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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 3, Week 4


Friday August 10, 2012

The Twenty12 Art Exhibition

worked with the lonely and were advocates for others both in standing with them and speaking for them.

From The Acting Principal Dear Parents and Caregivers, Last Wednesday 8 August was the feast day of Mary MacKillop, Australia’s first Saint. This date also marks the 103rd anniversary of her death. She was canonised by Pope Benedict XVI on 17 October 2010 as Saint Mary of the Cross. Mary MacKillop was a woman who had great dedication to God’s work and the Josephites, the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, the congregational order she founded, worked in many schools in the cities and remote locations and assisted in hospitals and outreached to the marginalised. I remember that, in my early years of schooling at a Josephite primary school, I was wholeheartedly inspired by the great courage and compassion the nuns, or “Brown Joeys” as they were known, showed to those who were in need in our community. Like Mary MacKillop, these women challenged unjust structures,

On Wednesday both Oliver Megins and Jack Poole, our Year of Grace ambassadors attended a mass at St Francis Xavier Cathedral with representatives from other catholic schools to give thanks and prayers for the life of an extraordinary holy woman who believed in doing what she could for those who couldn’t.

Birthday Celebrations Next Wednesday 15 August is our 134th birthday celebration. Students will have lessons 1 – 3 as normal and celebrate a mass at 11.30am for the Feast of the Assumption. It is on this day the in 1878 that the foundation stone ceremony occurred which was attended by Br Ambrose Treacy, the Superior General of the Christian Brothers. The foundation stone we believe is today situated under the current Food Technology area. The foundation stone stated (translated from Latin): To the Great and Omnipotent God be honour, power and sovereignty. The first stone of the convent and schools of the Christian Brothers in the City of Adelaide, Australia, which are to be erected by the piety and generosity of the clergy and People, under the special patronage of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, was blessed and laid on 15

Gospel Spirituality

We invite all people into the story of Jesus and strive to make his message of compassion, justice and peace a living reality within our community.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

August in the year of Salvation 1878 by the Most Rev Christopher Augustine Reynolds D.D. Bishop of this diocese, surrounded by a devout assembly of the clergy and faithful; the Sovereign Pontiff Leo XIII happily reigning, Queen Victoria holding the Sovereignty of the British Dominions; and William Francis Drummond Jervois being Governor of the Colony. Health, True Peace, and Eternal Felicity to all here present and to Benefactors. Amen

To celebrate this important milestone in our college history we will have a mass facilitated by Fr Kevin Hennessy cp in the Centenary Gymnasium for the College community. All parents are welcome to attend. This will be followed by “Birthday Carnival” at 12.30pm where students will be providing food and activity stalls. The highlight of the afternoon will be our staff versus students basketball game and our annual netball game with St Mary’s College for the “Birthday Cup”. CBC has been successful in winning the cup twice over the past three years. All students are to wear casual clothes on Wednesday 15 August. Activities on the day are detailed on page 6.

Meetings Parents are reminded of the forthcoming meetings: • The Friends of Music AGM will occur on Tuesday 14 August in the conference area.

Counsellor’s Corner Conditional Love.

• The Parents and Friends AGM has now been postponed to Tuesday 21 August in the Board Room commencing at 7.00pm. All members of the community welcomed. • Volunteer Induction Night for parent helpers or volunteers who missed the last induction evening has been organised for 21 August from 3.45 – 4.45pm in the Walsh Lecture Theatre.

In spite of Carl Roger’s’ urging that parents give unconditional love to their children, such unconditional love is not in their or our power. Only God can of himself love unconditionally and empower human beings to love unconditionally. We grow up in an atmosphere of conditioned love. We expect to earn love by being or acting in a certain way and we give love just as conditionally. We reward those who are good to us and want to punish those who are not. We expect rewards for being kind and generous, at least to be rewarded with gratitude or affection or a good name. Indeed we are deeply offended when our “good deeds” are not rewarded or are misunderstood. We know no other way of being until we meet someone who seems to love unconditionally, and even then we suspect some ulterior motive. This is ultimately why we find it so difficult to believe that God really does love us first, i.e. without first demanding that we shape up. We have precious little experience of receiving without having done something to deserve it or without being expected to do something in return. Even when we grow in love for God many normal and natural distractions in our modern world can take us away. If we try to fill the void with anything but love eg. power, possessions, prestige, sex or drugs, we waste our time. Fortunately God loves us so much we only have to turn back to Him and all is as before. (Prodigal Son, Luke 15: 11-32)

Application forms from: or 8354 2100

Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

For more information contact Natasha Siebert

Ambrose Treacy commemorative Flinders Ranges Cosmology Retreat The Edmund Rice Network is offering a six day retreat from 1 to 6 October 2012. The Retreat will offer participants an experience of creation theology and spirituality, with an emphasis on life and re-awakening of our sense of awe and wonder before the mysteries of our Creating God. The retreat will focus on the whole Cosmic Story and the beginnings of life that colour our reflections (and what better place to do this than in this cradle of life on planet Earth – the Flinders). The awesome vistas of geological time will be presented to us in the sacred cosmic walk. All this will be overlaid and interwoven with input, dialogue, meditation, group and personal reflection and prayer. The Flinders Ranges Retreat gives an opportunity to view the Created World differently; to see it from different perspectives. It will help to enlarge our notion of creator, provide an introduction to the stars and make you more conscious of your footprint on the world. Where: Willow Springs Station, Flinders Ranges (Transport ex– Adelaide) Cost: $480 per person

Oral Health Survey Our students at the Junior Campus have been involved in an oral health survey this week. We thank all parents and students who took time to participate in the survey.

Duke of Edinburgh Camps

Uniform Shop The Uniform Shop is operating from 227 Flinders Street, Adelaide. For more information, please call 8400 4249. Normal trading hours: Monday 8:30am to 5pm* Wednesday 12pm to 5pm* Friday 12pm to 5pm* (*During school terms - extra trading hours are advertised for school holiday trading) Mrs Claire Summerton Uniform Shop Manager



Our Year 9 DOE camps have commenced this week. This supports our DOE program throughout the College which provide the opportunities for our students to engage in recreational and community support activities that allow our Year 9 students to achieve their Bronze Awards. The Year 9 students are at Woodhouse, this week (Group A) and in Week 6 (Group B), participating in the obstacle courses and developing team work skills. Thank you to Mr Colin Curnow, our DOE Coordinator for organising this experience for all our Year 9s.

Art Exhibition Thank you to members of the College community who attended the Art Exhibition opening last Friday evening. Many thanks to the members of the Art Exhibition Committee consisting of Alex Ly, Jacinta Weiss, Sonia Rechichi, Neil Kaesler, Greg O’Leary, Sandra Mason, Chris Dolan, Doriano Lopresto, Margaret Salagaras, Peter Donnelly, David Beinke who all worked extremely hard in organising the event, sponsors, artists, setting up the art pieces and being at the Art Exhibition throughout the weekend. In particular, thank you to both Dori Lopresto and Chris Dolan for setting up the display. Mr

Greg O’Leary (an old collegian who commenced at CBC in 1951) gave a wonderful presentation of the beauty of art and how it breaks down all barriers and connects people together. I was extremely proud on Friday evening with our Year 12 students who assisted in catering and serving the food. Thank you to both the P&F who assisted with the food preparation and serving drinks and Mrs Kirsty Lee our Food Technology teacher who organised the catering. Jordan Lennon, Marcus Barricelli and Harrison Visintin provided entertainment for the evening and Patrick Squire was magnificent with a solo on the recorder. Cathy and Felicity Davies played classical and Irish music on the Cello and Violin.

