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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 3, Week 9


Friday September 14, 2012

Junior Campus Music Gala

From The Acting Principal Dear Parents and Caregivers, Last weekend Mrs Sandra Buchanan, Mr Chris Mellow, Mr Noel Mifsud, Br John Ahern and I attended the inaugural Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) Congress in Melbourne. The congress comprised of principals, deputies, teachers, Brothers from the Oceania Province, international delegates and members of the Catholic Church. The theme of the congress was: Some of Our Stories ... ....learning from the past Some of Our Aspirations... ....envisioning the future

The congress focused on sharing our shared story through the story of Blessed Edmund Rice, remembering the legacy of the past, particularly the work of Br

Ambrose Treacy who established schools throughout Australia. We spent time identifying our strengths as an Edmund Rice Network and to envisage the future of our schools in the EREA. A highlight of the congress was to gather at the Immigration Museum on Flinders Street in Melbourne. This was originally the Customs House and Br Ambrose Treacy would have entered this building when he arrived with the other Brothers to establish schools in Australia. The congress reminded us that, like Ambrose, we are all called to live the mission of the church in our lives. This term we remember the life of Br Ambrose Treacy as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death on 2 October 1912. From the notes of Ambrose Treacy: After experiencing sea-sickness, whales, the Roaring Forties, high seas, the Southern Cross and a storm in which the jib-beam was carried away on the 15th of November, Ambrose Treacy writes: “The joyful news of Land. Land! Spread like wildfire through the ship. It was indeed land and no other than the long-wished-for Australian shore, which we at last sighted after traversing over 14,000 miles of ocean, and which now welcomed us by sending across the waves towards the ship a most pleasing and odoriferous perfume of Eucalypt.

We enjoyed as we went along a grand view of the hills and woods of this newest of the New Worlds, till we come in sight of Cape Otway, when we signalled for a

Liberating Education

We open hearts and minds, through quality teaching and learning experiences, so that through critical reflection and engagement each person is hope-filled and free to build a better world for all.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

pilot. That gentleman was on board the next morning, bringing with him some newspapers in which we saw the arrival of the Donald McKay announced. He guided us safely through Port Phillip Heads, which are only two miles apart, and as we entered the beautiful Bay enclosed by the Heads. At eight o’clock we anchored, and so ended our tremendous journey”.

Staff News We have the following changes to staff: • Mr Josh Cubillo will be taking leave for the next year. He has been successful in gaining a position with Oxfam working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We thank him for his dedication to his teaching over the past three years and his support and mentoring of our Indigenous students. Mr Cubillo will be replaced next term by Mr Terry Magias (2005 Old Collegian) who has been working at Flinders University supporting Indigenous students. • Mr Denis McCarthy is extending his leave until the end of the year. Mr Michael Spudic will continue to replace Mr McCarthy in Year 7 Gold in Term four. • Mr Paul Hicks is also extending his leave until the end of the year. • Br John Ahern cfc will be returning to Rostrevor College next term after being Acting Deputy Principal at the College in Term 3.

• Mrs Katie Rea will be finishing at the College at the end of this term.

Counsellor’s Corner Courage The disciples of Jesus were battling heavy seas and a head wind when Jesus came to them walking on the water. (Matthew 14: 22 - 33) “Courage! It is I! Do not be afraid.” When Peter tried to walk on the water and he began to sink, “Jesus put out his hand at once and held him. ‘Man of little faith, why did you doubt?’ “This old favourite story helps us look at our own weaknesses and how the Lord looks on them. We may be full of blemishes but it makes little difference. We are who we are. ‘Courage’ is the message of Our Lord: courage to be who we are at this moment of our growth. He does not fix things up; his message is courage. Courage, He is there and there is no need to be afraid. We often look on our own weaknesses or failures and just give up: give up working at our studies or a marriage relationship: give up struggling with ill health or family debts: give up on a selfish, demanding teenager or in frustration with another human failure. This story is telling us to have courage, to battle on, to trust in our prayer to be courageous and to have courage to be who we are at this time. If we look for outcomes which are unrealistic we miss out on present outcomes. Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

• Mr Noel Mifsud, our College Principal, this week has departed for his study tour of Finland and Europe. He will be visiting schools in countries that perform well in the PISA Report. He will be investigating contemporary pedagogies that are being used and classroom design and structure.

