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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 1, Week 4


Friday February 22, 2013

Student leaders receive their white blazers at the Missioning Mass.

• Staff, apart from their important work in classrooms, attended Workplace Health and Safety Meetings, a variety of professional development seminars and also began planning for the important move of our Junior Campus students to the Dom Polski Centre during the Clipsal 500 event.

From The Principal Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers, Life is either a daring adventure or nothing! - Helen Keller

Life is a daring adventure and CBC is no exception. I am always amazed by the breadth of activities across the College each week. • On Saturday I visited our rowers at West Lakes, cricketers on the CBC ovals and tennis players on the sports field. • Monday night we hosted our Leadership Team and Board members for Mass, dinner and the first Board meeting of 2013 attended by former CBC student, staff member and now EREA regional Administrator Mr Terry Roberts.

• Our enormous army of volunteers attended both the Friends of Music meeting, Old Collegians AGM and Volunteers Induction Evening this week. • Students in Hurley and Marks Houses participated in House liturgies, our Junior students received their weekly visit from Monsignor Aitken and a group of staff and students gathered in the Chapel on Wednesday morning for our weekly 8am Eucharist. American writer Dale Carnegie born in 1888 once said: action builds confidence and courage. I am deeply grateful to God for the vibrancy of our College and for our courageous, confident, resilient and generous people who grace our presence.

Rest In Peace The College prays for the repose of the soul of John McGlaughlin, father of Br Dean, Gavin and Mark. Let us keep John and all the family in our prayers at this time.

• Tuesday and Wednesday saw over 60 families visit CBC for Principal Tours.

Justice and Solidarity

We are committed to justice and peace for all, grounded in a spirituality of action and reflection that calls us to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised and the Earth itself.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

Congratulations Congratulations to staff member Kate Younie and husband Heath on the birth of baby “Grace Victoria” this week.

Board Meeting The College Leadership Team and Board met on Monday night for Mass celebrated by our dear friend Monsignor Aitken. Assistant Principal-Learning Ms Rebecca Donnon presented a summary of 2012 academic results at the meeting which followed. Business Manager Mr Scali outlined the progress of the CBC Trade Training Development and it was pleasing to note construction was on time and on budget with the project destined for completion shortly after Term 1 this year.

SA Fringe Festival On a completely different note members of the CBC community have been active participants in the 2013 Fringe Festival with 6 members of staff and students participating in various ways: Students • Jordon Bocock, Year 12 student (stand-up comedy in a show called Jordon Bocock’s Day Off) • Marcus Barricelli (Year12) (Bee Gees tribute).

Staff • Mike Meyer CBC percussion teacher (For your love 60s rock show) • Adam Jacobs, Senior Campus staff member (standup comedy)

Counsellor’s Corner

• Poppy Gohl, daughter of the Director of the CBC Community Children’s Centre “The Bubble Breathing Dragon” • Andrew Edge is playing saxophone for Scottish crooner Marshal Dillon.

Helping Others

Workplace Health and Safety News

In one-way or another we are all called to help people who are worried or in crisis. The confused, the suffering, the grieving and the immature often turn to doctors, clergy, teachers, parents, friends or neighbours for assistance. Human problems are brought to those who seem capable of some understanding and good common sense. Parents, in particular, are called on daily to solve problems and to help out in various ways. In fact non-professionals do most of the counselling that goes on. Helping others should be by invitation. It should not mean giving advice, solving problem for others but just being about to extend the help they ask for or require. We help others by really listening to them and standing by them in difficult times.

With the intense heat on Monday I sent a reminder to all staff regarding College Hot Weather Policy considerations.

Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

CBC Scholarships Scholarship applications for 2014 are now open to families. The College is offering full and part scholarships in the following categories: CBC Old Collegians’ Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12. The funding of this scholarship is generously provided by the Christian Brothers College Old Collegians Association Inc. and supports the education provision for students with high academic potential. Indigenous Heritage Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 specifically supports Indigenous students who will contribute positively to College life and maximise the opportunity provided through a Christian Brothers College education. Christian Brothers College New Arrivals Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 supports refugee and recent migrant students who will contribute positively to College life and maximise the opportunity provided through a Christian Brothers College education. Edmund Rice Financial Hardship Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 is donated by Mr Ben Trussell and commemorates the vision and life of the College Founder. This may be awarded to a student whose family is seeking genuine support due to hardship and is subject to the completion of a Scholarship Financial Declaration Form. Further information is available from the College website or by contacting the College Registrar on 8400 4210. Applications close Wednesday 10 April 2013.



Please remember that all students in all three campuses to Year 12 require a College broad rim hat when outdoors. Sunscreen is available in class and work areas and we advise students to take water bottles into class with them. I sincerely thank Receptionists Mrs Sue Gray (Junior Campus) and Mrs Elizabeth Barton (Senior Campus) our unsung heroes on the front desk who managed our heat-affected students on Monday. I read some valuable reminders to parents about children and cars on hot days from a resource on child safety which is available at os/heat/index.shtml • Make sure your child’s safety seat and safety belt buckles aren’t too hot before securing your child in a safety restraint system, especially when your car has been parked in the heat. • Never leave your child unattended in a vehicle, even with the windows down. • Teach children not to play in, on, or around cars. • Always lock car doors and trunks -- even at home -- and keep keys out of children’s reach. • Always make sure all children have left the car when you reach your destination. Don’t leave sleeping infants in the car ever!