Intercol Our annual Winter Intercol competition commenced this week against Blackfriars Priory School. The program of the Intercol is included with this Insight. As a College community please support the games occurring over the next week.

Congratulations Congratulations to Tom Bilby who has been selected into the State U15 Football Team. Tom competed in the national football competition with South Australia coming third behind Victoria – Metropolitan and Country. Well done Tom!

50s, 60s and 70s Music Night 50s, 60s and 70s music night will occur this Friday 10 August commencing at 7.00pm in the Conference Centre. This will be a wonderful evening and all members of our College community are welcome to attend. Students performing will be dressed in clothing of the era. Tickets are on sale at the door.

Mary MacKillop inspiring the Brothers In the book “Patrick Ambrose Treacy: Christian Brother, Enterprising Immigrant” by Regis Hickey, we are reminded of the influence that Mary MacKillop and the Josephites had on the newly arrived Brothers in Australia when moving out to the country to establish schools in regional centres (page 311). “Br. Ambrose Treacy in many collecting tours through the country districts knew how valuable was the education he was offering. He also knew of the great contribution Mother Mary MacKillop had made to the education of the children in the bush, sending her sisters to the remotest parts where, living in difficult conditions, they brought education and faith to the children”. Let us give thanks to the vision, spirit and legacy of Saint Mary of the Cross. Prayer to Mary MacKillop God of the pilgrim Mary MacKillop trusted your guidance in her journey of life and deepened her confidence in your will. May we renew our trust in your Providence to lead us in hope. May we relish the sacred in the ordinariness of our lives. May we grow in the fullness of your love and the depth of your mystery. We ask this through Jesus Christ the way, the truth and the life. Amen.

Live Jesus in our Hearts. Forever.

Mr Shaun Clarke Acting Principal

The Acting Deputy Principal This week, a few reflections about why schools set standards and ask parents and families to work with them. I often find myself talking about a school like CBC as being about offering a package deal. We offer an educational package which includes a spiritual, academic and physical dimension. As well, we ask the students to live up to certain standards of dress, hair styles and general presentation. This includes coming to school properly groomed and on time. We all know that these expectations are out in society as well and that many employers have similar expectations. Occasionally we can have boys who adopt the supermarket approach; that is, they want aspects of what we offer but reject other parts. This of course is not acceptable; it is important to embrace the whole package. It is vital that parents and schools work together on these issues, so that we produce young men who have a positive self image and dress and groom themselves accordingly. I was talking to someone recently who has worked in Human Resources for an employer. He said that most jobs are decided as soon as the person walks in and makes their first impression with how they present themselves. Similarly I gain impressions of young men and how they feel about themselves by how they present. Boys who feel a little unsure of their identity tend to try and look ‘Cool’. Let us work together to have them dress well with appropriate grooming. This means having an appropriate haircut and being clean-shaven. In a similar argument it is important for all members of the school community to support our big school celebrations. August the 15th is our school’s birthday because the foundation stone was laid on that day in 1878. It is appropriate that we celebrate with Mass and then have fun raising money for an important charity -the orphanage in Vietnam.

Br John Ahern Acting Deputy Principal

Year 9 – School Based Immunisation Program

Please notify us if:

Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (Whooping cough) (dTpa) Vaccination for Year 9 students

• You wish to withdraw your consent.

The Eastern Health Authority (EHA) will be visiting CBC on August 29th to administer the Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (Whooping cough) (dTpa) vaccine for those Year 9 students where consent has been provided. If you did not receive an immunisation consent form from your child, please ask at the school office for one, if unavailable contact EHA on 8132 3600.

• Your child has already completed the dTpa immunisation with another provider. • Your child’s medical condition has changed. Remember: It is your responsibility to advise the vaccinator on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child’s medical condition. A signed and dated note presented to the vaccinator on the day of immunisation, from a parent or guardian in your child’s diary is acceptable.

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform EHA immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 8132 3600.



School calendar Week 5 Mon 13 Aug

Catholic Schools Music Festival – Combined Rehearsal Oral Health Survey - Senior School Vietnam Pilgrim Student Gathering - CBC CBCOC Meeting

Tues 14 Aug

Catholic Schools Music Festival – Combined Rehearsal Oral Health Survey - Senior School

Wed 15 Aug

Birthday Mass 11.30am Birthday Fete – CBC (Casual Day)

Thurs 16 Aug Catholic Schools Music Festival – Combined Rehearsal Fri 17 Aug

Breakfast BBQ – Smith/Hurley Rock on the Beat – Police Band 11.30am Junior School Assembly

Sat 18 Aug

Intercol CBC vs BPS

The Scout Troop in 1928 just after winning the Galway Shield for the third time.

Week 6 Mon 20 Aug

Year 6 Retreat (German Club) Blood Donation Book Week – Champions Read (18/8 – 24/8) Junior School Leadership Meeting Year 7 - 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews Board Meeting

Tues 21 Aug

Blood Donation Year 9 DOE Camp (B) P&F Meeting House Meetings

Wed 22 Aug

Year 5 Retreat (German Club) Year 11 Aquatics Year 9 DOE Camp (B)

Thurs 23 Aug Year 11 Aquatics Year 9 DOE Camp (B) Fri 24 Aug

Year 9 DOE Camp (B) Junior School Assembly House Meetings

Mon 27 Aug

Trial Exams Year 12 PLP Work Experience Vietnam Parent Information Evening – SMC

Tues 28 Aug

Trial Exams Year 12 PLP Work Experience CBC Pilgrim Retreat Principal Tours (JS)

Wed 29 Aug

Trial Exams Year 12 Year 8/9 Immunisation PLP Work Experience Principal Tours (SS)

Week 7

Thurs 30 Aug Trial Exams Year 12 PLP Work Experience Fathers and Son Evening

to participate in the outdoor activities that were the basis of scouting. The CBC Troop were so successful that they won the best troop in South Australia award three years in a row from 1927-29 and so were given the Galway Shield in perpetuity. It now hangs in the museum. Scouting remained popular for many years and with much fundraising from the Parents and Friends of Scouts Association the College was able to purchase a block of land at Crafers and build a large shed which they named the Chalet. This was a popular venue for outdoor activities and family BBQs for many years.

