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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 1, Week 1


Friday February 1, 2013

New staff members at CBC. Back (l-R): Mr Chris Gann, Mr Andrew Edge, Dr Chris Holden, Mr Joel Langley, Mr George Bryant. Front: Mrs Sarah English, Br Barry Donaghue, Ms Liesel Dunstan, Ms Ana Hernandez, Mrs Scarlett Lucero, Mrs Jie Zhu Not pictured: Ms Aly Barass, Mrs Gabriel Cronin, Mr Greg Kurtzer, Mrs Maria Catalano, Mrs Maria Pinna, Mrs Rebecca Holliday, Mrs Sharon Moten

precious the gift of education is when so many children around the world do not share this very basic right to be educated. So it is with special significance that I warmly welcome our new and returning students, staff parents, grandparents and caregivers.

From The Principal Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Warm Welcome On Tuesday I was thrilled to be with our new Reception students as they began their first day of their educational journey here at CBC. As I sang and danced with our newest students (with an amused new parent cohort looking on) I couldn’t help but sense their excitement (and yes a bit of tears and trepidation from our new students and parents too!). And we should be excited. It is a privilege to be educated and a privilege to be educated at our College. This was reinforced by the stories and photos from CBC colleagues who, as part of a staff pilgrimage, returned from visiting orphanages and Aids Clinics in Vietnam over Christmas. They reminded me of just how

Mrs Jenny Dunncliff returns to CBC in 2013 in a new role as Executive Assistant to the Principal. This incorporates her existing role as College Registrar R-12 and new responsibilities as Manager of our Administrative staff.

New Staff Appointments

I especially welcome back Mrs Cathryn Priestly from Maternity Leave.

Ms Aly Barass

Year 1 (Junior Campus)

Ms Ana Hernandez

Science (Senior Campus)

Senior Appointments

Mr Andrew Edge

Music (Senior Campus)

We welcome Br Barry Donaghue cfc on staff as Assistant Principal - Spirituality and Identity. Br Barry has extensive experience in faith formation and education. He holds a Doctorate of Ministry from the San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Mr Chris Gann

Year 6

Dr Chris Holden


Mrs Gabriel Cronin

Year 5

Mr George Bryant

Humanities (Senior Campus)

Mr Greg Kurtzer

SOSE, English & RE

Mrs Jie Zhu

Mandarin (Junior Campus)

Mr Joel Langley

PE (Junior Campus)

Ms Liesel Dunstan

Food Technology

Mrs Caroline Clarke returns to the College on a permanent basis as Director of Vision and Innovation. Her role involves strategic planning, implementation, and review of continuous improvement practices and policies to improve teacher standards and student learning outcomes. We also have appointed a manager of Human Resources, Mrs Scarlett Lucero, to assist me in the management of our 180 staff across the three campuses. Mrs Lucero will be responsible for the recruitment of staff and improving staff professional standards against new federally mandated teacher standards.

Gospel Spirituality

We invite all people into the story of Jesus and strive to make his message of compassion, justice and peace a living reality within our community.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

Mrs Maria Catalano English as an Additional Language Mrs Maria Pinna

Admin Assistant - Junior Campus

Mrs Rebecca Holliday SOSE/English Mrs Sarah English

English (Senior Campus)

Mrs Sharon Moten

Reception Teacher

CBC Board Members 2013

Counsellor’s Corner

Cate McGuire (Deputy)

Mr Joseph Bagnara

Mr Ronaldo Cruz

Mr Tony Egan

Mr John Godwyn

Mrs Janette Miller

Mrs Marisa Riccio

Mr Grant Ridgewell

Mr Robin Storer

Dr Nykola Wolianskyj

Mr Noel Mifsud (Principal)

Mr Shaun Clarke (Ex- Officio) Mr Frank Scali (Ex- Officio) Mrs Jenny Dunncliff (Secretary)

Eye Contact Eye contact is a powerful means of sending emotionladen messages to people, especially children. With it we can send messages of love and acceptance or messages of anger and hate. As parents or teachers we need to use eye contact very sensitively. Our children or students need us to give them frequent, positive eye contact. We should never be too busy not to give full attention to a child and that means good eye contact. In telling a story to a child or listening to a child relating what has happened, eye contact is essential. Some of us use eye contact only when we are reprimanding or punishing a child. Eye contact is much too powerful to be used only for dealing with misbehaviour. It can be used to encourage, support, overcome grief, heal a hurt, give renewed hope and especially to express love. “Jesus looked steadily at him and loved him” (Mark 10: 21.) Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

Chris Block (Chairman)

CBC Parent Committees P & F President

Mrs Margaret Salagaras

Water Sports Auxiliary President

Mr Andreas Reisinger

Friends of Music President

Mr Michael Richter

Old Collegians Association Mr Viano Jaksa

Trade Training Centre


During the holiday break work commenced on CBC’s new Trade Training Centre which will provide the very latest in electro-technology, woodwork and metalwork computer-based training, simulated technology and virtual classroom facilities.

In my Principal’s address to staff at the start of the year I gave the following reflection:

When completed next term students will design and manufacture electronic and robotic devices using hightech computer software.

Rest in peace Former Head of CBC Junior Campus Br James Murray cfc passed away on January 1 this year. Br James, or our ‘Ancient Scribe’ as he was lovingly known, was active in his support of the College up until his death. His meticulous records of CBC soccer and rowing results have been donated by the Brothers to the CBC archives.

Christian Brothers College

New Office Hours

for Junior and Senior Campuses Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Br James was buried in the presence of his Christian Brothers. Over 50 CBC students in winter uniform, staff members (past and present) and others packed St Francis Xavier Cathedral for the funeral. Christian Brother Cluster Leader Br John Webb cfc asked me to pass on both his sincere thanks and that of the Christian Brothers Communities in WA and SA for the very visible and sincere support given in attending the funeral and burial. Our condolences and prayers are with the Brothers especially Br John Webb, Br Pat Cronin and the Brothers at Regent Street.

