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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 1, Week 10


Thursday April 4, 2013

Junior Campus students learning Chinese calligraphy.

personal leave. We also welcome Ms Lucy Krause who will be replacing EAL staff member Mrs Maria Catalano who is on Long Service Leave in Term 2.

CBC will be conducting PAT-Maths Plus tests for students in Years 3-7 next week to assess students’ Numeracy skills.

Asian Literacy

These tests are online tests, which have the advantage of providing ‘real time’ results to students and teachers, while assessing much the same concepts and skills as pen and paper assessments.

It is a blessing that all of our staff and students returned safely after the Easter break. I encourage any of you who attended Mass after a long absence to know you are most welcome in our parishes to come to Mass weekly as a way of giving thanks to God for this amazing life.

Students in the Junior Campus undertook Chinese calligraphy lessons this week as part of our commitment to the Federal Government’s Asian Literacy Policy. Over the coming weeks two CBC members of staff Mr Shaun Clarke and Mrs Kaylene Barriera will both depart for China representing CBC and Catholic Education. Mr Clarke is participating in a School Leaders’ tour of Chinese schools and universities and will be participating in a range of educational discussion forums, school visits and university tours. Mrs Barriera is travelling with a group of SA educators as part of the Build the Bridge national program which seeks to improve and develop knowledge and understanding of contemporary China, provide opportunities for visits to cultural sites and to collect resources and explore how they can be used in class.

Staffing News

Numeracy and Literacy Testing

This week I wish to farewell Mr Adam Jacobs who has been employed at the College since 2012. Mr Jacobs worked in the EAL (English as an Additional Language) faculty this year and we thank him for his invaluable support of our students from non-English speaking backgrounds. We welcome back Mr Paul Hicks from

As communicated to parents previously, CBC has been selected to participate in the Improving Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership (ILN NP). This program is funded by the Australian Government with the objective of further improving students’ literacy and numeracy outcomes.

From The Principal Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers,

The Easter Message Continues

Liberating Education

We open hearts and minds, through quality teaching and learning experiences, so that through critical reflection and engagement each person is hope-filled and free to build a better world for all.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

It will be necessary to send details of student names and birth dates via the Catholic Education Office to ACER, in order to provide our students with user names and passwords for the assessments, and to assist our analysis of results. Please note that ACER has agreed to keep these details confidential and only use them for the purpose of administering the test and reporting to the school and the Catholic Education Office. Any test results that are reported to the Australian Government will be aggregated so that individual schools and students cannot be identified. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Nicola Brennan (who is responsible for testing at CBC) at the Junior Campus if you have any questions about this process or the Improving Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership.

Old Collegian News Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy received a CBC prize book dating back to 1906 with the following letter:

Counsellor’s Corner Unreal Expectations. Counsellors talk to some people with unreal expectations. Some students are like that. They continue to do the minimum of study, be absent from school without any genuine reason, work excessive hours at a part-time job, do not do the necessary assignments, procrastinate, give excessive time to social life, music or TV, engage in binge drinking, receive poor reports and yet they continue without making any positive changes in their study habits or their approach to school work. Our world is a competitive world. Unreal expectations promote false hopes. Nothing changes unless the individual decides to make necessary changes. As soon as changes are made parents, teachers and others are there to help to support the young person in the changes in attitudes and study methods.

Herewith the prize book presented to my father, Mr Charles O’Connor, for 10th place in 1906 at CBC. I remember that this prize gave us, his four children, an enormous amount of merriment, and we were very disrespectful and scornful about 10th place. We hadn’t heard of prizes further down than the 3rd place. He loved CBC and he was the most wonderful father in the whole world. I am very happy that this book is returning to its ‘home’ after 107 years, where I know it will be cared for. Sr. Deirdre O’Connor RSM

Uniform Shop Holiday Trading hours The Uniform Shop will be closed between Monday 15 and Friday 19 April. Opening on Monday 22 April - 8.30am - 5.00pm Wednesday 24 April - 8.30am - 5.00pm Friday 26 April - 8.30am - 5.00pm Normal trading hours resume: Monday 29 April 2


• Senior Campus Student/Parent interviews Wednesday 10 April; bookings via the College portal • Junior Campus Student/Parent interviews Thursday 11 April; bookings via booking sheet sent home to contact the Junior Campus office. • Head of the River Saturday 5 April commencing at 9am for spectators. All student spectators in College uniform please. • Term 1 concludes at 3.30pm Friday 12 April. Term 2 commences Monday 29 April 2013.

• CBC Open Day 19 May. Please spread the word!

