the Junior Campus the last two weeks has seen us shine both on an individual and community level as extraordinary. Commencing with missioning of the Semester 1 Student Representative Council through the “Leaders Induction Liturgy” so beautifully conceptualised and led by Sara Williams and Gabrielle Cronin and made special by the attendance of the recipients’ respective family members. Christian Brothers College is committed to developing young men of Faith, Excellence, Community and Compassion. Young men that through the liberation of their education are critical and creative thinkers, bringing to the leadership of tomorrow an ethical and moral voice of reason and a stewardship for our earth and its creation. The Student Representative Council is a student leadership structure that develops student voice and an active participation in the decision making process. It promotes young leaders to explore and reflect on the qualities of service leadership within the context of their community. I congratulate each of our representatives and look forward to the growth this role

will bring to each individual. As a community I welcome their leadership and look forward to working closely with the boys to continuously improve our college community. Clipsal week provides for all concerned a sense of excitement and CBC Corner given its positioning certainly captures and envelops the electric atmosphere of this major event. The Clipsal 500 event is part of school life at CBC and provides for our students an array of learning opportunities consistent with our current thinking which is: “Engaging students in learning by building relevance beyond the classroom”. Our relocation to the WEA site has provided us with many opportunities and in no way has hindered our learning focus; below are our questions of inquiry and a collage of learning that once again is reflective of the extraordinary. Reception – Year 2 How does valuing and learning from each other’s differences make people feel special and welcome in our community? How can we build a pride in ourselves and the community in which we live and grow?

Years 3 and 4 How do the choices we make in our lives reflect Christian Brothers College’s four key values – FAITH, EXCELLENCE, COMMUNITY and COMPASSION?

Year 5 and 6 Can individual decisions promote equal opportunity and social justice within our community?

Closure to what has truly been an amazing time of learning and celebration within the Junior Campus will be our Ash Wednesday Liturgy and the missioning of the Junior Campus Prayer Leaders. We look forward to coming together as a community in prayer and recognising and celebrating these young leaders within our community.

Top: Year 5s visiting the Migration Museum during Clipsal. Middle: Reception students at the WEA. Below: A science class with Year 5s at the Senior Campus.

Mrs Caroline Clarke Director Junior Campus, Vision and Innovation

Junior School SRCs R Purple

Peter Willmore, Oliver Dicheria

R White

Cameron Hayes, William Fee

Year 1 Purple Diego Bueti, Dylan Cordero Year 1 White John O’mahoney, William Southam-Clark Year 2 Purple Adam Mencel, Michael Zitis Year 2 White Joel Joseph, Antony Arena Year 3 Purple Jack Richardson, Ryan Ng Year 3 White Jaxon Ciroco, Noor-Al Deen Jaloudi (Noor) Year 4 Purple Aaqil Azeez, Franco Caruso Year 4 White Lorenzo Frasca, Lucas Sebastiano Year 5 Purple Kieran Beasley, Jude Thursby Year 5 White Billy Benie, Asher Bemmer Year 5/6 Gold Archer Lowman, Nam Nguyen Year 6 Purple Alec Burns, Hugh Signoriello Junior School SRC students.

Year 6 White Jalal Afzali, George Kokotis INSIGHT


sacred time together. I respectfully ask that if you join us for Mass, your sons attend with you or are booked into Before School Care as the yard will not be open to them for play.

Junior Campus RE Coordinator Monday Morning Prayer As a whole campus we gather together each Monday morning to begin our week with prayer. We find that this is an important way to set the tone for the coming week and to remind us of the central importance of Christ in our community. The prayer is normally short and takes a variety of forms. I invite you to ensure that your boys are on time, and if they are late remind them to join us quietly and reverently. It would be lovely to see many of you joining us.

Tuesday Morning Mass When we return from the WEA we will commence Tuesday Morning Mass at 8am in the Chapel. Fr Peter Dunn, who is also an Old Scholar, is looking forward to sharing Mass with us. This is an opportunity for all of us to gather together as a worshipping community. It is also a special way for our families who have sons preparing to receive the Sacraments this year to share some



2014 Sacramental Programme If your son is in Year 4, 5 or 6 and is ready to prepare to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist you need to register him. There are Registration forms available from the Office or by contacting me. The preparation happens during class time for the Year 4 boys and we will plan for the Year 5 and 6 boys are we receive enrolments, but it will be during the school day. There are 5 compulsory evening meetings designed to aid you and your son(s) during this important time. The boys will have a Rite of Welcome, Rite of Confirmation, First Eucharist Mass and Thanksgiving Mass at the Cathedral. The Rite of Reconciliation will be held at the Senior Campus Chapel. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you have any concerns about the Religious Education programme or would like to have a chat I am generally available on a Wednesday. Our next Year level celebration will be the Year 6 Mass at 9 am, March 12 and we thank Monsignior Aitken for his ongoing support. Mrs Ann Ozgo Junior Campus REC

School Banking Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students, There will be NO SCHOOL BANKING on Tuesday 25th February and Tuesday 4th March 2014. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Ms Leanne Dowling School Banking Co-ordinator

The UMAT comprises 3 sections: Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving, Understanding People, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. ACER is the only provider of official UMAT preparation material which can be accessed from their website.