CBC Volunteer Induction Night 6.45pm Tuesday 19 February This induction is compulsory for all registered volunteers, those who have indicated an interest in volunteering and those who may be interested in the future. Walsh Lecture Theatre (Senior Campus) Please bring your driver’s licence. RSVP e p 8400 4210 2


In 2013 Christian Brothers College celebrates 135 years since the laying of the CBC Foundation Stone by Bishop Reynolds in 1878. Our 2013 College theme ‘Uniting our Spirit Igniting our Future’ reminds us in the words of Matthew 5:14 that we are the light of the world! But how will we challenge each other and our students to channel this light? What will identify CBC students when they graduate? Br Philip Pinto provides a profound insight into this question when he says: “What would it mean to be radical disciples of Jesus today? He asks: “Are we radical enough to speak a new language? Have we forgotten how to fly because we play it safe?” We read in the document The Catholic School on the threshold of the third millennium n.211: “During childhood and adolescence a student needs to experience personal relations with outstanding educators, and what is taught has greater influence on the student’s formation when placed in a context of personal involvement, genuine reciprocity, coherence of attitudes and day to day behaviour.” The 2012-2015 Strategic Plan clearly articulates that we cannot rest on our laurels. Christian Brothers College is a work in progress. We have accomplished much, but have much to accomplish. It is therefore an exciting challenge to once again aspire to new heights in 2013. I encourage all members of our CBC community to be fully involved in College life in 2013 and respond with: Faith, Excellence, Community and Compassion. I conclude with the words of St Paul in his letter to the Philippians 1:3: “I thank my God every time I remember you,” and wish you every blessing for a happy and successful 2013 at CBC.

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

Christian Brothers, to bring education to the poor and also establish schools for boys in Waterford.

From The Deputy Principal

You are the light of the world. (Matthew 5:14)

Welcome back to our 2013 academic year. In particular I would like to welcome our new students and families who join our College community. This year the college celebrates its 135th birthday and as the first boys Catholic school in Adelaide we are very proud of our heritage and tradition with over 18,000 students graduating through our college. Each year our college has a theme that is determined by our SRC Leadership Team. This year our college theme is “Uniting our Spirit: Igniting our Future”. The theme was developed by our 2013 SRC Leadership Team and recognises the message and example of Nano Nagle who lived in Cork, Ireland in the 18th Century and established schools for girls. Her life was grounded in prayer with indomitable courage and perseverance as she established schools and supported other works of charity for those who were poor and oppressed by unjust structures. Nano Nagle in 1775 at the age of 57 established a religious community, the Sisters of Charitable Instruction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This community was ultimately to become the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Nano died in 1784 having expended all her energy and her considerable fortune for those most in need. The work of Nano Nagle in the neighbouring county of Cork inspired Edmund Ignatius Rice, the founder of the

Nano Nagle and Edmund Rice have often been described as spiritual twins: what Nano accomplished for the poverty-stricken girls of Cork, Edmund achieved the same for boys. Nano sold everything and gave to the poor, so did Edmund. Both were single-mindedly self-emptying in pursuit of their objectives; both were practical people, yet holy and heroic, and when Edmund Rice established his Congregation, the Christian Brothers originally used the rule laid down by Nano Nagle for the brothers to follow. Nano Nagle had such an influence in the life of Edmund Rice that an image of her is included in the Edmund Rice Icon. The image that is included with our theme for 2013 is from the Nano Nagle icon. This icon has been designed by Desmond Kyne, the same artist who designed the Edmund Rice icon. The spiral motif behind Nano’s head is, as in Celtic times, a symbol of eternity, and it captures her love of the God within who compels her to mission. To her right the arm of the crucified Christ is pictured in a protective gesture, and the spiritual power coming through Christ is overshadowed by the wings symbolising the Holy Spirit. The image of the Sacred Heart in the icon, the heart on fire, symbolises Nano as a woman with a passionate love of God. The scripture from Matthew (5:14) challenges our College community this year, like Nano Nagle, to be the light of the world. God calls all of us to be his disciples and through our beliefs, attitude and example to be people of mission continuing to build God’s Kingdom on earth. “Love one another as you have done until now. Spend yourselves for the poor.” (Nano Nagle)

Live Jesus in our hearts forever.

2013 School calendar Week 2 Mon 4 Feb

House shirt distribution Choir Trainers Day

Tues 5 Feb

Whole School Dux Assembly – Hosted by Smith House P&F Meeting

Wed 6 Feb

Watersports Auxilliary Meeting 6.30pm

Thurs 7 Feb Fri 8 Feb

Advanced ID Photos (SC) Advanced ID Photos (JC) JC Assembly

Mon 11 Feb

CBCOC Meeting Year R – 6 Meeting the parents in Pastoral care class rooms. (6.00 – 6.50pm) Year 7 – 11 (7.00 – 7.50pm) Year 12 Parent Information Evening at 8.00pm

Tues 12 Feb

Shrove Tuesday Smith – Volleyball (SC) Bourke – Liturgy (SC)

Wed 13 Feb

Ash Wednesday

Week 3

Thurs 14 Feb National Apology Day Breakfast - Hosted by O’Brien House Fri 15 Feb

Missioning Mass (Whole School) House badge presentation

Mon 18 Feb

Student Leaders (Br. Damien Price) Board Meeting

Tues 19 Feb

Advanced ID Photos Catchup (JC) Principal’s Tour (SC) Friends of Music Walsh - Liturgy Volunteer Information Evening 6.45pm

Wed 20 Feb

Principal’s Tour (JC)

Week 4

Thurs 21 Feb

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

Fri 22 Feb

JC last day before Clipsal JC Assembly Hurley – Liturgy (SC) Marks – Liturgy (SC) Bourke – Volleyball (SC) Walsh – Volleyball (SC)

The full Term Planner is available at

Junior Campus Canteen Volunteers Needed

You are the light of the world. Matthew 5:14

The Junior Canteen is open daily from Tuesday through to Friday and Lisa would love some help! If you are able to assist in the Canteen, please contact Lisa on 8400 4222, ext 218. We greatly appreciate any time you have to spare.



