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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 1, Week 3


Friday February 15, 2013

Lion Dancers visit the Junior Campus for Chinese New Year.

“To the mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry. “And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry.”

From The Principal Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers,

National Apology On February 2008 former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaking on behalf of a nation stated: ‘We apologise’ “We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians,” the apology read. “We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country. “For the pain, suffering and hurt of these Stolen Generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.

This historic apology was a definitive moment in Australian consciousness. In short it was both right and just. The apology is a beginning; we have a long journey of reconciliation ahead of us. In 2013 there are 162,000 Indigenous Australians currently of school age, many of whose literacy and numeracy skills are up to 30 per cent lower than those of non-indigenous students au. “We are turning the corner but the challenges are massive,” Mr Rudd told the National Apology annual breakfast this week in Sydney’s Government House. On Thursday 17 Indigenous CBC students and their families were guests of honour at our National Apology breakfast ceremony. We acknowledged that we too have begun the journey towards reconciliation and prayed that Indigenous children throughout the globe are treated with justice so that they receive only the highest standards of education. It is through education that we empower our children to change the world and they in turn challenge us to do the same.

Inclusive Community

Our community is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships and committed to the common good.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

The Lenten Journey begins This week we begin the Lenten journey towards Easter and again the theme of reconciliation and sacrifice are key challenges. Recent College events reminded me of the sacredness that sacrifice plays in the lives of our College community. At our Dux assembly students were presented with an award from Red Cross for contributing the highest number of blood donations in both our region and in SA. This is the 6th year in a row CBC has won this award! Staff and students led by Deputy Mr Clarke gave 136 donations of blood throughout the year – a personal sacrifice which has saved countless lives. The second example of sacrifice is a father who visited me this week and shared his personal story regarding his struggles to financially meet the demands of raising and educating his children. I was deeply humbled to hear this story and the sacrifice our caregivers make to ensure their children have the very best Catholic education. Former CBC principal Br Pat Cronin was awarded life membership of Santos Stadium for contributions to Athletics. Br Pat has worked tirelessly in assisting children to reach their full potential. Since retirement from CBC he has assisted our students in preparation for our major inter-collegiate athletics carnival, the Achilles Cup. Br Pat represents the 115 volunteers who work throughout the three campuses giving generously of their time and talent for the benefit of our

Br Patrick Cronin (left) and Mr Mike Buttfield.

• forced migrants (refugees, migrant workers, the undocumented) • inner city populations (racial minorities, the elderly, the homeless, the persistently poor) • indigenous peoples at home and abroad • and the globally destitute, more than 800 million people who go to bed hungry each night.

Counsellor’s Corner

This Easter let us turn away from sin and turn towards those in deep need and in doing so be inspired by the Passion narrative to act out of kindness, love and selflessness.

Antisocial People Antisocial people persistently violate the customs, codes and common sense ways of relating as people and they keep doing this even when people object to their behaviour, for example by shunning them, not inviting them again or leaving them out of a group. Passing laws or punishing antisocial people may make us feel better but it does not seem to do much to change them. There are no easy solutions. We all have to learn the skills of making and keeping friends. Empathy, listening carefully, forgiving and forgetting, talking out difficulties, agreeing on boundaries and respecting one another, are some ways to tackle the problem. Lines of communication need to be kept open at all times. We do not accept the antisocial person’s way of acting but we try to accept him or her as a person. Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

CBC Scholarships Scholarship applications for 2014 are now open to families. The College is offering full and part scholarships in the following categories: CBC Old Collegians’ Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12. The funding of this scholarship is generously provided by the Christian Brothers College Old Collegians Association Inc. and supports the education provision for students with high academic potential. Indigenous Heritage Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 specifically supports Indigenous students who will contribute positively to College life and maximise the opportunity provided through a Christian Brothers College education. Christian Brothers College New Arrivals Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 supports refugee and recent migrant students who will contribute positively to College life and maximise the opportunity provided through a Christian Brothers College education. Edmund Rice Financial Hardship Scholarship R - 6 or 7 – 12 is donated by Mr Ben Trussell and commemorates the vision and life of the College Founder. This may be awarded to a student whose family is seeking genuine support due to hardship and is subject to the completion of a Scholarship Financial Declaration Form. Further information is available from the College website or by contacting the College Registrar on 8400 4210. Applications close Wednesday 10 April 2013.



children. When I think of this sacrifice I am reminded of Matthew’s Gospel 19:14. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” The final example of sacrifice came in the form of a letter from the Kiosk Manager of Royal Adelaide Hospital. She wrote to share the following story of CBC Year 5 student William Goldsmith: During the Christmas holidays I had the great privilege of witnessing firsthand the giving spirit of one of your Junior Campus students William Goldsmith. Will kindly volunteered his time over a number of days to work at the kiosk. Will is very polite, well-mannered and considerate boy who picked up different skills with ease and on many occasions we could not have survived without this help. I want to congratulate CBC for helping to mentor fine young men like William in our community who is a credit to your College.