Careers Coordinator / Counsellor UMAT Year 12 students wishing to apply for Medicine or Dentistry at Adelaide University or Clinical Sciences/ Medicine or Vision Science at Flinders University must sit the UMAT. Registration is now open and will cost $240. Go to to register and to access the UMAT booklet.

Ensure that well before the test date you have organised the required ID; do not leave this until the last minute as the school may not have time to verify documentation.

Zoos Education Days Students from Year 10 upwards have the opportunity to attend a Career Awareness Day at either Monarto or Adelaide Zoo. A cost of $35 is required to accompany the application and transport to the venue will need to be organised. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the many options for careers in the zoological area. Closing date for applications is Friday 7 March.

Year 10 PLP/Career Sessions As mentioned in the last newsletter, the Year 10 students will begin their PLP next Monday with an online career/personality test which provides a range of options for possible career paths which suit their personality, interests and abilities. The students will also receive their Work Experience forms which will need to be organised ASAP to ensure that the best placement is accessed. Work Experience occurs in Term 3, Week 3, beginning Monday 4 August. They are urged to begin planning this now as places fill up very quickly. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 8400 4258 or by email if you have any queries about this. Ms Liz Tidemann College Counsellor 10-12/Careers

Closing date for applications is 6 June. UMAT test date: Wednesday 30 July The National Youth Science Forum is a collaborative program between Australian National University and the Rotary Clubs of Australia that enables students to learn about study options in a range of scientific fields. Canberra – January 2015

Year 11 students from all over Australia converge on Canberra in January for 12 day residential immersion at the Australian National University. Students gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to make informed choices about year 1 subjects and career options. During the year students then have opportunities to participate in short courses to expand their knowledge and assist in the transition to university. To apply go to for application details. Find a Rotary Club to endorse your application and then attend the regional selections. There is usually a small copayment with most of the cost being met by the Rotary Club and the program. If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, please see Mr Lucas for a brochure.


Capture the spirit of family and friendship Host a Spanish international exchange student! • Introduce your family to different customs, values and ideas • Improve your language skills • Make lifelong international friends • Share Australian culture and lifestyle Southern Cross Cultural Exchange is seeking volunteer host families for International High School students from Spain. Students arrive in July 2014 for 11 weeks and can be placed anywhere in South Australia. You do not need to have children of your own to enjoy this experience. All students are carefully selected, will attend a local high school, have their own spending money and can bring your family to life!




BASKETBALL Year 7 Gold Basketball CBC Gold defeated CBC Red It was a fantastic effort by both sides but on the night, 7 Gold were the best team. All Year 7 Gold were united, supporting each other throughout the match. Best players were Akok Machar and Jack Scott. Good defence by Channy Pich and Brendon Ly. A great start to the season. Thanks goes to the parents who had the boys at the courts on time and helped out with scoring. Ms Kay Oliphant Coach Blessing of the “Spirit of our Brothers” boat.

BADMINTON Open C Badminton 22 February 2014

CBC 12 defeated Nazareth 0 Our team demonstrated solid badminton skills to win all 4 doubles and all 8 singles this week. (All games but one were won in only 2 sets). Nazareth put up a good fight, but found that CBC was stronger on the day. Thank you for the competition. Congratulations to all who played on Saturday: Michael Tran, John Neindorf, Christian D’Addario, James Rojas, Alex Baik, Alex Gawronski, Chris Mathew and Phillip Kim. Well played, everyone! Mrs Anna Memma Coach



First XI Cricket CBC vs St Michaels Already missing a player due to state representation, upon arrival we were to find out that we had been abandoned by yet another player. The theme of this year for the First XI has been abandonment, having two vital players leave the school, and another two young guns give up chasing the small red leather for the bigger, softer, red leather should have crushed us and kicked us to the curb. Nope. Not this First XI team. It was time for experienced players to step up, players such as Jack Strange, Rhys Nihill and yours truly. We had fought vigorous battles for years, in teams that were just not quite there, but finally heading into this year’s First XI season we thought we had concocted the perfect group of players, that would return Christian Brothers College cricket to a high place. It wasn’t to be as easy as we thought. Our opponent for this round was a fierce St Michael’s outfit, fresh off their Twenty 20 success. Much to our delight, many of that successful team was in Year 12, and according to one Jack Strange their captain was ‘too good’ to play against us. We would take that, coming in as underdogs with something to prove and very few expectations of ourselves. The toss, in our case, one to lose. We were going to have a bowl. This was difficult as the ‘abandonment’ had depleted our bowling stocks. Up stepped Mitchell Krackman, a young, quick bowler from Prospect who is highly underrated. He had performed well in previous games reaping no reward for his consistent bowling. Mitch was able to find the edge of a district A-Grade cricketer. To his dismay a bloodied and scarred Aden Zeffino was not able to hang on to the tracer bullet that was targeted at him. “Never mind, head up Aden” came from an upbeat Mitchell. Jack strange also found the edge, but Rhys Nihill was unable to hold onto the pill, after two bites at the cherry. Again upbeat Jack kept focus on the task at hand. To add to the 10