Getting funding right for special needs students As Harold Wilson said, “A week is a long time in politics”. At this stage we are still waiting for details of the plans for school funding and school improvement reforms under the government’s National Plan for School Improvement. The Catholic school sector delivers significant support and resources for special needs, disabled, poor, disadvantaged and remote students and communities. These students have been recognised in the Gonski review as deserving special consideration in funding, perhaps even full public funding in some categories.

• Lachlan Starr won a gold medal on the weekend in the Surf Life Saving South Australia State Championships in U17 Surfboard Riding. • The 2012 Debater of the Year in Year 10 was won by Hamish Richardson. • We also congratulate Br James Murray cfc (Ancient Scribe), former Headmaster of the Junior Campus who celebrated his birthday this week and turned the formidable age of 87. We wish him all the best.

Reports All students in the Senior Campus will receive their Interim report for Semester 2. This will be the last report for our Year 12 students. All reports will be handed to students on the last day of term in afternoon Pastoral Care. A copy of the Term 4 student/parent planner will be included.

Last Day of term Parents are reminded that the last day of Term 3 is Friday 21 September with school concluding at 3.30pm. All senior students will be given their reports to take home on this day.

As part of their social justice mission, Catholic school communities welcome these students despite the small amount of funding they receive to support them. Government funding for Catholic students with special needs often falls short of what these students require.

R U OK? Day

Achilles Cup

CBC has a policy of forwarding family accounts to Mercantile Credit Management (our debt collectors) when school fees are in arrears and/or a mutually acceptable payment arrangement is not in place with the College.

Congratulations to the following students:

The Prime Minister indicated that the Government would adopt the Gonski recommendations about students with special needs. This appears to be a very positive outcome for Catholic school communities, and will help meet the significant needs of these students. However, governments have never funded students with special needs in Catholic schools in the same way they fund students with the same needs in government schools. This is despite more and more families with students with special needs choosing to send their children to a Catholic school.

If these Catholic students were enrolled in Government schools, they would receive more funding to support their needs. It’s time now for governments to fund students equally, based on their needs, and not the school they attend.

Term 3 Fee Reminder


Term 4 commences on Monday 8 October for both the Junior and Senior Campus. Please be aware that students return in Term 4 wearing their summer uniform. It is important for parents to make an appointment at the uniform shop during the holidays if your son needs a new uniform.

Last Thursday the College recognised “R U OK? Day”. This national day of action is dedicated to inspiring all people of all backgrounds to ask each other “Are you OK?” By raising awareness about the importance of connection the day aims to prevent isolation by empowering people to support each other through life’s ups and downs.

Congress Blessing The Spirit of God be upon us.

Next Thursday 20 September our athletes will compete in the Achilles Cup at the SANTOS Stadium. This year CBC is competing in the 1st division. Thank you to both Mr Michael Buttfield and Mr Hilary Flynn who have been training the athletics team. All parents are welcome to attend. We wish all of our athletes good luck!

Open me to wisdom that comes from the heart, soul and mind.

2011 Annual

and pride in my journey. Spirit of God, we are your people. May we hold on

All students should have received a copy of the 2011 Annual yesterday. Please check that your son received an annual. Thank you to Mrs Sonia Rechichi and Mr Alex Ly who produced the annual and Mrs Ann Coughlin who proofread the draft copy.

Spirit of God, be my mind, be my ears, be my heart, be my soul, so that I may continue to walk with dignity

to what is good, hold on to what we believe is our truth, learn from the past, continue to engage with the present, and hold on to what we must do as we envision the future, even if it is a long way from here!