International Boys’ School Coalition CBC is a member of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition which provides extensive research and best practice across the globe on boys’ education. Founded in 1995, the International Boys’ Schools Coalition is a not-for-profit coalition of independent, parochial and public schools from around the world dedicated to the education and development of boys world-wide, the professional growth of those who work with them, and the advocacy and the advancement of institutions that serve them.

Later in the year Mr Clarke and I will attend the IBSC Conference in Perth where the topic of boys and engagement in learning will be discussed by international speakers.

Papal Announcement At Mass on Friday night to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the foundation of the Order of Malta, Archbishop Philip Wilson gave a very touching sermon on the resignation of the Holy Father in Rome. Archbishop Wilson said that the Pope’s resignation was both a momentous occasion in the life of the Church and an act of supreme humility and love for the Church.

Cardinal Bertone’s Farewell Address to the Holy Father encapsulates this theme: Most Holy Father, With feelings of great emotion and profound respect, not only the Church, but the whole world, has heard the news of your decision to give up the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, Successor of the Apostle Peter. We would not be honest, Your Holiness, if we said that this evening there is not a hint of sadness in our hearts. In recent years, your teaching has been a window open onto the Church and the world, which let in the rays of truth and love of God, to enlighten and warm our journey, even and especially at times when clouds gathered in the sky. All of us have realized that it is precisely the deep love that Your Holiness has for God and the Church that prompted you to make this act, revealing that purity of mind, that strong and demanding faith, that strength of humility and meekness, along with great courage, that have marked every step of your life and your ministry, and that can only come from being with God, from standing in the light of the word of God, from continuously going up the mountain of encounter with Him to descend again into the City of men. Holy Father, a few days ago with the seminarians of your Diocese of Rome, you said that as Christians we know that the future is ours, the future belongs to God, and that the tree of the Church grows ever anew. The Church is always renewed, always reborn. Serving the Church in the firm knowledge that it is not ours, but God’s, that it is not we who build it but He; being able to say in truth: “We are useless servants. We have done no more than our duty “(Lk 17:10), trusting completely in the Lord, is a great lesson that you, also with this difficult decision, have given not only to us, the Pastors of the Church, but to the entire People of God. The Eucharist is a thanksgiving to God. Tonight, we want to thank the Lord for the path that the whole Church has walked under the guidance of Your Holiness and we want to tell you from the depths of our heart, with great affection, emotion and admiration: thank you for giving us the shining example of a simple and humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord, a worker, however, who knew at all times how to do that which is most important: to bring God to men and to bring men to God.

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

From The Deputy Principal Boys and Digital Reading In the last four years Christian Brothers College has become a digital school with the introduction of laptops for all students from Year 7 to Year 12. For our students this is a new way to interpret text rather than the traditional print format. In 2009 the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) examined 15-year-old students’ ability to read, understand and interact with digital texts. The assessment of digital reading was undertaken by around 25 000 students in 19 of the 67 countries and economies that participated in the PISA 2009 study, which examined international literacy and numeracy levels. The study investigated how well young people deal with contradictory and unreliable information online. While many of the skills needed to read a digital text are similar to those needed to read a print text, differences between print and electronic environments require students to develop new skills. The nature, form and blurred boundaries of digital texts mean that students typically construct their own path, choosing which fragments of the almost infinite number of texts should be read – more so than with printed texts, which have a physical order and physical boundaries. Digital texts also offer different opportunities for readers to engage with the text by directly influencing the content: for example by responding to an email message or adding a comment to a blog. The study conducted on digital reading revealed that Australian students ranked second among participating countries, outperformed only by South Korea. New Zealand achieved a similar score to Australia, but all other countries or economies performed on average at a level significantly lower than Australia. In almost all aspects of the assessment, Australia performed significantly better than the average for the 16 OECD countries and economies that participated in the digital reading assessment. For example, 17 per cent of Australian students were highly skilled digital readers compared to eight per cent of students across the OECD. On average, Australian males performed at a significantly lower level than females, which was the