disappointment of Rhys’s dropped catch, the opposing batsmen was to go on to make 50, bringing it up with yet another dropped catch, off the bowling of Rhys. Rhys would go on to take a single wicket, whilst an improving Harrison Rogers, was able to prove Michael Buttfield wrong, and take two wickets, one with a brilliant delivery. St Michaels ended their 45 overs with a modest total of 168, leaving CBC with a required total of 169 for an astonishing and rewarding victory. A brilliant afternoon tea had filled our teenage stomachs, and reiterated the task that was at hand. The depletion of the batting stocks left Chris Skelton and John Escleo to face the grunt of the St Michaels bowling attack. Surviving the openers, John was unable to capitalise falling to a cracking catch by their wicket keeper. Chris hung around for a bit longer losing his wicket, after the temptation of the spinner grew too much. Jack Strange batted well, but in cricket a brief lapse in concentration can be the difference between a good day and a bad one. Three wickets down with very few runs on the board and at least 15 over’s bowled CBC looked in disarray. Early comments from one Tony “squids” Carrieri lingered in my mind as I came out to bat. If we were to face the full 45 overs it would be an achievement as no one would expect it. Mitchell Krackman and I knuckled down for a boring afternoon of cricket. Young Mitchell was batting well and gained enough confidence to hit the bad balls over the top of the infield. He moved us along towards a score that we could walk off the ground with our heads held high. Bad balls became more frequent and the opportunity to boost that score again came along, one bad over going for 18, and we had momentum. Too bad we only had 5 overs to score 100 runs. In the final over Mitchell fell to a ball he had kept out all day, ending his innings with a gritty 21. Aden Zeffino came out, head held high, ready to face what balls he could, to end his First XI debut. The first one clipped off his legs for a single. We faced out the last two balls for 3, ending with a modest, but respectable total of 89. We had only lost 4 wickets in 45 overs, to a team who will challenge for the trophy. Well done, boys! Great effort from all. Take what you have learnt and put it together against Immanuel, and hopefully we can get some points on the board. Up the Fins! St Michaels 3/168 after 45 overs Harrison Rogers 2/26 Rhys Nihill 1/28 CBC 4/89 after 45 overs Luke Yates 46 n.o Mitchell Krackman 21 Aden Zeffino 1 Man of the Match: Luke Yates Luke Yates First XI Captain

Year 9A Cricket 22 February 2014 (Day 1 of 2-day game)

CBC 2/40 (10 overs) vs St Ignatius 10/91 (38 overs) Best Bowling: James Ridgwell: 2/7 (3 overs) Riley Egan: 2/8 (5.1 overs) Alex Carroll: 2/12 (4 overs) Best Batting: Harrison Webb: 33 not out An impressive bowling effort by the CBC Year 9A team restricted St Ignatius to 91 on day 1 of this 2-day game. Timely bowling and fielding changes by Wil Strange (Captain) meant we were on top all morning, maintaining pressure and staying upbeat in the field. A sharp stumping by Harrison Webb (Vice-Captain), a caught and bowled by Alex Carroll and a wicket on James Ridgwell’s first ball were just some of the morning’s highlights. CBC is in a commanding position going into Day 2, with 40 runs on the board after only 10 overs. Harrison Webb was in commanding form, smashing boundaries and taking it to the bowling attack. Well done, boys. Mr George Bryant Coach

Year 8A Cricket

Year 8B Cricket

CBC vs St Paul’s (Day 1 CBC 8/286)

Mercedes 5/139 defeated CBC 9/94

CBC’s cricketing furlough – as at other schools – extended far beyond the summer holidays this year, owing to the vagaries of the Adelaide weather. Fire and tempest (well, almost) annihilated our two-day game with Westminster and it was not until Week 5 that the new brood of Year 8s headed to Gilles Plains to meet St Paul’s. Cricket at this age group is delightful. The raw enthusiasm and whole-hearted endeavour make one optimistic for the future of modern youth. The players’ emotions are so transparent: as coach, one must balance spontaneity with the stiff upper lip, and sometimes remind a player that ‘I’ am not the only important member of the team. Whilst it is a joy to share in a young player’s delight upon capturing a wicket or hitting a boundary, some restraint is required to prevent unseemly triumphalism and, whilst one yearns with him when he loses his wicket, he must learn to bear the loss with dignity, for the tragedy is not of world-shattering proportions. Several training sessions had enabled us to select a tentative ‘A’ team from amidst the seemingly infinite coterie of eager Year 8s who stream out to practice every Monday like a swarm of ants. (Those who were not selected this week should be aware that, in the competitive world that we inhabit, runs or wickets in the ‘B’ team may lead to promotion.) Zane Caldwell was appointed captain for this match, with Will Mariuz as his deputy. Winning the toss, Zane immediately chose to bat first on St Paul’s artificial wicket. An angularity of lineament, a fixity of facial architecture, proclaimed that serious work was in progress, as Caldwell marched to the centre with the promising Jack Bastion as his partner. Disaster struck on the third ball of the day when Bastian dragged a leg-side ball onto his stumps. Mariuz joined his captain and they built a purposeful second wicket partnership of 64 runs in just 12 overs to presage a large total. Mariuz pulled and drove well and he was the more active between the wickets. In the thirteenth over he was undone by a slow bowler, falling victim to the first of three excellent catches in the gulley for 23. We have work to do upon his cut shot. With his dismissal, the run rate dropped for a while. Austin Lovell replaced Mariuz. He looked good, and smote several handsome boundaries, before falling in like fashion. Caldwell’s innings improved as it progressed and his running grew more urgent. After 26 overs, with the score on 3/125, he retired, having played a valuable captain’s knock of 52* that was the lynchpin of the team’s competitive score. Tyler Capuletti arrived at No. 5; he used his great strength to smite 29 in rapid time before he too was asked to retire. Lachlan Denholm (16) was greeted with a head-high ‘beamer’, but was undeterred and played several elegant strokes, until he failed to get completely on top of a cut shot. He is a wristy player in the subcontinental mould. He put on 58 together with his captain. Thomas Altomare (21) defended his wicket with his life and dispatched any loose balls with alacrity. Jake Carbone was unluckily stumped when the ball bounced off the wicket-keeper’s gloves onto his wicket. Hayden Clarke (12) smacked a couple of tempting offerings through squareleg. Josh Young (14*) showed that he has plenty of ability with the bat, scoring most of his runs in singles. Frederick Oliver exposed his stumps, but we shall be looking towards him and Oliver Alyanak, who was our batting 12th Man today, to lead the attack next week. With Frederick Oliver’s demise, Capelutti (55*) returned to the crease and shared a 42-run partnership with Young, reaching his half-century with some hefty blows. These two were undefeated at the completion of our 50-over allotment, by which time we had accumulated 286 runs for the loss of 8 wickets. It was especially encouraging that eight players reached double figures. St Paul’s conceded the competitive total of 79 extras, comprising 45 byes, 29 wides and 5 no-balls. I trust that CBC, being a mean lot, will be less bountiful next week! My thanks are due to Mr Young for his impeccable accountancy. Mr Lingard Goulding Coach