Conclusion As I reflect on the Easter message I am reminded that the passion of Christ calls me to a deeper commitment to live life to the fullest. On the last night before crucifixion, Christ taught His disciples many vital principles. At one point, He said, “These things have I spoken unto you, that My JOY might remain in you, and that your JOY might be full” (John 15:11).

Earlier in John’s Gospel we are reminded;

Winter Uniforms for new Students

To avoid queuing please book as soon as possible.


• Whole School Photo May 1-- all students to be in winter uniform (no students in PE uniform on this day please).

Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

All new students to the college are required to make an appointment with the Uniform Shop for their Winter uniform as soon as possible.

• I am currently in discussions with members of parliament, Drugs and Alcohol Services SA, EREA, CEO SA and Adelaide City Council and will continue to keep you updated on any developments.

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

I leave you with this question: What does it mean to you to live life to the fullest?

The College deeply thanks Sr Deirdre for her generous gift which will be placed in the College archives. I love the wisdom of our Christian Brothers who in 1906 recognised that all achievement, no matter how significant is worthy of recognition.

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

Opening of Midnight Clinic adjacent CBC update: I met with the planning department of the Adelaide City Council in relation to the opening of a Chemist adjacent to CBC Senior Campus. They confirmed the following: • Midnight Chemist will relocate from West Terrace to 192-198 Wakefield Street Adelaide. • The Chemist opening hours will be 7am to Midnight weekdays and 9am to Midnight Sundays. • The Chemist will incorporate the SA Opioid Substitution Treatment Program which is currently operational in approximately 200 sites across Adelaide. • The method of administering opioids is orally and there is no needle exchange program in operation. • There was no community consultation provided prior to the approval of the proposed development application. • There is no avenue for appealing this decision other than a judicial review.

Christian Brothers College

OPEN DAY 11am - 2pm, Sunday 19 May 2013

From The Deputy Principal Being Fitter Does Make a Difference to Learning Last Saturday in the Advertiser there was an article entitled: “Fitter kids do better at studies.” Research by the University of Wollongong showed that 30 to 40 minutes of physical activity per day demonstrated benefits for students’ cognitive and academic development. They found physically fit children achieved better results in class than unfit students, as exercise becomes an indicator of academic performance. In fact, the most active students are out-performing those who do not take part in regular exercise or organised sport. Researchers also found that the more physical exercise or structured sport that students do, the better they perform with class work. In contrast, sedentary students were more at risk of their academic results falling away. Further studies by the Australian National University also found that fitter children achieve better literacy and numeracy results. There was a consistent correlation that schools that have, on average, high fitness levels will have, on average, higher literacy and numeracy levels. Dr Telford and colleagues who undertook the study followed 800 children from age 8 to age 12 in 29 schools to see if physical fitness and activity affected academic performance. This study measured physical activity (using pedometers), physical fitness (using a multi-stage running test), and body fat percentage of each child. This was then compared to the children’s academic performance in the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test.

Their study found that schools that were successful had also a strong positive culture of both academic performance and the fitness of the child, confirming findings of other studies. In a separate study, Telford and colleagues looked also at the effect of children being taught physical education by special PE teachers, instead of general classroom teachers. They found those students taught by specialised PE teachers scored 10 to 13 points higher on the NAPLAN test scores. Studies overseas at the University of North Texas have also echoed previous studies and have found that fitter middle school students performed better on reading and maths tests than their less fit peers. The study overall found physical fitness is associated with improvements in memory, concentration, organisation, and staying on task. For boys, they found that physical fitness and strong social support in the school environment resulted in increasing their reading scores whereas for girls the only factor that influenced their reading scores other than physical fitness was body mass index. For both boys and girls, fitness levels were the only factors studied (besides socio-economic status and selfconcept) that influenced their maths scores. The studies reinforce the importance of physical activity for students in schools. As a College community we have always recognised the important part physical activity has for our boys in the school through our cocurricular program, the Physical Education curriculum, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, activities at recess, House activities, involvement in club sport and walk-to-school programs. The Federal Government has identified this need for children and will spend $120 million this year promoting grassroots participation in sport.

2013 School calendar Week 11 Mon 8 Apr

CBCOC Meeting

Tues 9 Apr

Smith House Day

Wed 10 Apr

Senior Campus Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews

Thurs 11 Apr Junior Campus Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews commencing at 2.30pm Fri 12 Apr

Term One concludes at 3.30pm House Colour Day Volleyball Final

Head of the River

The Head of the River is this Saturday! Wear your blazers and support the CBC rowers at the 2013 Regatta! Saturday 6 April

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal



CBC Parents and Friends are hosting the International Night, this is a bi-annual event which will be held this year on 1st June.