case in most OCED countries. However, some 15 per cent of Australian boys reached a very high level in digital reading literacy compared to six to nine per cent in other countries. It was also found that the gender gap in digital reading achievement was smaller than the gender gap found in print reading, both in Australia and internationally. The differences in the formats of the print and digital reading assessments provide some clues as to why Australian students on average performed better in digital reading than in print reading. Approximately 60 per cent of the stimulus materials in the print reading assessment were continuous texts such as extracts from prose and poetry. The majority of the stimulus materials in the digital reading assessment were multiple format texts that used several smaller pieces of text. The analysis of the results showed that Australian students performed better on non-continuous texts than on continuous texts. The texts used in the digital reading assessment are more akin to non-continuous texts than continuous texts, as they are shorter in length and because the spatial arrangement of the texts is part of their meaning. It is therefore possible that the nature of the stimulus materials contributed to Australian students’ achievement. Students in both print and digital assessments were required to select a response (usually in the format of multiple choice questions), whereas others required the response to be constructed: students had to write a response (in the paper-andpen test) or input text (in the digital assessment). It was found that the Australian students’ response to multi-choice questions was far more improved than the written form. This difference is believed to have something to do with motivation: given that generating a constructed response requires more effort than selecting a multiple-choice option, it can be inferred that Australian students were relatively highly engaged by the digital reading assessment, as well as relatively proficient. Even though students enjoy using laptops and are becoming more competent in using digital text, reading in the 21st century demands proficiency in dealing with both print and digital texts. As a College community it is essential that we teach both skills to our students. For boy’s often reading can seem to be a chore which doesn’t have the same motivating features as digital reading. Our challenge is to continually find ways to harness the reading interests and strengths of boys that allow them to excel academically and supports them in their social, economic and personal lives.

2013 School calendar Week 5 Mon 25 Feb

Year 8 Retreat Year 10 DOE & CSL preparation day (am)

Tues 26 Feb

Year 10 Retreat Year 12 Study Skills Day Year 7 Museum Visit P&F Meeting Year 8 Athletics Trial

Wed 27 Feb

Year 10 DOE (Group 1) Year 10 CSL (Group 1) Year 9 Retreat Year 7 Athletics Trial

Thurs 28 Feb Clipsal 500 (28 February – 3 March) Year 10 DOE (Group 1) Year 10 CSL (Group 1) Year 7 Retreat Year 9 Athletics Trial Fri 1 Mar

Clipsal 500 (28 February – 3 March) Year 10 DOE (Group 1) Year 10 CSL (Group 1) House R-12 Activity

Mon 4 Mar

Junior Campus Excursions Year 11 Retreat

Tues 5 Mar

Junior Campus Excursions Interschool Swimming Carnival 6.30–9.30pm Year 8 Immunisations Year 9/10 Immunisations

Wed 6 Mar

Junior Campus Excursions Watersports Auxilliary Meeting 6.30pm

Thurs 7 Mar

JC back on site

Fri 8 Mar

JC Assembly

Week 6

Week 7 Mon 11 Mar

Adelaide Cup Day CBCOC Meeting

Tues 12 Mar Smith – Liturgy (SC) Marks – Volleyball (SC) Wed 13 Mar Thurs 14 Mar Fri 15 Mar

World’s Greatest Shave (JC/SC) Red Cross Calling (Walsh House Fundraiser) Casual Day

Mon 18 Mar

Year 3 Swimming Board Meeting

Week 8

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

Tues 19 Mar Year 3 Swimming O’Brien – Liturgy (SC) Hurley – Volleyball (SC) Wed 20 Mar

Clipsal 500 at its best.

Year 3 Swimming Year 10 DOE (Group 2) Year 10 CSL (Group 2)

The full Term Planner is available at

Christian Brothers College

28 FEBRUARY – 3 MARCH 2013

Book at Venue*Tix 8225 8888

New Office Hours for Junior and Senior Campuses Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm INSIGHT


Tertiary pathways for CBC 2012 Year 12 students With the final offerings from SATAC occurring for CBC’s Year 12 students from 2012 this week, it has been interesting to examine the pathways that students have selected for their post-secondary schooling. It is pleasing to see that 100 students from the cohort have now received a university offer from SATAC with 62% of offers for the student’s first preference and 92% of offers being for the student’s first, second or third preference. 8 students have received a TAFE offer from SATAC with 6 receiving their first preference for TAFE study. Interestingly, The University of Adelaide has proven to be the most popular choice for our most recent graduates, capturing 41% of the cohort and ending the domination of the University of South Australia as the most popular tertiary institution for CBC students in recent years.

Once again, tertiary pathways involving Mathematics and Science have proved popular choices for CBC students, with more than half of the 2012 cohort heading towards a tertiary course involving these subject areas: • Science including Psychology, Applied and Social Sciences (18%) • Engineering and Construction (18%) • Medical, Pharmacy and Health (18%) An increased number of students have selected tertiary courses within the banner of ‘Business, Commerce and Management’ (increasing to 17%) which continues the growing trend in this particular area. The following pie chart indicates the broad areas of tertiary study selected by CBC students.