With the previous two weeks’ play abandoned due to droughts and flooding rains, thankfully there was no locust plague and play was able to start on time. An enthusiastic group of 8B cricketers were eager to hear the sound of leather on wood for the first time this year and the Adelaide University Rugby Club ground was looking in magnificent condition for our match against Mercedes College. Mercedes won the toss and elected to bat on a lovely straw coloured pitch. It was a fairly benign start to the match with minimal runs and no wickets in the early overs. Mercedes’ batsmen began to find their feet as we weren’t able to apply any pressure due to bowling a number of wides and leaking runs in the field through lack of concentration and commitment. Mercedes began to grow in confidence which got the scoreboard ticking over nicely. Wickets were hard to come by and we were unable to capitalise on a couple of sharp run out and catching opportunities. The first wicket didn’t fall until the 14th over and by that stage Mercedes had 80 runs on the board. The highlight of our bowling was Rhyley Williams taking two wickets in two balls late in the innings to stop the flow of runs. However, by this stage the damage had been done and Mercedes finished with 5/139 from their 25 overs. Our run chase started poorly with the loss of a wicket in the first over. James Cerone came in at number three and partnered with Lachlan Geisler who kept us in the game by playing some shots and took on the fieldsmen with some quick singles. Lachlan eventually fell looking to come back for a second run and was just short of the crease. However, his aggressive running between the wickets is something the other batsmen can learn from as many easy singles weren’t taken during the innings. James played a lone hand with the bat, easily top scoring with an entertaining knock of 37 not out -- his highest ever score -- including two magnificent sixes. No other batsmen was able to get the scoreboard ticking over, but nearly all batsmen spent four or five overs at the crease getting a feel for the conditions and intensity required to make a contribution in their next dig. Like us, Mercedes bowled a number of wides and this pushed our score up to 94 for the loss of nine wickets. Three areas to improve upon for the coming weeks are minimising the number of wides we bowl, increased effort in the field and our running between the wickets. Mr Thomas McLean Coach

Senior Kanga Cricket (Year 3) 22 February 2014

Rostrevor defeated CBC This was the first game of cricket for the boys and although we didn’t win it was a great introduction into playing a team sport. I was very impressed with the boys’ enthusiasm and desire to play cricket. We batted well but unfortunately the loss of several wickets didn’t help our average score. In the field I was impressed with the boys’ eagerness, their team spirit and sportsmanship. It was a good first game and I was very proud of all the players: Charlton Keansley Luka Lanzoni Bay-Lih Baynes Ethan David Dylan Charles Christian Marin Jackson Bug Andrew Lyon Harrison Lowman Calvin Phillis A special thank you to Mr Baynes for coaching and umpiring, Mr Lanzoni for scoring, and to all parents for their support. Mrs Kathy Cresswell Team Manager



Year 8/9B Volleyball SWIMMING


CBC Swimming

Open C1 Volleyball

The CBC Swim team this year consists of 14 swimmers: Kian Bird, Cooper Lewis, Scott Bradbrook, Simon Gagliardi, Gianni Rigano, Zac Villis, Connor Klemm, Edward Jackson, Cooper Leinert, Dominic Nguyen, Calum Adcock, Taylor Sarunic, Tyson Sarunic and Luke Wolianskyj. There is a great mix of new swimmers to the college and seasoned competitors. CBC swim in the Adelaide School’s Competition each Wednesday afternoon against other independent and Catholic schools. The standard of competition is quite high, with some schools having many state swimmers. Congratulations must go to Tyson Sarunic who has been elected the CBC Swimming Captain for 2014. Our first swim meet was held at PAC, against both PAC and Trinity College, and was a great learning curve for our new swimmers, swimming in this type of event. We certainly held our own considering it was the first time the boys had swam for the year. Our second week saw us compete against Pembroke and St Ignatius College where we came 2nd by only 25 points, which in swimming is very little. Some great times were set, especially in the U15 and U16 freestyle and medley relays consisting of Taylor Sarunic, Calum Adcock, Cooper Leinert and newcomer Edward Jackson. Excellent times were also set in many of the individual events. Thank you to Tyson Sarunic, the CBC Swimming Captain, despite being in a moon boot, still came out to run the event. Well done CBC, great team effort. Mrs Jenny Palmer Coach