From the Archives On 6 August 1976 CBC celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the College scout troop. The CBC 8th Adelaide Scout Troop had been founded in 1926 at a time when the Catholic Bishops were encouraging schools to form their own troops so that the boys could take advantage of this popular new movement but still maintain their commitments to school and Church. Scouting was taken up enthusiastically by CBC boys, many of whom lived in the inner city or close by and who had limited opportunities

The Troop was disbanded in 1976 due to falling numbers and the fact that many of the activities of the scouts such as outdoor education were now part of the school curriculum. For twenty years Brother Howard had been in charge of the scouts and his work with young people was recognised when he was presented with a Medal of Merit by the Governor of South Australia. Mrs Jacinta Weiss Director of Heritage, Community and Marketing

CBC Volunteer Induction Night 3.45pm Tuesday 21 August

Fri 31 Aug

Trial Exams Year 12 PLP Work Experience Junior School Assembly Confirmation Mass at cathedral 7.00pm

For those friends of CBC, parent helpers or volunteers who missed the last induction evening another has been organised for the 21st August 2012 from 3.35pm to 4.45pm in the Walsh Lecture Theatre located at the Senior Campus. Children are welcome.

Sun 2 Sept

Fathers Day/First Eucharist Mass at cathedral at 11.00am

3.45pm - 4.45pm Tuesday 21st August

Upcoming Event

Wednesday 5 September (Time TBA) Subject Selections Information Evening The full Term Planner is available at



Walsh Lecture Theatre (Senior Campus) Please bring your driver’s licence. RSVP e | p | 8400 4297

The Twenty12 Art Exhibition Committee and Christian Brothers College would like to acknowledge the generous support provided by all our sponsors:

Hudsons Coffee Wakefield (Major sponsor) G&R Homes Premier Art Supplies Serafino Wines Lion Mengler View Wines The Committee would also like to express our deep appreciation to the Christian Brothers College Parents & Friends Association, the Year 12 Food Technology students, music student Patrick Squire, the CBC Jazz Band Breezin, Felicity and Catherine Davies and all contributing artists for making the exhibition a success.



Assistant Principal Learning Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews (MS and SS) The next round of Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews for Middle and Senior School students will be held on Monday 20 August in the Centenary Gymnasium on the Senior Campus. CBC will be, for the first time, using a web based program EdvalPTN to schedule the interviews, rather than our traditional paper method. Students yesterday received information, including the individual login code, for parents to access the website and request interviews. A link to the EdvalPTN website ( has also been placed on the College website for ease of access. This method of requesting an interview online, rather than relying on students to make bookings with teachers should allow for better results for all participants including increased equity and more compact time schedules for both parents and teachers. Once the majority of parents have requested interviews, the overall schedule is generated by the school. Parents may then adjust their granted bookings online if needed (or add more). Training videos are also available on the website if needed. The Senior Campus Front Office can assist parents who have not received their login code from their son, and parents are welcome to contact me if they are unable to access the website or wish to make appointments with additional teachers. STEP 1: Visit and enter your unique booking code for this event. Check that your son’s name(s) is shown. STEP 2: Confirm you can attend the event. Specific time restrictions for the evening may be entered here if needed. STEP 3: Click Request Interviews tab, and drag the name of any teacher you want to see across to the right side of the table (‘Teachers I want to see’ column). This list is prioritised in the order of importance to you, with most important at the top. Higher priority interviews may be allocated over others if there is high demand for some busy teachers. STEP 4: Wait for the schedule publishing date or advice from the school that the schedule is ready. Log in using your existing booking code, and print off your allocated interview schedule, ready for the SPT Interview Evening. Following the SPT Interview Evening, an opportunity for feedback regarding the EdvalPTN program will be provided to teachers and parents. Ms Rebecca Donnon

Assistant Principal – Learning



Out of School Hours Care Dear Parents and Caregivers,


If you know of anyone who could spare some chicks that could be looked after at CBC Vacation Care, please contact myself, Riandi, at 8400 4265.

September/October Vacation Care Program

The OSHC service will be open from 12:30pm on SHOW DAY!

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next program. It should be ready by the end of week 5 this term.

A $25 fee will be charged for the half day of care

Vacancies will be limited.

CHICKS needed for September/ October Vacation Care

For further enquiries regarding Before School Care, After School Care or Vacation Care, contact me at 8400 4265 or email me at rlegrange@cbc.

Our October Vacation Care program is planned around the theme “Be kind to Animals”. For this reason we will be keeping chicks or ducklings at the service for the period of the September/ October holidays.

Ms Riandi LeGrange OSHC Director

Casual Day At The Junior Campus

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

Last week, the Casual Day in the Junior Campus raised $472.70. All proceeds are going towards our support of orphans in the Philippines and Vietnam. Our students in Years 1-6 last week participated for the second year in the Commonwealth Bank Start Smart Financial Literacy programme. These informative lessons have key learning outcomes aligned to SACSA. For more information please log on to www.smartstart. subscription.

Dear Parents and Friends,


Last Friday our new Reception children celebrated their Year level liturgy in the Junior Campus Chapel with Monsignor Aitken. It was wonderful to see our ‘Old Reception classes’ welcoming our ‘new Term 3 Reception Class’ to Christian Brothers College. Thank you to our special Reception teachers Mrs Clifton, Miss Odgers and Mrs Procter for preparing our beautiful boys for this special occasion.

• CBC Birthday Mass and Celebrations 15 August commencing with Mass in the Centenary Gymnasium at 11.20am.

Last week several of our students contracted slapped cheek/Fifth syndrome. “Slapped Cheek” is a viral infection caused by the virus Parvovirus B19. It usually affects children between the ages of 4 and 10, but it can be contracted at any age. Symptoms include fever, rash, headaches, stomach ache and aches and pains. This is the time when the virus can be spread to others. A bright red rash appears on the cheek 3-7 days after getting the virus. The cheeks look like they have been slapped. Hence the name ‘slapped cheek’. It is spread by touching or breathing in the coughed/sneezed particles from an infected person.

• The next Junior Campus Assembly will be held next Friday 17 August commencing at 11.20am and hosted by the Year 4 classes. • Wednesday 22 August at 9.00am is when our next Junior Campus Liturgy will be conducted, led by the Year 4 classes and celebrated by Monsignor Aitken. • Science Week is held in week 5. Several interactive and exciting events will be occurring over both campuses.

• Parent/Caregivers/Friends coffee mornings continue every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.40am until 9.30am. Come and build relationships with other parents and caregivers and feel part of our vibrant CBC community. • Tuesday Special Meal Deals continue each Tuesday in the canteen. • Co-curricular fixtures can be found on the breezeway noticeboard each week for your information and can also be found on the CBC website. • Father and Son Evening at the Junior Campus is Week 6 Friday 24 August. A letter will be sent out this week outlining the event. • Grand Parents/Special Friends and Volunteers Thank you Morning Tea. – Week 9 Friday 14 September. A reminder to please send to school a photo of your son and his grandparents or special friend(s). Please ensure your son’s name and year level is on the back. Photos will be scanned and returned to you. • Final day of Term 3 is 21 September; students will be dismissed at 3.30pm. Wishing you all God’s Blessings for the week ahead.