A M Ramsay Rowing Course, West Lakes

The 2013/2014 ™ Entertainment Book is now available for pre-order. Get bonus vouchers with your preorder. See last page for details.

Historically this is an event for all the family where our multicultural community comes together to celebrate our diversity. We are looking for enthusiastic people who like to cook and share their cultural food with the wider school community by becoming a stall holder. Past stalls have included an Aussie BBQ, Brazilian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Indo-Fijian, Irish, Latin American, Polish, Vietnamese and others. There are also other tasks required to make this event a success so please come on board, meet other members of the CBC community and have some fun. For more information please call Margaret Salagaras on 0417 881 446.



Step 1: Visit and enter your unique booking code for this event. Check that your son’s name(s) is shown. Step 2: Availability

Assistant Principal Learning Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews for Middle and Senior School students The first round of interviews for students and parents with House Tutors is planned for next Wednesday, 10 April. These interviews provide an opportunity to further strengthen the key relationship between students, parents and House Tutors as well as a chance for students and parents to receive the Interim Semester 1 Report. The Interim Report presents valuable feedback and information to students and parents as to the student’s demonstrations of learning at this part-way point in the semester. Each Learning Area has selected unique ‘Learning Indicators’ which are evidenced through student performance in the assessment tasks completed at this point in the semester. Students and parents should discuss with the House Tutor the highlights of the report, which indicate the student’s strengths as well as the constructive feedback given, which will provide areas for improvement for the rest of the semester. Information regarding the booking of appointments was distributed to students in Years 7 to 12 this week. The College uses an online booking process and parents will need their individual booking code in order to access the website and make a booking.

Confirm you can attend the event. Specific time restrictions for the evening may be entered here, if needed.

Step 3: Requesting Interviews

Your son’s House Tutor has already requested an appointment and should be listed in the ‘Teachers you want to see’ column. Click on ‘Save Preferences’ to be able to book an appointment with the House Tutor.

Step 4: My Interviews / Modify Interviews

Here you can see when the teacher is available. Click on a suitable appointment time in order to book an appointment. You can return to this screen to make changes to your appointment time, if needed.

Step 5: Print your ‘Interview Schedule’ or make a record of your appointment time, ready for the interview on Wednesday 10 April. The Senior Campus Front Office staff can assist if parents have not received or have lost their unique booking code for this event. If you have difficulties accessing the website or booking an appointment, please contact me at the College ( au). I look forward to seeing you at this College event! Ms Rebecca Donnon Assistant Principal - Learning

CBC Scholarships Scholarship applications for 2014 are now open to families. The College is offering full and part scholarships in the following categories: CBC Old Collegians’ Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12. The funding of this scholarship is generously provided by the Christian Brothers College Old Collegians Association Inc. and supports the education provision for students with high academic potential. Indigenous Heritage Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 specifically supports Indigenous students who will contribute positively to College life and maximise the opportunity provided through a Christian Brothers College education. Christian Brothers College New Arrivals Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 supports refugee and recent migrant students who will contribute positively to College life and maximise the opportunity provided through a Christian Brothers College education. Edmund Rice Financial Hardship Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 is donated by Mr Ben Trussell and commemorates the vision and life of the College Founder. This may be awarded to a student whose family is seeking genuine support due to hardship and is subject to the completion of a Scholarship Financial Declaration Form. Further information is available from the College website or by contacting the College Registrar on 8400 4210. Applications close Wednesday 10 April 2013.

Library Website Access We are very excited to inform you that the Senior and Junior Campus libraries have been developing a library website to support research and provide useful links and information for students in regard to database access, book suggestions, search engines to use, the library catalogue, and much, much more.

From here, the various tabs and links will be apparent. Please encourage your son to use our website and the carefully selected resources that have been included. If you have any questions please contact Mrs Caroline Wilson, Junior Campus Teacher Librarian, or myself.

The library website can be accessed by:


• logging in to the home page of the CBC Portal

Mrs Sandra Mason Head Librarian

• Scrolling down to ‘Links to Specialised Sites’ • Clicking the ‘Library Website’ link.

Paul McGuire Library 4


How do we know if our children think poorly of themselves? Watch for: • Acting out or disruptive behaviours (Negative attention still acts as a reinforcement for being noticed)

From the Counselling Team Six Strategies To Boost Self-Worth Children and ‘self-esteem’ is heard regularly in the media; however, self-efficacy is the term used in psychology and refers to a person’s belief in his/her own competence. It has nothing to do with being boastful or proud, rather having a healthy view of one’s own characteristics or abilities and what one can offer the world. Children’s sense of self is still forming, but one good reason for encouraging development of self-efficacy would be to grow children that end up as resilient teens and adults. We are more aware that by actively building selfefficacy, we can assist our children to develop a barrier against issues such as teenage depression, eating disorders and of course social skills difficulties.