CBC 2 defeated St Michael’s 1


Watching the tall and professional looking St Michael’s team warm up was quite daunting for our players and doubt soon crept into our heads. Knowing that we could only control what happened on our side of the net, we went out understanding that strong communication would be the key to success. The first few points were tightly contested but we soon realised we were in with a chance. We made sure that each set, dig or spike was planned and executed accordingly. The first set came down to the wire with St Michael’s needing to push to get the win by 2 points, 24-26. With our confidence high, knowing that we were so close in the first set, we started the second strongly. Despite some controversial calls on both sides, we put our bodies on the line to ensure we fought for every point. Charlie Pickford’s dedication to keep the ball in play was outstanding – we were all thankful for the padded pole guards. We won the second set 25-22. Going into the deciding third set, we were pumped and this was reflected in the way we played. We won the first 5 points before St Michael’s scored. With some fancy footwork by Daniel Storti and outstanding serving by all, we took out the third and final set 15-10. It was a nail-biting game which we fought hard to win. The boys should be extremely proud of their teamwork and communication, which got them across the line. Well done! Ms Krystle Helps Coach

Year 10C Volleyball

Senior C Tennis

CBC 3 defeated Pedare College 0

22 February 2014

Second game for the year and a second win! The boys have maintained the momentum from last year and their team work is paying off. The game started off slowly for CBC, with Pedare demonstrating some skilful play and quickly gaining a significant point margin in the first set. However, our boys were undeterred by that and managed to make up for lost points in time to take the set 25 – 14. Second set saw more consistent play and some brilliant serving from Steven. Pedare found it very difficult to return his serves and the game seemed quite one-sided. Despite this, we still made careless errors leading to losing unnecessary points, but we managed another 25 to 14 point win. The third set was all fun! Knowing that the game belonged to CBC, the boys took more risks and experimented with their returns and serves. As a result, some points were lost -- nevertheless, the boys still managed a win! Mrs Lucyna Zwolski Coach

CBC 8 sets (58 games) defeated St Ignatius 4 sets (46 games) The Senior C Tennis team enjoyed a great start to the season with a resounding victory against St Ignatius’ College. Wins in three of the four doubles put the team in a strong position heading into the singles. Brandon Shunmugam, Matthew Italiano, Luke Zounis, Aiden Smith and Thomas Signore played solid tennis and easily accounted for their respective opponents. Christian Tarzia, Gogo Janthet, Matthew Dell’Orso and Julian Cocca played without individual success but nonetheless contributed to the team’s victory. Well done, lads! Mr George Caretti Coach

Middle B Tennis CBC vs Marryatville Our Middle B Tennis team were well prepared to face Marryatville (a Special Tennis School) on Saturday. The keenness and determination with which they played proved successful, as they won all but 3 games, beating Marryatville 9 games to 3. Well done, boys! Ms Liz Tidemann Coach

Year 8/9A Volleyball St Ignatius 2 defeated CBC 0 Best Players: Joshua Silbor, Lachlan Geisler A very strong performance from the team with noticeable improvement as they fought it out in two successive games. A third game was played as time allowed, resulting in another win for our opposition. The boys can hold their heads up high as they performed with great determination despite the disappointing loss. We welcome to three new additions to our team. They are Thomas Greenshields Year 8 and Vincent Schipaniand and Louis Bendo of Year 9. Well done Ramon O’Donnell, Jack Sperring, Jacob Opperman and Thai Nguyen. Ms Jane Gaynor Coach

St Johns 3 defeated CBC 0 Our second game of the season saw yet more changes to the team. Here is hoping we are now a set group so we can work hard on playing as a team rather than individuals on the court. This week also saw a full team for CBC, which was pleasing. One may look at the score line and think that it was a whitewash, but not this game. We had a bit of fight in us this week. We started well and in each set we got better and our score was closer to the very powerful St John’s team. They were a smooth machine and something our young men could try to emulate. They played as a team, talking and encouraging each other -- something this newly formed team will endeavour to achieve. This coming week is a bye for us, but looking forward to some solid training and a great game next week. Ms Emma Woehle Coach

Water polo Senior Water Polo Friday 21 February

CBC 11 defeated St Peter’s 6 Goal Scorers: Tyson Sarunic 4, Taylor Sarunic 3, Tyler McGinley 2, Luke Wolianskyj 1, Jake Hardie 1