Assistant Principal Wellbeing House System Last year you received a letter outlining the new House System commencing this year. Over the past years members of the College community have investigated the introduction of a House System to further pastorally support our boys as they move through an Edmund Rice education. In essence the House System nurtures a small family unit i.e. Tutor Group within a larger unit, the House within the whole College. The expected benefits from this restructure include increased opportunities for: • building relationships between students within and across year levels • increased mentoring and leadership among students • building a sense of pride of House and College amongst students • diffusing behavioural / yard issues including bullying • senior students to be role models and act as “big brothers” for younger students esp. Yr 7 • building a strong sense of belonging • building long term positive, affirming relationships with students and their families • Year 7s get to know older students • to further develop competitive aspects to performance across range of College domains

In 2013, we are excited about the House Tutor Groups Years 7 - 12. This will mean that each Tutor group will have students from each year level. They will meet as a Tutor group every morning and afternoon and have three lessons per week. A comprehensive Pastoral Care program will be conducted and students will attend House liturgies, House gatherings and social events, engage in hands on fundraising for their House Charity, compete in Intra and Inter-house events as well as explore key issues regarding building resilience, organisation skills, study skills and peer mentoring. We recognise that this is a significant change from current practice however, at times students will also meet as year levels during the Tutor lessons to discuss age appropriate material and also have opportunities to get to know their peers. Years 7 – 9 will still have core subjects delivered by a few teachers to maintain our middle schooling pedagogies and years 10 – 12 will be informed by appropriate senior years teaching and learning. Each House will be led by a Head of House who will become a significant person in the lives of students, families and teachers. Head of Bourke Ms Krystle Helps, Head of Hurley Mrs Jenny Palmer, Head of Marks Mr Chris Mellow, Head of O’Brien Mr Matthew Crisanti, Head of Smith Mr Michael Lucas and Head of Walsh Mr Gary Jalleh will each work closely with the six House Tutors per House to build a working knowledge and understanding of each student’s needs. The Heads of House will work as both advocate and advisor for students and establish working relationships with House families. House Tutors and Heads will be supported by the AP – Wellbeing and the Counselling team Ms Liz Tidemann and Mrs Jane Gaynor. In most student matters House Tutors and subject teachers will be the first point of contact followed by the Heads of House as the next point of call. With any new initiative there will be some teething issues. We seek your support and collaboration to work with us to make this successful and be part of establishing a new tradition that will continue to help our College make changes that build strong culture and traditions which will support our boys to become men

who take their place in our community by providing leadership opportunities both formal and informal within the Tutor group, House and overall College. One of the many educators that provided advice about the House system said you judge the success of your House System when you meet the student as a man of 30. Information relating to the House System will continue to be forthcoming and posted on the portal and newsletters. Should you have any queries regarding the House System please direct these in writing or via email to Heads of House: Ms Helps

Head of Bourke House

Mrs Palmer

Head of Hurley House

Mr Mellow

Head of Marks House

Mr Crisanti

Head of O’Brien House

Mr Lucas

Head of Smith House

Mr Jalleh

Head of Walsh House

or Mr Ian Hamilton AP- Wellbeing

Mr Ian Hamilton Assistant Principal - Wellbeing

CBC Communication Protocol Communication Protocol - Senior Campus House Tutor or Subject Teacher

Head of House or Curriculum Coordinator

Mr Ian Hamilton (AP-Wellbeing) or Ms Rebecca Donnon (AP-Learning)

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

Communication Protocol - Junior Campus

Class Teacher

Ms Shey Odgers Junior Campus Coordinator

Mrs Frances Zubreckyj AP-Junior Campus

Communication Protocol - Finance Finance General Enquiries Ph 8400 4207



College Accountant

Business Manager

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

Bourke House (Green)



Br John Vianney BOURKE


Mr Clohesey


Br Bourke was Headmaster 1958-63, 1968-70 and was known as a great builder. Brother Bourke never let problems stand in his way. He would always go to Plan B if Plan A didn’t work. A strong team builder, he upgraded the CBC Oval and built the change rooms. He built the first Junior Campus and the Senior Block. He reinstituted a resurgence in rowing conducted did the planning and fundraising for the Torrens Boatshed which was built after he left. Br John also prepared the planning for the O’Brien Building.


Ms Holliday



Ms Oliphant



Mr Gaitaneris



Mr Absolon



Mr Bryant


Tutor Group



Hurley House (Blue)

Tutor Group


Ms Hernandez


Br Edmund Phillip HURLEY


Mrs Zwolski


Br Hurley taught at CBC from 1927-29, 39-54 and 57-59. He is most remembered as sports master although he was also Bursar and Deputy Principal. His classes in the forties were outstandingly successful. He possessed a very strong personality and was considered tough but he taught his students to always aim high and reach their full potential. He is fondly remembered by current Old Collegians.


Ms Magrin



Mr Mackereth



Mrs Barreira



Mr Harris

PE Theory

Tutor Group



Br John Patrick MARKS


Mr Moore


Br Marks was an ex-student and Headmaster from 1986-94. Great forward thinker, understood the importance of computers and introduced them to CBC way before most schools got involved with ICT. He a developed and resourced the Special Needs Team 9 now known as Inclusive Education). Br John was a great believer in supporting the needs of the student rather than making the student conform to the status quo. He was dedicated to lifelong learning and was awarded two Bachelor degrees and two Masters degrees.