The College community commemorated Ash Wednesday with a liturgy encouraging us to turn towards those who most need our help.

News In Brief Government House Ms Nicole Leary and I were guests at Government House where four CBC Old Collegians (Class of 2012) received their certificates of Merit for studies in Year 12. As Ms Donnon reported in last week’s newsletter the award winners included: Aaron Batic (Visual Arts-Art), Joshua Grant (Research Project), James Robinson (Information Processing and Publishing) and Arvi Simeon (Physics). In an address by a representative of the 2012 SACE cohort the speaker said “we can never reach for perfection but perhaps in attempting to do so we reach excellence.” I congratulate all CBC students, their families and teachers for displaying not only outstanding excellence but also faith, community and compassion.

Shrove Tuesday Thank You to the following students who assisted with Shrove Tuesday celebrations with fundraiser going to our service learning charities: Basil Dimopoulos, Michael Petrilli, Liam Peterson, James Brown, Sean Marzinotto, David Fantasia, Giuseppe Foccarelli, Oliver Megins and Jordan Lennon.

Each Ash Wednesday when a student, colleague or priest places the sign of the cross on my forehead and says “Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel’ I know that I cannot turn away unless I turn towards those in need. The U.S. Jesuit Province Superiors named four major groups that are most deserving of our care in their document, “A Meditation on our Response to the Call of Christ”:

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

Volunteer Induction Evening 6.45pm Tuesday 19 February 2013 Walsh Lecture Theatre (Senior Campus)

This induction is compulsory for all those who are interested in volunteering at CBC. Members of the community who completed the induction last year are not required to attend. Please bring your driver’s licence. RSVP Jenny Dunncliff // email // phone 8400 4210

From The Deputy Principal Transferable knowledge for students is the key to success in work and life Last week a number of lead learners at the college attended a workshop entitled “Understanding by Design” (UbD) by Jay McTighe, who is a leading educational researcher on planning and designing curriculum in the United States. Jay McTighe’s approach to curriculum design is that it is not about just delivering content but also, through detailed curriculum planning, developing curricula and assessment that deepen a student’s understanding of important ideas. He emphasised that irrespective of the different subjects that are taught to students there is a vital need to have transferable knowledge that can be used in work and life. Today both educational and business leaders want today’s students both to master school subjects and to excel in areas such as problem solving, critical thinking, and communication -- abilities often referred to by such labels as “deeper learning” and “21st-century skills.” Recent research has identified that these are general skills that can be applied across a range of tasks in academic, workplace, or family settings, and that 21st-century skills are specific to content knowledge and performance within a particular subject area. The research also found that these sets of key skills relate to learning Mathematics, English, and Science as well as to succeeding in education, work, and other areas of life. Transferable knowledge is the process through which a person develops the ability to take what was learned in one situation and apply it to new situations. Through deeper learning, the student develops transferable knowledge, which includes both expertise in a particular subject area and procedural knowledge of how, why, and when to apply this knowledge to solve unique problems in that subject. Jay McTighe called this transferable knowledge “essential understanding” and requires teachers in curriculum design to identify questions that could be transferred to other subject areas.

and skills as “21st-century competencies”. The report identified three broad categories of 21st-century competencies: the cognitive domain, which includes thinking and reasoning skills; the intrapersonal domain, which involves managing one’s behaviour and emotions; and the interpersonal domain, which involves expressing ideas and communicating appropriately with others. Over the past two years the college has been working in partnership with Professor Martin Westwell in developing these higher order thinking skills through the study of neuroscience in all subject areas. Research has identified features of instruction that support the process of deeper learning and therefore the development of transferable knowledge and skills in a given subject area. Curricula and instructional programs should be designed with a focus on clear learning goals along with assessments to measure students’ progress toward and attainment of the goals. These programs should feature research-based teaching methods such as using multiple and varied representations of concepts, encouraging elaboration and questioning, engaging learners in challenging tasks while also providing guidance and feedback, teaching with examples and cases, connecting topics to students’ lives and interests, and using assessments that monitor students’ progress and provide feedback for adjusting teaching and learning strategies. The Australian Curriculum this year has been implemented in schools in the areas of Science, English, History and Mathematics focusing on developing 21st-century competencies in our students and further developing both their numeracy and literacy skills. These cognitive competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, and argumentation are important skills for students to develop today. Jay McTighe emphasised at the workshop last week that in our schools we need to ensure we develop curriculum that teaches knowledge that challenges students to think creatively and openly, developing skills that are transferable to both life and work in our world today.