Congratulations must go to the boys for an excellent team effort ensuring our first ever Senior water polo win. It was destined to be an excellent night when Jake Hardie, our deep defender, sneaked forward to score the first goal in the very early stages of the match. We dominated throughout and whenever Saints looked to challenge our boys responded quickly and decisively. Tyson Sarunic was a last-minute inclusion playing with a sore ankle, and his strength and skill were essential for our victory. After 2 hard years without a victory - twice going close with teams drawing at the last breath there was no way we were going to let Saints back into this game. An excellent whole-team effort, boys. We can build on this in future weeks. Mr Rick Mackereth


Middle Water Polo Friday 21 February

CBC 7 defeated Blackfriars/PAC 4 Goal Scorers: Isaac Giannetta 3, Laurence Giannetta 2, Cooper Lienert 2

This was an excellent effort by the CBC team in their first game of the year. Blackfriars did not have enough players so they combined with PAC to give our boys a tough work-out. We were the dominant team throughout the match and combined well with excellent team play to set up some fantastic goals. The boys are really working well as a unit. Congratulations to Laurence Giannetta who has been selected captain of the team for 2014. Mr Ian Hamilton


15th February 2014

Dear Parents/Caregivers Has your son received the Catholic Sacraments of Initiation? As you may be aware over the past few years there have been some changes to the Catholic Sacramental Program for Children. In the majority of cases students are no longer prepared by the school, but instead return to their local parish to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist. Students are normally in Year 4 when this occurs. This model has been adopted in the Archdiocese of Adelaide as it captures the community model of sacramentality and the ancient practice that as a parish community we both welcome and support members of our church. However, we are mindful of the fact that for various reasons some children are missed through this model and do not receive all the Catholic Sacraments of Initiation. In recognition of this reality, CBC in conjunction with the Adelaide Cathedral Parish, will be offering a sacramental program to any student, above the age of 9 years, who has not received any of the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation or Eucharist. If you would like your child to participate in the sacramental program please complete the attached form and return it to your son’s House Tutor by Wednesday 19 March 2014. Students will receive the Sacraments later in the year at ceremonies held at the Adelaide Catholic Cathedral, Wakefield Street. In some cases, if appropriate and after discussion, reception of the sacraments may take place in another parish if you have specific links to that parish. To start, there will be a liturgical welcome for all new members of the program in the Cathedral. You can choose either 6:00 pm on Saturday, April 5th, or Sunday April 6th at 6:00 pm Masses. Classes will begin later in Term1 for students and after school parent meetings will occur in Term 2. Please feel free to contact the College should you have any queries. Yours sincerely

Rory Harris REC Senior Campus

Sr Kanistal Soosai Sacramental Coordinator & College Chaplin

Ann Ozgo REC Junior Campus


STUDENTS NAME:__________________________________________________________________ TUTOR GROUP:________________


CURRENT PARISH: _____________________________ or SUBURB__________________________

Has your son been baptised in the Catholic Church?



If so, where and when?________________________________________________________________ Which of the following Sacraments has your son received? Reconciliation  Eucharist


When?____________________ Where? _____________________________ When?____________________ Where? _____________________________ When?____________________ Where? _____________________________

If your son has not received all of the abovementioned Sacraments in the Catholic Church and you wish him to do so, please complete the following; I wish my son to be enrolled into the Sacramental program at CBC College.

_______________________________________ Parent / Caregiver Name

____________________________________ Parent / Caregiver Signature

_______________________________________ Contact Number

____________________________________ Date

Please return to your son’s Class teacher by 19th March 2014

Julie ReeceÊs WW1 Battlefield Tours 12 DAYS / 11 NIGHTS * FROM $4,550 pp TWIN SHARE SINGLE SUPPLEMENT FROM $1,155 Join Julie Reece of Connecting Spirits on one of her 12 day battlefields tours of the former Western Front in France and Belgium. In the centenary years of WWI from 2014 - 2018, you will have the opportunity to make your own pilgrimage to these sacred places. The itinerary deliberately avoids the peak time of Anzac Day and Remembrance Day so that you can appreciate the sites and cemeteries on the Somme and the Ypres Salient without having to contend with mass crowds. Julie’s tours include personal visits to family graves and memorials and on negotiation the itinerary can be altered or extended based on the group’s needs. Every member of Julie’s tours receives a copy of her recent book Jimmy’s Anzac Pilgrimage which features many of the locations on the itinerary.

The Menin Gate memorial, Ypres (Belgium)


Australian graves in Sutton Veny, UK

Departing May & October 2014 - 2018

Tuesday 30 September 2014 • LONDON • ‘Meet and greet’ at the tour hotel at 2.00 pm for check-in. • Mid-afternoon to dinner: at leisure to explore this part of London on foot. • Pre-dinner drinks with tour manager Julie Reece and driver Richard Wardle from ‘Hardings’ Coaches. • (D) Wednesday 01 October 2014 • LONDON - SALISBURY • Depart London for the Salisbury Plains to begin your WW1 parallel journey with “Jimmy’s Anzac Pilgrimage”. • Visit the villages of Sutton Veny, Codford, Stockton and others where Australians trained, were hospitalised and buried during WW1. • Travel to Salisbury. • Time permitting, visit the Salisbury Cathedral. • (B) Thursday 02 October 2014 • SALISBURY - CANTERBURY • Visit the National Memorial to the Few at Capel-le-Ferne (the Battle of Britain Memorial) on the famous white cliffs between Dover and Folkestone at Kent. • Travel to the Roman, Viking and medieval centre of Canterbury. • Time permitting visit the Canterbury Cathedral. • (B) Friday 03 October 2014 • CANTERBURY - DOVER - AMIENS • Morning tour of the Secret Wartime tunnels at Dover Castle. • The tour will tell of the story of the planning and execution of the evacuation (‘Operation Dynamo’) and how it was operated from this location. • Ferry to France. • Drive to Amiens on the Somme. • Check into your hotel. If time allows, visit Amiens cathedral which is in the heart of Picardy, and is one of the largest ‘classic’ Gothic churches of the 13th century. • (B & D)