For students pursuing a TAFE pathway for 2013, a variety of options have been chosen. Students have received offers from SATAC for Aviation, Computer Systems Engineering, Building and Construction, Electrotechnology (Electrical/Refrigeration) and Digital Media. On behalf of the College community, I wish all of our 2012 graduates every success as they move forward into this exciting new chapter of their lives beyond CBC. Ms Rebecca Donnon

Assistant Principal - Learning



Assistant Principal Wellbeing Bags, Laptops, Sporting Equipment and Diary organisation Dear Parents and Guardians Mathematics and Science texts have been made available online for students. Should your son not have access he should contact his subject teacher. This is just one of the strategies which provide students’ access to improved learning and it also ensures students carry less in their bags. Please support the work being conducted by the Heads of House and House Tutors in developing students’ organisational skills to ensure that boys only carry to and from home their laptop and specific resources they require for homework and study each day. Please encourage them to check their diaries each morning and evening to ensure they pack according to their learning needs. Students are also bringing large bags of sporting equipment for training. Please help them streamline this gear and encourage them only to bring what is absolutely necessary as there is not sufficient storage space in their lockers or classrooms. I thank you for your support as we work together to help student become more organised. Mr Ian Hamilton Assistant Principal - Wellbeing

As I stated in last week’s article as from Monday 25 February 2013 CBC Junior Campus will be relocated to the DOM Polski Centre, Angus St Adelaide.

CLIPSAL WEEK ACTIVITIES Over the next two weeks the following activities will be occurring: The Junior Campus will be situated at the Don Polski Centre from Monday, 25th February until Wednesday, 6th March. There will be retreats occurring in Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 at the following venues: Grange Surf Lifesaving Club 479 Esplanade, Grange Semaphore Surf Lifesaving Club Military Road, Semaphore Park Largs Bay Sailing Club Foreshore – Lady Gowrie Drive, Largs Bay Monday, 25th February Year 7, 9, 11 & 12 - Normal classes Year 10 - DOE Preparations (9.00am - 11.00am) Year 10 - CSL Preparations (9.00am - 11.00am) Year 8 Retreat Tuesday, 26th February Year 9 & 11 - Normal classes Year 12 Study Skills Day Year 10 Retreat Year 8 Athletics Trials Day (Wear House Shirts) Year 7 Museum visit Wednesday, 27th February Year 8, 11 & 12 - Normal classes Year 10 CSL/DOE Camps Year 9 Retreat Year 7 Athletics Trial Day (Wear House Shirts) Thursday, 28th February Year 8, 11 & 12 - Normal classes Year 10 CSL/DOE Camps Year 9 Athletics Trial Day (Wear House Shirts) Year 7 Retreat (Travel by bus from the school) Friday, 1st March Year 7, 8, 9, 11 & 12 - Normal classes Year 10 CSL/DOE Camps Monday, 4th March Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12 - Normal classes Year 11 Retreat

Canteen Volunteers Needed The Junior Canteen is open daily from Tuesday through to Friday and Lisa would love some help! If you are able to assist in the Canteen, please contact Lisa on 8400 4222, ext 118. The Senior Canteen is open Monday to Friday and would also appreciate some help. If you are able to assist, please contact Penny direct on 8400 4240.

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus Dear Parents/Caregivers and Friends, As I put pen to paper to write my weekly article I cannot help but think about a comment a parent said to me this morning after our first Principal’s tours for 2013. I quote: “How lucky are the boys that go to this amazing school? It is so impressive. The building, the way the teachers teach, they do not sit at their desks and all were so fully engaged with the students. The boys seem so calm and happy as do the teachers. Mr Mifsud and you are obviously very passionate about CBC, the boys, your staff and it shows!”

Noel and I have had many sleepless nights trying to ensure every conceivable thing has been worked out to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students. We will walk to/from the Senior Campus for most Recesses and Lunch breaks. However, on days above 33 degrees we will keep in the centre. On several days we have organised special treats for the boys such as a clown etc. I know some of the little ones are feeling wobbly about the move but I ask for your assistance in keeping the move a very positive adventure whilst trying to build resilience. Please try to drop off your son as late as possible next Monday morning; however, I will be outside the front to greet and welcome all students from 8.15 am. Please refer to my letter sent home last week as well as last week’s newsletter article on website if you need to have any queries about the Clipsal move clarified.

Reminders for Weeks Ahead

It got me thinking about how lucky we are indeed and how far we had come in such a short time. We have much work to still do, but I know how proud Noel and I are of the teaching staff at CBC and we appreciate how dedicated they are. Noel said it so eloquently at the Principal’s tours -- “the students are the reasons why we do what we do and work so hard to be the best we can be.”

• 22 February – last day before Clipsal

We are so very fortunate also to have the parent support in our community. That was so evident last week at the Apology Breakfast and in the mornings with help in our Reception classrooms, canteen and library.

• No banking during Clipsal

I thank every parent who attended the Volunteer Induction evening this week. For those parents who were unable to attend another session will be organised shortly. I have been overwhelmed by the response from parents wishing to be a class representative. Being the class connection is a very important role and after Clipsal, Noel and I will invite you to attend a Class Parent representative morning tea where we will outline some of the things you may wish to organise for child’s class/ year level this year.

• 22 February – JC Assembly, 11.30 Friday • 26 February – P&F Meeting Senior Campus board room – All welcome • 1 March – R-12 House Activity Day • 7 March – JC students/staff back on site • 14 March – JC World’s Greatest Shave • The bags for lunches that are ordered between Tuesday and Friday need to be brought to Dom Polski Centre • No parking in Dom Polski Centre driveways Thank you again for your continued support. Wishing you God’s blessings for the week ahead.

Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

Sacramental Information Enrolment forms for this year’s sacramental programme are available from the Office or via a diary note. SORRY but I have put the enrolments sent in last year in a very safe place. Would you please take a new form, complete it and return it to me. The Rite of Welcome will be held at the Cathedral on the weekend of March 16 and 17. There will be no class liturgies while we are at the Dom Polski centre. Mrs Ann Ozgo Junior Campus REC

We greatly appreciate any time you have to spare. INSIGHT


Defence Forces Information Defence Forces Recruiting will be running various Information sessions during March at

From the Counselling Team Developing Resilience in Our Kids Within our counselling role, a large component of our sessional work surrounds a focus on building ‘resilience’ with the boys. This is a term that is widely used within education today, in particular, the social emotional health and wellbeing of our young people. Resilience can be defined as the ability to bounce back when faced with adversity or difficult situations or events. It is not a singular skill but represents a combination of particular skills together with the factors of environment, family relationships, peer friendships and community connections.

Careers Coordinator / Counsellor • GapBreak Programme • Defence Forces Information

GapBreak Programme GapBreak is a programme which allows Year 12 students to take time out from study and experience another culture before taking a leap into further study or employment.

An Information Night will be held for interested students and parents on Tuesday 19 March 6.30pm-7.30pm at The Rydges SouthPark Hotel, 1 South Tce, Adelaide.

Helping your child become resilient will assist them to become effective adults.”

To register visit

More recently, Helen McGrath and Toni Noble writes: “Human resilience is the ability to cope and bounce back after encountering negative events, difficult situations or adversity and to return to almost the same level of emotional wellbeing. It is also the capacity to respond adaptively to difficult circumstances and still thrive”. (McGrath & Noble 2011) These skills can be taught from an early age and one of the accepted understandings is that it can serve to assist and protect all individuals in managing life’s difficulties and challenges. It is also accepted that the earlier that we teach these skills the more likely will be the delivery of better outcomes. Developing optimistic thinking and coping skills will make it more likely for children to adapt and respond more effectively when faced with challenges and adversity. Helpful thinking and understanding how we think about something will strongly influence how we feel about it and how we then behave. The use of positive self-talk and its importance in our daily lives is a further strategy that will assist our young people in optimistic thinking. Of significance also is the need to manage negative emotions and that we all exercise choice in how we manage these such as anger, worry, frustration and sadness. This remains our challenge in developing and nurturing these core skills within our young people. Ms Jane Gaynor From the Counselling Team



Monday 4 March: Australian Defence Force Academy Wednesday 6 March: Defence University Sponsorship Thursday 7 March: Royal Military College, Duntroon Wednesday 13 March: Careers in the ADF Wednesday 20 March: Women in the Defence Force Wednesday 27 March: Careers in the ADF To book a seat call 13 19 01. Ms Liz Tidemann Counselling/Careers

Destinations include South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Michael Bernard writes: “Resilience is one of the keys to positive mental health.

The resilient child is one who continues to work, play well, love well and expect well. (Bernard, 1991). Andrew Fuller, psychologist, describes resilience as “the happy knack of being able to bungy jump through the pitfalls of life – to rise above adversity and obstacles”.

Defence Force Recruiting, Level 4 Naylor House, 191 Pulteney Street, Adelaide at 6.30pm.



CBC Parents and Friends are hosting the International Night, this is a bi-annual event which will be held this year on 1st June. Historically this is an event for all the family where our multicultural community comes together to celebrate our diversity. We are looking for enthusiastic people who like to cook and share their cultural food with the wider school community by becoming a stall holder. Past stalls have included an Aussie BBQ, Brazilian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Indo-Fijian, Irish, Latin American, Polish, Vietnamese and others. There are also other tasks required to make this event a success so please come on board, meet other members of the CBC community and have some fun. For more information please call Margaret Salagaras on 0417 881 446.

BADMINTON Open A Badminton CBC 8 defeated Immanuel College 4 CBC played some great games this week to convincingly defeat Immanuel College at home. We dominated the doubles winning three of the four matches with Johnny and Hung teaming together to bring victory home in the first match. Vincent and Brian followed suit in the second. Nhan and Maderal played very well in their singles encounters whilst Hung went down in a marathon second singles. Brian, Maderal and Vincent again excelled themselves going it alone after Johnny showed some real class in the first. We play Norwood-Morialta away this week and look forward to building upon this success. Mr Geoff Rogers Coach

Open C Badminton CBC 11 defeated Immanuel College 1 This was a convincing way to begin our Badminton season -- a win of 11 matches with only 3 sets dropped overall. Thank you to Jakeb Vandborg and Liam Peterson who stepped up to play an extra game. Other players on the day were Victor Ngo, John Neindorf, Marek Wojcik, Riley White and Christian D’Addario. Well played everyone! Mrs Anna Memma Coach

Year 8/9 Badminton St Paul’s defeated CBC The boys played to a high standard; however, the St Paul’s lads were the overall winners on the day. A special mention should be made of Jisu Park who had a triumphant win in singles, and Tim Hoven and Brian Ma who won their doubles match with ease. Ms Tahlia Harman Coach