2013 School calendar Week 4 Mon 18 Feb

Student Leaders (Br. Damien Price) Board Meeting

Tues 19 Feb

Advanced ID Photos Catchup (JC) Principal’s Tour (SC) Friends of Music Walsh - Liturgy Volunteer Information Evening 6.45pm

Wed 20 Feb

Principal’s Tour (JC)

Thurs 21 Feb Fri 22 Feb

JC last day before Clipsal JC Assembly Hurley – Liturgy (SC) Marks – Liturgy (SC) Bourke – Volleyball (SC) Walsh – Volleyball (SC)

Mon 25 Feb

Year 8 Retreat Year 10 DOE & CSL preparation day (am)

Tues 26 Feb

Year 10 Retreat Year 12 Study Skills Day Year 7 Museum Visit P&F Meeting Year 8 Athletics Trial

Wed 27 Feb

Year 10 DOE (Group 1) Year 10 CSL (Group 1) Year 9 Retreat Year 7 Athletics Trial

Week 5

Thurs 28 Feb Clipsal 500 (28 February – 3 March) Year 10 DOE (Group 1) Year 10 CSL (Group 1) Year 7 Retreat Year 9 Athletics Trial Fri 1 Mar

Clipsal 500 (28 February – 3 March) Year 10 DOE (Group 1) Year 10 CSL (Group 1) House R-12 Activity

“It is not enough to have knowledge, one must also apply it. It is not enough to have wishes, one must also accomplish.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Week 6 Mon 4 Mar

Junior Campus Excursions Year 11 Retreat

Tues 5 Mar

Junior Campus Excursions Interschool Swimming Carnival 6.30–9.30pm Year 8 Immunisations Year 9/10 Immunisations

Wed 6 Mar

Junior Campus Excursions Watersports Auxilliary Meeting 6.30pm

Thurs 7 Mar

JC back on site

Fri 8 Mar

JC Assembly

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

The National Research Council in the United States has referred this blend of transferable content knowledge

The full Term Planner is available at

Clipsal 500 at its best.

Christian Brothers College

28 FEBRUARY – 3 MARCH 2013

Book at Venue*Tix 8225 8888

New Office Hours for Junior and Senior Campuses Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm INSIGHT


Library Welcome 2013 Welcome to the start of a new year in the library. The senior library team this year includes Ms Sandra Mason, Mrs Angela Barry, and Mrs Margaret Pilichiewicz, with Mrs Caroline Wilson, Teacher Librarian, in the junior campus library. The library resources consist of information books to support the curriculum, literature for English study, an extensive fiction collection, newspapers, and a large selection of journals for recreation and research. We are very excited to announce that in the near future we will be launching our new library website for both campus libraries, so stay tuned! It has been an incredibly hectic start to the school year with the distribution of text books to senior students and laptop computers for Year 7, 8 and 9 students. All senior school students now have the use of a personal laptop computer, which should contribute strongly to learning outcomes. Just a reminder that all students need to return their textbooks at the end of the school year, so please ensure that the resources are cared for accordingly during this time. I would like to commend students and teachers for the manner in which they have conducted themselves throughout this busy process, and for their patience in the delay of normal library routines. Students are welcome to visit the library during opening hours, 8:00 am till 4:00 pm each day, and during lunch breaks. Students are able to borrow a total of eight books at a time for two weeks, which can be extended if required for another two weeks. The library staff are happy to assist students with book selection, research support and library skills.



CBC Parents and Friends are hosting the International Night, this is a bi-annual event which will be held this year on 1st June. Historically this is an event for all the family where our multicultural community comes together to celebrate our diversity. We are looking for enthusiastic people who like to cook and share their cultural food with the wider school community by becoming a stall holder. Past stalls have included an Aussie BBQ, Brazilian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Indo-Fijian, Irish, Latin American, Polish, Vietnamese and others. There are also other tasks required to make this event a success so please come on board, meet other members of the CBC community and have some fun. For more information please call Margaret Salagaras on 0417 881 446.

If you require further information in regard to the library or book hire procedures please contact library staff. Best wishes to all students for their studies this year! Mrs Sandra Mason Head Librarian

Paul McGuire Library

Introducing Smith House

Smith Events

Smith House was named after Br Ernest Gregory Smith a teacher at CBC in the 1960s. The Head of Smith House is Mr Michael Lucas and the house tutors are Mr Chris Dolan, Mr Josh Roach, Mr Rory Harris, Mr Richard McLoughlin, Ms Liesel Dunstan, Ms Preeti Patil and Ms Toni Riccio. The House Captain is Suliman Gamar. There will be house assistants and SRC representatives elected later this term.

Br Smith was born on 15 November 1910 and died on 10 April 1999. Although it would be nice to celebrate Br Smith’s birth, the senior students will have finished their schooling for the year, and therefore we decided to commemorate Smith Day on the anniversary of Br Smith’s passing. However, due to a crowded calendar, this year we will celebrate Smith Day on 9 April. There will be a BBQ lunch, and fund-raising activities for the boys of Smith House and the boys will be able to come to school in their House tops.

The Smith House shield is a yellow shield with a white blaze and three white diamonds in the upper right. We meet each day in the Rice building and the Art room.