• Teach the importance of self-praise (Not reliance on parents, teachers or friends to feel good about something they have done) • Pursue occasions to give to the community (looking outward takes the focus off the ‘self’)

• Internalising behaviours (A child becomes more quiet, contemplative or self-focused than usual)

Is there anything that we could avoid doing or saying?

• Struggling with friendships and social skills • Always putting themselves down

• Don’t take away natural consequences for poor choices

• Refusal to try new things for fear of failure or looking silly

• Don’t do everything for your child all the time – encourage help around the home

What can we do to encourage development of self-efficacy?

• Don’t re-do their jobs e.g. re-make their bed if it is not ‘perfect’

• Provide many opportunities to discover capabilities by enrolling in sports and activities. (Gentle pressure may sometimes be necessary, for uncertain children) • Encourage children to make decisions and seek alternatives (Don’t always give the answers) • Engage in pre-planning, healthy debate and problem solving discussions at home (This can reduce the stress around tasks)

• Discourage use of ‘victim’ language; I’m so dumb, no-one likes me, it always happens to me. Develop a family habit of praising the process rather than the end result. Collett Smart is a psychologist and educator. For further information visit her website at au This article has been re-printed with her permission. Ms Jane Gaynor From the Counselling Team

• Provide kind feedback on how to accept weaknesses or learn from mistakes

Saturday 1 June 2013 6:30pm for 7:00pm start CBC Centenary Gymnasium

Come and sample a range of foods from all corners of the globe! A huge array of multicultural cuisine will be on offer and bar facilities will be available. Entertainment provided on the night: raffles run. Limited tickets available. For information, contact Mrs Margaret Salagaras on 0417 881 446. Name:..................................................................................

Son’s Tutor Group:.......................................

I wish to make a table of ................ people (up to 10). Number of Tickets:

Rachel Porter, Second year Medical student and MedEntry representative, provided some valuable tips for Year 12s aspiring to get into Medicine or Dentistry, by undertaking the UMAT test. Registrations for the UMAT open shortly; the test will be held on July 31st.

Adults @ $20 each

Children (Under 18) @ $14 each

Children (Under 10) @ $5 each

Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) @ $55 each

Total Money enclosed: $ .......................................... Please complete and return (with payment) to the Senior Campus Finance Office. Payment can be made with cheque (payable to Christian Brothers College) or credit card. For payment information please call 8400 4207. INSIGHT


• Please do not park in disabled car parks • Please do not abuse Teaching Staff or Officers who are only trying to ensure student safety at all times

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus Dear Parents/Caregivers and Friends Last Thursday I had the pleasure of delivering over 36 Easter Egg baskets to those in need. Several of our Junior Campus Social Justice Action Committee boys came along with me and were deeply moved by their experience. One student was particularly moved when he gave a basket to one of the homeless gentlemen and he took an egg out and said “there are others more in need than me”. Our CBC student turned to me with tears in his eyes and said “How kind is this man?” To ensure the safety of our students at the Junior Campus, I must remind everyone of the laws and courtesies when picking up or dropping off students at the school. The safety of students is paramount over convenience. • Please do not double park on cycle lanes, or driveways of businesses • Please do not park across our neighbours’ driveways • Adelaide City Council officers allow only for people to be in parking bays for 2 minutes at drop off/pick up times. If you leave your car you may be booked