Live Jesus in our Hearts Forever

You are always welcome to discuss your financial situation with the Business Manager Mr Frank Scali. If you have any queries please contact The Finance Office on 8400 4207.



Mr Shaun Clarke Acting Principal

The Acting Deputy Principal Last weekend I was privileged to attend the Edmund Rice Education Australia first ever Congress. It was designed to be a kind of think tank and reflection time to help EREA move into its next five years. There were international representatives as well as people from each school and other agencies. Day one was really about giving a lot of input after a moving opening ceremony. Day two was more about reflection on what we had heard and writing down some key issues and ideas from what we had heard. So I will give a few of the thoughts and issues which really impressed me. On the first day I was struck by the following challenges. Firstly, Br Philip Pinto’s challenge to EREA to be an alternative voice in Catholic Education was inspiring. We should not try to copy other schools or groups but stand for what we think is important. We heard the story of Br Treacy who founded the Australian Province and set up a number of schools with little money or manpower but he trusted strongly in God to provide. The view of a divided world with extreme poverty and great wealth asks us how to use our voice and power to stand for change and to help develop a fairer use of resources. It also challenges us to develop a Catholic identity that includes Justice and service as a key component, not an option.

The fact that the Edmund Rice movement is a worldwide one meant that we heard of initiatives from different cultural perspectives. Another speaker Robert Fitzgerald urged us to see our schools as part of an emerging model of church which uses lay leadership. He also challenged us to look for the students in our school who live in the shadows. So I spent day two talking with others and reflecting as to how we can have good schools which encourage all in them to seek personal excellence but also help shape a better world. The congress is not finished but will keep moving forward in the thoughts, reflections and shared ideas of the participants into the future. We are part of a dynamic group. It was a positive experience to attend the Junior Campus music gala night. I was present for the first concert which featured the younger boys. I was pleased to see them honing their confidence and skills at singing and playing an instrument. The senior boys also did themselves proud. I particularly was impressed with the rendition of the Bohemian Rhapsody by the senior rock band.

Br John Ahern Acting Deputy Principal

School calendar Week 10 Mon 17 Sept Catholic Schools Music Performance Junior School Leadership Meeting Board Meeting Tues 18 Sept Catholic Schools Music Performance Wed 19 Sept Chemistry Excursion Mt Barker Catholic Schools Music Performance Thurs 20 Sept Catholic Schools Music Performance Fri 21 Sept

Term Three Concludes at 3.30pm

The full Term Planner is available at

Uniform Shop The Uniform Shop is operating from 227 Flinders Street, Adelaide. For more information, please call 8400 4249. Normal trading hours: 8 :30am to 5pm* Monday Wednesday 12pm to 5pm* 12pm to 5pm* Friday (*During school terms - extra trading hours are advertised for school holiday trading) Mrs Claire Summerton Uniform Shop Manager

Uniform Shop Holiday Trading hours The Uniform Shop will be closed between Monday 24 and Friday 28 September.

Over the years, CBC has shared a partnership with Vinnies, in a number of ways. In these difficult economic times, we are experiencing increased demand for our services, and consequently, we have a need for more volunteers. We would therefore like to encourage parents, grandparents and friends to volunteer with us at any of our Centres, particularly those nearer the city. We provide training and support to enable all our volunteers to serve our customers and to work on a variety of tasks with confidence. And of course, anyone with a background in the retail sector is particularly encouraged to join us. I trust that through volunteering such as this, we will be able to continue to work with the CBC community to meet the needs of the disadvantaged in the near-Adelaide suburbs. And so we appeal to all members of our Christian Brother’s community, to consider taking up this offer. By doing so, we live out the charism and vision of Edmund Rice, and those of us who are so fortunate, get the opportunity to help those on the margins. By volunteering to help Vinnies, we can do something that makes a difference, in a hands on, direct way. Even if it’s just a couple of hours here and there, these small contributions make such a difference, just as even a small, constant drop, can wear a hole in a stone. Mr Hilary Flynn CSL/Values Education Co-ordinator

Opening on Wednesday 3 October - 8.30am - 5.00pm Thursday 4 October - 8.30am - 5.00pm Friday 5 October - 8.30am - 5.00pm Normal trading hours resume: Monday 8 October

Summer Uniforms for new Students All new students to the school are required to make an appointment with the Uniform Shop to purchase their Summer uniforms for Term 4.