Ms Harman



Dr Lockwood



Mr Horgan



Mr Kurtzer



Mr Tippins


Tutor Group



Br Francis Thomas O’BRIEN


Mr Spudic


Br O’Brien was Headmaster from 1879-1890; he managed the College through very difficult times. He is considered the most beloved of all Headmasters because of the warm relationships he built between himself and students He was also a great leader of his staff sharing praise and acknowledgements generously at a time when such behaviour was unusual. The O’Brien Memorial is the most important item in the College museum and it is a testimony to the importance of him as an exemplary teacher.


Ms English



Mr McLean



Mr Lopresto



Mr Flynn



Mr Rogers


Tutor Group




Mr Dolan

Art Room

Br Ernest Gregory SMITH


Mr Roach


Brother Smith was a well-known science teacher in Adelaide. His reputation was so well respected that in 1957 nine girls from Convent schools were sent to study under him. Many of his students went on to Masters and Doctorates in the Sciences. In 1963 he was awarded the Australian Industry Development Association Medal.


Mr Harris



Mr McLoughlin



Ms Dunstan



Miss Riccio


Tutor Group



Br Frances Celsus WALSH


Mr Karcher


Br Walsh was Headmaster 1940-45. He was responsible for the rebuilding of the College after the loss of boarders and senior classes in 1923 during the difficult times of the Depression. He fought tirelessly for CBC and restored the College reputation as a place of excellence. He initiated social events to provide relief from the difficulties of war time and was responsible for the first socials with girls. He conducted the planning and fundraising for the Science block, the first new building to be built at CBC in 50 years.


Mr Ward



Marks House (Purple)

O’Brien House (White)

Smith House (Yellow)

Walsh House (Red)

Ms Woehle



Ms Ben



Mr McMahon



Mr Gora

Chem Lab



and making sure kids go off to school happy, healthy and with plenty of sleep are important aids to learning. Here are some more ideas to help you participate in your child’s education in positive ways:

Arts Coordinator Instrumental Information 2013 brings some minor changes in the instrumental tutors at CBC. Sally Morris is undertaking extended study and Jessica Archbold will be the replacement flute teacher for one year. Jessica is currently enrolled at Elder Conservatorium and is looking forward to teaching at both the Junior and Senior Campus. Andrew Edge is teaching clarinet and saxophone this year. Andrew has a degree in Jazz and a graduate Diploma in Education from University of Adelaide and is a staff member of the college teaching Junior and Senior school music as well as instrumental music. Brad Turner will be the brass teacher and is currently working at Pulteney Grammar and SAC. Brad plays trumpet, trombone and euphonium and has just completed his final recital at Elder Conservatorium. Welcome back to Stephen Taylor (guitar), Won Lee (piano), Mark Meyer (drums), Daniel Collegrossi (JS guitar), Ian Politis (voice), Kai Wang (violin). Thank you to the many parents who paid their fees in a timely fashion. It makes scheduling a great deal easier. All payments should be made to the Finance department via credit card over the phone, cash or cheque. The instrumental form is located on the webpage under Curriculum/ music. Fees for Term 1 are $243 for nine weeks.

JS Catholic Schools Music Festival This week selection began for members of the Catholic Schools Music Festival Choir. This is a very endearing festival where friendships made at the junior school level continue right through high school. Every year the month of September means final preparations for choir members and a great deal of rehearsals for the senior boys who support the younger performers as backing vocalists or instrumentalists. The JS choir for 2013 will consist of 15 boys and 2 reserves. Rehearsals are scheduled for Friday at 12pm and will begin in Week 3 of Term 1.

New Ensembles for 2013 An exciting addition to the music program this year is the JS String Ensemble lead by Ms Davies who has had extensive string experience at Wilderness School, Seymour College and Prince Alfred College. This ensemble will be open to students in Year 3 and Year 4. Liturgical Choir for senior boys will be held on Thursday, period 3 and is open to boys in Year 10, 11 and 12. This scheduled rehearsal time should allow for more complex and satisfying repertoire over the course of the year. Mrs Louise Guthleben Arts Coordinator

From the Counselling Team The beginning of a new school year can usher in a range of feelings and emotions for our sons and for us as parents and care-givers. This can range from excitement at what promises to be a new beginning to some of the challenges that can often accompany any time of change, uncertainty and transition in our lives. Michael Grose’s article, ‘Make the Most of the School Year’, provides some very simple but constructive strategies that we hope may serve to assist you and your son during this time.

Make The Most Of This School Year Positive parent participation demonstrates to children that you value learning and their school in particular. Children copy many of their parents’ views so your positive attitude to school and learning is catching. Parental withdrawal from children’s education is a big problem these days as increasingly parents are worn out from working too hard or being involved in a variety of activities. But the message for parents is clear – become involved in as many aspects as practical in your child’s education. Their chances of success are better when kids see school as an extension of home rather than merely an institution for learning. Positive parent participation demonstrates to children that you value learning and their school in particular. Children copy many of their parents’ views so your positive attitude to school and learning is catching. Make the most of the opportunities that schools offer to assist in the classroom including, hearing kids read, taking small groups in elective activities and assisting children when writing stories. Parent participation is much broader than helping out in the classroom. Hearing young learners read, helping with homework