• The Coles Sport for Schools Vouchers continues. Please collect and send or give to front reception desk. Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

We ask that if your child has been/or is sent home – please consult your GP and obtain a Medical Certificate verifying that your child is no longer contagious. Please present this to the College on your child’s return. If you are pregnant and have been exposed to someone with the virus - please contact your GP immediately. The College is doing everything possible to minimise risks, but asks that you monitor your child’s health carefully.

Catholic Schools Cross Country Thank you to Mr Rick Mackereth, Mr Adam Baird, Mr Mike Buttfield and Mrs Gai Kingham for overseeing and organising the 2012 Catholic Schools Cross County run last Thursday. Mr Mackereth is one of the coordinators of this massive event. He assisted in establishing the Catholic Primary Schools Sports Carnivals and, as part of the committee he serves, sets up in-services with ACHPER. He is an auxiliary member of the South Australian Catholic Primary Schools Sports Association (SACPSSA) and was treasurer for 6 years. Over one thousand students took part in this fantastic event and we are indebted to him for ensuring the event was a great success. Thank you again to our fabulous P&F team and to Mr Michael Williams and Mr Dion Borillo for cooking up a storm and feeding the hungry runners and support staff making a healthy profit of $1897.00



School Communities are busy places where many tasks need to be performed. Jesus taught us empathy the night before he died when he washed the feet of His disciples despite having such an onerous cross to bear.

Junior Campus RE Coordinator Dear Families and Friends This Sunday’s Gospel reminds us that we often see Jesus attentive to the day-to-day hunger of his people. He seeks ways to respond to that hunger in his disciples, the poor, the traveller, and the crowds who have followed him. His way of sharing food, is marked by great compassion and hospitality. We sense in Jesus an urgency to attend to an even greater hunger, a hunger experienced deep in the heart of each one of us, and it’s a hunger not satisfied by ordinary bread. Jesus longs to satisfies that hunger... ‘I am the bread of Life.’ Will we trust him... allow him to satisfy our deepest hungers? John 6:24-35 When the crowd saw that neither Jesus nor his disciples were there, they themselves got into the boats and went to Capernaum looking for Jesus. When they found him on the other side of the sea, they said to him, ‘Rabbi, when did you come here?’ Jesus answered them, ’Very truly, I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves. Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For it is on him that God the Father has set his seal.’ Then they said to him, ‘What must we do to perform the works of God?” Jesus answered them, ‘This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.’ So they said to him, ‘What sign are you going to give us then, so that we may see it and believe in you? What work are you performing? Our Ancestors ate the manna from the wilderness; as it is written, ‘he gave them bread from heaven to eat.’ Then Jesus said to them, ‘Very truly, I tell you, it was not Moses who gave you bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives life to the world. For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.’ They said to him, ‘Sir, give us this bread always.’ Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.’

As an adult – when have you noticed in your own life, the grace of faith or believing or trust in God? As a child – who helps you believe in Jesus?

Gospel Challenge: Empathy 1 Peter 3:8 All of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tender hearted, be courteous;

Having empathy for each other is walking in the shoes of others.



In our daily lives, we have many crosses to bear – this week let us be reminded that while we may all have different crosses to bear and tasks to perform it is certainly helpful and demonstrates an understanding of the Gospel when we walk in the shoes of others by having empathy for each other. Have a great week.

Sacramental Program For 2012

Some important dates for your information • Tuesday 28 August 2012 at 6.00pm at the Senior Campus Chapel (Wine Tasting) • Friday 31 August 2012 at 7.00pm at St Francis Xavier Cathedral - Confirmation Ceremony celebrated by Archbishop Philip Wilson. • Sunday 2 September 2012 at 11.00am at St Francis Xavier Cathedral – First Eucharist. Mr Bruce Were Junior Campus Religious Education Curriculum Coordinator We cannot change the world but we can make a contribution to making it a better place.

A quick reminder to all parents to ensure that they have returned all Confirmation Cards and Baptism Certificates in readiness for our celebration at the end of August. The final Parent meeting will be held at the Senior Campus Chapel on Tuesday 28 August 2012 at 6.00pm, where it is expected that parents, students and sponsors attend this final meeting in preparation for the Confirmation Ceremony on Friday 31 August, 2012. As the boys continue their preparation for Confirmation and First Eucharist a reminder to all parents that the following parent meetings are an important phase of the ongoing commitment that you have for your child’s personal faith and formation journey.

Junior Campus Library Premier’s Reading Challenge

Learning Outcome

Week 7 is drawing close and it is lovely to see so many boys make a concerted effort to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge. There is an expectation that all students on the Junior Campus complete the PRC by the end of Week 7. Please ask your son to see me if he needs help finishing the challenge.

At the completion of the task the students will have the opportunity to:

Congratulations to the following students for successfully completing the challenge:

• Identify the significance of the occasion and readily recognize the symbols of their confirmation.

Rec Purple Ethan S, Hugh C, Elliott W, David McB, Phoenix B, Emmett N

• Understand the emotions and actions associated with making their confirmation and use these ideas to make connections with other sacramental celebrations.

1 Purple Jake K, William M, Cormack K, Giulio M, Samuel V, Gawrawa A, Lachlan P, Luka L, Ryan N, Jacob C, Ethan D, Finn O’C

• Explore the SAINT that they used to choose for their Confirmation Name.

1 White


3 Purple Hugh O’C, Kieran B, Massimo B, Max L, Seb A, Max W, Ben P, Sebastien Z, Luke V, Alessio C, Luca S, Daniel F

This week the boys have received notification from their Class Teachers of the important SAINTS project that they will need to complete by the 15 August 2012.

Students need to research the SAINT they have chosen as their CONFIRMATION name and present their findings to the class.

2 Purple Dylan R

3 White

Assessment Criteria 50% Poster Content (To be displayed at the Cathedral on the occasion of your son’s Confirmation.) This will need to include biography of the person’s life and sharing of the contribution they made to society which made them worthy of being a SAINT. Furthermore, there will need to be some sharing on the reason you chose this particular SAINT

Christian M

Bayley F, Marcello G, Cooper P, Tomas P, Noah P, Brayden H, Cameron M, Lachlan S, Nathan S, Paris H, Kai B, Archer L

4 Purple Nam N, Mark N, Kaine B, Matthew T, Harrison C, Eric T, Emmanuel D, Domenico F, Joseph S, Jalal A, Monydeng M, Dylan L, Max T, Colby I, Faris J 4 White

Alex T, Dion M, Pasquale R, Toby H

5 Purple Louie C, Michael K, Isaac G Daniel P, William R

30% Presentation

5 White

20% Self-Reflection – What did you learn about this SAINT and how will this learning help you as you continue your journey as a Catholic?

5/6 Gold Liam B

If you have any questions about this particular task feel free to speak with either your Class Teacher or myself.