Comic Con Competition Winners Announced! This week the library team was very pleased to announce the winners of the Comic-Con Competition that was part of our Book Week Celebrations. Students were invited to create a comic strip involving a super hero and CBC, to win one of the stand-up comic characters displayed in the library as part of the Book Week Comic-Con. After reading through many funny, original, dramatic, and clever comic strips that had been created, the lucky winners are: First prize - Oliver Way Second prize - Daniel Larizza Third prize - Hamish Badge Runner-up prizes went to: Rafal Stawicki Minh Nguyen Christian Baker Brandon Shunmugam David Candeloro John Phan Alex Gawronski Alex Baik Arta Hanssen Nicholas Morgan-Shuurmans Thank you to all students who participated in the competition and don’t forget to come along to the library for any holiday borrowing.

From the Archives An ongoing project in the Archives is the continual care of the College photographic collection. We have photographs from 1882 onwards, many originally without dates and so a process of research is undertaken using old annuals and the memories of old scholars to try and date and name each photograph. Photographs that were originally stored in inappropriate albums, especially the plastic magnetic type of the 1970s and 1980s are carefully removed using dental floss and then dusted with calcium carbonate to neutralise any adhesives. They are then stored chronologically in archive-quality albums. If you have a collection of family photos at home it is important to digitise images from the 1970s as soon as possible. The chemicals used in the colour photographic process back then are very unstable and are prone to significant fading. A photo from the 1870s will easily outlast a photo from the 1970s! The museum currently has over fifty photo albums that illustrate how life has changed at CBC over our history.

Enjoy the holidays and keep reading! Mrs Sandra Mason Head Librarian

Mrs Jacinta Weiss Archivist

Catholic Schools Music Festival Schedule Combined Secondary Boys Vocal Ensemble Monday September 17th 10am to 12.40pm, Festival Theatre Sound check is 10.45 to 12.20

Paul McGuire Library

Combined Secondary Boys Vocal Ensemble Wednesday September 19th 10am to 12.40pm, Festival Theatre Sound check is 10.45 to 12.20

Smith House and Centacare Catholic Family Services)

Combined Secondary Boys Vocal Ensemble Thursday September 20th 10am to 12.40pm, Festival Theatre Sound check is 10.45 to 12.20

With the South Australian winter being one of the most brutal in years, some of the most vulnerable members of our society are suffering great hardship. We are asking families to please sort through their wardrobes and linen presses and pass on to us any items that you may not need any longer.

CBC Vocal Ensemble Wednesday September 19th 1pm to 3pm, Festival Theatre Sound check is 2pm

All items can be left at the front office. Please help us help those in urgent need. Some ideas of how you can help: • • • • • • •


Adult clothing (mostly women) larger sizes mainly Children’s clothing Shoes for kids Blankets, pillows, & any other linen Basic kitchen utensils Toiletries (eg any travel soaps, shampoos etc) Children’s toys, colouring in books, puzzles, pencils, games etc


Combined Secondary Boys Vocal Ensemble Tuesday September 18th 10am to 12.40pm, Festival Theatre Sound check is 10.45 to 12.20

CBC Bohemian Project Thursday September 20th 1.30 pm to 2.30pm, Festival Theatre Sound check is 1.45pm Sm

ith House

our best wishes for a wonderful festival are extended to the following boys:

Vocal Ensemble 2012

Arts Coordinator Instrumental Update The invoices for the final term of 2012 have been mailed to families this week. Fees are due on Friday 21 September. The fee for the last term is calculated on 8 weeks @$27 per week = $216. The final week of term is for make-up lessons. Currently there are waiting lists for drums, guitar and wind instruments so it is very important that fees are paid by the due date in order to secure a place for your son in the program. Please pay by cash, cheque, Visa over the phone. Please do not pay by BPAY.