Ms Jane Gaynor Counsellor

The Role of Counsellors at CBC One of the hallmarks of our CBC community is the nurturing and care we provide for the whole person. The CBC Counselling Team comprises Ms Liz Tidemann, Brother Michael Flaherty, Ian Hamilton AP–Wellbeing, and myself, Jane Gaynor. Our Counselling team provides a confidential counselling service for students, parents and staff while observing the mandatory notification principles. The provision of our counselling service plays an important role in supporting the personal, emotional, social and intellectual development of each student complementing our school’s Pastoral care program from Reception to Year 12. It involves communicating relevant information and issues to the Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principals, Heads of House and teaching staff when necessary. The role of the counselling team is considered to be an essential and important component of the student support network. Our service provides support, advocacy and a range of interventions appropriate to each individual circumstance. As counsellors at CBC we are also involved in the planning and implementation of early


• Make sure your kids start each day well. That means they should get a good night’s sleep, have a healthy breakfast and arrive at school on time with all their learning requirements as well as a healthy lunch. • Attend school activities such as open days, concerts, parent evenings, sports events and celebrations. Read the school newsletter and other forms of communication so you can stay in the loop with what’s happening at your son’s school. • Consult with your child’s teacher about homework expectations and practical ways that you can assist both at home and at school. Each teacher has his or her own expectations about how you can help so make sure you work within their guidelines. • Find out what your school is trying to achieve for your child and show your support for its aims. Support abroad, balanced curriculum that offers children a variety of educational experiences rather than a program that focuses narrowly on the traditional 3 R’s. School discipline is always more effective when it’s supported by parents so be supportive of their attempts to promote good behaviour in your child. • Direct any problems or constructive criticism through the correct channels such as your child’s teacher, the principal or the school’s governing body. Gossip or thoughtless criticism within the general community can easily tarnish a school’s reputation. • Become an advocate for your child’s school and promote its positive features throughout the wider community. Encourage your child to take pride in their school through your example. Positive parent participation in school and learning is a proven criterion for student success. One practical way to assist your child as a learner is to become actively involved in his school-life. Reprinted with permission, Grose, Michael.

intervention programs, preventative programs as deemed appropriate and community education. Within our role as school counselors, we contribute to the review of student and staff welfare policies. The Counselling team also provides advice on appropriate referral options to other professional support agencies for students when necessary. We actively liaise with parents, staff and these professional agencies to support student wellbeing. Students can be self-referred, teacher-referred, or parent-referred and can access our service on an individual or group basis. Mediation services are provided as required to further support our student, staff and parent wellbeing. On behalf of our Wellbeing team here at CBC, we look forward to working with you in 2013. Liz Tidemann Michael Flaherty Jane Gaynor Ian Hamilton (Assistant Principal - Wellbeing)

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus Captains’ Conference – Sydney 2013


Each year Edmund Rice Education Australia holds a conference for the future leaders of their colleges. This year it was held at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney, the final resting place of our beloved saint. Thirty-six captains, including myself, came from across the country and New Zealand to take part in this inspirational three-day conference. Over the course of the conference different aspects and styles of leadership were discussed, especially how it takes true leadership to be able to stand up for what is right and just. We also discussed many different aspects of social justice and were shown many examples of what some of the leading schools in this area have been accomplishing.

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

Having such a large number of captains from some of the most prestigious colleges throughout two countries requires some seriously gifted and talented guest speakers, and EREA definitely did not disappoint. Anthony Ryan was our first speaker. Anthony has been all around the world working with the less fortunate and underprivileged members of our society. He shared with us his many stories and experiences giving us a firsthand idea of what it means to make a difference. He was also able to share with us his insight into leadership as he himself has led people all around the globe at various times.

To those Students/Parents who are new to CBC, I especially extend a warm welcome and best wishes for an exciting and productive year in your new school. We hope you will quickly feel at home and become involved in the activities of our school through the Parents and Friends Association, Class Representatives and your child’s classroom programmes.

Dr Wayne Tinsey also gave up his precious time to share with us the true vision of Edmund Rice Education and what it means to be educated in an Edmund Rice school compared to other catholic schools. Wayne was able to share much knowledge and wisdom with us especially as it was the Christian Brothers who transformed his own life and guided him down the path of becoming a teacher. Today Wayne is the Executive Director of Edmund Rice Education Australia. Preceding Wayne we learnt from a principal’s perspective what our expectations and responsibilities are. Ray Paxton, the principal of Waverly, gave us this little insight. Pat Dell, who is a teacher at St Edward’s College Gosford, and a past Captain, gave us many ideas and inspirations of different social justice activities we could do within our own school. Throughout the three days each school was asked to present to the group what makes their school a catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. From these presentations I learnt the most. This demonstrated how such a large number of schools are similar is so many ways. For example, almost all of the other schools have a social action programme exactly like ours from CBC, and how our religion programs are almost identical to other schools. However, this also highlighted many ways in which CBC is unique. We are one of the few, if not the only, school to have our school values directly related to the four touchstones described in EREA’s charter. We are also the only school to take part in pilgrimages for both staff and students. Overall it was a great experience which I got lots out of. This has definitely shaped me into the leader which I will soon become. This conference gave me such an insight and has helped me to set many goals and ambitions which I wish to fulfil throughout the course of the year. This conference was a very rare opportunity and I feel very privileged to have the chance of taking part in such an event. I came home with my mind buzzing with ideas and dreams for the future of this college. Hayden Niscioli 2013 CBC College Captain


Thurs 28 Feb - Sun 3 Mar 2013 Construction Programme East Terrace / Wakefield Road Positioning of concrete barriers will begin on: • Northern side of Wakefield Road from Sunday 27January 2013. • Southern side of Wakefield Road beginning at East Terrace from Sunday 17 February 2013. Erection of perimeter fencing on Wakefield Road (southern side) between East Terrace and Hutt Street will begin on Saturday 23 February 2013. The first of the circuit roads to close, namely Wakefield Road and Dequetteville Terrace will be at 6.00am Saturday 23 February 2013 and all circuit

roads will reopen prior to 1.00pm Wednesday 6 March 2013. Bartels Road, between Hutt Street and Dequetteville Terrace, and Hutt Street, between Wakefield Road and Pirie Street will remain open to traffic until 10.00am Monday 25 February 2013. Both Bartels Road and Hutt Street will reopen at 5.00pm Monday 4 March 2013. The Declared Period (complete closure of circuit to all public pedestrian and vehicular traffic) will be from 12.01am Wednesday 27 February to 12.01am Monday 4 March 2013. (5 Days)

On behalf of Christian Brothers College Community it is truly my pleasure to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you as we begin the 2013 school year. It always gives me great joy to see our students excited and eager to commence the new school year.