6 Purple Kieran L, Johnny F, Kesh B, Jordan R, Josh C, James B Keep reading! Mrs Caroline Wilson Teacher / Librarian Junior Campus

BASKETBALL Open A Basketball CBC 77 defeated St Ignatius 56 The team had a big week. They had the state Knockout Finals and their own club games to contend with. CBC is ranked sixth in the state for Open A Basketball as a result of the Knockout Championship competition. Some of the team players came to this game against SIC having already played five games during the week. Given these circumstances I was exceptionally proud of their individual and the team’s effort to come away with a win against a talented SIC team to claim their ninth consecutive winning game in the regular season. In a surprising twist to our game plan, the first quarter was a closely contested affair which saw CBC up with a close 20 – 18 margin. CBC generally makes a statement in the first to put up a respectable score line. We gained some early points but SIC came back at us with a couple of threes and some good jump shorts to narrow the gap. CBC picked up on defence with some close marking and morphing from dolphins to eagles when they spread their hands to add extra defensive pressure. The second quarter saw CBC stop the charge and work the inside game with passes to the high post, hit a three and being aggressive on the rebounds at both ends to draw away 14 – 7. The major break had CBC with a potential winning margin of 34 – 25 albeit a nine point lead. The team cranked up in the third to go 17 – 9 and push the score to 51 – 34. We got a bit complacent with defence and wayward passes in offence. A time-out call was necessary to re-focus. This resulted in an onslaught on their end by CBC with tighter defence on their shooters and great long passes to finish with the points. It also created opportunities for the three-pointers and players to drive to the basket. The fourth was a challenging affair as the number of games played during the week started to become a factor in the game equation with CBC players tiring as evidenced by a lapse in transition in defence where we were slow to get back. SIC sensed this and came back at us but the lads held them back to win that quarter 26 – 22. Substitutions to put fresh legs out on the court paid dividends. It helped as CBC found their three-point range and drilled in three quick three-pointers. CBC dug in deep in this final quarter. It was great to see the team encourage each other, pull together and construct some brilliant combination passes to keep the score ticking over. Reporting on the players individual contributions might seem repetitious in what they do on court but I don’t think so as it is an acknowledgement of how they have progressed individually, it recognises what they do so well in their set positions and roles; and most importantly, it acknowledge how each player’s effort contributes to the successful performance of a great team. It is the integration of all these individuals that defines us as a team. Poynter played his usual attacking game in driving to the basket in addition to the point guard role (not to mention that he was playing with an injured hand). It was critical to the team to see him make position consistently on safety at the top of the key. In the third quarter Poynter received a pass from that very position, drove hard to the basket and created a valuable foul against the opposition to convert. Machar still owes me a dunk! Nevertheless he had a very good game to work the inside and present himself for passes. Machar continuously cuts to the basket and did an excellent reverse lay-up which brought his tally to eight points for the game. He was a significant influence in the final quarter. Sach played his usual consistent game making a quick impact with a three in the first and followed that up with a triple play in the second quarter. He exerted great defensive pressure and double-teamed well with Machar to the frustration of the opposition shooters. Additionally he got

the rebounds as well and screened well. He scored a handy 12 points. Balkwill used his height and strength well to make good position under the basket to receive the pass to the high post or get the strong rebounds and put the ball in. He was a significant player in the first and the third quarter and the opposition knew it as they double-teamed him every time he had possession on the inside. He and Kurvers are an awesome combination under the basket. De Pinto’s contribution, as in all games this season, was his ‘never-give-up’ attitude. He would chase down every ball and exert so much pressure on the opposition guards that they invariably simply had to pass off to avoid getting stripped of the ball. De Pinto handles his point guard role superbly in getting the ball across the half way line. This is usually against a double-team as they try the trap. Still not sure how he does that mid-air swivel to pass the ball! Ciabattoni was positively lethal in this game. He unleased three three-pointers which hit the basket to close all hope of a resurrection by the opposition. Ciabattoni exerted his influence in the second, third and final quarters to make good position for the shot and worked well to cover the mid-court play. This was critical in setting up the movement in offence. He scored 11 points for the game. Megins never wastes time to get into the thick of things. This game was no different as he brought the ball into play from every possible angle and shooting from his favourite position at the top of the key. His trademark centre drives effectively split the opposition defence up and was also responsible for some strong defensive rebounds. Megins finished the game with a great triple play to add 10 points to the score card. That brings his total score to 104 points for the season thus far. Hilliker, also known as the ‘sniper’, I am told, was out to play -- and play he certainly did. He unloaded three threepointers and a multitude of twos. This was in addition to his power-guard duties which saw him post up at the low post to harry and hassle the opposition ball carrier. He set himself on the three-point arc and caused the damage. He finished the day with a season high of 17 points. Kurves made an immediate impact putting up our first two points. He used his body well and made good position to muscle out the opposition and reeled off six consecutive points in the crucial second quarter. He swivelled well around his marker and stepped into the basket increasing his scoring percentage. Kurvers was also responsible for the critical offensive and defensive rebounds, and with Balkwill covered our basket with very effective double-teaming. He finished the game with 12 points. My thanks to the coaching staff of Ann-Marie Kurvers and Chris Mellow. To the extremely supportive parents, a big ‘Thank you’. The team appreciates your support. Next week is another challenging game against Cabra College at home. Ball up at 10.30am. Best Players: Michael Hilliker, Bryce Kurvers, Oliver Megins, Gian Ciabattoni and Emile Sach. Mr Gary Jalleh Coach

Open C Basketball CBC 25 defeated St Ignatius 23 For the second week in a row the CBC Open C basketball team prevailed in a closely contested match. The work under the boards and the intense defensive pressure by CBC was the difference between the two teams. Joie’s rebounding was excellent and he backed it up by scoring 8pts. Vincent (4pts) and Sunny were relentless in their pressure on the St Ignatius guards. Andrew’s strong work under the basket yielded him 6pts. Nam’s (3pts), Giuseppe’s (2pts) and Alexi’s (2pts) effort in maintaining a desperate will to win the ball was a credit to their never-say-die attitude. Well done lads on a terrific team performance. Mr Tony Carrieri Coach

Junior A Basketball CBC 45 defeated Westminster 26 From the opening tip-off the omens looked good with Owain sinking a long range 3-pointer with the first play of the day, on his way to a season high of 21 points. This was a solid team performance with each player troubling the scorer. 6 points each to Luke and Cooper, and 4 a-piece to Jack and Jayden ensured that CBC enjoyed a comfortable victory over much taller opponents. Kyle had one of those games where nothing would drop, but he was able to provide valuable assists, and Nick found his range late. CBC enjoyed a comfortable lead throughout the game which enabled us to play with the balance of the team. With a good crop of Year 8 players developing, it appears that CBC will be very successful in the coming years. This was an excellent team effort! Thank you to Jayden’s mum, Nadia, for scoring. Mr Dan McMahon Coach

Junior B Basketball CBC 30 defeated Westminster 24 Fantastic! Brilliant! Amazing! There are not enough words to describe the outstanding effort that the Bs put into last Saturday’s 6-point victory over Westminster. CBC’s tallest player was shorter than their smallest; however, it was with speed and sticking to the team plan that we overcame much taller opposition in the final 2 minutes of the game. No more than 2 points separated the teams at each break, and it was CBC’s ability to pressure Westminster on every play and steal the ball or force a travel that won through. Mitch Squire was the difference with 19 points and he was supported by every team member. Lachlan finished with 4 points and was brilliant in his defence. 2 points each to Foday, Ambrose and Daniel rounded out the scoresheet. The tenacity of Aidan, Paddy and Gian finished a thoroughly enjoyable game in CBC’s favour. A big thank you to Mr Squire for efforts recording the scoresheet. Mr Dan McMahon Stand-in Coach