Br Ernest Gregory Smith was the youngest of 7 children. He was educated in Geelong excelling in his studies and becoming an accomplished soprano. He especially enjoyed performing Gilbert and Sullivan. Br Smith joined the Christian Brothers in 1926 and completed his teacher training in 1927 as a 17-year-old. Imagine travelling from Melbourne to Brisbane to take up your first teaching position as an 18-year-old at St Laurence’s College. Some of the students would have been of a similar age!

Quiz Competition Friday 1 Feb was our first senior house activity. The tutor groups divided into 2 teams and competed against other in a general quiz. Prizes were given for original answers, quick responses and correct answers. Mr McLoughlin, the quiz master, provided many challenges for the boys and much entertainment.

Smith House Charity Each House has a charity. The Smith House charity is Centacare. Last year Smith House raised money to support Centacare at Ceduna. Each fund-raising activity will contribute funds to Centacare to be used in one of their many supportive programs.



Meet Smith House

Mr Michael Lucas Head of Smith House

student contravening this request will have items confiscated and returned at a later date.

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

• Mrs Sue Gray will be situated at front of centre – Student Services and parent queries made to JC diverted to SC – Mrs Gray informed. • Instrumental lessons will continue as per timetable in JC site.

Student Leaders I congratulate the following student leaders on their nominations as Student Representatives and Prayer leaders for Semester 1, 2013. Class

SRC #1

Prayer Leader

R Purple

Oscar Tabotta

Max Pudney

R White

Kosta Foundas

Callum Chapman

• Students may order lunches Monday – Friday. Lunch orders will be delivered to Dom Polski at lunchtime. Students will have an opportunity to purchase from canteen at recess and lunch time.

Yr 1 Purple

Adam Mencel

Eric Duong

Yr 1 White

Ethan Stockwell

Andrew Callow

Dear Parents/Caregivers and Friends,

• Year level classes situated together. • Internet access will be limited and so I ask that any concerns or queries you may have are via school number – directed to Senior Campus.

Yr 2 Purple

William Mestrov

William Holmes

I would like to thank you all for attending our Junior Campus Parent Acquaintance Information Evening, last Monday 11 February 2013. I am constantly overwhelmed by the number of parents/caregivers who support our various fundraising events throughout the year. This year’s number of Parent and Friends coming along was unprecedented. Thank you to our dedicated and passionate staff who presented themselves so professionally. Mr Mifsud and I always appreciate any feedback that will enable us to improve on our service to our CBC community so please email a line or two, positive or negative. All is very valuable to us. We are all about raising the bar in all we do. In the coming weeks our staff will be busily preparing for the Clipsal, when we vacate the Junior Campus due to noise levels, large crowds and the many distractions this race brings. For the first time we will be moving our entire JC to the Dom Polski Centre on Angas Street for the entire 8 days, rather than being situated in the SC classrooms. This will enable staff to continue with the students’ high quality learning albeit in a different facility. Many of our new families may see this as quite an overwhelming and daunting experience, but I can assure you every facet of this logistical move has been carefully discussed and planned at length. Moving to the Dom Polski Centre means that our teachers do not have to take the boys on excursions every day and camps can be spread over the year. Obviously there will be some teething issues but I know I can count on your support to ensure the safety of your sons at all cost and that quality teaching and learning for our students continues.

Answers to queries you may have Week 4 • 22 February last day at JC. All students are asked to take home all of their books, pencil cases etc. and bring to Dom Polski Centre on Monday 25 February 2013. Week 5 • Students attend school at Dom Polski Centre 232 Angas Street, Adelaide. Staff will be situated on corners/front of building am/pm to ensure students’ safety. We ask that you drop off your son at the latest possible time as we do not have a play area.

Yr 2 White

Jed Walker

Benjamin Saliba

Yr 3 Purple

Henry O,Mahoney

Richard Guo

A range of fun activities are being planned for our JC students to ensure they thoroughly enjoy this new experience.

Yr 3 White

Lucas Sebastiano

Yr 4 Purple

Sebastien Zitis

Yr 4 White

Stefan Calderisi

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries or concerns.

Yr 5 Purple

Ben O’Brien

Thursday 7 March. JC students/staff back on JC site.

Yr 5 White

Philip Reisinger

Thank you to:

Yr 6 Purple

Indy Browning

Campbell Hillock

• P&F Volunteers serving supper at Parent Acquaintance evening – JC

Yr 6 White

Blake Angel

William Reardon Logan Dwyer

Yr 6 Gold

Thomas Grech

Daniel Hremias

• SJAG – SC leaders and Mr Flynn cooking pancakes for JC students, Shrove Tuesday • Staff/Parents cooking National Apology Breakfast. Mr Hamilton ordering and assisting in purchasing of food

Cooper Stewart Monydeng Monydeng

Reminders for Weeks Ahead

• Uniform shop ladies – patience with distributing house shirts. Any exchanges must be made by parents.