As Assistant Principal – Junior Campus, I will continue to work diligently with parents and staff to foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning community, characterised by child centred learning, academic excellence and trust, respect, community involvement, open communication and recognition of both staff and student achievements. I am committed, and look forward to working in collaboration with you, to continue to develop and implement this shared vision. Working together as a team we will move forward in our mission for this new school year to create a nurturing, dynamic, challenging learning environment in which all students can reach their full potential. To our students already at CBC I ask that you reflect on your goals and not only pursue excellence but also demonstrate your perseverance and integrity by living out the college values of Faith, Community, Excellence and Compassion. To our Parents, it is through your support that we make a significant difference in the lives of our students. Christian Brothers College is a place where your children come first. Our staff is committed to providing meaningful energetic programmes for the students. Our goal is for every child to be successful. Students are required to wear their summer uniform complete with a broad brimmed hat. All students are asked to bring water bottles to keep themselves hydrated and have healthy food snacks throughout the day. Years R-12 students will be given their Campion stationary orders and Years 3-6 students will have books delivered to their classrooms prior to commencement of the new school year. Welcome once again to a year of new beginnings. Wishing you God’s blessings for the year to come. Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus



Staff Vietnam Pilgrimage As a college community the weeks leading to Christmas are such a special time for us all; a prayerful time and a time that engenders much anticipated excitement. It is a time of great joy and hope, focusing our attention back on those we love, reflecting upon the world’s most precious gift, the birth of Mary and Joseph’s son, Jesus. The birth of Jesus is a story contextualised in the love and safety of family, the gift we wish for every child that enters our world, but for some this is not their story and as Christ’s disciples on earth we are all called to respond with compassion to the needs of these children drawing them into the loving family of humanity. Answering this call for the children of the Phu My Orphanage in Vietnam, in the weeks leading up to Christmas last year a number of staff gave their own time to be present to these children who were disabled and orphaned. The staff members that attended were Shaun Clarke, Caroline Clarke, Jenny Palmer, Colin Curnow and Ceinwyn Elleway. For each of us it was extremely challenging to walk away from our own families and tears flowed as we said goodbye, but the pilgrimage to Vietnam for us all was one of the most incredibly humbling and centring experiences. We went to give, but in opening our hearts and minds and looking into the eyes of the beautiful children of the Phu My Orphanage we received the gift of unconditional love, the gift Jesus gave to humanity through his birth and there could never be a more precious gift that one could receive at Christmas. Mrs Caroline Clarke Director of Vision and Innovation

30 January 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues The warmest of greetings to you from the National Office of EREA at the beginning of another school year! I sincerely hope that the year has begun well for you and that it brings many blessings as you live out your vocation in the service of our young people through Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition The beginning of a new school year presents a good opportunity to remind ourselves and each other of what is at the core of Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition, the vision to which we have committed our professional lives. For some of you who are new to our family of schools, the Charter for Catholic schools in the Edmund Rice tradition and the ‘charism’ or particular lens into the Gospel of Edmund Rice may bring new insights and priorities to your chosen work in education. For others of us who have been part of the Edmund Rice family for some time, it is always important that we remind one another of what is core and takes priority in our focus and mission. At the core of our tradition is a central concern for and priority towards those young people in our world who are marginalized and in need of the Good News of God’s love and concern for all. Generations of Christian Brothers, going right back to the initial work of Edmund Rice in Ireland and pioneers in Australia such as Br Ambrose Treacy, have stressed that our schools must be founded on the Gospel priorities of inclusion and special concern for young people at risk of being left behind. They must be schools for all who seek the values of our Gospel, regardless of religious affiliation or financial capacity. Our schools expand the notion of excellence beyond the academic, cultural and sporting domains, as important as they are to holistic education. An excellent Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition celebrates success and potential in all domains of the formation of a young person. All are nurtured towards fullness of life. Our schools ask hard questions of themselves in terms of how success is defined and how our lived priorities reflect those of the Gospel. School life congruent with our vision is central to our claims of authenticity. This is the tradition to which we belong. It is a living tradition; one which is prepared to move with the priorities and signs of the times. To the core priorities of service and deep commitment to social justice, in recent times the Christian Brothers have proposed that advocacy, speaking for the voiceless, should also be a priority. As well as serving those who are at the margins, there is a renewed call to question why people are marginalized and more importantly, to encourage and give skills to the marginalized in our world to be able to ask these questions for themselves.