BASKETBALL Year 7 Yellow Basketball CBC Yellow 48 defeated St John Bosco 23 All the team played well with Matthew and Daniel Postle, Logan Griffin, Liam Best, Max Ryszawa and Ethan Scriven who scored not one but two three-pointers. Special thanks to Raimonds Joudems who came to support the team even though he was injured and couldn’t play. Both teams played well however, some great goal shooting, defense and excellent team-work by CBC made the difference. Ms Pauline Magrin Coach

CRICKET First XI Cricket Rostrevor College 198 defeated CBC 88 Bowling first, we made steady inroads, regularly taking wickets with the support of some great catching, and were reasonably happy to have them 5/90 in the 19th. We were very happy to have them all out in the 32nd over for 198 courtesy of some more solid bowling and fielding. A special

mention to Jack Strange for a tradesman-like performance on a boiling hot day. Then it was our turn to bat. Another day, another duck. Chasing balls we should have left, skying shots we should have grounded, staying back in line when we should have gone forward -- we were awful. To be 9/36, regardless of the bowling which was tight and in good areas but not menacing, was a living nightmare. The umpires cancelled the drinks break. Mr Buttfield called the bunting onto the oval verge and it was only going to be minutes until it was over, right? Wrong. “Cricket is a funny game.” For the next hour and ten minutes our number 10 Hayden Niscioli and number 11 Rhys Nihill showed composure and maturity as they watched the ball, thought about their placement, used common sense in their shot selection and basically gave the top and middle order a succinct lesson in how to bat. Working singles and twos, they put on a manful 52-run partnership to save the team from the ignominy of being rolled for under 40. Best with Ball: Jack Strange 4/30, Hayden Niscioli 2/28 Best with Bat: Rhys Nihill 22, Hayden Niscioli 18 no* Man of the match: Hayden Niscioli Mr Josh Roach Coach

Year 10 Cricket Trinity 9/109 defeated CBC 32 (9 February) To start the 2013 cricket season our Year 10s were booked for a bus ride out to Trinity College at Evanston. Upon arrival the Trinity team were half way into an impressive set of fielding drills, reminding us that we would be up against a quality side. Captain Marcus Tully won the toss and sent Trinity in to bat. We expected their batsmen to dominate; however, the bowling of Alex Walker, Alex Kern and Jacob Vonthoff produced three early wickets. The Trinity batsmen then steadied, until Luke Curtale entered the attack with a good display of leg-spin bowling. Despite the greasy conditions, Luke managed to turn the ball both ways and was rewarded with three wickets against good batsmen. James Gates blasted one batsman out with his pace and Jonah Byrnes relished the opportunity to bowl. His accuracy helped him pick up two good wickets. Trinity was struggling at 9/70, but we failed to finish off their batsmen and they managed to reach 109 runs. Whilst we had the better of Trinity for most of their innings, it soon became clear that their strength was in their fielding and bowling. They bowled fast and accurate from the very start and none of our batsmen were able to score runs easily. Ciaran Whittaker (7 runs), Alex Kern and Alex Walker (both 8 runs) put up the most resistance for CBC. All other batsmen found the bowling too fast and accurate, backed up by superb fielding.

Adelaide High 3/153 defeated CBC 5/81 (16 February) In hot conditions at Adelaide High the Year 10s took on a very strong Adelaide High B team, from which only two players are not playing district grade cricket. Marcus Tully won the toss and once again elected to bowl first. This time we were facing a formidable batting attack that was able to punish any balls wide of the stumps or too short. The hard wicket and fast outfield helped the batsmen; however, there was still some good bowling from James Gates, Alex Kern, Luke Curtale, Jonah Byrne and the improved Jacob Vonthoff. Baily Clements kept behind the stumps well and there was generally a good standard of fielding from the boys. Adelaide High still managed an impressive 3/153 from their 20 overs, which meant we would have to score at almost 8 runs per over to win. In reply our batsmen were off to a good start through Alex Kern (22 runs), Jonah Byrnes (16) and Ciaran Whittaker, who is proving to be quite a reliable opening batsmen this year. Some solid hitting from James Gates (18 not out) helped CBC to reach a respectable 4/81 off our 20 overs. Mr Greg Ward Coach

Year 9A Cricket PAC 8/148 defeated CBC 146 In a tightly contested affair CBC lost by two wickets to PAC. The boys fielded and bowled well but couldn’t clean up the stubborn PAC tail after having the visitors 6/87. Best bowling performances included 3/25 by Ambrose Ronson, 2/3 by Man of the Match Ben Adams and 2/16 by Luke Squire. Christian Baker (3 catches) and Michael Cotsios deserve special mention for their three fine catches in the field. Next week we play Sacred Heart at the SHC Middle School. All parents are warmly invited to come along and enjoy the game. Mr Stephen Clohesy Coach