• JC Principals Tour – Wednesday 20 February 9.30am and 5.30pm • 22 February – last day before Clipsal • 22 February – JC Assembly 11.30 Friday • 26 February – P&F Meeting SC campus board room – All welcome • 1 March - R-12 House Activity Day • 7 March – JC students/staff back on site • 14 March – JC World’s Greatest Shave • No banking during Clipsal

Please Note:

Wishing you God’s blessings for the week ahead.

• Mr Hamilton – House top/badges distribution. Remember the tops are only to be worn for House activities. Badges – formal occasions only to prevent loss

• Please do not use disabled car park front/ Wakefield JC unless you have a permit • Please note double parking on a bike lane incurs a $700 fine Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

Canteen Volunteers Needed The Junior Canteen is open daily from Tuesday through to Friday and Lisa would love some help! If you are able to assist in the Canteen, please contact Lisa on 8400 4222, ext 118. The Senior Canteen is open Monday to Friday and would also appreciate some help. If you are able to assist, please contact Penny direct on 8400 4240. We greatly appreciate any time you have to spare.

• Students will have an alternative recess and lunch play time from SC students. • Recess/Lunch times – PE lessons. Students will walk to SC with staff members (consent letter to go home on Monday Week 4) • Students may bring in board games, G-rated games, Gameboys, iPods, iPads to play with at recess time. No war games, Killing games or PG, M rated, 15+ games are permissible. Any



Secondly, it requires fuel for the journey. A healthy diet is essential. Our brains comprise 2% of our body mass but require 20% of our “fuel”, so it is important to ensure that this “fuel” is optimal. Adequate sleep (7-8 hours) each night will ensure that learning is able to take place the next day.

Careers Coordinator / Counsellor • Year 12 success (how parents can help) • Work Experience options at Adelaide University • UMAT

Thirdly there are several other components along the way which need to be considered. Regular exercise helps maintain a more balanced mood and facilitates learning. Sport is also great, unless your son trains for more than 2 different teams (e.g. District & School). Weekly ‘time out’ is also important. Having one night and one day each week completely free of study and enjoying time with friends and family helps maintain a balance.

Year 12 success (how parents can help!)

Paid employment is also useful in consolidating independence and life skills, as well as bringing in money! However, 10 hours per week is probably the maximum to ensure adequate time for study.

Now that the students have had a chance to “settle in” to their new senior role, it is time to take a look at what parents can do to support their son in this final year.

Finally, open communication between you and your son, as well as with the teachers, is important. Be there to support your son.

Although this is the final year, thus the ending of their schooling, it is also in a sense the initial stage of a journey towards their future. The end result of this initial stage will facilitate the next step.

This is an important year, but all the above elements need to be in balance.

As with all good journeys it must begin with good planning. No one plans to fail but many fail to plan! An effective Study Plan ensures that available time is used efficiently and that tasks are prioritised. (Check the Portal for requirements and due dates in each subject.) A quiet study space at home is also important. Students will have several sessions to help outline and develop strategies for this during their Study Skills Day on Tuesday 26 February.

Work Experience Options at Adelaide University

Teaching Your Son to Manage Homework and Assignments All too often, school assignments and research projects can easily become assignments for the parents if we allow ourselves to take this on. Cries such as “the assignment is due tomorrow”, can be all too familiar. It is quite often all that is needed to cause parents and adults to turn their attention and focus to yet another task that is pending. Parents and carers will naturally be drawn to come to the rescue and render assistance. It’s important to keep a balance between managing school assignments with your son without doing them yourself. Justin Coulson provides seven (7) helpful tips to help make homework assignments a more positive experience, without you having to do it at all. 1. When your son announces that an assignment or project has been given, make a plan immediately. Encourage your son to break the assignment into small chunks that can be completed well in advance of the due date. For example, week one might be about researching and acquiring resources and equipment. Week two might be the planning and drafting stage. And week three might be the final completion stage of the project. 6


UMAT The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences test (UMAT) is developed on behalf of all universities to help in the selection for medical and some health science courses. If you are interested in applying for Medicine or Dentistry at the University of Adelaide or Medicine or Optometry at Flinders University, you will need to sit the UMAT. The test will be held this year on Wednesday 31 July. Registrations will be open in late March and will need to be completed by early June. You register on line at MedEntry is the only provider which offers a government accredited UMAT course in preparation for the UMAT. MedEntry does offer numerous scholarships for students. If you need to take the UMAT you may want to check their website: Ms Liz Tidemann Counselling/Careers

All Year 10 students will be undergoing Work Experience as part of their PLP later this year. Those who are very keen Science students should check out the opportunity provided by Adelaide University to undertake a placement within one of the Science Departments. Year 11 students are also urged to apply for this opportunity. 2. Create a routine that ensures that progress is made each day. Follow up gently with your son and encourage goals to be set and reached according to his/her planning schedule.