Advocacy is surely one of the most sacred tasks of education. We, who carry on the Brothers’ tradition in Catholic education, also embrace the call to be advocates for those who are marginalized in our world and teach our young people to question the realities that they have inherited, since many of these realities are dehumanising. We encourage our young people to claim the freedom that they have been given in our society. This freedom is not permission to do as we want, but the responsibility to do as we ought for the making of a better world. I recently had the privilege of attending a gathering of our School Captains and Leaders in Sydney just before school began for this year. What impressed me most was the capacity of these young people to articulate what is at the core of a Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition from their perspective. It is clear that our schools are doing magnificent work in the formation of these young people. It is equally important that all staff in our schools be able to articulate what they see as core to our mission and why they have chosen to be part of the story of Edmund Rice education. To this end, I sincerely encourage you to share with one another, learn from one another and challenge one another. Our schools do wonderful work in forming you in this tradition; and I urge you to take the opportunities as they present to participate in formation programs at the local level and those provided at the broader EREA level to deepen your understandings and strengthen your commitment and preparation as Christian educators and nurturers of our young people. I thank you for all that you do to make reality the charism of Edmund Rice. I congratulate you on the magnificent work that you do in the service of the Gospel. As our schools that make up EREA forge their future beyond the direct leadership of the Christian Brothers, we should all know that the Brothers are very proud of what our schools are doing and at the start of this year let us recommit ourselves to our vocation founded on those priorities we proclaim in our Charter. Go confidently in the service of our Gospel with gentleness and humility.

With every best wish and much admiration

Wayne Tinsey Executive Director Edmund Rice Education Australia

Christian Brothers College SENIOR CANTEEN MENU 2013 Christian Brothers College  SENIOR CANTEEN MENU 2013  HOT FOOD (Daily)  Vilis Pies & Pasties  BalfoursBetta Bite Pies & Pasties  Sausage Rolls  Hot Dog  Hot Dog with Cheese 

$ 3.80 $ 3.20 $ 3.20 $ 3.20 $ 3.70

Lasagne, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Mac & Cheese   Cheese Burger Rounda Pizza (Salami, Hawaiian, Margarita, Vegetarian, Supreme, Ham & Cheese)

$ 4.00 $ 4.00 $ 2.50 $ 3.50

SANDWICHES AND ROLLS    Buttered  Vegemite  Cheese  Chicken, Ham, Tuna, Egg  Salad (Lettuce Tom Cucumber Carrot) 



$ 2.00  $ 2.50  $ 3.00  $ 3.00 

$ 1.20 $ 2.50 $ 3.00 $ 3.50 $ 3.50 


• • • • •

Tomato Lettuce  Cucumber  Gherkin  Cheese 

• • • • •


Beetroot Avocado  Carrot  Capsicum  Red Onion 

• • • • •

Tomato Sauce  Mayonnaise  Mustard  Tzatziki  Sweet Chilli Sauce 


WRAPS Chicken (with mayonnaise, tomato, cucumber, lettuce)  Ham (with mustard, tomato, cheese, lettuce)  Vegetarian (Cheese, Carrot, Lettuce, Cucumber, Capsicum, Tzatziki)   

$ 5.50  $ 5.50  $ 5.00 


Chicken Burger 

$ 4.50 


Fried Rice, Noodles, Curry Rice   Vietnamese Rolls  (Combination, Chicken, BBQ Pork)  Wednesday  Sushi (Chicken, Tuna, Vegetarian, Salmon)  Thursday  Chiko Rolls  Snagbags (Chicken, Cheese or Chilli)  Friday  Nachos (with Salsa and Cheese)   

CAKES Donut   Berliner  Custard Tart  Muffins  Mini Muffins (Home Made)  Finger Buns   

(Chicken, Tuna, Ham, Cheese or Egg base)

$ 2.80 $ 3.00 $ 3.50  $ 4.00

Vegie Dip (Vegie Sticks & Dip)  Yoghurt

$ 4.50 $ 3.50  $ 0.80 $ 5.50  $ 3.00 $ 3.50

DRINKS $ 2.00  $ 2.50  $ 2.70  $ 2.50  $ 1.00  $ 1.50   

SNACKS Balfours Cookies  Popcorn  Jumpys, JJ’s, Corntos  Cheesters  Mamee Noodles  Red Rock Chips 28gm  Red Rock Chips 50gm 

$ 4.00 $ 4.00

Fruit Salad Lge  Fruit Salad Sml  Fruit (Seasonal)  Salad Plate 

$ 2.00  $ 1.00  $ 0.80  $ 0.50  $ 0.60  $ 1.00  $ 2.00 

Keynetons(600ml) Keynetons (350ml) Water (600ml) Water (350ml) Lipton Ice Tea (Peach, Lemon, Mango, Citrus)  Daily Juice (500ml) Berri Juice Flavoured Milk  (600ml)  Flavoured Milk  (375ml)  Plain Milk (375ml) LOL Nexba Tea (Watermelon or Apple/Strawberry) 

$ 3.50 $ 2.50 $ 1.50 $ 0.80 $ 3.50 $ 3.00 $ 2.50 $ 3.00  $ 2.20 $ 1.50 $ 2.00 $ 2.50

Various Iceblocks – available lunch timeonly

All Recess and Lunch orders must be placed in the Canteen before 9.30am  The above prices may vary due to changes beyond our control 

DRINKS DRINKS Keynetons Keynetons

SNACKS SNACKS $$2.50 2.50

Popcorn Popcorn

$$1.00 1.00


$$2.00 2.00

Jumpys, Jumpys,JJ’s, JJ’s,Corntos, Corntos,

$$0.80 0.80

Water Water600 600ml ml

$$1.50 1.50

Cheesters Cheesters

$$0.50 0.50

Water Water350 350ml ml

$$0.80 0.80

Mamee MameeNoodles Noodles

$$0.60 0.60

Just JustJuice Juice

$$1.50 1.50

Red RedRock RockChips Chips28gm 28gm

$$1.00 1.00

Ovalteenies Ovalteenies

$$0.80 0.80

Apple Apple && Raspberry, Raspberry, Orange, Orange, Lemon Lemon && Lime Lime

Orange, Orange, Apple, Apple, Apple Apple && Blackcurrant Blackcurrant

Big BigMM

$$2.00 2.00

Chocolate, Chocolate, Strawberry Strawberry

Focus FocusWater Water(Flavoured (Flavoured Water) Water)