Chess Chess Secondary competition The courageous CBC Chess Knights competed with outstanding sportsmanship in the SA Junior Chess League Division 1 and 3 competitions on Friday night at the Chess Centre in the City. It was an exciting round with most games hanging in the balance until right towards the end. Our teams gave an excellent account of themselves going down to a strong opposition in Division 1. In Division 3 the boys won 3 matches, drew 1 match and lost 1. We had 4 players who won both their matches in Division 3 and we congratulate Kim Nguyen, Jonathon Perin, James Earnshaw and Tim Hoban on their efforts. The secondary team results were;

Junior Chess League Division 1 Round 5 Glenunga 4 defeated CBC 1

Junior Chess League Division 3 Round 9 CBC Gold 3 defeated Walford Blue 1 CBC Purple 2 drew with PAC Red 2 Westminster MS 3 defeated CBC White 1 Round 10 CBC Gold 3 defeated Mercedes Green 1 CBC Purple 3 defeated CBC White 1



Primary competition

Year 9 Football

The Primary C Grade teams are going from strength to strength and Tuesday’s round 5 competition saw 3 of our 4 teams with a win or a draw. CBC Gold is only one point behind the leader in this competition with CBC White a further 1.5 points further back. It is hoped that CBC Gold and White take their winning form into the next round. The primary team results were; Junior Chess League Primary C Grade Round 5 CBC White 2 drew with St Peter’s Orange 2 CBC Gold 3 defeated St Andrew’s Yellow 1 CBC Purple 1.5 drew with Parkside Maroon 1.5 Best players were Alessio Conci and Justin Kim as well as all the boys in CBC Gold. Well done. Mr Tom van Ruth Coach

CBC 25.12 (162) defeated Trinity College B 0.0 (0)



Year 7 Debating CBC Purple defeated Pembroke School Orange Coach: Mrs Sandra Mason On Tuesday 24 July, the CBC Year 7 debating team went up against Year 7 Pembroke Orange at Pembroke School. The topic for the debate was ‘That Maths is better than English’. As the negative team we argued that English is better than Maths. The first speaker for CBC was Yianni Briggs, who did a fantastic job. Tate Henderson was second speaker and spoke very confidently, and was awarded the Best Speaker for the night. Jack Meaker was our third speaker and summed up our case very well. I was timekeeper for the debate. It was a very close debate with CBC coming out on top, winning by one point. The adjudicator gave all speakers feedback on how they went and everyone had fun. Naveen Attampala Arachchige Year 7 Blue

football First XVIII Football THE EDMUND RICE DERBY CBC 14.8 (92) defeated St Paul’s 9.6 (60) Best Players: T Kingham, J Robinson, L Harrison, M. Nye, P Biancardi, A Martino, D Russo In a spirited, sometimes heated contest CBC returned to the winner’s circle. Whilst we controlled play for the lion’s share of the game through the usual suspects of Formichella, Nye, Harrison and co., a subtle change began to appear. The Year 10 “rookies” of Rutai, Biancardi and Martino began to assert themselves in field play and with good games from Kingham and Raymond up forward we looked to crystallize the potential we have had all year. St Paul’s did not go away however and the main break saw the tension between the two sides evident. CBC emerged from half time in the more stable frame of mind due to a major reminder from the coaching staff of the need for discipline and controlled aggression. We put on a seven goal quarter and the game was on ice. In the final quarter St Pauls rallied but were never in the hunt. A good win -- we move on to Mercedes at Home this week. Mr Colin Curnow Coach



Best Players: Clarke and all played well, Goal Scorers: 5 Boffo, 3 Bojovic, Daly, 2 Crisanti, Sarunic, Nicholson, 1 McPherson, Strange, Pinksterboer, Colangelo, Smith, Peterson, Koulizos, Byrnes Injuries and illness are plaguing the Year 9 football team at the moment so it was a good thing that we were playing Trinity’s B grade, as we were informed they would only field 15 players. As it happened, CBC began with only 15 players and Trinity had just 14! An ankle injury to Tyson Sarunic near half-time evened up the numbers. It was apparent early that we would dominate the game, as we proceeded to kick 6.6 in the first quarter whilst starving their forward line of opportunities. The second quarter was devastating as we piled on 8 goals and continued to hold Trinity scoreless. In the second half players were moved around the ground in an attempt to give all players an opportunity to kick a goal. We kicked 7 in the 3rd quarter; again Trinity were scoreless. The clear focus at 3/4-time was to set up the 5 players that were yet to score a goal. It was very pleasing to see the focus and camaraderie of our side as the players deliberately sacrificed their own opportunities to give those players a chance. Four of the 5 players did goal and there was jubilation each time. The highlight was Aiden Smith who scored his first goal in football early in the last term. All players rushed to him and congratulated him. To compound Aiden’s effort, he gained possession again a few minutes later, also near goal, and instead of having a shot he passed off to a team-mate who hadn’t scored a goal either! This was a very happy experience for all players and spectators present. There have been some light-hearted remarks made about CBC being ‘mean’ in not allowing Trinity to score. Trinity should be proud of the way they conducted themselves and never gave up. They were competitive and to be true to their competitive spirit, ‘charity’ goals are more of an insult than anything else at this age. And while the idea of ‘gifting’ goals to team-mates may also appear a bit beyond appropriate for 14 and 15 year olds, Trinity did not ‘gift’ them and the CBC players did earn them. Moreover, there was some pure joy experienced by those players, and just quietly, the coach also experienced this joy! Mr Matthew Crisanti Coach

Year 4/5 Football Pulteney 6.1 (37) defeated CBC 4.10 (34) Best Players: All played well. This season has been a real roller-coaster ride for a number of reasons, given the dilemma of two sides. However, since we have reverted back to one side we really have been gelling better as a unit. Additionally, we have continued to have many boys unavailable due to illness or injuries. One special mention must go to Jack Bourke who has been ruled out for the remainder of the season. Despite this he turned up to the game in his gear, moon boot and all, to cheer us on. Now that is commitment and something we can all learn from -- never making an excuse for his inability to play a game but making an effort to support others. Well done, Killer Bourke! I think his presence inspired the team for their best effort of the season. It was a game where we controlled possession; our ability to push inside 50 was clearly better than the opposition’s. The only stat from the game that let us down was our scoring efficiency. Despite our poor kicking for goal at times, when we stuck to our game plan and kept the forward line open we showed how easy it was to score. I was really proud of the efforts of the boys. Callum Atkinson played the best game of the year, as he showed some real class with quick ball movement and

great kicking to the hot spots. Kaine Baldwin continued to work hard in his on-ball role, Liam Ryan again proved to be the muscle inside the engine room. Thomas Grech and Adam Wells shared the ruck responsibilities. Donovan Yarron worked hard when he had the ball but needs to remember to get back when the opposition has it. Akok Machar continues to ignite the team with touches of brilliance. I would like to make a special mention of Mitchell McCarthy – a lad who displayed a raw act of courage taking on four blokes and stopping a certain goal. He listened really well to his task and completed the job really well. Finally, Ethan D’Angelo again is showing real development in playing one kick behind the ball and causing real headaches for the opposition. This season has been a real learning curve for him. Well done, General! Football is about accepting responsibility for each other and being the best we can be. Thanks again to Sharon Moten for supplying the oranges and Frank Boffo for waving the flags. Our next challenge is against St Michael’s at St Michael’s. Mr Bruce Were Coach