The Somme, France

Sunday 05 October 2014 • AMIENS & THE SOMME Rod Bedford guiding. Personal commemorations at cemeteries and memorials will be built into the itinerary as requested. • Today we visit the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux, the location of one of the most significant victories on the Western Front on April 24/25 1918. • After visiting the Australian memorial which has 11,000 names of Australians who have no known grave, and is now the site of the annual Dawn service each Anzac Day, we will visit the school and the museum dedicated to the memory of the Australian contribution to the war. • Most of the village was destroyed during the war thus the buildings are all post WW1. The school “Ecole Victoria” w as built using money donated by Victorian schoolchildren and the Victorian government, in the 1920’s and a plaque in honour of the Australians (mostly Victorians) who died in the defence of the village, is at the front of the school. • After lunch visit Le Hamel: the site of the great victory on July 4th, 1918 under the leadership of Major General John Monash who was knighted in the field by the King. • (B & L) Monday 06 October 2014 • DAY OFF IN AMIENS • Free day – Driver’s rest day – no coach available. • Today is at leisure to explore the town of Amiens. • You may wish to visit the Cathedral or stroll along the canals and water gardens. • Perhaps enjoy lunch at the famous Saint-Leu canal region or follow the trail tracing the locations featured in Sebastian Faulks’ novel Birdsong. • (B)

Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury

Saturday 04 October 2014 • AMIENS & THE SOMME (Battlefields experience guide Rod Bedford will lead our group). Personal commemorations at cemeteries and memorials will be built into the itinerary as requested. • Our battlefields guide Rod will lead us through the story of WWI. • We begin the journey of the infamous Battle of the Somme where on the first day of fighting July 1st, 1916 the British Army lost 60,000 casualties including 20,000 dead. • Visit the Lochnagar Crater at La Boiselle a massive 200 metre x 30 metre crater, the outcome of British engineering expertise which initiated the start of the underground war and was one of 19 mines blown up that day. • Pozieres – the battlefield where the AIF lost 23,000 casualties in 7 weeks, one of Australia’s greatest military losses in history. • We will visit the memorial to the 1st Division and the Windmill position. • Visit the location of one of the most heavily shelled places on the Western Front – Mouquet Farm. • Before ending the day at Thiepval Memorial and interpretative centre, Julie to read a passage from the Sebastian Faulks’ novel Birdsong under the Thiepval memorial. • (B & L)

Tuesday 07 October 2014 • AMIENS - FROMELLES - YPRES Rod Bedford guiding. Personal commemorations at cemeteries and memorials will be built into the itinerary as requested. • We check out of the hotel and travel north out of the Somme valley to Arras. • Visit the Canadian Peace Park at Vimy Ridge where the group can go underground on a guided tour and learn of the construction of these tunnels from December 1916 to April 1917 when the battle for Vimy Ridge took place. • Drive to Fromelles, the site of the first battle experience Australians had on the Western Front on July 19-20 in 1916. It was our worst military loss in one day of our history. • The bodies of many soldiers were never found until 2008 when 250 Australian and British soldiers’ remains were finally located. • Visit the new Pheasant Wood cemetery which was completed in time for the reburials of the lost soldiers during January 2010. • One of the men identified is Birdwood boy Raymond Pflaum. Birdwood student Flo Bourke wrote and recorded a song in his and his mates’ honour called “Known Only Unto God” which will be played when we visit his grave. • Depart Fromelles late afternoon for Ypres. • (B & D)

• No greater contrast do we experience when we visit the death and shooting post where the “Shot at Dawns” lost their lives. • Also visit the famous Talbot House where soldiers could briefly forget the war. • We will visit the grave of one of only three double VC recipients, Noel Chavasse. • Farewell dinner for our guide Rod Bedford. • (B, L & D)

Talbot House, Poperinge (Belgium)