Year 8A Cricket CBC 7/118 defeated St Peter’s College 7/117 Best with Bat: Webb 29, Matthias 25 Best with Ball: Egan 1/8, Strange 1/12 (3), Rajagopal 1/9 In what many consider to be the match of the decade, the Year 8A cricket team pulled off a thrilling victory in front of a healthy crowd at the CBC Main Oval. Batting first, Webb again provided stability to the top order after we lost early wickets. Matthias came in towards the end of the innings and made a quick, valuable 25 to ensure we reached a defendable total. Opening bowlers Jayawardhana and Robey were economical and unlucky not to have taken early wickets. It took a brilliant reflex catch from Ridgewell to get the first breakthrough and wickets were taken at a consistent rate after the first wicket. St Peters managed to fight back late and needing 10 runs off the last Barker over, they managed to narrow the equation to 3 runs to win from the last ball. Running back for the second run, to tie the match, the opposition batsman was run out by some exceptional fielding from bullet-arm Strange. Two wins from two starts has the Year 8As confidence sky high and will look to make it three in a row against a strong Marryatville High on Saturday. Mr Cail Harris Coach

Year 7 Cricket CBC 5/97 defeated St Paul’s 10/77 CBC lost the toss and were sent into bat on a lovely looking strip, as is the norm at Collins Reserve. CBC had 13 players in the team, all eager for a bat so nobody was able to spend too long at the crease. Jack Bastian saw off the openers and retired on 9. William Mariuz was dropped early in his innings after a three-way collision between fieldsmen and made the most of the opportunity to finish on 16 not out. Zane Caldwell showed he is handy with bat as well as ball, retiring on 18. With contributions from most of the team, we finished our 27 overs with a competitive total of 97. St Paul’s were in trouble early with Mitchell Vonthoff taking 2/0 and Hayden Clarke 2/4. Unfortunately, some of the CBC fieldsmen became too relaxed and dropped their focus, allowing St Paul’s back into the game. We will need to work on maintaining the intensity for the full 27 overs in the field. John Zito, known more for his batting ability, came into the attack and took two late wickets to snuff out St Paul’s chances of victory. Single wickets were also taken by Jack Bastian and John Kleeman. CBC also effected two run-outs, one off the last ball of the innings and a spectacular direct hit by Jamie Cerone from mid-wicket with only one and a half stumps to aim at. Another solid performance by the team, but we will need to be on our game when we face some stronger opposition in the coming weeks. Mr Tom Mclean Coach



Year 5A Cricket CBC 85 defeated Pembroke 79 We lost the toss and Pembroke chose to field first. Our opening batsmen were Will Haegi and Matthew Cerone they made a great partnership of 13 runs. Special mention to Aaditya Meda who took four wickets. Written by Matthew Adams (4 White) Best Players: Tom Brooks (4 Wh), Aaditya Meda (4 Wh), Rees Srivasta (4 Pu) Mr Christopher Gann Team Manager

Year 3 Kanga Cricket St Joseph’s Memorial Primary defeated CBC This was the first game of cricket for many of the boys and although we didn’t win it was a great introduction into playing a team sport. I was very impressed with the boys’ enthusiasm and desire to play cricket. We batted well with a healthy total but unfortunately the loss of several wickets didn’t help our average score. In the field I was impressed with the backing up of the wickets, the team spirit and sportsmanship. It was a good first game and I was very proud of all the players: Toryn Christensen Joshua Black Oscar Merchant Dylan Ryan Max Bastin Richard Guo Thomas Kerkman Aaqil Azeez A special thank you to Kaine for coaching and umpiring, Marcus our assistant coach for Wednesday practice, Darren and Jackson for scoring. Ms Kathy Cresswell Team Manager

Tennis Drive Tennis CBC 7 defeated Nazareth 2 George Wong (Captain) 6-0 singles, 6-4 doubles Rein Coetzer 6-0 singles, 6-4 doubles Jack Quinn 4-6 singles, 6-4 doubles Jack Owens 4-6 singles, 6-4 doubles Kyle Gaweda 6-2 singles, 6-1 doubles Bradley Graham 6-1 singles, 6-0 doubles Another good win making it 3 wins and no losses thus far for the season. George Wong, Rein Coetzer Brad Graham and Kyle Gaweda were particularly impressive in singles play…they dominated their opponents by nullifying their strengths and this was another example of their astute experience carrying them through. We also managed to win all 3 doubles matches for the first time this year so congratulations to all players. Mr Paul Horgan Coach

Middle B Tennis CBC 9 sets, 65 games defeated Concordia 3 sets, 37 games All of the boys displayed excellent sportsmanship, along with a determination to win. Daniel Aplin and Luke Teackle easily accounted for their doubles rivals as did Raf Stawicki and Stuart O’Neil. Brendan Shunmugam and Lachlan Jarvis showed they can win when under lots of pressure. Matthew Dell’orso and Harry Isherwood were valiant in their doubles match also. All players had their singles opponents’ match, and those who lost narrowly, went down fighting. A great team spirit has developed within the Middle B team. This spirit will see reserves players coming into the team next week for our match against St Ignatius College at 10am at the Tusmore Park Courts on the corner of Stirling and Northumberland Streets, Tusmore Park. The Middle B team for Saturday 10am 23rd February 2013 are: Cooper