From the Counselling Team

To check what is on offer in the various science faculty areas and to apply go to future-students/schools

3. The television, games, Facebook, chat, and other distractions will not help. Finishing projects is 1% inspiration and 99% staying off the Internet for social purposes. 4. Make sure that if your son needs cardboard, equipment, or other resources that you find out with plenty of time and provide it early. This will assist your son to move ahead in a timely fashion. 5. Students can be easily overwhelmed when they face a big assignment. They may want help. Be there for your son, but don’t do the work. Instead, ask how you can help. Ask what their plans are. Show interest, express appreciation for their effort, and comment on their progress. Just being there and being supportive will make a difference for your son. But DON’T do the work. 6. Sometimes your son may even demand your help them, ask you to complete their projects and do everything for them. At this point it is important to reassure them of your confidence in them, encourage them, and let them know you are available for support. Then we can let them know we’ll leave them to it. At some point your son will recognise that, if we have provided them with what they need, they really can achieve this. 7. Sometimes a quick chat/email with a teacher about the assignment may help you know exactly what is required. You can also check on the school’s portal. Teachers can easily resolve misunderstandings that stressed out children may accidentally provide you, and make the assignment much easier to manage.

When we become too involved we teach our children that we will always rescue them. We undermine their creativity and their confidence in themselves and their ability to do the work assigned. When we do the work for our children they WILL get better grades, but we actually disable them, rather than enable them. When our children look at the completed project knowing they’ve done it themselves, they feel competent. Reference:; Justin Coulson Ms Jane Gaynor Counsellor

State Championships Regatta CrossDisciplinary Coordinator 2013 has started well for Vocational Education and Training students, at CBC. We have a significant number of VET students this year, as the flexibility that the SACE offers with regard to alternative pathways, becomes more popular. Our students are involved in a wide range of vocational and trade courses with a significant number of these students committed to completing their SACE in conjunction with this training. The Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS) is a State Government funding scheme designed to financially support students who wish to pursue a trade pathway while completing their SACE. The College now has a number of students who have undertaken this program. If your son is interested in pursuing a trade or vocational pathway, I would encourage you to seek more information, from the College, about this program. While most courses have started for the year, there are some courses that are still accepting enrolments, if your son is interested in undertaking a VET course. Semester Two enrolments can be accepted from now until late Term Two. Further information about all VET courses can be obtained from contacting me, at the College. Allan Miller Driving School runs their Driver Education course, at the College. This is a semester course and they are still taking enrolments for Semester One, beginning next week. If your son is eligible to get his P plates, this may be a course that he could consider.

It was a great day on the Saturday and the weather was wonderful, there were clear skies with a wind coming down the course in the afternoon for our rowers. A little overcast on the Sunday but the clouds cleared and it was still on the water. CBC was well-represented and the boys were well-behaved and conducted themselves with good character; the juniors were well-disciplined with their boat-handling skills and are in good shape and have the numbers to move on with their rowing. All of the boys had a good day on the water and enjoyed their competitions. The juniors had some solid racing and ended up with some admirable positions over the day, with some 4ths, 3rds and 2nds. New rowers Brad Bastin and Jordan Larizza had a sharp learning curve in terms of racing but seemed to handle the pressure quite well -- well done to the boys in these crews supporting them. More to the delight of myself and others was the way in which these rowers took it upon themselves to be early to the start line and support other crews, in particular Edward Curnow, who remained at the entire regatta to support the seniors. The Year 10s have struggled this season to secure a full boat of rowers, but this week d’Artagnan Edwards lent a hand to back up from his junior races and race with the Year 10s. Eddy Meredith, usually 1st VIII cox, has taken quite big steps forward to not only improve his coxing but also his rowing ability. Given more time together this crew will definitely improve their standings as they gel together. A big thank you should go to d’Artagnan Edwards who has become a vital part of this Year 10 crew. Well done to Lachy, Matt and Eddy for making him feel comfortable in the boat. There was a special moment for all, when our 1st VIII arrived, after rowing from the shed to the course. They were all wearing black arm bands in memory of Brother Murray who passed away during the school

holidays. Brother Murray was a keen supporter of the CBC rowing and would travel to as many events as he could to support our boys. Both the Eight and Four raced well against tough competition; however, it was the Four of Giuseppe Foccarelli, Jo Mcwilliams, Sam Crosato and Tom Graham who raced superbly to only narrowly be beaten by Saint Peter’s in the Schoolboy Coxed Four. Well done on the 2nd place gentlemen. The parents assisted in various roles, boat holders, tower duties, fund-raising with a stall for coffee and cakes. Parents from the juniors and seniors helped out all day. The juniors set up the marquee and the seniors packed up. Parents mixed with the coaches and spoke about the recent Murray Bridge camp from which everyone came home with great stories of working hard but having fun. There were only a couple of races for the CBC Seniors on the Sunday involving some of the Year 11 and 12 rowers. Sam Crosato and Thomas Graham both claimed Gold in their single scull events -- well done fellas! The regattas are great fun and our school is competitive and improving. There are nearly 70 boys participating in the rowing program so momentum is building and the future for CBC rowing looks bright. If your son is interested in finding out more about CBC rowing please contact Mr Gora. Please keep an eye out for future articles as the Head of the River is fast approaching and the Rowing Auxiliary will be hosting the dinner on the night of 6 April. Stay tuned for details and make sure you get in early to secure a table. Gary Cleggett, Greg Meredith and Beau Gora