Year 2/3 Football CBC 6.7 (43) defeated Burnside 5.7 (37) Our first game this season against Burnside who have moved up from Division 2 and it was another tight game. CBC put on a good score in the first half with plenty of run out of the centre and some great marking in the forward line. We were a little inaccurate in the second quarter but by half-time had a healthy 3-goal lead. Burnside didn’t plan on letting the game get away from them and came out in the third quarter and put more pressure on CBC gaining more possession and kicking themselves back into the game. So once again we faced a nail-biting last quarter and although outscored CBC had done enough to get over the line by a straight kick. The boys really played a good tough game and can be proud of their efforts to run the ball, use the handball effectively and look for the leads when kicking. Tips for training are to focus on kicking in from an opposition point. Goal Scorers: Blake McDonough 2, Matthew Adams 1, Samuel Cutri 1, Cooper Pool 1, Tom Brooks 1 Best Players: Matthew Adams, Cooper Pool and Toby Kay Thanks to Assistant Coach Ms Williams and Andrew for goal-umpiring. Thanks Cosi for the oranges. Mr Steve Brooks Coach

HOCKEY Open Hockey Term 2, Week 9 Matches

Gleeson College 2 defeated CBC 0 CBC 2 defeated Mercedes College 0 Best Players: L Wolianskyj, C Billows, L Telford, B Tran Again the long trek was made out to Golden Grove for a game against Gleeson College. Shock, horror, confusion, there are three teams at the pitch all expecting a game for the same starting time. Apparently a mistake had been made on the roster. Not to let any of the students walk away disappointed, the three coaches decided to play a ‘round-robin’ competition, so all teams would have at least two games to finish off the term. Game 1 was against Gleeson, which was a challenging game. Having not been pushed too hard during the term’s games, we left gaps in positioning that were capitalised on by Gleeson. In addition, passes were not as strong or direct

as they could have been, which provided the opportunity for possession of the ball to be taken from us and more opportunities for the opposition. Despite these learning steps, the boys worked hard to push the ball past the 25 line and have several attempts at scoring, but unfortunately none converted. Game 2 was against Mercedes College. Stepping off the pitch for 1 game allowed us to sit and watch the next opponent, as well as review what steps needed to be put into place to address the gaps identified in the previous game. With the rest and chance to reflect on the strategies suggested, the boys took control of the game from the start. Numerous shots were fired at goals, resulting in the ball finding the back of the net on two occasions. The game was a fair competition, with Mercedes making sure we had to work to regain possession and move into our attacking zone, whilst defenders had to stay vigilant for any countermoves by the opposition. Despite some initial confusion, the boys and the supporters were able to complete the term’s draw of games with a pleasing set of outcomes, ready to see what Term 3 would bring in terms of opponents from across Adelaide. Week 1 Term 3, Week 1

Prince Alfred College 4 defeated CBC 0 Best Players: L Wolianskyj, B Tran The challenges await the team for Term 3. A draw against a number of teams which would provide some challenges began with the game against PAC. With the bare minimum of team numbers, all boys would need to work hard as no substitutes were available to provide rest breaks. The forwards kept receiving the ball from the defenders, moving it out to the wings and forward to the scoring zone. Despite repeated attempts the ball could not find the goals and provide CBC with a score. PAC worked the ball back and repeatedly made the defence work hard; unfortunately, they were able to break through and put 4 goals on the board. Corey regularly worked with Liam and Harry to get the ball from the PAC forwards and move it up the pitch to support the CBC forwards. However, the conversions didn’t quite come through. With a full team in coming games we should be able to rotate through and give players a much needed rest. Term 3, Week 2

CBC 2 defeated St Peter’s College B 0 Best Players: H Visintin, C Billows, L Telford, C Philp, A Connell The lessons learnt from the few previous games were evident in the game against St Peter’s. With still a skeleton team in terms of numbers, the boys were going to run for the entire game. Skill levels were similar in both teams, creating the right mix for a game which would be both fair and interesting. The CBC team regularly moved the ball up the wings and crossed to the centre to be blocked by a strong defence from St Peter’s. The ensuing chase would follow, resulting in possession being regained and the whole process repeat itself. Eventually the break came through and CBC put a score on the board. The injection of confidence lifted the team spirits (as well as the supporters) and some new fire was evident in the game. St Peter’s team responded and during the second half matched the score. Realising they had the ability to match their opponents, the CBC team took on the challenge to score again, and they did. Despite some strong attempts from St Peter’s to again equal the score, CBC held them at bay and walked away with a rewarding win. Term 3, Week 3

St Peter’s College 14 defeated CBC 0 Best Players: C Billows, A Connell, H Visintin, L Wolianskyj A sense of dread did pervade the air around the team before the game. The team knew they were in for a tough game, as most teams are when they are scheduled to play St Peter’s A team. Even though it was a tough game and many lessons were learnt, it didn’t stop the boys from

rising to the challenge and meeting the opponents head on. Attempts were made on numerous occasions to place the ball in the net, but a strong defence line and lightening reactions soon put an end to our tries. Again, a series of lessons were emerging on how to change game plans and develop counter-strategies. The second half was definitely evidence of the learning taking place and the strong run of goals scored against us was brought into check and somewhat stifled. The boys can walk away from a game such as this confident that they rose to the challenge and presented themselves well. Mr Peter Donnelly Coach

us to finish second overall on the Premiership ladder, and thereby qualify for the Grand Final next week. Regardless, it has been a successful season for us winning 6 games out of 8. The boys demonstrated good sportsmanship throughout the season and upheld the traditions of rugby with style. Mr John Absolon Coach

Soccer Open B Soccer

rugby Under 18 Rugby Pembroke defeated CBC Best Forward: D Armstrong Best Back B Vatzlavic Best Tackler G Focarelli Best on Field G Focarelli Well the season is done but I am so proud of this team. They played every game with pride and never had heads down even when they were being beaten significantly. The following quote from an opposition coach sums it all up. “Congratulations to your boys for their spirit in yesterday’s Rugby game with Pembroke. At no stage did they give up and resort to “biffo” out of frustration. They all were a credit to you and your school and I particularly want to mention the efforts of your fullback who never stopped trying. I hoped that he would have scored a try with his efforts in the last 5 minutes of the game. It is easy to be a good fellow when all is going your way but your boys were decent boys when all seemed to be against them. I respected them tremendously for their efforts yesterday.” This is what rugby is all about. I could not have been more proud to be associated with this great group of young men. Mr Ian Hamilton Coach