• Please use the pedestrian crossing at all times. Some families are crossing Wakefield Street/East Terrace. This is a very dangerous practice and could lead to someone being seriously injured. Please support us in being careful and safe and remember that the Adelaide City Council Traffic Inspectors often “blitz” the area around our school. If you have any concerns please direct them to the Adelaide City Council not the Junior Campus staff. I remind parents that Parent/Student Teacher Interviews will be held for Term 1 next Thursday 11 April 2013. Your son should have come home with a letter for you to make an appointment to see your son’s class teacher as well as Specialist teachers. Teachers will make themselves available at a mutually convenient time if Thursday evening does not suit you. It is our expectation that students in Years 4-6 will accompany parents to the Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews. As this term draws to a close and we move forward to the last week of school and the much needed holidays, I cannot help but reflect on your sense of purpose at Christian Brothers College Junior Campus which extends beyond our building to incorporate learning the sense of peace and reconciliation which comes through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Reminders for Weeks Ahead • Breakfast Club – Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.15am – 8.30am. All JC students welcome (toast, spread and juice available) No costs involved. Held in the Art/Science room • Pat M Testing Years 3-6 Tuesday/Wednesday, Week 11 • Class Parent Reps – Morning tea, 9am Thursday 11 April 2013 • Vacation Care Program, Junior Campus. Bookings available now • Dismissal Friday 12 April at 3.30pm • House Day Activity – all students are to wear House tops on last day at school Friday 13 April 2013. • Egg and Bacon breakfast. 8am Friday 12 April 2013. Please come and join your son and stay for breakfast • 11 April – Parent, Student and Teacher Interviews. All students are encourages to attend with parents. • NAPLAN Tests – Years 3 and 5 in the Junior Campus commence on Tuesday 14 May 2013 to Thursday 16 May 2013 and catch up on Friday 17 May 2013 • Mother’s Day morning tea Liturgy (date/time TBA) • Sunday 19 May 2013 – Open day

Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

Canteen Volunteers Urgently Needed The Junior Canteen is open daily from Tuesday through to Friday and Lisa would love some help! If you are able to assist in the Canteen, please contact Lisa on 8400 4222, ext 118. The Senior Canteen is open Monday to Friday and would also appreciate some help. If you are able to assist, please contact Penny direct on 8400 4240. We greatly appreciate any time you have to spare.



Above: Easter Liturgy at the Senior Campus Below: Easter Hampers Far Below and Right: Students perform a play about the resurrection of Christ.



Hamish Richardson selected for State Debating Team On behalf of the debating coaches and team members I would like to congratulate Year 11 student Hamish Richardson on being selected in the South Australian Schools’ State Debating Squad. Just six students from hundreds of debaters in South Australia have been selected. This is a wonderful achievement for Hamish as he now has the opportunity to debate at the 2013 National Schools’ Debating Championships in Canberra in August. This is not the first debating success that Hamish has experienced, having won the Year 10 Debater of the Year award last year in the Debating SA competition. We are thrilled for Hamish and wish him every success as he embarks on an intensive training program in preparation for representing South Australia in Canberra. Thanks also go to Mrs Kaylene Barriera for her commitment to debating and coaching expertise over the last few years. Well done! Mrs Sandra Mason Debating Coordinator Year 10 Debater of the Year, Hamish Richardson, receiving congratulations from His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR, Governor of South Australia (Photo: Courtesy Debating SA).

Wear your blazers and support CBC at the 2013 Head of the River!

Head of the


Saturday 6 April A M Ramsay Rowing Course, West Lakes

Watersports 6 April 2013 Presentation Night The CBC Water Sports Auxiliary warmly invite you to celebrate the achievements of the CBC Rowers at the 2013 Watersports Presentation Night.

Date 6.30 for 7pm start, 6th April 2013

Limited seating tickets must be pre-purchased by Monday 1st April.

Venue CBC Gymnasium

For additional information please contact Andreas Reisinger on 0404 492 008

214 Wakefield Street, Adelaide

Cost Adults and Water Sports students: $30 Children under 12 years: $15 Tickets are available from the CBC Finance Office.








Number of Tickets @ $30 each:................ @$15 each......................... Total:

$ ..........................................................................................

Please return this slip to the CBC Finance Office.


I enclose a cheque / money order payable to: Christian Brothers College. Please do not send cash.


Please charge my

o Bankcard o VISA o MasterCard

Card No.: Card Expiry:

Name on Card: .....................................................

Signature: ..................................................................................................................

Christian Brother's College Parents and Friends          

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‰I will collect the Book OR ‰I have included $9.80 per book for postage and handling POSTAGE ENCLOSED  TOTAL ENCLOSED  $_______ 

Scan this QR code to  order online 


ORDER NOW SECURELY ONLINE: or complete:  Payment type: F Cash   F Visa F Mastercard F Cheque(Make cheques payable to Christian Brother's College Parents and Friends)  Credit Card number:__ __ __ __/__ __ __ __ /__ __ __ __ /__ __ __ __ Expiry date:___ ___ /___ ___CVV*: ______   *CVV is the last 3 digits on back of your credit card) 

Cardholder’s name:_______________________________________ Signature:________________________________________  Thank you for supporting Christian Brother's College Parents and Friends $13 from each Book sold contributes to our fundraising.  Order your Book before 8thApril 2013 and you will receive BONUS OFFERS worth over $200 that you can use straight away (subject to availability). 

Insight 2013T1W10  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 1, Week 10, 2013.

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