Catholic Schools Music Festival Preparations are under way for the Catholic Schools Music Festival. This is a massive undertaking, held annually in the Festival Theatre, with preparations beginning at the start of the academic year. In week 10 there will be sound checks for the Senior Boys Backing Vocalists on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition the Vocal Ensemble has a sound check on Wednesday at lunch and the Rock Band has a sound check on Thursday at lunch. All boys have worked hard to represent the music department and CBC and

Joshua Hogben Luke Teakle Jason Maiolo Duy-Lam Nguyen Chris Binyon Jordan Lennon Liam Wytkin

Cooper Stankovich Alex Hamam Adam De Pierro Declan Reidy Marcus Barricelli Sam Warren Bailey Jordison-Meagher

Backing Vocalists 2012 Joshua Hogben Adam De Peirro Declan Reidy Marcus Barricelli Pat Squire Bailey Jordison-Meagher

Jason Maiolo Duy-Lam Nguyen Chris Binyon Jordan Lennon Liam Wytkin

Soloists 2012 Duy-Lam Nguyen

Marcus Barricelli

Senior Rock Band 2012 Joshua Hogben Marcus Barricelli

Duy-Lam Nguyen Jordan Lennon

Junior School Gala Mon 10 Sept This has been an amazing year for the music department. Five weeks ago the Senior Campus held a tremendously enjoyable “Back to the 50s, 60s and 70s” night and this week the Junior Campus showed us their talents and showmanship. The boys were extremely well prepared, and, more importantly, appeared to be enjoying every minute of their time in the spotlight. From a pedagogical point of view, the audience saw the major strands of the soon-to-be-launched Australian Arts Curriculum -- an emphasis on the music of Asia and of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders as well as student-led compositions. The evening mixed solo with ensemble performance and it was great to see the students announcing each item. The Junior Campus teaching staff excelled in terms of setting up the area and ensuring the boys looked splendiferous as they came on stage. The very capable members of the Friends of Music provided refreshments and the Senior Boys were terrific, both as musicians, and as roadies for the show. Mr Roach and Mr Gray gave the audience a taste of Funk and the Captains’ Band set the atmosphere for the evening with their Jazz standards. Stephen Taylor, guitar teacher extraordinaire, was everywhere on the night, assisting boys with tuning their instruments, leading the Hutt Street Boys, and accompanying his own students. I extend a huge thank you to our Junior Campus music specialist, Ms Davies, for her meticulous preparation, her demonstrable passion for the Arts, and for encouraging all the boys to love performance, the heart of music. Mrs Louise Guthleben Arts Coordinator



Music Gala This week we held our annual Music Gala at the Junior Campus. Students from Years 3 to 6 put on a wonderful show with music from China, Korea, Hungary and Australia. Class groups showcased their music alongside the junior ensembles and some talented soloists. Our budding musicians were supported by the senior rock band, Josh Roach, Lyndon Gray and Stephen Taylor. I am extremely proud of the boys for the musicianship, hard work and creativity that they have shown this term and am very grateful to all the staff, parents and the Friends of Music committee who supported our concert. Congratulations to our Christian Brothers College boys for their fantastic performance at the music gala! Ms Felicity Davies Junior School Music





Reminders First bell goes at 8.35am, school starts at 8.40am.

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus Dear Parents and Friends,

Summer uniform to be worn in Term 4. Please check with the Uniform Shop 8400 429 or this newsletter for opening hours.

Week 10, Friday dismissal time 3.30pm Check lost property basket and box with blue lid by middle set of stairs.