Under 16 Rugby CBC 8T 4C 0P 48 defeated PAC 1T 0C 0P 5 Best Forward L Clifton Best Back P Biancardi Best Tackler V Huynh Best on Field D Bagshaw A full team for the first time this season and we won! “No brainer fellas”, if we have the numbers we win the game. A fitting end to a demanding season that saw a core of 10 players dedicate themselves to weekly training and playing with spirit and pride. You have earned the rugby community and the school’s respect. Well done. Mr Ian Hamilton on behalf of Mr Josh Cubillo

Under 14 Rugby CBC 5T 2C 0P 29 defeated Westminster 5T 1C 0P 27 Best Forward Jack Good Best Back Max Douglass Best Tackler Royce Goodwin Best on Field Royce Goodwin The score reflects just how competitive the game was. The lead changed a number of times in the first half with two tries by the Captain Charlie Pickford, and one by Kyle Fleetwood-Piper, finishing with Westminster ahead by one try. Two tries by Max Douglass in the second half secured the game; however, it was by no means an easy feat. Ultimately it was the two successful conversion kicks by Charlie Pickford that decided the outcome. This was our final game in the Premiership, and we will find out in the next few days if the score line in this game was enough for

CBC 6 defeated Pulteney 0 Best Players: Whole Team Goal Scorers: Murtaza 2, Mohammad 1, Nick 1, Francis 1, Dion 1 For the first time since taking this team at the start of the term we had a full team with substitutes. From the beginning of the match CBC looked to be too strong for the opposition, keeping the ball in their offensive half for most of the first half allowing Pulteney only 1 shot. CBC looked to have the game in the bag after scoring thanks to the power of Mohammad. Murtaza looked lethal in front of goal; unfortunately he could not find the back of the net (or the goal for that matter) until a brilliant solo effort inside the 6-yard box turning both a defender and the keeper to slot the ball in the back of the net. As quickly as the second goal was scored we had another in the back of the net and should have had a fourth after we were awarded a penalty. Unfortunately Ansu was unable to convert due to a brilliant save by the keeper. From the start of the second half CBC dominated adding three more goals to the total and dominating throughout. Highlight of the match was an awkwardly brilliant goal by Francis ‘chipping’ the ball from inside the 6-yard box. Mr Michael Spudic Coach

Year 10A Soccer CBC 11 defeated Unley High 0 The boys had just come off another great win against St Paul’s but Unley was going to be a little of bit of a challenge with only 11 players. Christian Bianchetti put the first score in after 10 minutes. Daniel missed a couple of chances but managed to put another 3 away before the end of the half. As the 1st half drew to a close, CBC had more chances to score but just couldn’t seem to find the back of the net. But some great work from Daniel Filosi in the second half added more pain to the Unley side by increasing his goal tally with another two goals. James P also assisted in the goal tally with his goal prowess capitalising on Unley’s mistakes. Later in the game, Ben our goal keeper swapped positions with Carmine. That proved pivotal for Ben, as he scored 2 goals making the score line 9-0. Fresh from the B Team Ganesh added 1 more goal to make it double digits. As the team struggled to run out the full 70 minutes, Owen found an opening as he was moved forward to make the final score 11-0. Men of the Match for this game are Daniel F, James P and Carmine A for their tremendous efforts in the forward line and midfield. Our next match is home against Pembroke College. Kick off at 8.15am. Be there at 7.45am for warm-up. Goals Scorers: Daniel F 5, Ben J 2, Christian B 1, James P 1, Ganesh W 1, Owen H 1 Thank you to all parents who support the boys by getting them to the matches and cheering them on, to Ganesh and Joseph for making up our numbers, and to DJ Hancar for writing the article. Also a big thank you to Mr Hvalica for running the line. Mr Emmanuel Gaitaneris Coach



Year 8A Soccer CBC 7 defeated St Paul’s College 5 Goal Scorers: Joel De Donatis 4, Daniel Storti 2, Kyle Gaweda 1 On a very cold, windswept and remarkably foggy St Paul’s home pitch, CBC began steadily, with our midfield skilfully spreading the ball all over the pitch to confuse and outposition our opponents. On a break we were in turn caught out of shape, and conceded a simple goal, followed by another from a St Paul’s corner. However, the CBC players lifted tremendously, and with Joel De Donatis putting through a brilliant pass, Daniel Storti skilfully finished after a tireless run and commitment to winning the ball. From that point on CBC dominated, whilst conceding 3 more goals mostly on the break. While I commend all players - and never was the old cliché of “all played well” truer – special mention must go to a midfield general performance from Daniel Storti and some sublimely skilful finishing from Joel De Donatis, while Daniel Houston’s work controlling the backlines was crucial. Well done all! Mr Richard McLoughlin Coach

Year 8B Soccer CBC 3 defeated St Ignatius 2 Goal Scorers: Julian Cece 1, John Sesay 2 Fantastic substitute goalies Matthew Di Fillippo and Alexander Hartley! Special thanks to generous parents for setting up the goals and to Anne Marshall for the lovely hydrating oranges. Mr Andrzej Skrzypiec Coach

Year 7B Soccer St Michael’s 2 defeated CBC 1 CBC year 7B have been leading the way, only losing a handful of games this season. The game on Saturday started promisingly even though we had some key players missing. CBC were ahead 1 – 0 at the end of the first half. However, St Michael’s began the second half by pushing hard and though we had many more shots on goal we were unable to convert with the same efficiency as our worthy opponents. Well done to St Michael’s...we shall meet again. Mr Adam Jacobs Coach

Year 4/5 Soccer Pulteney Grammar 3 defeated CBC Lions 0 Pulteney 6 Grammar defeated CBC Lions 1 St Peter’s 3 defeated CBC Tigers 1 St Peter’s 5 drew CBC Tigers 5 The boys put in a tremendous amount of effort for all four games. Pulteney and St Peter’s played well. We need to work on our passing skills. A great team effort. Goals Scorers: Emmanuel Donga, Emile Abraham 2, Jayden Mead and Will Haegi 2 Mrs Sandra Buchanan Coach

Year 8/9 Table Tennis table tennis Open Table Tennis CBC defeated St Ignatius I pulled the bus into and whack! St Ignatius went down swinging, we were simply that good. We had our own cheer squad and the interchange bench would have made Primus teary; there was not a black beanie in sight and most of us had our own teeth. We were gallant in victory. St Ignatius was gallant in defeat. We contemplated Olympic table tennis booths, a heaven of paddles as we wheeled our bicycles down Frome Road into the fading light. Mr Rory Harris


CBC defeated Blackfriars The nervous energy of the 8/9 Table Tennis team only fuelled their drive to win. After a series of close defeats the week before at the swift hands of Mercedes, we came back with a vengeance to win all games (except one) against Blackfriars on Friday. Each team member played an important role leading to our overall success. The team took their win graciously and shared a hearty congratulations with the opposition who had played to a high standard. Ms Tahlia Harman


Insight 2012T3W04  
Insight 2012T3W04  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 3, Week 4, 2012.