Julie at the grave of Martin Neagle, Buttes New British Cemetery, Belgium

Wednesday 08 October 2014 • YPRES SALIENT Rod Bedford guiding. Personal commemorations at cemeteries and memorials will be built into the itinerary as requested. • Travel to eastern Ypres and learn of the horror of the Battle of Passchendaele. • Visit the grave of Julie’s great Uncle Martin Neagle who lost his life in the battle of Passchendaele. Parts of her new book Jimmy’s Anzac Pilgrimage will be shared at the gravesite. • Following the visit to Martin’s grave you can walk through the woods and see some of the remains of bunkers built during the war. • We will enjoy lunch at the De Dreve Inn owned by underground war expert Johan Van De Walle who will share many of his extraordinary experiences in the recovery of soldiers’ remains over the years. • After lunch visit the largest Commonwealth War Cemetery in the world – Tyne Cot – where 13,000 graves are surrounded by memorials with 33,000 names on them. • From Tyne Cot we proceed to the German cemetery at Langemark. At the entrance of Langemark is a memorial rose garden which lies on top of a mass grave of German soldiers of over 40,000 men. • End the day at the peace park of Hill 60. • Attend the 8.00 pm Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate – lay a wreath at the ceremony (go to to learn of this extraordinary daily event). • (B & L) Thursday 09 October 2014 • YPRES SALIENT Rod Bedford guiding. Personal commemorations at cemeteries and memorials will be built into the itinerary as requested. • Travel to Pleogsteert the site of one of the outbreaks of a truce on Christmas Eve 1914 where enemies left their trenches for a brief sharing of their common humanity. Flo’s song “Christmas Truce” will be played at this location. • Proceed to Poperinge. Poperinge was behind the front lines and it developed as a major medical centre and place of R and R for the battle weary troops.

Friday 10 October 2014 • YPRES • Morning – visit to ‘The Passchendaele Experience: Museum Trenches Dugout” at Zonnebeke. • Return to Ypres to visit the unique ‘In Flanders Fields’ Museum which features interactive displays and access to the belfry for a superb view of the town of Ypres. • Afternoon at leisure in Ypres. • Final dinner for the tour group and our driver Richard. (B & D) Saturday 11 October 2014 • YPRES - LILLE - HEATHROW • The tour ends today. For those travelling to Paris or other destinations by train, you will be dropped off at the train station in Lille. • Members of the group returning to the UK will travel with the coach to Heathrow airport EITHER to fly home OR return to the city of London via the Heathrow Express into Paddington Station. Singer-songwriter Ms Flo Bourke, at the site of the 1914 Christmas Truce

Price Includes: • 11 nights moderate accommodation • 11 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners • Transportation, guiding & highlighted sightseeing as per itinerary • Tipping & gratuities • Pre-tour research by Julie Reece can be provided as requested • Copy of “Jimmy’s Anzac Pilgrimage” & research materials

Julie commemorating a soldier on the Somme

Cross of Sacrifice at Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belguim

ABOUT JULIE REECE of CONNECTING SPIRITS Julie Reece is a registered teacher with 35 years experience, 30 of these years teaching senior Australian History with a specialty in World War 1 history. Julie was honoured to receive the State and National Excellence in Teaching Award in 2002 and in the same year was a teacher chaperone for the national Simpson Essay competition. In 2007, Julie was a teacher chaperone for South Australia’s Premier Spirit of Anzac Prize. Since 2001, Julie has initiated and led commemorative school tours to Europe. The project Connecting Spirits originated from these tours and now involves schools from the Murraylands district (go to Julie has published three books, ‘Journey of Remembrance’, ‘Connecting Spirits 2006’ and newly released ‘Jimmy’s Anzac Pilgrimage’. She has also produced several CD’s of original songs and music recorded by former ‘Connecting Spirits’ students Ms Rita Lindsay and Ms Florence Bourke. In 2011 Julie won a ‘Community Individual’ award for the Hills and Coastal region by Advantage SA for her establishment of the ‘Connecting Spirits’ project. Julie retired from teaching in 2011 to host custom tours of the European World War I battlefields for a range of groups, schools, communities and individuals interested in the Australian World War 1 story. Julie’s tours are run exclusively through Jetset Norwood and offer many features not available in many of the commercial battlefields tours currently available on the market. Tour members are able visit the graves and memorials of loved ones who lost their lives on the battlefields in France and Belgium. Our battlefields guide Rod Bedford is a former Grenadier Guardsman and local resident on the Somme and lives and breathes the WWI narrative. In order to prepare for the journey, Julie can provide individual assistance with wartime research upon request. Julie Reece and Jetset Norwood offer comprehensive, personalised and insightful arrangements for all aspects of European Battlefields tours and look forward to welcoming you on board their next journey.

The grave of Martin Neagle with the book 'Jimmy's Anzac Pilgrimage' a recount of this soldier's story

Further details on Julie’s projects and tours can be found on

Contact Julie Reece on 08 8389 7927 or 0407 711 549 for more information on this tour

Driver Richard Wardle, tour manager Julie Reece and battlefields guide Rod Bedford have worked together on Connecting Spirits tours for many years. Their close working relationship has created a special bond, bringing a sense of family and friendship to all of Julie’s tours where the clients’ needs are paramount.

Our tour group will enjoy the comfort of a brand new executive 49-seater Hardings’ coach complete with toilet facilities, provision of tea and coffee and exceptional leg room with all seats. Our driver, Richard, has nearly 20 years of driving experience in the UK and Europe and is the best in the business.

* All prices are in AUD per person based on 30 September 2014 departure & a minimum of 15 passengers. (Smaller groups of 10 – 14 can be arranged at an increased price). Prices are also subject to change without notice, currency exchange rates & availability. Prices are not guaranteed until paid in full. Credit card fees apply: 2% for Visa & Mastercard, 3% for American Express & Diners Club cards. Non refundable deposits of $500 will be required to confirm the booking. Cancellation fees apply. Travel Horizons Pty Ltd trading as Jetset Travel Norwood.

Insight 2014T1W05  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 1, Week 5, 2014.

Insight 2014T1W05  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 1, Week 5, 2014.