The Junior Campus was filled with smiles, laughter and pride as close to 150 Grandparents attended Christian Brothers College Junior Campus Grandparents Day. This special day gives students an opportunity to show off their talent, work, classrooms and school to their grandparents and special friends. Grandparents Day is a highlight on many family calendars as some grandparents have come from interstate especially for this event. The morning began with a prayerful liturgy and some musical performances by our Junior Campus students while images of the students and grandparents were beamed up onto the wall. Grandparents were then asked to celebrate with a special morning tea of tea, coffee, scones, jam and cream made lovingly by our Senior School students. The grandparents then attended classes with their grandchildren to share stories of their life, especially their school days. As a child I loved being with my Nana and Grandpa. Life just seemed to stop when I was with them. There is just something special about a grandparent interacting with their legacy, but what exactly is it? I once asked my grandfather what makes Grandparents so special. He answered that it partly lies in perspective – and that only comes with age! I think he may be right! My grandmother always made me feel safe and so special, even when I was a pixie – and that was after my mother once said our grandparents “sprinkle stardust over our lives in all that we do” – I remember that to this day. Jimmy Carter, past President of the United States “Because grandparents are usually free to love and guide and befriend the young without having to take daily responsibility for them, they can often reach out past pride and fear of failure and close the space between the generations”.

So today we salute all the Grandparents and Special Friends who make such a difference to these little people’s lives. Never underestimate the importance of your love, wisdom and guidance. “Children are the crown to the aged”. Proverbs 17:6

We also thanked our Volunteers who give so timelessly of themselves to assist with committees, canteen, classrooms, excursions, camps, sports days, listening to reading, maths groups and the myriad of tasks around the school. CBC Junior Campus has an ever growing list of volunteers and we would like you to know we are so indebted to you for giving of your time to make a difference to the students. If you would like to volunteer/ assist please complete the necessary documentation provided by Mrs Jenny Dunncliff at the Senior Campus; we would greatly appreciate any help. 8


Junior Campus Library

SunSmart Policy – Hats are to be worn at Recess and Lunch - No Hat No Play.

Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) Congratulations to the following students for successfully completing the challenge:

Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

5 Purple

Calvin S, Hunter S, Felix O, Patrick B, Ethan D’A, Ben H, Mitchell McC, Noah O’C, Sam T

5/6 Gold

Justin K

6 Pruple

Jacob D, Martin F, Flynn L, Francis R, Mohammad S, Alexander F

6 White

Michael K, Javad M, Nicolas R

Keep reading! Mrs Caroline Wilson Teacher Librarian – Junior Campus

The Made in the Image of God (MITIOG) programme covers the strands of: • BEING HUMAN • BEING MORAL

Junior Campus RE Coordinator Dear Families and Friends Last Sunday’s Gospel reminds us to be strong and faithful despite any fears or concerns we have in our lives. In today’s society when we are constantly challenged by pressures from the media and other social networking to meet our expectations or, at the very least, the expectations of others. This gospel reminds us to trust and hope in God for He is good. I Isaiah 35:4-7 And say to the faint-hearted, ‘Be strong! Do not be afraid. Here is your God, vengeance is coming, divine retribution; he is coming to save you.’ Then the eyes of the blind will be opened, the ears of the deaf unsealed, then the lame will leap like a deer and the tongue of the dumb sing for joy; for water will gush in the desert and streams in the wastelands, the parched ground will become a marsh and the thirsty land springs of water; the lairs where the jackals used to live will become plots of reed and papyrus. Psalms 146:7, 8-9, 9-10 Gives justice to the oppressed, gives food to the hungry; He sets prisoners free.

He gives sight to the blind, lifts up those who are bowed down. He protects the stranger; he sustains the orphan and the widow. He loves the upright, but he frustrates the wicked. He reigns forever, your God, Zion, from age to age. With so much fuss and excitement surrounding the Royal Adelaide Show, I challenge each and every one of us to search at home for something that would go in our ‘family’ show bag something which has personal meaning and spiritual significance which we can hold onto much longer than a Bertie Beetle show bag for instance. Resist the temptation of those show bags and search for inner strength with great knowledge that the power of your own show bag can bring much joy and peace. Have a good week.