Stankovich, Bakhos Rahme, George Moutzouris, Nick Gallamarino, Rafal Stawicki, Daniel Aplin, Luke Teakle and Lachlan Jarvis. Mr Greg Kurtzer Coach

Middle C2 Tennis Pulteney 6 sets defeated CBC 5 sets Pulteney Grammar School did not have a C2 team; therefore CBC played senior students from Pulteney. To the boys’ credit they all played very well considering their opposition were 2 or 3 years older. Well done to George Theodoulou, Anthony Centofanti and Nghia Nguyen who all had convincing wins. Ms Liesel Dunstan Coach

Junior C1 Tennis St Peter’s defeated CBC The games on Saturday proved a tough challenge for our boys in the hot sun. In the doubles Adrian Niscioli and Christian Tarzia put up a strong challenge, but were just defeated 6 games to 4. In the singles games Adrian managed to win his singles 4 games to 3 (shortened because of the heat). Thanh La had a strong win 6 games to 3 in his first singles, but was unfortunately defeated in his second match. A very good effort in hot conditions, boys! Ms Liz Tidemann Coach

call a strategic time-out at 8-17. Not to be un-nerved, CBC came back from the time-out and smashed their way to an opening set win of 25 to 18. The second set was similar to the first, although we improved even further with our communication and confidence, again prompting Pulteney to call another timeout mid-set. CBC held strong and won the set (and match) 25–13. The final set was a flash back of the old team only narrowly winning 25–22. It was great to see our team gel and work with confidence together in our first match back. Fantastic effort by all! I look forward to a great season with the team. Ms Krystle Helps Coach

Year 9 Volleyball Rostrevor 3 defeated CBC 0 The boys in this team played together last year and achieved much success in Term 4, so we travelled to Rostrevor College with much anticipation and excitement. Unfortunately, despite putting in an excellent effort against a well-organised team, CBC did not manage to win. The first set was a huge disappointment for us, but the boys pulled themselves together and displayed some skilful play in the second and third sets, losing marginally. Our strength this week was our serving, but we lacked control of the ball and made more careless errors than Rostrevor. We look forward to next week’s game with anticipation. Mrs Lucyna Zwolski Coach

Year 8/9 Volleyball

Year 7 Tennis

CBC 3 defeated St Peter’s 0

St Peter’s defeated CBC

The first match of the season was played in warm conditions in the CBC Gym. The team played like a welloiled machine and made quick work of the entire game. Great teamwork from all and rotation worked well. Serving was strong and we played on their weaknesses. The talk amongst the team was exceptional and one of the main reasons we beat St Peter’s so convincingly. Well done on a fantastic effort. Ms Emma Woehle Coach

So far this season we have had a struggle with a loss to PAC 5 sets to 4 but with 33 to 40 games in our favour. Morgan Edey and Marcus Costanzo performed well winning both singles and doubles. Week 2 saw us play St Peter’s away and again whilst close we were defeated 6 sets to 3 with Christian Aloisi and Jordan Richardson winning their singles. Practice continues on Mondays and improvement will be the goal for all players. Mr Colin Curnow Coach

Year 6 Prep B1 Tennis CBC 38 defeated Rostrevor 14 Despite the rising temperature on the day, CBC kept their cool and focused on bringing their best efforts to the court. Once again their sportsmanship and manners were equal to their ability at the net. Congratulations Adam Wells, Daniel Bressan, Daniel Herimas, William Moten, Jayden Mead and Indy Browning for another great win. Mrs Sharon Moten Coach

Year 8 Volleyball CBC 2 defeated Blackfriars 0 This was a very convincing win against Blackfriars with CBC playing and working as a team. All of the team players are to be commended on their performance and the final result. Ms Jane Gaynor Coach

Water polo Year 8 Water polo

VOLLEYBALL Open B Volleyball CBC 3 defeated Pulteney Grammar 0 The 2013 Volleyball season got off to a flying start on Friday night for the Open B team. With Sam Warren doing a superb job of umpiring for us, we had the following players take to the court for the opening game of the season - Chris Binyon, Matej Bacic, Bryce Clonan, Brayden Dwyer, Philip Rocconi, Luke Yates and newcomer to the team, Nathan Koulizos. CBC got off to a great start causing Pulteney to

CBC 5 defeated St Peter’s 2 Goal Scorers: Jake Hardie 2, Laurence Giannetta 2, Riley Poole 1 It was an excellent way to start the season with our first ever win in water polo. After a tight first quarter we trailed 2 – 1 but had fought back to ties the scores at half time. The second half was still a tight contest but we were able to convert our opportunities to take the game. Taylor Sarunic played extremely well as goal keeper. It was a great effort by Mitchell Starr, Riley Poole and Henry Barker who were playing their first game. Congratulations to the whole team. Mr Rick Mackereth Coach

Insight 2013T1W04  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 1, Week 4, 2013.

Insight 2013T1W04  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 1, Week 4, 2013.