Ms Ceinwyn Elleway

Cross-Disciplinary Coordinator

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CRICKET First XI Cricket Westminster 194 defeated CBC 139

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Hosting our first Division 1 match at CBC Oval, there were high expectations of a strong performance after an excellent training session at Adelaide University during the week. Joshua Barnett opened the bowling with a maiden after we won the toss, and when James Kittel-Neill took a wicket on his 4th ball the team was feeling positive. We kept working hard and had them on the back foot at 4/68 in the 17th, while Jack Strange chipped in with some great deliveries that broke important partnerships. It was too late though as their tail wagged and their No 7 top scored before we finally had them all out on the last ball of the innings. Tea was a splendid affair. Many thanks to the parents for supplying such delicious dishes, and extra thanks to Ms Mcpherson, Ms Barnett and Mr Escleo for cleaning, serving and clearing up. Mr Buttfield had the only complaint: “Those sausage rolls were so hot and spicy. My throat is burning.” Puzzlement led to laughter as we soon realised he had smothered his sausage roll in the chilli sauce meant for the spring rolls. Silly Billy! Jack Strange and James Kittel-Neill started solidly and we were looking good at 2/80 in the 27th but the wheels were starting to wobble then came right off and we were 6/89 before you could say “Duck”. Matthew Nye kept our faint hopes alive with some lusty hitting to all parts of the ground, but once he holed out on the boundary we were doomed.

It was unfortunate to let such a great opportunity to win a game in Div 1 slip through our fingers, and hopefully we can learn from our mistakes in terms of preparedness and mentally switching on in the middle of the second innings. Best with Bat: M Nye 61, Jack Strange 23. Best with Ball: J Kittel-Neill 3/33. R Nihill 3/40, J Strange 2/37 Man of the Match: M Nye Mr Josh Roach Coach

Year 9A Cricket CBC 146 vs PAC (2 day game) After winning the toss Captain Ben Adams elected to bat against a formidable PAC team. Not daunted the team batted with great determination to post a very competitive 146 after the allotted 50 overs. Highlights of the innings included a wonderful batting display from Ben Adams compiling 67 runs. The innings included 6 fine boundaries. Ben was ably supported by Anthony Zaffino (22), Luke Squires (13) and Mitchell Kracman (13). We look forward to next week with some confidence but will need to field and bowl well to win the match. Mr Stephen Clohesy Coach



Year 8A Cricket CBC 2/107 defeated Unley High School 9/102 Best with Bat: Rajagopal 37, Jayawardhana 27 n.o., Webb 22 ret. Best with Ball: Jayawardhana 2/6, Rajagopal 2/10 The Year 8s travelled to Unley High Saturday for the first game of the year. With plenty of players to choose from, pressure for spots was high and all players were keen to make their mark on the game. We lost the toss and bowled first on a very dewy ground, which made gripping the ball almost impossible. Our focus was on the first few bowlers building pressure so the batsmen had to play poor shots to lift the run rate. Dylan and Brayden bowled with great pace and were unlucky not to create more chances. Consistent wickets eventually took their toll and the Unley High batsmen were no match for our fielding and bowling pressure. The batting started exceptionally with Harrison and Siddarth putting on a fifty run stand for the first wicket. Some late hitting by Shan was the icing on the cake as we passed their score only 2 wickets down with overs to spare. The team has set a high standard for the rest of the season with their tight bowling, great fielding and disciplined batting. Mr Cail Harris Coach

Year 7 Cricket CBC 2/123 defeated Pembroke 10/77 A new batch of Year 7s made a positive start to their high school careers with a convincing win over Pembroke. Pembroke won the toss and had no hesitation in electing to bat on what was a hard, flat pitch with a good covering of artificial matting. Pembroke were in trouble early with Frederick Oliver executing a brilliant opening spell of pace bowling putting the batsmen under pressure by delivering a perfect line and length. He finished his 3 overs with figures of 3/10, with all 3 dismissals clean bowled. The rest of the wickets were shared evenly with singles to Michael Kittle-Neill, Hayden Clarke, Mitchell Vonthoff, Zane Caldwell, Jack Bastian and John Kleeman. The team fielded well by not allowing easy singles and effecting a great run out. William Mariuz had a great innings with the gloves, taking a catch and making some great stops down leg side. With Pembroke fielding only 9 players, we very sportingly allowed two of their batsmen to bat a second time. The CBC batsmen played very maturely in reeling in the slender total, losing only two wickets along the way. Jack Bastian saw off the new ball, retiring on 12. William Mauriuz top scored with 21 not out and was well supported by Austin Lovell (13*), Frederick Oliver (12*) and Michael KittleNeil (9*). CBC also got some additional fielding practise, with two players substitute fielding for Pembroke during the innings. Mr Thomas McLean Coach