$$3.00 3.00

Up Up&&Go Go

$$2.00 2.00


$$0.50 0.50

Icy IcyPole Pole

$$1.00 1.00

Lemonade, Lemonade, Raspberry Raspberry

Billabong Billabong

$$1.30 1.30

Chocolate, Chocolate, Triple Triple Swirl Swirl

Life LifeSavers Savers

$$1.00 1.00

Frosty FrostyFruit Fruit

$$1.00 1.00

Slushi Slushi

$$1.20 1.20

CAKES CAKES Finger FingerBuns Buns

$$1.50 1.50

Home HomeMade MadeMuffins Muffins

$$1.00 1.00

Home HomeMade MadeCookies Cookies

$$1.00 1.00

Cookies Cookiesand andMuffins Muffinsare arebaked bakedon onsite site

The TheJunior JuniorSchool Schoolfollows followsaaNut Nut Free FreePolicy Policyand andHealthy HealthyEating Eating Guidelines Guidelines Please Pleaseensure ensureall allorders ordersare areplaced placed before before9.30am. 9.30am. Prices Pricesmay mayvary varydue duetotochanges changes beyond beyondour ourcontrol control


TUCK TUCKSHOP SHOP MENU MENU 2013 2013 Open Open Tuesday Tuesdayto toFriday Friday

Junior Campus

Tuck Shop Menu Updated February 2013


HOT HOT FOOD FOOD (Daily) (Daily) Pizza Pizza

Salami, Salami, Hawaiian, Hawaiian, Margarita, Margarita, Supreme, Supreme, Ham Ham $ 3.50 $ 3.50 & Cheese & Cheese

Sandwiches Sandwiches Rolls Rolls

Buttered Buttered

$ 1.50 $ 1.50

Vegemite Vegemite

$ 2.00 $ 2.00

$ 2.50 $ 2.50

Cheese Cheese

$ 2.50 $ 2.50

$ 3.00 $ 3.00


$ 2.50 $ 2.50

$ 3.00 $ 3.00

Chicken, HamHam or Tuna Chicken, or Tuna

$ 3.00 $ 3.00

$ 3.50 $ 3.50

$ 3.70 $ 3.70

Salad (Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber) Salad (Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber)

$ 3.00 $ 3.00

$ 3.50 $ 3.50

HamHam Cheese Cheese Toasties Toasties

$ 3.70 $ 3.70


Chicken Chicken Cheese Cheese Mayo Mayo RollsRolls

$ 4.00 $ 4.00

Lasagne, Lasagne, Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Ravioli Ravioli MacMac ‘n’ Cheese ‘n’ Cheese

$ 4.00 $ 4.00

Cheese Cheese Burger Burger

$ 4.00 $ 4.00

Rounda Rounda

$ 2.50 $ 2.50

Hot Hot DogDog

$ 3.20 $ 3.20

Hot Hot DogDog withwith Cheese Cheese


Chicken Chicken Burger Burger (with(with Lettuce Lettuce & & $ 4.50 $ 4.50 Mayo) Mayo)

SPECIALS SPECIALS Tuesday Tuesday FriedFried Rice,Rice, Noodles, Noodles, Curry Curry RiceRice$ 4.00 $ 4.00 Vietnamese Vietnamese RollsRolls

(Combination, (Combination, Chicken Chicken , BBQ, Pork) BBQ Pork)

Wednesday Wednesday Sushi Sushi (Chicken, (Chicken, Tuna,Tuna, Salmon, Salmon, Veg) Veg)

$ 2.80 $ 2.80

Thursday Thursday Nachos Nachos

$ 4.00 $ 4.00

Friday Friday BeefBeef or Potato or Potato Pie Pie Pasties, Pasties, Sausage Sausage RollsRolls

$ 3.20 $ 3.20



• Tomato Tomato

• Cucumber Cucumber

• Mayonnaise Mayonnaise

• Vegemite Vegemite

• Lettuce Lettuce

• Beetroot Beetroot

• Mustard Mustard

• Tzatziki Tzatziki

• Gherkin Gherkin

• Carrot Carrot

• Tomato Tomato Sauce Sauce

• Cheese Cheese

• Capsicum Capsicum

WRAPS WRAPS Chicken Chicken (Mayonnaise, (Mayonnaise, Tomato, Tomato, Cucumber, Cucumber, Lettuce) Lettuce)

$ 5.50 $ 5.50

HamHam (Mustard, (Mustard, Tomato, Tomato, Cheese Cheese Lettuce) Lettuce)

$ 5.50 $ 5.50

Vegetarian Vegetarian (Cheese, (Cheese, Carrot, Carrot, Lettuce, Lettuce, Cucumber, Cucumber, Capsicum, Capsicum, Tzatziki) Tzatziki)

$ 5.00 $ 5.00


Salad Salad BoxBox

(Chicken, (Chicken, Tuna Tuna or Ham or +Ham lettuce, + lettuce, cucumber, cucumber, tomato, tomato, carrotcarrot and cheese and cheese

(Various (Various Flavours) Flavours)

$ 3.50 $ 3.50

If sauce If sauce is required is required for hot forfoods hot foods or specials, or specials, please please add an addextra an extra 20 ø 20 ø

Chocolate Chocolate Mousse Mousse

Fresh Fresh FruitFruit (Seasonal) (Seasonal)

$ 0.80 $ 0.80

$ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ 1.50 $ 1.50

“Yoghurt “Yoghurt Shop” Shop” Yoghurt Yoghurt

Insight 2013T1W01  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 1, Week 1, 2013.

Insight 2013T1W01  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 1, Week 1, 2013.