Made in the Image of God – Being Sexual Strand Thank you to those parents who attended the Parent Workshop to discuss some of themes across Reception to Year 6 as part of the Being Sexual component of the Made in the Image of God Religious Education Document.

• BEING CONNECTED • BEING SEXUAL Parents are more than welcome to come in and view more closely the Made in the Image of God materials. We also encourage parents to take the opportunity to be involved with your children by talking with them at home and discussing any of their questions that may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or myself if you have any further questions at all in relation to the Made in the Image of God programme.

Gospel Challenge: Respect Romans 12:10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honour; Philippians 2:3 Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself; Jesus reminds us that we need to treat everyone the way we would be like to be treated. We don’t have to best friends with each other but we are called to respect each other Humility is a wonderful gift. It is nice to be important but it is important to be nice.

Mass And Prayer Services For Term 4, 2012 17 October

Reception Prayer Service led by Ms Odger’s class.

24 October

Year 1/2 Prayer Service led by Mrs Radbone’s class.

31 October

Year 3 Prayer Service led by Mrs Cresswell’s class.

7 November

Year 4 Mass led by Mr Rignanese’s class.

14 November Year 5 Mass led by Mr Molloy’s class. 21 November Year 6 Mass led by Mr Were’s class 7 December

Junior Campus Closing Liturgy

ALL PARENTS AND GUARDIANS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THESE LITURGICAL CELEBRATIONS Mr Bruce Were Junior Campus Religious Education Curriculum Coordinator We cannot change the world but we can make a contribution to making it a better place.

football Catholic Primary Schools Football Last Tuesday 35 Year 6 Students participated in the Catholic Primary Schools Touch Football Carnival at Greenhill Road. The boys were split into four teams and played four games in round-robin matches against a variety of Primary Schools from all over Adelaide. Mrs Kingham’s team won one game, drew two and lost one game. All of her players played well but special mention must go to Bailey Salvemini and Mitchell Vontoff for excellent sportsmanship and improvement in general play. Mrs Kurver’s team won one game, drew two and lost one game. All of her players played well and a special mention must go to Martin Frederick and Morgan Edey for great running power and improvement in general play. Mrs Younie’s team won two games, lost one and drew once and a special mention must go to Liam Best and Matthew Kuryzniec for great sportsmanship and hard running in general play. Mr Were’s team won three games and lost one game and a special mention must go to Michael Clifton and Lewis D’Antonio for great leadership and wonderful team play. It was a very successful day; the boys prepared well for the carnival with some training leading up to the event and a number of boys who had never played touch football before mentioned afterwards they would love to participate again. As the day went on, all of the boys grew in confidence and congratulations must go to all of the following boys for committing to working together and representing Christian Brothers College with great distinction. Congratulations to the following boys for their participation: Liam Best Morgan Edey Thomas Iannace Micheal Fredrick Michael Kim Gavin McKay Logan Griffin Adrian Parnis Ryan Pool Jacob Mercorella Daniel Postle Bailey Salvemini Justin Kim Mitchell Starr Jordan Tran Hadi Muradi Mitchell Vontroff James Brown Hayden Clarke James Cerone Kesh Brown Jonathan Conti Michael Clifton Thomas Dimitriadis Jacob Dowson Martin Fredrick Johnny Frisina John Kleeman Matthew Kurzyniec Austin Lovell Flynn Lupinacci Deng Mabok Arthur Sennis Jayson Whitworth Matthew Postle Special thanks to Mrs Gai Kingham and Mrs Ann-Marie Kurvers for their support at this carnival and a massive thank you to Mrs Kate Younie for her role as Chairperson of Selectors in ensuring the four teams were well-prepared for their participation at the carnival. Mr Bruce Were

During Term 4, classes will spend 3-4 weeks focusing on the Being Sexual strand of the MITIOG programme. It is important that you are aware of the content to be covered so that you are able to prepare and follow up with your child.