Tennis Drive Tennis CBC 9 defeated St Paul’s 0 (Round 1) George Wong (Captain) 6-2 singles 6-0 doubles Rein Coetzer 6-0 singles 6-2 doubles Jack Quinn 7-5 singles 6-2 doubles Jack Owens 6-1 singles 6-0 doubles Kyle Gaweda 6-1 singles 6-1 doubles Bradley Graham 6-0 singles 6-1 doubles This was certainly a very impressive way to commence the new year. We were most dominant in all areas. This was definitely a confidence booster for the new season; we can expect tougher opposition in coming weeks but our team will be ready for it.

CBC 5 defeated Woodcroft 4 (Round 2) George Wong (Captain) 6-2 singles 4-6 doubles Rein Coetzer 6-3 singles 6-1 doubles Jack Quinn 6-6 lost T/B singles 6-1 doubles Jack Hamblyn 6-3 singles 3-6 doubles Kyle Gaweda 6-2 singles 4-6 doubles Bradley Graham 3-6 singles 3-6 doubles A very good morning’s tennis which came down to the last match when Jack Hamblyn , our reserve player, won his match to get us over the line. Well done Jack. Great singles wins from our top 3, George, Rein and Karl, who all showed composure and experience against good opposition. Our doubles results were not as impressive and we will have to address this at training. These boys should remember that to play at this level requires resolve, team spirit and, of course, talent. Continued success will come if we play as a team and support one another. Mr Paul Horgan Coach

Senior C Tennis Immanuel College 7 sets (63 games) def CBC 5 sets (52 games) In near perfect conditions, CBC got off to a great start, posting wins in three of the four doubles matches. David Haydon-Potts/Eric Caluya (7-6) (TB 7-3), Luke Zunis/ Matthew Italiano (7-5) and Raisy Lopez/Peter Trinh (7-6) (TB 7-1) remained composed and determined throughout in order to overcome their opponents. Unfortunately, Mark Haydon-Potts/Dion Bruno struggled against their opponents, succumbing 3-6. Nevertheless, the closeness of the doubles results indicated that this encounter with Immanuel was going to be an enthralling one. In the singles, David Haydon-Potts, playing at No.1, dispensed with his opponent

in clinical fashion, with a disciplined 6-0 victory, whilst Peter Trinh fuelled our hope, with a well-deserved win 6-3. However, Immanuel came home strongly in the remaining six singles, clinching an exciting victory. Special mention to Gogo Janthet for persevering against an older and more experienced player, and to Matthew Italiano, who in a marathon effort, fought courageously going down 11-13 in the tiebreak. Although we lost, it was a pleasing effort from the lads and one which should hold us in good stead for the remainder of the season. Mr George Caretti Coach

Middle B Tennis CBC 8 Sets 55 Games defeated Pulteney Grammar School 4 Sets 41 Games Best Players: All played Well Theme for the morning’s play was gritty determination. An outstanding effort by all players. All players made a very concerted effort to overcome opponents, most winning, some not quite making it past the finishing post first (only 2 players lost their matches, and 2 games were forfeited due to 1 player sickness, and one absentee). Conditions were ideal -- no wind and warm but not hot conditions. All doubles matches went CBC’s way. Great sportsmanship displayed by out CBC boys, and this was the situation with the PGS players as well. Mr Greg Kurtzer Coach

Middle C2 Tennis Pulteney Grammar 7 defeated CBC 2 It was a very good effort from all the boys. For three of the boys it was their first competitive tennis match and all played extremely well creating close matches. George Theodoulou and Anthony Centofanti won their doubles 7-5 and Anthony won his single 6-4. Ms Liesel Dunstan Coach

Prep B1 Year 6 Tennis CBC 33 defeated St Peter’s 31 What a great start to the season. With no training during the week the boys were still able to bring their best game to the net. Congratulations Adam Wells, Daniel Bressan, Daniel Herimas, William Moten, Jayden Mead and Indy Browning for your outstanding efforts, sportsmanship and manners which were all commented on by the parents and the coach from St Peter’s. Mrs Sharon Moten Coach

VOLLEYBALL Year 8/9 Volleyball CBC 2 defeated St Paul’s 0 The Year 8/9 Volleyball team played their first game for the season with great enthusiasm at St Paul’s on Friday afternoon. In the true spirit of the game, CBC helped out their opponents by filling the opposition team as they were not able to field a full team. My thanks to the boys for playing with such determination for both sides! A great start to the season. Ms Jane Gaynor Coach

Insight 2013T1W03  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 1, Week 3, 2013.

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