Build the Bridge – Perth Trip 2012 This year, the EREA organised in coordination with the three Edmund Rice schools – CBC, Rostrevor and St Pauls – the “Build the Bridge” program. Our work deals will young unaccompanied refugees, who have come to Australia in the hope for a brighter future than the one they left behind. In order for our group to begin expanding our Adelaide program, a trip to Perth was organised with a student from each of the schools participating, coordinated by Mason Somerville, to aid the Edmund Rice network in running Harmony Camp 2012. The Harmony Camp was organised so that refugees based in Perth were able to take part in an activity that enabled them to share stories with one another, and get away from the troubles that faced them in the city. Participating in this trip was Jake McCann, College Captain of St Paul’s, Samuel Lungershausen, Year 11 Environmental Captain of Rostrevor, and I, Corey Billows, Vice-Captain Social Justice. Our work began on Friday 7 September, when we arrived at Camp Kelly, near the town of Dwellingup in WA. Our role over the weekend as volunteers was to keep the children occupied whilst the parents were engaged in activities involving sharing their beliefs, stories, and exploring what it meant to be taking part in the camp. It seemed like we had our work cut out for us when we saw the number of children that we somehow needed to look after!! But to the credit of the young men from Adelaide, and the Edmund Rice Youth Leaders from Perth, the entire camp was to go without a hitch; football, soccer, cricket, drawing, building sand castles, were just some of the activities that were run for the children to enjoy. The highlight for the guys from Adelaide was the chance to meet a group of fantastic and enthusiastic people involved

with the camp, as well as having the chance to interact with some very active children, who always had a smile for you. Another of the highlights for the youth leaders, was the dinner put on for us on Saturday night; each of the nationalities on the camp had a cooked a meal from their homeland, and the volunteers were able to enjoy a beautiful communal meal, eating beautiful food. The second leg of our journey began on Sunday upon arriving back in Perth. We were to stay at the Edmund Rice Units in Westcourt, next to another Edmund Rice school, Aquinas College. Sunday was our chance to relax from the camp, and check out some of the local sights. I think all of the guys from Adelaide were quite surprised at the size of Perth and how much there really is to do. Monday was the day that we visited the Edmund Rice Centre in Mirrabooka, where the volunteers work with refugees, helping them find long term accommodation, teaching them new skills such as ICT, and literacy. Many of the men and women that come across as refugees are illiterate in both their own language and English; as a result the centre in Mirrabooka has volunteers that help teach languages. Talking with some of the young volunteers, we discovered that a lot of their work has gone into sporting activities within the community to help young refugees become involved in the community. The Edmund Rice Lions, a football team established in 2010, is a project of the Edmund Rice Centre in Mirrabooka, which takes young refugee men, and allows them to play football in the club for a year.

Another trip made on Monday, was to visit ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’. This program was established in order to provide wheelchairs to disabled children in countries which did not have access to the money or facilities to provide them. The program is run entirely by volunteers, lead by Brother Olly Pickett, and every month they produce 300 wheelchairs for these children in developing nations. The trip which some of the leaders from the Edmund Rice schools in Adelaide, and our coordinator, took part in, educated us more in ways that our program could possibly expand, and develop for the future. The experiences that we had on the camp, and visiting the Edmund Rice centre, impacted greatly upon all of us as young men, and we are looking forward to remaining involved in the project. As the Social Justice Captain, I would personally like to thank all three Edmund Rice schools, as well as the EREA for allowing this trip to go ahead, and for also allowing the program to take place. The work that we do with young refugees is invaluable, and we are slowly working towards a future in which all refugees are accepted within society. Also, I would like to thank Mason Somerville for his tireless work in this project; without him, it would never have gotten off the ground. Corey Billows Vice Captain – Social Justice 2012

Insight 2012T3W09  
Insight 2012T3W09  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 3, Week 9, 2012.